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G. A. Roust, Editor and Solo Owner.
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One Year $!.?,
Six Months .75
Three Months 1 .40
Strictly Cash in Advance.
Advertising Rates
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Entered as second eta?g wii matter
May 10, 1910, at the poetoffice at
Farmville, North Carolina, tinder the
Act of March 3; 1878.
The following suggested slogans
were handed in by about a half doz
en people for the committee to select
one permanently for the town pf
Farmville. The committee decided on
one of these as being the best for
brevity and expression, but it was not
adopted by the mass meeting. It was
felt that not enough people had inter
ested themselves to try to make as
important a thing as a town slogan,
and so they decided to hold it open
a little while longer. The names of
those who handed these in are omit
"The Friendliest Town in North
Carolina." '
- *
"The Best Little Town in North
"Farmville?A Fine Home for Any
"Farmville Forever."
"Farmville, First, Last and Al
"Farmville, The Fittest, Fairest and
"Farmville, the Fairest and Finest
of Ail."
"Farmville, Faithful, Fair and
"Fasten To Farmville, ? Always
"Find Farmville Always Fair."
"Farmville, the Cleanest Town in
Eastern Carolina."
? "Farmville?If You Don't Like the
Outside, Try the Inside."
"Farmville?First, Finest, Fore
most" "
"Farmville Grows Bigger and Bet
ter." ?
"Farmville?The Coming Town."
"Farmville?A Real Good Town."
"Farmville, Biggest and Best Li&fe
Town in North Carolina." <
"Who Likes Farmvilk ? Ever*
body!" _
"$?ake~Parmville Your 5?annv2il?"
"Say It With Farmville."
"Is Farmville a Good Town? Ill
Say It Is."
The following slogans and adver
tisements were suggested for the
Farmville tobacco market:
"Your Tobacco Brings More When
Sold in Farmville."
"Farmyile Invites You to Sell Your
Tobacco With Us and Go Home Hap
"A Little Town With a Big Mar
"A Real Good Town With a Big
Tobacco Market."
"Truck It to Farmville." ?
"Say Farmville Market"
"Fartwdlle Pays. More."
"Farmville Grades Higher."
"Best Buyers in Farrnvjlle."
"Farmville for High Averages." -
"Sell Tobacco in Fannville for
Highest Average." - . .
"Sell Tobacco in Farmville?A Mar- J
ket With a Conscience.
"Sell Tobacco in Farmville ? The '
Topmost Market" >
"SeH Totaicco in Fanxmlle - A
Quality Market"
: "Farmville Tobacco Market SHts to
Satisfy." ?
Farmville Sells Tobacco for Your
??-Wi- ... v ,
"Sell Tobacco in Farmville ? The
Square Deal Market"
"Farmville Bound .Where Tobaceo '
M - |
wheft |ie goes to regeir*
which service he 'H jfrfljS to Ala
Ig^ceep^d Held of labor^O
J: : _ L
teep ttoiker, a fine preacher. Of Jj
I CTV*ft }r - -
I t
f BANKER m iltnSiTO* 1
(Continued frontpage ?tfe):'??|g
half the deposits. ' ' J
Banker: Exactly sp. TJhntfe pre
cisely what it means and when we dis
covered the fact we were as much'
surprised as you are- "We had. never
before analysed our a&oUnts and
never dreamed thai we.^re Uwing
much expense money on - account - of
the smallness of some of ouf^chbdc
Depositor. W?U,^t?v|o >u
propose to improve the banking con
ditions in the city ? / V
Banker: That is a Very logical ques
tion. We are going to .suggest to our
customers, none of whom we can
spare, that they do one of three things
"to help out this situation.
First: If a checking account is es
sential to them, increase their balance
to gfiO.OO, which wiH not cover the
cost to us but will be sufficiently near
to justify a trial, and then, refrain
from checking on that $50.00, but
leave it as a permanent - balance in
the bank so it will partially pay the
handling cost
Second: In the event that a chieek?
ing account is not particularly needed
by the depositor, we suggest that , he
transfer his balance to our savings de
partment This wili obviate drawing
checks against, it as he would bring
in his bank book and make withdraw
als of lump sums for paying his ex
penses. His balances then in the
savings department would be earning
him interest all the time, but would
always be available for withdrawal if
really needed. This method really en
courages thrift
Third: If neither of the above plans
suits the depositor and he finds it im
possible to maintain a balance of $50
so that his Account will pay its wav?
then we suggest Ho him that he pay
into the bank 50c a --month service
charge. That will compensate, . the
bank partly for the operating cost
and at the same time enable him to
continue" his checking account , as usu
al. .
Depositor: Your idea"is that 50c a
month would only partially cover the
? i' . .. ? il-r-v
cost? ?? ""?? ?*? v*vV.?*;*
Banker: That is corrupt If every
one of our checking accounts (now
under $50) paid us 60ea month, we
would still be short at leaat $2,000^P0
a year inc ollecting the dost:qf hand
ling their business but . we waive. $iat
Depositor: Do I understand, then,"
that you would rather not have small
accounts at all? . -
Banker: No, indeed. We do not
want to lose a single account we have,
small or large, if we can poSsibly have
them on. at least a cost basis We
nv rely want them to pay for the- cost
< bundling their o,wn business. Our
sory has been that the,small ac-,
counts would some day grow tf rbe
large ones and therefore we are^iWk
nig?to ? liauOlC tliwii at a. wut)
profit, with that end . in View.
Depositor: What you realty Want is
pay for keeping our books for us^is
that ft? -
Banker: Ypu have correctly stated
the facts. That is just
Hundreds of our customers have ,nhb'
other book than check books, which
we furnish ;them, and our chdck up
each month, by furnishing them their
monthly statement, h^pa tto to heeftj
a ttiriy accurate record off their YW
nances. It ought to be worth a 50c,
service charge to a depositor who js
not able to maintain a $50 balance.
Their cheeks give them a receipt for
all bills they have peto^afid enables
them to have a record of their trans
out and have none. Perhaps "in ? the
course of a few days* you "bqve anoth-,
er fair sized deposit-but yon immedi
ately check it, which in epd makes
you a low average.
Depositor: So I have really been an
expense to the f^^tofcyeaH/' Is
that it?
-: Banker:. a <act Slfou
see every alittl^money
want tp .make my account worth
somethjhfir to the bank, at least >orth
enough to pay the~cost of handling it
I* no iw should expect something
It shows you
. Banker: Tnatis fma.. It sno^j|yi
want tc live and let live; that while
you need and must have a checking
account you want us to get the cost
out- of ' your balance. We greatly pp
preciate your fair.treatment of your
bank. Your bank will always be fair
to you.
[' * -V ? - ' ?-'????- ? I
p o w. nqtccs ? v
North Carolina?Pitt County,
Having qualified as adiainiwfatrix
of the estate of J. T.Dixoix/deceased,
late of' Pitt ?county; Nd)ra Carolina,
ibis is to n#tify all Jersons having
claims against ti&j&ta.te of said de
ceased .to exhibit^hem duly verified
to the .under.sig/(ed at Fannville, IN.
C., on or b?aj? the 16th day of Ja^rJ
1927, or thyimotice will be pleaded in
bar of their recovery. AH persons teJ
debted to said estate will please ndi|
immediate payment! S; 'vv-:?li
This the 14th day of July, 1926. 1
*? ? Administratrix of J. T. Dixon.
; ' -
Suffered \
. weaft, nervous I
-TWAStomwywealMMd, 1
ss^^ssys 2^^ J Xt \VrcflB| of
i I had to go to bed, andlcept ft
^suflGered with any back so ft
much. I was very nervous, ft
i i oouldnt rest good at night I #?'
couldnt eat anything?L just ft '
"I had read so innch of J* .
ii Cardui, I thought bast-to use ft;
; It,.I took seven or eight hot ft
Senl&ro ?
1 ?flr f68tOTp t>Mis ftppCwfM^CO JB?ip wf\
j "" 1" ^ '
~ ? -: - .. . 1 T "v-TT'-a'r ..
r % - it I V/ t XI
I g ? Kjf .A - ? L^ r-. j-J XI
I ^ Ifcg only fclfld ' ||
I iCf l69Si /
| # , . ? , ^ ji X I
*lytcCo" Co" \ ^
7?rffir "
If v "7 " ??? ~
?J - -.y/v jM' '"'
p<^rft, of the fest tie the i
ty_ TB&isfcry, 11
made' in the action entitfed li. L Da"
Sng Sfor^e 6ae^'
the undersigned Commissioner will on
Friday, August 20th, 1920,S#tftwelve
o'clock noon, before the eoprt Wuiie
loor in the tpwh of Greenville, N. C.,
yffer for hofe to the highest bidder
for CASH, tiwt tract orpajcel of lend
in Beaver Dam Township IjCoiinty tf
Pitt, State of North- Carolina, and
more, particularly described is > fol
lows: . :
Adjoining, the lapds of Isaac, Ser
mons and J*>hn 0. Pollardf (known as
the McArthur lands and fcounded as
followsT Beginning at Issnc Sermons'
corner in John O. Pollaw's line, run
ling said line a westward course 110
yards, thence square^rom said Pol
lard HAl parallel w^S Isaac Sermons'
line 210 jiards, soils to make 140
yards to Said Sermons line,- thence
with said SeWnAs' line to the bato
ning, being bjyestlmate 'six acres as
shown in deeiftbearing date October
1st, 1899, fromReuben Kinsauls and
Nancy KinsaJs t<AAbram Nobles, re
corded in Bock E-5 a^page 645 of the
Pitt County jRegistirTSfess a Certain
tract of land in Beavei^Dam Town
ship, known/as a part of the Hodges
land, being Iwo acres of the JW. acres
across thewnd next to Kinsau^toe,
bought of Reuben Kinsauls and l\c
cy Kinsauls, his wife, by tbe aforey
said Abram Nobles, on October 1st,
1890, and recorded in Book E-6 at
page 545. This deed being recorded
in book ~H-$at page 207 pf the Pitt
County Registry,,
? This the 19th day ofJuly, 1926.
? ; - Commissioner.
j 2
This is to notify the public that H.
F. Owens, formerly partner toy the
?Owens Millinery Co^^f Vountofn, N.
C., has sold ail of his utotejdnn said'
firm to Mrs. M. D. Yelveroopv and that
,i i r J ? X, :l
ill past accounts and allxuure ac
counts due By the said JrveniJItiUto- J
ery Co. are to be paurby saidNtf. D.
Yelyerton and Misspell Owens, part
ners trading as^fte Owens ilfilUnar^
Co. / - ~
/ H. P. OWBNSifts 1
^Payior, Attorney. ' ' -jyj 1
Mr ML ? ' J I
' Tlf TTT - 1 ?
' ?- ??? 1J JL ' *
If ?? f/ ? ?? ? ?- . ' ?;:
:: New Crop Evaporated Apples, Pound 21c ::
:; Galvanized Pails, each .... .'. , ., 23c j|
j j Heinz Beans, Tomato Sauce. No, 2 c#>12jc 1 j
II van Camps Washing Powder;aP^8. z,.10c ji
: Ball Bros. Fruit Jars
For Preserving
Metal Tor Glass. Top
80c doz. ?Pints-? doz. 95c
90c~doz.?Quart^ndoz. WOy
? 1.25 doz.?1 Gals?-Jloz. l.W
f Square Jara? Round Congers:
J Gulff-rarafine Sealing l^Nj l
f Wax, Pfcg..~ 15e1j
I ssafcd
? Rubber Rings, Double / J
I dipped, Pkg. : * I
J Certo, Bottle : 30c J
was6 items I
Ivory S6ap, cake 7ic -|
Kellogs Corn Flakes !
^ Post Toasties 10c J
\D; P. BACON ?
PickSr^Hid^Sliced under U. |
S. Goveritmeut^SHjua^ision. o
1-2, Pound Carton )?
1 Pound Carton: 53c *>
. 1,11 X
12 Pound feag/-59c 24 Pound Bag $1.15 |
' 48 PPound Bag .. 3>2.24 j
; CALUMET, The Wbrld's Best Baking I;
: Powder, 1 Pound Cairr '29c ::
| Van Camp's BAKED BEANS, Caa :8c |
; Cut Stringless Beans, No.' 2 Can 12Jc ::
U P. CATSUP, Large Bottle , 25c if
~ ONICE ,-,;i .H,
: Gosman's Ginger Ale, bottle A5c ..
- WW ? ' ? I' M?'l ? I I .
Schlitz Famous Brew, bottle * lie ::
} i ' i i '? ? ' ' | ' 1 * ' ' '
fsPresh Fruits and Vegetables Received Daily %
? 1 -i-L'.|' ? ? ? ' L.
?? r . >T".
Tv'y.~ - ???? "I,' i i' '.!? *?yt '
Qciif |B. t p ^ .
ejMiSta HamortM.
itr, fUt do you U^i:^
?y %pt' wid tlMr icother^&fteJ" iUffL &M.i
fcs<cd BokDy'i wri -1, don't think
?t *B." replied thd youngster. "My
ytia ?f thought hw been 4?layed b*
>>?? hot bo?-"-^w Yoifc llypy- \
I. ? J - - ?? ,v'
- ?
[ Ginuu University Students.
The Unjrerslty of Berlin, has nearly
1,000 students, Munich nearly 7,000,
Leipzig 4,COO, Koim 4.000, Heidelberg
2.460. In the-pyinfctpai universities
of ibe Empire about <55,000 students
are now enrolled, . :
-- ? 1 ' i ? ' 'L- ?' "- '? *
>w ia 11 3 -.1 ^ ffoio^ ol"-'-r^Hj8fc?$ Mi^r?oyr
?w ^ m?-- ? " T!iT^* _ 7^ ?- ^ p^w^ *n ? rr? ?- ^ ?-w A ?
<A A .H ? ? .? ?|ii|m .' S'Bjtrsj > m ~/r\i\iflO . jp/\/||i/iA/t - . 11|^. ti7jt\p|y /\|\ * if Vw
? * 5*' . '?**?*? ? . ? Jf * vUMVv^i ft _ ? " - J XT
A w fl
J . - ? ? .:???? - - * : ' - ;' . " _ ?-' i - ?? XT
? <

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