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Those who really know Farmville
, as it really is; realize the many ad
vantages obtained through locating
here either in business or merely as
a residential paradise; who have seen
the many efforts put forth by the
town and its citizens in order to make
it a better place to live and visit;
will easily understand the tremendous
bound forward which the town has
taken within the past few years. To
day, Farmville is known throughout
the entire State' as an enterprising
business center with a leading tobacco
market; both cooperating to ever
keep the town steadily moving for
Through the untiring efforts of city
officials, citizens, and the individual
business men; Farmville now offers
those who live here, buy or sell here,
or merely visit here unlimited ad
vantages and benefits usually found
in only the larger cities.
Due to its natural location Farm
ville was destined to be a growing
town and a leader in the tobacco
warehouse field. But there are other
reasons for its popularity and de
velopment which should be consider
Several factors instrumental in its
development into a business, center
of recognized worth and a tobacco
market unsurpassed by any in satis
faction and service are:
This thriving town is made up of
3,500 friendly and neighborly people;
Farmville is located in the very
heart of the greatest agricultural
section of the State;
It has established itself in record
and reputation as the leading tobac
co market in the entire New Bright
Farmville is unsurpassed as a
shopping center. Its merchants are
cooperative and making satisfaction
a guaranteed part -of ?very trans
The town is webbed by highways
and connections by bus and rail are
most satisfactory for transportation
Farmville boasts of the lowest
power rate in the State;
Its tax rate is at a low equal to
any town in the East;
Farmville offers Church and school
advantages equalled by ofty a few
larger cities;
Its excellent climate creates the
best health conditions, and establishes
a very low death rate;;
Its drinking water, coming from
a very deep well, is pure and known
for many miles as the best in this
section; ?
Farmville's recreational offerings
* ? ? .
are envied by many surrounding
cities. It offers a swimming pool,
play ground with tennis courts, and
a splendid golf covrae;
Through the facilities of the FaAai
ville light plant, the thickly populat
ed rural section ir. this section is fast
being supplied .electrication;
Farmville has one of the lowest
fire insurance rates in the State;
Farmville has not' been bothered
with labor troubles of any land.
Business Center
Although not the largest, Farmville
is one .of the most popular and pro
gressive business centers in the East
ern pArt of the State. Its merchants
and professional men and warehouse
men have developed their tremendous
partonage through their personal in
terest in every thansaction. Each
feds personally responsible for mak
ing every patron of Farmville,
whether that patron be buying or sel
ling, glad that he came here. This
conscientiousness which enters into
their work makes hundreds of new
friends for Farmville each year, and
gives the regular supporters the sat
isfaction of knowing that they are
patronizing not only the leading to
bacco market in the East, but also
a mercantile and banking center
where the "extra dollars" go farther.
Highway, Bus, and Rail Connections
Farmville is not only loeated in
the center of a great tobacco belt,
but this very location places it in the
center of a web of some of the best
highways in the South. Night and
day, especially through the tobacco
selling season, trucks drive in and
out of . Farmville loaded with the
golden harvest, and leaving behind
the highest prices paid on any mar
ket in Eastern Carolina in the hands
of satisfied growers who patronized
"the right market." These highways,
connecting Farmville with all points
on the map, are also the regular runs
of bus companies operating through
the city.. Through bus and rail facili
ties available here, one may secure
the best passage possible to any de
sired point."
Light and Tax Rate Lowest In State
As a result of perfect city man
agement, Farmville is faced by very
few unpaid debts of any great size.
Because of this, the tax rate here is
one of the lowest to be found in the
entire State. This is one other .rea
son why the citizens of the town are
always so friendly, probably* They
are friendly because they are happy;
and happy because they are fortu
nate enough to be a citizen of Farm
One city possession, of which every
citizen young or old is justly proud,
is the modern light plant, unsurpass
ed in service or edqiiate equipment
Managed by a mart who knows exact
ly what he fa doing. W. A. McAdanns,
this plant gives service which is en
vied by larger cities; even large
power companies. Not only does
Farmville enjoy one of the lowest
electric rates in the South, but its
citizens possess a pardonable pride
in the fact that their plant is mak
ing it possible for hundred of rural
homes in the surrounding section to
be brightened, and home work light
ened through electricity furnished by
the Farmville Light Plaiit. Farm
ville cooperated wholeheartedly with
the R. E. A. program started in 1936
and stiU. iiH&feet; and though >it
meant" the expense of adding an ex
pensive new engine, necessitating the
remodeling of the building, it offer
ed to do so in order to supply the
electricity desired by those "neigh
bors." This is merely another ex
ample of the willingness of Farm
ville to help anyone who calls upon it
in any way possible.
Along wit); its low tax and-electric
rate, Farmvilk; also enjoys the bene
fits of very low Are insurance rates;
probably another example of the very
good business conditions to be found
Health Conditions the Best
i- ??
Farmville's natural location gives
it one of the most desirable climates
to be found on any section of the
globe. Centrally located in a very
seasonable climate, Farmvilleites al
ways know what to expect of the
weather, but always the most pleas
ant condditions to be desired. It is
said to be the one place which Cali
fornians admit they hate to leave, j
Farmville's' drinking water, supplied
by a deep well, has, in every test,
proven to be of the purest and best
This, probably, iS-one of the factors
which has brought about the splen
did record for health and happiness
with a very low death rate which is
enjoyed by the citizens of this town,
i Recreational Offerings of Farmville
Another reason for the health so
easily seen in those living in Farm
ville is the fact that the city offers
for its citizens and visitors recrea
tional advantages usually found only
in much larger cities. In season
tehre are base ball, football, and bas
ketball. Not only are there school
teams in base ball, but during the.
summer, several groups organize
teams and enjoy regular soft ball
games. Farmville's swimming pool
and recreational park offer a para
dise of sports. Hundreds of people,
hardly more than half from Farm
ville, may be seen every day enjoy
ing a swim and shower at the pool,
one of the most modern and celanest
to be found anywhere. The water
purified by chlorine, drains contin
ually, and the entire pool is cleaned
out at proper intervals to insure
health conditions. I
Within two hundred yards of -the
pool are the tennis courts. There
is only one thing wrong with the
game of tennis, and nothing wrong;
with Farmville's courts. In the gamej
however, only four players can par
ticipate in any one game. In Farm
ville, the courts are so popular that
[these rules should be changed in or
der to take care of the "demand".
Hardly an hour in the day passes
that there are not players on all
courts, with others waiting , to play.
Just across the highway from the
swimming pool and tennis courts is
Farmville's pnviable golf course. One.
of the best and most beautiful course
in the State, this course is not only
patronized by the members of the
Farmville Country Club, but by play
ers from other towns and cities, many
leaving courses in their own .town to
enjoy the greens and fairways of the
Farmville course.
Many cities envy Farmville and
its marvelous recreational advan
tages, but few can match 'it. Of.
this fact, Farmville citizens are just
ly proud. I
? * * a -rt * a an tat _
fjaoor lrouoies airange 10 r arm vine
One of the blessings received by
business interests which locate in
Farmville, is the fact that the town
has never been bothered with labor
troubles. An Adequate supply of la
bor is available with no organized
antagonism continually stirring up
trouble and creating dissatisfaction.
Church and School Advantages
The pastors and entire membership
of all six churches in Farmville co
operate for the furthering of the
cause for which they all stand. There
is no undercurrent of petty jealously
or rivalry, but complete harmony and
happiness existing among all church
es. Everyone is always cordially in
vited to the regular services.
With an enrollment of wound 900,
ithe Farmville School, under its able
superintendent, Mr. J. < H. Moore,
possess. .2 etvery advantage found in
jnuch larger schools, including &
faculty which could not be improved.
The school enjoys the .best tijregtt
lar activities; outside pro
jects,, and sports. Nothing is left un
done in an effort to give every stu
dent enrolled every advantage pos:
Location Agriculturally
any map. You will find that it is in
llince the d^^onlysixty-six years
? 1 ? ; ? ;
around Farmville. This is true in
the growth of all other farm pro
duets, wh'ether for the home or for
market. Climatic conditions, soil
conditions, convenience of adequate
fanning supplies and needs make the
section, of which Farmville is the
center, the "garden spot" of profita
ble farming. ;
?? Tobacco Market
A long time getting to it, weren't
we ? Well, the best tilings, dun wait,
and, that being the case, we could ;
have wanted even longer to mention '
the' Farmville Tobacco Market, be- !
cause there is no doubt (proof; Gov
ernment Warehouse Sales Report for
1987-38 Season) _ that Farmville is
the best.
This market has grown so fast
that it has seemed to practically
sprihg-up overnight. But, wherever
it sprang from, it certainly, sprang
with enough force to carry .it a long
way, for last year, as you have prob
ably heard hinted elsewhere in this
edition, Farmville led the entire New
Bright Belt in price average. It is
the average of prices, hot the num
ber of pounds sold that means money
in the pockets of the farmers. Last
year, with four houses, Farmville sold
nearly twenty-four millions pounds
of tobacco at an average of $26.17.
A record untouched by any other
market in Eastern North Carolina.
Wise growers are fast realizing
that Farmville,has a reputation and
record to uphold, and that the mar
ket is determined to do so. This de
termination might mean headaches
for warehousemen and buyers, but it
will mean extra money, and plenty
of it,, for those who get on the
"Farmville Bandwagon" and ride
through its greatest season.
Farmville, adopting' as its Blogan
for this season "The Leading Mar
ket in Eastern Carolina," did so as
a result of the government sales re
ports of last year^which show that
Farmville is just" that.1- However, the
slogan used last year "The Steadiest
Market in the State" would still be
adaptable. This market is known for
its steadiness; - no great fluctuation
in prices- confuse the patrons as to
the best selling dates. Every day is
a good day on this market, and grow
ers, realizing this do. not hesitate to
bring their offerings whether it be
Monday os Thursday.
In expectation of the greatest
year in its hiBtory, Farmville is anx
ious that its' thousands of patrons
take advantage of the service, satis
faction, and higher prices to be had
through patronizing its sales from
the opening day throughout the en
tire season.
. Co*' >n Bagging
Approximately one million bales 0/1
cotton will be marketed this year in
a new cotton bagging material. This
experiment with cotton as a bale
covering has been made possible by
the AAA program for the diversion
of surplus lint.
Don't put up with useless
4 Get rid of it
When functional pains of
menstruation are severe, take
CARDDL If It doesn't bene
fit you, cohsttlt a physician.*;
Dont neglect such pains. They
depress the tone of the nerves,
Augn mki loss of ap
petite, wear out your resist
ance. 'jciet a bottle of Cardui :
' and see whether it will help*,!
? you, as thousands of wetaen ;
have said it helped them. ?
Besides easing certain patnb, Oqu }
do! aids m building up the whole
? Don't put up with an inefficient,
inadequate refrigerator any longer.
Foe like the proverbial white ele
phant, its "keep" costs more than
its contribution. Yoo can easily
own a big, new 1938 General Elec
tric-with all its conveniences, fast
freezing, better food protection?
and save more m more mays!
Choose a General Electric for en
during economy?it is a product of
the combined research, f ngineffing
skill and manufacturing experience
of the world's largest md oldest
electrical manufacturing company.
*-f BWtWW^i
Q? Cwltoi
The original sealed-in-stee! cold
making mechanism that revolu
tionized refrigeration costs cod
has been constantly improved
for twelve years/
- >11 I" -m IT
kavmuillA ??uiuIum Pa
rarmviHt t urfnu rcvo.
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\ ?* Q tAV^AOT ~ ^2
' ^CkS 'flnfc - ' ' 'tB* '."'"Ht'' '-<fljB .wBjpwv7^'' ' "V- "'4
Back To School With ....
Phone Us For An Appointment Now. /
?? ? v
At The ,
Vanitie Boxe Beauty Salon
/ shei/a
v . v \ u / /. /y
? ?" jl ? I I ? I
Turn In At This
Washing, Greasing,
Waxing and Tire
Dial 249-1?We'll Call For
Your Car ? Service and
Return It
? ?
SIR '^tB I ^'
TTQC 'the ?* laundry ser- ; ?
UOEi vice that gets your
clothes as dean and sanitary as you want them to be*, use ;
the kind of laundry service that can be depended upon' to ;;
wash your clothes carefully with the most modem equip- J;
ment. . y
\ ? " i >
We maintain these standards because < -
< >
they are the only means of completely
eliminating your wash-day worries. *'
DEPARTMENT Awaits Serving: You.
! >
| Phone 318-1 ^ Farmville, N. C. ^:;
. ? jjjt Jr - ? ? ?? ? f" ?*""*.)? JISSWbSBBH^^^^^^^ ? ! ?? ?( t- ^,_j
. T -
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WA?ri ??'/* U/|Of Of I lMk
' A O.' lVH* \/AA*V? ? ..; <..<* * ' "1
? ?- . - ? , i> * ? - '
??T Jf *J ^fT VIV TY* ? l /\ ' XT TX ?

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