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    ? I ^
Chamber of Commerce!
and Merchants Here
Sponsor Series Radio
' Farmville is "taking to the air"
every other Thursday in a regular
broadcast series over the new Green
ville station WGTC, the programs be
ing planned and sponsored by the
Farmville Chamber, of Commerce and
Merchants Association.
The broadcast schedule, as an
nounced recently is as follows:
September 6-19: October 8-17-31;
November 14-28; ami December 12-26.
These dates fall on Thursday and
the time is 3:30 to 4 o'clock.
The Skinner sisters, Misses Geral
dine and Dorothy, rendered vocal
numbers with Miss Mary Thome Ty
son as accompanist, and Vernon Ed
wards "tickled the ivories" in original
interpretation of popular dance music.
- The speeches of Farmville officials,
which marked the beginning of the
radio series, are printed below as
valuable information to readers: 1
Address by Mayor Davis:
i To the radio audience of Pitt
County, Greetings! As Mayor of the
Town of Farmville, it gives me great
pleasure to tallr to you a few minutes
about our town. Farmville is lo
cated in the center of the most pro
gressive agricultural section of the
state, has within its cooporate limits
approximately three thousands citi
zens, a trade of fifty miles or
more, and is in the very heart of
the greatest tobacco growing section
in the world.
Farmville owns its modern Elec
tric Light and Water Works. It not
only supplies electricity to its own
citizens, but has three hundred miles
of rural lines Serving in excess of
one thousand farm customers.
Farmville's recreation center in
cluding the golf course, swimming
pool, ball park, tennis courts, play
grounds, consisting of more than
fifty acres, is excelled by none of
its size in the State.
Farmville's school system headed
by Superintendent J. H. Moore and
his corps of 24 white teachers and 19
colored ones, Is unexcelled for its
size and completeness in any com
munity, having finished in the year
nineteen hundred and thirty nine, a
new gymnasium and agricultural
Farmville is proud of its interest
shown in its religious bodies, being
well equipped with good church
buildings and fine cooperative spirit.
The people of Farm vile allways show
their interest in the welfare of its
citizens, going over the top always
with its various drives for Red Cross,
and other Benevolent causes.
Farmville is well organized in its
social club work, including the Wo
man's Club, Parent Teachers Asso
ciation, Rotary, American Legion,
and various fraternal organizations.
Farmville has been complimented
numerous times on its cleanliness,
having within its bounds five miles
' of paved streets, -principle alleys
through busines section being paved
and more than fifteen miles of paved
sidewalks. We are now starting a
WPA project of widening and drain
ing the street entering from the Snow
Hill area which will cost about
twenty thousand dollars . The cost
will be taken care of without in
creasig the liabilities of the Town.
Farmville has a sound financial
background, having gone through the
periods of depression without " de
faulting any obligation, and operated
for the past thirteen years without
borrowing one cent for any opera
tive purpose, has paid all maturing
bonds and obligations when due and
has never found it necessary to re
finance any obligation.
We Pave operated ior tne past
several years on a tax rate far below
the average of the State, and this
year we were able to reduce the tax
rate five cents on the dollar without
curtailing any of the services rend
ered to the community
We, the people of Farmville, invite
you to visit with us. investigate the
many advantages Farmville has to
offer, and best of all make your
home in Farmville, the friendliest
and most progressive town to be
Address by Stanley Garris:
Good afternoon, Mends of Station
W.G.T.C., and of Farmville, I am
happy to extend greetings to you
' from the Farmville Chamber of Com
merce and Merchants Association.
As you have been told or have
heard, we shall be with you on the
air every other Thursday from 3:30
to 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, be
ginning this afternoon. We know
many are listening, and we btope that
our listening audience will grow. We
will have programs for you that we
believe you will enjoy. These pro
grams are for YOU; and we shall
be glad te hear from yon, aa to your
reactions to the program and any
suggestions that you may have that
will make our programs more inter
esting^ Just address them to .John
B. Lew|s, secretary, Farmville Cham
ber of Commerce and Merchants As
sociation, Farmville, N. C.
On behalf of the merchants, busi
ness, and professional men of Farm
ville, I wish to extend to eaeh of
you and jour friends an invitation
to virit Farmville, and to "Buy, Bank
and M wfthua." - '?'-'vj
| following varied businesses
offer yon a complete shopping and
business service: Our tobacco mar
ket with five warehouses, which sold
over-thirty million pounds of tobacco
last year, and paid out almost five
million dollars, two redrying pipits
now in operation, and plants operated
by all major tobacco companies in
season, one fertiliser plant,
and all major fertiliser companies are
represented, five general merchan
dise stores, seven dry goods and
clothing stores, six groceries -and
markets, two' drug stores, one ice
plant, one bakery, one laundry and
two dry cleaning establishments, five
auto sales and service establishments,
and two additional service garages,
eleven auto service stations, one
bank, one building, and loan office,
one newspaper, and printery, one
electric service shop, one furniture
store, one funeral home, two shoe re
pair shops, one auto accessory store,
two insurance offices, and represen
tatives of all major insurance com
panies, fifteen professional men Who
maintain offices, two cotton gins,
one lumber yard, two railroads, one
transfer company, one cotton bonded
warehouse, and others. From this
list you can readily see that we are
equipped to take care of your needs.
And we need you too.
Again, I wish to invite you to visit
us and on behalf of the merchants
and business men of Farmville offer
you their promise to try to make you
feel at home when' you are here.
Keep turned to W.G.T.C. and our
program. \
Address by John B. Lewis:
Friends of Farmville, when I at
tempted to write the date of this
broadcast on the typewriter,. I hit
the wrong key and wrote August 8th,
1904; well, it might not be so far
wrong at that, as it was in 1904 that
the Bank of Farmville was founded
and in 1904 that the Farmville To
bacco Market was started; these two
institutions have set the pace and
provided the impetus for the growth
of Farmville during the past 36 years.
And too, many of the business
oiginal builders of 1904; you will
[readily recognise these names; the
[Langs, the Davisea, the Monks, the
Pollards, the Turnages, the Morgans,
the Harrises) the Hortons^apd many
others; thus Ire have many business,
enterprises that have acquired A wide
reputation throughout Pitt, Greene,
Wilson and Edgecombe counties for
honesty, rehabiUt^^iWendUnesB and,
experience; into this Bage and ex
perienced barkground of ; business
has flowed many new, alert and en
ergetic business men, all of whom
have, striven to; make Farmville the
bekt small town in the State.
In 1922 there was organized oy
the business men of Farmville, a
Rotary Club, -and until 1938 the
floor of this club was used by the
Farmville business men to dissuss
the needs. of Farmville and therein
an organization .was maintained
whereby the good of the community
was always of paramount import
ance; then in 1938, the business dis
trict had so grown it was felt that
there should be an organization
whereby all of the merchants could
have membership and representation
and thereby lend their assistance to
building a finer town; in this era of
good roads and quick, easy trans
portation, everyone recognizes that
the customer is entitled to la most
favorable amosphere in which to
transact business^?In the first place
you desire reliable and dependable
business men; in the second place
you desire a friendly business re
\ You will pardon me if I seem to
argue my case just a little; those
of you within the sound of my voice
know that the Town of Farmville is
virtually surrounded by six of the
best Towns in the State, namely
Greenville, Kinston, Goldsboro, Wil
son, Rocky Mount and .Tarbono, all
within 30 miles of Farmville afid all
of which have good tobacco markets,
and when you realize that Farmville
sold over 30 million pounds "of To
bacco in 1939, you must admit that
Farmville has* kept the pace with
Towns three to "four times her size.
Thus I argue to you only friendlier
people and better prices could have
made this possible.
Under the leadership of our busi
ness men and Town officials a Rural
Electrification Project was launched
? . I
in 1937 and increased thru the years J
so that it' now serves about 1,0001
farm families in the .areas adjacent!
to Farmviile bringing a new era of I
comfort and happiness to those fam-1
In March of this year through the
efforts of our Chamber of Com-1
raerce, the. business men of Farm
viile, Fountain, Macclesfield and
Pinetops were organized into a single
group and thereby the petition for
the abandonment of the East CSaro-1
lina Railroad leading fiorri Farm
viile via of these towns to Tarboro, I
was not filed as planned but post
poned to see how this newly organiz
ed body of inter-city business men
would function.
On behalf of the Town of Farm
viile and its i many friends I wish to I
thank the management of Station
W.G.I'f.C. for the time they have so
graciously granted to us; Also we
think Eastern North Carolina is to
be congratulated on the calibre and
conduct of the W.G.T.C. programs
and we are all very fortunate in
having this station as one of our
newest assets.
Pardon me for talking so long, but
I did want to try to convince
you that the business men of Farm- J
fville have organized with the inten
tion of making Farmviile a still bet
ter place for you to sell your to
bacco, cotton, corn, beans and other
products and in turn to buy your
clothes, food, farm machinery, auto
mobiles, and other necessities. ' We I
don't promise any miracles, but we I
can assure you of dependable, satis
factory and friendly business deal
J . I thank you. j
In its 59 years of existence, the
American Red Cross has been quick
in its response to human suffering.
At the scene of more than 2,500 do
mestic disasters, the Red Cross em
blem has been' the unfailing symbol
of mercy for hundreds of thousands
of homeless, sick and hungry. Far
reaching international operations
have been pursued in assisting sister
Red Cross societies to meet the great
challenges of human pain and dis
tress. * ? ? -
Last September when the war
again flared in Europe, it was only
natural that the American Red Cross
was among the first to offer assists
ance. Movement of troops and air
bombing caused mass movement of
millions of non-combatants. Acute
needs arose for shelter, medicines,
clothes and food. the war spread
to the north, into Finland and other
Scandinavian countries, need for out
side assistance became intense. The
Red Cross moved swiftly to meet its
international obligations.
To avoid duplication of .relief sup- ?
plies and efforts of other Red Cross
societies and cooperating agencies,
the American Red Cross, early in
October, sent to Europe by trans
Atlantic plane a'commission to sur
vey relief needs. On a basis of its
reports, a steady flow, of medicines,
surgical instruments, clothing and
other relief essentials has been mov
ing from this-country to the war-af
fected areas.
Red Cross volunteers, now totalling
more than 250,000, have been active
ly engaged since. the first month of
the war in the production of warm
garments and surgical dressings for
distribution to the needy in Europe.
They have given more than three mil
lion hours to produce 447,100 gar
ments and 2,261,461 surgical dress
ings. Exclusive .of the thousands of
dollars which the Chapters have
spent on the materials for these sup
plies, National Headquarters hasex:
pended more than $1,487,717 for
other forms of relief.
The American Red Cross?the 7,
000,000 adult members and the hun
dreds of thousands of volunteer work
ers?today have an added responsi
bility in providing such assistance as
possible to relieve Europe's suffer1"
ing. It is fortunate, in a world of
bombs arid bladcouts, that such a
moving force of sypipathy exists to
gjve us courage and faith for the
future of lmandkind. v
Norman H. Davis, Chairman.
United States packers and live
stock men are watching closely the
struggle of Canadian packers and
farmers with the pork surplus prob
lem created by England's failure to I
buy the volume expected. I
/fct LAST MINUTE^S??*M9X0*d
? V '?
' You will find travel on Troilwoys' new Cream And Crimson
?^F Coaches most inviting fof ?nd-of-summer vacations.
? Conveniently spdeed schedules, new scenic routes and
lower than aver fares make this the ideal travel service for
vocation, business or pleasure trips. See your Troilwoys
Farm vile, N. C.
1 " v " . .
Your Cotton
Call?G. & WILLIAMS, Msnafer
For Information Regarding:
. . . ;
I '' ' '? | ? ?' I '?
Mortician at Farmville
Funeral Home.
* ? : ' r '?. .v,"**" ?'? ? ?? ? ;
i We Offer a Sympathetic Service
t J ?
t ??
'???"-? ?' 1 'V ?? .
? . ' ? ' , ? ? :
BEREAVEMENT: sudden, overwhelming grief... the
average person unable to cope with the host of neces
sary arrangements ... a staff, trained in the care of
? .
: funeral details, takes genuine pride in assuming all
; - ? ? .. .
responsibility and rendering a SYMPATHETIC service
i . ? ; * .. '
, ?- ?? ; r :
% ' ' " ? _
! New Ambulance Added to Our Service
- ? .
? ; . " ? . - ..?' ? .
All Modern Equipment
w '
: ' ?
I ?- ? ? ? t ? ? ? ? t > >. >. ? t >. t,t t ? ? ?. * ? m ? t t t- ? ? t >?* ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?- t t * ?
? ? . ? _ '
The Funeral Home
? ?
' ' . ?
. . of the . .
? . ?
> # . t
Farmville Furniture Co.
"As inexpensive as required, as impressive as desired"
UnTIPri To Citizens of Farm
W91 lift] ville and Visitors...
? ' ' v: .. ? * . /
Drive Safely-Observe Rules
? ?
Please pay attention to the following traffic regulations:
?*" * ?
NO DOUBLE parking on Wilson street from Foun^
tains' Warehouse to the Baptist Church, at corner of
Green street. Park all cars on this street parallel 'with
curb and inside of white lines.
NO PARKING in 15 feet of Fire Hydrants, Drive
wiykj Alleys or Theatre.
NO PARKING on either side of street in front of
Monk's Warehouse and Knott's Warehouse.
NO "U" TURN at Signal Lights.
Parking rules and regulations gives you permission
to park as long as you please.
\ } '? *? # . ?
For your Safety, as well as others, watch carefully
for signal lights. Stop at all red lights. If no traffic
on green light, motorist can make right turn on red
light after first coming to complete stop.
Always Park on opposite side of Street from "NO
PARKING" signs, and head straight in between the
white lines on Main Street
? ?? <
State law requires that all Bicyclists have the following equipment:
1 Head light, 1 Tail Light or Reflector.
We advise you that in riding on street, especially in the Fire District
and on Wilson street, to stay on opposite side atad near curb from which
: ours are parked. Do' not ride double, or hqlding hands. Please ride in
straight coursie on aS streets.
Observing the above regulations will prevent Bicyclists from being
backed into or pulled into by cars leaving the curb.
_ ?
t. 7"# j
We will appreciate the support of aU
Citizens and Visitors in Helping us to
make our town a SAFER town to live in.
L. T. LUCAS, Chief , of Police. ?

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