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Partners In Effort To
Give Patrons Opportunity
To Receive Hundreds
Of Thousands Of
Dollars On Warehouse
Floors In Next Several
• ,
The fall of IMS marks the 3Mb
anniversary at the founding of the
Fsrmville Tobacco Market 'which is
Fsrmville's most important enterprise
and the greatest business asset
at the town and community.
From the year of its birth, there
has been a growing- demand for larger
warehouse space, the employment
of more men and the supplying of
more of the varied facilities adequate
to care for an increased volume of
sales. '
Five commodious and modern leaf
sales houses have replaced the two
cradle*- that rocked the infant market,
and such one of the 88 years
that has intervened has been a stepping
stone to a new record of
achievement, bringing * Justfced
pride to the warehousemen and citissns
at this community, and giving
it the attention of the tobacco world
The tobacco sales season in FtermvSSe
is starting with a great show
mi virility again this year with the
two tobacco leaf sales firms running
two houses each as in the past
composed at J. Y. Monk, Jr., J. C.
Carlton and Robert D. Bouse, is
a firm at experienced and popular
warehousemen with two houses, snd
Knott's No. 1 snd No. 2, is again
under the management of R. H.
Knott, Grover H. Webb, Bob Edmonson,
John Fountain and Jack Moye,
who make a team at five of the
Inoat promineftt and successful tobMconjjjs
in the belt.
Both warehouses /have a first sale
beginning at 9:30 a. m. and CMttnuing
through the day, every day of
the season, giving the groyrer the
assurance of a sale at either house
on the day he brings his tobacco to
The "V For VICTORY* carrie.
on aa a symbol of concerted effort
and the fight far Democracy.
» 11 ■■
trons has been proved by Ability and
experience. A tremendous volume of
favorable publicity comes /from the
farmer* themselves each year, which
is a prime factor in the pi i.ifli^an of
this market and its remarkable
growth may be traced'to the fact
that ita service* meet patron needs
in a way patrons like.
Each of the warehouses has larger
sales forces than' ever before and
has pledged its individual workers
this year to otter an unexcelled type
of service in the handling and sale of
the weed when it comes on the floor
and to extend patrons every courtesy
and every facility, WMili —<r
be employed in bringing the highest
prices for their product and in
providing comfort for tjiem and their
families while in Farmville.
Tobacconists in this section believe
the crop in Eastern North Carolina
to be very good with curings declared
excellent, and a brighter color
than usual, giving rise to an optimistic
outlook for better price*. They
have been in the fields at intervals
since housing began and have visited
the packhooses and grading rooms
to give their friendly advice and
counsel to the farmers regarding special
care in grading and handling1,
which always .coasts heavily in dollars
and cents when it is placed on
the warehouse floor, and makes it
possible for the warehouseman to demand
and get a better price for it an
the sale:
Warehouseman have made extensive
preparations for the- market
opening' and movement of the graded
tobacco towards the sales houses, remodeling,
renovating and clearing:
premises and floors, gatting ready
basis, and all is in readiness for the
chant of the auctioneer. v
The hundreds of thousands of dollars
to be loosed here among tobacco
growers within the next few weeks
will stimulate-the entire section and
the increase fat trade and collections
will put new spirit into all classes..
Buyers High Personnel
A Great Advantage
■»>- Ijfr.J Of its
hM been one at the greatest advantages
enjoyed by tin FarmviUe
Market during the yearn at its existA
majority of these, buyers
for ymn or returning
for rapcHdhu seasons, are weltj
known end an highly regarded by
0* farmers. < . j
■ Two sets of buvers, reDresentii •<
. 1 . _-1 .., n., ,r !«.
every Known company ana many inup
London, Aug. 19.—American Flying
Fortresses took over the aerial
offensive against German-held Europe
today with a daylight attack on
two airfields In Holland, while United
States Marauders end RAF Mitchells
battered airfields at Poix and
Amiens-Glisay in France.
Thunderbolts, the most powerfully
armed American fighters, teamed
with RAF Dominion and Allied Spitfires
to escort the Big American
bombers in their blasts at Hitler's
airplane nests.
The daylight show kept big and
medium bombers and their lighter
escorts steamhig across t£e Strait
of Dover virtually the entire day.
The Berlin radio went off the air
shortly before midnight for what
was announced se "technical rear
ao®iu" suggwrting the possibility of
ma* might - fctn the heart
of Otenmny,~
The day's score in aerial gunning
matches was well in the Allied
More that 16 German fighters were
shot down in addition to others doubtless
smashed on the airfields.
Of the* total, the Marauders got
one, Allied fighters in sweeps over
France accounted for six -more, and
i later amouncement said nine others
were downed in. attacks that
continued on into the evening.
f.L Burke, A
Local Buyer Heads
Tob. Board Trade
Market Activities Well
Regulated jBy Organization
of The Buying
Interests _
Quebec, Aug. 19.—A dramatic assertion
that tin Anglo-American
!iigh command in its secret sessions
here is planning ways to
'bomb, burii and ruthlessly
both Germany and Japan came
night from the first high official to
nake a public statement on the
progress of the historic Quebec conference.
The spokesman was Brendan
Bracken British Minister of Information,
and a frequent visitor,
since he arrived here late y ester lay,
at The Citadel where Presilemt
Rooeevelt, Prime Minister Mackenzie
King of Canada and Prime
Minttar Churchill of Gnat Britain
rarry on their discussions.
While Bracken refrained from givng
any details of the strategy, saying
those would be revealed only
jy "admirals, generals and air Wshals"
in action, he made tills &*■
sral statement when asked about
ha plans in progress:
bomb and
creating this war.'
Uncle Sam's Warships
Bombard Italian Mainland
As Air Attacks
Continue m
Allied Headquarters, North Africa,
Aug.: 19.—For the first time in history,
United States warships have
shelled Ifie Italian mainland, ^merging'
their broadsides with a swelling
barrage from land and air that has
clattered the Germans' path of retreat
through Calabria with blasted
bridges, wrecked grains and flaming
supply dumps, it was announced today.
As Allied mop-up groups compiled
final figures on the Sicilian campaign,
President Roosevelt revealed
in -a message of congratulation to
Gen. Dwigfct D. Eisenhower that the
atony's forces on the island numbered
450,000 men—neatly 100,900
more than estimated previously.
- While "Long Tom" cannon an the
Messina beaches and waves of bombers
kept the tattered toe of Italy
unto s«t increased barrage, American
naval units shelled bridges and
power plants at Pfclmi, 10 milts
northeast of the tip of Sicily, and
Gkria Tauro, 8 miles up the coast
Men aboard the American wnr
New York, Aug. 18.—Edward V.
Ricken backer said today that Italy
to being Bombed out of the wax so
would be Jmocked out the same way,
because "no people on earth cap
stand" the terrific blasting being unEed
by Allied airpower.
- \
Half "Holiday" (Her
the put six months as a result of
Allied pressure from the West and
The tall hero of tiro ware termed
PHE|HP£$S$ «» "tougrhest
Opening of FarmviDe's
Tobacco Market Of
Paramount Interest To
Town and Community
Which Give It Hearty
Troop columns, airplane
tiona and mechanised units have beoome
almost commonplace mgftfM
since last Opening day and the moremeat
of tohaoco to market and the
tree at the farmer feOu to the tobefco
towns for the market opening,
on Tueeday, which is celebrated as a
holiday, will be a
In this belt the marketing of 1
will, for the seaaoa anyway, ha of H
paramount interest and it will be
given a clear ri*ht-of-way.
A native waad to Carolina, tobacco
been cultivated in the State sio^a
the earliest colonial day* and ha
been ffecorded a high place in its
economic life and definitely established
as the heat money crop of this,
section, which owws its growth sad
Signs point to a
and all predictions
be one at the
years. This will I
men of Farmville will await the
dawn on Ttoeaday with high hopea.^^
The opening of the market
a powerful stimulant to all
in Farmville. Something at this i
tipifflt activity is reflected in
pages of this issue, which has been
dedicated fco the Farmville
Market by the business men at the

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