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    *? 'I
Paul Cox is confined to his
with flu.
Mrs. E. C. Bosnian was a' Snow
Hill visitor, Tuesday,
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bundy were
Greenville visitor*, Monday. ?
Mrs. C. B. Mashbum, Sr., will
spend the week end in Rocky Mount.
Mrs. F. A. Williams and Mrs. K.
C. Carr spent Wednesday in Raleigh.
Mrs. D. R. Morgan ami Mrs. A. Q.
Roebuck were Raleigh visitors, Tues
day. i
Ellis Rabil returned Monday from
a week's visit to New York and
Miss Anne L. Jones and Mrs. G.
L. Gilchrist were New Bern visitors,
D. L. Donnell, Jr., visited his
parents at Oak Ridge, during the
week end.
Zeb Whitehurst entered Woodard
Herring hospital, Wilson, Friday for
R. T. Norville has returned after a
visit to friends and relatives in
W. J. Rasberry and G. W. Davis
made a business trip to Wilmington,
Billy Tripp Briley is able to be
out again after a recent illness due
to influenza.
Mrs. A. J. Shackleford, of Sara
toga, visited her sister, Mrs. Bonnie
Allen, Tuesday.
Kre. W. J. Bundy, of Greenville,
spent the week end with Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Bundy.
Mrs. W. H. Duke and son, Billy,
spent a few days this week visiting
in Roanoke Rapids.
Bert Watkins, of Atlanta, Ga., will
spend the week end with his mother,
Mrs. Helen Horton.
Mrs. Bob Joyner and son, James,
of Wilson, visited Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Bynum, Tuesday.
Mrs. George Wilkerson, of Green
ville, spent Sunday with her mother,
Mrs. Bertha Gardner.
Mrs. A. B. Huff, Jr., of Kinston,
was the guest of Mr*. D. L. Donnell,
Jr., Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Liles re
turned to Durham, Tuesday, after a
visit to relatives here.
Mrs. F. M. Davis, Sj^ and Miss
Elizabeth Davis returned Wednesday
from a trip to New York.
C. E. Modlin visited his wife, who
is a patient in a Petersburg, Va.,
hospital, Sunday-Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Jloye, of Scot
land Neck, visited Joel Moye, Sr.,
and Mrs. Estelle Moye, Sunday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Allen Darden and
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Gopenhaver
were Goldsboro visitors, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Owens, of
Stantonsburg, were week end guests
of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Williford.
Martin Parker, of Benson, who
spent the week end here, was the
dinner guest of Jack Lewis, Sunday.
Mrs. Frank T. Clifton and chil
dren, of Kinston, are the guests of
Mrs. Clifton's mother, Mrs. J. I.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ezzell and
Mrs.'Rellie Craft, of Goldsbono, spent
Sunday with Mrs. A. J: Currie and
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Odom and
children, of New Bern, spent Sun
day with Mrs. A. J. Currie and
Mrs. T.' B. Rouse left Wednesday
to spend several days with her
daughter, Mrs. E. F. Wilson, Jr., in
Miss Edna McKay and Claude
England, of Rocky Mount, were din
ner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs.
H. H. Bradham.
Ruthie Tripp, of - Greenville, is
spending a few days of this week
with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Tripp.
Miss Vivian Scott has returned to
St Mary's after spending the spring
holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. R. S. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. S. Hodges of
Ayden were guests of Mrs. Agnes
Blount and Mrs. Frank Davis, Jr.,
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Graham McAdams
and daughter, Annette, and Mrs. W.
A. McAdams were Rocky Mount
visitors, Saturday.
Mrs. J. C. Brock, Jr., and Mrs.
Marvin Speight have recovered from
recent attacks of influensa and are
able to be out again.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dixon, Jr.,
and daughter, Barbara Ann, of Wil
son, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Windham.
Bill Carr, student at State College,
left Sunday with classmates to spei
spring holidays in New York City
and Bridgeport, Conn.
Carol Allen, who has flu, and Fay
Allen, who has chicken pox, are con
fined to the home of their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie Allen.
Drs. Fred and Maline Irons and
Tommy, and Mrs. 8- V. lams,]
of Dr. Fred Irons, were t
of Rev. and Mrs. E. R. CJegg, |
Mrs. Richard L. Welsh, of BaW
8:30 p. ' m.?Episcopal
Study Class meets with Mrs. J.
H. Darden.
7:00 p. m.?Kiwanis Club.
7:30 p. m.?Group 4, Christian,
- meets with Mrs. R. V. Piser.
8:00 p. m.?Croup 1, Christian.
8:00 p. m.?Group 3, Christian,
meets with ICrs. Joe H. Moon.
Tuesday, April 1
10:30 a. m.?Executive committee,
Baptist Woman's Missionary
Society, meets at the home of
Mrs. H. D. Johnston.
3:80 p. m.?Contract Club, post
Urn Junior Woman's Club meet
ing: has been postponed until
April 8, due to a conflict with
the union pie-Easter services.
7:00 p. m.?Rotary Club.
7:00 p. m.?Woodmen of the
7:30 p. m.?Lang's Youth Fellow
ship mods -in the Farmville
Home Demonstration Club build
ing. _
8:00 p. m.?Boy Scouts.
Wednesday, 2
3:30 p. m.?Literary Club meets
with Mrs. J. W. Parker.
3:30 p. m.?Brownies.
Thursday, 3
3:00 p. m.?Au Fait Club meets
with Mrs. Allen Darden.
3:30 p. m.?Troop 2, Girl Scouts.
7:30 p. m.?Junior Order.
8:00 p. m.?Group 2, Christian,
meets with Mrs. B. O. Taylor.
Friday, 4
12:00 noon?Mrs. Richard L.
Welsh, of Baltimore, Md., en
tertains at a coffee hour at the
home of her mother, Mrs. S.
G. Gardner, honoring Miss Fran
ces Bivins Smith, bride-elect.
3:00 p. m.?Lamrad Club meets
with Mrs. Ted AlbrittOn.
3:30 p. m.?Rebecca Winbome
chapter, U. D. C., meets with
Mis. J. W. Parker.
7:00 p. m.?American Legion.
Saturday, 5
10:00 a. m.?Bird Club.
4:30 p. m.?Rector-Smith wed
ding is solemnized at the Meth
odist Church.
*i ? ? *
3:00 p. m.?Miss Mary Thome
Tyson honors Miss Frances
Bivins Smith, bride-elect at
9:00 p. m.?Dance Club meets at
the Country Club with Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Carraway, Mr. and
Mrs. Roland Sauls and Charlie
Rasberry as hosts.
Miss Minnie Overstreet, of Whi
skers, who has been visiting her
lister, Mrs. F. G. Dapree, Sr., has
returned to her home.
Neal Howard, Jr., student .at
iVoodberry Forest, is spending the
ipring holidays with his parents,
dr. and Mrs. H. N. Howard.
Mrs. Bertha Gardner returned
Irom Pitt General hospital, Green
rflle, Sunday, after a stay of a week
ind is recuperating at her home.
Rev. Z. B. T. Cox is conducting
?re-Easter services in Hookeyton
his week at a joint meeting of the
Christian and Methodist churches.
Rev. and Mrs. E. W. Holmes and
diss Rosemary Holmes spent Friday
ind Saturday in South Boston, Vs.,
fisiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crews,
Miss Hagel Spell, of Durham, spent
he weef end at her home with her
parents, Mr.'and Mrs, 0. G. Spell,
ind had as her guest, Miss Shirley
Mrs. Louise Harris, Mrs. David
Karris .and children, Miss Virginia
lizzie and Miss Grace Whitehuzst
were Greenville visitors, Monday
ifte moon.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Duke, of War
ren ton, and Mrs. X. H. Calder, of
New York, visited their son and
brother, W. H. Duke, and Mrs. Duke,
Mrs. Mac Carraway, Mrs. Carroll
Ogleshy, Mrs. Allen M. Harris and
Mrs. Frank T. Clifton, of Kinston,
who is visiting here, were Raleigh
visitors, Tuesday.
"Boots" Thmas, Donald Walston,
Harry Davis, Albert Roebuck and
Jack Paylor, students at State Col
lege are spending the spring holi
days at their homes hgre.
Nancy Etta Drake, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Drake, returned
Sunday from Memorial General
pital, .Kinston, where she
treatment, and is recuperating at 1
Mn. J. M. Baker, wfll be made wor
thy matron.
Mn. a
ikdac nicely.
days with
Mr. and Mr*. G. C. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Williams,
Greenville, and Mr. and Mrs. Ja
Edwards, of Washington, were din
ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. S.
Williams, Sunday. ,
Mrs. J. T. Bandy, Mrs. Bob Hin
son, Mrs. Claude Joyner, Mrs. Lillie
Westbrook and Mrs. Pearl H. Baker
attended a meeting of the Woman's
Auxiliary of the Free Will Baptist
church, at Sweet Gum Grove, Wed
Miss Mamie E. Davis, president
of the Farmville -American Legion
Auxiliary, gave the response to the
address of welcome at the First Area
meeting of Auxiliaries held in Green
ville, Tuesday afternoon. Mrs.
Thomas W. Bird, of Charlotte, de
livered the main address.
Mrs. E. W. Holmes is engaged
this week in training union work at'
the East Baptist Church of Gastonia.
The churches of the Gaston associa
tion, of which this church is a part,
are cooperating in an association
wide training union better work pro
gram. Mrs. Holmes will return to
Farmville, Saturday.
In the Wealey community a sun
rise service will be held on the Wes
ley Sunday School grounds at 6:46,
Easter morning.
The Brownies met Wednesday
afternoon at the Baptist Church and
after a short business session, they
continued their practice on the ope
retta to be presented the latter part
of May.
Mrs. Z. B. T. Cox, assistant lead
er, served refreshments of apples
and candy.
The Lenten Study Class met with
Mrs. R. S. Scott, Monday afternoon.
Miss Helen Smith presided and con
ducted the devotional and read ex
cerpts from "Forward Day by Day."
Mrs. Scott, who was program lead
er of the afternoon, continued the
study of the "Doctrine of the Holy."
The meeting closed with prayer.
Sam D. Bandy, secretary of the
Farmville Chamber of Commerce,
was the guest speaker at the Green
ville Rotary Club on Monday night
of this week and on . Tuesday night
he was guest speaker at the Ladies
Night meeting of the Colerain Ma-,
sonic Lodge.
His topic at Greenville was "Fac
ing the Future." At Colerain, he
talked on "Human Relationships."*
Mi%. Esther Mattox Owens, 86, of
Farmville, Route 2, died in a Wilson
hospital at 12:90, Wednesday after
noon. Funeral services were held
Friday'afternoon It 4 o'clock from
the home by Rev, Bruce Barrow,
pastor of the Saratoga Baptist
Church, of which she was a member.
Surviving are her husband, Leroy
Owens; two sons, James Edward and
an infant; three brothers, Daniel of
Chicago, C. B? of Rocky Mount, and
Paul Mattox of New Bern; two sisters
ten, Mrs. Sammie Davis of Wilson
and Mrs. H. C. Bass of Eureka.
Hn. J. H. Bynum and Mr*. ,J. L
Creech were Joint hostesses to the
Legion Auxiliary, -Thursday after
noon at the home of the former,
with the rice president, Mrs. W. M.
Willis, presiding in the absence of
the president. After Mrs. LeRoy
Rollins opened the meeting with
prayer, the group repeated the Pre
nble aad sang "America."
The distributing of new yearbooks,
a report on Gold Star .mothers giv
en by a oomndttae composed of Mrs.
ua and Mrs. J. Frank Harper
the announcement of the area
meeting to be bald in Greenville,
March 25, were other features of the
session. Mm. Willis re
ported that/ the president, Miss
Mamie Davis, had assisted in the
of an
:*!&?. T. ft Joyner, Jr., who made
a talk on some of the work she did
want to Ma. Charles &
and tiM low award, a
was given to Mrs. Carol
Guests sharing in the p
the afternoon were Mrs. Frank
Allen and Mrs. J. M. Carraway.
Ice cream topped with chocolate
syrup and coconut cake wen
In the social hoar.
The Lamrad Ctub members enjoy
ed an afternoon of play in the home
of Mm. R. v; Fiser, Friday. Jon
quils wen used in arrangements in
the Fleer home.
A dessert coarse of strawberry
shortcake and coffee was served and
coca colas wen enjoyed daring play.
Mrs. R. D. Harris scored high for
the afternoon.
Mrs. Clande Tyson was hostess for
the March meeting' of the Garden
Club, Monday afternoon, hanring as
a special guest, Mrs. Charles A. Mo
Miss Tabitha DeVisconti, who pre
sided, gave a review of a southern
garden. Another talk was made per
taining to conservation by Mrs. E.
F. Gaynor.
Narcissus and evergreens were in
arrangnients in the hostess' home.
lif the social hour, strawberry
shortcake topped with whipped
cream, nsts and coffee were enjoy
Mrs. Pat Ruffin was hostess to
the New Deal Club, Wednesday
afternoon, in her home which was
decorated with Japanese quince, pan
sies and daffodils.
Enosen fruit salad, which carried
out the yellow and green color
scheme, pimento and chicken salad
sandwiches, pickles, crax and coffee
were served.
Mrs. W. Leslie Smith received the
high award, a handmade, white or
gandy apron, and the low prize, a
towel and potholder set, was given
to Mrs. M. V. Jones, a guest.
Mrs. Harry Harper was hostess
to members of the Wednesday After
noon Club and a special guest, her
sister, Mrs. Jack Gates, of Green
ville, for two tables of bridge. Ja
ponicas, pansies, jonquils and spires
were used in arrangements.
Mrs. R. V. Fiser received the
high score "award, a nail polish set,
and Mrs. J. Y. Monk, Jr., the low, a
blue flower bowL Mrs. Gates was
remembered with an after-dinner
coffee cup.
Refreshments were a chicken
salad plate and individual coconut
Meeting: Friday evening with Mrs.
Curtis Flanagan, worthy matron,
presiding, the Eastern Star members
?sag "God Blesa Our Eastern Star"
after the ritualistic opening. The
coin cards were distributed to in
crease the finances of the chapter.
Communications from Mrs. Reta
Henley, worthy grand patron, relat
ing to the Grand Chapter, which is
to be held at Pine land College in
June, were read. A special service
iu bring arranged for all former
Pineland students who are members
of the Eastern Star.
In a report from an officer of the
Eastern Star Home in Greensboro,
the members heard that improve
ments had ben 'made along all lines
and Mrs. J. W. Parker, who is a
member of the Board of Directors,
stated that since the home was or
ganised SS years ago, S26 guests had
been cared for in the home not-in
cluding 40 others who have received
aid. this hpme, where 83 guests live
at present, is the only one of its
kind in the Southeast A special pro
ject of the home, to which the FSrra
ville chapter has made a contribu
tion, is the building and furnishing
of the Iiatham Memorial Hospital.
The chapter decided "to take as a
community project the visiting and
remembering with flowers the pa
tients at the Williams-Winstead
cHnle ;3r
installation of the officers was
with Mrs. Sam D. Bundy,
ss lmrtrlll"g
Lynn Eason, as in
and Mrs. Curtis
haplain. A
Farmville. Rev. R. E. BriekhoaM of
the Warrenton Baptist Church,
tor of the bride, officiate!,.)
double ring ceremony
prevised'altar of fen, floor
of white carnations an
and cathedral candles, which were
lighted by Wayland Modlin, Wash
ington, D. C,, brother of the bride,
Mid David Jonas, Farmyille, brother
of the bridegroom. Tbe couple en
tered together unattended.
The bride was attired in a blue
gray gabardine suit decorated with
silver ornaments and a white Mouse.
Her accessories were patent leather.
She wars a corsage of white orchids
and her hat was a halo of white
straw with a net raffle.
The bride's mother wore e dross
of ice blue crepe and a corsage of
pink roees. The bridegroom's moth
er wore an aqua crepe dross and
pink roses at her shoulder.
Mrs. Jones is a graduate of John
Graham high school in Warren ton
and will graduate this spring from
E. C. T. C., Greenville. Mr. Jones,
a graduate of Farmville high school,
attended E. C. T. C., Greenville, and
in the fall will enter medical school
for a special course. He served ss
a meteorologist in the Army Air
Forces for three years and spent M
months in the Pacific theater of
operation. ? .
After a wedding trip to Florida
and other southern points, the
couple will make their home in
Informal Reception
Following the ceremony, the bride's
parents entertained at an informal
reception at their home for members
of the two families. The bride's
table was covered with a lace cloth
and bore an arrangement of white
carnations and snapdragons in a
silver bowl at one end of the table
and the three tiered-cake topped with
a miniature bride and groom at the
other. White candles in silver hold
ers were sIbo used on the table.
After the first slice was cut by
the bridal couple, the cake eras
served by Mrs. J. C. Scarborough ,of
Windsor. Mrs. A1 Gardner, of Rnos
ville, Tenn., poured punch, Nuts and
mints were served by Mrs. Raymond
Modlin, Jr., of Raleigh and Mrs.
Boyd Hicks ,of Warrenton.
Prior to the wedding, Mrs. A. G.
Gardner, Mrs. R. G. Lassiter, of
Washington, D. C., and Mrs. J. C.
Scarborough, of Windsor, sisters of
the bride, entertained at a four
course dinner at the Noriina hotel.
Covers were laid for 28 gueata and
places were marked by .small white
candles, ruffled in white, and tied
with ribbons and wedding seals.
Table decorations included white
flowers, flanked by tall candles in
crystal holders. Out-of-town guests
attending were Mr. and Mrs. Clifton
L. Jones, Sr., Misses Frances and
Pat Jones, Mrs. Letha Edwards, Mr.
and Mrs. J. D. Jones and Harry Al
britton, all of Farmville; Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Pleasant, of Four Oaks;
C. L. Jones, Jr., of Hopewell, Va.,
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Modlin, Jr.,
of Raleigh, Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
Gardner, of KnoxviQe, Tarn.; Way
land Modlin, of Washington, D. C.
1 1 1 'A ?
Thomas Ray Allen was host to
the Junior Fellowship, Tuesday
The Bible Lesson pertained to the
Easter story and an Easter legend
was related, after which a chain of
sentence prayers closed the meeting.
The leaders gave a party after ad
journment and served cake, ice
cream and homemade fudge.
Cowboy: "Getting your saddle on
backwards, aren't you T"
Dude Rancher: "That's all you
know about ity smarty. You dont
even know which way I'm going."
by Walter
Hilt ""
of tines* which
Ths meeting wu bald in the
of Mm. E. L Hardy, in
Satodiy afternoon, with Mrs. J. W.
Parker, of Fermville, recant, pmsid
iKg and giving a report am
cent state conference held In New
Miss Payne Sugg, chaplain,
tinued tha study of the woman et
the Bible. The program
pnented each member with a year
book in Unit and white, the D> A. R.
colon, and received a vote of thanks
from the chapter.
Letters ware nod from tha pres
ident-general and state regent rela
tive to the Continental Congress,
which convene in May in Washing
ton, D. C. Reports from officers and
committees were also made.
As the annual election of officen
takes place in April, the regent ap
pointed the following nominating
committee: Mn. J. T. Exum, Mrs. B.
W. Moseley end Mrs. J. H. Darden.
A new member was welcomed. Mn.
Clarence Moye, of )taory> and -?
friend sang several duets accom
panied by Mn. E. L. Hardy.
Mrs. N. F. Palmer, of Hookerton,
will be hostess at the next meeting.
The hostess invited the guests into
the dining room when Mrs. Harry
Taylor served chicken salad from
one end of the table and Mrs. F. W.
Carroll poured coffee from the other.
Sandwiches cut in stars and other
shapes, pickles, decorated cakes and
nuts were served from the table
which was covered with a lace cloth
and oentered with a bowl of spring
flowers. Mrs. N. P. Palmer assist
ed in the dining room.
One of these yean Spring is go
ing to come on time and everybody
will be amend.
f ?? wm *?. WLJ ? >
iT]if?[ ??rt'r '
1. ?, W
K'/f ' :1 *'
rrr %
rioji: *
^11 WPi r. -
Sunday School, Sunday
at 9:46; morning sendee, II o'clock,
topic: "He Beheld the City
An antVwi arrangement
of The Holy City" will be rang by
Mm choir. Training onion meets at
6:30 p. m.
I wish to
predatkm for the
me during my no
Mrs. P. G. Dupree, Sr.
FarmviDe Post No. 9681
Veterans of Foreign Wan of
The United States
Meets Friday Night, Mar. 28
City Hall, Fanaville, N. C.
Boy "Savings Boris" Hsvci HoUt
Made to Your
March 31
Mr. E. C. Register of
Cow, to hold a Spring a a
Summer Display Solo of a
Men's Fine' Made to <
Suits. Latent 3
fabrics and styles are J
available to you in our j
Made to Measure Suits, j
wira Simpson's Flowers
? OF???
- ? ??
' ? . t :? - - :

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