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end ltl Norfolk, Va.
. a ? ? .. ^
E. a Carr and son, Charles, we
Wilson visitors, Thursday.
a a ? ?
Ralph Allen, of Clayton, was H?
truest of friends here, Sunday,
a a a a
Billy Burke, Jr., is confined to
home this week with chicken pox.
a a a a
Kiss Mariah Thompson will
the Easter holidays in
a a a a
Mrs. Sadie Moore, of Kinston,
visiting her sister, Mrs. Mary E.
a a a a ' '
Miss Marjorie Freeman will spent
the Easter holidays at her home in
a.e a a
Mrs. Jasper R. Jones and Mrs. L.
R Jones were Greenville visitors,
a a a a
Mrs. Lena Gurganus has returnet
from a visit to her son. Howell,
Snow Hill.
a a a a.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Harrell and
son, Bill, spent the week end in
Norfolk, Va.
a ? a a
Mrs. Virginia Howerton spent sev
ers days of last week visiting friends
in Greenville.
a a a a
Mrs. E. L. Roebuck, of Hamilton,
was the overnight guest of Mrs.
Myrtle Roebuck, Tuesday.
a a a a *
Edward Lee Russell and "Skipper"
Hall, of Jacksonville, Fla., are visit
ing Mrs. Mary H. Russell.
a a a a
Mrs. G. R. Smith and Mrs. Allen
Drake and daughter, Nancy Etta,
were Kinston visitors, Monday,
a a a a
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Forbes and
daughter spent Sunday in "Greenville
with Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Forbes,
a a a a
Mrs. C. W. Rogers, of Chattanoo
ga, Tenn., was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Elbert C. Holmes, last week.
a a a a
Miss Geneva McCachern, of Wil
mington and Linwood, is visiting Mrs.
Ed Nash Warren this week.
t 1 ? ?
Miss Lizzie' Clegg, of Pittsboro,
is the'guest of her brother, Rev. E.
R. Clegg, and Mrs. Clegg, this week,
a a a a
Miss Agnes Quinerly, student at
Salem College, arrived Wednesday
to spend the spring holidays at her
home here.
a a a a
Miss Emma Dupree is spending
three days of this week visiting
friends in Fountain.
a a a t
H. H. Bradham is spending several
days in Boston, Mass., with his fath
er, H. H. Bradham, Sr.
a a a a
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Knight, of
Tarboro, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Jasper R Jones, Sunday,
a a a a
Elmer Louis Roebuck underwent a
knee operation in the Veterans' hos
pital, Fayetteville, Wednesday.
Mrs. Ed Owens, Mrs. Jack Wilii
ford and Mrs. Frank A. Williams
were Raleigh visitors, Wednesday.
? ? ? e
Mr. and Mrs. T. Eli Joyner, Jr.
will spend the Easter holidays in
Myrtle Beach and Charleston, S. C.
? ? ? *
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Tumage, of
Richmond, Va., spent the week end
with Mr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Tur
? ? ? ?
Mrs. Sadie Vernelson, of Ports
month, Va., is visiting Mrs. Florence
Phillips and Mrs. Virginia Hower
ton this week.
? ? ? ?
Mr. and Mrs. Lamm Dozier, of
Fountain, were guests of Mrs. Vir
ginia Howerton and Mrs. Florence
Phillips, Sunday.
? ? ? ?
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wellons,
of Charleston, S. C., were the over
night guests of Rev. and Mrs. E. R.
Clegg, Friday.
Mr.' and Mrs. R. D. Rouse, Sr.,
have returned from New Orleans,
La., after visiting Mrs. Rouse's sis
ter, Mrs. R. F. Eastman.
e see V
Bobby Smith, student at P. J. C,
Maxton, arrives today to spend the
spring holidays with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Smith.
? ? ? ?
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Smith and son,
Jimmy, of Norfolk, Va., spent the
week end with Mr. and Mrs. Leslie
. :V'">
Mrs. R. L. Spivey, Mrs. Myrtle
Roebuck and Mrs. Lum Wooten visit
ed friends in Hamilton,
evening. "fv ' -
? ? ? ?
George Putaaft, of Rocky Mount,
I with his grand
e ? e
mwwn-mmwwn w w >-r-? ? ? - -
' ? . i i1 ??
S ,. ''umtor, April 7 -.*?
3:00 p. m. ? Episcopal Auxiliary |
meets with Mrs. Jack Lewis. 1
3:00 p. m.?Woman's Council
the Christian Csureh.
? M p. m.-WW m-to~r|
8:30 p. m.?Woman's Society of
Christian Service, Methodist
7:00 ic m.?Kiwants Club.
Tuesday, 8
8:45 p. m,?Merry Matrons
with Mrs. L. E. Walston.
7 .-00 p. m.?Rotary Club.
7.-00 p. m.?Lang's 4-H Club.
7.-00 p. m.?Woodmen of World.
8:00 p. m.?>Boy Scouts.
8:00 p. m.?Annie Perkins Circle,
Baptist meets in the Church
with Mrs. Paul Vaaghan and
Mr?. M. G. Thome as hurtsssss
8:00 p. m.?Junior Woman's Chsb
meets at the home of Mrs. Sara
Lr.^is with Mrs. J. M. Mew
bom as joint hostess.
Wedncsdsy. 9
3:00 p. m.?New Deal Club meets
with Mrs. L. E. Walston.
3:00 p. m.?Wednesday Afternoon
Club meets with Mrs. James Y.
Monk, Jr.
3:%) p. m.?Brownies.
Thursday, 10
2:30 p. m.?Farmvilie Home Dem
onstration Club meets with Mrs.
J. W. Baker and Mrs. W. R. Hin
son as hostesses in the club
8-50 p. m.?Gir" Scouts, Troop 2.
7:30 p. m.?Masons.
Friday, 11
3:15 p. m.?Book and Bridge Club
meets with Mrs. CL S. Hotchldsa.
3:30 p. m.?Woman's Club meets
at the home of Mies Mamie
Davis with Mrs. R. W. Rader as
joint hostess.
Saturday, 12
10.00 a. m.?Bird Club.
3:00 p. m.?Major Benjamin May
Chapter, D. A. R., meets with
Mrs. T. E. Hooker and Miss
Eunice McGee. of Greenville, as
hostesses at the Chapterhouse.
12 noon?Mrs. Richard L. Welsh
honors Miss Frances Bivins
Smith, bride-elect, at a coffee
6:30 p. m.?Miss -Dorothy Smith
gives a buffet supper for out-of
totvn guests here to attend the
Rector-Smith wedding.
8:30 p. m.?Rector-Smith wedding
rehearsal at Methodist Church.
Mflj. Curtis H. and Mrs. Arch J.
Flanagan give an after- rehear
. sal party at the home of the
12:80 p. m.?Mrs. and Mrs. Hay
wood Smith entertain at a lunch
eon at the D. A. R. Chapter
house for the Rector-Smith wed
ding party and out-of-town
4:30 p. m.?Rector-Smith wedding
to be solemnised at the Metho
dist Church.
Max Melton, of Baltimore, McL, a'
>rmer resident of Farmville, is
pending: his spring vacation with
[lends here and in Spring: Hope.
. ? ? ? ?
Mr. and Mrs. Max E. McLeod and
hildren, Maxine and Mike, of Dunn,
nil spend the Easter holidays with
Irs. MeLeod's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
. W. Baas.
? . '
Mrs. R. G. Barrett and Mrs. J. B.
'aylor returned Tuesday night from
visit to Mrs. Barrett's daughter,
Ira. R. E. Duncan, at Miami Beach,
la. ? >' :
? ? ? e
.Mr. and Mrs. Elbert C. Holmes,
nd daughter, Martha, attended the
Mo Pinza concert at Memorial
kuditorium, Raleigh, Monday even
e e e e
C. E. Modlin visited his wife, Mis.
L E. Modlin, who is a patient at a
?etereburg, Vs., hospital, Wednes
ay. He reports that she is improv
W- ? ," ;
e ? ? e
Mrs. John T. Thome, Mrs. M. V.
ones, Mrs. W. M. Willis, Mrs. A.
V. Bobbitt tad Mrs. H. N. Howard
rare Goldsboro and Kinstoa visitors,
e e ? e
J. A. Gregory returned Tuesday
rem a visit to his daughter, Mrs.
Com Webber, who has been receiv
og treatment in a Richmond, Va,
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Cayton and
Ir. and Mrs. Mac Abrams will via
Walter G. Gay, Jr., who is a patient
t the Veterans' hospital, Fayette
cakes mmI coffee
Kie i
were passed daring the social period.
Coca colas were served daring play,
gnest was given an Easter
Mis* Mariah Thompson had aa
ar dinner guests, Thursday evening,
It. and Mm W. M. Maiming and
t, R. Parsons, of Battajr.
a ? a a
Commander and Mrs. R. H. Maury,
of Annapolis, M<L, will spend the
: and with the'latter's sister, Mrs.
H. H. Bradharr, and Mr. Bradfaam.
a- a a_a
Walter G. Gay, Jr., patient at the
Veterans' hospital, Fayetteville, is
quite seriously 11L Mr. and Mrs. Mac
Abimma and Mr. and Mrs. Archie
Cayton visited him last Thursday,
a a a a
Miss Dot?Jones and Douglas Jones,
s&dents at E. CL T. C., Greenville,
spent the week and with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Jones.
Miss Wilms Stancill and Miss
Johnsi Moore, students at W. C. U.
N. C., Greensboro, are spending the
spring holidays at their homes hen.
? a a a
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Bouse, Jr., and
son, "Robin", of Chapel Hill, and
Harold Rouse, student at O, R. M. I,
Oak RMge, will spend the week end
with Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Rouse, Sr.
a a a a
Mrs. Ella Middleton has returned
from Capon Bridge, W. Vs., where
she visited her sister, Mrs. W. C.
Muse, and ia now visiting her pa*
rents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Hob
a a a a "
Miss Aim Turnage, student at
Flora MacDonald College, will ar
rive today to sperlci the spring -holf
da^s here. She will hi ve as her guest,
Miss Jo Pierce, of Texas, a class
a a ? a
Friends will regret to learn of
the death of Mrs. Caudle, mother of
Mrs. Bert Taylor, of Ayden, in Duke
hospital, Wednesday. Funeral ser
vices will be conducted this after
noon with burial in Asheboro.
CL A. Tyson and Jake Joyner were
Greensboro visitors, Wednesday. They
were accompanied home by Miss
Margaret Tyson, student at W. C.
U. N. C., who will spend the spring
holidays at her home here. -?
a a ? a
? Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Royster left
Thursday morning for a visit to Dur
ham. From Durham they will go
to New York City, Aabury Park, N.
J, and Hartford, Conn. They will
be gone about two weeks. ,
a a a a
Mrs. Madeline Rountree left last
Sunday for her home in St Peters
burg, 71a., after a visit with her
mother, Mrs. Dora H. Keel. She was
accompanied by Mrs. G. Alex Rouse,
who is spending several days with
Roland Bailey, of Bassett, Va?
student at Man Hill College, a
tin week end guest of Miss Janie
Kemp. He, Mies* Kemp and Miss
Edna Earie Hollo man, of. Wglston
burg. returned to Man Hill, Mon
day. -
* ? ? ?
Miss Mary Ellen Yelverton, of Nor
folk, Va., will arrive Friday to
spend the week end with Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Lewis and family. She
will leave Sunday for a visit to Mr.
and Mrs. L. 0. Crawford, in Hot
Springs, Ark.
? *?ee
Dr. and Mrs. G. Aahby Winstead
arrived Saturday from Atlanta, Ga.,
to reside in the home of Dr. Win
stead's mother, Mr). J. W. Holmes
d Mr. Holmes. Dr. Winstead will
be associated with Dr. R. T. Williams
at the Williams-Winstead clinic,
e e e e
Mr. and Mn. Jaaper S. Jones are
visiting their daughter, Mn. Billie
Ogleeby, and Mr. Oglesby, in Au
burn, Ala. Mr. and Mrs. Jones will
attend the wedding of their son,
James, to Miss Hazel Ruth Blakley,
in Meridian, Miss., before returning
? ? ? ?
Rev. Z. B. T. Cos
nailing of the
oi uuiiiitn ?Mircnee m rantego,
Wednesday, and had a part on the
program. The mala speaker for the
meet was Dr. Hsssel T. Bo wen,
Ksmra. - coltegs of
*r- immm
e e e en I
votionrJ. After dismissal by the bene
diction, the hostess served nut sun
daes to the nine present.
Mrs. Ted Albrittan presided in
the absence of Mrs. E. L. Russell at
the meeting of Group Four, held in
> home of Mm. R. V. Kser. Mrs.
Howard Moye had the devotional
and Mrs. Albritton led the Hidden
Answers. Individual |emon pies,
was straws, Easter eandies and
coffee were served to 17 members.
The last in a series of ? Lenten
Study Classes was held Monday
afternoon in the home of Mm. J. H.
Darden, Sr., with Mm. R. 8. Scott
presiding in the absence of the
president, Miss Helen Smith. The de
votional, given by Mrs. Scott, was
taken from a book, "Forward Day
by Day."
Mm. Darden concluded, the study of
the book, "Doctrine of the Holy," by
discussing things to do in the
The leader adjourned the meeting
with prayer. ?
Honoring Miss Frances Bivins
Smith,, April bride-elect, Miss Mary
Thome Tyson was a charming hos
tess for three tables of bridge, Sa
turday afternoon, in her home which
was lovely with arrangements of
jonquils and other spring flowers.
Upon arrival the honoree was pre
sented a corsage of red roses.
Chocolate tarts and coffee were
served prior to play. Each plate
bore a pansy. During the games
coca colas and nuts were enjoyed.
A pink bowl was given to Mrs.
Allen Darden, high scorer, and the
low prize, a nest of ash trays, went
to Miss Dorothy Smith.
The hostess remembered Miss
Smith with china in her pattern and
a handmade linen tea towel.
Guests included the honoree. Miss
Dorothy Smith, of Wilson, Mrs. Dar
den, Mrs. Allen M. Harris, Miss
Mary Ann Townsend, Miss Anne
Jones, Mrs. Joseph D. Joyner, Mrs.
Allen Drake, Mrs. Alfred H. Lewis,
Mrs. Robert P. Wheless, Mrs. Emer
son Smith and Mis. Carol Modlin.
Mrs. Marvin Junes was a gracious
hostess to the Merry Matrons and
special guests, Mrs. R. O. Lang, Sr.,
Mrs. Cherry Easley and Miss Rose-,
mary Holmes, Tuesday afternoon,
March 26.
After the business session, which
was presided over by Mrs. J. M. Hob'
good, in the absence of MrS. G. M.
Holden, president, Mrs. Cherry Eas
ley was presented by the program
leader, Mrs. R. A. Fields. Mrs. Eas
ley gave a review of the life of
Carrie Jacobs Bond, noted composer,
who died recently. At the close of
the talk, Miss Rosemary Holmes
sang two of Mrs. Bond's songs, "A
Perfect Day," and "Just A-wearying
for You." Miss Holmes also delighted
the group by singing "Sunset" by
Dudley Buck.
A chicken salad plate followed by
individual coconut cakes and black
eeffee was served in the social hour.
The Jones home was attractively
decorated with spring flowers.
Miss Betsy Morriss entertained
the cast of the senior play and the
members of the first "string" of the
basketball team, Friday evening.
Spring flowers were used in pleasing
arrangements. ? -f i
Poach, ice cream and cake, and
note were enjoyed.
Dancing .was the chief entertain
Half the troth is often more dan
Billy Nichols, "What j
ffis Stomach;" James Brown, "fa a
Pioneer's CaHn;" Buck Joyner, "An
imal Fuss." ?'
Sam Nanney, tkint grader,
"Open the Door, Richard," and "S
George W. Davis presided. The
report of the nominating committee
waa given by lira. Irvin Morgan, Jr.,
the-chairman, as follows: president,
Mrs. Harry Harper; vice president,
Mrs. R. if; Williams; secretary, Mrs.
Will Moore, Jr. Mrs. L. P. Thomas
made the treasurer's report. "..' I
Psalm 19 was read by Mrs. E. S.
Coates, who concluded the devotion
al exercises with a prayer.
Miss Mariah Thompson's third
grade won the room roll call which
was conducted by Misses Anne L.
Jones and Marjorie Freeman.
The Dance Club met Saturday eve
ning at the Country Club with Mr.
and Mrs. Roland Sauls, Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Carraway ahd Charlie Rasberry
as hosts.
The mafttles of the club were made
attractive by the use of large pink
bunnies with yellow Batia neck bows,
tapers in pastel shades and large
colored egg cutouts, used in nests of
golden excelsior. The walls of the
club also were decorated with the
bunny and egg cutouts.
The individual tables were covered
uk -W
g3su jrr;|r
pleasures of the evening wen: Ides
Margaret Fountain, of Bocky Mount,
Mr. and Mn. Frank T. Clifton, of
Kins ton, and Dawson Jefferson, of
Mrs. J. W. Parker graciously
tertained the Literary (3ub on We*
nesday afternoon at he* home i
Church street Arrangements of
spring flowers wore used hi artistic
After a brief business period the
meeting was turned werto Mrs. J. I.
Morgan, program chairman for the
afternoon.' Mrs. Morgan gave a most
interesting and enlightening talk on
Russia, its gaogniphicaf ^petting in
the universe, its populace, R? present
rebuilding program, its jpotttical atti
tudes under Communist regime, and
briefly remarked on the events lead
ing to the Russian Revolution and the
rise of the Communist Party.
Following adjournment the hostess,
assisted by Mrs. J. H. Darden, Mrs.
W. M. Willi, and Mrs. J. L Morgan,
served frozen salad, ritz and coffee.
Nuts and picklee were passed. Miss
Frances Bivens Smith, bride-elect,
was a special guest and was present
ed with silver in her chosen pattern
by the
IPs never too late, if you are alive,
bo be careful on the highways. |
Mr. and Mm. Clyde S.
Cleveland, announce the
eon, Clyde, Jr., Monday,
In a Salisbury hospital,
is the former Mis Evelyn
of Farmvirie. Maternal
are Mr. and Mm.
1 '
Mr. and Mrs. William Graham Me
Adams, of Washington, D. C., an
nounce the birth at a son, William
Graham, Jr., Monday, March SI, at
the Williams-Wlnstead clinic. . Mm.
MeAdams is the former Miss Helen
Easen, of Farmville. Jwi
Mr. and Mm J. C. Brown, of
Home Cave, Ky.. announce the en
gagement of their daughter, Ruth
Claypool, to Mr. Jarhes Matthew
Gibbs, at Farmville. The wedding
will take: place May 4, at the Home
Cave Baptist Church.
We wish to express our deepest
appreciation for the many kindness
es and expressions of sympathy
shown as during the sadden death
of our mother.
The family of Mrs. Giles Komegaj.
Sailor: "Drinking makes you look
beautiful." - &
She: "But I haven't been drink
Sailor: "I have."
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s: .,L.,w 4
s, ? . :. , - -*?v"'

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