North Carolina Newspapers

    frV "will be just that way attain Ti m' LA.-- ' .' - H r 1 .
I uaru runs. " .t " . auwukui) tJcuoir LOUn-
. By-stamler -What are ou going ta' ' tf) Items.
I doA. $xt Sutton and Grady V i ' J ' 4 w -1- ':-:.
itwi , m for'rkee'inS Suttoo. lie U .AHKMiovivallj'asjubt dosed t f
is the !
NfcV i:n;n. x. cf
5 . i
Kinston item
Meal, 41.10 ' 4--Wheat,
$1. CO - J'-""
- : N. C Hams, 20c. per In.
Sides, ISc " "
; Shordders lGc ' ' - -: -.v.
Bewwax, 22 " - - ' v - r
: Hides, dry, ,-perlb.'
. Chk-keua. u to .juo jht pai.' r -
Lgvcs, 10c perloztfn--. - 'i
V. Market wari o and Ail thim high
nuow. l ummings-'id.ow chows"
Ta-iemjiu n i . t .v uJ goiulemui' nt
, i;u --....- . -. . '.ij : .. .
- Dr. Seawell, who v, si.ot by Mr. TJz
-zell, is improving .t.i ..... .. he will re
cover. .,- ;..
liiohard M.-ALUtoi
bhip tiis he Jiad la-1 i, i.
Neck .town-ciw-uf
Ilfio y n ;i i i i.- h..m' tik.xii tl.J
train this :.i ! ...r t.Wo- t l e k
-..u here he j.r.-- .-t .ih uiid CUi in
stant. ; - " : " '
Two c iJo.vvnf Ltvnaingan
s'-kki jewisi, amiw,;y, a desire- to ii . i iii.tti-iiuoijt . . . -r. -
;, - Ti'' J " .u. "of the Lousia
r nut 1 . . ; . 1 1 . . ... . i' i it L. ...
..5wUiUUiii propose to
uie rriiicipal of Kinston Colleeiate
....iuv, u. jvuitrj , naa already se-
"u,i imiii iviusiuii -.iuoimv lor Miss
I; wis Gt;nl v, in a
nouii.c l hi. If an ind
i , . . Kill I.Il't l 111 I lit i, i :
C "inuii, -lUbl
anaiaatev. lor county treas-
ta as nmciL in uiipronjj the land ah
imhji crops. Jier$ ar niw
, i7i;"" r.Y." "V"1-10 an w
'iii i - t-siaaff to the acre.
1 i land, i the hands of Dr. Jiahan
ran oourpletdy douahd -as tmnct
. niwr 4u. uuaer the nianaire
I Hient of t!ieiresent mvmr
. a t l . . --S" vi icon wuiil
out Delds tow;, rein m iiti. , ...
1.1 J. .r"-" HI
i orn and - this
vvithout fertiliwr,.exeept such as. the
of old, has fired this clay Tirith life. -:
George Wilson, a graduate of dis
tinction of Chanel riiiii-J ?Ldls
r XT TT T- , -' cwiu . a Mill OI
ler.. W II, D. j-AVilcn r i .
ongn, N. C' will toi.n i...-.
Mathematics and Junior English. Mrs,
re. II,. Jjewis will Kr. r .. - "
inil,it( . one was ; jn- ine
,.?r.'tT,LuPer.,ntendt of the Fe-
T.- ,,"ld Uireotor oC Prj-
.,L ;,luu"'s-; : -Bira.' Israel ; Harding
position she had in tl
New; Berne
fioin Swan Quarter on Saturday morn-
liltr with n;ira. v. r
MT. J.. M. Hall of Middlpfmi TTirri A. Mefwrofa - , i a - ; n -
county, h. his schooner, the -Mawhr, T nleh3d. Cl h in
U.. !:'l:. . r---.
Mum posiuou Site had in tcJii T r "o. wuh in the
I ollegiate Institute, Teacher of Sm5 f3;-5"8 lh.eV.a ha S too
Miss Horeni'P llinnfA ?1Ul'0 ram m hi. sect on fnr v.nih,,,.
mcdurteEngifch.- iL. Il.ivis eo
w T w ?,f8uJ-V the Institute
' -M - . .iai L'M cwfixrn
arranged ? with, references to
on the ways in this city 4"ceavpairs.
r . , " . if . .. . uuiu
county, wi tn beef cattle, and cab
"i1i e: consigned to .l.- A :-Afonri....,
oats to Mitchell d Son, Wilmington. '
; Cenjamin Brown of Tuckahoe, Jones
wuui uruugut m lour bale8 of cotton
i iiuayv it classed .middling and
j.u iit ii34cenis per pound, Dail Bros,
being the purchasers.
0Tn,F JarTi? will speak in Stanly
Mall m. this citv nmt .Mnmio,, i,.v:
TJie Governor is hard to lat -'
stump,": and we Hunnose the
louse walls won't hurt him much.
iJJ'lif F:.Paul merchant near Grants
bojp- lmhco county, who vas in tht
1 1., JI..V. -----, -.. v vm.l lt
1 amageu.::!Jorii and rice
o:..:-- i'-
, iuaiier on baturuayt mornine
l-tt'tr I Alu .it.J ... . ". &
' iCT, 1 l: ,rn conjgiuKl to ISurruH
t. Z , ii ofii ysocKing. on
'.uJMy Mxwmag ot loin
Your JVamoiii lPriHt. '.2. ;
- Messi-s. Jno. Phillip, and B. W
,auaav.or Kinatow penfc 'Tuesday in
i"r iV'i i i"BJ.iown. train at -night
for Morehoad- cif v-; - . , .
hp !fn B?ttIe-Kiu8ey, KjBoljjbse and
- .cMun in uie cnyi
three enemeR oii Mn,i.,
.u u.f auise stables of W. II. Wei
last Suiiday, on a hearing before Justic
elJs, wa.s dis-liarged for the want
, ew'S wraay, the indcjieiHlent candi
date fur Treasurer, has received a- iux
v.. i.uiruiniis ui -war JlVllU J. U.
oulcou s armory and is now ready to
T l T r . -- ' - '
ou. n jiarris, charged with the burn-
'"n oi u.e liuisesitabies of W. II. West
uipiicaiinsr tesuiuoiiir.. - .
The heavy rains recently in tlie Neck
Township have. -converted "the steam
sivi- n. 'l r.r i-i.n i.r- - .
----- ...... .... uUl... .inggms.into a.
Vr miii . standing
anchored with large hauser. -
- Jo milly-nc.rRie'best'autiiority-"
63 s siit-i,.; Ii.ins decides that an out
sider !.,, tL - ri t of tiahiiis; in the
?trea: s' 1 i J, even toU.eex-
len, ... -ndcr the mill houee.-if !
t i . liuusr. ; - -
c.t , J-'V1? at falling Creek; last
I, , , " - - .uiciCHLK ' ,LU
leui in ana comfort ; is. raoid 1 xr
ug eompIetioji:-v ikj nn' ,'t. .:. ,i
lens. ...Tlie apartments for i..hf...H..,
are arl in if. 1 .1 V " . " . . r
rr that jmrjx..- ThsiM - will
fvicT-t.iijS apartments in i.l. K,.;r.
town and its vicinil Vi, n,0 iu ..V.ri."
tees slwws many of the best citizens anu
Tnu',11"" anl joining conn,
i'T Jma" rtl aPPO-ntment3, thw Cli
-... ?Ltu, in arpiomatic parlance
on an etrual footingith the. ini.inoT
: . l nt f li. r . - '..
rculAr, has an- hr i tt 'tl rmtiam. Send to
pendent liber.ti)
- vuaigcs (uiu.otiier
lars. 4-. t.-:.:
eMiuu t:ib cay. .,
I" W;l; Bilhince of TTt-,1
".,IA.-,- and Will open
k ?r S's t the beginning of Uie
I alt trade. , .. .
i i-ii.. . . . - .... - -. . UV.B
s'1" ou Monday last
mtviN. J. House nf TM nfan,';,
c t rr r. yt -uc
j i i puurcs l ar. t h p ar h lAid 4- t
place ODenwl-wifi, .t H
V7- CarLer and family of Hyde
nam iur ASJieviIle
iunuav iiioruin
iehls-' fa rut
La- Grange' Items.
Akrons are receiving rnfn itr ..i.
and. inoEt frr1""1
,.t - . ni' .
Uavis'HlHl Schonl Ran.)'!...!
citizens of the town last veek." -
-ifle wo schotils in this : place onenel
yesterday wiUi flattering pospec
ii t i ft I is nmniravn. 1 1 mi -.
finir . , ..-,",v.v..-; ,,.ilnei
uu ana taten outlast week,
r Ninse iyer Js -liieh nr.,r cni ..-.-
Already I heafcof low liwl i .,...!?"
. . - , - , nidi ii-
tion being av fiowvai "
The people of hi YannkiLi fS'S " :
hmity, toeP atr heelle
Governor, last w.wiv r. .:., .t.ri7! -i"1?''
from Sevn r " anu
rrepai lns ror the Army Worm.
Ttr t :-.ti.
. . . ""J" tilt?
f lfn lion
wer and the rad gwth of cotton
He i- - fe'HV B'sn ior army worm.
le J3 wenaniitrVo-
ferrderhundreil ponmU6f
Pans grwiir 1 .. . , - 1
Death of i Former Cljlzen
Air. 13. II. iien,i,irKr,n r.w.:,.,,,j
s""u irom ; inomastille on Tuesdav-i vvi .T
unnouncing ,Teath of Mn-W?'
7 years merc ;0.M
Ml-. .1. R. Wnl'jTf .D" .
7via? hvay to Hyde county, vki
.Air. .T.-ic n
Banks ' of .Tmu
.. ... .xi ,o L ny ivednesdar;
Jus cotton crop with favora
New, Berne Advertisei4ent3.
-e, OUt lie am t trrvf ni I tiniM n tt,.. .".
him ve -tu " " v . "' luit on ;::-- "T a".nS em
enoub " " e louP 1 ' doer iatnauiill. ... -
There""is wa1Vl" it, . building of ...public-, Mboal
Grady in Lenoir. .
i ,'t,cp '"' K- . Met otter
iUESSKS. Jil-ITORi: Plen
w bay turough your paper
Clats of. Paiiilfrin r-rn,,,- a
"""e.iiennerwm i accent if ,.frw..i
tne nomination for the HoSse of Renr..
! ho,Us wjw Iey Stroud ou the 27th
: uit.. he beinif tltn Iowmi K;.r,i .
.mi.nir.j ue-euioer utln : ; ' :
Keep 04 hand a fuU line of
,e allow 1 iT.."L,u i, ,K, iun a.u Vernon orga
near .J.i..l u..'
in Trent t , nshi,i." J 1 .7 .V " .
ol Democrats.. in- convention assembled i, StWf !!," 1 '-marriage on the 2nd
at -iMiy uoro. recommended"' nu .. l-n i m',tv jr V. W. Deiintr tut- tl
nomination of Senator. I made au .U-i v hle'a mother. MnrI
uressatthe time, and Nancy , pmt Hni tn-,i.;., -
sawt Judge lAistwf rinfct !.,. . J-ouveuia If. i h .vifhr r.i... Itt.
ffven i. ty dollars for U. T Im Sen ttori U di01 stTi . v'ni.'btaged
convention nominated' J. T . KeS7, , S Her funei.d prwcheT Aui.
and he was uA i .7 Jhtt-1 ifWa i.r Pi., , f.iiZ?Jrea :AU.'
all in his no.n- ,i : .. i t.w 9,i. .l,.., ... 7ru
- L .Till II - 1' " m. V VUJ U ' .Cill.ll
BUooa Dry
Or pokery
likely be the ; verss.
and - SCtlt
f. i ' " I f ' "
-"M.runiM n. iirnili..oi. Hm. - H
- . -, d vr
Epublicmi.. 1 1 roiMii, A v,.t township are iookin
2iJ -for the wire- ' '0'! 0011 " yery go6d, Joru is af.
mu as .llsu.i.
spirits - have li.
now torn
will yield 5ni. i.i.. . ht as.ns
v,!1:I;"m, --: nncn as last
5W " ' r1 two or three veeks la-j
Mt, Jas; ILanks, an excellent farm-
SS- "is eotton
ciop is fully as good as last year - but
two or three weeks later. 3 '
w Sm,nons of Hyde now- stopping
ctJSit thay PJ
fi ll 1 loi .1 T TtiT ' r
nit in thiscitv" -T;j:i;r: annand K Robinson: M,i t '
Tuesday. S. Mann Jr. and &Tdam::
mornmg and took the train a?5
for Morehead City. . ."''
Lewi King of, Jones county as
there nte'fceentoa-ilijJrsT-:
neighborhoods for crons wKnS sideration.
have not had too m,i, T.C'fS"
V Joseph Miller, S.,1I. FoWler.iimi "Vr
rS:!. te. were in the
4eft on th-7V,-?i ? ijvwn,
visit 'tn ttX' r' uu onaay for
rarmers are in fin.
siied their cropa aud i
mating u api leotder. ; . .
Poik ville lteini.
J?doni In Machinery.
t.;ir. . T T.' ri ... - .j
. aix. u.. li.ivnir.rir hoo rtl .1 - -
tast ten davs omr so inn n. ,
ehieryrctton:S etea
110011..11 . T .. ... c.
.ri" Y. Xarver m condenser
IIU - flIIirCa ft Ol-knnll 1 .
PriMf.-!.iTrAr pi" , uoasi or.
" " " oegmmng to tell
Grceaiiaeken, ; ...... J '
1c. irtr - , -r. : r-.V" -
. ua n iiif-tuiiiHf-i;
We;on Monday., It'f-Whif
ciauc party, ajd will
stanaard-bearerm the
was too much of H .,iiV.
or uie oartv. wJi . it...,.i 7.i.. .
wanted to climb into oflice.- T
At the COlWHlitinu . at -. :.. 1.
June ultimo the DemmrrW r..,.. .? :J
iico placed nij-naine mnomi,,v. r'.
Senate, Pamlico being entitled to
nomination-. 'A-week -imf,. r i. .
i-oFi.t. .... . 7 "v,"c 1 au
T denomination, hav
ing written a letter -to a dele-ate Per
emptorily deeiinin-. f H Pf.
Fnn... ...lit i . " I I I . I ! L . ..
w.M,e. Ueltats- iromtiifci county ! hut V": lftwrmanee yesterday'
it - a wious ior me. . , ( i iut)j -jou
Be'this as it may, another gentleman tm A P1--
;J"?iJloniluatlo. J wish,, to tate A.S . will .open near here oiii
wmhlT' I,' DO c"-cutances '. i !" pf September. Mr. r
would I-accent the nnmmaMW 4i... W. 11. Khodett is .i ...i wr .
, ---......vjuuiuj tue I..... i .. . 1 iie ; lias Lf.
e.iigu!. ami lias:
Gaston Mouse
Few Berne idv
GEO. ALLEi; t'
- " 4 '
,i ; Ncwiii:itNi:,
- 1
ju.i.v U.1H1 WUnO ftf; thi ftiSAv-r
lard.v hiitiiB0t i.Ai..!.- i
, toe: appie- w . a
iv iwieau oz. us namesake.' t
i .r- :-. i'.. ". - - :- -.- - ' -
The masrLsf.rattvi fin,)An.t i:? . "i :"'
lhe it member of the panel.
llliam Askew; howeviai-
""" UI'a s;1-vs a m;lJonty of tlie ran
el assigns him that character. : : :
Col. AVl,it field introduced Gov. Jarris
v 77 V ,l,' lI1g8 as an "honest of-
.ic nuiuer. ooi. Moses says that was
UV.UUUU: speecn and he wishes it was
true as bountiful. That Col. Whitfield
has no second to that motion.
Tlie down train on the Atlantic Road
last Sunday evening ran over three val
uable mules of John B. Hill, of Falling
Creek, killing one outright and man-"
ling one so badly that it will have to be
tilled and seriously damaging theother.
Too many black snakes hate been
killed ; nd hunsr nn for rain in iio x? . i
(. 11V -M i, fv
I'.aa Mewborne .says; he
n luy it was going to be
1 ' "led end liHng-Up a
- --'oughtjonthe.hear-
" i..-..od by , Dr It. H,
H'al of Kinston College.,.
Jliis 'institution-0?
:i on the first Monday in
wi:h a full cormnf nhia
e 1 teachers. -Dr.;.LeWiSj
V ill Sustain the umn i-n.
he did to
lown .ip. J
thought last M,
a dry tine, so 1
black cnake wj.
iest rain s-.'uc-- i
From a r ' '
Lewis, the r.:
it wilt be . ' ..t-r
learning w
and expei
the Princi
ito Jliunmi UZZell M7hiU.'TT.II7 K8 II) nnpnl,n; il: : 1 . " 1 '
v4.w.iiia fteuiment. mot
. ere tsuiurday to make arrangements
for the reiiou-atXToldsbom,17Uv instf
. laj-ior, the JoujtNAi. man'
own last week, his head se
at n n a 1 j . . -
; C A v ; , y uay.
1,. .... "r.""1 ma". was
o':"d "w,f. "is nead Rettinir
Seven , Springwar-d.- Hope he had I
Ikiftnanri! n .1 4? . i , . . . - ". "l c
' u Lit wiutuie
trip. I didn't
in,?m, - . "eii an
Treasnrr- 4i KTirVtr.: lul 5-onntj
,iAH ; t1 7T. r uemocratie sun-
Iiorti so I hear , A 11 r-ii .i : -r 1 J
OMta'l TO:il . axiitouio.
wisely. . . .
Ileal -estate
. . T . .
luaiise nanus.
ue' ntice and act
i i o v-:ext
in . town con tinues to
. F! nr -.1
solo tlieir mnioi- ctn. . 4.-' .
nfl A T irlrV. ' PBt OCCU,
nf tl.' Ii.IVk tV.H ? emng m;. rear
iTv 7 i 01.- -nusmesa. fe James TT
-- We learn tli'af xri. .
nf f,. 4,, rrv- rl"V'1"ils iasiiins
.,,ll-y uieu at ins Home on ves
terd.w nr. almi.i a ii 1. - v" Jva
Hi-X ciociv m ine morning.
His death was sudden; he-Jiaving- been
d rtiT""?c,:Ui vlllzen his sud-
tWu!"Irit U8e "-ow to many
Hye Conntj- IWnsici
vnrtmr8f c Fairfield Sil-
VT- , : nave neen in the citv
thlS Wefit.t AniAnn, .l , . .l
nleflra, 4r" : naas the
f "iwuii!; JUT.. ? I. IT
tenor tj - w o "'-WHHM,
Ai";' ana K.' Sad-H
Mr -T wt.K r. ' under,tne tutorship of
Mr' A- V eih-thev are bervii .-4.
proficient, i
! they are ' beenmimr .-.n-
TK.. l. . "j-, nunc
c uums u rummer .- Afr
ago, nas been annulled. - T r ? Il6m-M
WiW-DunnrnnpViffi.; llA. . i- Ex-herilT 'Worlev-nf Uillll T
lauon to tins College whfioh
the Collegiate Insti tnfe:
Swift Galloway said, in i'-rhr.C'-SU'
springs speech, that Gov. Jarvis'admin-4
1 1 I". 1 j snown m history as
the golden age of North Carolina."
hapa this is true, as to the speaker;
for the old "bull of , the woods" has
four years and may think the padres
for others as for
have been as golden
himself...- .. . . . .
.i;tU1'SIarj'4Was attnpted Thursday
? tlie -store of our worthy M :wnr
cup, and bei
breafciug cf t'
the bund
the break,,
Every ('. .
very disim
lows ciaiii t
accepting ki
they can :
do not ollc .
but prate at
.-t-niy KslK-,D.'- E. Curtis
was emoYuiij- 1 1 o-im-;. . iu
. - -' ' " -' V ' 1 . Lllfr-
g near by, ' hear.
e window trlass and
r on. liie onlv da
0 1. . " t'. vyi HUIUUW
,th mivi,, LS useful in
tiuns. ' . : . .;
' brings forth a' cron of
rest, ,! patriots: These.el-
I 'port their party by
al of Hce whit-iy -is .all
v!o. Such characters
-Tits, of their ovn
iwui 1 ... i'uriii nr 'lio.T
nf . . . Faints
Tk "luems which might aid
acS the people watch snj,
George Jenkins
DunnTone of the nVnn-T? ' 1 1 -effiWorley; of 4iJonfin,i't
luruioraertfle JMwards'& Mi rJ wiuiam-an order re-
r ll ' stance) ,wheref5ie 3i,lt 9 missioned
"or not wnat was said. : tafr i j ui iey . s iana which they
uieevening John j;&kfcl)1&
merly jr. Democratic , can,i t; iV.fT111! 18 t second inmnction Mr: wi.
Ifeunlou of tJ(J 27 th BcKtment.
There will lie 'fteiiTiinTi f tl., .
TTv,i .""tana . that
ffirls as well'n- P'Y
r. w . tTp ; , attractions,
air. w. A. 1. Branch, ji nmmmw
er ana one of the Ommw
K1 if Dan. f 4. "J --'. 1I1U11-
Mr. Jacob F. " Pa
Morehead on . M.TA w ,r?m
health greatlv imr'tT8
Ktood that?ie is under advice "i
which accounts for his
dJ physician,
entitled as T -?1c ,.n.i.. ..n
,1 , . . ..... - 14114 Bt (111
worthy Jionsidferatlphs to. the Senatorial
nominabon. rvfe never sought Zt
office m my lffe;'a& all well know; and
assuredly I am not so desirous of official
position that; failing to gette through
Zf k sc,Jeming, I would accept ii
thev. . J consider rtittv ,4v UtuJ ..r
On. I Kit.') 1 1 nwarcuuilr .. 4JH
but when my fellow cltiiiens bestnw u
upon me-bnsought. atd l'cah; conve
nientlydischarere its diitiM t win
I have held various offices under the
Democratic patty in' Pamlico county,
for which I return my sincere acknowl
edgements. -Men Who have opposed me
are nowAalUeS 6f ? tli?RbIicanl?l
am a Uemocrat. and unlioM tli
f, . V r Ui yeinocracyout l reserve
tlie right to criticise its policy and point
- - . 1 1 v. 1 ... 1 1 1 t - 111 '.11 inn ii if it ... ,
- ..v. 111 in iLi ilLl V 1
reform. The whole nolicv nf
ocracy must be adinstoii tn iha
4. , - j . . 14 1. 11 1(4 11 LI ri
of Uie masses of poor white voters, and
then elm ...;ii i. . ; 1 '
.(. mil uc iiiv incioie.-
t. ,. . D; McCotter
Pamlico, Aug. 5, 1SS2.
The ein u 'i
was a hunti. u.-.
14 1
iian a Mit-i-L
i.1 not show; suppose j
can fight
. " 4..- - .
A'prl. I yilw
: X- -. -1. -
L B. Bindley;
A Laree Etork tt
Brown, Georgia and lUt,
;'ricorroiT.Gi:rsf :
pPPlpro anil
V. A 11 1.) ' (Llll I il I (JM P
s. ja-euared h.r
Sophomore Classes
Pink Hill (Lenoir Co.) Items
THo -Ti.otti k.4- it 3 Ji ':
elect County Cpinmissfl3!
buiuK two years and to levy -tlie t rn,
the year 1882. On, roll caifTL for
??Zdto .eir names, there i;ii0,U;
Unrty-one m the county. y
The Chairman of the'Coiitit nA,. .i.
smners read a; Report- enibracnui the
VHSirtl OTlif thnJ . 1 ? 1 . -----
j - imiu uie - Hxninir Drum - 1 1 .
then management. We wiii M.i -4, '
.iuuin-aa ;rmgteader of fitii
wiih v"ted'ia3 bwS
w un result is to yours, not. t
5 ua,was in appearanee i day of
msidemhlA ntut . .
-" luiierestm-i JS.insto '4Tt
was the time 4W lArr"''-?1!
CommissioneTo"0 f
f Public imita'OTWW.
Stanton. Gfllmm- ;'ilir.' Vntfr
didates'for tVrt6??-
cJtyi8s busy as bees, Anthony S
i fei timeIwel
Miriftg events ahead no doubt
-. wo. 01 tne committee
Hig- memberf the'STffiit
.4i.TT.r , - : ueen secured
.to he.
.esire tn nttiit.,1 ,.,i.5i.
o-iiro -1a . owviiwe
o v viu vr . -
:54?'" rurn 83,so
TTl-nctrtT. .:- . "(( 2.00
--....,,,4 t 1 nn
a Orange " 1-J!j
recommend a loctinn 1 , w
across Neuse River '1
A I nenta of the
ined two
n.n-ti-1 11 1 i
nf tl. .1 " -44j .-VAdlir-
. .. 4.4., . UlIHMi-iaiiRKiatnJ''
anaastweek' JouiAL-there was a
niunication urging that the pTent
n0nt0 e .7." .4.4 "V"' give Uie oniMW
. county government' svs-4
t . I
that the same hrV
about :mgrm
Board: he hllZuTiY. ol
be endnr- ""J 1 actioiwen
.n"!:: ""uces. -tag mo
r. that a
.vii4C;4, UC,ij,ypri py a fg.plppi;
On a ba lot being ordered,, the otdlZgrt
were elected " by the; following vote
T. H. Mallison, 2
J. W. Biddle, - ' -
S. W. Latham, - z
- in xitBUiji,..- - . - . nrr
ffteptl,l-..L-.'.. i-' W
..v.. i;ici;liuii nr i in. i -.. ... .-....
ers the County Board nrttZZT?Jr.
ceeded to the efect.inn " ""
perintendentof P.,1,1;,. t J:ls"y u."
, - --. 4u.-i,i utt ui auu
the present ncnmWt ivr .
w - - - - . 1 1. , .i i . tionn rs
Long, was nnanimni10)i- i4..i '
ri; . J ."'letieu.
men, on motion, it was resolved that
jC.fieCted,ln ?88, vvhich was
uatibn Jmndred dollars
v we continue to eet rrooiT eh f ttr oie
since jny last we have had two-"gullev
, : wiwiii win Degm to
Shed now '? is tlie enr nf 4i.r4.- 1...4.
WCkou it is to keen lin t.h nl.Twi!r.
grumbling, though I have seen signs of i
uiuS uu iigm, ianas. ...
B.'G. Howard has some as nice cotton
nave seen tms year. The weed is
auu rraiting beautifully. His
viuiuvruuissDienaifl. He lrilWl o j
the other day and the report says he
..uWcCt, Up wiLu a iew aays. ButI
reekon'he has got .yer the shock, as I
beard him blow his horn this morning.
P. S. Ervin and Ed., Williams are to
represent Pink Hill on the excursion to
Morehead the 8th'of August. We would
nesurprised if some tyoung, ladies
Heard of the hica -iwm1 or,
. . wuu 4 1V5C (1H
.peaveraam, as they are both
an4would be triad nf.
as well as an , help-meet. They both
have race crops; ; ' S C i
We were Dleased tn li44 4.,.. i
.. . 4... oa ui uuuiow a lew nifrht.u
f 141-41 nn .4 4 .. 1 , - , C5
ii 4.' i V 10 -mston. we knew
uia. iriena rail was a mno-lo mon .i
nnt r,ul.; t ' . .
77" w inane ourselves mouis-
I T I I'd 111ft -.7 . . ,1 .. .1 .. . 4 - - -
1 juov v-l'lllI LH1 1-( 1 I 1 1 Ml 114. ll'llii 1,1 I ., ...ill- 4L - Tl . -"14414,
"u iM4Jie register of Deeds in
onui t ume. tie informs, i.a ti.
crops were looking well in Onslow.
Anthony Davis, Esq.. has ah,t
acres of the finest upland corn I ever
saw. He believes in shnlinr ..i,,..:
altogether. He has been
or the last few years in shallow nln--
II cr ivifli ,.4-.l 1 1 r
"j-i " jy r i t'sii ilk.
.iact,on. llieschobl Avill be known as
the Jdne Cuaiy -Male , and Fein ile
Academy and, il U openn the Aca
demy building near Jsvuut e
building ,s i.bout fourteen, miles from
w Jferaerandxine mllelfrom Pblloki
J "H414CI1K) Will DO
ior tne leshmau
in IllirhnF r. -l n .
ulU!o'es. examination and
;.if". -wfw .w with, the
yi scnoiarsnip and denort
ment and a'repiri of the puS: sffi.
lorwarjed to their parenU or
guardian...Good .board Im& oZ
toud ithiiviii convenient" distance
eusrI f .
exclusive s, ol s Slights - ahd washino
Tuitionper &ia,iii Spellihg.adfn
mi. wrJnei-l.Wj- Arithmetic 1.50;
SSr-.f Sf 'studies 2.00;Latin and'
urwijk ij.oo,, Students will be received
any l,me during the session and cTged
from date of attendance. -
riire liye and Ccrii
t: ,
I'nuu 4 to 20 llurttf 1'
IIU t f
. ; f'V"" iff vm v- ' atj-i
v riifirt-at Varied i -
Most Approved r.ILc."
1 -,-.!-'-'
Much damasre
from the exceive wn narTy ete?y
section of the county, which fitTii't?
river who have been tn rail a J l4tlT 1 i" vCUo1? Iias been held: the
railroad and hwho IrT'l "3?. little inci.
bridge, almost tirii' X.". vi.i.a - vwug wiu make it a'strnnc
vantages :ieTnZtAiZr:risu- Piea: After the
Pninrn1 .
miUed I to jail Jast wek tor bWakin
.i". tref rom.: a
1 f vviitllS
cratic cam
committee have been ili
a uesL nun nurn, ui 1 1-srvw.ri ry..,,. ji . w
kj want of fnd fjiiirt v " 1
- . . wiv;
ailtf n frt... .. ,
Tl. tl i- . ici UI11-
1 lie thief Rfiva lin
from New Berne, but ds oTknow?li is
name or what has become of him. Vh s
act was done about midnight and (Jie
thief was immediately pursued and
captured with a part of thjtolen phS
erty, near the melon patch of iMr. Kelly
m Jones county, int h.-r-i. ua IJ
' Bfd Tile11 88 n,any melons as he
wanted. He confesses his guilt. :
Again, on fviturday night. Cliarle
ty, at the suggestion of a "pal " . secr-
wfth imSeU T Ule 6tore f IKdwds;
with tlie nnderRtjinflinn. ,,
i-i i.i . " iit-ii uici pai
knocked at tlie axr, he was to : ad
-Tilt..-P?1!L discovered some'
rh.CrXnm ".e "tore and left
7 -'.7 4441 1 (I LIT. 1 Jlf.
in u store all night and.
'ft Tr. ItlC Itnn.t-. f
. , . wivtuuiiiv rnaonim it-ii i. ii rt n --r.- . j j. . . . -
5 wiu behest, that themattei, rt yoi'lac although he fa-
lio ,
tne right place. --; ' vuc-
,.Jtt;..iu.!'.:?!! iwi. .-..Mia.
liquor, was n rtion.i iuencl of
stable attenilVrr "rTT" Oon-
originatti whfchTffi
breof broSS?
White nail. 5 iii us - Vver to
m. - T-?'"MUiutl liU wnni frill vvi u.
lliomiwin tl,. - i., f : - "!T v" "ti
vored another system of .
missioners, yet in view of tiie excellent
financial manno-Mint f "!frce"e.nt
by this Board, they had l7s llZvty ap
proval and would get his vote
q urn vuie.
w iay go out to the world that the
IPIli Ul Urawn 4..r...t.. .. J
dorsement t,lp
posed to Um iWr "? ar P
wno are
i'RACTIcfi vs. TlU
Cotton StntiHtiPH. -
' From STkiiick oil.) i t
,wr letters sent to
-JiAi.iia.nfre rnr a
1IuI1jS ami O Hara in Lenoir.
JnpL reporter at Kinston on
M5a.lay interviewed several prominent
Republican politicians as tothesituS
i n rnA a .
r1 "i ?-'pgiessionai squabble in
county .The Jfk-St interviewed
Sheriff Davis.
Reporter. "Well si.ip i
s ' . - V V"J-"f " is tills
t 10 terminate m this county .?
0& rePrted at . you, are PoJ
-. Sheriff Davis, "t a'v
about that. I have no right to say who
the light man. I eyne.1t (n "
mnn tliot ... 4.. 7 fi"'"
fer me endorsement of
County Convention.' .
iteporter. "Which
vention endorseV"
"aria. "I don't know; things are
badly mixed up about our countno.n
dMV There aie atout fA" can.
aidates for every office. "
L.. II. FISIIKft iv-n u-ult- t,,,,
T?4i,...... ..7i. V J,vl ja'"cjii.
wi"'uc'- nsner, you and Lowerv
are representative men of your race In
cha?' l T Wh thithe
O'Ham?" l' f' IIubbs or
1.-11 .4
risner. VVeare forlluhbs. O-H-,,-
stands no chance at all here. I was iii
that Convention n.i t 1
O'ir.i,.., hi , , ' """" " me
.4(4,.i4. nau permitted
one will the Con-
aoanv s
excellent ideas for
havine to leave his
line nwf n,.nll i 5 -i rf
A. G. Tyndall. A. J. Tynd.all .and
Henderson Tvndall are diTOm
IT . . 1.-1 " 'O 444111 till
How. 'u loiil Tt .
The Republicans failed to agree- on
some matters-ofs dfiTeren in X.- Jr
Iif1 tnrday at Baybom, ami
adjourned tomeel! OU the 3r day If TSn-
Tlie Justices of tiio fMJai'iui-j'Ll---
ty met Monday at ton r"1?
chose W.,,cha&,
theensumar vear. ..
to iAcrease the numbeTf' "
'Sri threfe,to five; and al; a
w uuoose tne commissione
nni-Dirin 4-.: ii. . r -"
"uuui meir, ranks.-It waa also'
a?reed that the .Wti,..!., - i..T:
ship should choose one from Their rZ
peetive ' townshiiis tn fnm lih,
For No. 1 TdwnR.,iA TtZ?4?;
NOTS, Mr. R. D Vcr'
L. E.Wheaton; No., 4, Mr. jc7Alcock
No. 5,' Mr. Thoe. T MiAiiLlV,. 5j
welectod to serve for the next t
two years. f 'Mr. B. F.- Mavhew
elected comity superintendent of public
instruction. :s jAn assessment of jjtl 404
onx.the 100 valuation of property
v, f1-, WW tlltf jJUll
in&erlePaj; ; Deer,!
f:"' ":' . J 4 'i." -i-' "-.s-.",.- V ,." ,f-
r - , . and Porter.
;' ii--'-, -t - r- . '..
French Urand v
Largest deabinthstate
' -V - 4;-.vr v ..i:'v..-j': -iij '-" 'A .;'.. J
(iiiniantee Hivl.Ant Hf.i - '' 'l
r.- " - ' "-
Urain Faii8.8trHW Cutter
" Plows and . Cultivate:
In CJ rent "iYt-ir .. ...i
i i Low lrlcra. '
i ' : GEO. ALLFN
; Apr j w ) r- -
m,ftnt,f Higheat Mnlt iHicfrst 'v ATTO
Corner South; Front & IVfi.fdk. Si
Apr: U.6 i
t . . ' 4- 4
opposite OmIuh
New lleiNfl. K t ?
Will practice in the Counts rf f)r
Lenoir, Jones, Onslow, IW--,. .
Craven; also in the U. t (
Prompt Alful Ion rinl41 (.;:, tt:
A r 1 ll 1 y '
4 ,
5 Beaufort Items..
J. D. Huffham is still improving.
van uuncan nnrt .T 1 in
AMI VH 4 4 1 . VI 11 li . . r . I. . 1 - I
-viuunn iur mis weeir.
Chadwrck & Jones are enlarging their
store hy adding a warehouBe neii "lOO
ieet in length. ,
Most of the waterniol.m
1 . -'l IIC&D UvTf
siuppeu north and now ttwv
- J - J4
1 1M1 iiai in 1 -- . -
II I I , II lllvllRTI
irlii; i.T.-II"'.JL.-.u- 1st we
SV-.t"- ""v, ioiivytngri!;.-v,-rj,. Fron -L-o
&bta-TP to date
later nv teti W..t 7 ' v ".'i'
tlnn U- o n- ii JJ1 SOOU
ly.remaih ThbttDso "f-otton
woke un .thl- when tlie Tiri7Ci.s ouse,- -f -"Ktolter than
sleepers next morning, who r-nil the PMa5 "!e - a Justieeof
. . v I . 1'lULUrtMI 11
ji - . .. . a.
- vu.i .ii iiu, wnen the rascal
"nn-ule way for liberty," but was
captured and locked up, : .n
On the same night Zand probably bv
the same party a raid was made on th
postofheeand about two dollar taken
from a pocket book which had been
found and left in the post office for iden-
uncauon ox owner, ; The thief is
hi3 Wst.ThTr'JW11 .Jtot.
and whire: nder "anmf " -n.n xcateU
et nponhv eS T,"uwa7
knocked Tfn'' nom he
14, r. in-ij uewasTirel nnnn
and woundi!.! hv rt V7-Jiy "P01
t before it was closed at .ght Dadley, ,3
dKi hiswork after all had left, .ttI and .others.- miHi .VfciC"1?Iac':
'M1 ,lf "ipaad made- a search for
f-T i?" 1116 cfEce, which are
carefully kept in a large iron safe.
prJifJ0 5y 'commission
ers met Mondav and : 1
do MI
Ies.4 ti,0 k",. ?"LY? dangerous, un-
: j -Ft-Bsiona ot
ever- oeiore. " - w TT r'u-
JlUt --'f!ti,n ii r Darf of . Snow
rTi nds, bad; crop fifteen da vs
UltCvrbaG triATUWai.1 ..l:i- . ' ""J8
that if no disnr " "'"P1!
iimy expi above art average Z,
major a. , Gordon, - Cobton : "The l 't
renort AJ,e last
liinV- n-aiana two weeks
:.raSV-fcrm -Proved
1,V r-i7 ,!,us ut,en toomuch
4.V4 odious uamage done yet
iQ,vri: "" ",,l uo m mind-
"KuiiKo ailU oi--mnr.. - .
Til - - .tV IH-tK fjjy TUP iil'Aiin
1'S.-Wedy for the first h ? a
-the bail
the constitntinni I,-
01 jsyennts-on theSlOO to -keen
ew-e n, uie rNo fence district
They elected tM old hoarder clSus-
o v,,;. 11. itountiee whn
- waa defeated and M. II. WootenX,r ?n
place. Twovcommittees were appinf.
ed to inqaire i to tho expediency of
building two .bri- over Neuse river
nen tYhlte ?Ia11 and 'nstonand
tT "the neighborhood of the
PPer Daughety bridge and to report at
Capt-AV iS. Bird was elected" county
superintendent of pubin instructioj
Mf. .TilVflPr (liVllminn- ,.' j "."vwuy
Good Farmin o. Tliat porUon 'oVi
" J near Reuse riv
er, which, in olden times, was a Dart of
the Dr. Channels ni,l iTlPar? Of
exceptionally good farming whiclicon
some of w1m..i, ..T e ven,
mentary to tlie Uzzell V.
m thecavitv.
at all citTiTli-
favorable fan maV ' "L" " .
And - ti- 4..,:' r,v.ui' 'or u
ie scic-
on Au-
that v. I , 1 r:l" fc K"lHt a. nan
way." UP a V,,Vt',Uio" that
.tn.',WeriV;- ':That is exactly where
. ........ va?..-iuiii was not
nai no was only an alternate, and
Si ch le'i lV ,,,akt th, 'notion
u inch lead to the bren .... r.r .1.
1 un-
Before tl
a dele;
uie uieaKing uji
We are Huhbs men
Wilt l-lni..,...l7 . I -I- r .
... 1.1.114. is a most ex
cellent manure for cotton, wheat and
corn. It don't appear to be as strong as
some nf fT4 cli4.T1 .! 0
. man. iou can use a
greater quantity to the: acre without
injury They want one thousand bush
els each. Uill
mail, and is a single man, but I think
he is about to conclude that "it is not
goodfor man to be alone. "
Rev. II. C. Bowen nrpftclio.1 o ...,4 i
r . . .4, j 1.1 v .ii,
excellent sermon to a large couera
tion at Pleasant Hill in Jones county'on
last fourth Lord's ilav. Tin ct"...
with us a night gave us an account of
his trip to the Normal iSchool at Wilson
and his visit to the Graded School while
there, etc., all of which was very pleas
an t and -entertaining. He expected to
oe at the Sund.av School f1nnvnnfi,
the Disciples.-to be held at OKI ir.i
ri..: i. 1 ., "n. ...ii
! V " u eiore tne tilth Lords day in
j July. J
Mr. J. W. Kincey has cut ofr his
beard: he is no longer known as "the
man that swallowed the gray horse and
left the tail out." Wi ,lm,'t ...1...
. 1 . . ; , ' - - v ni l - 1V1IV
, , ""wioiiru w part irom
4, 1; , RO remarked to a neighbor
the other day "Havn't yon heard the
cause t he said. -No." "I'll tell you
lie went to the picnic at Uzzells last
eek .-iii.l sought a partner among the
young ladies for a dance and failed to
get one. He concluded thnt
1-ietrayetl him as an old man. Where
o)on he went home and cut ojf his
" uiu and vowed he would never
white board again."
and tlie market is flooded.
luutiirainni late lias o-.-..4l.. ;..4
fAWI -.!. tl -Mr"-' . ft'.V '""T-
..44... ,lt. nuiiiug ana nsbmgpleas-
uitfn uc me jnanv v.mtnra nnw o..
- - .1. iicau-
yuiie a party trom Salem arrived on
T,"pfiay4,,U"ht-. CaPt- Geo. N. Ives is
niiuiK uit-in tne signtsof Capel40ok
out on bond the sloop Lucia.
u ' wal,y. ortne Biblical Re-
,ic, i nt-re. icissaidheiseunallyas
p'nn.l n imi.(.. i -i - v. "y
- i,u,.-, on funo! 1It, win oc
cupy the pulpit in the Baptist church on
Ssunday morning.
hnnilti SarHh D Davis comtemplates
building a row of cottasres alon- th
edge, in front of her present
; house, to be ready for next
summer. Beaufort is on the look up, a
good graded school, one nr i,lli
1 . ' " " " iiufccio
it mis never seen such
days as will surely come.
Mr James Ward who lives in' 'the
country, comes to town nearly every
(lav. 1T k ,.- on .1 . . J
he eninv Ui'" "J?1 ""' 8ays
KINS.tON, Xl- (i
Kepiesents tlie following first-t-lais 'fcAfrina
NORTH BRITISir ANh tviA a xt,
Til 141. . (. '
f"P AooyuiATIOX OFrniLAnRl.iniA
JlViVi 11 r- 1
lA'siritAvrw 1 vi
, ..r--- v;.i, t
GEORGIA 1IOMK (IP ivir ttVAV?:' ?
NOHTl, OAUOUNiillOM . " .
- O r v . ' v ft ' 1 I . ' . r -in a t n
ell anips
are cut short
cause of which
wear a
Mrs. Iievenia ITaotl.
TTtwfl, j;i ' "c "l ur. jno.
ln i.i.i fV m luck-
17Sa.r-!l.4. VV;"t? JUiy a.itli.
Heath had
-1.--.1- . y." "-- yi tueir iiie at the nhu-..
hLT" SL 3' V 8ie diiHl. She
tTLST : 1 10 " children, and lived
of iTi,' Kwn and married, two
iiiiirK 1 mno r. 1 . , 1 r . 1
tt.!-S!k'7- " """.''veoi inem
r-'e. a. ."usband, 11 chil-
Kfana-cluldien an(i t,rpt
a" J- a Lost ofSemKo
,,4 IUM, Atnsttm Free I'tvsa.
gust this year."
River and Itrariue
T1.44 ol. -
.... iii.inpi.ili4.i- nr.. ...i. if;,i....ii . ...
US Silencer 1-W . " ' "l"'"1 ' " ' ."avi
on Wednesday with nVa oV con
signetl to Burrus & Co. and .T a W
oWsr.- " ""-u"
Steamer T'rcj- Z. arrived Thursd iv
ornma w th a ln,H,i. ,aJ
Quarter. , 'wa
Schooner AV,f r.i,.t nr... T . ,
K.. , .'V--1'V MI. liimisav.
...- 1., 1Ve,, nom tlay river, u ith beef 1
cotton ami r. -J ,l" l,eet' tl
rday with . . ' ,N " :it:
wheat. 1 1 '"' uals
i he Jrr
ie renorter nul.i 1,,.,.;,- i .-.
terrogaU. this gentleman he ! t.
ball on his oh 11 nu.4 ' uu
Grady. "Hallo. .Toiti?v r 1 t .
to show you one of mv r i,-.i' . 1, ,
it and see if it i. m, 1 . 7. "l a .
opposed lomiitin, V".V
Ti-.... I... ...... 1 . " J "wiiiiiuuiui ior
1 le.ixurcr, but ar. i-;ii;,,. 1 .
(jii( 4 1 ; "- " ami
rV hi; -nt 11 "V1- J wis, you woui.i
.w-m in un. JU11'.X1
Kinston Items,-fmv ,,f ( ,(,7,(.--.
..4-. limn ;US SllOUlU 111 '1 lit
- " 1 1 1(1.. 1 1 H- - i NntlAii...,. II.. l
t out.
Jones County Item?.
JornxAL, c-
Tlie clever agent of the
V . KIVKir. Wib! Ill in II Afn.i.l....
Mr. P.M. Pi.arsall, a young law
recently Irom Duplin, was ehx
i-omuy .-Miperinteiideiit
doubt make a good one.
The Renublic.-iiis
iii) no-inina-
hold their count i.-
convenhou on Saturday, the 2nd day of
September to nominate candidates for
. ..un.) unices anil ior thelegislature.
mi -i
-in u .'legates of the )th
oistiict, coniiosed of th
Unslow. Jones and
HH W44 1 1 (i.i 1. .. l i
IT- iv.-1." -. .. "c C,I
.1 sau ine other day in Mr. J
. Ila-vifi iii.l.- . -1 . . . : . i . . .
.... i -. I'r' a,Ki saia "e never
"j'.jcii iisau so well, .
Maysville Items.
-JX"-1- F- Mattouka, fowl angler, is now
his i ualcn?nK K-Wk and Mallets. :
. The plantation: of Mr. Ed wards ia be
ing pitted with hiarl holes. '
l lie cotton crops here
.loom; i.i per rent, the
was the late rains.
Mr. N. P. Smith is going to return to
i exas wjiere he i'ltl 4.44l.t.v-.l I I. 1
i , , --'". vi .1 , lip
says he can't here. .
Some of the jieople of this section an
ticipate a nice time at the big August
and the Lime Springs near South West
Messrs. tJynum & Jenkins is goiue to
put in. a saw mill. They say they will
lumber cheaper than the cheapest.
Hn;m y ,iai-K, a colored man living
on John Collins's land has the-iaK
stalk of corn 1 ever saw, it is about sev
enteen feet high Jmd has three or four
vi ell developed ears.
J. M. F. E.
: , , BcRGNER & ENGEL'S ---v
FOR SALE i IW 'VTTT? nr a rn-n
Also on band full stet'ef Qt . Piivisions, Cfer,
Ooen.,i ANU TOBACCO. - , '
a.Vi d w " r"?11" TitKr:r.
BEliNE, X; c.
iil It It Jjj S T ANT)
Aor Jiu- iiii jjJixM ,
y ci
ted no
Shoofly Items.
i-l .--ijarge crowds are mae;n. t.. , ..."
Morehead on ever fZ.7"'H w ,rom
. r iui
'We notice in
the Tppnt i',-, rr
nnrtot.-nr. -1 , 1 ' ' i rans-
..... vu.u.l . 11 (II I'll! 11 1 (.4.
ws ireignts lor the Trenton
merchants. ;
and Richlands
- -f -
1 -
.T n.. 4. . .
from Juniper , i il1
ingwith cun ni .., ,,-
Bu,-rus&Co:andJ.A.M i!01
I ll.l -I".
UlUrai, liail. IIITIVI,... I' 4.
mantown Saturdnv ,.,(...':.. ' '." ,,l"
and oats. Q mi coi n
Hie sc-hooifer Cora. Cant. Jarvis -o-rued
on Saturday morning fro.nn"
Quarter with cargo of oats and corn
I he A. W I). C,.,. (rapt. P.. M. Payne
W. J.
KeiHiiter. -Mr. J., what
anon nere on t. (
tion y"
I,.". ' ' We a,'. IIl,b,,s '""ii. That Hon
v ".,":..,WJ::!1"! inter
.ni-riii i a vis can t
' "L- Ji iavis iindertnl.-.
us county forO flar.-, ;n
...4 i . r . ..
: .iLLciiii to ins case. 1
neportcr. "Well, Eli, who
t,V. l" vote lor for (
n. "We are for
stands no chance here.
ny-sianiier. "u colore.l iieonle
hav, the ,-hance of electing a n'an'o f
v u own color now, and you have got
...v i-.iuSii in mis tiislrict to elect I
4.4411 jou ougnc to do j,.
Eli. "That's just the
wnen (J Hara run bef
men told ,JS to vote for
'in mere was a
is the situ-
'ongressional imtv.-
.iiii this
to carry
ccrtainl v
are you
Huhbs." Ullarai
Senatorial I
e count ies of !
'arteret. will l,,.l.i ..
j meeting at Polloksvile on the 16th day '
I of August for the nuroot-.c of ,,n.,.; ;. i
a candidate for the Senate. 3 !
The County Commissioner.! 1...1 Ar.,...
sstrates met together at the court h.-.u-e
on the i, rst Monday for the purpose of
levying taxes for the ensuing year and
electing a County Superiiiteii.leiu. A
..... ... . cent:; on the on.
dollars valuation was levied.
I he r. iard of Ma;
loiiowmsr for (
way it was
re. ion while
lim : we done sn
Vice' Oil I lie i ii.l.-..l .....1
,.r 1 1 , ..... .1. 14, 4, dim
we toloi-ed people didn't know aiivtluM-
bu nl red
istrates elected the
'oiiiitv- 1 '..1,1.,,;. .
lor the next Inn ve-n-u- t,' iw 1..
1.. l.anks. lsiuu- P.rock. Quitman
and Win. P.. Tied. m m- i.-......
w.isCh.urniaii of the old Board and is
the only one re-elected. lie is also the
only Magistrate 011 the new Hoar. I.
The lands of Ex-sheriff Worlev were
sold on Monday by the Chairman of the
county Commissioners, thev bavin--- 1
mortgage o the same for taxes collect
ed by Worley while sheriff and failed
to pay over to his successor, but the was rendered illegal
is being bid in f
lL will therefore
advertised again.
( .ops areiookiug very well around
Shoolly, but l hey are damaged very
much by lhe heavy rains of late al
though 1 think the rice crop is as K00d
ai could p i-sibly be expected.
T .. ur-n-
! i i - vv 1111am u iNeal of our place met
i Wltb ey fad luck last Sunday mom
j mg. He lub-hed his horse up to his
"uSi5 started oli on a short
.tun uis relused to go
- ..a man , cut in tbe house and sat down
j.i.i aooui rne time he
horse fell dead aud .lid
i. 1. IVIIliaill II N e-.i I iu r.4
and the
did his
not kick.
j t u a
I it ! TTTr nn r. .n --" '
jr 1 11 th. - wn ir ri .
. . wW - '
IN THI! CITY, -v .' ! ;
nrtH? StCK?k Quantities vPOR 'ioNiJ '
aiso a large ' K : " ' 1
. -4 i -Wi m
uuuub, jjoviu, SHOES, and Arbuckle's- ArioLa ijij COFFEE,. . ;,
CRACKERS and CAKES in great variety. A'larg8bcS'tit '
, 1"rir"s AND HOSUSBY.' .- i '
- -IJ U M XT T. - '
old and he says he has lost fourteen head
of horses , the last 4 J years aud it falls ,
very heavy on the old gentleman, but I
.....e e may oe ai.le to get him another i
in a very short time. A young man
traded linn the horse and recommended i
him very highly to Mr, O'Neal, but ii '
s generally that he told the old I
man a lalsehood.
MOEEHEAD CriT, IT. C.' 1.'-
on account of
r the county,
have to he '
Agents in Carteret county, to sell tht
Light Klinning New Home Sew mr M-i.
Apply to
luglOwliu Kiustou,N. C.
note. ... . . . , . .. -v :,
isi enK last, 7 to! ;
lBkai.A... 4
........ r, e,t, at Miort notice, dnywrBlifht;
i ms Hotel is now onen foi i-4,.4...:.. -r . . . . -.
, l . ...viuiiuii ill tniAftrm ! . I .-I. .1 1 .. n & .
-i. ue arimeut with everv fsuNilifv-UVu. T. . J M
Fishing, Boating, Huutiuit jc-A ni 11 Wil rqttel tUwBt Surf Bathln. ,
eoupjed with our'ioni ex ieT.cLfilii f atteoUre anant
, mmaion, will enable us to mISSK .aS;" Tfa
lMiiuer, 1 to 3 ; 8ilMMr 7 tm-Atn
at kluirt- iii-it I ... -i . .. ' ' . .

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