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i Editors and Proprietor.'
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VOL.- V;
NEW;vBERNE-;N; 0., AUGUST 1T,;,-1882.
. NO. -19.
, LiAiiko alw iys on hand.
f .' - 5
i -iEri-
a New, rnrr AivertisejQ ents.
has been laf the-' business for
l- U L.L ST()CJv
''.WAYS ON" HANlV s .
' . ,- f - - - - "
Give lilxrx a TiX ?"!
Comer of Broad1
and Middle Streets,
Jlar. SU, emi
1 -
-'.- ' .
pTp nr.T?T?TT:s &tvrt nnrrns
Hopes, Twines, Paiut Oils Can
- viiss. and Oakum. "
' The place to buy GljAIN SACKs4d
any quantity and .... Aj$i " S,
. vti by the
Orders taken for ' ,
Foot of iliiKlle street, 1 .' ' . ' -.:'
. - y NEW. BERN E. N. C.
iiar. 30, It w -.. -';'' ..- ;" j-
Opens Monday, September 4th, 1882.
" Full corps of Instructors.
V : Circulars on application
. - . . Priacipal,
July 28 6 t wj"
' . . - a.
Twclv. lieular. Teachers, Five Gontle
- 0 t men and, Four Ladies.
i Clmstiarvbnt non-etartnB, Vnufiii-vl l'ro
texcifi t (lencmnnntioHs nfwarnlfel In -the lJoartl
of I iV-c tors and Fac n I ty . , 4 : Z-'
". 1 wo ttmidrra and nchtr l-upilaJnct sesinn.
j NwndlelfKaofbuilainKs, hoited b)r team
kjid Jurfct l. Willi as ; utHtliodjWlth . rtic U M
niotleru educational ppiaiicC l!ifii'ilii.; d- -
parlment nnHuinK providfdr' tbrouehont with
atnt fDraitiire, imtrtile' U("bor"a0s and a.-li-stan(h-
prtng ad bs hntt mattrp.-8 on
Wii. i bat h-rcHiras with hot and cold WHtrr : tlirre
For Catalogue, containing full infor-
. ' ?V .. . -KKVi it. 11. VV I JNISHi,
At . jsA, . v. .. Secretary,
i Principal,
Norfolk,! Vait
Truclver'g Supplies a Specialt.v.
"T TllLOn.
!DAiapnraCH00L,5 ;
f i- f r,Witli aMilitary Department ff i 1
(Jj fTil- iWill pay bll.ixpen.tas, includ
V .Ving Board,, Tuition, fuel, Lights
aniHVashiiig, for kession of tivo montlis.
Five experireced teacher& Healthy
location. Barracks for cadets. High
course of study,
f . The ucxt ppsifB begin first Monday in Aucust
Tor ativloKM address . : '
CnpL A. C DATIS, Jr., principal
Inne 27 r tf
; U -stablished in :i870.)v . ,
, ;yItSlVjtod Female. ; ,
J .-J
j. i)
New Berne, N. C.
Mac. '.: J, tmw
TJagons, Phaetons, Buggies,
i . . , ..J Willi J
l:. : c::rscELE:7..TED vcak.
always ou hand, and for sale - -
" : r':' "'. - ' :Aat'MrHAHNv?
-r -, '' V-""'-
., ' ' .." "iliddle 5trect,
Opposite 'Eiiseopal Chuixh and Odd
Fellows Hall. . ' Juncl5w-Cm :.
, ; 3 " L j a. j 3 lj
it 1 1 lI.fc AS1 TVliKS,..:fiv
- . ASK AM. KIN1
T AIH13t OILS ur d jntUSHES-
,1. V.V. lI.l L'ASlS'&'fJo;
taniels MosicTeaclier
Tlie Fail Tei . 4 of thisnstltution iwfll
begin Monday, Aiifjust 7th, 1 882. Pui
tan obtain a practical business cdu-
u or horougK preparation .firf-
Tl.e Academy 3 . spacousT limldin
and well supplied with all appliances
neci ssary to successful teaching ' ; ,
Tne Principals hope, by perseverance
and faithfulness, tojnei it a lH.-cral f liai'p
of public patronage-.J ;
A competent and experienced .ieacher
has charge of the music lopartmeut. f
buch assistants will be empuyea as
the necessitie3.nf4.he school ulay requirel
?;Sr"-:: EXPENSE
Baste, (including os i t in"trnmeiit)... 1S to 15
Board, (incladiue lights mid fuel. 6 to 10
We reter ta tlie, faculty of the- Uni
versity of rNorW Carolina amf to'our
former 'pauis.1 -' je 15-tf .
i"Apply Ircata!orne. . i; . ' .'; . ;
., O'XFOICX N:.C.- ' f
The Fall. Session of 1882 Begins
the4t-h Monday in July. , ;
. i .-
X H. IIokxek', ' X C. IIornkk. i
AVlth'sneu nssjstafij iasttors a's"the
exigencies of ihel&hanl niay requiej
Tlie chief work of ihe School W- done
by the. St'HMr Prihci)aland his two sons.
The It-ss jnin"iiaut work is given lo as-?
siN4ani i insi rOfe . who are. selected
witU t'S-jit-ciat 'rvtivwncc i ; their peculiar
litnef s lir the utws ass:4;nel them " and
thcriiMi.atyi'rfrfii:ftt8 wilt not 1e in
creael Tk-yan 1 lhft caps nil y oi'. the I'riu-
CtmHlM istHJ persnal eitarg. oJ jilk Ue
clasfib ,i,ritfcadig ariehe tau.tfi
t'arsaritt "lkji&i'ciise"H-iisV4t6i'he:
. - i . w licvfc, tliojohlest selwiotoij tl5uthi
Gollcaierfe.. wiltbcrooixlio
fo abiiut.iwciU.y UG.W "studeA5fr?75
v For Catalogtie npply to th Principals,
: : . j. Hi & J.C. HORN Kit. :;
i yr :Slirit Cr.nsigniwi
: ; V elicit Otders.
wbern, N. Ci ;
"A U M K RC it AIPDIS lv
". . '. .' ' r dy Mr..fvS
-in cojiinssipi jbchants,
.. : Ap, dim::,-.vv .- -
Is i p.'ciftiti oifnr jircfeA8lotir, Services to', th"e
rjti, t;i fvriS Km tie and jntTy tnrruuijiline.
It was the- third day of tlie battle
of the" Wilderness". Down . to the
southeast of our brigade, the thick
nine woods enclosed the little open
ing in front of. us, and there were
the "Johnnies in force . under A.
P. Hill. ' It was ond of the few op
portunities wherts artillery could be
used in that battle, and live bat
teries swept and ralfed that belt of
woods with shell, grape and shrap
nel. Down went whole " trees, top
pling one across r another, their
trunks cut sheer off. r Still the Con
federates stuckr there; Half buried
in branches and bougbsl -. ..
Then the command "Charge "
was given, and we went for that
woody ; belt what was left of it
across the open stretch, at a head
long run, and rushed into the thick
brush. '
There we drew the enemy's fire.
In our very-faces came,; the smoke,
so bot it fairlycoti'ei:.:. 4
Welmll ho time to; see SirTio fell,
but ttlie forty-scveii inen in my
company, only twenty-one reported
that ;nightr's There ' were the boys
in . gray .- right -under our noses,
crouched on the ground with rifles
aimediyat us front ; over 16gsaad
fronv" beside ' trees, and not an inch
would they budge. . Our liner went
over thent-like an ocean l)reaker , -
I saw but two men run back lfoui
us. Un we went with a loud hurrah.
to carry and clear the woods. After
pjissing a hundreds yards i through
the densest" of the pines,5 w came
to a : much thinner growth,, with
clumps of old:. dead: grass.' II ere
the reserves of 4 the Con federates
and two or three batteries caught
us on the fly shells, rockets and
grape, a terrific outburst from the
left and in front, almost in our very
faces ! ' ? " v, - -
With - the first explosion I was
struck by a fragment f shell on
the right leg above the knee, which
whiried me round so violently that
I fell. For a' minute my limb was
numb. I sat up, and put my hands
on it. The bone was broken, and
there was a white," gapraz iwouiid
where the blood V gathered rapidly.
With the first . throbs of pain the
crimson life-tide"gushed 6utV t
. Such paina It is an agony, which
none can know but the poor fellow
who sees his good leg or arm lying,
a piece of shattered ' flesh, before
his ; eyesr and,Jeels the awful ; hurt
of a well-iiiglt mortal, wound, while'
me oiooa gnsiijp,asF fvm - moineiii
St two it would drain his heart. To
save my life I bbund a handkerehief
quickly and tightly around the leg
aoove tne wouna. , "
For- an instant I writhed, then
turneillaitf jso,,laint;that I tmt
dimly,reDie-ilen the counter charge bas sTniply.a "jt6hnny"
of the (;. -'"rates, and the wild.
yell with w I. j i they -chased back
our broken and routed line1, leaping
over me where
- Following this I may, - indeed,
nave Jain , unconscious for -; some
minutes, for the - next .thing that I
recall was the crackling- and smoke
of the burning pine brush and grass
close by Raising ; myself a little,
l saw. that an out to the right it was
blazing like a furnace, and the men
were runnin g back through the
smoke.7 The shells had set the
woods, on fire. W. -? v, i l
i The. roar ;anct crackling grew
louder; and then the horror of my
situation burst upon mee t Summon
ing all my strength,:! tried, : forget
ful of my broken leg, to get up : but
X fell back, too weak to even creep.
ff Hearer 'still - roared and flamed
the frightful fire. shouted and
prayed to hea,yen jl I
poor 'leiiows ? abont-rmwho., lay; so
still and djd PQt stij;5.-,t';:..'
At last 1 got upon my hands and
one.; knee and, tried to 'crawl, but
soojt pitched? fiiimjifi
Jtts! tben three fttuie!cajne
ping :foK'aii?iiiutfi' ;ir'n1. thi&fe
to go -throutithe jocketj5 fofdx
"tiauoiere rriJiearti. A jjead,
yon?:,&T)iirmM'& henv gav' me a
poke with in..yuie-tutt.
j I trilreiy head.
'i,ina,jnarai mit got any
I shokr'iB3'"3iead ; then , eather-
ihg tjt;igtli, I jrartly tunietl . Two
OLejnenNiad; Marted on; the
ihird sioxm! in tle siubkef regard i n g
nestQ'-.ijOifn't'resh lrom the
ai' Mfil :l hands were
smeared with iowder-stains, anJ
his clothea-were torn. ' -:
JXprmesake,'!,- cried,
-'drag me out of t he brush, or kill
lAxnti trfDon?t-let me roast ! Put a
PHltii'giia(i- first V'.
i;x!seiio.wBirea:an i ni i at i eu t
oathllt jjsaw feaKpity in his
Gtirsfr tht&Jdjpiellisli war !"
be exatoed, aditfikiH step to
wards ji.eii heioekSa TiiMjrjfie."
me negpaema his mne
v t slmtimr &val ibitSfclnOiar in
another ionntihooId loot C-Yt - i
r-ii , - a-' J
OimiaUflO , , 1:' .""tAua itselfabout his both .several.
aVf.tortieva at Law.
IXfi LlA-Jv Vtfl-I YiV,Bi: riTAii: am
II i.'kJ.nw' r-ir'arl nlli .-ill : i
iion-l f hv, in "tbtT tWfckvv iu c-.Minl i'er
i.unit,. Viii-v;Jr,alii?j -l.nit.-s, (jn.-low:
U-H..f T,. - . y4Hat.a-w-ly
m leohiuas sruopm
fM0 T 0 RNE Y T
: T (OlBre opposite Gnston Iloase
" New- lteirne. N. C :.-'
1 'a r .... ' . 5 t ... - .-
j$, i nearu, alter a'inb
nicnt, his gun flung Alow ii. Theii
, j his arms chitcheil under me,; and he
- limk IIIM lilt l-ii'sn- if tli. rri'i-inil T
; sereameil with ian. - - ; .
j iWal,rI don't blame yer foryeH
i in'!" he said, as he half-carried,
halt-dragged me along. Then, after
stopping o catch .'breath, he said,
"l rocknn. -Vanlt- Vft Iaai frrinlof
j -7 - -- vm- !.
10 to gin yer tne Duiiet. tor
the doctors - will be -nttin' . and
. "Shoot ine, then, and have done
with it I" I : gasped, for f he ;fire
was close on us. " ,1
7 But he lugged nie onj and he was
scarcely as heavy, aman as myself.
Every--fewrods he had " to stop
The flames seemed spreading all
around us, and every moment or
two a shell would tear through the
woods and explode, scattering lire,
and whizzing fragments of . iron
I He got me to a jstone wall which
skirted the woods on one side, and
lifted me over it. There was a field
wMth "short green grass on the other
side. v:Here he put me down, partly
in the shade ol a great ash.
"Thar, Yank," he said," 'yer out
of the fire, anyhow. Can't stay by
yer, though. I must git my shoot
in' iron back thar in the brush, ef
'taint burnt up. But I'll tell yer
what, Yank, I'll look round here to
night ef I aint dead mysel' 'fore
that time, and we hold on; here."
"(jrou bless you, Johnny.!" VL ex
claimed; 'but just one sip of vater,
if yoa've got it.7': :- ? -
vV "Thunderatiori !'- ho muttered.
"I haint got half a pint in' my1 can,"
and' don't expect to getanother
fill-up to-day !"
, ,,But hc jerked - on his can teen ,
took one swallow, and then put it
into my weak hands. "Thar, drink,
you poor sufferin' cuss ! Yer may
keep it too,. Hang on to it f ye
can till I come round. For tin war's
scarcerHhan twenty-dollar bills in
our corps, a durned sight !"
Lieichim prop my. heai up with
something it was his out, worn,
yellow-gray coat. . The next mo
ment he was gone over the wall,
back into the burning woodsi after
nis-gun. , 1
I never saw: him again. The
Confederates d'd not i'hold on"
thereas all-know 1. l;ave:read
the story "of that ten-iiiCj struggle
I say terrific, for it is' qufte: the
fashion with many of our brave
stay-at-homes to say that when
Grant took the command, Lee Jwas
already beaten, and all we had to
do was to chase the Confederates
to Richmond. Itfjs but an ill trib
ute to the brave men Ave' fought, or
to the fifty or sixty thousand of our.
brave fellows who -lie buried at
Wilderness, Spottsylvania and Cold
4 Our corps retook the ground.
Later in the day t was found, and
faken to the rear -.,
is sprouting. New wheat is coming
in freely and brings from 90 to
cents per bushel." -A Battle Creek
dispatch says: "It has become
apparent that the past week of rain
has done thousands of dollars of
damage in this vicinity. A better
harvest season lias, not been known
hero Iqe years, andyetnearly one
third of tlie wheat is in the shock
or uncut. It has sprouted so badly
that acres and. acres are' rendered
worthless. A person who has leen:
traversing Barry afldEaton COuii-
J ties says the damage is greater
there than here., . From Ilochester,
Minn. comes tlHi report that it liasi
rametl there nearly every day for
the last fiiree yceeks, . altlitou gh the
weather has beeri cool.f llye i$ all
cut an d. barjeyj -.fiariy sor bu't
whether cut or. nqtf t ,U be more
of less damaged ift-color;' - Farmers
(will begip cutting , oats and winter
wheat1, next weefc' liust has ap
peared yi; the wheat in -low places
and will do considerable damage.
ptKfinewtherthe prdspeet lor
an, abundant haiest is good
Corn isTe6mifg;toxthetIront.',
'teStOuiAAxigjfLThe wheat
harvest in f Southern Minnesota
will generallybegm this week?. To
day, has been pleasant but extreme
ly warnr, the thermometer strthd ing
lat 95 5 . a Saturday, ini. Minnesota.
Dakota, and notably in the Bed
River Valley the- weather was
pleasant,,-; There were no changes,
iftthe sun heat or atmosphere to
t is true there is rust m some por
tions of thelledEiYeiValley i,n low
places that may reduthogeiierai
estinmates of yield heretofore en
tertained. A gentleman." j ust. in
from Grand Forks statesthaithe
crops in tJiat yicnity look first-rate.
Many ."dealers Harm that they -I are
notigeneralrydnt as gooti ;oridition.
as-hasbeen represented, and that
some of the figures tire too rosy in
their estimates of the yield. In
Whether niyJohunY,bv whose
Christ-like pity I wasrfsCued sur
vived the succeeding littles ofthe
canipaign, pr not, I don'ot'in0wi
Often since that day I ave thought
that I miglitUveiaskd'niSTiaiiie
and regiment bukl w'as' in no eon'-
dition tolinji; Qt.that. To iueje
butf none
the less a brother. "
lie savel niyHtfe, saved me from
a horrible death, and that, too, in
I lay, like eagerPhe brutal hniry anl fury ol battle,
- - . . . - I 1. ... . A . At .A. I
wuen 1 muresuy can not say niai i
should have-done so much for ;a
Confederate lying there in my place.
Only a soldier; can really under
stand it. rl - t-'rr-:
I might not, j as I have - said,, res-"
cued Johnny if; he had been ; iir my
place, but after. that act; ?I shofiM
have done it at the risk of mv life.
That rough boy in butternut taught,
me's lesson 01 the true brotherhood-
of mfan that'dias influenced all'mj-1
lite siice; v. :.
Had; the "war continued after I
gpteL?I'night have fought on
frohii:prfncaple, but I- should nevjr
have Jired another .bullet in in aliife"
andJfl alwavstcel as if r had
brother somewhere doM'n South. ''".
...'vwjjit.lAm6re-''than anyro4ilu
.floVJd-yirt politiotans cawsny, j
x : 4 . i 1.1. A .iV1
woodat Wi lderhessj 'i.Jr.
J Thefd btJfcered canteen he lef
mer Ianfililhangiiig.on to,", as
he reyjuestedj; " If he is living to
day,; and. tin-war' " is, scarce with
him, h.e Win have if; and with it,
0. Whatever elseilin give.6at
uiet-jBtyJieed nioref than I, for terr 1
hlihis little sketch may be the
means by which I may hear 1'foni
hiiiiJ--l'oA' Companion. f
f'isli and Snake Stories
routf fishing
PiHis-iit-j.-Ji" r i u3sii firm -r n a c or
kSf2iGisM:itiiAuei Ot-l lai
.fofe wi Past "week have caused i lie
Milllebeeea San fori) lief;o
the effects of the bite, of ueopper
heart, near Louisville, 4vy.
There is excellent
ati Berryyille, Cal., anni"aiiy
aiMtei resort there. S:ihnoit; are
rufiftiiTg up the river in laerfft
. fWhile fishing in Green litvjMS
neIii" Mining City, Ivy., Joe Jbmi-.t
son'wasjnuiei overooaro oy an linjj
PSTi. il.i 1 1 ..:,I.I.:'.1
meiKse -tsat-iisii max n;ni scisi- hix
bait. ,,
? fir- OiT?gon, some men
rocks for a railroad in Umatilla
cpttutv? disturbed a nest of snakes,
aajdlln a single blast over400dead
bshakes werej'onnd.
ttac.ked Jost-nh
iGarbwree of Mention, Mass., ami.
beside biting him the
sinus -attd Aegs. He lnaihiged to
reaclf club, bear t lie reptile off',
.and killed it. lr was nearly '12
feet in length and as :4 hick as a
man's arm.
Condition of the Crops. t.
CnroAGO, Aug. 01 The Tribune
has the following crop special from
Holland, Micb.. regarding 'daipage
by prolongetl rains: "As happy as
?' rWnlNOTrtW, Aug. 8, '82
It is expected that the stars and
stripes iH be' lowered from the
the farmers folt-dveKtheMrst rain i United States capitol to-day, and
this week; as anxious are they alll he halls Hntioual legislation
now to liave the heavy wet and closed to busiuess for four uiobths.
muggy weather clear bftVaa'a largeihe Senator, f ho member, -..and: the
portion of the wheat still stands in ; iobb ist will depa'i V ihdeetl many
the shock, on the fie!d.c ,Some of it j have gone ralready,' and Fthe grand
very fair, and better
ago for. wheat an
than a year
hffUs&e This
week, on some portions of the
lineof the Northern Pacific, birh
harvest in g" wll I be 'cx)'utttien!cel.
Chinch-bugs are, vdoing efjeetive;
work inJ some places, where it is
said that the farmers are very anx
ious to get in their work ahead of
iiu, pests. oojHfiieaiers esumawr
that SliWjfl?
ab6t.bAguir(4o.U,d 5l4nnesoita
wheat crop - The estimate for North
Dakota is now about 15,000,000
bushels. Iteports .at the railroad
offices in St.-,',Panl- on Saturday,
quoted jdeasant feather 'for grow-'
ing'wheat and no gen
eraL' cohditionyr Oat'weVe also
reportec1,gi'qwing finely.;YTPhe risks
of weather are.not-yetoiit; of-the
way. "About the 'principal item
just how is that in;the-North-west.
There have been pp. raihs within
CO hours to ; cause ,aditionaI mis-'.
fjef to i that now; known ; to , have
een I6ne" in",, spots 'byTrust and
chinch-bugs I As the time for har
vest approaches less favorable re
ports are received of the wheat out:
look in -Southern Minnesota.; The-,Moneer-Pre88
has s the follow
from Mower County, one f those
wjiose crpx lias been ;a i'aflrrroTor.
soyeral years past: $Whea; is now
fetween 'the dry iweatheu and
Sdiihei-Iugs oil buft hand and wet
rnston the. other hamW Within
three, days black; rust has appearetl,
and some fiekhiwhich before ga ve
promise of 15 bushels per acre are
libw -Considered almost worthless.
Tbellarleyvind hay harvtwtare
pttM;eediJigui)der ad vers t cireunii
stances, oti continued raiu -fheH-
yield is f'ittibnttlie qualifj-; nrncli
impaired,. ; possibly liO per cent.
Ia-rty: ftoWit'SjUiwproriiiRt'. si -larije
cri, but tiveiawtiWHi' linnjiri
tUMVll; lUlJ,-!iilLrSiVgyH) HHIOW MU3
- ... J. M. I 1.1.
pile oHiuildinga willwknow .no, life
save that ol vagrant tourists, and
young s mariMl couples. hn , their
honey-niodit excursions. " .
AVnshiijgtoii is devotvd to Con
gress ami the lobby, and is always
ha pjiest when her hotels are ' full
and - appropriations are loomiiigj
but, foruiu', Congress lias-grown
monotonous. An adjournment; in
August is; rst titer late, ; ''However'
this Congress w ill lie 'gratefully r6
menilvered by all whoare.devoted
to 'the' . Uia u ty nnti stability ;pf.
Washington. The appropriations
for i&?i nereiisod wa tot supply - liifd
forconverbjg-the inorasses ofth6
?oioiBaa,inr fakeletCa.ntlijardeus
wll iwld grealiy to the health and
beauty of the city. j?There . is a
stretch of beautitullyj shaded and
ornameutetl (lrivingvpaiks exteud-1
ing Tron. tlie. Capitol to the .White'
House, arid including the Botanical
Gardenst he Sm ithsohian aiid A.g
ficutt'nra 1 grounds ;" i fc is ! J iroj osetl
to exCcild ' their park by making
roads and causeways through' sev
eral hundred acres of swamp, form
ings lakes Of the spaces between the
roads andjornamenting the grounds
with ijt lf'ejVilowers, fountains and
stJituaiy. ' All great . cities have
spent much money for public gar
dehs. iThere is perhaps jio city
that has" as much park, space to its
population as -'Washington. ' Paris
lias the.Elysee . and .Tuilleries, and
Lauxenbourg Gardens, besides' Va
rious smaller- parks, f-but3' -though"
Paris ist ton times larger than Wash
ingtonits park space is hot -as
larger t tfb not mention 1 th Bois
def Bbl0gne,Attiich"be4rja' about the
same relation to Paris that '' the
Soldiers' Home ''bears to Washing-ton--it"1s
rhpt'f properly' a part of
the city, y Ami fis for the Versailles
Gardens,v 'they are twelve miles
from JParisv There is ono thing, at
least?-in whieli Aye can surpass
the parks of the old world we
have ampler SHace. And. if we
Central - Minnesota the outlook Ischale not that niaturity,oX natural
and artificial lnauty which growjh
and antiquity , Can alone bestow, weiinstructive his conversation. Whenever
nave niecuanieai aimnances ;uiia
ieuti ficrtvsources. that .Will eii'aWd
us 111 tlie end to attain more perfect
results."?; , St-u o-'i
At present the favorite drive is
to thoS6ldiert'iIIone, an extensive
tnd . beautiful park", about a mile
4.W Wv;ti'lt f-ery:af
terjiAonrfcet'fv een ? the hours bOdx
idiglfo'cl(,)ck, there is. an , un
Jliroifl&h Ivnitiffcsirriages, Jiggies
rphaerohs -'-otlern'or old-fashioned,'
diivihg: in u the - direction of the;
fHomeijiy.nen distingnjslied
in ' coteuifiorary ' uationa! hist6ry
inay bsceu ortltheiiitive. i The
President drives with ,t h,s little
daughter in "ah elegant carnage
drawniby two ' Wei 1 ni a tcheil bays.'.
Senator and. his wife ap
pear in ahppenibarouche drawn (by
two small ..spii'ited ami very dark
bay horses. v The dark, swarhy
features bflSe Gator Logan may. be
seenin a. carriage that looks like a
livery' back", stud it 'carries also' his
wifejjnaiTied ilaiiglrtei'qd ,pne or
tyto other lneinlK'rs of his family'
fiepresentaf iye lilackbuni drives
alone in" a buggy ; ; his 'two horses
sustain the imputation of Old Ken
tucky for equine style 'and" speed.
iMlcn Arthur; YLtV' gigantic mi ; ot
tluVPreident ttrivejT a pair orMnall
aimrweii loiUitt; bays to a very
weivtlie? nd .no less dpstcuetiveUtght buggv: I he called hn'u'gi
itndf tlia rvthrk-n liinl VY i f It t n I i.- -w... i.i.j. V. -l l. . .11 Li
j4nui;ic , u?' cs4irinii iks less man su
leet.-four iiliesvhu, I hear, he is
only eightrtgi e.u old. 4 , ,
? ' v'T' "3 "v."'.'. ' S'i-; ,
'-' 'I'tilrM't'rt and lljciitthf ''
A'n.KiritfivilifvKiau Vfirtfli; repute
hah metitio-
negro iuan ..
ried-io I'Ju
ttidf jnpbly ,
tills, howeyt
wilhcSit- exj
think, ,abn
pass tlirou;
tnrniwl' i
ruirioMtty i ;
itiutwoin:; . , 1
Heveral cl . I In
, iiitni.nii,. a
It CX:!
to others, as , well a to
uiik. Many- years ho,
1 ' 1, tark, lie owni-.l a
v i.:--; 1 hese be car
, st; 1 generoubl
their, freedom
i ? t legally d'
i i. . .-.t I , i
' .to
1 pi v.w. 1 1. d by
. .i;rwrard" be Te
, 1. . and had the
is 1 1 to UU freed nuu
, had then a family of
u, and were living very
1 ut, their joy ; at Heeiny;
Inmrwas f'xu'av'rf.aiit.' .Clppressed wita
the weigh tj f Uif iiiiinemx- obligation
conferred ,u thent, they showed Jiiui
ihir citililreii, ii - i buu-e, Umn. furni
ture, and hjii t ali -st. ua well U"our
Cnedoiir,f .we are . 4dlted- ta. jou" fur,
fund all lh' liaopiM.-is we and our 'chil
dren enjoy; and iien be left them tlteii
gratitud btokd turtht in these ezpren-'
Hions: "farewell ny dear good math'$
(lodblewifi aud ' preserve you; you hare
made us all happy, and we f '''.!I
meniber your tb t l4ur
of our lives." . .- . 1
But perhaiie nTrof '
tffioirVj.r &: niuJ wtiiKper t,he had''ltv ; . .
gooa .reaqLe f i ; put vs tiere f
lhjitl';Hfr Jj-i''-, without taulLdf ' 1
rllottyerage fLUddl V
IH . riH- treat .U.VwHV'.aV.ii ,!... .n.w a,-, tT.,
I i iviw few at Jeast.-as-f all to the lot of
I ' i her men. and did not, touch the heart.
rmalice,-tarer e, to hatred and 'all
avia'agei-titkini'i-ldoCiiK fivmy imHMl'tU4e
j.wingxo. rilCrtlccr. in.ii.s cm
tival itiii Jty:1ilnfornlj4w,MMHlsc,
'quentia'Ki1tiweitl-her Jtlul
the.l'elleife-'dd, $6 a failare
any waweajinot have over tlu'eej
qartlt5asp, even w
tathet aHir vnwit, long tleleixtilv.
mit Uicn-iK. f.t i.l K-
lie tool lit il ii
lllllKli Kill
I r hill
. -
f.l! Ol ,.ilVe9.
slrcnLflh flitil lii'iiiUi, hotween tBofuCes
f snioktn in?' rt:ri-lv,lit-'$win7v-tw-i
il u i c werjpV , yftirt-iAii' tint ififypt
linn :md chVHLy intC iuRK fpitat'ut of
4,hi; heart , ttiftx jtwiQ trnub.M -ye'tij)
l.k-cdmg .gj..v WMS'iTltali: r!U'
it h-vfjMinlf A0rT;r.uieltlilrtul WiT
rftlr.m tvent -scveiwa h,isJU;-rr'Ji0.uAr
Bits of the History of . New
rS'xii-T. Berne: V
On Thursday night, the 23d of July,
1S21, at half past twelve o'clock, .de
parted thist life, Mr. Johnathan -Price,
after a hhor't but not a painful illness.
VVhen a man who lias rendered emi
nent services to his country, and who
by his virtues has endeared LiniHelf to a
numerous acquaintance, takes of them
his'last his ever lasting
seems to be not improper to take some
little notice of his past life, that posteri
ty may beanabled to do justice to. hia
memory, and to profit by hia example.
And that the life of Mr. Price1 haa been
a great publio, as well as private bene
fit, in the way of his profession, no one
will deny. Although no body is igno
rant of the existence of Price's Map of
the State of North Carolina, it is believed
that neither the public utility and vast
importance of -the work, nor tlie diffi
culty of -executing it,.; have ever been
rellectcd on by one in a thousand. At
the time- of xthe undertaking, there
was very little typographical knowledge
in the country,- and to undertake and
loompletefy effect thEC bcruaJ survey of
uie wnoie tate oi nortn Carolina, pass
ing over its whole" surface, up and down
its numberless roads, laying down with
precision the situation of theBtate with
respect to'oth&vSJtatea, and the counties
with respect to eachr other tracing the
course of the rivers front their sources
to the sea delineating the mountains',
the numerous towns, villages, acad
lilies and : county' scats, and. finally
measuring and exhibiting to. the eye,
upon the map,' the .distances of places
from one toanotlter wltli the same ex
actness as if done with the surveyor
chain. -All this, I sar required adeeree
of intellect that determines the possessor!
to be one of heaven's great works. . : :
How comprehensive, how interprls
ing and energetic must have been that
mind capable of grasping at a view, both
the gigantic plan and all means jt its
accomplishment. And' how -superior
the genius and perseverance' that could
execute the' herculean .labor. It has
been the subject of eulogy, not only in
several of the States but also by the re
viewers ' of Europe. H should . be re
membered was a private,' not a
public work-... . . . ; ; ... . . .
His survey of the coast of North Caro
lina, on which he was employed by the
State, -is well known and highly ap
proved for its accuracy and is another
proof of his mathematical skill, his last
employment by the State, was for the
purpose of taking the level of several of
the counties, ascertaining the degree of
descent to the rivers themselves, thereby
ta determine the proper places for cut
ting canals. This he performed to en
tire satisfaction, v -.
,We now come to his private character.
And here I appeal to the grateful recol
lections of all my fellow citizens to say,
Itow acceptable was always the com
pany and conversation of their old
friend (for he : was the friend of all )
now, easy, now unassuming, yet how
t4opjnions of his friends happened to
oe uiuerent lrom his own, he opposed
them .with, temper. and , with candor,
neyer with acrimony, or even disrespect.
But with what gentleness did he correct
whenever it was necessary, the errone-
ous sentiments or opinions of his female
friends; he pleasingly led them to the
discovery, of truth,, by, the softness of
his tones, and the kindness of his man
ner; -and although they might not be
come converts to his opinions, they
scarce ever failed to become his friends;
but never, never did he intentionally
wound the feelings of any human being.
His capacious mind ' was amply .stored
with various kind of knowledge. Be
sides (hat, immediately connected with
hia profession," he well understood As
tronomy, Geography, and Navigation;
tie Was a tolerable Botaniut, understood
drawing and painting , very well, and
was likewise perfectly acquainted With
theology; but. in Natural Philosophy,
his knowledge was aiinost. boundl-- .
In that domestic household kind too,
eo common, but so useful, he .exceeded
almost all other men.- v - .
His charity Was of the most 'benevo
lent kind, v Far, - from confining it to a
sect, or even to a country,, it extended
to the vhole Jium'an race. As an in
stance osf, his practical morality, I will
relate a tmn suction, which he no doubt
, "Ytihe hiiJrvKlual ailmrntslnUio t pn p,
n'sili l"! mdvK-dhiii:iwt!,'tT- 'vftrtj
ibiweo and aiH- (Jij l.tpscMt, a monili.
r two the ynvptoui4 all lti'pieaiel.
' We pivtilVe 1 1 ilfin.eiif uu tlf authtv
tilicBVi Medical Mont hi vi autl4t
ftispCTis;: m?&t the .harvest' in
$utf4;.&0ite of fthe
n.i.:5Mli-..:MMtfeu me ueius, nnt T.r5;-tri lcu-.i that if is not
eitceiv ms hocks ffriciit,. antl is" oJeredthfj thmivi.iovf.l ordistoisive
inort or lesilaTuammiu ii of it I f ut ftimpjv pfhlAgfral f it fv vof in
iHiHtl." The staMling;. wheat, is ' tii.i'fl t. jjj4u ifmsr
sproutiug badl y. - " ireprfni the ! inst3nT?:nii'r tm-e in ihi -c.uury
seel ion norllrot henM-tt-Ho"fnls1Shiii4ti .tobacco
: ii3)tt ( pom. precrsPty as
j luiKr-WiiiLl;i:ivc .done. (Jui climale
; rniift tojfieitijnnoiis i-D. i I o l.oili liijuor
l.arr1 nicoi; 'fivr ; i -
Many a nJf'i)!i' -:vrfl. im-i wdi ked man
A 1i
Fatal l iti
WiU practice in tlie Counties of Greene,
Lenoir, ; Jones,: Onslow; Pamlico and
Craven; also in the U. S. District Court.
Proiutteiition al4. to Collection ol
'ii'i'.v--. Claims.':
- Apr ldvfv
hackin' yer. Not a mite 6' chloro
form in our wholooiiiniand. either
they say. Auttef yer do pull
through, tlieyif chuck yer inter
soirie of them blasted prison holes."
Colirtlns at Nrk'k Heart.
There is more courting and fiirtinp: to
the square foot, now Koing on at Nag's
Hea4Jhan a.t iiny other place in tlie
Hj-te, in )iroportii to jxipulation. In
fatUtfe a dangeroua phu-i' to go to, and
we are half inclined not to run the risk
of going down there any ,Bwre this sum
mer. Courting m like unto a quivji
uand or a crab bole, if you put your foot
in it, tlie first thing you know you ate
sucked in. Economist.
owning Son
n hoy uaineg Michael Kcssler, , who up
agcd'll ears, went in ;,u iiiiiniiiii . hl ami
ueaa: his la ihci s house - at Passaic M.t'ju' v U.vJ.
UityyiS. J ., tn Monday night, lie
got beyond his depth anil in the
current, and called for assistance.
IjLjs father, Dariiai'.l Kessler, agetl
ran out and jiunji-wU into the
river to save his son. lie was not
a very good swimmer
toll.'H I
Vk'innA-1 1 oH'j
W.liMliu lo
'Ml.ltrve, but
iniileretuud the
lii--. brain, . heart
and th;yfi w irra nr I i-uv t: l manfully
af;aiiif 1, if, but linl il, toJbnioU inv
possible lo escape ti)m il merciless
I 'ait a Ires' h healthy boy'Vlups uoi need
it nr. a sedative: he i.s not overworked:
the use of il i.-.. if he would tell the truth.
nirl Tc-limi I imsl'iii-i.K' .li.:ki. .-f.o'l.lii '1.-'.' Kt... - IT..
boy threw, lius aims a round his f smokes and chews simply from die snol
fatber's neck and held fast he- va;s
unable to do anything. Trrey-sanlc
out of sight in eatJi ot her's embrace
ami both vere diownetl. Their
botlies were subsequently recovered.
bish wish' to In- nianlv in
cyc of lads as lyiorant as himself..
Ari'iHiii'uls l..sed on its iiijniious efl'eet.
Cost, fir., aie not htcely to move him,
because luvlias not y t learned the value
of health1 and ftroncj'.
Ijthe bad passions of. bad' men, he was an
enure stranger, , ; mat t", tne above in
sinuation; pGibririethe best reply nvould
be tba swTjusvi Jqsus Christ: "Let I n
that iewitnout t-ia among you cant 1
flrKt'etontf.'- J would just remark, t
if, tose only all wed to oast stonX -p-asa.
without ein if eeems to follow ti
those who .have "Bio, ought not to c
them. In a word.- hovr seldom appears
nui?h a man uponUh tage ofiife per
haps dot oiiee. vlu ' an, age. " It is not
thought extravagant t'ay,.- that -on
many at ouut 3, "Carolina never aaw his
equal. Like the immortal Franklin, he
1M J was self taught, and. like him too, the
prominent bias of nis -mind, the strong
est trait in his character, was philan
thropy, or an unbounded love of the
whole human race. He was, hr thf
m oids of the prince of Poet a one -of "the
noblest works of God," for he was truly
and emphatically not ' only in' practice,
but in principle-;-"'ln honest man?,' "
Agisilous, King ol Sparta, being asked
"what ought children to learn" replied
"that which they ought to practice
when tbey become men. The men liv
ing in the generation just ' before and
with Jonathan Price,, in Newbern, kept
their children constantly reminded,
both with the word of God, and of the
advice of the, Spartan .Monarch; and we
find in 1$82, our town filled with young
f extraoi
Linda of
L. Haw ks it .
1 unent, that be I. . t I
take bis brothers Hu t ;
morning, before htai l .
give them a lively sv .
remark, "it w ill irouw yon .
the school master from mu
ou you." l'riee was ot (
school not Km -king to t!.e w 1
boy but to the t;uo;e,n of tl.c 1
(nay in this etJujhttued day
such teaching, yet it mt l
that when the Elder I -
left around him young m w v '
ity, learning, morality and j
would have viven litem lo. i
in any country r ae.
For who shall I y .l.ily kv 1' ' '
Is nothing Imt an ei' 1 v
While in that sound tm-ie
The nerves to briw e the Lt t '
As thinking of the utiKUty i .1 1,
Hie young from sloth lul v
start, - -And
vow with lifted but. '
Like them to auk a n ' ' ;
- But a writer tsayH, hii.l -
truth, "whichever be your 1
derstwud the world tle c-i
be the same. Its joyslin i ; ;
pass, and one t'
What is excel ; . 1m .v
quite at apt to I i . ; - ' -
lliat wltieh i ! 1 iH j 1. . .
mother happy - J " 1 '
them, must su:;.o for y
Dr. F. L. llawka is t!.- ' ' t
been the eulr i t of J.nn ' . .
, The North Carolina m. ,
Price is now I i-1 1.1,.? 1 , . '
by our citi.. - , li!e I. U i
town of New Umc, : 1 1
constantly I ;fore tl. m, v. .
siou by Vi!liain 11. I
Price's f rvey of New 1
at ti iiou cannon, at t'.--'
PjiirtCopal church fence . 1
Pollock streets. Tlieiiu .
in the Revolutionary war, t
John Wright Stanly's vea
British armed vessel at w !
brought to the jxrt. 'It wa-i 1
to the Bi itii-h 1 y I,t.!y 11. .
her name r I ur'ii 1!, and ii
now, from 1 1 Ut'L of liiit n.
It could, for a I . ruber of yeiit M t
ly seen on. the rr-r wbrie i
stands. '"
The Ictoocrntlc I .
We wai: 1 tliet-i ; 1: .
i.t 1 t
1 v
a lew
1,1:1 I,,
coiiie 11
urged ll.uu I
fMtillti tl OUt the I
the Democrntn 1
the exception of ;
and tree-heart cl
Cox, failed t.i
The policy for (dates;
abolish all' intent d i ',
tion, to wi' out I!, i
the civil v and to ,
the people ho nvc
the Weight of i 1
mass of iii)Misit im. . .
have Ihm'U done fir.-t
then the gross, cotis;i( t
of our tarifl' taxation !
wise have been swept
mercj'. . " '
Hut the Democracy in ('
had not vitality 'and em
to strike the blow, too 1
them were hot for the old tl
an appropriation; and ho i'
remain to suck away ll.e b:
of the ieoj le. '
-What than shall we ' '
we turn to tlie l""d '
a few Demon. ... 4.
and Senator ,
forbid! Ti t
the. Urigau.i -prove'loatb
see to it that
and delcriir
sincere Dei'
whom Hob ..
Kassbn bunili
Congress I '1 i it
.. I'c
have I.
WW,! 1 be
iite. Let
(V 1 r. ,-
1 I
i.ltS, 1
1a I
t .
- ..A MkCittiClll li .
-l he Hev. J. JaM r, a t o!
er of Kit hmond, a., don't
modern ut-t aiiniy. II I.
aiu'u nt 1" ' .on l!u'ua 1
nroui . IhJ eailli. Doe
1 i. n! t'oodland, M.I., if1'
( I. .raph, Ihi 11'"
l.a-t Monday week nntl
lo the oilice' a dt'Hpnti -I
ilaied Brut oil iiniiii '1
answered "All v ," t
ll.. ,.t H'f,. 1
-, be
. . k and I
. wi nt on- la
.; 1
. 1 t
k hls'seat atid f
I 1 '"v bin ey r
. ! pat,
, hainf
anl fent of)
down bin
0rigin.1l '
the i.f
hi 1
1 1,.- in r i
au I .nir, 1
paer on
he was 01. .
--vf "Ay. i'
lat mes?ae? ,It's
hould go 'ox-'
.Mr.. lUi ovf n
lsent the d
ered loug'bt wiw
- The negro then '
dis cltile. .. It's : m.t
han?in' up dar on ti
When Ve put il dar, an'
my cyr tln it sini-e.
lh-own tiled to .explain, but n;
short of sending - the paper n.
whirling: alonp; thoiekniph-w ires
satisfy Air. JUarkcy. lis u t't b
xt tho mcssaco was sent.
Vet r -i't f 1
at ul!,
k. , 1 k,iw ;.
. l.ii-u't till ,t a
ilnisl 11 tribe Price nritXatclirn.
fm i W '...'.
'HILADELPHIA, Aug. 0. I'vcry
wi. ileaale grocer in Phibub !,.Li.i
wj 'fiis morning notified ef tl.c
adracein the price of matches
from 25 cenU to l.oO per pross,
according to kind, ami the jolnV 1
an-Vlealers iu matches announced
- ..roportionate rise on their part,
notices areou their. way .thrnw,!i
out the . Union to the. sain ::.- t
as those distributed in this city,
'"'Six girls going black berry ing ft
ou the Ting Coal ' Wharf in N or
wicb, Couu., wjiere a heavy iron
pipe ; Was being unloaded f rorn n
schooner. The derrick tigir;;
broke and the pipe fell, kill in g ;
of the girls and knocking two 1 (ti
ers into the water, who were n
cned unharmed. ,
' . ,

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