North Carolina Newspapers

NEW BEUNE, N. C SEPT. 14. 1883.
Mr. John F. Blewfcbrn-, i Klaston,
h9 a lint of oar subscriber at that of
fice and utiiif of tbe neighboring of
ees. He- is antharluJ eolleet and
teceipt for snbseripttOBa (o the JOI7R-
HAL. ' : r. -' ' .- V -is '; - : .
Kinston. Items.
Corn, SI. 00 per bushel. " -'-.J -'
Meal,S1.20 " . '. '..,
- Wheat, S1.C0.' " ..V . - .. - -.'
: N. C. Haras, 20c. per tt.- '''- v' ;,-'
Sides, 18c ,"; ..'.;, :.. ..V;
Shoulders 18c .'. ' "!, . ' ' '
- Beeswax, 22c ... . -': . -;V.' ",
Chickens, 30 to SOcper pa-.- L! -;
Eggs, 15c per dozen. ' .- :- ". -
- The above are retail prices. V .'.:.' .
Cotton (Baled) 11c to llic " V :
Cotton, seed, Sic. f-U-.Kyf'..M'
About twenty-five . bales of. cotton
came in last week, ; W F, Stanley
bought twenty-one bales.; . .. -: .
v Miss Julia B. White of this place left
4l iuay ior ias. juary h stuucn at xuticigu,
where she goes to complete her. educa
tion. , - , T j - .
Mrs. E. F. Coxi with her children,
arrived home last Tuesday evening from
her trip of health and pleasure, in the
western part of tlie State. ,'. V'--
t The little toy of Pete Phillips living
in Vance township, who was scalded
. last vveok by the breaking, of a coffee
pot handler, has since died of his : inju
ries. : - -f'. ;-.s':--':r..-5-;
John A. Parroit.'a eon of the late
James M. Parrott, died on Friday night
last, after weeks of great suffering. He
was a youn man of exemplary life and
his loss will be sadly -felt.
E. W. Bizzle, of La Grange, who ran
for Register of Deeds two years ago is
aain the candidate for the same posi
tion. He is not so well known, but - is
said to be a gentleman of fine, business
qualifications - .' . ' :
F. B. Loftin, Esq., candidate - for the
republican Senatorial nomination from
(ireen and Lenoir, stirred the political
v luers-from the bottom at Snow Hill
L. t week. His speech is Baid to have
been a masterly effort. -' " i'". '-."'-'-
The Republican nominee for Superior
Court clerk in Jones county may look
out very soon for. a sweeping cyclone in
iiis section. It is said that Dick Stan
ford, who whitewashes - very ' neUy
when he 1 andles the paint brush, has
been employed to investigate the pedi
gree and record of this candidate during
tlie late -war. - ' r- ''V .r;-- '-- -'-.
Capt. E..Rrage, the Republican can
didate for the House of Representatives
in Jones county, was in town several
ihivs last week. He made a wide
awake representative in the last General
A-nibly, and the people and he Re-
..can party or j cues wui promote
i . if--,;- mfpist nvr retuminir nun mine
' next legislature. ' . -
It appears that the Perrys are very
lucky in; Republican conventions.- In
the rommation ior csuperior uourt ciers
cfj county, it is said the colored
brethren drew the colored line in favor
of the nominee. Perhaps the nominee
will now abandon the proposition to
e: blisli a Whipping post at every col
oii -J man's door in the Suite. . ;
Anthony Davis, Esq., of Pink HiU,
was in t n last Monday fixing up his
"war paint" for his enemies whore;
cently ci r.trived his defeat for the Leg-'
islature. It is said he will put Uncle
Kiiby Jones on the war path, -vho pro
poses t bring in the scalps; of Sheriff
Davis, lawyer ferry and their Lieuten-ant-Gener;
I Dk'k Vhitfieldr next No
vember. The Democratic- countyltonvention at
Kinston last Saturday, it is said nomina;
ted a strong ticket for the' legislature
and for - county officers. -Dempsey
"U ixxl. Jr., is brought out for the House
branch of tlie legislature. His family
nnectiuns unite him with a large por
tion of ihe Republican partybesides
lie carries a strong pocket book and-is a
clever fellow in every way. i-j-yyy, -
B. W. Cannady, of the business, firm
of Miller. & Carjnady, lately mayor of
Kinston,' takes tlie . place, for county
treasurer. He is a young man of popu
lar manners, is a gooa wire puller, - has
great material solidity, runs the Kinston
Machine Shop, runs a large . Hardware
store and several plantations, and still
Ikis capacity to manage 'with success
the county funds. . ". .-
J. D. Hntton, Esq. there is a . resgi
ment of Buttons, white and colored ' in
this county is the candidate for Sher
iff. He is a good man of "good old
stocK," flaring and energetic, runs a
t every voter before breakfast and will
certainly reduce tlie Davis "fraction"
to the decimal of an nought before - No
vember next. 1 - - , v . -'
Our Lieutenant Governor, Major W.
J. 1 iarret. seeks to add to the title of
J ., ge of Probate to the many surround
ings of his name. : It is not yet known
that Governor Jarvis will permit this
nomination, since it : breaks the slate
made by the Governor and Billy Wood
pile to save tlie State two "years hence
with Robinson "and Bartett.- A - ukase
is expected from the Capitol counter
manding this nomination and ordering
. th a -faithful "to hold Barret and save
the State." . ;;- . . . ... - -
Tlie threat of the revival ' t the Ku
Klux by "Old Bart", and .the -certain
ty of many sudden ; deaths from- the
'"worm of the Btill" after, the election,
offering in . inviting prospect for '.bu
siness , have induced our life long friend,
Durham Grady, to stand for Coroner
II is i lace will pay well well unless all
appearances fail. Such is the Demo
cratic ticket. , It has youths beauty and
the "root of all evil" with ; which to
' fight the so-called Republican ticket
and vol victis is the sigh of the hopeful
Independents. -
Endorsing resolutions seem. to. share
the like fate in democratic as in repub
lican conventions. ; One was introduced
last Saturday- in t he . Democratic . con
' venton, endorsing Hon. Matt W. Ran
som as umtea otaies jsenator ana sus-
:1 gpfting his re-election-by the nex( legis-
lature lue Jarvis wing of the party
juniea t it ute av'uucK a iter-a jome
.bug " an J jioon picked all the fife out of
ir. I f i lift frlend-i tt h-nn-rrni-;nr
-.. :w vigilant and faithful iif olher coun-
ties as in this; orir wily aid working chief
jnagistrate win surely recc-cause .itt the
noar future 'tThe applause "f listening 1.
nutesxo rommaiia."..'-! ;
Tlie action of our county commission
ers last Monday in altering Woodington
- township so as to make three townships
thereof turns out to be a "little tod pre
vious" au.l 'contrary - to ? law, and
Kainstthe .-peace.. and : diguity "of the
fetate-' - - The act authorizing the county
Pftnimiinrtorii in olfAr fir -praatA -nflar
.- pence shall sit with them when doing
- this k md of work.' The justices' of the
,"" count y were not notified of the intended
, action of:. the commissioners,: nor did a
majority pf the justices sit with them
.- when they altered Woodington town-
thip" Tlieir action, therefore-,; is null
and void. ... . -s-;
Tlie management of the Midland Rail-r-
road seems to be giving great dissatis-
i ; nating favors against farmers and col
ored "The manao-pment peril
up their free excursion feats, entirely:
ignoring both fanners and colored mer
chant, who- - likely ..contribute more
towards feeding, and f sustaining" the
, roadthan the whole batch of favorites
w ho partake of their - special- favors.
The neglected ones shpuld remember,
however, -that; tlie tlNeuse River "Navi
gation -. Company" carries freight and
passengers with neatness and dispatch
and deals justly, and etiuallr with all
uvub iv. iaa, coiror previ
ous condition," .
' The impulsive and indomitable Frank
Parrott is after, the "Hubbs fraction"
for publishing a resolution,' purporting
to have been passed at the Republioan
convention at Kinston on the 26th. of
LAugust last, endorsing Ilubbs for Con
gress, which : resolution never saw the
light of that ; convention, x- It was an
after birth of the convention and now
has the odor of putrifaction about iti
Frank declares the one hundred and
five, thousand colored population in this
district must , have a representative of
their race in the law making- assembly
of the country. The carpet bagger must
give way to a rightful representative of
the colored ace. . - ,
-The Hutbsi'fraction,'' it seems, can
not get tllcrliang of the clause, sine die.
It has come to be quite as fatal to their
Conventions device is to their tickets.
They adjourn Conventions Vwithout a
day", " "which pf course puts the pre
siding officer out of authority as well as
forever disbands the body over which
he presides. The same presiding officer
then calls the" same Convention of dele
gates to a particular dcj and goes
through the.farce of doing what ought
to have been done before adjourning sine
die and calls its work regular and its
beneficiary, a nominee
. Again, a pre
siding . officer.1: . after adjourning his
Convention sine die and the Convention
disbands forever, -coniiocts a resolution
endorsing a favorite for position and
then publishes this Peter Funk resolu
tion as the act. of the Convention over
which . he presided. Now these pre
siding officers, '..with, their advisors, who
practice this sort of mental legerdemain
areT. either drowning nien catching at
straws, or a cheeky Bet of "damphols,"
as Doesticks would say, who ought to
be relegated to the limbo of political
oblivion. ' - ;
' La Grange Iterar.
Corn, 80 cents.
; Meal, SO cents. .
r' Pork, 15 cents, retail.
' N. C Hams, 18 cents.
Cotton; Hi cents. V .
Voods are arriving in quantities, u.
Moses, infant son of John L. and Julia
Walters, died in t this place on the 3d
inst " ' -- . , , ,
' The first bale of new cotton of this
season sold in this place, was sold on
Saturday by W S. rUzzell, at Hi cents,
Edwards & Murchison being the pur-
chaser3,i4i'r5;l';" "
" 'Iiasfe' week there wan in this place
almost a meat famine. But few of the
merchants had any. and these few . but
a small quantity. Farmers should have
their meat houses at home. -
The- wet, cloudy: weather is certainly
very unfavorable, to; the ' cotton crop.
In this connection I see that commission
merchants are urging upon farmers the
benefits to be derived, from getting cot
ton xtut dry, assorting so. as to not have
lorn irrnHMi-n IVia camA tiatr" wViioli -liotr
lcail. -TOix-packed, " and the great neces
sity of sheltering after packing. ;
, SiniWooten had up his sign, selling
at cost for - the next " fifteen .days for
cash," iast week. The last two words
prevented many ; sales. M. S. Webb,
next door tOv Sim, puS out hisy - at cost
selling at cost." They were both taken,
down the latter part of the week, but
I learn that when Webb wishes to make
a sale, he twists his sign, and Slover
Ervan, who does businessonposite, goes
over and makes a purchase.
-The Postmaster at this place has. re.-.
ceived over two hundred f postal cards.
enquiring for one Johnston Campbell
who is represented to havedrawn $1,000
in the. Kansas City, ixutery. Unite a
number of letters .addressed to said
Campbell has been received at this office,
some of .which have ' been stent to the
dead letter office,'ahd as the man ia not
known to be about here,: the enquiry is,
i the Lottery A fraud-, and who is Jolm
ston Campbell?. - . " ?
Tlie - County Democratic Convention
met last Satnrday, y Tlie desire previous
to the meeting in this section seemed to
be,, tliajt 'candidates' be selected who
couhl com mand the support of the party,
and that one be.' especially -selected for
the "Legislature; who could discuss, be
fore the people the issues between the
parties, nphold ; the time honored prin-:
ciples of democracy, and materially; aid
in the campaign m carrying. Jthe aiarty
to victory. . Of the candidates selected,
l nave neard s no objection to speafc or,
except that made for the Legislature. -'
' The objections to Mr. '. Wood about
here, so far as I have been able to learn,
are first, his want of ability to canvass,
and second, that he is not sufficiently,
identified with the- party. . , As. to first,
no one thoroughly acquainted will raise
any question; and as to the second, it is
charged that he has . in every : election,
the last probably excepted) voted for
the Republican candidates , for. county
ofiice&r I understand that in other por
tions of the county, he will be objected
to on account of his position on the no
fence law -The question now is, will
the party support him ? ' ; ...' ".
Dcmoeratle Nominee In Lenoir.
The Democratic Convention of Lenoir
was held at' Kinston ; yesterday. - The
chairman of the executive committee
called the meeting to order and made a
a good, sensible speech, . ; ; .- - -.
Mr. A. J. Loftin was - called to the
chair, Daniels of tlie JVee Press was re
quested to act as secretary and Nunn of
the-JouBKAL assistant secretary. -
.: On - motion v the .temporary organ iza
was made permanent. .- v
- On a calf, of the different townships
all were found to be represented.
- On motion of R. ; W. Pope, the plat
form adopted by the State Convention
was endorsed. . - , ,
Moved and ' adopted that all resolu
tions he acted upon before the nomina
tions. -
-Maj. W. J. Barrett offered the follow
ing resolution which was adopted:
v Resoleed, . That the Democracy of
Lenoir county,; in full Convention as
sembled, heartily endorse the Senato
rial course -of : Hon. - Matt W. Ransom
and had him as a true representative of
North Carolina, whose interests entitle
him tooths lasting gratitude of the peof"
pie oi jn ortn Carolina. ; , ;
; Moved and adopted that the Conven
tions proceed to, nominate candidates
in open Convention...,
I The following were nominated: f;l
'-; For the Legislatuie, Dempsey Wood
of Falling Creek I for Clerk of the SW
perior Court, W .-' J.. Barrett ; Sher i if , J .
D. Sutton; . Treasurer, B. W. Canady;
Register of Deeds, E. W. Bizzell: Coro
ner, Durham Grady. .
W t f Tl II t It fr Skril tn I? Mf 'rkl ii r r
; .-1. tljf-fPrevloHS Condi tiou.
Snow Hill, Sept. 9. 1882.
1 Editok Mbssekger: At the Republi
can .Conentioniow being held-here,
ine nominees iuus; lar .n re; ror iiouse
of Representative, W; T. Dixon, (pres
ent Representative), for Sheriff, Jan. S.
Smith; for Coroner, Hymbrick Harpor,
coL; for Clerk Superior Court, D. W.
-Mr. Fred joftin, of Kinston, (new
eont?err) has just made a speech and in
his concluding remarks said: '"Let us
all go to the ballott-box in November
and vote the solid Republican and coa
lition ticket without regard to race,
color "or ' previous condition of servi
tude." He was enthusiastically cheered
by the colored "brethren." His speech
was very bitter. They are just now
calling for O'Hara. He was endorsed
as candidate - for Congress. I write
hurriedly as the mail is about to close.
Goldsboro Messenger. '
Jlaine Election.
We learn from the following telegram
received in the city yesterday evening
that the Dutch have captured Holland :
Washington, D. C.
WeTiave carried everything in Maine;
Governor, Congressional and Legislative
D. B. Hendeefkjn. Sec.
Ve publlsli below the op-lis day of
a linruber of the Fall Superior- Coiu-tu
Our Canvassing Agent, Mr, C. fl. TAT.
LOB. will be ion hand to solicit new
snbsef ibera and to collect from the old
ones. Will onr gnbscribers b hind
enough to hunt htm up and pay up past
dnesl We take pleasure in hearing tes
timony to "the fact that,: in the past, the
JOURNAL subscribers have been very
prompt In paying up, and we only make
this notice because our subscription list
'is so large that our agent can only meet
with the bulk of ocr subscribers during
the Superior Courts.
Pitt' i omt (o s')iL is.
tri-ei-ne - ' . . uet.
.lones ' '
Onsiiw " - "
llarf .
Hi'aulVn t
. -. ......,. Kov.
New Berne Items.
Mr. J. Ii Rhem. has about 25 acres of
fall crop irish tytatoes. They are look
ing welLVv
Our townsman, A. G. Hubbard, Esq.,
we regret to say. is still confined to his
room. '
A few days ago Mr. Geo. W. White,
of Onslow, killed a buck weighing 150
pounds, dressed. Pretty fail buck.
The man, "Mr." Laugh lin, an employee
of the Midland Company, who was Cut
in an affray by I)r. Robinson at Smith
field last Sunday has, we learn, died.
-The;IemOeratici County Executive
Committee met in this city Tuesday
and determined to "call 'a county con
vention for October 7th, to nominate
candidates for county officers.
We learn that at a. meeting of the
Cotton Exchange, held was
decided to rent the vacant lot in front
of the Exchange and floor it over for the
benefit of the cotton sellers.
Mr. J. W. Pelletier of Pelletier's
Mills bought on Saturday an engine
for ginning purposes from Mr. J. C;
Whilty. -Mr. Whitty sold aleo on same
day a Ctttver Condenser to Mr. E. B.
Cox.'-V . "j - .
1 - - - . t ..-
New Berne's first bale of cotton "was
on the market .Saturday. tl Major Den
nison was the owner, haying ginned
it from differexit lots that he had bought
up." Tlie sample w-aaiBfeVior'and'tliie
pvynerosclnded ,to ship.
C Isaac Smithy Esq.; Mr, Page's contest
ant for legislative honors in the Trenton
convention, says that a large part of the
colored voters in Jones have determined
to run Moses J. Green . for the Legisla
ture anyway. He says they want one
of their own orace to represent them
Religions IS'eirw.
. The Baptist revival at Polloksville
continues, with niucli interest Seyeral
confessions were made :up to Monday.
The meeting is conducted by Rev. Mr.
Cashwell assisted by Rev. Mr. Baker.
The Exod listers.
' We occasionally ear from the col
ored people who went ; to Kansas and
Indiana : three years ago. They have
failed - to better their condition and
many Vould gladly come back. We
saw several days ago a letter from one N,
R. Hatch-of ShelvilleInd., to Mr. W.
H. West of Lenoir county making earn
est and pathetic appeals for help in re
turning to North Carolina. He closes
up with the characteristic inquiry about
how the colored churches were getting
along in.Jiis old neighborhood. -
Bringing; In the Stalks.
Mr." Walter Bray brought in to Mr.
Geo. Allen on Saturday, a cotton stalk
from Capt. Gray s farm, with more
than fifty: bolls on S it and the cotton
was planted in the latter part of May.'
Mr. F. S. Ernul brought in on same
day, a stalk of cotton measuring 8 feet
9i inches, and with limbs four and five
feet long. fThere1; was a considerable,
sprinkling fbolls, but not in propor
tion to stalk It was raised by a tenant,
Charles Keys, on Mr, Ernul's farm on
Swift Creek on upland that had been ,
cleared 100 years. - - i-ii
Crop on South Creek.
& Capt. W A. Thompson who has just
returned from a trip to Portsmouth via
South Creek, gives us the , following in
formation about the crops:
i Cotton is materially damaged ; there
will, not be more than one-fourth of
crpp made on the beach land, but on the
swamp land ittis not injured so badly.
Two thirds of a crop isa fair estimate.
Corn is yety- good. "There will be
more made this year than ever before.
Rice is very good: the acreage is not
as large as last year, but double the
quantity .will bg made fjplhe acre.
Political Points.
Johnson Bryan was in the city yester
day and in an interview by ' a Jouenai.
reporter reveilea the following as the
status of politics in the Core Creek sec
tionr-. -.- i j .
' - The Greenbackers are caving in and
looking for their holes.
The Liberals all have the sore. nose.
The -Republicans are all on crutches.
"There ain't one that can walk without
a crotch,. V . .
Between Hahn andStimson it is "hip
and thigh." . . v. .- -
The Democrats are straightening up.
Some of them are now eight feet high
and will soon be ten.
Teachers for tlie Graded School.
The tiustees of the New Berne Acade
my at a meeting held Monday evening
elected the following as assistant teach
ers for the Graded School :
Prof. Geo. W. "Neal, Miss Corinne
Harrison,. Miss Rachael Brookfield,
Mrs! A. . B. Ferrebee, Miss Annie D.
Chadwick, Miss Pettigrew, of Washing
ton county, and Miss Core of Norfolk,
Va. In addition to those. Prof. John
on,is allow ed the privilege of selecting
one assistant.
"! The teachers selected give assurance
that the Graded School will be success
ful froni the beginning. Five of them
have won enviable reputations in this
city as successful teachers; and Miss
Pettigrew brings a flattering recom
mendation from the Nashville, Ten
nessee Normal School, aud Miss Core is
highly recommded by the Norfolk Fe
male College.
The names of two huudred and sixty
pupils had been enrolled up to Monday
- -. ? r -
New Advertisements.
Einstein, the "old reliable" of Kin
ston, comes back to his first love in this
week's Journal. While in Kinston he
was our heaviest advertiser, and his in
creased sales showed that it was money
well spent.
Oscar Williams tolls of his advent in
Kinston commercial life. "A new
broom sweeps clean,'1 and it is worth
while to irive him a trial and tret the
benefit of his first efforts.
Humphrey and Howard of New Berne
tell of their attractive stock of goods.
They are driving merchants, and we
hojKj that their increased trail e this fall
will convince them that money put in
Journal advertising is a good invest
ment. Maj'or Howard wants to gin cotton for
the public, and he is too well and favor
ably known to need any commendation.
The announcement of the fact that he is
prepared to do custom work is f.uili
cient. R. Rayncr of Kinston, the politest
merchant in Eastern North Carolina,
makes his politest how to tlie readers of
the Journal. His goods are as ni-e as
his manners, and that is saying much
for him.
Mr. N. M. Gaskill of this city tells the
young men where to get their fashiona
ble clothing made up: give him a trial
and be convinced.
New Berne Cotton Market
Hie Cotton market has .not ,opened
here yet, but we pi'edict that when it
does commence, this' market will have
no superior in the Stated " The 'buyers
hero are dealing direct with exporters
and manufacturers, and the; facilities
for shipping are better than ever before,
and better than any other market in
the State Wilmington, perhaps, ex
cepted and there is no reason why the
best prices tdiould not be paid.; The
Raleigh and Goldsboro markets may
sometimes show better prices on paper
from the fact that a better grade of cot
ton is made on the uplands than in this
low country, but if our Siuithfield and
La Grange subscribers will try this
market with some of their fancy staple
we think they will be well paid for
their trouble. V "; 'f't-ffi '
One plan we expect to follow in the
future, as in the past: The Journal
is published in the interest of farmers
and not cotton buyers, and if the buyers
here don't pay the best of prices we
expect to let it be known.
Your Name in Priut.
Mrs. Henry -R. Bryan, and Miss
Cartway left yesterday for
Mi3s Willie Brooks of Johnson's Mills
Pitt county is visiting friends in the
Mr. Bi-yan McCullan, Sr., and lady
are in the pity visiting their ons Oscar
and Lafayette.
Henry Archbell of the Kinston Bak"
ery was in the city Tuesday.
Mr. C. W. Hollowell of Pasquotank
county, owner of the Nags Head prop5-erty-called
to see us Tuesday. Sorry we
were not in. the office at the time.
Mr. C. E. Foy( has returned from his
Northern trip much improved in health.
He is now ready for business.', ,
Charles H. Blank has returned from
the purchase of a large stock of goods,
and has a business-like step.
G. M. 1. Dail was on the corner again
Tuesday in good .trim for Work.
J. f. Brogden, of Trenton returned
from New York Tuesday and was
looking as peart as a echool boy. "
Mr. T. C. Whitaker a me rchant of
Trenton was in the city Tuesday.
Mr. John R. Harding of Kinston is in
the citv. He intended; leaving oil the
Shenandoah for Union College, Schen
ectady, NY. Tuesday, but a too long
search for a jewel who had left the city
eaused him to arrive at the wharf just
ten minutes after the boat had left.
' Rev. N. M. Jiirneypassed up the road
Monday morning on his way to the
Sovereign Grand Lodge I. O. O. F.,
which Convenes in Baltimore next Mon
day. 1 " "
Mrs. Sarah Taylor and Miss Colo who
have been visiting this section recently,
returned to Chapel Hill Monday.
Gen. R. Ransom is on a trip North on
business connected with government
works in his charge.
Mr. Matt Manly returned on Sunday
night from Maryland, whither he has
been spending the summer, and is now
ready to tackle the new erop of cotton.
Messrs. Win. Cavanaugli, B. W.
Marshburn and C. N. Marshburh of
Onslow are in the city. They report crops in their neighborhood
Cotton Reports.
From letters received by the" New
Berne Cotton Exchange, from different
farmers in the adjoining counties, we
collect the following reports: . -
C. S. Wooten of La Grange reports
cotton "three weeks late; with lare
weed but not fruiting as well as usual. "
W. H. West, Kinston: "Too much
rain since July; crop ten daysi late;
grassy; badly shedded on light land;
pretty fair crop on stiff land. -, ; .
f Isaac Brown, Tuckahoe, Jones county:
"The almost incessant rains since mid
dle of July has Caused too much weed
on strong land and stopped growth on
light land, and but tew bolls . made
since Aug. 1st. The outlook is from 20
to 30 per cent less than last year, and
picking will hot commence before the
loth or 20th. A full average corn crop;
too much rain for peas and potatoes. "
J. M. F. Rhodes, Comfort, Jones
county: "I think the cotton crop is
cut off one third, I have 16 acres that
will average 5 feet high, and will aver
age 30 bolls to the yard in length.
Would have made two bales per acre of
a good year."
W. H. Dail of ; Snow Hill: "Crop
about same as last year too wet now
and too.drythen. We expect ait aver
age crop; but for the fearful rains we
would have made much over an aver
age one." .
E. B. : Hargett & Bro., Silver Dale,
Onslow county : "Labor inferior and
very scarce. Not more than one-half or
two-thirds of an average crop will be
made on account of excessive rains. " '
John Pearce, 5 Polloksville, N. C:
"Rains have increased the stalk and
decreased the bolls. Tlie crop stands
about 85 per cent.'?
D. S. Aman, Palo Alto, N. C: "Cot
ton two w;eeks late; labor ten per cent
short, and crop poor."
E. F. Sanderson, Polloksville: "The
rains have caused the cotton weed to
grow very rapidly but not boiled accord
ing to growth."
C. H. Fowler, Stonewall: "Crop
later by 15 or 20 days; owing to inces
sant rains since July 4th, has not had
its fnll share of plowing; is in bad con
dition." J. W. Sanders, Sanders' Store, Car
teret county: ' "Rust or some disease is
causing cotton to shed its leaves and to
ripen. Many fields are now opening,
and t!i ' crop will be out by Oct. 15th.
W. S. Hell Jr., Newport: "Condition
of crop tolerably good better than hist
year, though injured some by rains in
the last thirty-days.
Hyde County Item3.
Have been very busv over since I
heard from you, but I send a few items
picked up between times.
Mr. Williams of your village, has been
visiting relatives.
Protracted meeting going on in the
Methodisth churh at Swan Quarter.
Mr. Thos. R. Jarvis of Sladesville,
lost his infant daughter last week.
I hear of no weddings, but courting
is progressing finely. Look out for
news when the cold season sets in.
Rev. Mr. B.irbour, on South Lake,-is
bereaved over the loss of a little i-on
He died unexpectedly, of congestion
Aged about 7 years.
I see that Geo. Credlc is determined
to keep Hyde ahead. Perhaps that
barl" had a very large bunghole or the
bungiiolc In 1 n vivij -an t'l b trrjl.
Price, the Liberal, has been to Swan
Quarter. He made his little speeches
consisting chiefly in arraigning the
Democratic party. We tlroiight he
a Liberal judging from his speech he
is a Radical.
Rice crips are very line, but tlie
worms have appeared and serious in ju
ry is feared. Corn is more or less in
jured in all parts of the county: on
some ot tlie low- lands auout raiment a
total failure. Cotton is weeding finely,
but I have not seen an open boll.
Beaufort Items.
Miss Matilda Arondell (lied in the city
on Tuesday, aged 59 years.
Mr. W. F. Kornegay of Cohlsboro,
Mr. N. M. Lawrence of Tarhoro, and
Rev. N. M. Jnrney. are now ilshin? bv
the day. Mr. Kornegay hooked a
mackerel which he said pniled like a
Julius F. Jones was on Thursday
nominated by acclamation for sheriff.
Rev. li. II. Harding on the fourth ballot
was nominated for the House; Dr. li. E.
Walker for clerk of Superior Court,
and Rev. John liumiey for register of
deeds. There was no discord in the
c invention. Oil. W. J. Green and
Gov. Jarvis spoke in front of the Ocean
View hotel.
Jones'tfounty Itemsv"
Jno. "W. Wooteh, Esq.', had the mis
fortune of losing two of his, horses one
day last week. , i i
It is very quiet in Trenton now, noth
ing to relieve the monotony but an oc
casional political discussion.
; Hope the citizens of the county will
remember Hon. J. W, Shakelford will
speak at Trenton next Saturday , the 10th
inst.1 : ' . - .
Thcr land of Thos. F. Worley was sold
to-day' by the ? county commissioners;
H."C Koonce bought it, paying $1201. 00
for it; " .'-
Mr. Jas. Pollock of Trenton, who has
been so very sick,' we are glad to ; know
is rapidly improving and we hope will
soon be up again. , -
---.Mr. Jno. I. Heath, one of -our ener
getic and successful farmers brought
the fir i lot of seed cotton to this market
this season, which was sold for 3.37 per
We were shown on last Saturday by
jr. ocaroorougn some ot tne nnest ap- i
pies we nave ever seen. - lney were
presented to him by Mr. Andrews of
of Beaver Creek. The heaviest weighed
13 ounces and three of them turned the
scales at 37 ounces. ;
Miss Fannie Koonce, daughter Of Mr;
Amos Koonce about 18 years of rge
died at home on Cypress Creek last
Sunday-morning of the typhoid fever.
Miss Fannie had been for several years
a consistent member of the Methodist
Swansbo'ro items.
Mr. Lemuel Mills caught 000 mullets
in one night this" week, li in size, hear,
the mouth of New river.
Capt. Heady is now prepared to furn
ish fish in any quantity and at all times
and so is Capt. James Loughlin ; both
have good fisheries.
Some Weddings on hand, will tell
next week. No deaths lately; Doctors
are starving. Alarmingly healthy etc.
So mote it be, Amen.
, Monday last was a big day in Jack
sonville. We thought we would see
fighting .going on between the candi
dates, but all passed off without it not
enough spirits drank; , only one man
drunk, Capt. Peter . Way who always
attends to the drinking part the first
Monday, and by the by he made the best
speech of the day.
We have had lively, times here for
some time. People are all lively, health"
good, crops not very bad, plenty , to eat
so far as fish, clams and oysters are con
cerned, and the' merchants are about
going off North to buy their fall stock
of goods, etc. Pittman. Mattocks and
Dennis are going, but our old friend
Thomas S. says he will not go this time,
her will send by the rest of them for his
Mr. A. F. Farnell, jr.v is picking cot
ton; he has a large field open but says
he don't think it will turn out as good
as he expected, but cprn, field peas and
sweet potatoes he has enough to fatten
all the hogs, squirrels, cows' and bears
in the neighborhood, and then will hare
plenty left for a dozen families Tor one
year, notwithstanding John Summons
says he has 150 coons to every 200 yards
square on his plantation.
, A grand farmers 'picnic at Montfoit's
mill last Saturday, a .regular fish fry;
about 250 present, and so sure as you
live, fish and clams did not go begging.
Heady had furnished the clams and J,
A, Kellam the -fish.- A splendid time,
bu t very warm, and the young wido
wers were fairly splurging. Only eight
widowers, and all candidates, too; just
think ' of it. Not all candidates for
county offices, such as have been men
tioned, but candidates for matrimony!
a still better office. Mr, Sol. Gornto
concludes that he is a candidate now,
and wants the young ladie3 to vote for
him, so does Mr. Micagah Farnell .and
Maj. 1 . O. Fonville, all young widowers
and candidates for matrimony and think
from the way they acted Saturday they
will soon b3 elected. Mu.c and danc
ing was a part of the picnic amuse
ment.' More snake3 thU Week. Mr. T.
Marshall was getting his fodder last
week when a large coach-wlnp snake
attacked him and his boy; tho monster
had a white rabbit in his mouth, and
was 12 feet long. He attacked the boy,
who is about 13 years old, and if it had
not been for Zeph, probably would have
whipped the boy to death. The rabbit
was a genuine white rabbit; don't know
where it came from. The snake was
killed, and Bryce Morris killed a large
rattle snake 7i feet long with 14 rattles,
and measured 22 - inches around; his
rib bones were 5 inches long; inside was
a live raccoon and a dead blue heron.
i. II. Littleton saw another snake yesr
terday near Maj. Fonville 's 10 feet long
but did not succeed in killing him. It
was of the coach-whip breed, so says
Mr. Littleton; but as Mr. L. didn't kill
the snake we don't know how he got
its length. Guess he measured him as
he run.
Last Saturday, some 200 or 300 assem
bled to hear the speech of Hon. J. W.
Shackelford and some of the county
candidates. The speech by Shakelford
was as good as usual; he spoke in in
terest of Col. W. J. Green for Congress
and the nominees generally of theDem
ocratic party. J. H. Foy, independent
and C. S. Hewett, also independent,
with Dr. C. Thompson, nominee, all
made speeches, all candidates for the
same office, that of Representative of
Onslow. Foy and Hewett had the most
to say, one giving the other's record,
etc., which added not a little to the
merriment of the crowd. Thompson
seems to be confident of his election, as
he is the nominee, but the county is bad
ly split, and a good chance for a Repub
lican to get elected this year to the
Legislature. Mr. Thomas Gilman is the
Republican candidate; he made a speech
at Jacksonville on l:st Monday. . Out
live candidates for the Legislature and
three for Register of Drjd-s;, all the rest
have dropped out. Two for Sheriff, two
for Clerk are all in that lino. Don't
want the Sheriff and Clerk's office so
Polloksville Items-
Quite a b.vy of pretty girls n w visit
ing our town.
Cotton has commenced coming in and
the feature; of the furnisher relaxnth a
It makes a darkey mad to tell him
that the Democrats don't intend to al
low him to hold office and that they
have E. 11. Page to help carry out that
Mr. S. 11. Rountreeof Kinston, Grand
Lecturer of tin State, has been holding
dose communion with the members tt
1 Polloksville Lodge No.
l?-- A. F. A.
i M.. for the past few days.
The Messrs. Bell have moved to town
and commenced business in tlieir new
; store, with Mr. (ins llaskim as chief I
1 clerk. The advent of this firm adds
i materially t tin; business and s .-ial
' status of the place.
' Politics continue to attract unabated
! interest and it reallv looks as though
the whites, even in this benighted coun
ty have the inside track. The color line
h;is been drawn by the while U"publi
cans themselves, at the Trenton conven
tion held by the Republicans a few days
ago, not a single negro was nominated
for oliice. Contrary to the wi.-.'ws of a
great many of that race.
We've heard a good many darkies
around here say that they will not sup
port Cab Scott and Eli Perry, but if S.
Iv Koonce and T. J. Whitaker announce
themselves independent candidate.-;,
they will do all they can to elect them.
The former has already announced
himself an independent candidate and
it behoove- the hitter to do likewise il
he desire-i re-election. The Democrats
seem much elated at-the notion of the
Beaufort convention of Sept. -7th and
strongly pred ict Whitf ord 's victory over
factions,; fraud and variegated politi-
Stonewall Item3 V
Rain, rain and still it comes.
Tlie Tiger Lilly arrived here with a
full cargo of freight" Saturiaj', dis'
charged and left for your'city.'
The Republican 'convention of this
county convened in Bayboro Saturday
agreeably to adjournment. , Mr. R., 8.
Daniels wa ; m ;Jc permanent chairman,
and Mr, W. A. Carrawail Secretary.
The commiitij on credentials reported
all right on that line.i Tlie' fimt ! busi
ness on hand was the nomination of
Sheriff. Mr. W. D. Alford beiujr the
man. For clerk Superior Court. David
Lee : for Register of Deeds P. J Dela
ma : Coroner V. T. Dickerson ; Survey
or W. A. Carnuvan. (Mr. Jno. R. -!Mc-Cotter
who liu-1 already r-announced
himself a. i in Uvended candidate for
Treasurer was- unanimously, endorsed
aud Capt- Jns. 8. Laiie independent for
the Legislature was ,also ' unanimously
endorsed. 1c w n one of the most har
monious and orderly conventions I have
witnessed. i . .
Mr. C. n. Fowler isi receiving a large
stock of mjr;!iiu li-se and so is Mr.
F. F. Cherry. Mr. VV. H. Gaskins re
turned home Friday niht from a1 trip
to Morehead City where Madame ru
mor saj-s he went to see s fiie one in or
about' Portsmouth' who ho would be
more than pleased to induce to be
come a citizen of Stonewall: Mj, C II.
Fowler" is pushing his saloon' ami ware
house to completion. Prof. A. I t. Ham
lhi is having, his lumber put in. "position'
for his new residence and for the occu
pancy of a desirable hotif ekeeper. J,Mr.
S. II. Fowler, of Biyborois having' one
of 'the most commodious 'stoVe-i' in the1
county built to accommodate his exten
sive trade. Mr. Jas. B. Turner of same
place is aiding an addition to hia 'store
to supply a ''necessity- ! To accompio:
date his trade ha and Mr. H. II. Dowdy
are North purchasing their goods etc. ' :
Cotton Middling llc;lo.w middling
IllfC.. good ordinary lie. ; ordinary 10c
None in market. .
Corn- 72c. in bulk; 75c. in sacks.
Turpentine Receipts moderate. Firm
at JJ2.50 for yellow dip. . '
Tab Firm at 1.50 and 81.75.
Beeswax 20c. to 22c. per ib.
Honey 00cs per gallon.
Wheat 90c. per bushel. .
Country BACON-Hams 18c; sides
16c. j shoulders 15c." Lard 15c.
Beef On foot, 5c. to Cc.
Eg& 18c. per dozen.
Peanuts 1.50. per bushel.
Fodder $1.10.
Peaches 50c. per peck.
Apples 65c. per bushel.
Pears $1.00 per bushel. -
Grapes Concord, 1.00; Scupper
nong, 1.50 per bushel.
Onions S1.G0 per bushel. . ....'
; Beans 60c. per bushel. . .
Hides Dry, 9c. to lie; green 5c.
Tallow 6c. per lb.
Chickens Grown, 50c. per pair.
" Meal Bolted, $1.15 p?r bushel.
Potatoes Irish, $1.50, sweet 65c. per
Shingles West India 5 inch, mixed,
$2.50 per M. Building 5 inch, hearts.
saps, i 2.50 ppr M.
Baltimore, Sept. 11. Oats' firmer:
southern 40a45c. ; red rust proof nominal;
western white 42344c : do. mixed 41a42c.
Provisions stea ly; mess pork $24.00.
Bulk meats shoulders and clear rib
sides, packed, lUal5c. Bacon . shoul
ders 12ic; clear ribosides IGlcl Hams
15ialGfc. Lard refined Mo. Butter
steady; western packed lih20c. Coffee
dull, Rio cargoes, ordinary to fair,
9ic. Sugar steady A soft 9Jc.
Whisky steady at $1.20.
Wilmington, Sept. 11. Spirits tur
pentine firm ai 42c. Rosin firm
at $1.32J for strained, and $1.45 for
good strained. Tar firm at $1.80. Crude
turpentine firm at S1.2V for hard,
and 2.50a2.70 for yellow c'j'p and virgin.
New York, Sept. 11 1 P. M. Cotton
weak; September 12 85al3 36; October
11 77all 78: November 11 56all 57; De
cember 11. 55all. 56; January ll.61all.63;
February 11 72all 73; March 11 84all 85;
April ll.95al3.9C: May 13 06al2 07: June
12 17al3 19. Sales 14,000 bales.
Cotton quiet: uplands 12 13-16; Orleans
13h. .
It stands at tlio Jiead
Tlini i- I lio acUnowl dRf I Lender In
Ti-nile a l i-t th it c-innot l dispiili'il.
r,l Ai-nird. Tlx' Lishtesl Hull'
. Tl
i. mol ltrnndfnl AVooiI-worl
hi mailn oi ilif Ue8l male-rial. To cwany
ill liimls of Work. To lie Complete
in Every Bespcet.
r ((Mi-'iii v :im.I n-rf--cJ i -n ot lit. tin- ;uiil
Ui- Doiiii stir I"nii!-r Knslllons
!'r :il lv
Now Iterno, N.
Kin- lii. N ' ,
--i li tr M.u-li 'ti---.
..1 l
i 1 . - 1 - -1
1', i.i.
, i li-
riii-st i-
S. Co.,
J!li llMrM,
j-A;'i-iil:- Waillr.l.
Ort'i'iili and WnsllinntOll, '"t he l:inl
c -i- , .. . ,i
of never luilni"; ciops, where r.-tw-
llOli'ieiS, clliliell llllSS, dlnll -hi i U
1 . .
Wlllleis ale Ulik'II nwil. oh- r I r
Ik,:,., -.eail, t- all. .. f.-rnlo own,
inellt. I :l ll Im . K:ull'ii:li 1. Mills in le
siralt'e locations can lie juh -i- i:;.--1 on '
ten years time, in e.iy u. y meiilH.
ICvi t'V imliis! rioi:-j nifin can n i-mne
imh-iiellilenl I V w inn vei v short !
lime, hy xer.lllli;. in Uie I i'-iiii' IN ill III
aiv. Al Ire-K a i-1 'f a I a i ii I . In
Scii;ti.zio, Pou rr. wo, ) Ti:s, and'
a!; him to send .ei i e py l The
HYsf Shore a li i n.l -o ! v i I ! lif t rj lei .
journal, contaiiiin.' 'nil iniorniatieii.
I . . .1 Ik T .1
New : B erna "Advertisem mtz.
' t -- . :'v - .
'While the English and Egyptian are
uusy ngiiting eacn other,
v -; .-.'.... -"'.- ; ' '
llophrcy G Iloucrcl
Are waging a " -' . '
Terrible Warfare with High
- Prices,;; , ....
And will never rest until they have
ijti "rriim, Foot
sviitl Irngron. s
Call and nee how we slaughter Gen
erals "' - -
Provisions, ...
Dry Goods, r -...
Boots, Shoes,
. - . Hats and Cars,
Brlelt Blo k, New Berne, K, C. oppe
Bite1lie l House. ci ? apitL'tdwUn '
Cotton- Ginned wahd.BaledI!
The undersigned will gin and bale
Cotton; during the present season, at
his Steam Cotton Gins on South Front
street and Trent River, at the LOWEST
LIVING RATES, and refers to the
public who have patronized him in the
past as a guarantee of fair dealing.
' ..... 4 . - . t
6epl3d6twlm " " :New Berne, N. C.
N. 31. (5 ASK ILL,
Is still at his old stand on Middle street,
. and prepared to make up the
and guarantee satisfaction. . . '' . '-
' Piece Goods of every quality and pat
terns al ways on hand.'
Give him a trial; you will be treated
right, ' sep13d&wlm
P. Holland, Jr. v . . ... O. II. Gcion.
(At Simmons & Manly s Law Office.)
-Land purchased and sold on short no
tice'. .... '; y .. ;
Special attention given to the letting
of houses and collection of rent. ;
V. O. Box 461, SEW BERNE, K. C.
For references apply to National Bank,
Goo. B. Guiori, Simmons & Manly.;
sep4-dAwtf .'. .;?' ''.". '
: V J?L 3Nrl', li:i3. : :
' ,TlTIES,v ; J
Oak Hogshead Stave
Any kind of oak, heart and sap, 42
inches long, 4 inches wide, 1 inch thickf
rough dressed; 6sv:''; iy. .J4? ) 1. J ' T
' 620 per thousand will be paid. '"
New Berne, Sept. 1, 1S82. ' w2m
F. O. SIMMONS. '" : ' . "
Simmons fi Haven
Cotton and Grain . fokers,
.- .
( Cottou JUjicbauc,
..... - .... f? ' -
Solicit consignments ot Cotton, Corn
and Ricei.;:;-.- v ffl-wit
Patent Entrnc i Gate,: for
: Farm Use. ; r
Ctn Ik opedMid rkml witimfct.iH mriBtiag
from buggy, curl, cu-riaeo, wngaa ot bonu. '
Fitrin lii(ihtfor tale in l.'nvca mid INwlow
comiUV-s by NELhON WHlTk'OKl.
Npw, licrne, N. C
t f One on exhibition at my Uouxr.
Aujf. a. W. J in.
Craven County, N. C Flora and
James Luuos. . : . '
Vc will scdl on tlie 15th day of Sep
teinher, 1S82, at the court house door, a
lot in Scott's Alley, In Ihe city of New
Heme, and all the improvements there
on, to satisfy a mortgage made to us
on the 10th day of Jamuiry, 1879, by
Flora Lueos and James Lucos.
niurl7w4t" UUUEllTH & BROS.
S. H. scott, :
lii v Co.nIs. Hat anil Caus. Hoot and Shoe. Al
im:iiicf Sjnin -ottn, clioirv Koinilr Orort-rh.!.
I'ru-i's :is lv a Ibf loweM. Alw Pur WlnM
mil tlif bt-Kt of LUjnorB. Heif(Dr anil tug-Vl Ili'i'i- always .irt-f ii ana pure. .
Muldli- met, opposite Pi-uple' Marlrfft,
NEW BERNE N. C, Apr 1 wly
Insure Your Gin Houses.
T iiaiir.'i net- r'lli-c'cil In i:imx1 r. lial'lf C,iYinlM
.11 Mi l!--l:ilH l:l'l
Hi-I .1 wi-iili n from no In lw-lv' m.mtli".
;.-m-r:il liiKiunnr i' Aernl,
an; iia3iii New Hfrne. N. C.
,1 1 1- i mi in k.mtium hn ... nt-iti-rfH 1 lift t all
n il -tali' iH)lr! bv tlif SlipiitT In tin- nmiiljr tar
j i - iIhm for i In i-ar liSi,,-an I n-cli ihhI by th
. v ill-1 n 1 1 Hi ill I 'a. II1K i III- Hlllllliuiini ..I -r i
illi.wi-il In-l-l r iili-il t litxi'x m Kali lantlt
I in- panl l.y 1 1..- tiivt i.f Oi rfinlwr. PurlWf Inlrr
V.. ; i -n il will laki- nuiii e anil Kovrru OjeinMlir
u-i-uriliiiU .
j jnly -iln til I'ounly TrvasiiriT.
i l.'i-Fpt-rifiillv olF.-rs piofisional wrvicm to 11m
i in.i-iis of Ni-v Hi-i-ii. anil ronnliy nirronmlintr.
! H ,.rnrli,,si v, .-.sfniiv fortii ar
i i'i- malai 1. v, i pruail, no pliyfU-lau, iiIh
' ami iiri.-inii.
j Hi in i: -Il murk llnw. dtnjr ln o1-ni r
, ' .'..apn..,,
1 conii-i Ni-nse nnil Cia i-n. aiKl-dwjin.
aston House
- A
TO TKl'C - -
Th8 . KcrLlk IV...
. FoK A IX
- - tuiial ri:o:n-
$15 peu to:;,
Delivered at anj ot tie I'
' folk and Pirt .
New Uerue and Va. '.
era pans our wlarf, a t, -J i
M ANUf'ACTin: r r r v
Styron, V7hit:r:t : .
OrncK ... . i '
Brad th following crtiAral,.1,. h
M Wm uf Iik hm'i IU. .
Urrlln Y. !., hunii i -n (
- . i -1 i "
OvutU-m.n I ui d your I. i .
poanmn aad vcr't.ihlm. at ti.o . :
Hm. ftt r rt. My uai f-t'in i . .
!! i-xclUnt. and im .
will nw It ui-xl yrnr UMtlr n it - -Mitaily
ad'i-ii looor un -
Vi u. li
. lrsl. " s
3wK.Xr. IL Prl... . m i. i .... . i , i i
la MyliiK liat I -ry mu- .
fYMllln liiin tlti nr of vi.i.i . .
irrntM viiia, my i:riiH. run. I . .. , . .
wvral lfn P'il, ami mir it . i
tolor tHrarin llr rotiud. iliin , .1 1. .
1 did not pnttl n roil n.l lh m.-. . , ,1
In ilarrli, but 1 Iwlirv tin- t t- ia -.
ITCWvi d yrrabT iM-ni-llt if ili l. runv r I
applu-d inuw thrw numihi
... . .'' ' Ptaairlan..
IS ot I in! i. t , Tl , i ; S )
111. J. O. ItaUton, i(li lv know 11 m ii,.-
a lnlnn nlonii, uya : 1 umi jimr fin,
year under frnlt liwi, gra ' 1 1nn uu 1
lnllr, v nn grrnl bonatlt.
Kartk rrolla.
Artridnr Frrqulniana Co., N,0 ,
. I S'-i (
Oanllcmrn: Tka Korfolk l.-1-...y.i 1
of you lal Hpri ng, I nrl I I lir 1:1 u- 1 .
Iba nw nrra nnili-r corn, col Um. ih-bi, ..
ftnblca. I kirn rnmr np well and 1 . . 1
and waa not Injiirfd l.y wonim m-ii
grew antlxfnrUiry. t'.lion !ni l t?..iu t
top, and rcmnini'd trm-u iinul fror. i,
ruat and yirldnl Unclr. l'i-mnii .
pop amouc llii-lil. gi' iM-fi I ,
yvill nw It under nil my rropa tt.w
It ia thf tx-at fi-rlilUi-r I hum rm 1
hip tax ten (In) loin ty ttia lfi li i.l .1
1 uer will Im a heavy deiiian.1 It j .
in tliia auction tin coming yetir.
lonra truly. j . a . ui .
V.oro Ui aamc wa liav th follow it.;
Aniruat i, Vor emia tlm 1.--- . 1 .
(atiafartory. and for rioter iin 1--. t i
ned. MiiiUof It will bevrnni- 1 1
cxt aprinr, and om very aoi-ii I 1 i
Jietircifiilly, J li 1
At tlii pVftca. lelvUlere, IhpiiIv 1.1, i- .
iMrd uadHf Iba anHai of 1-I, nn.l n -liundn-d
aacka under tha iaeia . t . . 1.,
Mwr. s. 11. t-armoy. Joaeiili S 1.
John Mullin and other pronnio.111 1 1.1, .
NoriiNK nave unj thla herin i-r inn
aon and arw well pie and w liii Hh ici
roriuriiier inforiuaiiitn and nr f
Kertiliaer, addreaa
Mlyraa, bltrhcirt ..
First Cla Sewln- ITas
, at Bottom Prices
' : DOMESTIC, er. 1
. - ... . : vn:n :
Tbe Latest Improved at Lhliir I i
.... - in i
Need I en and Rartt for all Ji
rVnd for I'rlce l.tat b fi-ra Ihij Iuk
aivit niuiK-v.
I ha ihe Inrui-at and (noat Con'j-lfin T
Shop in the. South. -
No reaaonable offer retimed liir I i
M no 111 ilea In kimmI older.
:;:,v':; ';''J..W.'BKA8Li:V,
i ; t ., 105 Ckurcli htm t,
auglO-wGm . ' Norf. Ik, V
Adam Tred well & On.
' '. Cottcn Ccsnnissica
' f ' NOUFOIdC, VA.
Ofllee Cotton Exchange r.uIl.T'.i .
Sells vol t.on for comm. fhiofi, r i
jer bale. , .. aiilTv: i
Elizabeth Iron Woi!
CHA. AV. I'UTTIT, Prop.,
280 um 282 Water street, oif.,: k ,
: Saw and Crist t'.V
"1- 81IAITIN
- I'ralleH. ' IIn.n:r? -
. " Of Every Deacription.
. auglTwly ,
W.'J. T.Paaaaa, W.K.C,
Late of Warren 1 on, ' Lata of to,
' ' - N. O. , - .
- : parker &,cAr.r
Cotton CommiHion Merchant ,
Corner Fnyette and Water HUec!,
.,'",' ! Norfolk, Vrt. :
a' nlnea and curraapotidaniw anlirilad.
. ,' , avKtlwain ' c ...... . .
Twelre Regular Tex Lers, Fire (i ; " -'
; men and Berea Ladlea.
Chriatiaa. bat nrni-aertarlan. frinclrtal rn
teatant deooiainationa reprvaeulrd in H.e lUtai.t
iA lMrrctura aad Faculty. ...
Two bnndped and eirhty finpila t:trt aeuiou.
New and elanant baiaalnr, haated bv n. w
and IlKhted with aa j at)lie Willi the --
naoderav eda-all aj aftaaiancM. . hurriii(
parttnent fcnildtuK nru, itUd throuicliont .
a-alant farnitpre, marbla top bnraaim and u.
atanda ; aprlara tad bau matmmaea
tnda; bath-ruoma Willi aoiaaitooU water; tin
larico parlors, ata.
- For catalogue, conUining full infor
mation, apply to
Bar- B. H. WYNNE,
'.- ' 8M-retaiy,
. Or Ret. R..M. SAUNDi:ii, ,
' - , - ,; priocifial, '
aiaAAi n.a.!lm . . . Nnrfnllr Vn
Two Farms for Sn!c
Fire miles from Henderson, two an )
half from Middlebnrg depot, nd join ii
and containing 292, acre eich. A d i
rably adaptel to raining yellow tot.n
and cotton; Improvement unmirin
by any in the county two now nu t
gantly finished house, one eiRl't, i
other nine room, all neeesHary
houses, new, or In good repair,
curing, packing and wheat barn,, 1.,
steam wiw-mill and cotton gin, ort hn
and wella flret-claaa. .
.1 br farm arv ail Hated wliiiln one ami a l
ntllea rlinreltea, arhoola.ri i ' ' ! m mill
a fOodaaiKliunrhuud. and ared i..-n..
In.inea ia ouaof tbe healtbiet i.ait of the ;
Terma lihernl. T"or pnrticnlm ntply 10
aug24-w5t' ;tlendenon, N. C.

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