North Carolina Newspapers

NEW' EIIIa.'N. C. SEPT. 23. 1S82.
JWr. Johi F, Mtwbcrnc,: Kln
'hat a list four crlr ' tbt of
fice unj muy r the BelgllS of
fers. He U alrleV n
receipt for nfcertptIot the JOtTR-
K "A'v-- - . J--; - "T ' - i"A ? . "" ;
Kinston items-
KvSeed cotton is now selling at 3i and
f kale cotton at lOf to Hi- . '
L Thos. McDaniel. the Hermit of Lenoir:
was found dead in his bed on Saturday 1
morning.. He : had been sick a v few
, It is said that Jesse W.; Giaingerie
neat business man of Kinston, isfa0
e Democratic Senatorial candidate rojr
reene and Lenoir. vv rsft
The Nevse and the Auwfe lay at bur
wharf last Siindav: ther oth left Mon
day for New Berne, th"fornier. with 9
bales of cotton, ana tne h y, a
Satnrdav was ' ?Tom Kippur,?J the
Hebrew Day f Atonement. ;'fhe stores
. of the Israelites were closed and busi
ness with them entirely suspended
! There were two baptisms in Neuse riv
er last Sunday- evening. Mr. Claude
H il I and Misa Lida Hill, by the Rev. E.
"11. Onr is of the Disciples 'church at Kin
Jsto'.i. y " . " ' '
TLe Cummings Bros, last week-; fin
i 'wished the inside painting of Esq. E. W.
Kind's parlor, and a nice job they have
. . , rri . : ,1 1 i. l 1.
Jliaue OI 16. Alley miciu mio urwsifc wiui
much skill and taste
. A protractsd meeting xf much inter-
. ert ha3 been going on at the Methodist
. Church in this place for several days.
Iiev. Dr. Burkhead " and others- have-
been assisting in the good work.'
El Lis Grout, Esq., of Massachusetts,
f -who llrst started and aided in building
' up the large cotton trade at Kinston,
made his annual autumnal appearance
ere last week as a cotton buyer.-;
Little Bert Yaco. son of Mrs. and Mr
A. Mitchell died on Friday,; aged
r boat ten months. He ras buried - on
.tur'ay; the funeral services being
c r : acted by Rev. F. D. Swindell
! ' s. J?!es Stewart, mother of W. B.
'T Ll en the 19th inst. at her res-
, ' two mues irom uover fetation on
he A. & N. C.' R. ; R. - She was about
iiity years old and had only a short ill-
Fred B. Loftiii Esq., the very : Bnj-
min oi UncU Richard's Bobie affections,
I received tlie Senatorial nomination
I" 1 . Greene and Lenoir to-day. ; -: .
i t "Let others hail the rising sun, "
J' General Fred B. Loftin is the, high
J mi;tarv title which Uncle Richard has
' conferred on the Republican Senatorial
!c ' . late for Greene and Lenoir. -.
. kle me Feddie, tickle me too, ;
1" Ae me Feddie and 111 vote for
you. " . . . . ; ; , . - .".
TLe pale face delegate from Lenoir
to the v iLon convention is exceedingly
uneasy, le&t, with the defeat of Sheriff
I' .vis, he may loose the position of
l: . rid Cicer of the Grand Jury, Oh",
wL it a magnificent set t of unselfish
wc i kers compose the -'bread and butter
In view of the political disasters which
'will purely happen in rJovemDerv " UXq
IBart," a famous Philadelphia restau
rant c terer, is daily experimenting in
tue & t of making "egg flip" a luxury
peculiarly grateful to the stomach of our
rotj-, rotund, rubicund.snerili as well as
of ourselves. -. -jf zci?-y
Tlie attention of our county commi
'sioners and justice oi tue peace is
-called to the bad condition of the draw
a the county bridge, below Kinston.
Crossing the river is so delayed by the
' r ;th of time the draw has to be kept
; u, that it imposes a great wrong and
at rage on people who seek business or
l : ieasure on either side of the river. -
''Tere isno use - knocking, at the
-. ' dear Elisha.-., Kilby Jones :". im
.-kjI of the situation and of himself
t x. You may beg for his silence, but
l a is bound to' "let the cat out of the
b He affirms you and your wire
puilers have covered the negro with, a
wet blanket" as long as they can stand
it. It must be removed or they will all
take the consumption and die.
The steamer Neuse left Kinston with
75 bales of -cotton, for New Berne last
Thursday morning. , The steamer Kias--1
!i arrived immediately on the depart-
.sof t,e JSeuse and too on 1 bales
.and left in the afternoon for New Berne.
T: o Hn, Hill took 60 bales to the mouth
of Conteiitnea, where sh will disgorge
ito one of the above named steamers.
The coton carried off by these steamers
fetid at Ji o 11 cents.
Petitions are circulating requesting
Judge beymour to appoint federal su
pervise rJ for the November elections,
iiuch appointments, - at least for this
county, are entirely uncalled for and
unnecessary. ' No one of any sense , ap
l-rel.ends any troubles which State and
courtry officials cannot control. This
movement is in the interest of bad men
who vishtobe clothed with a i "little
brief autliority" whereby to stir up bad
.blood among our people. r-- -. :
The little boy Ernest, son of Peter
Phillips, who died about the 10th inst.;
was scalded to death by a pot of hot
coffee being turned over on him. ; He
was lj ing on a bench, asleep, by the side
of a table when the hot coffee was acci
dentally turned over. " He suffered for
.about three days and died. On the
day of boa burial hia little sister Ger
trude vras attacked with Typhoid fever
and 1L- sred for about ten days and
died. 1 lie afflicted father has the sym-
" j)athy of the community, v .. .
Kil by Jones Esq., of Pink Hillg was
-the "lion of the hour" in Kinston to-day.
lie is a political power in Pink- Hill and
Trent townships, which caused the nom
inees and politicians to assiduously wait
aipon mm. lie is ngnting the So called
Republican nominees, at least some of
them. Uncle Richard first plied himabout
tnree nours and fell Dae it m disorder
a used up man. - Kilby tells some hard
things on the sheriff and the nominees
for the legislature, which will be heard
from the stump during the canvass. i jr
The Republicans of this counthave
cut t i: i leatuers trimmed thein to
the LK,ae oo of the"old wheel horse'?
"fthe party, my-uncle Richard, and
Turnea nun ous w eat grass lite another
.Nebuchadnezzar. It is predicted, ho w
ever, before this campaign closes', these
vain and empty youths who now seek
to master the Republican party through.
wuiup tuuvcnawuBcwiu uiaoover uiey
have burnt down a building to roast
their eggs in the ashes and be heard
caning lusmy on nercuies. -
We acknowledge with, thanks th
r Resent of a beautiful gold head walking
stick, on which is inscribed, "Presented
to W?A.J Coleman bv the New Berne
. JotTENAi" This stick is received a8n
? elegant and useful means of support
I , auu as a puwenui weapon or deiensive
'' warfare audi if an enemv shall attack
vs, jay uouw and Wall street will take
notice that gold will rise and fall as if
another Biack Friday" bad dawned
upon tne country. , -
Kilby Johes,"Esq., corrects ua- in. our
.item of last Wednesday 's Issue, wherein
e Uncldv Richard himself is said to have
had a threa hours confab with him on
apolitical Tuatters.' : It was Uncle-Rich-J.
ard, the,Sherif and the two Republican
neophytes "lnoth - Jawyers-altogetherr
wno had hjm threehours.: We cheer
- fully make this, correction in justice to
Uncle Richard who seems to take it as a
mortal; offense to ' be published - with
j having threehours ' talk with a 'col--
"-ored jgentleman-X :-&rli''i.'4,--,-?.
- - .Neither Mad LeaW WcharlesPrtee,
the so called Liberals, appeared here to--.
da7. acfOTding t appointment. They
r aier m tne canvass, i
Hubbs, with a part of :his "bread and
butter brigade" from Craven, and -all
of the same brigade from ; Lenoir, filled
the appointment. John Randolph, Uni
ted States" maiL -agent, :,Jriade .' a - short
speech, but dealt very : gently .with his
ambitious fellow citizen J E. O Tiara.
It seems,' he .don't exactly; see how; the
qat will jump' and he itfjriortally averse
to leaving the Vbjread and. butter bri
gade,? . having enjoyed 'its luxuries
about 1 fifteen 'years. Hubbs made a
good talk and left 1 fai-orable impres
sion on his followers. -:" i .
Jtf'?'-7fyv. ' ' '-' --
L$c (Jraiigfe Itemi-
vBusinesa , in '- town " Saturdayquite
-Cotton 11 cent8.ji Over 50 bales sold
Saturday3;it-:w-':-;: ." ' '-
'he:"TesidencVof J.W, Sutton Esq.,
is receiving a new Joa of paint,
'jtsaac Taylor, a colored "man near 80
y&XK;pld, died on the farm of W. M.
Nettles lajtFr11ay. ;v .
C. W. Joynet-M having lumber hauled
witfi. the view riruilding a first class
restaurant in thin place. - i ;
: 'Last week wasne especially favora
ble to picking cotton i .ahd most of our
farmers made good use of it.
" The "equinoctial blow" was not very
severe in this section, as to wind. Rain
fell in large quantities, and stopped cot
ton picking. . -
" Rev. John T.J Walsh of the Disciples
Church was in town Saturday morning,
on his way to Wheat Swamp Church
where ha preached on yesterday.
An infant child of Francis William?
died near this place . last week. Mrs-.
- Williams wife of Adam Williams
of Wayne county died on the same day .
Wiley Rouse an aged and s respected
citizen of Trent Township, in this coun
ty was partially paralyzed ; while at
breakfast, on Saturday morning. His
condition was critical when last heard
from. ..
; George Moy and Dave McDaniel had
a fight Satuiday evening. George was
up before Squire Waiters of Falling
Creek, and fined fifty cents and costs.
Dave gave bond for his appearance next
Saturday. . .. ; .
The condition ; of Joshua " Waiters,
struck by the negro, Wilson reported last
week, is not so favorable. He is still
unconscious and is considered by Dr.
Hadley to be in a critical condition. The
negro Wilson was committed to jail in
default of b41-rjp.? . "; '
VYor Itemizer retnrnsthanks for the
beautiful present a gold headed walk
ing stick received from C. C. Taylor,
the Journal's traveling agent, on Sat
urday morning on which in inscribed
"Presented to S. I. Sutton by the New
Bertie Journal. It will be carefully
preserved as a memorial of your kind
ness. . - ; . - - . . : .
W. MI Nettles has again sold his plan
tation and gin, the - former purchasers
failing to come to time. Thei purchas
er of thef arm is Haywood Warters and
the price ?6000,' $500 in advance of
former sale. - Mr. Mclntyre j buys the
gin at $2,00 J, the same : as other sale
Mr. Nettle will leave for Florida about
the 4th of next .month. -,
To givejsome idea of the eating canac
ity of this place, we have two places at
wnicn beer, is sold; U. W. Joyner and J,
K. Driver, one regular fish dealer,. ,B.
ti. Willis, and on Saturdays two or
three others engage in the sale of the
"finny tribe. 2 On last Saturday C. W.
Joyner sold : about 500 11)S, of beef,
Driver sold 2 80 9)B,X and about 5 or 6
tubs of fish were sold. How is this for
a town of 500 inh abitants V
ExamlBalion far Certlfleate.
Mr. J. Y. Joyner, county Superin
tendent of Lenoir, requests us to state
that he will bold his examination of ap
plicants for teachers' certificates, aa
prescribed by law,' at the court house in
Kinston, on the second Thursday of
October' 1882. ; Mr Joyner is desirous
that all applicants will meet him on
this day, as no private examinations
will be given. ; ; '
Notesat and on the Way to Oreenvllle.
A great deel of sickness in Greene and
ritt counties
' Died in Hookerton, Sept. 20, Rosa,
daughter jof M. F. Pate at the age of two
years.. ;..' :
.; Mr. D. V. "Dixon has completed his
residence in Hookerton,; and it is the
prettiest 'little building the town can
boast of, - . '
- R. C. HiUlat ilie "Golden ForkV "six
miles irom ivinston, is now building a
large store twenty-five by eighty feet
long. ' A natural increase of business
has compelled him to build.
. The hew firm of Haskitt, Smith &
Bro. .of Greenville, who have just
launched out into the mercantile world,
are dealing very : largely, in furniture,
dry goods etc, seem to be doing a lively
- m r . j.. k. - vnerry or u reenv me is
building a large brick store .and ware
house. r Mr. Henry Jones of Snow Hill
is the contractor who is also - building a
market house and town hall-in front of
thecourt house. - -
A revival of religion is in progress at
Hookerton,' conducted by Rev. Jno. N.
Andrews, assisted by Revs. Swindell of
Kinston andR. B. Gilliam; there have
been about thirty-nye conversions and
r.nd the interest seems to be unabated.
-Improvements seem to be the'iorder of
the day now at ureenyille. The county
is just finishing a very handsome jail.
There are Bome half dozen convicts from
the penitentiary putting . in the Iron
works, and from all appearances it will
be perfectly secure when they are done.
v uuwun uiu DKinnr 02 urreen-
: x -il J m . - a
vuie are building a row of fine brick
stores, five in number, and when com
pleted will certainly be an ornament to
the town of Greenville. . Mr J. E. Wil
kins, of Wilson, has the contract, and
Messrs. G. A. Jackson and Jesse Loftin,
both of Kinston, 'have charge of the
wood and brick work.
Cotton Statistics.
From the official report of the Nation
al Cotton. Exchange of America, sent
from New,; Orleans i Septal 4 1882 we
glean: some; interesting statistics. '"' The
American cotton crop for 1881-'82 shows
a large .falling off from the production
of the previous year, after four years of
steady increase. This will appear from
tne 1 0110 wing-
crop years
1877- , increase over 1876-7
1878- 9,.' " " 1877-8
1879-80, "t " 1878-9
1880-81,-. "
1881-82, decr'ee from 1880-8 11.149.702.
Or to put in nn other view the crop of
1878 amounted to 4.773,865 bales; that
of 1879 to 5,074,155- of 1880 to 5,7i,252;
of 1881 to 6.605.750 f --while the cron of
1882 or 1881-82 turns out only 5,456,048
utueti. -
? Iff -the reports from, the different
States Jforth Carolina and Florida are
the only two cotton Statea whifih in-
icreased their -production in 1881-82 all
the others fell behind.
In Uie disposal of the crop the follow
ing figures will be interesting:
ott .supply m lSO-81. 6.750.614
bales; hi 1881-83 5,73,079.
Lonsumed by Northern spinners in
1880-81, 1,713,626; in 1881-82, 1,677,581.
Consumed- by- Southern sninners in
1880-81, 22a,tll; in 1881-82, 286,954.
xi any connaence couia be placed m
figures or in the law of "supdIv and
demand," as opposed to speculators, it
would be reasonable to expect cotton
to command a pretty figure for the
coming season. The most gratifying
part of the whole exhibit is the one
showing that, the South is increasing
her spindles and is the only country
that consumed more cotton last vear
than daring the year before.
' We pabliah below the opening day of
a number of the fall Superior Courts.
Oar Canvassing Agent, Mr. C C.MTAY
LOB, will be ou band to sollcliXnew
snbserlbera and to collect from tK old
ones. Will onr subscribers be"jnd
enough to hut him up and pay vp'past
does J We take'pleasnre tn bearing tes
timony to tne fact tnat. In the past, the
JOUnKAl. subscribers have been very,
prompt in paying up, and we only make
this notice because onr subscription list
is so large that our agent can only meet
vrith the bulk of our subscribers during
the Superior Courts.
Greene 4 'unit ccuimencM Oct.
Hj d!
.... Nov.
We will -pulilish In this column all receipts
to tb VVKKKI.Y JoukXAL. The name of the
subsci iber Mtyilig, and ilie djile to wliich lie
has paid, will le siven.
Miihsffiliers who have paid in money will
please watch this column ; and if their names
do not appear in it within two week after
wards, or if the date is not correct, Uiey will
confer a favor by rritlng us at once.
C U. Ilounti-ee.'Jan. SI, IKS.!.
Jonathan White, .Nov. 10, 1SS2.
.1. T. Smith, July 1, 12.
J. A. Sugg, Oct. 23, l.xs:'.
J. V. Lanier, 'ov. 10, ls2.
II. A. Kittrell, Jan. 1, 1SKI.
J. T. Heath, Nov. 10, 1KS2.
fcUi Jackson, March 22, 1S8:?.
John A. Kinney, Aug. 4, 1SS2.
John W. Wlmley, Alareii 2S, 185.
J. K. Brown, Jan. 1, 1SS3.
New Berne Items.
Mr. E.'H. Barnum of this city has a
cat named Jumbo that weighs 11 pounds.
- James Redmond has bought out the
beer bottling establishment of B. P.
Sale & Co. ;
Maj. Dennison received on Tuesday
a boat. load of seed cotton from Adam's
Creek. - .
Greene county Superior court con
venes next Monday. Our agent, C. C.
Taylor,; will be on hand.
Northern cabbage and onions came
in on the Slienandonh Tuesdaj'. And
yet New Berne is called a famous truck
ing centre.
Mr. Elijah Ellis received a bill of la-
lot of hogshead staves
shipped to him from Jacksonville,
low county, in answer to an advertise
ment in the Journal. !
Collector E. A,White of this revenue
district," has received bonds from one
hundred and ninety-five distillers and
there are applicationsf or between twenty-five
and fifty more.
We are glad to note that the Midland
road is getting freights fromSmilhfield,
also a good share from Goldsboro.
Among the" freights fromi Smithfield
was a car load of oak staves for Norfolk.
Hurrah for the Midland !
We noticed on .--the ld Dominion
wharf Tuesday morning r several
bunches of green cotton stalks just
taken from the field; and shipped to B.
R. Smith & Co. by Mr. Walter Cohen.
It is sent to be experimented with in
making cotton bagging.
Lieutenant A G. Paul Assistant In
spector of Lighthouses is on a tour of in
spection in this district. He promises to
put the district in first clais order; the
buoys will be taken up and beacons put
in their places, and everything will be
done to make navigation safe both night
and day. ,
The proceedings of the Republican
convention at Polloksville, last Satur
day, is sent us for publication, but it is
rather lengthy. The following extract
will give the drift of the feeling:
'Resolved 5, That the Hon. James E.
O'Hara is an accomplished, educated
gentleman, and far better educated
than his opponent, . and for this reason
he will and should be elected by at least
five thousand majority.
Death Amons llors cm.
Mr. B. H. Thompson of.South Creek,
who was in the city Friday, reports
that thirteen horses have died in thatj
neighborhood.dunng the last two weeks.
The disease is blind staggers and not a
single one attacked has recovered.
Cotton for IHorning Showers.
Mr. J. L. Rhem has a kind of cotton
that the blossoms are rot affected by
the morning showers as is the case with
the ordinary cotton. He obtained the
seed of a farmer near Deep Gully. It
grows so as to let the water out which
prevents the form from dropping.
The Cotton Market.
We note in the Raieigh Observer of
Friday,' middling cotton quoted at 11J.
On same day it was selling here at Ilk.
It takes, however, good cotton to rade
middling. The bulk of the nice cotton
that is marketed here generally grades
only strict low middling selling from
i to i cents less than middling.
Cotton Market.
Sales at Cotton Exchange on Tuesday
of 91 bales at prices ranging from 11 to
11 5-16. Among the sales we noted a lot
of Lenoir county cotton : 5 bales from
W. B. Pearce Esq., 9 bales from Mr.
WVH. West: 19 bales brought down
by Mr. J. C. Wooten and selling for Hi;
and 14 bales sent by Mr. John Rhem and
sold at 11 :33i. The market closed weak.
Old Time .
One of the oddities on the streets Mon
day iriorning was a two wheeled con
cern with a top like a rockaway. ' Capt.
E. B. Roberta says the name for it used
to be Stanhope, so called from Lo rd
Stanhope for whom the first was con -trived.
The Captain has a vivid recol-
lction of one his father owned from
which he was
on one occasion, thrown
without hope
Spriftig a Leak.
The schooner M. E. Ililes. Capt.
Charles Smith, cleared from Makley
ville about the 20th with a cargo of lum
ber for Philadelphia. When near Hat
teras on the morning of the 23d, it was
discovered that she had sprung a leak
and there was about three feet of water
in the hold. She put back to New
Berne, arriving here on Sunday morn
ing, for repairs. She had about 80,000
feet of lumber, shipped bv Mr. Makeley
of Hyde county.
New Berne Cotton Market.
We notice that the house of R411i
Bros, of Norfolk, among the largest cot
ton exporters in the United States, have
established here a "grader," Mr. Fisk,
in connection with their buyer, Mr.
Matt Manly. The facilities here are
now so great that New Berne ought to,
and, we believe, will be the best cotton
market in Eastern North Carolin, after
Wilmington. The buyers make a
marked difference between good and
bad cotton and it wtll pay those bring;
ing cotton here to handle carefully.
New Advertisements.
Einstein of Kinston tells of a "Grand
Opening" on the 4th of October.
Bob Bryant, of Kinston, wants to hear
some one say, here s your mule."
Clay Parrott has got in one of his
selling-out" notions, and he had nearly
as net give ins old saw-mill away il
some one don't buy it.
Mr. Shelburn expects to flatter the
Kinston youths by giving them a pic
ture so much better-looking than the
originals he can't do that for the girls,
however, for they are already "as pretty
as a picture. "
And last our JNewr Heme friends, Wm.
Salter' & Co., offer shingles for sale.
Some time ajro we had inquiries from
Kinston lor a shinsrle dealer in
New I
Berne. We have found him. Send on
your orders.
J. W. Harreil offers to make and re
pair boots and shoes, ami guarantees
satisfaction. We have sufficient evi
dence of his work to say that he makes
a good fit and uses first-class stock.
The Kinston. '
The new steamer belonging to the
Neuse Kiver Transportation Company
came in S'-iturday evening f rom.: Kins
ton loaded with 203 bales of cotton a
pretty fair start for a trial trip. She
handles admirably on the river, and is
a model boat for her business,, with one
exception which will soon be remedied
. she has not sufficient capacity to hold
steam and a new steam dome will have
to be put on. If she is run under four
bells the water is being continually
blown out of smoke stack.- She . was
loaded up with merchandise and left
for Kinston late in the evening.
Funeral of the Iate S. N. Dewey.
The funeral of Mr. S.' N. Dewey took
place from Christ's church on Sunday
p. m. at 4 o'clock, Rev. E. - M. Forbes
The services of the church were sol
emn and impressive, and the music by
the choir appropriate and affecting.
The remains were interred in Cedar
Grove Cemetery, and the procession
consisting of the friends of the deceased
and members of the order of Knights
of Honor,-was of great length.
The burial servjee of the Knights of
Honor was read at the grave by Mr. G.
E. Tinker and W. F. Rountree, and the
floral decorations were elaborate and
A Woman Murdered.
Dr. Bates received information on
Monday morning that a colored woman
had been found in Bachelor's Creek,
near the bridge on the Washington road
and was supposed to have been
drowned. The. doctor summoned a
jury Of inquest and repaired to the spot
when upon examination it was found
that she had been choked to death, the
points of the fingers being plainly visi
ble. The body was recognized by sev
eral witnesses as that of Fannie Wil
liams. The evidence pointed to one
Jim Boone, col., as the perpetrator of
the, crime. He had been living with
her for sometime and was last 6een
with her on Saturday night between
the bridge and Streets ferry coming to
wards the bridge. He is known to
have had several quarrels with her
lately, and not long since she had him
put in jail here for beating her. The
body was first discovered on Sunday
r ' ' j j '
"she came to. her death by being choked
to death by some unknown person or
persons, the evidence 'pointing to one
Jim Boone."" -Warrants have been is
sued for Boone's arrest.
Itivcr and Marine.
The following schooners arrive d from
Hyde county on Friday morning.
The Gov. Vance Capt. S. H. Spencer,
with a cargo of corn and wheat.
The Havanna, Capt. Eugene Spencer,
with corn consigned to W. P. Burrus
&Co. , -
The Vai ina, Capt. Frank Bell, with
rust proof oats, cotton and beef cattle.
The Emerald Capt. J. H. Gaskins,
with a cargo of corn.
The E. Charlie, Capt. Ben Willis, with
corn and wheat.
The steamer Contentnea arrived from
Vanceboro Tuesday evening with a
cargo of shingles for Wm. Cleve Sr.-
The steamer Trent arrived Tuesday
evening from up Neuse with thirty-four
hales of cotton and other freights.
The steamer Kinston brought down
cotton Tuesday and cleared for Kinston
at live o'clock with merchandise for
points along the river.
The' Shenandoah arrived Tuesday
morning with a good freight of general
merchandise and the following passen
gers: Messrs. A. M. Hanff. J. H. Bell,
J. J. Baxter, Mr. Clark, and Miss Core
of Norfolk. She cleared Tuesday
evening at 5 o'clock with 400 bales of
The steamer Geo. II. Stout of the
Clyde line discharged a large freight
at her wharf Tuesday morning and
sailed for Baltimore last night with 639
bales of cotton.
The schooner Varina sailed for Hyde
countv 1 aeday night with a Gullett gin
shipped by J. C. Whitty to Thos. R. Jar
vis. The schooner Carrie Reel Capt. Dick
son arrived from Broad Creek Tues
day evening with a fine lot of beef cat
tle. Your Name in Irmt.
Frank Myer Esq. arrived on Thursday
night and looks as though he will make
things lively at the Exchange.
Mr. Wm. H. West of Lenoir and Josh
ua I Tucker of Pitt, both excellent
farmers, came in on the Neuse on
Thursday night and stopped with Capt.
W. A. Thompson.
Dr. Charles Duffy, Sr., of Onslow is
in the city.
Frank Brown, of Tuckahoe, Jones
county returned from the North on the
Shenandoah Frirday. He says he
can't understand how those who op
posed Col. Whitford so bitterly at the
Polloksville convention are now his
warmest supporters.
Mr. Thos. R. Jarvis of Statesville,
Hyde county, is in the city. He says
the cotton crop in that county is dam
aged about one third, but the top crop
is growing picely and with a late fall
will partly -make up the damage.
Col. J. N. Whitford was in the city on
Wednesday. He will open the cam
paign iit Newport on the 3d of October,
at whii-h time and place Col. Wharton
J. Gre.'ii will also address the people.
Mr. P. M. Pearsall of Trenton called
to see us on Wednesday. He says Job
I Kinsey Esq., the former Secretary of
the Liberal convention, has announced
himself a candidate for Superior Court
Clerk in Jones.
Glad to see in the city, Monday, Mr.
Potter of the Beaufort Telephone. Mr.
Potter will make an effort to get some
of the Beaufort children to attend our
Graded Sohool, so that by seeing its
practical working. Beaufort may. in
time, adopt the same method. He says,
in Kansas, where he lived several years,
there are but few towns with more than
500 inhabitants but have a Graded
Mr. Amos Simmons of Jones county
was in the city Monday looking for a
house. He wants to move to the city for
the purpose of sending to the graded
Mr. Charles B. Keeler, the clever
keeper of Brant Island Lighthouse is in
the city.
Messrs. S. Hudson, Charles Whitty
and A. G. Barrus, all Polloksville mer
chants were in the city Monday.
Sheriff S. E. Koonce of Jones was in
the city Monday. His chances for re
election are said to be very good.
Col. J. N. Whitford brought in a nice
lot of cotton Monday. It brought 111.
The Col. starts out on the canvass pretfy
F. M. Simmons. Esq., has returned
from the mountains.
Messrs. Cox, Gaskins and Holton of
Pitt were passengers on the Trent to the
cit Tuesday.
Commodore Appleton Oaksmith is
in the city. He came up to put his
house on the south-east corner of Pol
lock and East Front streets in order for
the reception of a family who ire ex
pected to work in the cotton factory.
Departed this life, September J6th,
little Annie, daughter of Benjamin and
A. E. Brown, of Jones countv. aared 2
months and 1 1 days. Her life was short
and full of suffering.
My loss I know is heaven "s gain,
Hut still 'tis hard to give thee up:
Yet the thought that thou art free from
pain -
Will help to sweeten the bitter cup.
A. E. B.
Graded Scltool Notes. .Tr,
T We give to-day: the list of text books
for the different classes in the Graded
School. Prof. Johnson has. made ar
rangements with the publishers to allow
"exchange" that i, any one ma
carry old books of similar kind. bv ant
author and by paying a small difference
get the new book. Mr. Stanly will
have the books on in a day or two. ; f
The published list of f books does not
cover all the instruction offered, espec
ially in the primary grades. ' Much of
the teaching will be oral and illustrated
by blackboard ext rcises. A very com
mendable feature will be the attention
given to vocal music. It is almost im
possible to. learn to be a good reader
without practicing the principles incul
cated in teaching vocal music. -
Prof. Johnson - examined about 50
children yesterday of the six to seven
years of age. To-day the eight-nine
crowd go in. He requests us to an
nounce a slight change in Friday's pro
gramme: On Friday those from 11 to
12 years, inclusive, will be examined,
and on Saturday those from 13 to 21.
The Trustees have ordered more seats
having now, new desks for 460 pupils
420 having registered. J
Miss Juliet A. Core came in on the
Shenandoalt yesterday. She graduated
at the Norfolk College with distin
guished honors, and, Prof. Johnson in
forms us, is a very fine German and
French scholar, conversing fluently 'in
the French language.
Stonewall Items.
Rice cutting will commence,, next
Cotton picking will be in full blast
next week.
Rice crops are splendid and safe from
all mishaps now.
The .health of our county cannot be
surpassed in North Carolina.
Dr. W. T. Kennedy has been under
the weather for severai days; is expect
ed but in a day or so.
The Congressional candidates for this
District are posted for a joint discus
sion on next Tuesday at Bairds Creek
and Wednesday at Goose Creek Island
in this county. Messrs. Latham and
Pool are the men. "
There was a match game of base ball
played at Mr. Dempsy Luptons on lower
Broad Creek ? Friday. 1 There having
been a challenge passed and accepted
between E. G. Robbins, Captain of the
Trent Club and R. L. Woodard, Captain
of the Broad Creek Club, and after hav
ing played 5 innings each, the Broad
Creek Club having scored 18 to the
Trent's 10 the rain came to their relief
and a stop was put to the game leaving
Capt. Woodard master of the situation.
The dinner was served at the usual time
and it would have done you good to see
how that crowd stowed away the good
things furnished by the hospitable la
dies of the Broad Creek section, consist
ing of meats of all kinds, fish, fowl,
tarts, pies, cakes, and in fact eyery thing
to tempt the a petite; and your humble
servant held his own on this occasion as
he will on a certain day in November
next. Don't be too sure; it may be
that your opponent will try some of the
Broad Creek cake, and insert a finger
in the pie before November. Ed. Jour
nal. For that crowd I will tender to
the lady managers, to wit: Mrs. Dr.
Lindsey, Mrs. James Jones, (whose
name was changed from Mrs. William
F. Jones on the evening before, F. F.
Woodard, Esq., being the official on
that occasion, (and I assure all who see
this that if one can judge from appear
ances they were both pleased with the
change) Mrs. Frank Fulcher, Mrs.
Benj. Lupton, Mrs. Robert Wharton and
many others whose names I did not
learn, our heartfelt thanks for the
good things and hearty welcome we
all received. Notwithstanding the pour
ing of the rain a good portion of the
day, all seemed to enjoy themselves,
and who could do otherwise when
there was so many lovely faces to grace
the occasion V Hog Island and Cedar
Island being represented by both belles
and beaux and as for Vandemere,
Spring Creek and Broad Creek, there is
no use for me to undertake the task of
Swansboro Items.
Visitors are leaving for home; only a
dozen or so in town now.
The farmers are very busy getting out
their cotton; some are gathering corn
while others are talking politics heavy.
Nash Dennis caught to-day 125 trout
with a hook and line in one hour and
fifteen minutes. Fish story ! ! ! Ed.
Turpentine is brisk. Schooner Ray,
Capt. Dennis, just cleared with 263 bar
rels for Wilmington N. C, shipped by
Pittman & Co.
Seven persons were baptisad at Cow
head church or Montfort's Mill rather,
by Rev. Mr. G. W. Best last Sunday and
Monday. One at Swansboro by Rev.
Mr; Warlick at the same time.
I send two rib bones of a rattlesnake
to you, I have part of his back bone
1 inches across, but can't send it in a
letter. The snake was fifteen inches in
circumference. These are not the lar
gest bones.
Mr. Bryan Hatsell killed the largest
buck ever seen in this neighborhood
this week: he had six snags ou a beam,
and weighed, gross weight, 340 pounds,
and was not fat either. Hatsell was
afraid to eat him though the dear looked
Col. W. J. Green, candidate for con
gress, is booked for this place next Sat
urday. It is said the Col. is hard
to beat in a political speech, and that he
can knock the spots off Gov. Jarvis
easy. How is that Governor ? It must
be some prejudice against you on ac
count of something some one don't like;
perhaps-its the Quaker Bridge Road.
Very healthy yet: some few cases of
sickness only. Capt. Burns Smith is
very sick with billious fever, and a little
son of M. Russell, Charlie, is also sick
with the same disease. The animals,
four legged ones I mean, are very sick
ly. The wild deer are dying with black
tongue by the hundreds. Whew ! ! !
Ed. Journal. One large buck came in
Mr. Bob Henderson's yard yesterday as
though looking for help for his disease:
he did not try to get away at all, and
was killed by one of the men with a
stick. Ahem ! ! ! Ed. Journal.
Hyde County Items.
The army worm has disappeared.
The farmers are busy saving fodder.
The health of the county is very good.
Cholera is killing the hogs at some
Horses are dying with the staggers all
over the county.
Cotton is opening nicely, and we are
just betting on our rice.
Geo. W. Swindell Jr. is making im
provements on and in his storehouse.
J. M. Spencer of Spencer Bros., starts
for Norfolk Monday the 18th to purchase
fall stock.
We learn that three more rum mills,
or ticket offices to misery, via Black
Valley railroad will soon be opened in
Currituck township.
Part of our Northern mail now reach
es us via Elizabeth City and Fairfield.
We need and leant steam mail commu
nication with New Berne. Hope Col.
Andrews will notice this.
County Liberal Convention was held
at Swan Quarter. Satuixh-vy lfith, M. M.
Makeley presiding. The following
were the nominations:
Wilson Lucas for Representative, Hi
ram MoCloud for Sheriff, Asa J. Smith
lor Clerk, Alex. Berry for Register of
Deeds, Jas. W. Hayes Sr. for Coroner.
No nomination for Surveyor. Eleven
votes were polled in the convention.
Jounty' Items.
The merchants in Trenton are paying
niu prices ior seen cotton, ... i
Daniel -Andrews, Esq.,' brings to our
maraet in j.renton, twice a week, very
fine beef. . y
We are glad to see our friend, Capt.
Rasberry out again who has been very
unwell for the last sevra days.
r- Mr. J. H. Bank will begin sawing in
a few days, lie would have begun last
week but for. the unavoidable delay in
getting part of hia machinery..
The Trent River Transportation Com
pany has shipped from this place, in the
last week, 58 bags of cotton, besides that
a large quantity has been carried over
land from in,tind .around Trenton to
New Berne.
Mr.'J. L. Kinsey, the clever and effi
cient agent of the Trent River Transpor
tation Company, informs us that W. F.
Foy, Esq.. of thiscounty, puts up the
neatest and best packed bag of cotton
sent from Trenton and Messrs. Lafay
ette Franks of Onslow, and A. C. Good
ing of this c miity, ut up the next best
Accounts are seen in every paper of
the large an I flourishing schools in
nearly all tho E istern counties," while
Jones, with the exception of Mr.
Rhode's school at Polloksville, has, as
far as 1 have heard, not a single school.
Is not this a very poor showing for the
wealthy county of Jones ' We must do
better, we nmt arouse ourselves on the
all important subject of education; un
less there is a change we will continue
to sustain .ur reputation as the Rip
Van Winkle of North Carolina. The
children of the present "generation can
not afford to grow up in ignorance and
if more positive steps are not taken they
surely will.
Stonewall Items.
Mr. O. D. Lewis is nearly redy to-l
move in his new house.,
'Prof. A. H. Hamlin's new residence
in this place is being rapidly built.;
Mr. Felix Sawyer died at his home a
few miles below here on last Friday.
Mr. J..H. Gaskins is getting his lum
ber in position near this place forja new
Maj. W. A. Hearne stopped over with
us last Saturday. He has been the truest
of Mr. C. H. Fowler. -
' Mr. Jas. H. Miller lost one of hia twin
boys last night of whooping cough. He
was only a few months old. ' The said
cough ranges at least 120 in Pamlico.
W. T. Caho, the Democratic nominee
for a seat in the Senate, reached home
yesterday from a tour through part of
the district looking pretty well worn.
You ought to hear his explanation of a
skinned nose. He repor.s his prospect 3
lovely and the goose hangs high.
Cotton Middling 1H; strict low
middling 11: low middling 10.
Corn 68c. in bulk; 70c. in sacks.
Turpentine Receipts moderate. Firm
at $2.50 for yellow dip.
Tar Firm at $1.50 and $1.75.
Beeswax 20c. to 22c. per lb.
Honey 60c. per gallon.
Wheat 90c. per bushel.
Country Baoon Hams 18c.; sides
10c.; shoulders 15c. Lard 15c.
Beep On foot, 5c. to 6c.
Egos 18c. per dozen.
Peanuts $1.50. per bushel.
Fodder 75c. per hundred for new.
Peaches 50c. per peck.
Apples 50a75c. per bushel.
Pears $1.00 per bushel.
Grapes Scuppernong, $1.00al.l0 per
Onions $1 .50 per bushel.
Beans 80c. per bushel.
Hides Dry, 9c. to lie; green 5c.
Tallow 6c. per lb.
Chickens Grown, 50c. per pair.
Meal Bolted, $1.15 p?r bushel.
Potatoes Irish, $1.50, sweet 70c
Shingles West India 5 inch, mixed,
$2.50 per M. Building 5 inch, hearts.
$3.50; saps, $2.50 per M.
Wilmington, Sept. 23. Spirits tur
pentine firm at 42c. Rosin firm,
at $1.32i for strained, and $1.42J for
good strained. Tar firm at $1.70. Crude
turpentine irregular at $l.'K)al.70 for
hard, and $2.50a $2.70 for yellow dip.
Baltimore", Sept. 25. Oats higher;
southern 43a44c. ; red rust proof 40a4 2c;
western white 43a44c.: mixed 40a42c.
Provisions firm; mess pork $23.25.
Bulk meats shoulders and clear rib
sides, packed, lHal5Jc. Bacon shoul
ders 12ic; clear rib sides 16jc. Hams
16al7ic. Lard refined 14c. Butter
steady; western packed 16a22c. Coffee
dull; Rio cargoes, ordinary to fair,
7a91c. Sugar higher and firm; A
soft 9ic. Whisky steady at $1.20al.22..
Kinston Advertisements.
far intniiniition i.f n (MJAY Ml'I.K that was
stolon fit-in J. rnn-ott'K Mill, i-'nlurtlay
niglil, Si itt iiili'i -
Tin- mule lins :i i:n k frny ppot on forohend;
also sjxit of same loi on rlrht lii(.
KOllT. HltVA.N.
Kiiistnii, X. C, S-pt. 27, 1NS2. w2t
A Fine Photograph A Good Likeness
A Nice KmineCan now lx wcuroil at
Shelburue'M Uallery on street.
This OKliilillsliiiienl has been newly fitted
up with new mid (stylish neeessoi le, scenic
Imcksiioiind, etc., itiul 11 Kplcntliil slock of
frames, easels, cases, etc., on hand at mode
rate in Ices. Call and see them.
Kinston, N. C.
Hi infl along your old picture and have them
copied. sept28-:im
TIIK I'N I KRSI i N 101 Wll.I, Nr. IX AT
1THUC A I't "I'll .N on
Thursday, Oct. 12, 1882,
The following :
Stationary Kngliic ami Holier.
Saw Mill- almost nrii ,
Three Flue Mulls.
Four Flue Hogs,
One Webster AV!on,
Two Buggl8,
Three Good Carriages,
Font' Yoke Well Trained Logging
One Huudrtd Thousand Fet Long
Straw Pine. Lumber.
1'lnce of vale al Saw Mill, T'. miles southeast
of Kinston, and - miles north of I. K. Wor.ien s
plantat ion.
Kep2x-2t Kinston, N. C
I' islii l s WIiiii f,
t?it-W.:iu " -New lit i lie. N. C.
I Jones
You are liespectfully, InvitecLto attend .
Are pi epared for doiof all kinils of repair work
On Engines Gins, and other racliiiu r
Casting Done Every, Friday. .
- other engines.
highest pmces paid for old ikon and y,
.- . . ....,,-.
KINSTON, N. C. W'17-wU.
iiii:AiQsuitrrEiH vio 1 1
GEfJTS' Furnislilns
hats m all the LEm::3 stvl::.
Gents1 Undervrare, White, Gray and Scarlet.
We have the prettiest line of hand and machine.made 8I10K3 evr-r t.lm n i ,
this city. We keep the celebrated Stacey, Adam & Oo.' (Shoo. Iliimi. f t
wear. Our 75c and 81.00 Bhirta cannot fe Burpnmed. Oeiraine lVrrl. M u t ..
Jjft.25. Silk Handkerchiefs in great variety. Rubber CnnUi and Hal h .
than ever. Rubber Umbrellas, the best for rain. A full atwortment of nit V
in stock. Celluloid and Linen Collars and Cuilrfof the latest sty k-s. A U aus,
line of Neck-wear. ,
Ours is the only exclusive Gents-' Furnishing Store in the city ; so give us ym.
patronage. Our aim is to please. Give ua a trial. . i
Having superior accommodations for the display of Carpet and C1 Cli-thn v .
have added these to our stock. Also Trunks and Valine. ' . , , ,
We will soon have samples from Bronner & Co. and see them. .
Pollook Street, NUW XHaAlXO-XJ. XJ. c.
Garraway's Lives" Pill.
Contains no CALOMEL or "oilier MEltCULIAL' Ingredients, hut are t
posed of ' , -
Pure and Unadulterated Vcgcib Inrc !
It . , . 'TV' ' ' i
Surest, Safest anS Best Liver Pill on the Market.
Try them and be convinced of their merit. . f' ;
Cg All Druggists and Dealers keep them. 25centa perb ox. . ep21wly
For the MERCHANTei!i,rLrin
CrOWn by ntiraniwAB on our own rrnt
tW IlucUon IUBatrM4 CtalcM ul Band Bfbiir FItKE TO A IX.
New Berne Advertisements.
The Newborn Academy.
The Graded School will be opened, in
the Newborn Academy, on
Monday, October 2d, 1882,
with the following able and accom
plished corps of iiiHtructors:
Prof. D. B. Johnson, Principal.
Mr. Patterson Wakplaw.
Prof. O. W. Neal.
Mrs. Mary McK. Nash.
Miss Rachel Brookfield.
Miss Caroline Pettiorew.
Miss Juliet A. Core.
Miss Annik Chadwick.
Mrs. A. B. Ferebee.
Tuition free to. all pupils between six
and twenty-one years of age, in New
born and this Sohixd District. All others
will be charged hh follows: . (
Primary Department, ier ses
sion of ten months, payable
one-half in advance, the other
half in the middle of the sch
sion . . . ... . 10.00
Intermediate .... 15.00
Highest 20.00
Hoard ean le procured, in the city, at
reasonable rates.
The Trustees will spare neither pains
nor expense to make this .School the
first in the State; and, in olTering edu
cational facilities never lefore offered
n this section, tliey hope to receive the
argest patronage.
( HAS. t . CLARK.
sepl6d&wtf President.
Administrator's otice.
Statu of Nohtii Oaijolina,
Claim fount). V
Thi' subocribor having n :i I i 11 1 an Ailinmir
Iralur of tti et:iU' of Thouiar. K Ja-kiiip. iIm-I,
li Iho Pilh day ot September. A.l .MS 2 brton-I lie
Vrobmo Court of Craven county, ln-rrby iioliflr
nil ersotiP liav inn claim aj!.-iinM suid rMate. lo
pivneht tliein ftr payment on or before llie !Mi
day of September, lv-3, or thi nonce will be
pleaded in bar of lli. ir lecoverv.
All person indebted lo iald eMate will make
immediate payment.
Hone lliis Pith day of Septi'inlier, 1S82.
li. H. COX,
pc t20-ilvtv.' Public AtlminUtralor
t . ...
l?Jitllinecy ;, . -
; .. pen:::
.H I ( 9
f r r- -
W ItaM kMK V .
Hyde County Adrertitcnicntf
Lake Landing,' Hyde Co.,
. . .
lANY of II an ford, ;mn.
of IlAlllmorr. Mil, t
. AND " ' ,
OrlemiH. '" - - .
Circulars Mailed on App!"
cation; - !
Sewing Machine Needle .
AH kinds Sewing Machine NeedK
Forty ContH jr Iozcn, '
sent to any address on receipt of prii
IV. U. aiUII.llK.
Lake Landing,
Hyde Count.
H. H A, X . '
A1I:NIH. 1882V AQIfNTr
Hruc A fte. celebrated India rnk.WiW-r CC ..
Oil and Ornron fort rait. , Miula fVcm rrr i
Hcriptioa of amall 4cUipm. -Arknowl-dr1 by
art critic I be Snrat work now pmduord. (.
ftpcrial leriiK for BirnaMeevary parana mfr
to make tinmen Incomes. Wi luvll joa u. ..
ynr a.'drens imtonimtelr. for full MrtlrnW
Rildmaa n. R. MIIiYrTTK, laa Art .
.uj.lo-w.1m Lake Leading, Uyda Co, N.J
raiprKS HOTE
Fuk class, far. Ule WfvKuU an
g ool ncco nimoilaUoua. ; ; i f w
.; .4' .

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