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$1£0 Per Tear.
et al
!K[o. 481. "Mw T L Jones €t al vs A G L R R Co.
H W B W for jptontlffs,
Mcli,'V ^ McL and
[n Re LetUe BoyXM^ et aj
O'A L for Petition ars-
S & McQ for t3ommitteemen.
Id. 4.
Al^ P. JtcLean et «1 vs Major Evans
McL, y Mel^ and Stacy for plaintiff
GBP for i^endant
Mo. 281. W. D. Rnisell ya Wesley Evans.
S A McQ for plaintiff ^
A P-B-A GLB P fteA^dWt
Mo. 409.
U D Bethune et al Vs Flora 0. Blue
S & McQ for i^aintiff >
G B P for defendant
/Na U W McLean vs D SiRurrie et al,
A D'G for plaintiff
\ B (& McQ for defendant
Mo. 44S; Stepl^if Dockery vs Eliza Dockefr
S A McQ for plaintiff
G B B & H W3 W for defendant
No» 4lto. .Sonthern Exchange Go vs A. P. Boatman,
a S.B McL for plaintiff'.^
, . —r jfor defendant.
Mor 4/?5. Jacob Blue V8 Flora Blue ^
B A McQ for pktintiff.
GBP for dei^dant i
Luke Bethune vaMrs B. F. Barnard
8 A McQ for pLintiff
iP W B W for defendant ,
'Paulpickson vs J L Pratt.
0 A L;^ plaintiff.
$ A llcjQ ^or defendant.
522 Stephen Putney Shoe Co. vs T L Blue
H W B W for .plaintiff.
S A McQ for defendant.
No. 627. J H AutttkVs B R Andrews.
C A L for plaintiffi
S A;McQ for defendant.
Nn. ' Angus Ci^tChj^KvB Nettie Moody et al.
S and McQ va^ltn W B W for plaintiff.
0 and L for defendants. /
Ihrading Co vs Walter Yample.
Mo/iBQ. RedSonn^ T
McL^V; McL and 8 tor plaintiff.
» and McQ for d^endanb -
No. 685. U N Brown vs W ITMc^re.
for plaintiff.
' ■ ‘j jt;  rjfot defoAdaqt.
J BGdi Co yp Louis Parker.
H W B W for plaintiff.
Caad Lfor de/endant.
My h37
Na. 50^McUachJiii.Go«, loc
C A L for plaintiff ,
■ No. 558.
A L for plaiQtit
for defend
kantos Oof
Co et al.
No, 660. King
irge> lIcR^ vs D D McRae
H W B W for plaintiff
C a^. L for defendant
No. 5^
Fannie Puw^LysCharlie.McLean et at
S and McQ fOr plaintiff
for defendant
Na, Bid. T. M. .McLaaebUn et al vs Donaldson Dupree
8 anfd McQ fdirl^laihtiff
G B 'B for defendant
• No. B66.
Mo, B76.
MO. h7L
C IF xahti khd Soha vs J. A. Wanren etal.
C and L for plaintiff
lIcL and H for defendant
J W Johnson vs .G. 8. Bennett
W B W for plaintiff
B R for defendant
ra yaJa^ Green
L^ fOTS^ntiff
for Rvendiint ‘ ;
The cotton mill has not chad*
[gedyet. ' :v- . . /
>" '
Therehie been quite a lot of
[cotton hauled to R^ford^is
Shad costs from two to
[and a half dollars eacHr^eap
[enough. ' , . _
Mr N. A. McNeiU "spent Bun
I day with Mr and Mrs
phens of Sanford. '
leaf and flc
We see new additions to
into TbA roads are muddy In places
■' ihut one good thing is they-dry
y ' Plant com,beans and anything
home want. If they are killed you
»*W' Coff«e plant again.
St. Pauls has voted 1125,000
for water and sewerage system
and street improvements.
Mrs. E. S. Smith has returned
from a hospital in Payetteyilla
and is getting along nicely.
I^tf^iarmid little
t^i^relaiivfes in
^Dickson spent
ashd with Red
' tv a —
L ..V •***'*:^ -•
houses and new' outbuildings on
nearly every fanh;^ f 2;'
^Mr Hap^n hns reafgh^ as eX'
Ipr^s agent andMr. W.Ti.'Mo^,ej
[is now on that job./ ^
Titiis town should make a[move
I for better railroad facilities Or
move to a better ranroad,^ .^;- *
Miss Behi^^''Lee TTpchurch
[camehomefre^Peace Instituto
iRaleigbthe lsst week end. .
Misses Dudiy'McLimn and Ila
I Graham have returned to Kingta
I Business College in Raleigh.
• -C _ -
Mr. Homer Walters and fam
[ilv have moved into their nice
[new bungalow hearDr Browm's'.
Raeford is training up another
I baseball elnb to take the place
of the old one that made the town
The town of Red Springs has
[planned to improve the towns
water supply and put in electric
tight and power sufficient for al
N. E. Henderson, J. H. Austin
I J. A.. McDiwi'niid. and. perhaps
othefs^SItvf? joined N.^S. Blui ip;
the ;^ttifig business up
camp Mte. - .. v.
A derailed engipe on
arrivals until seven‘in the even*
ing that day.
Mr Dwight Niven .who has
)een in the community wmrk
Wake county spent a few
days at home last w6^ before
enteiing upon the^ame line of
work in Forsyth connty. *
In Rebeson those for division
of the county believ# they are
in the majority and are determi
ned ro elect a Senatcr and two
Representatives who are in sym.
pathy with their wishes.
\ - Ji-
, cFarTiMivcr
I ber^y sop^nee
candidate iar the office of TMi»' ‘4 '
Urer of Hoke county subject te
the voters at primary.
, W. J. Mk^raney
to 18a
- 4-.
Dr W , ELi
Mar. 2Q«ba
irbpQ Abe
state W
et Mpore spent last
ir^hejs a student
jUpge, Va.
IS glad tb report
mne almost welL
las been sick but
extremely low.
ffgh school basket
ited the' Raeford
im girle last Sat
in by a score of 31
•iM .
terians of Raeford
fcional meeting held
' raise their
lary from $2,000 to
t ■ ■ ■
Wiake field, the eye
ks unable to fill his
fat Raeforcbon Sat.
ig been called home
\ '
The Fredison Theatre has bcon
changed in name toThePastime
Theatre and it looks like the show
business is getting better.
Messrs. J H Sykes and Young
Wood two of our best county
men called at this office Satiir*
day to renew their subscriptions
to the Journal.
Far Sheriff.
I hereby announce mysdtf a
candidate fw the office of sheriff
of Hoke county subject to the
action of the Democratic prl
Edgar Hall
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank all the good
people who were so kind and help
ful to us during our illness.
Mr- and Mrs. W. L. Bethune.
for Clerk Saperior Ceiri.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the office of Clerk
of the Superior Court, Bobject to
the action of the Democratic
Wm. L. Poole.
tes for Secretary 6f
TriB.asurer; guess
eVCTFbpdj^^^infcs Grimes and
liacy'^'l^^ Jhbttiesteaded on
''J--.-;' *■
‘ SO-4wuch building
ir closed it is almost
•material with
ild'A^y tlajng. You
pond up*
!x'f' j-i i'«. .
two weeks ago and must have
been near a hundred years old
as he came into that neighbol"-
hood about the close of the Civil
war a middle aged man. He
A Sheotisg Affray '
There was a shooting affray
just above the cotton mill village
donday evening between Mr. H.
Baker and Zan Watkins, col
It seems the trouble sj;arted
over a bad check Walkins gave
Baker on Saturday and there
trouble threatened over that
thing Monday.
They live’near together Baker
went; to see Walkins Monday
evening carrying '.his gun and
on his arrival at Malkins* bobse
Walkins ran into the house.and
shut the door. Baker then dis
charged a load of shot into the
cloqed door. Walkine then open:
For Registor oi Deeds
I hereby aonoonee myself a
candidatetor the t^^ofB^inater
of Deeds for Hoke county sub
ject to the action of the coming
primary. I am now‘ serving as
Register of Deeds filling the on-
expired term of ^ L Bethune
resigned. If elected I prmniae to
give the same careful attention
to the duties of the office in the
future I have given in the past.
Yours to serve
D- K. Blue
Fw Regut^* d Deeds.
I hereby announce myaiMf a
candidate for the office of Regis
ter of Heeds, subject to the
Democratic Primary.
W. W. Roberts
bought a pie^ of land and built jater carried him to Highsmfth's
a home. He raised a large family
of children V and several large
families of grand children.
: -Mrs. Jehn T. Sinclair
Mrs. John T. Sinclair died
suddenly Tuesday night about
ten o’clock in her home in Rafe-
You remember we had twoKord of heart failure. . Several
snow storms the last week in
March and the first week in April
in i9l6. They came just a week
apart and the April storm tore
down all the light and power
Mr..»Z. V. McMinan~ of %Bd
Springs, who recenty passed the
supreme court examination and
obtained license to practice law
has located at Monrqe. He went
to Monroe directly frpm the Un
iversity law school kt ‘Ghaiiel
Hill and is with the firm of Man-
ess, Armfield and Vann. The in
creasing business of this firm
and the time Mr, Vann Is devot
ing to his Campaign for the de
mocratic nomination for con
gress. from this district made it
necessary to increase the per
sonnel of the staff.
months^ago her health was not
good but seemed to be much im
proved aid stood up amazingly
her husband’s recent illness, and
her sudden death Tuesday night
came as a distinct shock to her
family an^umerous friends.
Mrs. Sin^mr was a Miss Blue
before marriage, a daughter of
Neill McK. Blue, and is largely
sonnected in this section of the
State. She was a consistent
member of the Raeford Presbyr
terian Church, and was a pious
The funeral will be conducted
from the Presbyterian church
this a. m. at 10:30 by her pastor
Rev. W' C. Brown, and inter
ment will be made in Raeford
cemetery just after service in
the church.
Saturday, April 4tli, At 3 P. M.
Important matters to be considered. A large
representation from every township, desired.
Chm. Hoke County Dem. Ex. Com.
er at short range tearing a hole
through his rightarm, and a pari
of the load entered his side. He
was taken to Dr Wilkins’ office
who dressed his wounds, but
lospital in Fayetteville.
Xt the request of a hi
my friends Iv hereby anueoiiee
myseif a candidate fw the office
of Sh^ of Hoke Coontj. sob-
lect to the action of the Demo*
cratic primiury. *
1 hereby announce myself a: candidate far Sta-
ator from this the 13th Senatorial District., sublet
to the Democratic .primary. I .f«el tliat with
knowledge of the workings of tlw Senate I hare ac
quired by serving six years as Sergeant-at-Arma of
the Senate and my acquaintance with the people of
North Carolina generally, has prepared me to give
as good service as any man in the district, and I
^earnestly ask my friends in the district to go to the-
primary on June 5th and cast their vote for me;
BirtyfiiniiTi uwini—iippiwpinpipgi j
We are Now Prepared
To take care of your
Battery Work
and fully equipped to rebuild or
charge them.
Rebuilding rates reasonable, and our charging rates
ONLY $1.50. - 7"^
/ Authorized Willard Service Station.
G. D. McLENEpN, Pto|k ^ .

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