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    VOL. XXIV. NO. 4.
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. 4
Something to Think Ahont
Th« ftlectric industry has done
naore in the past ten years for
the advancement of American
manufacture and American la
bor than any other industry in
the country. It has helped to
advance civilization.
It has flooded our streets with
light. It has made possible the
non concentration of labor so
that manufacture can be con
ducted witnout additional cost
away from congested centers-
It has lightened the labors of
the housewife—and it has
brought courage and good cheer
to the farmer, who always has
been and always will be the
backbone of the American na
It has many millions of stock
holders throughout the land. Its
securities are owned not only in
the amount of hundreds of mil
lions of dollars, but in billions of
dollars, by insurance companies,
banks, saving societies, and oth
er trust accounts.
To unnecessarily injure or
barm it would be little short of a
calamity, not only for the indue
try itself but for the people who
are largely interested in its
progress and success.
Aberdeen Gets Big Icbg Plant.
On Wednesday a representa
tive of the Fruit Growers’ Ex
press visited Edwin McKeithen,
of Aberdeen, to ask the owner of
a tract of land about half a mile
below the viljage, and when Mr.
McKeithan iaid the land^ was
bis Mr. Nash, the,stranger, ask
ed If he vfould sell it. He wo'.ild,
and in the shortest possible time
the deal was,concluded, and the
stranger said he was buying th%
property to build an icing ^lant
and cold storage ou'fit that
would cost about $350,000. and
on which men would begin work
this week.
The land lies on the Seaboard,
just below the town limits of
Aberdeen, embraces about four
acres, and will be tb6 site of one
of the most modern things-of its
kind on the^road. In addition
the Seaboard and the Norfolk
Southern will build an elaborate
system of yards on the west side
of the track, for the plant, which
will occupy the east side, the
yard construction involving prob
ably $i00,000.—The Pilot.
State Republican Convention.
The State Republican conven
tion met in Raleigh on Tuesday
of last week, and nominated a
full state ticket; we quote from
the News and Observer the fol
lowing as their state ticket;
For Governor, Herbert F. Sea
well of Carthage.
For Lieutenant Governor, W.
H. Fisher, of Sanford.
For Secretary of State, Mrs-
R. J. High,'of Asheville.
"' For Attorney' General, J- R,
of Catawt
.• For State Treasurer,
.Tohnson, of Wilkes.
For Superintendent of Public
Instruction, I G. Greer, of W au-
For Commissioner of Revenue,
N. A. Pitts, of Burke-
For Commissioner of Labor
and Printing, L. B. Goslin, of
For Insurance Commissioner,
A. E. Hampton, of Transylva
For Corporation Commission,
J. D. Gregg, cf Randolph.
For Commissioner of Agricul
ture, D. A. Patterson, of Scot
For Justices of the Supreme
Court, Thomas J. Harkins, of
Buncombe, to succeed .Justice
Connor; and Walter B. Love, of
Monroe, to succeeu Justice Brog
Following his nomination,
which he called a “surprise,’
Mr. Seawell urged the Republi
cans to make a fight in North
Carolina this year on moral is
suss and prohibition. He callec
Al Smith “a man who stands for
liquor and the ideals of the out
casts. If Max Gardner stands
.for that man he won’t get the
best element of the Democratic
vote for I’ll have it.”
Mrs. J. H. Cbason Passes.
Mrs. J, H. Chason died at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. W.
M. Ritter, of Rockfish onWednes
day morning of last week and
after a funeral servicfe conducted
in the home of Mrs. Ritter by
Rev. Mr Powers of Parkton, the
interment was made in Chason
cemetery in Stonewall township
She survived by three sons, A.F.
and J. A. Chason of Lumber
Bridge, C. P. Chason of Fayette
ville; six daughters, Mrs. W. F.
Guy, Misses Sallie and Flora
Chason of Parkton; Mrs W. M.
Ritter of Rockfish Mrs J. W.
Carter of Lumber Bridge, Mrs.
Rector McLean of Fayetteville
Campaign Week For Better Homes
in America.
The week of April 16—22 is
known as Better Homes Week
throughout many rural commu
nities and small towns in Am r
ica The object of this campaign
being to show the communities
how to have more attractive
and more comfortable homes at
a moderate cost. Herbert Hoover
president of ‘‘Better Homes in
An^erica,” has this to say in its
behalf; “This organization was
founded on the belief that our
national strength and welfare is
sustained by high ideals and
sturdy character. To conserve
our best traditions and vigorous
ideals is our privilege and duty.
The home, the school and the
church are charged with this
most significant human task, the
building of character. ,Of these
three me titutions, the home ex
erts the first and most continuous
influence toward right thinking
and right living.”
The Woman's Club of Raeford
is sponsoiing this movement and
is anxious to have all home own
ers enter into the movement by
planting shrubs, flowers and
gardens and by cleaning up hou
ses, yards, stores and premises,
thereby increasing propety
values and community, self
respect and civic interest.
Premises that are well kept
are a source of of pleasure and
pride to the home maker. In
addition to improving the grounds
the Woman's Club is. interested
in the interior of the home; com-,
fort and beauty in the home are
all possible even though the
family income may be small; by
using materials at band homes
can be made convenient , and
attractive, and homelife can be
The wet davs last week
stopped work until Friday.
If you back, there has
not been' Hi] freshet in several
1 '4
The’fifBt-fluart of strawberries
sold at Ot»i|dbourne last week
for $2
The Rae^rd postoffice receipts
show gainuin 1927 over previous
years, so |^are not going back
Not so «Many chickens were
shipped car loaded here
last weim Way, and only two
lonel^ tuffilps.
Dock watcher is a cripple.
Never wi^ffpnvthing else, stilt
you do Dock moody, nor
hear Jitoplain;
‘ For Rejffster of Deeds
cl hereby announce myself a
andulate for the otfi ’e of Rtgi-'
ter of Deeds of Hoke coiml’,
subject to the action of the v-
ters at the Primary in June.
Dan. J R.\y.
To the Democratic Voters of
Hoke County:
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for Judge of Recnr
der’s Court, subject t? the action
of the primary to be h>'ld June
2nd. 1928.
W. J. McLauchlin.
Rev. B. P. Robinson of War-
renton arrived Monday, and is
assisting Pastor Yearby in a
series of meetings in Raeford
Methodist church, preaching at
11 A, M. and 7:30 P. M. each
day. The public is invited to
attend these services.
Friday morning about 8 o’clock
a false fire alarm called out Rae-
ford’s fire fighters, and they
were at headquarters in two
minutes, under full steam,
ready to go, and bad nothing to
do. Anybody who knowingly
sends in a false fire alarm should
be sent to the roads for a term.
hTfla^grcatlJTakd childreri.
Dr Cromaitie, Messrs. Make
and Martin McKeithan and
Marsnall Davis composed a quar
tette which sang at the services.
Kiwaois Hold Big Night.
Ladies' Night was greatly en«
joyed with the local Kiwanians
Tnursdav evening, April l‘2th.
The meeting was opened by
the singing of America followed
by an invocation by Rev. J. E.
After a few preliminary re
marks from President K. B.
Lewis, the meeting was turned
over to the chairman of the
evening program, Rev. J. E
Mr. J, W. McLauckiin in a
cordial and hospitable manner
welcomed the guests of the
evening; to which Mrs. W. E
Freeman very graciously re
Miss Sadie Belle Brown, of'the
school faculty, won in the draw
ing contest, and Mrs. IT. P. John
son was declared the most expert
in throwing a ball at a man’s
Two songs by Mrs. Raymond
McLean, Miss Kathleen Blue
.md Mrs. A K. Currie witii
Mrs. Luke Bethune accompanist
at the piano cipsed the program.
The clever impersonation of
Andy Gump, bis wife, Min and
the son Goliath by Messrs G A-
Fuller, W. T. Covington and
Tommie Upchurch deserves es
pecial mention, as does also the
expert playing of Professor BTi-
dell’s Whang Doodle Band. All
this gave all present a long to
be remembered evening of harm*
less fun and amusement.
A most delightful three course
dinner was served.
must hk
Mr Mi
rells Inle
bis broth0!
The Jolif;
rialjsi vou
* '*
us ’q»ite_^'^^
hope yotf
..-TA. ;
v night was the
t we ever saw tp be
morning; the wind
owp all night.
'Smith a former
'ford, now oTMur-
OlV-khere visiting
j|^. Smith.
.1 •'Tig.arTLes -.two *se’
this costs
but we
by reading them.
rice ties bad rheuma
tism for^^hmberi^i|ears, still
he repafcB^s^es sharpens
saws, AH^iiil^akes goUi money,
and is I^^'^^-anji^weH man
For State Senate
To the Voterfi of Hoke County;
This is to announce niy candi
dacy for the State Senate D'orn
the l2th Senatorial Distiic-r,
subject to the primary, to be held
in June
W. B. McQueen.
Announceme nt.
To the Voters of Hoke Countv:
I hereny announce myseir a
candidate for the office of shn'
iff of Hoke county, .suitjf-ct to
action of the Democratic primary
to be’held Jmie the 2n(i. 192S.
Edgar Hall
Hokt; connfv, sui.ject
ictiop of the Df-ne cratic prHfiJh^y
to be held June 2rjd. 19*^.
' David H. Hodgin.
For County Commissioner
»'I iierehy -innour c-- myself a
'Candidate fi-r ('runty Commis
r, -ubj'-ft to the vote of the
peopie at the June 2nd Primary.
V^ . I. Cur.BRETH.
For Recorder
I anneuncf' mvQolf a candidate
or the off; '• of Recorder of Hoke
Ci'urdv, siE jfct t'; the action of
the iJeniocratic Primary. If
eleeteri I promise fair and square
irnparriai service. Will appreciate
yout support.
Neill A. w.vTsoN.
Mr D'f lJ
of labor saving services, better
arrangements and new ideas in
housekeeping, many of the in'
conveniences and discomforts of
housekeeping can be avoided.
Since there is no Demonstra
tion Home available to show
many such conveniences, the
Club has arranged with business
houses in town, Raeford Hard
ware Co., Freeman Furniture
Stores and others to put on dem
onstration windows in which
will be on exhibition som" of the
features of home improvements.
ThetMubis planning now for a
bigger and fuller program for
1929 “A task well begun is half
Sec. Woman’s Club,
Millions ready. $100 per
thousand. Quick shipment.
Fitzgerald, Ga.
Better Homes should be our
8 ogan.
Not only here but nation witle,
L'-t it our strong ambition.
It will stimulate our pride.
Better Homes, we get the mean
Better living, happier hours,
Honies convenient, full of com
Grassy lawns all set with
Setter Homes, will breed con'
Music, books, and magazines.
Each will furnish needed pleas
Enchantment lend to fireside
We can have convenient kitch
Make them quite attractive too.
Use a little tact and judgment,
Duco paint will wonders do.
And our work can be made ligh
Such as handling pots and
By the use of bright aluminum
And keep cool with electric
Money spent on home improve
Pays its annual dividend,
In happiness and satisfaction.
And gives pleasure to the end.
hope ti
and hui;|
ivertised for sale
To the Democratic Voters
HokeCouhty *
1 hereby announce myself a
candidate for the House of Rep
rest-ntatives for the County of
Hoke, subject to the voters
of the Deniocr.itic party in the
coming primaly. '
W. T. Covington,
For Recorder
Til t he Vi'ters of Hoke County:
1 heretiy 'imounce myself a
camJidate U t lii^ office of Re’
cord'-r tor Hoke countv. subject
to the action of the Democratic
Primary to be hnid June 2od
Paul Dickson.
I hereby announce myself as
a candidate for renomination to
the office nf Register of Deeds of
Hoke (Rounty, subject to the
coming primary voters. 1 prom-
Sc to give the same personal
service that I have always given.
D. K. Blue.
To the Voters of Hoke Cmintv:
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the office of Treas
. , , urer of Hoke county, subj ct to
^ foreclosure, or J i-j.jg action of the Democratic
^ of. court. Wejprimary to he held June the 2iid.
^.p^neris, if
wacKn’ i
. -..J Recorder
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for Judge Recorder’s
Court for Hoke,County, subject
pressed in the June primary
J. A. Niven.
such j 1928.
Herbert McKeithan
.grind corn.
/hb'.'lives 2
of our
to sell.
always has 'something
Within the past month he has
sold over $60 w-orth of turnip
greens from less than an eighth
of an acre of land.
Well, peaches have escaped so
far, .and only once have w e seen
a killing frost after this time of
the year, and that was more than
fifty years ago. We hope there
will be plenty of fruits of all
sorts this year People live bet
ter good fruit years.
Mrs Hallie Cameron is work
ing to get a Western trip this
summer, and if you wish ro sub'
scribe for the News and Obser
ver, she will appreciate your
subscription. You get the paper
at the same price you pay any
one elsiy and help her meantime.
Mr. R A. Davis, who lives at
the Raeford Cotton Mill, has been
altogether confined to his bed
now for three years, and only
one daughter w^orks to earn a
iivinu' I’or tGe farm’iv. There is
iiGv no inTr' fii-;coirnm
than in the uiuOKiry
For Register of Deeds
To th ‘ V ters of Hoke County:
I horebv an’ onnee myself a
candiiiart- tur the "ffice of Regis
ter of Deeds for Hoke county,
-ubject to the action of tfie Dem
ooratic primarv to be held June
2n.i. 1928.
Arch McNair.
For House of Representatives.
After mature delioeration. and
at the earnest Solicitation of many
iriends, I am again a candaia’e
for the nomination for IvPpiesen
tative from HokeCminty ir riip|
next Genoral Assembly, stjt'j •■■t!
to the will ot the people as ih. ir|
votes will determine on June 2nd.
D, 8. POGLE.
niff'f't to the will of the people
IS e.xpressed in the .approaching
Priinar\’ on June 2nd. prox.
Zeb Hearn.
apija I'
Rev A. M. McLauchlin and
family have recently moved from
Williamsburg, Mo., to Chester
county, S. C., where Mr. Mc
Lauchlin becomes pastor of the
Pleasant Grove and Hebron
group of Presbyterian churches.
Mr. McLauchlin is a son of old
Antioch church in Hoke county,
and his father, the late D. B.
McLauchlin, was a native of
Scotland county and lived at the
old McLauchlin place near Wa-
gram. Rev. A. M. McLauchlin
has been living in the West fora
number of years and has done a
fine work there. He is a strong
man and a reliable preacher
and has many kin folks in this
section including Scotland, Hoke
and Robeson counties,—Laurin-
burg Exchange.
An Awbition.
Secret ambition is a dangerous
ambition. It it is worthy of
private entertainment it is
worthy of putilicity, and ought
through publicity to grow nearer
to its realization. You will get
my meaning by reinemoerina
lama candidate for a fourth
lime for the County Jndge.-ihip
The duties of that office are a
schO'.)! to any lawyer. Cas s a'O
tried which otherwise weiiid con
gest Che Superior court docket.
As 1 am a lawyer , each case I
hear as Reciirder trains me for a
h’.ghec judgeship. 1 have tieeo
wondering if rhis had t ver oc i
curred (" you Suppose -ome I
lime Houe COU'itv could choosej
and elect a lawyer to ihe Mipe-1
rior c-ncr bei ch. It won,d L. a'
matter !)• i.;ei:u ee oride t,i
people, and 1 hope Uuiy \v e-en
hetore many years mor.-. A.-- no i
body but a law ver c. u illi :!
perior court jutieesl'.ip. w , y i ,
start early to train one lu. tna
possibility? If we never try
we shall never win. By re
electing a lawyer to the office of
Recorder you send him to the
very school which he ought to
attend in order to make you a
safe Superior court judge. Law-
schools are only a start for the
real battles of life. It takes
hard knocks in actual experience
to test a man’s mettle and prove
his wortn to humanity. I want
you people to vote for me next
June and give me a thorough
schooling for bigger things, if
you please. I need the valuable
experience And it occurs to me
that this office needs an experi
enced man and that the people
are very well aware of that fact.
Again thanking you for your
past faithfulness to me, I remain,
Arthur D. Gore.
For Cotton Weigher
Premising faithful and efficient
-ervice in tiie future as in the
past, I again offer my services
ic the voters of County as
Cotton Weigher, smject to the
in the Primary June 2nc
Martin McKeithan.
For Cotton Weigher
At the request of a number of
friends, I h'^rein announce my-
seif a ".'indiiiate for the office of
I Cntr .n Weigher for Hoke county.
I'OR SALFf-Three good fresh
nidk cows. Will trade for bee
Man wanted to run McNess
Iffi.einess in Hoke county. No
experience needed. Must have
car, can m-ike $7-$10 daily, no
lay eff-;. no bosses, chance of a
lifpHnie Use our capital to
stare Write
Dept. J. L. 7,
Freeport. III.
Bargain in “Made-ln-Caroiioa”
From April 10;h throughout
jiir ti itchii.g-seas.'ii we offer our
‘^ HL-'K I r nn fire Blood-
t-sted e'iing-Kt ck as follows:
.\.\ -\ A A (Trades of Rocks,
Ih"’- ''- I '.- r! ''■Iv, r* Wvan
i! ' I : oO to $25.00
iiO > l'. 0
Lif^' V\ hue L!gl;o,-ns re
U'! dtu’i d froni Sl -'.etl lo $13 00 All
! it ttu- ati'/ve ti .uUeii irom eggs
weitihing 2 iz. up Custom
Work three cents. We are now
ready with our two to six weeks
old chicks. Plenty of chicks
now mean plenty of chicks next
Blngh Poultry Farm and
Statesville, N. C.
Reds 25. $3,75; 50, $7.00; lOO,
.$13 00: Whites. 25, $3.50; 50,
$0.50: 100, $12.00 VVill have
chicks for only three more
weeks. This is the best month
for chicks—get them now.
Phone 5361.
FOR SALE—Several tons Fish
Tankage at reasonable prices.
It is going up every day. Buy
C. E Upchurch,
Raeford, N. C.

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