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Airborne Troop Base
") t Hoffman Dedicated
( amp Mi Kail, Nation's First Large
Scale Post For Training Airborne
Soldiers, Scene of Fitting and Co
Inrful Exercises Before Throng of
(By Special Correspondent)
Camp Mackall, May 1. Thousands
of soldiers ond citizens mingled here
Saturday afternoon at a colorful
ceremony to witness the dedicat on
of Camp Mackall, America's first
large-scale post fir airborne troops
and to pav tribute to a young brave
paratrooper for whom it was nam-
With many dignitaries from both
civilian and military life present,
the program lasted well into the
late afternoon and was climaxed by
a review of the airborne troops and
thrilling demonstrations by para
troopers, glider troops and air evac
uation by the First troop carrier
Guest of Honor.
Honored guest was Mrs. Alda Mac
Kail Newton of Wellsville, Ohio,
mother of Private John T. Mackall,
who lost his life in battle near Ta
farour airdrome in North Africa No
vember 8, 1942.
She heard fitting tribute pad to
her brave son by Major General E.
Gerry Chapman, Commanding Gen.
eral aibrorne command, and Col.
Vernon G. Olsmith, commander of
Camp Mackall.
A crowd of 10.000 persons wit
nessed the demonstration and dedi
cation exercises.
Attending with Mrs. Newton were
two sold er brothers of young Mac
Kali, Privates Robert B. and Gerald
MacKall; a sister, Fiss June Mac
Kail; his stepfather, Earl L. Newton,
and two cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam R. Drane.
They witnessed the unveiling of
,a beautiful bronze plaque by a par
"hute troops guard of honor as trib
n the yn mg sold or, after whtep
J ed a review of the airborne
ps, parachute and glider demon
Thrilling and colorful was the
passing in review of the 11th air
borne divis on, commanded by Ma
jor General Joseph M, Swing. It is
one of the newest airborne divisions
of many more to come and drew high
praise from military and c vilian
leaders here today on their rapid
progress in training.
Another thrilling spectacle which
demonstrated the growing mght of
Uncle Sam was the parachute land
ing of approximately 200 men from
Cb.onel Robert F. Sink's 506th para
chute infantry, the soldiers floating
to earth within the area in front of
the stand.
The detail that gave the demon
stration was from headquarters com
pany, F rst battalion, commanded by
Captain R. Massa, Brigadier General
Fred S. Borum, commanding gener
al of the troop carrier command, fur
nished a squadron of planes for the
demonstration, commanded by Ma
jor C. S. Marshall of the Fifth squad
ron. Tenth group.
Providing color for the massive
gathering was the presence of the
17th a rborne division in a unit to
see the festivities. This division,
commanded by Major General W. M.
Miley, won high praise.
In his dedicaton speech. Major
General Chapman pointed with
pride to the civilian and soldier in
the fight for freedom, saying that
"local cond tions have indeed chan
ged, save one the ideals of Amer
ican life for which we live and if
need be, for which we offer all."
"This camp will witness arfcin
in man fold measure the emotions
and the portrayal of all the attri
butes of life which Americans hold
dear. We. who serve in order that
those ideals may be preserved, here
labor to qualify for the final test
Here we will train in heat and cold
dust and ra n, day and night.end
less hours of labor to the end that
lives may not be sacrificed through
want of knowledge and with that
knowledge we venture all in crder
that others may longer live to en
joy the privileges which we have
Many people, from Raeford and
the County attended the above ser
vices at Mackall Saturday Officers
' tned at this army post are find
homes for their families in Rae
J . everyday.
W. J. Long 79 years old died at his
home yesterday at 4 A. M. Funeral
serv ces were conducted Wednesday
An account of this will appear in
next week's paper.
1 foe
Hoke County News
New Poultry
Prices Quoted.
The poultry prices as published in
the News-Journal last week were
correct as of the date of publica
tion but on Fr day of last week uio
Hoke County War Price and Ra
ti, n Board received a new sched
ule of prices superceding the ones
published last week.
L ve broilers and fryers now are
treated as one classification, with
the ceiling price set at 28 1-2 cents
per pound. Formerly broilers had
been 28 cents and fryers 29 1-2.
Live hens are in one classification
instead of two, w th a top price of
25 cents. The previous prices were
24 cents for light hens and 27 for
medium and light. These prices
are for poultry sold to WHOLE
SALERS. If a producer sells to a
retailer, he may add 1 1-2 cents
per pound, and if to ah ULTIMATE
CONSUMER, an additional 20 per
cent nturk-up, which means that
the highest possible prices which
may be charged to persons actual
ly consuming poultry are as fol
lows: Broilers and fryers under 4
lbs. 36c per !b; Roosters 4 lbs and
over 36c per lb; Hons all weights
31.8c per lb. Stags and old roosters
all weights 27c per lb.
by K. A. McDonald
Commencement Dates Announced.
Measles at Ashemont,
Commencement exercises for Hoke
county students will beg n Sunday,
May 9th, at 11:00 A. M. with the bac
caluureate sermcn, delivered by Rev
E. C. Crawlo'i d in the high school
auditorium, iuesday morning, May
11, at 10:30 the seventh graders of
the county will have their program.
Rev. R. E. Brown cf Fayettev lie
will be the speaker. Class Day Ex
ercises and presentation of diplomas
will be on Thursday, May 13 at 8:15
P. M. These programs will be in the
Hoke County High School audito
The Biology students, under the
direction of Mrs. V. R. White, have
! made interesting collections in their
j study of seeds, wild flowers, leaves
land stems. Each collection s the
work of an individual student and
.s evidence of care and time taken
j in its preparation. One of leaves
and one of wild flowers prepared by
I Mildred Garrett and Bessie Wright
respectively were two of the out
I standing ones.
Ashemont school is experiencing
an epidemic of measles. The faculty
s very much afraid that it will spoil
the recital to be given Friday even
ing, May 7 at 8:00.
The Board of Education held its
regular monthly meeting on Monday
and approved all teacher lists sub
mitted to it. The Board also ordered
that Aberdeen Chapel be re-adver-tsed
for sale.
School Heads Enjoy Dinner at Vp
church School.
The Board of Education, the Beard
of Commissioners, District School'
Board and the traricus county and
state officers connected in any way
with the operat on of the schools
were invited to dinner at Upehurch
School on Monday at 12:30. A sump
tuous meal was prepared by the
girls of the home economics depart
ment and Served by the boys class in
commercial service. The tables were
well appointed and perfectly la d.
All of the guests acclaimed it as me
of the best dinners attended in a
long ti i.e. Eefyre the meal was
served the agricultural shop was in
pec ted and also a display of the
academic work and vocat rnal work
After this the elementary and high
school Glee clubs sang several turn
'?eis that were greatly enjoyed.
These numbers showed that the pu
rils had had good training in music.
A county-wide meeting of the ne
gro teachers was held at the Up
church Sfchool last Fr day afternoon.
Plans were made for the county
wide seventh grade test that was
given at the Upehurch School yester
Much Social and Farm News, sev
eral ads. and other interesting arti
cles hid! to be left ut this week for
lack of spare. Copy must be hand
NewiV Jo
New Army Post
Above is a composite picture of the life of Pvt. Ji hn T.
Mackall, Ohio native, for whom Camp Mackall was named
Pvt. Maekr.ll was one of the American ail borne soldiers t
die in North Africa. His mother attended the dedication
Scouts To Meet In
Raeford May 6th
.Scouters from the Western Dstiict
cf the Cape Fear Council of Boy
Scouts will hold their May meeting
with the Kiwanis Club at their regu
lar meeting in the Raeford Hotel to
night. Thursday, May 6th at 7:30 P.
The Scouters will put on a br'ef
program along lines of Scouting,
and will then go into executive ses
sion with any member of the Kiwa Troops. It was constructed in re
nis Club who desires to sit in, pres : cord breaking time. The site was
ent. Scouters from Raeford, Red selected in August of 1942; construe
Springs, Maxton, John's, Gibson ; t on was started on November 8,
Laurinburg, Laurel Hill and Wa-!l942; troops started to move in on
gram will attend the meeting. I
Following the supper meeting, the!
Scouts of the Raeford Troop will
g ve a display of Scouting through
their troop rally, to which the pub
lic is invited.
...... .
At the meeting of the Kiwanis
Club last Thursday even ng Edwin
Smith had the program and intro-
duced Miss Terrine I. Hollaman,
fbA norr.e economist ana cnairmao
nf the nrn Nutrition Committee.'
M ss Holloman made a report to the E. G. Chapman, Commanding Gen
club covering all phases of nutrition eral of the Airborne Command, mov
woik in the county. It showed that ed his Headquaiters from Fort
a splendid work was being done and
that the Nutrition Committee is pro
bably doing one of the best works
of any cf the OCD Committees,
W. J. Coates was introduced as ai'ider Ironps of the Airborne Lorn
new member. He was told that he j mand.
would have to ride the goat at a la O
ter date.
The sem'-annual Communion ser
vice will be held at the Bethel Pres-
byterian Church Sunday afternoon
at 3:30 o'clock. The scrvi-e will be
conducted by the Rev. H. K. Holland
of Raeford who has been supplying
the church for the past few months.
The public is cordially inv ted to at
Baccalaureate Sermon
Sunday Morning
The Annual Baccalaur"ate Sermon
to the graduates of Hok . : High School
will be preached Sunday morning at
11 o'clock. May 9th in the Audito-
Hum. Rev. E. C. Crawford w II de
liver the sermon. There will be no
other church services in town.
Baptist Circles Will Meet Monday
The Nealy Young and Pearl John
son Circles will meet with Mrs. B.
R. Gatlin Monday afternoon at 4
o'clock. The Business Woman's Cir
ele will meet Monday night at 8
o'clock w th Mrs. Irma Jordan Ran
dall. Y. W. A. will meet Monday
evening with Frances Campbell.
Kallie Gatlin entered Highsmith's
Hospital Tuesday for treatment.
Bears His Name
Camp Mackall is locuteJ one ni le
off Highway No. 1 bctnecn Aber
deen and Hoffman. It touches the
Hoke County line at Blue's Bridge
wnere lour counties come together
Moore, Scotland, Hoke and Rich-
niond. Mackall lies in all of those
except Hoke. The shortest distance
from Raeford to Camp Mackall is by
Blue's Br dge, which is over Drown
ing Creek, 16 miles.
Camp Mackall is the first large
camp constructed for Airborne
January 5, 1943.
On February 8, 1943
, Chapman, Colonel Olsmith, and par
i ty made the first landing on the
j Mackall field. The rapid complet-
j ion of the camp at a record low
cost resulted in award of the Army-
j Navy "E" Pennant to the contract-
I .... a t-a finnn amnlnvooe
"' " "
The war department approved of.
the suggestion that the camp be nam ;
ed in honor of one of the f rst Air-
borne soldiers, to give his life in
On April 5, 1943 Major General
i Lragg.
Lamp AiacKau s now me present
home of this Headquarters and is
a training center for Parachute and
I it ft It r l
Henry McDiarmid
Appointed Recorder
Hoke County Board of Commis-
, sioners, at tlier meeting Monday,
appointed lienry W. McDiarmid to j
1 lill out the un-expired term of the;
late W. B. McQueen, as Judge of
Recorder's Court. This term expires
December 1944. ,
Those that know Judge McDiar-
mid have been very tree in congrat
mat ng tae Hoard on their wise ap
i He is considered one of the best
informed men of the i ounty, though
not so well knrwn to many. For
1 yeais he has been a sufferer from
rheumatism but since his brother
Johns death he has looked alter
their farm and his general condit on
has been much improved. He s a
contemporary of John McGoogan.
Benton Thomas, Paul Dickson and
Will McLean, having been at the
University f Noith Carol na with
, them in 19r8-09. He later took a
correspondence course in law, on
which subject he is well informed.
I The new Judge was sworn in Tues
day morning by the Clerk f Court
j and presided over Tuesday's Court,
i About 35 petty cases accumulat ng
over three weeks were on the dock
iet. Court officials were favorably
'impressed with the way Judge Mc
: Diarmid handled the cases and his
verdicts. ,
The Hoke County Journal
With Our Boys
In The Service
F'.iteher Pickler Coth: an, was
gnduatcd from Otficer Candidate
School, Camp Dav s hist week. He
received his commission cs Second rjessie McMillan, Mrs. Anna Blue,
Lieutenant in the Arrny of the Unit ; Le( n Cameron, J. M. Pendergrass.
ed States. Lt. Cothran is a son of , Henry Gordon. T. H. Hardister. J.
Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Cothran, Red I A. Webb, H. E. Usserr, Ernest Davis
Springs, Rt. 3. Before ent ring the!M,.s. u A. Sandv, R. V. Davis. Mr.
Army he was w th the Acme Druglnd Mrs. c. D. B istic, Sam Overton
Co., Sanford, N. C. George Overton, Evander McMillan,
i Mrs. Florence McGougan, Mrs. Bil
Pvt. Johnnie C. Pate is at home iie Earlow. Mrs. K. T. Butler, Mrs.
from for a 20 day furlough ; Maggie Jackson. Mrs. J. W. Black,
He expects to report for d' ty at Ca Mr. and .Ml.S- j. v. Hastv, Mrs. H.
mp Stewart, Ga. He is visiting his 1 A. Gentrv, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Currie
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pe!e Pate j Miss Willa McLauchlin, Miss B.:nnie
! McLauchlin, Miss Maggie McNeill,
Hallle Brown Ha re of Faltimore ' jjiss Rosella McLauchlin, Mrs. R. H.
Md., is visiting his parents. Mr. and Livingston. Mrs. Belie Currie. McRae
Mrs. J. B. Haire before le ring for McLauchlin. Mrs. J. L. McNeill. Mrs
the army. Agnes McGougan. D. N. McGougan
1 Mary C. McBryde, Nathaniel Black
Soldiers Center Cilxle Xo- 4 Arit:och woman's aux
i .liary. John Allen Jones. Mrs. J. A.
Open SlindaV. J.mi's. Mr. an Mrs. li y Conolv. Mr
; and Mis. A. S. Priest. Mrs. Gorel Ki
The Soldiers Center will be open
I'rom now on all day Sunday, open- 1
ing at 9 o'clock Sunday morning Vol
untcer Hostesses will have charge
until the regular hostesses, Mrs. Cur
He and Mis Rnvrp funip on :it ?-3(l
i p m
The Junior Class of Hoke County
High. School honored the Seniors at
a beautinil banquet in the school
gymnasium Friday evening, Apr 1
30th, at eight o'clock. The theme
for decorations was "An Old Fash-
ioned Garden." The banquet hall
was love'" with spring flowers and
foliago. The gate and fence were
laced with w steria. ivey and roses.
The 511th F. A. Band from Camp
Mackall played throughout the even
i ing' sPecial numbers on the pro
gram consisted oi loasis ana musical
The toastmaster was John Calvin
Alter the banquet the guests were I
pleasantly surprised by a theatre ;
party a special showing of Ara-
bian N'ahts
Methodist Circles To Meet
The Circles of the Society of Chris
tian Service of the Method st Church j
. Mnnd-v T-,v loth f,,t
1 ! . Jon""J . .!
lows: Circle No. 1 Mrs. Marshall
Thomas, chairman, at the church al
3:30. Circle No. 2 Mrs. B. B. Cole,
Chairman with Mrs. R. A. Mathe
son. Sr., at 8:00 P. M. Circle No. 3
Mrs. Lewis Upehurch, Cha'rman,
with Mrs. H. A. Cameron at 3:30.
ine "-"cles OI lnt iiaeiora rresoy
tenan Lnurcn will meet Monday,
May 10th, at 3:30 o'clock as follows: ,
C rele No. 1 Mrs. H. W. B. Whit j
ley. Chairman, with Mrs. Sara McE. j
I McNeill. I
I Lime no. j. .virs. Kooert lox,
Chairman, with Mrs. A. C. Gillis.
Circle No. 3 Mrs. J. A. Baucom. 1
Chairman, w th Mrs. Clarence
Circle No. 4-M-s. Herbert Me
Kcithan. Chairman, with Mrs. J. W.
, L-auimnn
Circle No. 5 Mrs. A. K. Stevens.
Ch.iiinian. with Mrs. Kate King.
C rele No. 6 Mrs. A. K. Currie,
Chairman, with the Chairman.
Circle No. 7 Mrs. Hubert Mc
Lean, Chairman, with Mrs. E. B.
, c'a r.pbell.
Circle No. 8 Mrs. H. K. Holland.
Chairman, with Mrs. Roland Coving
Control Room Schedule for follow
ing week:
Friday. May 7 Mrs. D. M. Davis
Saturday. May 8 Mrs. R. A.
Matheson, Jr.
Sunday. May 9 Mrs. V. R. White
Monday, May 10 Mrs. Lewis Up-
Tuesday, May 11 Mrs.
J. B.
Wednesday, May 12 Mrs.
' Thursday, May 13 Mrs.
j Thomas.
$2.00 PER YEAR
Li.-t c :
fur i,".e I!
s (.' SI. 00 or ir.ore
War Fund 1943:
1 .;my Mt FatiyL n.
, :.():.. Ah-. ii'.i'.iluci;,
M. O. D.IKk-it. Mr
Mrs. C. K. W.iton.
son. C. K. W I G.
('.ahran, Mr-. K. 11.
L-m-dcr. K. K'v.?. M
:ir.. Wo-wlr. " B.-iU;
Cothivus, Evvlvt) Eel
K. L. w:i
E. Hig: n,
C. Wilson,
s. C
M:.-- W:l
C. V:ls n. L. R.
Picklcr, ArtYar
rs. '. H. Hare,
ilt. Mrs. Ralph
:e;.. R. E. Cailo-
.w.y. J. F. J iTiari. Mrs. H. S. Car
r; 11, Mrs. Vi. dii ,-.;e. Mrs. li
ma Rar.dle. J. O. Veasey. Mr. ar.d
Mrs. J. L. Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Carl
R ley. J. C. Yaiboro, Paul McDonald
Mrs. N. A. McDonald. Luther Tanr
ger. K. C. K.l.s. W. ri. Baas-ley Mrs.
Annie B. Davis. Lcssie Eeasley Cor
neha Davis Mrs. Bessie Ray Mrs. L.
W. Ell's Mrs. S. P. T.-awick Mrs Quen
tin Day's Lee Adeox H. M. Bledsole
Mrs. Laura New Dan Shaw Mrs. El
la E. Chason Mis. H. J. Chason Mrs
i Annie Chason Archie Cl'.ason Mrs.
riipsl.-n' Rc.- slcv .!. T. 1. rhaenn
Cora M,Led j. A. Jorc'on J. A.
; yuick Mrs. Henrv Maxwell Mrs. Lil
lie McDouga'ld Mrs. Ruth Eristow J.
L. McFudven Miss Eva McGougan
1 Archie McGouuan Mrs. Marv D.
' stubbs,
Camp Mackall
Post Com.
MAN. Camp Mackall Com
manding General.
Tobacco farrcrs need n t file
of barns w th Ration Board. Fuel
oil for these has been all ted.
Peis. ns will be not Red by mail
when certificates for grs. tubes, tires,
i oil, etc.. are ready. Tbese can be
CALLED for the SATURDAY after
I receiving notice.
:.-::. v ;. . Sr
1" 1
i i

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