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$:.00 PER YEAR
) 3 fig HCWSOfOUR
More Hoke Soldiers
Still Coming Home
Se.veral more of the soldiers who
left "this country when the National
Guard went on Federal service m
September, 1940 have arrived at Ft.
Bragg and their homes this week.
Almost without exception these men
have served two tours of overseas
duty, having been sent to the West
Indies in 1941 and 1942, returned to
the United States in 1943 and 1944,
and sent tb a combat theatre.
Among these are 1st Sgt. William
E. Willis of Rockfish who went to
the Philippines, Pfc. Herbert Thames
who went to Europe and was award
the Purple Heart for wounds re
ceived in action there, Cpl. Carlyle
Brown who was in Italy and others
whose names have not yet been re
ceived. Brown has been discharged
but Willis and Thames are still wait
ing. Lieutenant Colonel James Gordon
Currie has been separated from the
service an-i is spending his terminal
leave at home.
Capt. Neill James Blue who was
stationed in Trintda- and the ETO
... ..... -
n-a senarated from tne service last
week and is how spending his ter-
minal leave at home.
Capt. and Mrs. i. d. tester, ji.,
left this week for Fort Bliss, Texas
...u rw t.r now rationed.
He h:s recently returned trom sev-
eral months
service 'in the ETO.
T.loul PnmTiander andf Mrs. Wil-'
liam Covington are spending Corndr.
Covington's terminal leave with Mrs.
W. T. Covington. Sr., Tiere. He was
recently separated from the navy.
Maior J. H. Blue retured yester-'a
ay from Id, ho. He has been sepa-
d from the service and will spend ,
i torminal leave at horr.e. ,
.... . ... r- '
Word has Deen receivea tnat oc.-
man First Class Clarence Rose, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Will Rose of Route
One, was among the first to enter recommended by the manufacturer.) I not tolerate the deTelion of the valu
Tokyo Bay. I 6. When seeding, sow half of the;able Ingredients which these corn-
Capt. Charles Manoy umoni nas.Qther half for even attribution. If
been separated from the service and ; seeded by hand, cover lightly witn
is spending his terminal leave in Fae-ia spike-tooth harrow or weoler.
ford. He was in the ETO over to i 7 Do not graze until tne gr0Wth is
years. 5 to 6 inches high. Graze mcderate-
L .. ly the first year.
S 1-C Dan Cox, Jr., spent the 8 Weeds must be keDt under cm-
week ena at nome.
Pfc. Clinton F. Hall was expected
to arrive from the European theatre
this week. He received the Purple
Heart for wounds received in ac
tion. Johnny Wright, of the Merchant
Marine is at home for a few days.
Chaplain Allan McSween has been
transferred and left this week with
his family for his new station.
Cnl. Julian McKeifhan writes home
that his company, 7074 Quartermaster
Trucking Co., was the first truck-
ing company to land in Japan. They
beat the 11th Airborne in Japan and
Julian was in one of the first planes. .
(By D. Scott Poole)
The Town of Raeford was incor
porated by the General Assembly of
1901. The law creating Hoke county
was passed by the legislature of 1911.
There is a question about who was
first may of this town, but George
Edgerton was the first mayor of Rae
I knew. He was a mule dealer. He
left Raeford in 1905, soon after I ar
rived, but I did not run him off.
J. W. Fagan published the first
newspaper in Raeford in 1904, the
Raeford Chronicle. I bought Fagan
out in 1905.
I first opened a printshop in a
room partitioned off in McNeill Bros.,
-ore, but after some months they
't that petition door locked, and
) who entered my shop had to go
' und to the rear of the building,
moved into a vacant store on the
corner of the lot on which the UP-
Cnurcn muling vwiuk" uvtv b,w.
But few of the adult population of
Raeford I found here, are now living.
I often think of the once familiar
faces I used to see in this town, which
re not here now.
John M. McNair, who married a
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Forage Production
Program For
Hoke County
By County Agent A. S. Knowles
The general outlook for the future
of cotton is that it must give in,
years Whatever ' the adjustment
partly, to other crops within a few
, . , , . : . 1( . rooie anu ran iemj juius iu i.ic.
may be ,t .s almost a certainty ha jTh vUitorf came back , take tne
rZT , J?Uk1iSJZ fl!!lelllilhl"e'uarterb),tlimx -
it n-.fJ h- inTnrffn ! Lrfo ' ing a series of successful Passes and
nl trfjl Vt.TT.nrwl8round plays with a seore followed
quale forage crops trust be provided b tne extra int 0 , piay.
me- must eLunuiniL'di manner.
In order to assist farmers
ting pastures established, the several
agricultural agencies met at the
ounty agent's office during the past
week, and made seCETal recommen
dations regarding the establishment
ui pci iiiautui pasiuies anu supyic-
n.eTVtary grazing crops. The follow
ing agencies cuupciaieu 111 induing
the recommendations and will assist
farmers in getting more and better
j pastures established: The Soil Con -
Servation Service, the Vocational Ag -
ricultural department, the Farm Se-
curity administration, the Triple A
and the Agricultural Extension Ser.
Below' are the recommenda-
I a. Permanent' Pastures: steDs ne-
, ... - , -
rpssarv tn nrnnerlv established a
(permanent pasture:
I l. Select a heavy, dark soil, fairly
well drained.
. 2. Apply 1 to 2 tons of ground
li;reslone and 4U0 t0 600 pounds of
2. Apply 1
to 2 tons of ground
2. Stubble or cover crops should
be chopped up with a disk and left
ion or near tne suriace. inis snouia
ho rlnnp ac pirlv ac rnscihlo in thp
in sum lurm as 10 lumisn ieta 111,0-1,- ,j a,: i ih.
Fall. Disk again ant then smooth the'r Pduct contained cottonseed
'Wlth a spike-tooth harrow 2 to 4,nie-'1' Peanut oil meal. anS soybean
weeks before seeding. 0'' Ircal- none of these con'ent w'as
4. Broadcast 100 pounds of Muriate
nf nntash nor mH harrnw with
spjke-tooth harrow just before
, s ne following mixture r . - 1 i f, m to
u. r-.u. i. j i.u itne departments analysis failed to
'acre between February 15 and Mar?h 1 . ,. j,,,
i. v-v. r is it e . rwishcw these products
:,is grass 10 pounds Wnite clover,
, (Inoculate clover seed.
Its. a . h iniwnlant as
seed one way then cross with thei'"""" "" -"'"
trol. Raise cutter bar of mower a
bove grasses and mow as ot;a as
i i 1 i i . j
u. nuiiiy L IU A 1-6 win Ul K1UU11U
limestone per acre every five years.!
Apply 200 pounds 18 percent supei -
phosphate and' 100 pounds muriate
potash per acre every year.
B. Supplementary Grazing:
Permanent pastures should be sup-
plemented with temporary grazing
to prevent over grazing and to se-
cure grazing for the longest possible
a and Winter Grazing: (1) Ita-
'ian rye grass, 40 pounds per acre.
(2 A mature of 2 bushels oats and
2 bushels barley, or 4 bushels of
either seeded alone. (3 Crimson
clover, 15 pounds and Italian rye
grass, id pounds per acre.
These crops should be seeded from
ISeptember 1 to October 15. Plant onisupper, consisting of either barbecue
good land, well prepared. Inoculate :or orunswicK stew, win De serves
clover seed. Fertilize with a 6-8-6 ifrorri 530 tiu 8:00 P- m- on Wednes
fertilizer at time of seeding at the ! dav evening, October 17, at the Mon-
rate of 300 pounds per acre. Top
dress November 1 with 16 pounds of
available nitrogen; repeat February 1
Summary Grazing:
Lespedeza, soybeans, millet, and I
Sudan grass are recommended for
summer pastures. Also a permanent
plot of Sericea lespedeza or Kudzu
or both on every farm will furnish
excellent cheap grazing during the
summer and fall months,
W. E. Street Back
At Raeford Hotel
W. E. Street, owner of the Raeford
hotel and for several years its man
ager, until he leased the establish
ment to Sidney Lewis about two years
ago, returned to Raeford this week
and is again in charge. Mr. Lewis
and his family have moved out.
Orthopaedic Clinic In
Lumber ton Friday
An orthopaedic clinic will be held
Friday, October 5, 1945 in the base
ment of the agricultural building.
This clinic is free to all indigent chil
dren under 21 years of age. Dr. O. L.
Miller of Charlotte will be the sur
geon In charge. Please register at
the desk between and 11 o'clock.
Hoke High Badly
Beats Elizabethtown
Tuesday Afternoon
A strong Hoke County High School
eleven decisively outplayed tne foot-
I Da II team irom tiizaoetmown in we
i first game of the season here Tues-
day afternoon, winning the game 25 1
First blood was drawn in the first !
quarter when
McKeithan of Hoke
I High recovered a Punt b'cked by
i Hoke scored again in the second
I quarter when Thomas on a reverse
!ind run movecTthirty yards for a
I HULK uuil. ... low
touchdown. Plummer scored once j agricultural and business uses the
in the third quarter and one in the, board decided to hold an open meet -
final quarter on line rjlays. . ing for public discussion of the pos-
Hoke High's whole line played an .sibilities and the desirabilty of oevel -
excellent game ana the backs men -
1 one(j
above were outstanding.
j mmm 9 n
YVAtTI 111 O lPIlt
I illllgd Lrvlll
,rp jp J 1111 1
j J WO 166(1 lYllllS
Raleigh, October 1. Warnings
regarding sub-standanJ feeds sold
in North Carolina were sent recently
to the Southern Milling company ol
il .UU11U5
, . . f. . )h p m -.:,
-Augusta, Oa., and the Fower t-ity
.Mill, of. Elizabethtown, Tenn, ac-
; cording to u. Loitrane, assistant
- "
Coltrane said that two lots of Fat
! i"" y r.
?.( Hog Ration produced and sold
iby the Georgia firm had been found
Ion Supply company of
'l eu"'u"
Zbulon and at the Flowers Hatchery
Although the feedfrompany said
iIO"rl" onrane reponea
I ' i ennessee nrm Qcciarea IIS
;feed' caIled BIue SeaI Dairv Feed'
COntained linseed oil meal, gluten
"We are fully cognizant of the
feei ingredient situation, especially
'the shortage'of protein; but we can
Deer Season Gets
Under Way Tuesday
In an interview yesterday with
Trth- A Mnrinnrt.- nnft Dho..t
!... n.; ;f,r-
tilt uic tuiiun 1115 in avji 111 a nun 1 cio-
tive to the first day of the deer
season, Tuesday was obtained. They
.u.. 4.... u i.-j
C3llll!dLCU Liiak lUUCIIlj iwu 11UUU1CU
hunters, local and otherwise, went
on five big hunts and a number of
smaller ones in the county, exclu
sive of Little River township, and
that twenty-one deer were killed.
According to these two hunters, the
, bag for the larger of the hunts was
Raeford Hunt club zero, Tapp hunt
' zero' S"11 hunt five, Saunders hunt
six, ana tne nign roini r.unters on
Mrs. JulTan Johnson's property seven.
Shiloh Ingathering
For the second year, Shiloh Pres
byterian church is holding an in-
gathering at the evening hour. The
lr03e community r.ouse. aKes, can-
ned goods, and various handsewed
articles will be sold. If the weather
is clear, the meal will be served out
side under lights.
(Some Beef Now
RALEIGH, Oct. 1. Lower grade;
beef, utility cuts of veal, lamb, sau
sage and other products of these
meats will be point-free until Octo
ber 27, the Raleigh district OPA an
nounced today.
Hamburger, lamb patties, veal pat
ties, short ribs, brisket and flank
meat are included on the po'n;
free list.
The October increase is made pos
sible by seasonal marketing increase
in range fed cattle which produce
the grades cut to zero point value.
OPA pointed out that pork, bet
ter grades beef, veal and lamb re
main short in supply and the De
partment of Agriculture and OPA
agree that rationing of these must
continue. They will remain at pres
ent point values Indefinitely.
Fats, oils, dairy products also are
OPA promised the enforcement of
rationing regulations at the retail
level will continue at all points in
Eastern North Carolina .
Commissioners Call
Airport Meeting
For Twenty-Second
Also Reauest Survey Of County's
Mail Routes. I
The county commissioners in their.
monthly meeting at the courthouse
last Tuesday transacte several items
ui uusiiicaa ui iuiisici dum imt-icM iu ine owners state that their store
tne people of ,ne county lwm hande aU typs of feeIds. sleds?
l First ilem t0 be taen care ot , and allied materials, as well as farm
i was the drawing of the jury for the , machinery and electrical appliances
! November term of Holfle County, when these become available. The
-Superior court. firm is t0 be a dealer agent for the
In view of the increasing popu-
. larity of flying, both as a pleasure,
a means of transportation, and other
,opng a publicly owned airport for
;the county. If the public shows suf-
ncient interest in the project it is to,
be assumed that the commissioners ,
will further investigate ways and
means of bringing the proposition
to reality and methods of taking ad
vantage of financial assistance by the
Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA)
and other government agencies.
Probably of greatest interest and
important to the people of the county
of the day's business was the reso
... . . . , . . ,
luuun uy me JUoiu io nave a leuer
,.,,. ' . ..
r UT
,( u ,,0,j
the near future. This move was
made in the belief that TTiere should
em the be net th. there sho.-i
Z ' ...
and more. from the co.unty.
, r7n nu. - v n7 , .
mg in Raeford
The board of commissioners
voted for a contribution of $100 by
th. nnnntv t th. Hail rm
the county to the Red Cross for
the relief of the victims of the recent
1 I'UVU Ul lilC JMC X Cdl IV VCL.
p u rv- t3;..n
i -
; r, ., ,
i tfethesda HomeCOmillg
(By D. Scott Poole)
Tne Bethesda last Sun-
day was a success from every view-
point. They had a fine program, and projects would be granted under
carried that out. The dispersed a- . terms of the bill,
broad responded well to the invita- j Federal Works agency officials em
tion to attend, although the day was ' phasized that when the last depres
threatening and was dark and clou- Ision came it was not possible to place
dy. i public construction on the market in
At the morning service, Rev. M. C. ! sufficient volume to be effective. It
McQueen, D. D., of Clinton, preached I was explained that it takes rruch
a fine sermon to a full house. He
hM his aHi.n. ,ith nnl att.-
1 tion
We heard much comment on
this able sermon.
At one o'clock, between five and
I six hundred people, by my estimate,
' gathered round a table more than!
i , . . , , , . wm
ne h""fred fet long hden
I choicest food.
In the afternoon, Mrs. Robert Page
read a paper filled with historical
data. She was followed by E. T.
McKeithan, who read a long and
interesting paper from the sessional
records of the one hundred an
ty-year-old church.
Next was Hon. Charles G. Rose of
ayetteville, with an address on
Presfeyterial. This was a great
speech, an able address on the
church's beliefs.
There were people there who came
! fifty or more miles, and the oppor -
tunity to renew friendships of for-
mer days was greatly enjoyed. It
u'ae a droit lav aninvaH honnH '
Bethel Ingathering
Bethel Presbyterian church
hold its annual ingathernig on Thurs
day, October 25, at the noon hour,
at Blue Springs community house.
Last year 586 Were served a bar-
becue or chicken salad dinner. This
year an even larger jrowd is ex-
perted. The cotton wHl be auction -
ed in the afternoon. Various "foods
and home-made clothing will be on
Startm with this Issue, the
News-Journal Is being- edited
and managed by Paul Dickson.
Having been engaged in other
activities for the past five yean
Dickson is undoubtedly some
what rusty at the newspaper
business. For this reason an
apology is offered to the readers
for editorial deficiencies In this
Issue. It Is the honest Intention
of the new editor to correct
them as early as possible.
Mr. Dougald Coxe. of Red
Springs, mho has been mana
ger of this paper for the past
two years, will continue to edit
and publish The Scottish-CIU-KSir
Of Ke3 Springs and Max-ton.
In an advertisement elsewhere in
this 'issue, Harvey Warlick and Zeb
,E. McDaniel announce the opening
I tomorrow of their store in the new
brick building recently erected next
to the Hoke County Office building.
Mr. Warlick has been connected with
the Bank of Raeford for the past sev-
fral vears and Mr MnDanioi ha hn
for some time associated with the
Farm Security administration here.
North Carolina Farmers' Coooera-
tive Exchange (FCX), a cooperative!
organization of North Carolina far-I
mers through which the farmers buy
! their feeds, seed, fertilizer, fencing,
) machinery and other farming materi-
; ais and share in the profits through
.dividends from the state organization,
according to Mr. McDaniel and Mr.
Warlick .
rj f fff
KPTfirfl I fltf lllllPP
Before Congress
Town On Federal Construction
ProRram Proposed For State.
A new post office building for Rae
ford was among 105 North Carolina
IPost office buildings included in a
list of "eligible projects'
placed be-
fore Congress this week.
The majority of the structures
recommended for the STaTe -have a
limit of S85.000 for construction costs
ibut this town was among a smalltr
I number of edifices recommended at
' a cost ot S95'000- Several Carolina
lu , J . reewmnenaea tor
1 greater expenditures. These included
Goldsboro, Hickory, Jacksonville,
Kinston, Lenoir, Lexington. Little-
ton and Oxford
The North Carolina projects were
listed in proposed legislation sub
mitted jointly by the Post Office De
partment and the Public Buildings
administration of the Federal Works
agency. Authorization of an appro-
Ipriation of $193,000,000 for Federal
, time to acquire sites,
clear titles,
nronar. J
and advance a building project to the
point wher you are ready to let the
(contract and put workmen on the
However, a statement by Commis-
1 - ... . , , . .
, sierWEnglebert Reynolds of the
PBA pointed out that inclusion of a
I building in the eligible list is no
1 ndication that a recommendaton for
j its construction is to be expected in
j the near future and that many of
: the buildings may not be constructed
for years.
A letter of transmittal to Speaker
' Rayburn of the House emphasized
that the purpose of the legislation is
to grant authority to the PBA to
purchase ss, prepare drawings and
specif icaions and construct that buil-
ding projects most essential to ef-
I ficient operation of Hie Federal estab -
I lishment
Cotton Gathering Much
Slower This Year
A Census report from the Depart-
ment of Commerce in Washington.
shows that almost six times as manv
, bales of cotton had been ginned in
Hoke county prior to September 16 in
lou ii , t;Z ioj-
. " ' " " , '" trose: Donald Yates, Stonewall.
fst yef ,2f f bales were ginned
ore that date and this year only nn , r
i . e ginned. The report gives UU I Helps LOWS
ft """"TZ'On Test Farm
" u T lu- . .v
are much lower this year due to the
I heavy rains.
Antioch Ingathering
l The annual ingathering at An -
tioch Presbyterian church will be
held on Thursday, October 18. with
a barbecue and chicken salad dinner
at noon. Preceding the dinner will
be sale of pi'o-iuces, cakes and handi
work. J. L. McNeill lost a tenant house
west of Raeford by fire last Sunday
afternoon. About all personal ef
fects of the family living there were
lost but no one was injured.
Mr. Thomas Kearns, registered
druggist of Randolph county, is now
I en-ployed by the Hoke Drue company.
Mr. Kearns was recently honorably
discharged from the navy.
No fist fiffaU on streets this week.
Tobacco Stealing
Case Continued To
Superior Court
Lewis Pays S23 Fine For Viola
ting Prohibition Laws.
In Recorder's court Tuesday morn
ing Judge Henry McDiarmid found
probable cause in the case in which
four colored men of Raeford Town
ship were charged with the larceny
of a quantity of tobacco from J. H.
Wright and Earl Tolar and sent the
case up to Superior court. The men
were Christian Bailey and Clyde
Jones, both of whom entered a plea
of 'guilty of stealing the tobacco, and
Duncan Thomas and Jimmie Arties.
both of whom pleaded not guilty of
' receiving the tobacco knowing it to
.have been stolen. Bond in the case
of each was set at $500.
Sidney L. Lewis, former operator of
the Raeford hotel, was caught by of-
ficers -with several bottles of tax
paid alcoholic beverages in his oar
with the seals broken and was char
ged with violating the prohibition
laws. Lewis pleaded guilty as char
ged and prayer for judgement wa
continued on payment of a fine of
$25 and the court costs in the case.
Clarence Naylor, white man of
ti i j -. .. , j i j i ...
stealing an autoHmobile w8heef and
tire from W. T. McQuage and was
sent to the roads for three months,
i Raymond J. Finzer, white soldier,
I entered a plea of guilty of careless
land reckless driving, violating the
I road laws by improper use of a spot
light, and speeding. Sentence was
'sixty days suspended on
! of S25 and the costs.
I E. E. Capps and Mrs. M. P. Hoover,
and James Blackman and Mrs. Elsie
Creech, all white of Cumberland
county, entered pleas of guilty of
falsely registering at the hotel here
and each paid a fine of ten collars
and the court costs.
Ed McRae. Antioch colored man,
pleaded guilty of assault with a dead
ly weapon and 'Was sent to the roads
for six months.
Green Huey, Raeford colored man,
got a. sixty day sentence suspended
on payment of the costs anfl a $10
Lineel Davis and Land-r Coleman,
tcth colored, each hs costs
for speeding.
C. M. Miller, white, was charged
with hit and run and careless and
reckless driving and was found
guilty of the latter. Prayer for judge-
V ," " '
' l" HIS owners OI tne Cars
he damaged and the costs
United War Fund
Drive Doing Well
McGoogan Says
J. A. McGoogan. chairman of the
Hoke County United War Fund Corn-
i mittee' stated that the drive was
.; ' . ' "''"
the county to surpass its quota of
At press time yesterday afternoon
over four hundred dollars' had been
!collected by M,Go2an and he
was confident of having over five
hundred by the day's close.
In addition to the county chair
man in the area chairmen are as fol
jlows: Robert Gatlin. Raeford: Mrs.
Arch' TvlcEachern, Allendale: I. L.
An,'ochiIrs(' 3 ? - "cB:7tdJ
lue Spnngs; Alberta Grant. Little
U R.,ver4 i,hn Paer. Mrs.
: 'MerrTr Gibson. Rockfish: N. F. Sin
clair. Ashley Heights: Mrs. P. P. Mc-
iCain, Sanatorium: Carl Riley, Mon-
Raleigh. Oct. 1 The cows at the
Coastal Plains test farm at Williard
"had an easy time of it with flies
this summer." according to Director
Fred E. Miller of the test farms di-
'vision of the State Department of
I Miller said that DDT. the re"fntly
developed miracle insecticide has
done the trick. The insecticide.
which was sprayed in the big dairy
barn at Willari four months ago,
still is killing flies.
The test farms director explain
ed that extensive field research in
Kansas shows that cattle sprayed
or dipped with DIT' graze quietly.
unbothred by flies, while untreat
ed cattle bunch and JSend almost
all their time switching flies. A
rtf'e dipping or spraying relieves
the Kansas cattle of flies for 10 days.
H. E. Dees, Hoke County Jailor,
underwent an appendectomy at Moore
County hospitanSiT Sunday night
and at last reports was doing nicely
r- '

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