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The Hoke County Journal
VOLUME XL NO. 21 v t. . THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1945
11 lie
Colonel Lewis Awarded
Legion Of Merit
Colonel Robert B. Lewis, CAC, com-1
manding officer of the Post of Fort
Read, Trinidad, British West Indies,
was awaiueu 6... . .......
October 10 by Lieutenant Ueneral Monday, October 29, announced Hoke it"iaiirna una ui rr. w.ri w sum m huluuji a-- Doaro UI uireciors ui meoicai
Brett Caribbean Defense comman- County's quota yesterday. saulting Percy Cha vis with a deadly management has obtained the .-9V -Organization Discusses Plans,
der i'n ceremonies at San Juan Puer- Overall quota for the county will weapon in recorder s court last Tues- vices of Gene Maynard, well know iblems.
pic0 be $150,000 and the county's quota 1 day. Jacobs entered a plea of guilty auctioneer from the Aberdeen mar- , 'Vv.
The medal was awarded "for excep-' for "E" bonds will be $110,000. and sentence of thirty days was sus- ket. Mr. Maynard will sell some vVoRIUM, Oct. 21. Meet
tionally meritorious conduct in the Women's chairmen for the county pended on payment of the court tobacco, cotton, a pony saddle and ing tfc s as tne guests of Dr and
performance of outstanding services are Mrs. William L. Poole and Miss costs. bridle donated by the Carl Morris Mrs p p McCain, members of the
from 4 February 1942 to 20 Septem- Josephine Hall. Mrs. Poole and Miss ! Juuius McKoy , colored, paid costs stable, cakes, and possibly other items board o djrectors of the auxiliary
ber 1945 Hall wiu bc in charge of the drives 'or being drunk and disorderly. The auction sale will follow the eve- I of tne Nortn Carolina Medical society
Colonel Lewis was cashier of the among the women in Raeford and; James M. Currie, colored man of ning meal. I heard reports of officers, discussed
Bank of Raeford prior to entering the women of the county outside of , Moore county, was fined $50 and the Members of the Methodist church legislation, planning, juvenile delin
the army in September 1940 with Raeford, respectively. costs for driving under the influence who are contnbuting to the ingather- quency, a physical fitness program
the North Carolina Guard. He has They plan to get under way with a of liquor and had a sentence of ing have been asked to bring their
and the sponsoring of essays in the
been stationed in Trinidad since the luncheon at Mrs. Poole's home in! thirty days suspended on payment donations of produce, cotton, cakes, scnoois on pertient health questions,
early part of May, 1942. Raeford Saturday. October 27, at of the costs for driving without etc., to the armory not later than Fortytwo members were present
T.t .Tnhn W. S. Pratt, son of Mr.
and Mrs James Robert Pratt of
Follv Beach S. C, has recently been
separated from the Army Air uorps
and is. spending his tergal leave
with his parents at ruuy ccnui.
: rdciHont nf Rap
lainer i a iui"e -
ford. i
Sgt. James McDiarmid was dis-
chaFged from the Army at Fort
nDa iat wppk una is wiui ir.
t& . ..
familv here
over five years and served two tours
of duty overseas, one in tne wesi
. , i- v,n IT'I'r. Ho a.-. .
Indies ana m i -----
m this country from turope
last week.
Pharmacists' Mate 1-c Loch Cam-
erOn, WHO WaS reCCllH
from the navy, was a rtaeiora visi-
tor this week. He participated in
several campaigns in the Pacific and
... , 1 Kn.nitjl
was stationed at me .1...
at Newport News when discharged. J
iX (jg) A. W. Gillis and Mrs. Gil
lis are now at San Diego, California,
wher,e U. Gillis returned to the states
in July after serving for two years
on a destroyer in the Pacific areas
and was married to Miss Lura Mar
celle Korth of Fredericksburg, Va.
T-Sgt. Charles M. Allison arrived been separated from service may
at Fort Bragg last week after thirty , apply for commissions in the organi
... . Pacific, ed reserves, according to Lt. Colonel
tnree ... . .
He and his wife, the former Miss
Haskin flummer, w... .cave
week to visit his mother in
Springs, North Carolina.
S-gt. Raymond McBryde received a time of their separation from ser
discharge from the army Friday at vice, and who were separated from
Laredo Texas and arrived numc.
Say. HeturnVto the States
?n JUne after serving eleve, .months
In Italy with the 15th Air Force
Corporal Homer Quick, who has
been in the army for over five
years and who has seen service in
ik. w.t Indies and the Philippines,
was recently discnargea ana is
Captain David Scott Currie has
been separated from the army and
is rat home.
Douglas McBryde and David Gib-
son of Dundarrach, who have been
in th F.nrnrjean theatre of opera -
toins, have recently been discharged which they can definitely qualify,
from' the Army and are at home. iThey will have opportunities to ac-
Icept tours of active duty with full
Cpl. Willie Jones, of Dundarrach, pay and allowances,
who has been in the Pacific theatre, in the event of future active duty
was discharged from the army re- or of another emergency, they'll in
cently and is at home. He was in sure their continuity of commission
the 27th Infantry Division on Oki- ed service for longevity pay, as well
nawa. j as for any authorized retirement
S 2c Riley Jordan, V-t5 sta-. 1 Reserve officers are able to main
tioned at Miami, Fla., is spending a tain and enjoy the comradeship of
10-day leave with his parents, Mr. their fellow officers of this war.
and Mrs. J. F. Jordan near Timber-'They may exert an active influence
jand . on the future military policy of th
. United States through membership
M-Sgt, Clyde Gillis has been dis- in the Reserve Officers Association
-hareed ' from the army after ser- of the United States. This voluntary
vice in Trinidad ano r-uruue ouu .
now at home.
McAdoo Boseman of Rockfish, ar
rived in the States last week.
Sister Of H. W. B. Whitley
Dies In Hospital At Monroe
Mrs. Dollie Whit ey Helms, of the
Beulah community seven miles south
of Monroe, died at the Monroe hos
pital last Thursday after an illness
of several months. She was 64 years
of age and had been a patient at
the hospital since last June.
Funeral services were conducted
Friday at the Beulah Presbyterian
church and internment followed in
the cemetery there.
Mrs. Helm is survived by her
husband, Kemp Helms, and' three
tons, all of the home; and four
brothers, H. W. B. Whitley of Rae
ford, Grier of th hom, Dr. L. L. of
Atherns, Gs., and Dr. Ayer of Mat
thews, N. C.
Quota Set For 8th
War Loan Drive
Starting Monday
Eighth "Victory" Drive To Begin
Neill A. McDonald, county chair-i
man for the Eighth "Victory" War .
Loan Bond Drive which gets under
., ,
12:15, to which the women Who are
chairmen of the bond committees in
each community will be invited. De-
tailed plans for the drive to begin j
wionaay wiu De aiscussea at mis
- uncheon anc 1th. women's organi-
wuun wm luiujicicu
Th Wnttnnal Virtnrv T
The National Victory Loan Drive
beginning October 29 will have its
goal on.wm.uuu.uuu. ui mis amoum
$4,oon.oon.oo is to come from sales
to nidlviduals and $7,000,000,000 from
otner nonoarut nivirsiuis. ui tne m -
....... . nin nnn nin v I
come from the sae of Series
Tha Hrifa tnf i n rl i 171 rlnn 1 c will fly
. -v ...
tenet irom uctoDer z inrougn ue-
cember 8. As used here, the term
"individuals" includes personal trust
accounts and partnerships, except for
aiuicianipB c'5n6" " wMjwitos j
securities aeaiers ar a uroners.
, ft
FfiYmOV I lttlPHC
1 viuivi vraaivv-AO
Are Urged To
Join Reserve
Charlotte, Oct. 23. Foil tier of
ficers of the U. S. Army who have
Ralph E. Keyes, Commanding Of-
ficer q the y g Amy RecruiUng
Station in Charlotte.
All male officers who were phy
sically qualified for either general
1 or limited military service at the
,ajd. , J
active duty under nonorarjie circum
The Army's announcement of the
nrmnrtnnitv fnr former nfficprs fnl-'1'
'Men accepting appointments in the
Officer;' Reserve will have a military
I status and a definite place in the
post war Army of the U. S. They'll
receive an initial five-year appoint
ment in the Corps in the highest
grade held at the time of relief
from active duty. They will have
a full opportunity, with their con
sent to acquire additional practical
experience through temporary ac-
j tive service to receive promotions,
. by successive steps, to any ranks for
association of Reserve Officers has
been in existence since 1922, and
was largely responsible for the
availability of more than 100,000
Reserve Officers at the beginning
of World War II.
Most important: They have the
satisfaction of continuous service to
their country-in peace as well as in
Any former officer who is in
terested in obtaining further informa
tion about the Organized Reserves
may do so by contacting the U. S.
Army Recruiting Station, located in
the Post Office Building, Charlotte,
N. C.
Dr. and Mrs. O. W. Brown accom
panied Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Morrison
to Portsmouth, Va, Sunday where
they visited their daughter, Mrs. Hu
bert Wooten. The Browna returned
home Tuesday and Mrs. wooten and
son returned with them for visit
here. " - -
The Presbyterian church is collec-
I ting clothes Tor the war relief. Bring
all mens, womens, and chudrens
clothes, including shoes ana bedding
to the church basement on Tuesday,
October 30th, between one and six
o'clock. Be sure that all clothes are
clean and in good condition.
Recorder's Court
Delma Jacobs, Indian, faced Judge
,ru :j ...
drivers license.
'""i ', v.u.u.u,
each had a sentence of sixty days .
suspended on payment of fines of ,
of .ood beh.vjjr or o year.
a thirty day sentence suspended on
,, , . , -
payment 01 tr.e costs on a cnarge 01
nu c mim,
costs for driving with improper
brakes. '
Tlinille TdIYIOG TnHl3rl PntprPH H
Plea Ot not guilty 01 Operating a
I whisky still, but was lound gui ty
ard sen'.nre of .x months was
amon. . 05 anr)
"h . v
the costs.
Clanord W. Martin, white traiv
;sient, paid the costs for speeding
Randall Thompson, white, of Moore
county, had a sentence of sixty days
suspended on payment of $50 and
uit cittu, iui v.u ....s ...c
laws by killing a doe. his nunimg
Masons Honor Past
Masters At Meeting Eveninff
- J c
Past 'Masters of Raeford s Masonic
Lodge were guests of honor at a
dinner given by the lodge in the
Kiwanis hall on Tuesday evening.
The dinner meeting followed a regu -
lar communication of the lodge in
nm ot urhirh there was a'
' a ,tp3n.P
Twelve past masters, Walter Ba-
S A.
Graham, Edgfr Hall, W.P. Hawfield,
L 7 MrMiliui . Edward '
"' VT w " " " r, o' w
, ,& nmcant tn rprp vb
Frank Tap? were Pent t receiive
honors. One of the past masters
who hasbeen sick for of
weeks, T. B. Lester was sent a
message wbsenbed to . b, ' f
pre&e..., .u...a"e "- o
of the group. Anotner past masiei,
T. D. Potter, was prevented by ill
ness in his family, from being pres-
pnt T A WISDet, OI lllllli.gLui.,
ent. x. i.w.i v o
who served the lodge as
wni p nvine nere suu.e jm..
.... . .Mp tn
sent nis regrets ai ' '"e
attend. JLaci. u. me v o.-...-
was singled out for a tribute by
Toastmaster Cecil Dew, who came mDanied b v MrTHaw-
out with a funny story about each!"edwas accompanied by Mrs. Haw-
one. All the past masters responded j
appropriately with speeches of var-
ying length.
Out of town guests included two
district deputy Grand Masters, R. A.
Younee or. uauiiiiuu.K. a... ...
Smith of Red Springs.
Each talked
hripflv. and praised the local group
for its high Masonic achievement.
Masters of the Aberdeen Launn-
burg, ana wit. unve lougei, wc.c
present, as were a numoer 01 pronu-
nent Masons from rayettevii e ana
other nearby points. The North Ca-
rnlina Grand Officers were invited,
I , , j
.and Grand Master Hobbs and Grand
i Secretary Newcomb each sent their
regrets, having previous engage- . The freshman member of this com
ments. Messages were read rom I mittee is R. D. Strother, farmer, who
those of the local lodge, who were was just recently appointed to the
prevented from attending. Many ol COr.mittee but has already shown a
the visiting Masons paid high tribute deep interest in the welfare of the
to the work being done by the local Ch00i.
lodge, pointing out that the Quality. ,It js hoped that you wiu support
of its work is not surpassed in North I your eommittee in their effort to have
Carolina. The visitors were intro-, a good ,,,, for your cmidren.
duced by Past Master Lacy Clark.
The meeting was opened by the ORDNANCE COMPANY TO
ing over to the program chairman, The 4Mst Ordnance A. A. M. Corn
Cecil Dew. Assisting Mr. Dew in pany. stationed at Fort Bragg, has
the arrangements were Mr. McDon- rented Bill's Place near hare for the
aid, Israel Mann, Ryan McBryde, evening of Friday, October 26, for
and L. E. Reaves. The dinner was the purpose of holding their d
under th direction of Mis Jose-1 activation party. The place will be
phine Hall, home county agent, and closed to the public after eight o'clock
Mrs. Lucy Smith, of th high school that evening and tha axijdlm will
cafeteria. About ninety local Ma- take over to celebrate the going out
sons and guesta wart present 1 of existence ot their organization.
Raeford Methodists
Ingathering Next
Thursday Nov. 1st
The Raeford Methodist church will
hold its annual ingathering next
Thursday, November 1st, at the Rae-
ford Armory. A barbecue dinner
will be served from 12:00 noon cntil
one-thirty and supper of the same
will be served from 12 'oon until
seven P. M. Plates V priced
at one dollar each.
following the noon mea. .us
... Z " . . I., it
ten o ciuck mursuay n orning.
School News
fiy R
New Teacher-Coach For High School
Thg Hoke County Hign Schooi was
fotunate in being able to secure this
week th services of Jer a Rob.
Jr Qf Fayettevillei as teacn.
', L'.,.:, j..,; ' j .u.
ci ui puj'bii.d. cuuLduuiu ai.u 0.111c
tic coach. Mr. Roberts will begin
. : ..... ,, ,
when he
and baK.
ball teams as the seasons start.
Mr. Roberts is a graduate of the
Favetteville Srhool and Presbyterian
f '. ,, , : 7' ' . ,,., ;:
varsity ball for both institutions and
he has also played for Army teams
and coached his outfit's team at Fort
R(,nninI.. G, - and Mrs. Roberts
..hiiHrpn and will
move here at an early date.
Good Enrollment In Bible Class
Mrs. T. N. McLauchlin, Bible teach-
er, reports that there are forty-one
pupils enrolled in the Bible course
at the High School and 382 at the
Raeford Graded School. She also
reports that a Bible club is being
organized in the high school for 1
.1 ...J ...U . .....11 1
u.o ruui w..u
not permit the inclusion of the
Bible course.
1 Quite a lot of Bible materials have
come that werfi bQught with tne
money furnished by the Raeford
Kiwanis clu,b
Rockfki, PTA Meets
,day evening with Mrs M. s. Gib.
Th Rriri,fish pxa met last Mnn-
.j . . j
I5 ' P"01' m lnf t,,alr- n KOU"
Th Dresident called on Princioal
LTe ms report
, evfral commTndatofns, Tot
1 f. '
'''"' """i":
. , j .
a g f tte lunchr roorn and in -
structed to employ an assistant. The
counyt superintendent was asked to
lf arrangement could be made
to secure milk. Devofonals were
1 uj xmuivc..
The Board of Education held a
called meeting Wednesday night to
I transact business ni reference to the
. .... . TT , . , ,
t npw hmlH.ncr at th TTnphnrph
1 0 r
, ... ,
c- naw.ier
Hawfield, former county
: supertntendent of schools,
was a
visitor Tuesday. All of his old
friends were delighted to see him.
v. . District Committee
Chairman of the Ashemont district
. w T TU.u...- ...u
; T'hornbure ?'
" " " ""'"""S!
a member of the committee for
2 " "' . ' -"a.
o thg school and has fa mQst
i va!uabIe mem.ber.
Ngxt jn ,ine q seryice ,s F L
. bans business manager of the Sana.
toriunli Mr Eubanks is close to
the school and aUowg himself to
K ,M, , ,; ;J
vi ot inj nine iui mu
and iscxtremely usetul to the
Auxiliary Lists
Prizes Offered
. r... i
with Mrs. Erick Bell, head of the
. auxiliary, presiding.
The following nominating com
mittee was elected to serve for the
I year 1945-46; Mrs. K. B. Pace of
' Greenville, chairman; Mrs. A. C.
iRulla. Raleieh! Mrs. Winffatp John-
son, Winston-JIalem; MrsJ Georg
Mitchell, Wilson and Mrs. John Mc
"in, uunn.
frizes 01 5o were ottered to tne
county first in paying dues, bv Mrs.
F.rirk Rpll.
m me county maKing tr.e largest
:f, , tha Pnnner hpH Ftorn
N. C. Sanatorium in Wilson by Mrs.
K. B. Pase of Greenville.
m county maKing tne largest
B'ft to the Student Loan Fund by
Mrs. Frederick Taylor of High Point.
uv. rtacnei uavis or rvinston 01-
'e" a- as an achievement prize to
the district which shows greatest
Progress and achievement along all
lines, organizations, educatic
lines, organizations, educational pro-
jects, subscriptions to Hygeia and
, tr'e Bulletin, etc. ine .strict win-
j nnS achievement prize will also
; wln the Davis cup.
Potter Urges Grain
Plantincr Frr (iraTincr
With Hoke- county feed crops be-
ing damaged recently by weather
rnnHiHnn3. T n Pntt(ir .ha:rm,n
Hoke County AAA committee, urges
farmers to seed additional acreages
l0..!31' ?ts'.riey' and rye for'Tay.or could n0r have seen slterif
grazing next spring.
"An increase in the seeding of
small grains for pasture purposes will
aid materially in supplementing feed
ana '
and hay for the production of live-
.stock and dairy products," he said.
Mr. Potter stressed the importance
of adequate fertilization to insure bet-
ft' e pointed out that estab
t TJ.
from seedines these &ai' me
th s fall, had been approved as one
ul Uit; i wen .j iuui piduitues unoer
; the 1946 AgricuitUral Conservation
' program
, " ..To qualify for the praetice
ment of $150 ac the
be grazed or turnedi but not
harvested for grain or hay," he said.
Revival To Begin At
Bethel November 4
Rev. Arthur M.
Field of Lewis-
burg, West Virginia, will preach a
series of evangelistic services at
Betnel Presbyterian church from
November 4 November 11. The
y meeting will open with the Sunday
I night service and win continue ev-
'ery night, Monday through Friday,
with morning and evening services
wail n:u.uiis ant ecu. .15 o... ,
on Sunday, November 11, closmg the
! -
Mr. Fields is associate pastor of
.the Old Stone church at Lewisburg.
He is a graduate of Harnpden-Sidney
; College and of Union Theological
I P : .. -( U;.n;niq iirhor. Via ur.S
Inrpsiripnt nf the senior class of 1943.
He was the Salem Fellow for 1944,
pursuing his work in missions, com
parative religion, and Bible, and he
has been accepted as a candidate
for the foreign mission field by the
board of the Presbyterian church.
To Observe Community Day
At Presbyterian Church
World Community Day will be ob
served on Friday, November 2, in a
meeting at the Raeford Presbyterian
church at threehirty in the after
The subject of the program will
be "The Prince of Enduring Peace,"
and the women's organizations of the
Baptist, Methodist, nd Presbyterian
churches will participate. All women
of Raeford and vicinity are invited to
Mr. and Mrs. V. P. Hawfield of
Monroe, spent Tuesday night in Rae
ford as the guesta ot Mr. and Mrs.
r, B. Sextos.
Is Hit In Head And Chest By
John C. Story of Greensboro, was
shot and fatally wounded at about
ten o'clock last Si.turday morning
while hunting deer about five miles
north of here. He was forty-five
years old and was sheriff of Guil
ford county.
An inquest was ordered following
the shooting and a coroner's jury
ordered Guy Taylor, thirty-five-year-old
farmer of this county, who
was hunting near Sheriff Story at
the time, held under bond of $1000
pending further n(;stigation. Alt
the conclusion of the investigation
the jury decided that Story had died
from accidental causes and that n
one was responsible. Taylor, there
fore, will not be ndcted n connecton
fore, will not be indicted in connection
Sheriff D. H. HodgTn saTTt lie re
ceived a call at around ten o'clock
and that he went to the scene of the
hunt with a doctor. Sheriff Story
was unconscious when they arrived
and died at eleven-twenty, accord
ing to Sheriff Hodgin, from three
buckshot wounds, two in his head and
one in his chest. Another shot was
found imbedded in his ankle.
Coroner William L. Poole ordered
-n mmedinte inquest at the scene of
the killing. Taylor at that time told
tne jury mat he and Story were
approaching a swairp on opposite
side? of a small branch. He admit
ted firinr? three times at a runriin?
doer and three shells of the same
guage as Taylor's were found about
sixty-one yards from where Sheriff
Story fell. Taylor insisted that he
had not been within 200 yards of
Sto-y when he shot at a deer.
Sheriff Story's gun was raised to
hoot at the time he was fattally hit.
His gun was fired as he fell and
the shots went into a small pine
tree nearby.
Taylor told the jury that as he
approached the spot where the
sheriff fell he heard groans, dis
covered the wounded man and im
mediately called for help.
Sheriff Hodgin said that he be
lieved the shooting was accidental
and that both Taylor and Story were
shooting at a deer at the time. He
I said the woods were thick and that
Story from the point where the three
shots fell.
Sheriff Story was elected sheriff
of Guilford county in 1943. He was
1 rrember of the Corinthian lodge of
Mason and of the Oasis temple of the
Shrine, of the Elks, and of the
American Legion. He is survived by
his wife, one son, one daughter, and
several brothers and sisters.
Airport Meeting
Held Last Monday
Not Well Attended
Due to a variety of conflicting in
formation and the fact that John
McGougan was out of town last
Wednesday, it was announced in last
week's paper that the airport meet
ing at the courthouse would be on
last Tuesday instead of last Mon
day afternoon. For this and other
reasons unknown the meeting at the
courthouse on Tuesday afternoon was
quite small.
The commissioners discussed ways
and means of having an airport with
those present and with a represen
tative of the Civil Aeronautics Au
thority who was present. The con
clusion reached was that it is prob
ably advisable and will be beneficial
for this town and county to have an
airport. The CAA representative in
formed the gathering that bills were
at present before congress autho
rizing the government to pay as
much as any community pays to
ward building an airport for that
community. He also gave some in
teresting information on the size of
the tract of land needed and other
physical characteristics necessary for
the most economical construction of
a good field.
A committee to further investi
gate the advisability and practica
bility of the scheme was appointed.
This included Tom Cameron, J. H.
Blue, Ben Currie, N. H. G. Balfour,
Mrs. P. P. McCain, Mrs. W. L. Poole,
and Neill A. McDonald.
Tabernacle Baptist church of Rock
fish, will hold its annual ingather
ing Thursday, Nov. 1st. The sale
of farm produce will begin at 2:30
P. M. Barbecue and chicken salad
supper will begin at S JO P. M.

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