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RAEFORD, N. C. THURSDAY, NOV. 22nd, 1945
$:.0O PER Y' AR
I o
news of ouu
Lt. Deaton Gets Bronze
Star Award
Fire Destroys Seed
Cotton House At
Oakdale Gin
I Gin Saved By Firefighters.
R;."DrChXnuy Gingham Wins
UlrA Uivli
1 The Reaves Drug store here has W CI 11UIYC lllgll
; recently Deen purer.asea irom me
'former owner, L. E. Reaves, Jr., by
D. A. Hutchinson, o Elizabethtown.
Mr. Hutchinson has been in the drug
business in Elizabethtown for twenty
. ,. , , y?ars and will be associated in the
A fire of unknown origin destroyed stor, here with hi, brother. B. H.
Here 19-14
Mrs. Wesley White
Dies Last Friday
Mrs. Wesley White, respected resi
dent of McLauchlin township, Hoke
County, passed away at her home
there last Friday afternoon. She
was nine-one years of age. 1
Rockingham High! Funeral services were conducted
defeated a aunday anernoon at Craiatia fres- - '
team byterian church, at 2:30 o clock, by
Antioch Man
Killed In Wreck
Last Thursday
i . t, r, r, ik. infv :.i j -- I iL2niin2 HoKe uountv
" V-Tu "I "Zi'ZZ .VT... " " " Hutchinson, also an experienced drug-, here yesterdav afternoon 19-14 be-. Rev. E. B. Booker and Rev. Louis S.
for ethe largest crowd of the season Gaines. Interrr it followed in the
brother of Mrs. Merritt Gibson of , Gin, about one mile from Raeford on 'glst
Mvirr,-n w,t TirpsHnreti liik uui c mi . mnpr Hr nira pnan rnauinv . . . . . . ... ..
r- ---- , Mr nuicninson states mat me,,, irmnr, Park
star at mwrnoniM at Providence, afternoon, and would havo d.etrnvwl . .-. t . . . 1 "'morjr rant
" ,L . J store win continue to oe operated
Rhode Island, on Navy Day j he gin itself if it had not been for under the trads n,me of Re,ves DrJ,
ine aecoraiion was du exccueni worK 01 ine naeiora t,ore r.1(j
accompiisnmem 01 a spcuiai uu-1 vuiunieer lire aeparimeni ana oiner Wjn S'rive to maintain
Reynolds Held Under
$1000 Bond By Coroner's Jury.
(churchyard c'
The Hoke team played well but T , 'roerers,
outweighed in almost every , .
while on duty on a submarine volunteers who managed to extin- r jgh stindard of d
s Pacific. He is a veteran of "u'.h the Karnes as quickly as they!storc r3's nad in
in the
13 submarine patrols of more than would start on the main building.
sixty days each in tnat area. ine fire alarm was sounded in
Paeford at approximately 5:10
S 2-c John L. Maultsby arrived at Uuesday and the Raeford depart
his home at Montrose yesterday to merit sent both turcks and all appar
spend a thirty-day furlough afterlatus to the scene at once, together
duty in Panama and the ualapagos , with a large part of its personnel
that he and ms brother ,"-'T" "'"T? , ' Li Howard McDout
the same... . . ... . ...u.u Dougald, and Ed
mo th,t m "- Mi "lull Muaiici win... .
in the past.
; netted the visitors all of their three1
Darie! J. Love
Dies From Injuries
I touchdowns, afteh the home team laArlai c V
vhole lYCUUl Utl O Kt
had outplayed them for the who'
first half and gone into the third
quarter leading 7-0. Another touch
down was probably averted when
Joe Maxwell intercepted in home
territory late in the third quarter.
A3 Oakdale is beyond the city limits
there are no water rrains or hydrants'
there, so all the firefighting had to
be done with chemical apparatus and !
buckets of water from the local
Blue Springs Man Passes Satur
day In Laurinburg Hospital.
V- A coroner's jury last week ordered
erman Crowley, Harry Reynolds, white man of Hoke
nie Crowley, County, held pending investigation by
ougald Mc- the Grand Jury in connection, with
jthe wreck near Timberland last
I Thursday P. M. in which John San-
tjderson, white man of the Antioch
community and Red Springs filling
'x station operator, was killed..
. The wreck happened at a curve in
ig jthe Raeford-Aberdeen highway just
north of Timberland just about dark,
In Recorder's court here last Tues-'according to reports. Sanderson, ac-
dav docket of cases of the last corpanied by his wife and three
Filled With Drv
Capt. Clyde Upchurch, Jr., was
separated from the army this week
at Fort Bragg and is spending his
tarminal loava at hnmP. Hf IS &
veteran of campaigns in African. Italy extinguishers were taken to the con-'?1 seven o'clock last Saturday moin-yard stripe.
and Europe.
Thp first tnunKdrturn wac ernrpH frnm
near iridfield in the first quarter two weeks was tried due to the fact children, ran into an unlighted truck
when the locals got the ball nearl that Superior Court was held lastwn!cn as on the road at the curve,
miHfioM anrt hv a nac!in r,iav andlwpek .Tudeo MiDiarmid disnosed i almost immediately a car driven
Danrl J. Love, fifty-six year-old i five linp nlavs wnrpd Th ball par. of thirteen cases Tuesday morning.. by a Reynolds man of Hoke county
water system. Many chemical hand,man r BIue sPrinBs Township, died ried over by Plummer from the one-I and of these, ten of the defendants ; wa sa'd to have crashed Into the
jflagration from Raeford plants and
'with these and the available water.
ing in the Scotland County hospital i by a pass
in Laiirinburg from injuries sus
tained -n U. S. Highway 15-A Tues
day night.
Love was found beside the highway
near Hillcrest service station about
one mile north of Drowning creek
bridge. He had apparently been hit
Staff Sgts. Harman Lindsay and .the local fire department with its
James Holland and Sgts. Clarence .volunteer assistance managed to con
Willis and Walter McDowell arrived fine the blaze to the seed cotton
last week from the ETO and have,hr-e
been honorably discharged from the Harry Greene, chief of the fire de-
D:n. Ihaii Fnrnnunn spr- I na rt mpllt etatpd voetorlav that tV.o
vice they were in Trinidad, having; blaze probably started from a match ! cir F mlcK wn,lc!1 aia not stop'
left here in 1910 with the First Bat-(which had been dropped in a sheet I a'"".ourh the coroner s jury which in-
taiin Hoadnnartprs Hatterv of the , of cot!!):-., or some soarks from so.r.e "ic-vijr mhhu i i
oj r-4 x "lovine aDDaratus which waslthe,r r Prt that ne died "t
I in cp?r;'tion at the time. About four
Captain J. A. McPJmil. Jr.. wa'bale.? of seed cotton were destroyed
seiiaratcd from the a: rry this week in the house.
at Fort Brapg. V- -------- '
ber of the 252nd CA ai d r . re by f. j
ly returned to the Unite:' States f"om De-.v, i
duty in the Pacific.
After the disastrou sthird quarter
the Hoke aggregation came back
strong in the final quarter to score
again. Franklin McNeill on an end
given first aid and allowed to re
turn to their home near Antioch
Harry Greene, coroner for the case.
r. r.c?. according to M. C.
rr :( tha Jo'riu-r.n Cc.r-
c .: th The gin
u;'.:2l yesterday.
Technical Sgt. James Baker ar-
rived at his home in Raeford yester- Prer Jer.t Truman
day after service in the ETO. He ,.n . ,
exipects to get his discharge from the Will Attend U&me
army this week. I
' I President Truman will go to Phila- i
S 2-c Lewis McNeiH of Norfolk, i delphia Saturday, December 1, to at
Va., is spending a nine-day fur- tend the Army-Navy football game. I
ough here with his parents. Ihis is the President s first out of
! town engagement since he cancelled
Wade Matthews, of the navy, ar- a series of scheduled fall trips into
rived in the United States last week Nrth Carolina, Georgia, Missouri,
and is here on leave with his wife. Oklahoma and Texas because of mat-
'ters needing his attention.
Murdoch McDuffie arrived in the:
States last week after almost three'
and one-half years in the ETO and
was discharged from, the army at(
Fort Bragg on Saturday.
wounr - inflicted by person or per
sons v known."
Fun -a! tervic? were conducted
Pt thp Sortie in Phie Springs town-
'1' : .! t.rt A. ?J. lionuay by tae
"'v. .' D. Cts' '11. former pastor
f 'h- -:c.-'sH. r-d Rev. W. B. Gas-
-.-. Bu-ial followed has
in the 'amily cer-ery there I
sun v:rg are tr?e widow, f.re1
' a. c l.
son?. Julian, Raymond, and Rudolnh, ' v" '-"r juuporu
all of the army, and two sister, Miss i f !48 oeal LriVe
Bessie Liove or the Blue springs com
munity and Mrs. Sidney Sykes of Wil
mington. .
School News
T-5 Bradley Norton arrived in the
United States this week from the
Victory Bond Quota
14 Percent Sold
Extra point was scored .were charged with being drunk and'ca.r ana ?rucK wrecK. Sanderson was
disorderly. jinjuieu uuemany, as was one cnna
Subrritting to the charge of being and Mrs- Sanderson. All were rush
drunk and disorderly were James .ed to the hospital at Pinehurst ar
Cheek and Jack Pittman, both white, rivin8 there at 7 p. m., and he lived
and Forres Godwin, Moses Town-luntil about nine o'clock. Two chil-
run made the second tally from the i send, Archie Graham, Vernie Belvin, Qren were admitted as patients,
eisht vard line. Extra noint wasiWvlev Perkins. Ed Dockery. Pink,wnlle h's wife and one child were
again scored by a pass. I Simmons, and Willie Jordan, all
Outstanding in the backfield for I colored. Each defendant was sen
Hnka Hiph uprp Plnmmpr and Mf- tpnrpri tn Ihirtv davs nn thp rnads.
Noil' ?-d the kicking of Warner, j sentence to be suspended on pay- 'stated yesterday that the jury had
The whole line played well with the ment of the costs in his case. not completed investigation of the
wo: : of Ted Clark. Poole, and Wood-I Belton Townsend. colored, entered ca-e- because of the fact that so re
hou - being exceptional. ' a plea of guilty of driving a car while i witnesses were still hospitalized.
game was sponsored by the of liquor. HeD-v "arry Heynolds of Hoke county
Williamson post of the Ameri-; was fined $5 and the court costs Sanderson was the son of Walter
'gion. whose members handled and his driving license was revoked . Curtis Sanderson who lives near
dvance sale of tickets and ad-.fnr one year. Ithe Hodgin store. Until two weeks
! Giles McLauchlin, colored, entered aE r'e naa Deer operating service
ia plea of guilty of the larceny of Rations for Roy Singleton in Red
Unme hlankpts from thp Sanatorium, i Springs. He was employed for some-
The blankets were recovered and I tlme &t the Mnxton airbase and prior
McLauchlin was given a sentence of1'? that was connected with the ser
three months sus.pended on payment 'Vlce department of Eastern AJr Lines
of the costs and good behavior for i at a Florida airport.
Joe Goodman, colored, entered
plea of guilty of violating the
I hibition laws by illegally possessing
WHEREAS, the North Carolina I a quantity of hore brew. Judgment
(Tuberculosis Association has desie- wnc snsnpndpd nn. navmpnt nf the
nated the weeks from November 19. j costs and good behavior for two'
ed the game. The attendanc?
ee nestimated at 400.
Proclamation by the Governor
epUjWhy Tire Rationing
hnelMust Be Continued
to Christmas, as the period of time, years.
t j lor ine sale oi i uoercuiosis L.nnsi-
Neill A. McDonald, chairman of ,ras Seal5' and
the Hoke County Victory Loan Fi-IWHERBAS- the Association conduct
ing ine oeai aaie uses tfo per cent
Farmers To Elect
AAA Committeemen
(By K. A. MacDonald)
Participate In Red Cross Drive
All schools in the county are now
participating in the Junior Red Cross
Phil Johnson arrived in the United i driv a"i is hoped that all class
States this week from the ETO. r " be enrolled. The work
jof the Junor Red Cross starts with
CPO W. H. Andrews of the navy the individual and his classroom and
at Miami, Fla., spent the past week- extends through state, national, and
end in the home of his aunt, Mrs. international lines. One of the most
J M. Baker. He was recently re-. interesting activities is the exchange
turned from duty in the Pacific. of tette" between individuals and
I also classrooms in various countries.
EM 2-c Stuart Giles arrived in Seat-lFr instance, a pupil at Rockfish
tie. Wash., this week after duty in mW exchange letters with a pupil
the Pacific theatre. He expects to be somewhere in France, or some other
in Raeford on leave by December 15. country where the Junior Red Cross
I is organized.
Schools In Bond Drive
The schools in the county are all
cooperating in the Victory Loan
'drive. Victory bonds and stamps are
being sold to and by the pupils. Hos-
pital equipment will be named for
" . . , and by the schools selling at least
, Hoke County farmers will take wor(h of bond. and stamps
time out from seasonal work in the The stamp sa,e to the individuaI
next few weeks to elect AAA com- mipil js cspeciaIv vaUlable as it
munity and county committeemen for .eat.hcs the ones handiing sales busi
the coming year. lnps ieSc0ns and all those buying coTimmity committeemen ;;nmps lessons in thrift,
and two alternates, as well as a Colored PTA Will Meet
delegate' to the county convention. The state meeting of the colored
will be chosen in each of the county s Parcrt-Tc at her association is being '
8 farming communities. I he aeie- held Friday night and Saturday at
gates will later elect the three- the E E. Smith high school in Fay
man committee which will admini- ctteville. Hoke County will be well
ster AAA activities within the eoun- ' represented at this meeting.
D. Potter, chairman of the eoun-1 RAEFORD GRADED NEWS
ty AAA committee, said today that , (By Pupils of the School)
dates, hours, and places for holding Several boys and girls from the
the annual election are now he'ng Raeford school had their tonsils re
determined. Announcement will be moved by Dr. Hodain in Rd Springs
rrade within the next few days. !j;t Friday. Everyone has missed
In Hoke County. Mr. Potter said, the r at school this week, but it is
approximately 2500 farmers are eli- good to learn that they are recover
g.ble to vote for committeemen this ing nicely and that they will soon
year. "Eligible" farmers are those return to school. Those who had
who participate in the 1945 agricul-, their tonsils removed are: Joan Wal
tural conservation or crop insurance j ters. Patsy Culbreth. Charles Ed
program, j wards, Margaret Tew, Jill Rogers,
The county AAA chairman, in re- Carlton Pierce, Annie Belle Skipper,
minding Hoke County farmers of the . Louise Harris. Edna Earle Wright,
forthcoming ballot, appealed for full Elizabeth Wright and Betty Sue
participation. I Thomas.
"Solution of the postwar problems I Boys and girls who need to have
ahead of us is the vital concern of, their tonsils removed and who for
every farmer. Consequently, it is, some reason did not get to go to
to his own best interest to vote in Red Springs last week may now make
the coming elections to make sure reservations to have their tonsils re
that the men administering AAA , moved by Dr. Hodgin on December
wograms in the county are tn ones , -"'nuun uj envoi imran
" a I lf,tlM...J A Daoa Viakt
nance committee for Hoke County,
said yesterday that the county had
bought only 14 percent of its quota
in "E" bonds in the drive thus far.
Quota for the county in "E" bonds
in the drive is $110,000 and to date
$15,900 has been collected for this
class of bond. County overall quota
is $150,000 and the overall receipts
so far come to $33,044. The drive
runs until December 6, two weeks
from today.
Mrs. H. A. Cameron, who is chair
man of the Junior drive for children
under 12 years of age, reported sub-
stantial progress this week. Next
week the News-Journal will publish
the "Junior Honor Roll" and the
"Cradle Roll" made up of the names
of the children who have purchased
a certain number of bonds or stamps.
The "Cradle Roll" will include only
children under six years of age.
of the Seal Funds for a North Caro
una health program, and
WHEREAS, tuberculosis, as a com
municable disease, took 57,000 lives
in America last year, and may pos
sibly increase m North Carolina as
it has already in Europe, and
WHEREAS, the people of North
Carolina can help to prevent such
a situation by supporting this 39th
annual Christmas Seal Sale, which
makes possible a health program
designed to protect North Carolina
from the spread of this public enemy.
NOW, THEREFORE, with this in
mind, I, as your Governor, call
upon the citizens of North Carolina
to help make possible the complete
eradication of tuberculosis in our
state by buying and using Christmas
Seals during the weeks between No
vember 19 and Christmas.
F. B. Sexton, of the Hoke County
War Price and Rationing Board, in
.answer to many queries from auto-
I mobile operators in the county,
In celebration of National Book i brought the following statement
Week, three stories were held in the from the Office of Price Administra
library last week. On Wednesday i tion in for publication:
afternoon Mrs. J. L. McNeill read "Many boards have informed us
stories to the group from the fifth, of the difficulty they are experien
through the seventh grade; on Thurs-jcing in rationing tires since the end
day afternoon, the librarian, Mrs. Be-1 of the Japanese War. Some have
thune, conducted the story hour, and 'suggested that OPA drop tire ra
on Friday afternoon Mrs. A. K. Cur- i tioning controls now rather than
rie read stories to the pre-school , wait until the industry's estimated
group. A good crowd attended and : production becomes a reality and
refreshments were served each after- tires are in dealer inventories The
noon. War Production Board has directed
Among the new books received in i is to continue tire rationing for an
the library are the following: Indefinite period and supports their
.directive with the following supply
.cc,. ' picture.
"The Gauntlet,"
try Mouse, Kent, Hurry Home to
My Heart, Byrd; Dark Sails, Miller;
Jam Yesterday, Cannell; Art in the
chants, Shulman.
.. j nn ma ""j
is at m-w""
- . - t " ,;, - Z i.wU. , .
-CA v
-niy z.iuu.uuu passenger tires were
reported in dealers' inventories at
the end nf th war. Thpra arp na.
New Land, Simon; The Yellow Room. 1.000,000 wheels reauirine tires nf
Rinehart; and The Feather Mer- this type. Since Pearl Harhor nniv
148,000,000 new passenger tires have
1 rvppn ratmnprt Th,,a ,v,mm ,u
half of our wheels are running on
pre-Pearl Harbor tires all about
four years old.
We are today producing slightly
more than 2.500,000 passenger tires
per month, or about 30,000,000 per
year. Until these production figures
are vastly expanded, rationing must
,'bc retained to prevent n chaotic con
dition in the distribution of tires."
Cotton Crop Almost
Half Last Year's
Statistics furnished by the Bureau
"f the Census nf the United States
Department of Commerce and receiv
ed this week show that up to Nov-
i ember 1, 19H, there were 5,133 bales
nf cotton ginned in Hoke County as
rompa-ed with 11.732 bales ginned
up to November 1, 1944.
' The firiMre f,ir this season, while
'. is considerably higher than
o'lie estimates placed it earlier in
ho sen when weather was bad.
Green Stamps To Se
Good For Meat
K. A. MacDonald of the Hoke
County War Price and Rationing
Board, wishes to advise the public
that the green stamps in the cur
rent ration books will take place of
the expired red stamps for meat,
butter, and fats. He further states
that it is unnecessary to call at the
local ration board for new books
or stamps and that the grocers know
I i
he want to represent him,"
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the answers.

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