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Colonel Lewis Returns
Colonel and Mrs. Robert B. Lewis,
accompanied by their daughters,
Mary and Marion, arrived Monday
from Trinidad, where Colonel Lewis
has been stationed since May, 1942.
His family joined him there last
August. He was separated from
the army and is now on terminal
leave. The Lewises left Thinidad
by plane last Friday morning and
arrived in Miami that night. They
proceeded by train from Miami.
T-5 Julian B. McKeithan arrived
in Raeford Tuesday night and ex
pects his discharge the latter part
of the week. T-5 McKeithan en
tered the army in January. 1943, and
served in the South Pacific two
Corporal John Howard Clark re
turned from the Pacific theatre of
Operations last week and expects to
be discharged at Fort Bragg this
Lt. Colonel Robert Covington, who
has been in England for over three
and one-half years, returned to the
United States this week.
Pfc. William Gulledge landed in
Tacoma, Washington, last week fron
Okinawa and expects to be in Rae
ford soon. He is at present in Kan
sas City with his wife.
Lewis McNeill, S 2-c, of Norfolk,
Va', spent the past week end with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Mc
Neill. Word has recently been received
by Mr. and Mrs. Hector McNeill that
their son, Sgt. Robert McNeill, is
now stationed in Yokohoma with the
3459th Ord. company.
School News
(By K. A. MacDonald)
Mildouson P. T .A. Meets
The Mildouson P. T. A. held its
regular monthly meeting last week
at the 'school building with" Mrs.
Jesse Gibsons president, presiding.
Arrangements were made to open
the lunchroom. Mrs. Balfour was
appointed chairman of the lunch
room committee with Mrs. R. H. Gib
son and Mrs. Hines, parents, and
Miss Irene Downer, teacher, to as
sist her. Mrs. Lola Pope was ap
pointed manager of the lunchroom.
iMiss Alma Ferguson of the Rae
ford Graded school faculty, was out
sick Monday. Mrs. Jim Poole taught
for her.
The Rockfish school has had water
installed in their lunchroom; also
they have a splendid new refriger
ator. Lunchroom Tickets On Sale
H. C. McGregor, principal of the
schools in Raeford, announces that
lunchroom tickets can now be pur
chased both for the Raeford Graded
and Hoke high school lunchrooms.
These tickets are good for twenty
meals and should be a great con
venience to both parents and stu
dents. The tickets may be left on
file with the lunchroom manager.
J. W. Turlington Visits Here ,
J. W. Turlington, who has just
been discharged from the army, was
a visitor in tjwn Tuesday.. He also
visited at Hoke High school while
here. Mr. Turlington expects to en
ter the University of North Caro
lina in January where he will pur
sue courses leading to the Master's
Mrs. C. H. McGregor of the Rae
ford Graded school faculty, is in bed
with influenza. Mrs. Elmer is teach
ing for her.
W. P. Phillips was in Wilmington
Monday and Tuesday with his daugh
ter, Linda, who is being treated at a
children's hospital there.
Basketball Practice Starts
Practice by the boys anl girls bas
ketball squads has been started un
der the tutelage of Coach Jerry Rob
ots, Jr. The splendid showing made
' the football team under Coach
T Vi.Wa;ll ha, tfiuaii rioo in the
, ,.iv.iciii it a a gui-i' -
rumor that Hoke High will enter
conference play beginning with' either
basketball or baseball.
Mrs. Campbell of the Health de
partment, is working hard on the
tonsil clinic for Friday. It is hoped
that all parents will take advan
tage of this opportunity and have
their children's tonsils removed if
they need it.
Dr. Winston Speaks
At Kiwanis Meeting
Thursday Evening
State Welfare Commissioner
Guest Of Club.
In a program handled by the Un
derprivileged Child Committee of
the Raeford Kiwanis club, Dr. Ellen
Black Winston of Raleigh', North Ca
rolina State Commissioner of public
welfare, addressed the club and many
guests who were present.
Dr. Winston was introduced to the
meeting by Mrs. P. P. McCain, of
Sanatorium, chairman of the Hoke
County Board of Welfare. Mrs. Mc
Cain told the club briefly of Mrs.
Winston's achievements in the fields
of sociology and public welfare. Dr.
Winston, earned her degree of doctor
of philosophy at the University
of Chicago and later was a teach
er of sociology at Meredith college
in Raleigh. Her husband is also a
teacher of sociology at the Raleigh
branch of the University of North
In her address Dr. Winston rela
ted the history of public welfare sei
vice from its beginning to the pres
ent day. She discussed the machi
nery of public welfare in North
Carolina as compared to that in
other slates and told of plans for
further development given to the
aged, needy, and infirm by this de
part rent.
She described the plan of the wel
fare setup as it is intended under
the provisions of legislation now in
ConJ.-eis. This legislation would
raise the national status of the wel
fare work to that of one of four
branches of a department with a
cabinet head. Mrs. Winston's ap
pearance along with her masterful
and effortless delivery were a plea
sure to all present as weir as what
she had to say.
The program was presented by
Rev. J. D. Whisnant, chairman of
the underprivileged child committee
of the Kiwanis club. Guests includ
ed N. H. G. Balfour, chairman of
the county board of commissioners,
and Mrs. C. H. Giles, Hoke county
superintendent of public welfare.
Many other guests were also pres
ent. Hoke Has High Rate
Of Draft Rejections
Hoke county ranked eighty-eighth
of North Carolina's one hundred
counties in percentage of men ex
amined through Selective Service
for military service. Hoke county
had 54.40 men rejected for service
of every one hundred examined.
The average for the state was 44.68
rejected for every hundred examin
ed. Forty-eight counties were be
low this average and fifty-two above.
Kiwanis Will Entertain
Teachers Tonight
The Raeford Kiwanis club will
have as its guests at the regular
weekly meeting tonight all the teach
ers of the white schools of Hoke
county. The meeting will begin at
seven o'clock.
Orthopaedic Clinic In
Lumberton Tomorrow
An orthopaedic clinic will be held
tomorrow, December 7, in the base
ment of the agricultural building in
Lumberton. This clinic is free to
all indigent children under 12 years
of age.
Dr. O. L. Miller of Charlotte will
be surgeon in charge and patients
must register between nine and ele
ven A. M.
United War Fund Drive
Gets Closer To Quota
John McGoogan announced yester
day that Hoke County had to con
tribute only $118.15 more to reach
its quota of $4,020, as $3901.85 has
been collected.
Attend Appliance Preview
Marion and H. L. Gatlin, Jr., of
the Raeford Furniture company, at
tended a preview showing of the
new postwar electrical appliances to
be made and marketed by Philco in
Fayetteville Tuesday.
Wreck At Antioch
G. C. Lytle and a truck belonging
to Amos Furniture company, were
involved in a collision near Hod
gin's store at Antioch last Monday
afternoon. Lytle was driving i
pickup which was considerably d'wn-
(By D. Scott Poole)
about treachery.
You read a lot
Are you always dependable? That
is your duty. Be absolutely depen-,
able, and let all the folks say so.
A man throws away whatever he
spends for beer or other drinks, when
water is better, and costs less. I
read where advocates of legal liquor
said, in language unfit to be seen in a telephone in his ht ji ,i business ' McDiarmid in last Tuesday morn
print, they were showing how dirty jn the past decade or . 3 . e repre-! 'ns's session of Hoke County re
blockage liquor is, but never a word , sentative was Mr. Hav v 5 he com-! corder s collrt-
about fifthy liquor. Both are alike
: unfit for use. Raeford by Mr. Bailey.
Mr. Haven and Mr. B ttend-
I That may be the only way fellows Uj the weekly meeting Rae
,know of taking a vacation striking. , f0: d Kiwanis club last Thursday night
They know the hunting season is now
a reality.
A fellow remarked to me that he
believed he was sprouting wings justWar jn the way of increased business , assau!t with a deadly weapon. Sen-'and Balfour said that it was the in
below his shoulder blades. I told;and lack of qualified labor and the j tence was $10 and the court costs for tention of that board to finish it.
him it was more likely warts . . . .! impossibility of getting new or better eacn- James Thomas and Tom Mc-This, however, was interfered with
There are not many indications of equip rent for the exchange and lines Nei11 were found not guilty on the by the war and now there is another
Angelic wings these times. Nor do;jn Rae'ord and the other towns that &ame charge in connection withi the board of commissioners.
I believe in that kind of jesting. have telephones of the Carolina Tele- lsan"c fracas. There was a delegation of citi-
! phone and Telegraph company in I Worth English and Bob Collins, zens of the county present at the
In reading almost anything, we them. It was in the Kiwanis clublwhlte- were charged with violating meeting to urge the board to give
learn of the extremely distressing several weeks ago that the subject tne Prohibition laws by having a the Rockfish road first priority. The
poverty of the people on the war- of the lack of telephone service in 004116 of store-bought liquor open in following is quoted directly from the
torn countries of the world. Ger- 'this community came up. i their vehicle on the public highways, minutes of the meeting and shows
many and Japan are suffering as Haven said that his company had Their apprehension was due to their exactly what the board did about
severely as any nations on earth. ! recently caused the Raeford exchange hav'ng been involved in an acci- the road situation.
Jto be inspected by competent tech- dcnt- They entered pleas of guilty, Motion was made by F. A. Mon-
We read in the newspapers that nieians to determine if it were still 'and picLtne costs- iroe that the road from Raeford to
there ill be a great deal more cot- serviceable or not. These technic- V- B- Bennett, colored, was charg- Rockfish be given first priority for
ton pr:duc:d next year. How do ians had informed the company, h3'ed Wlt tne larceny of two tires and surface treatment, but said motion
Ihey know? Unlesh farm laborers said, that the Raeford exchange tw0 wheels from an auto he had bor- 1 failed to receive a second,
work better than most of them have would give good service if it were "'! He returned the property! Motion was made by Knox Watson
in rw.t months, there never will be t'm.oughly renovated. He said the;and sentence of six months wass follows: That if enough mileage
a g-e-t deal of anything produced, j company had obtained the services ' suspended on payment of the costs allotted Hoke courtly to surface treat
It appears that most of them are too 'of two factory men to begin thisiand on condition of good behavior! the road from Raeford to Rockfish
intelligent to labor in the fields. job on Monday, December 9. j for two years. and the road leading from Duffie's
Poor saps. A large part of the trouble in this Ams Shaw, colored, entered a station to the Robeson county line on
! section is due to the unserviceabilitv i plea of Bullty of larceny of a calf , the road to Red Springs; that
I read a long time ago that ' of the lines in use. Haven said, but ! whlch he kiUed and a,e after it took , the Rockfish road shall have first
"There is true dignity in labor and that due to the large situation at the ! up. at hls place a week or t0' He ! Priority, but if enough mileage is not
no true dignity without It." People
have come to have an aversion to
WORK. That brings the sweat, andiceP' tnat lney win ao tne pest tney
sweat brings an unpleasant odor,
and that sickens. The Bible teaches
that man must earn his bread by
the sweat of his brow. I do not be
lieve there will be bread for any,
unless someone sweats.
I knew a man near my childhood
home who sat in his home day and
night and never paid any attention
to any work on the place. It was
said that one day while he was
hoeing corn and peas between the
corn hills, he cut up the peas. One
of his children said to him, "Look,
Papy, you're digging up the peas."
A'fter he heard that several times,
he threw down the hoe, went to
the house, and! never fiid go to work
again. Work is not hard, but dread
ing it makes it drudgery. Work
brings pleasure to one who does not
dread it.
Work and soldiering are alike.
There is something unpleasant to
men who go into battle, but they
must go out of necessity. They as
sume the attitude that live or die
they will not fail to do all that
could be required from a sense of
duty, born of necessity. So why
Although Raeford is a young town,
it has had several costly fires and al
though most people carry insurance,
that does not cover these. It is wise
to carry a'l the insurance allow
able. I sold some fire insurance for a
few years. Among other property
I wrote some insurance on several
tobacco ban's, and one afternoon
three of those barns burned within
sight of each other.
I believe this to the shortest cot
ton crop g-own in Hoke, that is,
since ti has been HOKE. This coun
ty is 35 years old next April 3rd.
Nothing arcused so much bad blood
n North Carolina politics as the fu -
sion of the Populist and Republican
parties. The democrats hated the
I Republicans, and after the Populists
and Republicans fused, the Demo
!crats hated t!e-Populists with a dead
ly hatred. It is a pity that such
things occur.
I voted for Jarvis in November,
1 1880. but I campaigned with a reck
lessness in 1876 for Zeb Vance. That
was one hot campaign, fist fights
were numerous, but I do not recall
a murder. We all laughed it off
I am above dirty politics. I could
have been elected clerk of the court
in Robeson in 1884 if I had taken the
Populist nomination, but I would
ave been just an office seeker
without principle.
I Ia
, Mrs. George Lester will leave Fri
day to spend the week end with her
! sister in Columbia.
;Work n Local Equipment To,
Begin Monday. I
A representative
he Carolina
I Telephone and T.
h company
f Tarboro brnucti
ssage here
h is most
thi tnwn
ia,t Thursday nigh
we. come to everyo.
arid communi'v who cU has had'cafcs came up before Judge Henry
pany and he was ac lied to
and prior to the beginning of the
regular program, Haven talked brief-
I ly to the club about the problems
, the company has run into during the
present Time me company wouia
Promise nothing in that direction, ex-
are able to and that they will stay i lne costs Ior oein drunK and dis-1 in the ratio of 2 miles to the Roek
with it until the service is good here. 1 orderly. f jsn road to 1 mile to the Duffie-Red
Square Dance At Wagram
There will be a square dance in
the .gymnasium at Wagram tomor -
row night for the purpose of selling
Victory Bonds. Music and floor
show will be furnished by service
men from Fort Bragg.
Billy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee
Guin, has been sick with bronchitis
this week.
Mrs. Will Conoly has been in bed
with influenza for several days.
James Gordon Currie has accept
ed a position as traveling represen
tative in Eastern North Carolina for
the Pennsylvania-Dixie Cement com
pany. Miss Alma Ferguson spent the
last week end in Lancaster, S. C. She
went especially to attend the funeral
of her cousin. N. A. Simrill.
Mr. and Mrs. John Leonard Maults
by have returned from Charlotte after
visiting Mrs. Maultsby's sister.
rnenas or jwiss A-iary r.uzao.m
Harris will be sorry to hear that
she still re-rains critically ill at
IHighsmith's hospital
. . ZT. .
mis. u. l.. itr.n. jn,. aim imr.
Clyde Teal. Mrs. Hassell Keaton and
WnnHrnw Tpnl attpnHpft th fnnprnl
of George Kelly in Greensboro Sat
urday afternoon. Mr. Kelly was a
brother of Mrs. J. L. Teal.
1 Truman and Jake Austin went by
larmy plane from Pope field to Phil
adelphia last Saturday and attend
ed the Armv-Navy football game.
They left after seven in the morning
and were back in Raeford at about canning. Keignoornood leaders also
ten P. M. j helped the people in their local com-
imunities with the canning of meat.
Lt. and Mrs. Kenneth A. McKeth- Several families were sent to the
an spent several days last week in, Raeford community cannery for as
Fayetteville visiting Lt. McKethan's j sistauce.
parents and relatives. The home agent attended a meet-
Mrs. Betty Cole, who is making21. The purpose of this meeting
her home with her son, Harvey Cole
and family, has been very sick for
the past week.
Mrs. Clarence Brown has accepted
a position with the county depart
Tent of welfare as case worker.
Fred Johnson of Raleigh spent the
week end in Raeford.
Mrs. Burdette Miller nee Miss Mar
tha Lytle, is a patient in Highsmith's
Recorder's Court
I About an average assortment of
I 'Maggie Smith, colored, after a
plea of not guilty of violating theCeive surface treatment as allot
prohibition laws by having a still, ment is made by the state for this
was found guilty as charged and was work. In 1940 the board of com
sentenced to six months on the roads missioners, of which N. H. G. Bal
to be suspended on payment of $25 four is the only member still ser
and the court costs. ving. authorized the paving of the
Robert Walker and Charlie Mai road from U. S. 15-A near Raeford
McNeill entered pleas of guilty of tn Rockfish station Thi was hfiimn
. j-- - - - . .
,. .V . . .
Russell McKinnon, colored, paid
j$10 and the costs for being drunk
I and disorderly and for throwing a
I bottle at the auto of Patrolman
j Barnes.
. vU,ultU was mrcu
Roosevelt McNair, colored, enter-
1 ed a plea of abandoning his wife and
children. Sentence was one year to
06 suspended on payment of the
court costs and $4.00 weekly to his
wife and children
Narrative Report
For November
The following report was written
and submitter'' for publication by
Josephine Hall, home demonstration
agent, and covers the activities of
, fr Novem?er- Rockfish a clear first priority, as
Food leaders gave the demonstra- had b,, done by by a prior
tions at most of the club meetings which he was a member, Mr. Bal
in November. The subject was "How four tendered his resignation as
J86 IT"10", Vegetables." ; chairman and member of the board.
The first three days of November This rcsignation was not accepted
were spent in Raleigh attending the bv otner members of the Board,
annual Extension conference. iWlu CIose Abattolr Here
The annual Achievement Day pro- ntv,- ,,.) k
gram was held on the afternoon of
(November 7th. Sixty eight women
met at the Raeford Grammar school and the decision to close the abbat
where reports on the year's work toir in, Raeford. They directed that
were heard. The Ashemont club the abattoir not operate after De
received five dollars worth of de- cember 8. This is a result of a re
fense stamps for having the largest -,m,.i k ,, j fr ,,
. ..usance, rnimeaiaieiy atier the:it be moved out of tne city limits of
reports were gi yen the club women Rapford, and wiu refult irT ,he loss
moved to the Hoke County courthouse ' f , v.- nf ,u fn, ,h-rhrict.
where they me i jointly with the REA
,.t r, Z """'"S-
... cjiiuiii, iit-vi s lumiiieniH to: ;
and Gwyn Price, chairman N. C. REA I
Were the RTlpakprs. '
The Mt. Pleasant club sponsored
a square dance at the Little River
community building on the evening
of November 16.
! The Ashemont club had a quilting
; for Mrs. Crouch whose home was
burned recently.
I A number of people both white
and colored were assisted with meat
I ing in the AAA office on November
was to discuss conservation practices
for 1946.
The home agent's annual statistical
and narrative reports were prepared
and sent to the state office during
the last two weeks of the month.
On, the evening of November 29
the agent assisted with the serving
of a Kiwanis dinner. The speaker
of the evening was Dr. Ellen Win
ston, state commissioner of welfare.
Several Hoke County club women
from each community were present
to hear Dr. Winston.
TAIlim HA A lC
luum i kuavj
Balfour Offers Resignation In
Protest Against Action Of
The Hoke County Board of Com
missioners had a rather stormy ses
sion in their regular monthly meet
ing at the courthouse last Monday.
The bone of contention was the plac
ing of priorities by the board on
roads in the county which will re-
umm uoui roaas, oom
I roads shall be considered first pnori-
tv and the milea. shall K sNottH
springs roaa, ana inai in max evem,
me mueage allotted lo ir.e fiocKiisn
road shall be built first. Motion
seconded by E. R. Pickler. Voting
in favor of said resolution Watson,
Pickler and McNeill, with Monroe
not voting.
Motion was made by E. R. Pickler
that third priority be given to the
surface treatment of a road to con
nect Highway 21'1 with Highway 15
at or near the Buchan Farm. This
motion seconded by Watson was car
ried by unanimous vote.
Motion was made by Hector Mc
Neill that fourth priority for sur
face treatment be given the Wire
Road from Antioch to Highway 15-A
at the Alderman farm. This motion
seconded by Watson was carried by
unanimous vote.
In protest against that action of
the Board in not eivine the Raeford
iu, )h in, f
,h illrv th AV) , . pm,rt
mas ,re3t of tho;e who plan to do
any slaughtering in the next few
Wayside Community
Will Give Supper At
House Tuesday
The wo-ren of the Wayside com
munity will give an oyster and chic
ken supper at the Wayside com
munity house on Tuesday, December
H at seven P. M.
The supper is to be given by the
community as a token of apprecia
tion to those who have responded
so well there to the United War Fund
drive and the Red Cross roll call.
After supper Christmas carols will
be sung and games will be played.
No License Examiner
Hera Tomorrow
State Highway Patrolman Jason
Barnes stated yesterday that he had
received information to the effect
that there would be no one at the
courthouse tomorrow to conduct ex
aminations for driver's licenses. He
said that G. D. Fry, the regular ex
aminer, would be here on Friday,
December 14. to examine all appli
cants for licenses.

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