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The Ashemont PTA is sponsor
ing a chicken supper at the school
building Friday evening from 6
to 8 for the benefit of the school
lunchroom. All patrons and fri
ends'are cordially invited.
The Raeford School Board held
a meetirg on Monday evening at
which time W. T.'Gibson, Jr. was
re-elected district principal and
A. S. Gaston was re-elected prin
cipal of'i'the Upchurch school.
These principals will nominate
their teachers at an early date.
Mrs. Claudia Hurt and Walter
Jaimes of the State Tuberculosis
Association were visitors here on
The Pre-school clinics are now
under way. Pledse try to have
your child attend the one that is
most convenient.
A committee composed of mem
bers of the Board of Education
and Board of Commis^ners in
spected quite a numSer of the
made in order to determine the
school buildings in the county on
last Saturday. This inspection was
necessary repairs that should be
made during the summer.
Dr. Kocnce has finished the den
tal work in all the white schools.
He i.^ nov; working in the Indian
Livestock judging teams from
the agricultural department ' of
Hoke Pligh won high honor^' in
the F|A, Fe^,gr|^,^Liv^jp^ck
judging contest neia at Hamlet
Monday, April 14. The contest
was to determine the federation
winners who will complete in a
district contest to be held the lat
ter part of May.
One team composed of Jimmy
Seals, Thomas Bobbitt and Leon-
Judge McDiarmid
Hears Few Cases
Tuesday Mommg
i At Local Park
Officer Ernest E. Pressley, of the Charlotte Police Department, who is now* presenting
his famous dog safety show to all the school children in North Carolina imder the spon
sorship of the North Carolina State Automobile Association, announces that his Junior
Traffic Safety Club has swelled its membership in this state to more than 100,000. He esti-
mates that by the end of 1947 more than 200,000 boys and girls will have passed his stiff
traffic safety examination and will have hecBme members of his Junior Traffic Safety Club.
In recorder’s court Tuesday
Judge Henry McDiarmid ordered
Willie Thomas, colored man char
ged with passing a worthless
check, to pay the check and the
costs of the court or go, to the
roads for 30 days. He paid. ;
Raymond Hofman, white tour
ist. paid the costs for speeding. :
A. D. Da.mjx'ons, colored, was
found guilty of driving while, un-,
der the influence of liquor. Sen-'
fence was 60 days to be suspend-
Last • Fri
ingtor.. \
ball tea.'..
the Lex-.
Class D
a an training for the
coming .=ea;..n on the Ic-.-al du;-
mond at Ar.nory park. AbouV 3.5
started w .' out wi'h the
squad with. .ie\’eral more expec
ted to cor e- daring the approxi
mately three weeks they will be
The team, is a farm team of the
• 'J ■- ■
'en r,^rr-en:
. dtr- j-
school a:
Carolina ;
the North
ed on payment of S50 and the costs * Athletics of the A-
> a .d be tne soeaxer
at the evertises
at the Hitke-High school on Mtr.-
day evening. May 26, The Baccai.
Percy Chavis, Indian charged i league, who are super- aureate' sermon will be delivera.n
with carnal knowledge, was freed jtraining. The Athle-
when the State took a nol pros^^^® ^ working
with leave in the case because Robbons park in Red Spr- nounced.
on Sunday m.orning. May 13.
place and speaker "'were not
of insufficient evidence
String Quartet
To Appear At
FMC Next Monday
The Gordon String
png of music.’^t ,ar;
ant en-
at Flpra
■sembles, will be helir
Macdonald College on
evening, ApriT 21, at 8:15, as the
fifth and last number of what
has probably been the most suc
cessful series ever presented at
Flora Macdonpld. .
Jacques Gordon was only twen-
Fodner Missionary
Makes Address To
Presbyterian Men
ard Dunn won first place in judg-,ty-ohe and concert master of the
ing dairy cattle while a second
te^.r.i made up of Alex Norton,
Bobby McBryde and Hubert
Hine were nosed out by the Car
thage team in judging beef cat
tle and hogs.
FFA chapters from the follow
ing schools participated in the
contest: Cameron, Carthage, El-
lerbe. West End, Hoffman, Rock
ingham, Laurel Hill, Wagram,
LatjHnburg and Raeford.
W^P. Phillips, agriculture tea
cher at Hoke High, coached the
local teams and expressed him
self as being highly pleased’with
the fine showing made by the
boys, all of whom are ninth grad
'The Educo club met last Wed
nesday night in the lunch roam' of
the high school. W. P. Phillips ex
plained the ■agricultural program
of GI’.s as carried on by the ag
ricultural .de.iartment. L. M. Les
ter. D, B. McFadyen.Jr., Phil
Johnson and W. C. Hodgin are in
structors for this program.. A
splendid work tor tne GI’s is be
ing done. ' ' ■
Qhicago Symphony Orchestra,
when he founded the famous
group that bears his name. Now
in its 25th year, it has played
over three thousand concerts,
and has established the famous
im.iusic fesitivals which it holds
at Music Mountain, Fall Village,
Connecticut^ each summer.
Associ^ited with Mr. Gordon,
-who serves as first violinist of
the Quartet, are Urico Rossi, sec
ond violin, David Dawson, viola,
and Fritz Magg, cello, each an
artist in his own right. In addi
tion to playing the standard cham
ber-music repertoire, the Gordon
String Quartet has introduced
works of many noted composers
not usually heard in string en
Guest speaker at the regular
monthly upeeting of the Men’s
club of the Raeford Presbyterian
church on Tuesday night was Rev.
Charles Wirth, pastor df Old Be-
thesda Presbyterian church at
Aberdeen. The rrieeting was at
tended by about 60 men of the
church, a committee of whom pre
pared the meal of ham and ac-
Homemakers To
Observe Special
Week, May 4-11
The meeting was presided over j tours are among the events
Accent on Tomorro'w!
That’s the. vieij^oint America’s
rural homemakers will urge the
Nation to share with them- for at
least one week this spring, when
they observe National Home De
monstration Week, May 4-11,
Miss Verna Stanton, Assistant
State Agent for the State Col
lege Extension Service, said today.
With emphasis* on action today
for tomorrow’s world, observance
activities will feature progress
made in rural family and com
munity living since the home de
monstration program was initiated
more than thirty years ago
Special programs, teas, e.xhibits.
by N. A. McDonald, incoming
president for the church year be
ginning April 1. Other new offi
cers of the club are Marcus Smith,
vice president, and Donald Yates,
secretary and treasurer.
Mr. Wirth, who was born in
China, the son of a 'medical mis
sionary, spoke to the club on the
political situation in China at the
present time and during the past
few years. He was a missionary
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Poole’s Medley
scheduled for the week-long, Na
tion-wide open house, according
to Miss Stanton. Improvement in
rural homes, and other concrete
evidence of progress in the .apu
plication of science to homemak
ing will go on. display, as three
and 'a half million rural women
plan and direct the week’s event.
Housewives and ’homem.'akers
participating in the home demon
stration program in the United
States, Alaska. Hawaii, and P'uer-
to Rico will be active partners in
the events of the week with Ex-
John Walter Bishop, colored,
paid a $10 fine and the costs for
being drunk and disorderly and
using profane and indecent lan
guage. He got 30 days to be su
spended on payment of the costs
and $2.0 to the prosecuting wit
ness in a case in which he was
charged with larceny of money.
The state had accepted his plea
of temporary larceny.
ings and games -wiU be played -phe seventh grade promotion
there before the end of the train-; exercises will oe held or. Thurs-
ing. Workouts at Army park are [day morhmg. May 22.. and the
i.m.embeDS of the Senior class ■will
daily between the hours of IL
a. m. and two p. m
— 0—
Magistrate Fines
Defendant For
Starting Fire
;^entjtheir class night program
in the high school auditorium on
the night of Friday, May 23.
Senior Play May 2
The senibr class will# present
their play tre night of May 2 at the
high school.. The play, a three
act comedy, is by Edith Elhs.
Students participating are: Bet-
Local Magistrate Mrs. W. R.
Barrington, found Alexander Tho
mas of Route 2 Raeford guilty of' ty Ejavis. who is a widow 'witn ro'ur
William Thompson and Tom! violating the State Forest Fire daughters. T'ne da'c,ghters are
Groom, both white, each got 30[Laws, and imposed a fine of S15,' portrayed by Marie Wilha.m.son.
days to be'suspended on payment | Court Costs of S8 and fire fight-[Grady Covington. Joan Johns-on.
of the costs when they were found ing costs of- S37 on Thomas. | and Elizabeth Parker Elean-jr
guilty of being drunk and disor-[ Thomas was found responsible Leach
a na::ng servan
John D. Gfbson, colored, got 30 j
days suspended on payment of
the costs for being drunk and dis
Annie Mae Ray, colored, was
for the forest fire which burned Bo Perry, Joe Maxwe'd, Sonny
over several hundred acres of McIntyre, an-h Johnny Walker
timberland south of Raeford on. are the suitors, and Con-
Route 211 on Easter Monday. ^ oly is a cersin >l,vhO'is an archaec-
This fire did considerable dam- legist. The prCKauctign is being
age to this timberland and threat- directed bv Miss Miriam Watson
ened several tobacco barns, the with Lveaa McKeitha'n assistinx
sentenced to serve three months [hams being saved by the prompt
in jail, for violating the prohi-! action of the North Carolina For.
bition laws, sentence to be su-^est Service and others.
spended on payment of the costs
and a fine of SIOO.
and Mr. J. W. -I
ge of* lighting.
at on
The April term of Hoke County
superior court, for the trial of
civil and criminal cases will be-
i^in here next Monday morning
with the Honorable Walter J.
Bone, Judge of North Carolina’s
third judicial district, presiding.
Only four criirr.anal cases are
docketed for tral. These will be
tried first and the civil cases, of
which there are six, will follow.
i;; By A. S. Knowles I
Mrs. Maggie Houstess, 70, died lii IJ
Tuesday night at the home of her[ - ————a;
brother, Harris G. Smith, in Lum- Blue Mold was reported in.
ber Bridge. She was a native of. Raeford and QuewhifEle townships
Marlboro county. South Carolina, j last week. Continued rains have
Surviving are the brother with| made conditions ideal for the
whom she reside and a brother, [ spread of blue mold. Spraying
W. P. Smith, of Red Springs. j with fermate should be started
Services will be held today, ■ or continued as soon as rains
2:30 p. m., at the Lumber Bridge' permit,
residence by the Rev. T. Paul
Deaton. Burial will be in
Lumber Bridge cemetery.
It is not so hard to be fair
with every body, but an angry
man may say something to even
things as he thinks.
IThe past winter was a long
Main cold spell, and this is a late
Bill’s Smoke Shop on
street was entered by a thief or spring—one of the latest I ever
thieves last Sunday morning and saw.
a small quantity of cash was re- The last March was the first
moved from the coin operated one I ever saw without peach
record player there. The machine and dogwood bloom,
was damaged somewhat in being! There were more insects eat-
entered." Adcording to Policje|ing up things last year than I
Chief McQuage. he looked at the ever knew in one year. A dozen
back of the place soon after go- things besides me were eating
the city of Fa.vetteville closed a
two weeks evangelistic Meeting
in Raeford Sunday. He did good
work, it is said. »
If the tax rates have been re
duced in these liquor-selling
counties heretofore we have not
heard df it. Liquor drinking
causes misbehavior and that in
creases "court costs.
The idea is an effort to make
respectable the Devil’s business,
but that cannot be done.
When I had been in Raeford
about' two years I counted the
different Macks on imy subscripu
tion list! and there were sixty-
Joe Daniels, owner and editor
of The News and Observer calls
tension workers of the 51 land-
. grant fcolleges. aud of the U, S.
[Department of .Agriculture.
Traditionally the best neighbors
in the world, rural women dur
ing the past year indicated that
they now consider the whole
world as their* ■ neigh'o'orhood,
Miss Stanton said. \ '
ing on duty Sunday morning and my peas.
■at°that time it had not been en- Quite a lot of money was spent
terecl On his next round, how-'in building in Raeford last year
ever he noted that a window had and several new and large bus-
been opened. He concluded that inesses were opened here,
the robber was within at thati Speaking of why I live in R^^^Them God bless Macks, because
time and went for help and post-] ford, it is because it is the best|they always vote Democratic,
ed some one at one end and went and safest place I know. You can- When I was in the legislature
in the other. By that time; how-'not beat Hoke County for good I read every statewide bill that
ever, the t'nlaves had done their folks. . came to my desk, the night after
damage, ond departed. No arrests A man, who had served as po- I received it.
ave been] mo'de. 1 liceman and Truant Officter in ( Continued on page 4 )
Charles M. Johnson, treasurer
of the State of North Carolina,
will speak to the members of the
Raeford Kiwanis club at their
regular weeky im.eeting in the Ki
wanis hall here tonight. Mr.
Johnson announced today that he
will be a candidate for Governor
of North Carolina in the 1943
Democratic Primary.
: 0—
Commander J. H. Blue of t'ne
local American Legion post an
nounced this week that the post
would have a meeting this mbnth
if possible, but fhat he would be
unable to announce the date and
place until later.
Pr.' se,. t.xeir -equi-
■' ' ai- -.■ the -cotton and
sel- i:'. ti'.e.ocen market. Pre-
ducet's are ■u-.’ge'd give serious
:o:ts:cei-a;ion to ntarketing the
■'.oa;: aotton before it is placed in
pools A: present market prices,
rariners should be able to dispose
o: tnis cotton at prices that will
net them substantial profits a-
oove the loan ar.'d charges again
st the cotton.
The 1946 crop' loan cotton no:
redeem.ed prior to August 1, 1947.-
will be placed in pools, as pro
vided in the loan agreements.-'
and sold in an orderly manner
by Conum.'odity Credit Corpoma-
•* 11
'.r--'. '1
The United States Department
of Agriculture has announced that
all 1946 crop loan cotton still un
der loan on Aug-as: 1. 1947, will '
be pooled for prod'ucers’ accounts
I b.v Co.m.h'.odity Credit Corpora-
I tion. The Loans mavure July 31.
1947 On. March 1-5. 1947. loans
-.vere jutsts'.'.c.n'.g on 71.539 bales
'1 19-6 tt';: friom- the 123.-
' - oales ri.-.-er. under loans :■:
tn.u. date
tion. On final liquidation of all
cotton in the pools, the net, prb-
.The above picture of nine members of the 1947 senior class;deduenon of
, ' T,. , ^ , . , • . . 1 ! all advances and accrued costs—
at Hoke County High School appeared m the school Paper including storage, insurance, and
“Hoke High Lights,” in the April issue.
The snapshots which were used are not exactly new, so
we identify the seniors: *1. Elizabeth Parker. 2. John S. Poole,
3- Johnny Walker, 4. Luke McNeill, 5. Eleanor Leach, 6.
Grady Covington, 7. Marie Cameron. 8. Joe Maxwell 9. Ly
dia McKeithan. .
handling charges—will be distri
buted among the producers whose
cotton- was placed in the pools,
in proportion to their interest.
No payment ,will be made to pro
ducers at t.he time their cotton is
placed in the piools. and after
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