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    Children’s Summer
Sports Program
Fund Increases
The fund drive started last week
by the Hoke-ilaeford Parent-Tea
cher association, the Raeford Wo
man’s club and the County Fed'
eration of Home Demonstration
clubs has raised $186 in the past
week, bringing the total to $392.25.
The clubs plan to raise $800.
The money will be used for an
eight-week supervised program of
recreation for the children of the
county. The program will be su
pervised by Coach Haywood Fair-
coth of the county high school
arid selected assistants and will
consist of athletics, swimming,
picnics for children of school age
and amusements in the evening
for teen-age groups.^
In last week’s listing of contri
butors the nameSvof Bernard Bray,
$5.00 and Hoke Auto Co., $25.00,
’.vere erroneously omitted.
Those contributing this week
are as follows:
T. B. Upchurch, Inc 10.00
T. B. Upchurdh Farm 10.00
Upchurch Milling Co. 10.00
Mrs. Chandler Roberts 5.00
Order Eastern Star 10.00
Carter’s Filling Station 2.00
H. W. B. Whitley 2.00
t)r. M. R. Smith 5.00
Bliiemont Beauty Shop 3.00
Home Food Market 9.00
I. Mann 1^-00
Howell Drug Co ..1-5.00
The Board of Directors of
the local REA cooperative
changed its collective mind a-
gain recently and decided to
move to Red Springs. , The
board has been seesawing a-
bout this action for about two
Last week they held another
meeting, in Red Springs, in
spected a lot there, and decid
ed to buy it for their ware
house and office building. The
actual purchase of the lot is
now awaiting approval of'REA
in Washington.
There are 2 directors of the
cooperative from Hoke county,
1 from Cumberland, 1 ' from
Scotland and 5 from Robeson.
Dozen Defendants
Tuesday A. M.
William C.
Dies Tuesday A. M.;
Funeral Yesferday
William Cole Gitin, 82, passed
on Route 2
He had been
away at his home
Tuesday morning,
ill for about two ^^eeks but had
been sitting up in!'bed when he
suddenly collapsed and died.
He was born in (Moore county,
son of Arthur and i Sara B. Guin,
both now deceased. iHe was a life
long member of Philippi Presby
terian church and ' was for some
years an elder.
Funeral services were conducted
yesterday afternooi at five o’
clock at Philippi church by Rev.
W. B. Heyward, assisted by Rev.
A. D. Carswell, a former pastor.
Burial was in the churchyard
Surviving are five sons: D. B.
and W. B. Guin, both of Carthage,
F. R. of Winston-iSalem, L. D. of
Wilmington and Albert of Rae
ford route 2; two‘ daughters, Mrs.
A. C. Gillis of Raeford and Mrs.
D. W. Gillis of Red Springs; 27
grandchildren and three great
. 0
Work is at present under way or
will soon start for surfacing five
roads in the county. These are the
road from Montrose to Five Paints,
the road from Mrs. Ina Lentz’s
place to the intersection of the
Raeford-Vass road and back to
the pavement at H. W. B. Whit
ley’s on that road, the road from
Antioch to Duffie’s Station, ‘ the
road from Raeford to Rockfish
and the road from Rockfish to the
Cumberland county line toward
U. S. 15-A: The road from the
county line to the highway in
Cumberland county is also being
Mack’s 5 & 10 Stpre
-Gift *■
Mrs. Paul Dezerne 1-00
Bruce Morris 50
Price Morris 1-00
L. W. Turner 5.00
Arch Sanders 5.00
Mrs. L. W. Stanton 3.00
Mrs. H. B. Cowgill 5.00
Meeks Service Station 2.00
Walter Parks 3.00
Jack Pope 2-00
G. E. Long - 50
C. W. Childress LOO
Campbell’s Store 1.00
Carl Morris ...,, 5.00
Clark & Davis Station 3.00
Hoke Oil & Fert. Co 25.00
Home Demonstration Clubs
Blue Springs 10.00
Rockfish 5.00
Raedeen 5.00
Ashemont 5.00
There will b& a meeting of the
Rockfish School committee at the
school building tonight at 8:30.
^ !, ..
The Indian schools of the coun
ty will close for the year on to
morrow. George Hunt, bus driver
for the Antioch Indian school, was
awarded a good certificate by the
Board of Education.
The reguar meeting of. the Board
of Education has been postponed
until later in the month and will
not be held on Monday.
Yesterday at 11 o’clock Dr^^A.
S. CHark, president of Gillespie
Institute of Cordele, Georgia, ad
dressed the 35 graduates of the
Upchurch High school. Dr. Clark
is an uncle of Principal A. S.
Gaston. In a splendid address he
gave the seniors much good advice
that should help them in their
future lives.
The exercises opened with the
processional “Priest’s March” af
ter which the invocation was pro
nounced. The Glee club then ren
dered a number after which thi6
'salutatory address was made by
Lue Anna Thomas. The glee club
then rendered another number.
(Continued’ on page 2)
A dczen defendants faced Judge
McDiarmid in recorder’s court
Tuesday for the usual variety of
offenses with the exception of
any being charged with traffic
violations The only case dealing
with an automobile was a drunk
driving case. !
The case in which Max Bethune
Maultsby, local wl^te man, is char
ged with atterhpted breaking and
entering and damage to real pro
perty was sent uH. to Superior
court for trial wh^ijthe defendant
askfkd fbr trial
'illie Cagle,
and Lewis Cagle, all colored, each
paid the costs for being drunk and
Daniel and James McLaurin
and Nathaniel Williams, all col
ored, each paid the costs for vio
lating the prohibition laws.
Alonzo Alfred, colored man
charged with being drunk and
disorderly and damaging person
al property, paid the costs and
$15.07 damages.
Judge McBryde, 76-year-old
■colored man, got thjree months
suspended on payment of the
costs and two years good behav
ior for possessing non-tax-paid
liquor Tor the purpose of sale.
Frederick A. Krumholz, white
transient, got 60-day sentence su
spended on payrnent of $50 and
the costs for driving drunk.
Bobby Dunn, white, paid the
costs for assaulting Warren Phil
Earnest Ftrtmage, white, was
found not guity of assauting Min
nie Clark.
0 ,
Library News
Hoke County, Library will be
closed on Wednesday afternoons
through June, July and August,
beginning Wednesday, June 4th.
The boys and , girls of the coun
ty are invited to join the Sum
mer ReadingsClub which begins
Monday, June 2ndrA'-ftttniber of
new books have been received
and more are coming soon.
A few of the new titles on the
shelves are: Nearby, Yates; Cli
nic Nurse, Morris; The Magnifi
cent Barb, Garella; Dear Stranger,
Hoy; and The Marble Man’s Wife,
1. 0
The Reverend A. D. Leon Gray
will be guest speaker in a Mason
ic service at the Methodist Church
in Raeford next Sunday evening
at. eight o’clock. All masons at
tending. the meeting are asked to
meet at the hall at seven o’clock.
Mr. Gray is the new Superinten
dent of the Masonic Orphanage
at Oxfojrd. The public has a cor
dial invitation to attend the ser
vice. ' '
Hoke Oil Feeds
Ginners, Kiwanians
Here Yesterday
Locals Win Two,
Lose One; Play
Here Saturday .
Community Clinics
Start Next Week
Dr. J. W. Willcox, Hoke-Moore
county health officer, has an
nounced that the annual clinics
for immunization of children a-
gainst diphtheria, whooping cough,
typhoid fever and smallpox would
start in the community houses of
the county next week. The sche
dule follows.
On Mondays June 2, 9 and 16
at Ashley Heights 9 to 11 a. m.,
MoAtrose 10:30 to 11:30 a. m. and
Pine Forest 2 to 2:30 p. m.; Wed
nesdays June 4, 11 and 18 at
Wayside 9 to 10 a. m., Antioch
1:30 to 2:30 p. m., Allendale 3 to
4 p. m.; Thursdays June 5, 12, and
19 Lobelia 9:30 to 10:30 a. m.
Wednesdays July 16, 23 and 30,
Dundarrach 9 to 10 a. m., Rock
fish 10:30 to 11:30 a. m., Blue
Springs 1:30 to 2:30 p. m.
The Raeford Baseball team of
the Peach Belt league kept in the
black during the past week with
two victories and one defeat.
They swamped Bennettsville there
in a wide-open game Saturday
night, 21—10. On Monday after
noon they lost a close one to a
strong Southern Pines team,3-2.
Southern Pines fielding was out
standing in this game.
Yesterday afternoon they de
feated the Aberdeen team here
by a score of 7—4. This gives the
locals three victories and one de
feat. The next game will be here
next Saturday ^ffernoon, May
31, at 3:30 p. m. against Bennet
The Hoke Oil & Fertilizer com
pany was host yesterday at a boun
tiful- dinner at the armory to al
most a hundred visiting members
of the central district of the State
cotton ginners’ association, State
Agriculture Ctommis^ioner W.
Kerr Scott and several members
of the State department of agri
culture, and the members of the
Raeford Kiwanis club. Commis
sioner Scott spoke to the ginners
briefly after the meal.
The Kiwanis club met with the
ginners in lieu of its regular meet
ing tonight and applied the money
saved on tonight’s meal toward
the amount being raised on the
Boy Scout project.
The local company served its-
guests barbecue, chicken, candied
yams, slaw, coffee, ice cream,
cold drinks and carried them all
to the ball .game afterwards.
The White-Tex Mills, Inc.,
of Raeford, will close today
and 'will remain closed until
there is a better market for
existing stoeks of yam, ac
cording to M. T. Poovey, su
perintendent. ’The mill at pre-;
sent employs about 125 per
sons and has a local payroll
estimated to be in excess of
$3000 weekly.
The superintendent said that
the mill may be closed no more
than a week, but that it would
be closed until sales (of the
cotton yam which the mill pro
duces) improve. He stated that
the stock of yam on hand al
ready processed by the mill
was sizeable.
Legion Trying
To Raise Money
To Buy Lights
WANTS $8000
Hoke Team Wins
In Judging Contest
Fifteen more men from Rae
ford and Hoke County joined
Battery A, local National Guard
outfit, at the Armory on Monday
night. The tdtal sti'ength -of the
unit is now 64.
Deane Addresses
Graduates Here
Monday Night
(By J. H. Blue)..
Eliis Williamson post Xo. 20 of
the American Legion is sponsor
ing the- installation of flood lights
at the .■\rmory ball park. I feel
that this is one of the rost de
sirable projects that has ever been
promoted for the betterrr.ent of
our high school athletic program.
■During the past the athletic
teams of our school have been
severely handicapped by a lack
of funds, and has more or less
been dependent on the generos
ity of local m.erchants and other
for financial backing. It has been
impossible to employ a coach with
out supplementary pay. At pre
sent our coach’s pay is being sup-
plemented by the .American Le
gion post. The Su.mmer Racrea-
The dairy cattle judging team
composed of Jimmy Seals, Thom
as Bobbitt and Leonard Dunn
won second place in the District
Livestock Judging contest held
Thursday, May 22, at Morrow-
croft Farm near Charotte.
Winners from the twelve fed#
erations which make up District
III participated in the contest.
The local team was the winner
of the group 4 elimination con
test held at Hamlet in April, and
thus won the right to represent
the Federation at Charlotte.
Four classes of Jersey cattle
were used; two of niature cows
and two of heifer calves.
’ tional program, directed by Mr.
■!. i Faircloth. is being financed by lo-
* "■ .ical contributors and the PT.'\.
The Hon. C. B. Deane, repre- it is believed t.hat if lights are
sentative of the 8th X. C. Con- installed at the park far .night
gressional district addressed the games that it will enable a great
graduating class of Hoke High many of pur. people to attend
Monday evening on, ‘‘The Import- games who are unable to attend
ant Things of Life.’’ Mr. Deane in the afternoon due to their work.
made a forceful address and im- All the people are intensely in-
pressed not only the seniors but terested in athletics and tr.e i.n-
the large audience present with creased attendance at night
his sincerity and'depth of thought.' will put high school athletics on
The Raeford Camp, Woodmen
of the World, will have a barbecue
supper followed by a square dance
at the Raeford Armory next Wed
nesday night, June 4 for all mem
bers and their families.
Poole’s Medley
When the Civil War began to
draft men for the Service about
one-half of the men of our neigh
borhood went to the swamp.
I remember seeing my father
walking away down the Morgan
ton road carrying his valise, and
I "was only 3 1|2 years old. He re
turned in April, 1865. Mother
had not heard from him since
July, 1864. She did not know
whether he was living.
The Battle of Gettysburg ac
counted for a dozen or. more men
from our community. Two of my
uncles were in the number.
North Carolina furnished one
third of the men in the Confede
rate armies. North Carolina suf
fered for want of manpower af
ter that war. Four men from Hoke
paid the i supreme sacrifice in
World War I, but World War II
claimed a dozen fine young men.
I have known several ten to
twelve year old boys and girls
who knew the Blupback Speller
froni lid to lid. My certificate
shows that I niade an average of
98 on spelling for over a period
of 20 years.
“The Spirit of the South” was
published in Rockingham. “The
Carthage Blade” was published
in Carthage, “The Fayetteville
Observer” and “The Fayetteville
Gazette” were published in Fay
etteville. “The Fayetteville Eagle”
was also published for some years
in Fayetteville. All were four
page papers. “The "Vidette” was
published in Troy for three years.
So was the “The Troy Times”, the
latter a Republican paper.
The writer of this column has,
not found out why peaches rotted
in this county last year. Ours
rotted and later we heard all or
some large orchards rotted also.
There are more insects living
than we hoped would survive the
long, cold winter. Potato bugs
are very plentiful.
The United States is giving a-
way too much, and we are mak
ing enemies, not friends, by our
unstinted liberality.
There is at this time a food
shortage the world over, and mil
lions will starve before food can
be furnished them.
The four high-scoring
with their total points were as
follows: Mt. Pleasant 1st. 828.15
points, Raeford 2nd. 813.93 points,'
Peachland 3rd. 786.49 points, and’
McLeanville 4th. 759.79 points.
Individual scores for the local
team members were: Jimmy Seals
first 290.72 points, Thomas Bob
bitt second, 287.17 points and
Leonard Dunn third, 236.04 points.
Cash prizes of $45 for the win
ning team and $25 for team scor
ing second will be awarded dur
ing the State F. F. A. Convention
to be held in Raleigh in July.
W. P. Phillips, teacher of Ag
riculture at Hoke High, and L.
M. Lester, assistant teacher, ac
companied the boys to Charlotte.
If a cat and a half kill a rat
and a half in a minute and a
half, how many cats are required
to kill 100 rats in 50 minutes?
Daniel Webster was the great
est orator in America, with the
possible exception of , William
Jennings Bryan.
Raeford got off to a good start
playing semi-pro baseball. Bill
Upchurch, shortstop for Raeford,
got three hits that counted for
seven bases, in four trips to the
plate; two doubles and a triple.
J. C. McKenzie allowed only two
hits. The score for the game a-
gainst Laurinburg was 7-0. On
Saturday night the team looked
even stronger, scoring 20 runs to
Bennettsville’s 10.
I read the Gumps every day.
It is the only part of the Comics
I care to read. They are all “true
Gumps’,’. So are we.,
Hoke County voted 3 to 1 a'
gainst tiie Repeal ot the Eighteen-
th AinendnMnt. North CeeoUna:| JMkene, Fapgy
(Ooetinued on Biie 8)
The local American Legion post
will meet in the Kiwanis hall next
Wednesday night, according to
J. H. Blue, post commander. Blue
urged all members to attend as
officers will be elected for the
next year,
Next Saturday, May 31, will
be Poppy Day in Raeford, ac
cording to Mrs. Arthur D. Gore,
preident of the local American
Legion Auxiliary.
On that day everyone will
be asked to wear a memorial
poppy in honor of 4he dead of
the two wars and to’ make a
contributicm for the welfare
of the disable vetmuis, their
families and the families of the
lUinnteers »wllt , distelbute
the flowers on tte streets
throughout the day. Jirt. Paul
BinuMi, wUl
he in uharge.
I The whole program as well as Mr.
[Deane's address was very im
I The 42 seniors marched in led
by their mascots, Catherine Ep-
' stein and Danny McPhauJ„ to the
Strains of “God of Our Fathers”
played by W. O. Melvin. Rev'. W.
L. Maness pronounced the invo
cation and Eleanor Leach gave
the salutatory address. T'vo de
lightful vocal numbers were ren
dered by Katherine Blue after
which W. P. Baker, in a few well
'dhosen words, introduced Mr.
After the address prizes and a-
wards were presented as follows:
Miss Flora Boyce presented the
; Literature Department awards for
creative writing and best reading
to Lydia McKeithan; Mrs. Wal-
: ter McPhaul presented the Edu-
I cational Department award to
j Elizabeth Parker; Robert H. Gat
lin presented the American Legion
I awards to Betty Davis and Jimmy
Conoly; R. B. Lewis presented
I the Kiwanis awards to Mary Es-
i telle Brock, third grade, Mary Mc-
I Lean, seventh grade and Eleanor
I Leach, twelth grade; K. A. McDon
ald presented the Board of Edu-
I cation Good Bus Drivers Certi-
I ficates to Johnnie Allen, Jean Mc-
i Neill, Fred Wcod, Zeb Moss, Mel-
I vin Haire, Ila Moss, Arnold Mon-
I roe, Martha Harris, J. D. McMil-.
I Ian, Buster Ma.well, Betty Mc-
J Neill and Sarah Frances'',t?urrie.
W. T. Gibson, principal, award
ed the diplom.'as. After the award
ing of the diplomas Elizabeth Par
ker delivered the valedictory ad-'
dress and Rev. J. D. Whisnant
pronounced the benedictiom-
Miss Mirian Watson, sponsor
of the senior class, had charge of
arrangements. The class wished
their thanks extended to Miss
Watson, to Mrs. H. A. Cameron
for the flower arrangements and
to their advertisers for making
the printing of the very attrac
tive progreuns possible.
a paying basis and the regular
soliciting of funds will no_. longer
be necessary.
Lights in the park will also
make it possible to schedule col
lege baseball games In Raeford
and will make it possible for a
strong semi-pro team to be sup
ported here.
When the plan to ins.tall the
lights was conceived it was pro
posed that the Legion provide
half the money and the county
(owner of the park) the other
half. Due to certain circumstances
it is impossible for the county to
assist in the project at this ti.nre,
so the Amercan Legion is under
taking to raise the entire amount.
The Legion’s fund for the lights
has $1335 from the dance. It will
be necessary to raise other funds
from firm and individuals who
are interested in seeing the pro
ject successfully co.mpleted. $8000
is the total amount needed for the
Clyde Upchurch, Sr., is heading
a group of non-leglonnaires who
are intensely interested in the
project. Hand your contribution
to Mr. Upchurch or to any of the
following me-mbers of the com
mittee: R. A. Matheson. R. B.
Lewis, R. L. Murray, Clyde Up
church, Jr., or J. H. Blue.
Names and amounts contributed
will be plblished in The News-
Journal each week. So far they
are Clyde Updhurdh, Sr.. SlOO,
J. L. McNeill, SlOO, T. C. Scar
borough. $100, J. H. Blue. 550,
, L. W. Stanton. $10, J. L. Warner,
The Hoke County chapter of
the N. C. State alumni association
met and had a barbecue at Clyde’s
pond Tuesday night. Coach Beat-
tie Feathers of State College was
the speaker.
0.. .
The tour that had been planned
I to The U. S. D, .4. Experiment
I Station at Beltsville, Md. will be'
I canceled as the date planned is
already filled by another group.
It may be possible to make this
tour in September.
George Ross, Moore county man
who for the past several years
has been with the Department of
Agriculture in Ral^l^, was a
Raeford visitor on Tuesday.
Combines should be put in good
working condition at once in order
to harvest the wheat, oats, barley*
and rye crop. All moving part*
should be checked against wear
and greased with the proper lu*
bricant. Badly worn parts shooMl
be replaced. Adjustments
be made for i»^r speed. It payt
to get machinery in geod
order belore startinig 4a
(OontimMid on paga «>

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