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The Hoke County «^urnal
The News-Journal received a telegram from Eighth
District Congressman C. B. Deane in Washington this week
concerning the fuel oil shortage'in North Carolina. This
follows in
telegram is considered self-explanatory and
its entirety. /
“Concerning the fuel oil shortage in North Carolina I
wish to advise your paper that I have spent considerable'
time this week determining^he facts. Some oil-eainpaniesJ
greatly underestimated requirements and refused to
chase'^il tankers last summer. Local dealers are n^ re
sponsible for commitments to supply since they acled on'
suppliers’ promises- Facts reveal that, even thoughseveral^
areas in North Carolina face serious shortages,'there is an
actual oil shortage in meeting overall national needs in'
Iview of enormous conveifficpu to oil. I
I “There is no Federal Legislatioft which can control or
allot oil. It is purely \Vithin discretion of oil companies.-
Oil shipments to foreign nations arc more than balanced
by imports from abroad. The feeling exists that many
consumers are unconsciously wanting tremendous amounts.
“My personal feeling could be that the Governor of our
state issue a proclamation calling for conservation of oil
in order to spread available supply and perhaps name an
•individual to work with oil dealers on conservation pro
gram. A ten percent saving can be accomplished by fol-j
lowing two simple conservatoin measures (1) Daytime
thermostat setting never above 70 degrees and (2) reduce
night temperature to 60 degrees.”
C: B. Deane
Concerning the fuel oil situation locally, it is thought
that no one has had to do without oil ujp to. this time, al
though available, supplies have been sprei4 thin.‘As to
prospects fop^e future, officials of the Raeford Oil comp
any were Unable to say yesterday.
Representative Of
Highway Visits
Raeford Thursday
Poole’s Medley
Last Thursday afternoon Dr.
W. H. Morgan of Hartsville, S. C.
a retired minister who is now
a full time public relations and
goo-d will traveler for the Lafay
ette Highway Association, was a
visitor in Raeford. Dr. Morgan
has , recently returned -from two
frips of several weeks egch .to the
North and—East, going north as
far as Canada and west as far
as Minneapolis.
His work ■ in those areas, as it
is in this, is to promote good will
for the U. S. Highway 15-A, run-
hing between Creedmpre, N. C.
'and Walfcrbor: I, S. C.__ He does
this by .contacting oil dealers, tra-
\'el r/;;encie.''. h;!tel chains and by
inserting adx'c lisements in the
metropolitan I'.ewspaper.s of the
North ah.'i. East.’ His literat.u’re and
hi.s advertisements all carry
strip maps ,of the Lafayette High
way, ‘‘The Short Highway, Nor-
th-S.outh,” of which" 15-A is a
W'/ile here Dr, Morgan visited
in totvn and was escorted by
Neill A. McDonald. He also’ at
tended the meeting of the Ki-
waniis club on Thursday night,
where he told the group of his
mission and stressed the impor
tance of tourists to every com
munity they pass through and
the importance of "courtesy to
ward strangers.
Sam Jones said he had no use
for these old long-faced Christ
ians who rjoped around like their
Heavenly Father had died and
left them no legacy.
I often think of what people
will do when wages drop, because
income will not justify the pre
sent scale. I hope we will not
have one of|^ose su'dden chan
ges, and ruino'as drops in incomes,
but such happens’ in Anis^'ica.
The Sunday School lesson for
November 16th showed how peo
ple should continue to grovi) bet
ter as the” days go by. You hear
folks say they are the same old
seven and six. They are pot. They
are better or worst eachbsucceed-
ing day.
I have been really surprised at
the strangeness of the names of
people,, expeci'ally the Poles.
Those names are ’ ridiculously
strange. I do wish we could a-
dopf"'one, languaM whole
.world. But tlj«y said there is
none so-difficult to^learn as the
English we use.'
Folks walked to church for six
miles Sundays iin the 1860’s.
Women carried their shoes, stop
ped on top of the hill above^the
church, and put them on.
The Bible gives warning of
just what Russia is apparently
trying to do. That country is not
so popular with the other coun
tries of the w.orld. There is no
necessity for laws against immi
gration into the country.
McLean Gets Three
Lay Day Hunters
This, column has warned the
people against Wallace, That
man is America’s ' Hitler. Hitler
was one of the most brutal-mur
derers the world has known.
I l^emember the grain-fed beef
my father had to kill about hog
killing time. That was fine, fat
beef, and he had a whole hind
quarter for spring eating, ^ and
Gome Protector H. R. McLean
got three hunters last Friday af
ternoon in the Antioch section of
the county, Friday being lay cay..
James McNeill and James D. Mc
Cormick, both colored, were
hunting rabbits and they were
brought before Justice of . the
Peace Mrs. Barrington for trial.
Their hunting licenses were re
voked for the remainder, of the
season and they were fined $5
• ■ i ■
and the costs each. ,
The same day McLean caught
Lamar Rucker, also colored, hunt
ing in the same section with an
unplugged repeating shotgun. Mrs.
Barrington fined' him $5 and the
costs also^and revoked his liqpnse
fer the remainder of the season.
Recorder Hears
Light Docket
Tuesday A. M.
Only five cases were tried yes
terday morning in Hoke County
recorder’^ court before Judge
Henry McDiarmid. . Others were
on the docket but were either con
tinued or bonds were forfeited.
Bolston Burke colored, got
three months suspended on pay
ment of the costs and $50 dam
ages to Erwin Collins when he
entered a plea of guilty of care
less ahd reckless driving.
. L. B. Seals, white, was involv
ed in the same acci.’Not as Burke
and entered a frlea_aPguilty of il
legally parking on a highway.
Thirty-day sentence was .s'uspend-
ed on payment of the c'xst.s,
Jacinto Campbell. wiiite of
California. ’ was charged.' ' ith
speeding and ue to hi.^ great
rate of .speed Stale Highway Pa
trolman Kitchen required a bond
of SIOO. Campbell did not appear
for trial and forfeited this bon';.
Willie Bowen, colored of Vir
ginia, also forfeited a bond for
speeding and having imprope:-
equipment, $20 for each
Isadore Abrams, white o f
Pennsylvania, forfeited a S2'5
bond for speeding, and Jack
Gross, white oV New York, for
feited a $50 bond for speeding.
James McNair, colored of
Shannon, was found guilty' .of
speeding and resisting arrest- in
a charge brought by Officer Clark
of the Raeford police force. Sen
tence of 30 (fays in each case
were suspended on payment of
the costs.
Organ Barton, .Indian, got 30
days suspended on payment of
the costs for being drunk and dis
orderly and assault -wiith a dead-'
ly weapon.
Johnsie McCrimmon, colored,
was' charged illegally' begetting
offspring and the non-support
of same. He was found guilty and
sentenced to one year on the roads.
This sentence is to be suspended
on payment of the costs, related
hospital and doctor 'bills and $5
weekly toward the support of
:the child. Defendant gave notice
of appeal to Superior court.
In the immortal words of Henry Van Dyke, "I am, think-
ing of you today, because it is Christmas. And I wish‘you
joy. And tomorrow, because it is the day after Christmas.
I shall wish you joy. Mayhap I cannot tell you about it
from day to day, for you may be far away, or we may be
entangled with Ithe things of life. But it makes no differ
ence — my'thoughts and my wish will be with you. What
ever of joy or success comes to you, I shall be glad. Clear
through the year, without pretense, I wish you the spirit
of Christmas.”
From us all at
The News-Journal
iff' Iff
^ ■?. -Cl “o *ci ti V. -c. t -cJ ^ TSi
Group Raising
Money Tf Build
Factory Here
A 5
; V ‘ .n
o; ;
,yoer oi C-,
a corr.T.i::
la.t Th
r ^
j be
■ g a meeting
Raerord Cham-
a: the
riday night,
esent in pre-
.n a-t'troor-
a 6'. 4. -a ?a, t. •
I T.
Army Offers Many
Nearby Assignments
To Former Members
At 12:30 o’clock Monday after-
we enjoyed it very much.
Food stuffs have g'one down a
little in price, but-very little. Pi'o-
duction iis better” than control. If
we produce more, than we need,
prices will drop .too low. But if
you have plenty of your ^own,
you will not grow hungry. Re
member the ear\y 1930’s.
I have seen people, 'men and
women, wearing clol’,, . ..that
\9as just' rags tacked together...t
hobe I'll never see any more such.
I have never in m'V life been^'
where I" could not have all I
_wa.nteidyl^~^^:^ and that good
.enough for ai*iyb'ody.
plain too miiehY
Folks com-
One women' in this state has a
The Blues were all'^g'ood pro
viders for their families, ’’They
had plenty of bacon, lard, beef,
(fresh and dried) and cribs erf
corn and bins of wheat. That was
living at -home”
And they say the Anti-Closed
Shop Bill is here to stay, I am
glad of that. I do not believe any
man has the right to say I shall
not work. ' “
.Ch-ristmas is not like it used to
be but much better, and I Want
it to last twelve and "’h”half hib'h-'
ths cv,ery C!%tistmas, hereafter.
noon L, B. Sealsfwhite, pai’ked:
his 1946 .Ford coachlon the pave
ment near Buck Roper’s garage
in the west edge of town just be-
Producers Average
$42.66 For Tobacco
Through November
Lauder Stedman
T'uneral MoTiday
yond the Mill Vi^ge. Erwin Col
lins, white man .bF.Camteron, was
behind him when a truck went by
him going^in the.other direction.
Bolston Burke, colored, was go.-
ing the same direction as Seals
and Collins-, wave' facing ,.jnd
when he saw truck corning
he .hit-t.he back “of (Collins' car
which in tun/' rammed the car
of Seals. Cpllins’ car was consid
erably damaged on both ends and
Burke’s -car also suffered minor
injuries. Seals^and Burke vVere in
dicted for t'faffic violations by, the:
investigating officers gf the sher
iff’s office..
• 0
■ This .is not a capitalistici’coun
try. Any man xWio wilDsaVp his
money and invest his ' earpings
!(ird • have that to help him earn
his daily bread ami then some, he
•becomes what" the x^orld calls a
capital'ist. But if l^e-eats, or goes
somewhere, or drinks and ' thus
consumes his earnings as he earn,
hobb^ gathering-shoes. She has,he can die a papper. Take your
siloes from all the states in this j choice. Of course, you can get
Union, and frO'm foreign countries, help to massacre your income.
The regula'r sd^iare dances held'
at the Armory each 'Wednesday
night wilL start again next Wed
nesday night, December'31, New
Year’s Eye. Two dances were , sk
ipped due to thd-Glen Gray dance
which had been previously arr
anged for last Wednesday night
and tonight js Christmas- Eve.
Producers’ sales of flue-cured
tobacco on North Carolitr\a mar
kets this season totaled 695,795,-
570 pounds through' November
and the season's average, price at
the end of November •vyas $42.66
per hundred * pound's, tW Fedei'-
al-State .Market l^feWs'-l^^vice re
T^al;^^ides and averages , by
belt^Nvere.: Border Belt, 140,940,-
872 pounds, $43.07; Eastern Belt,
446,149,253, $43.55; Middle Belt,
147, 927,064, -$43.07; and Old’
Belt, 100,893,033, $38.10.
The highest average- price paid
this season through November
was attribyfted to Wilson, with an
average c/f $44.53. Rocky Moinit
paid $44.p. Durham paid $44.08;
and .7Tab“r City-paid $44.04 ‘t-o
complete the list of markets with
a seasonal, average exceeding $44.
The-November average on the
Eastern, Middle and Old Belts
was $41.60. Last year’s November
average on those belts was $44.30.
757 as.^ignmeiits in over 30 ciif-
t'erem job categories have beeii
thrown open for direct enlistment
in the Fifth Infantry Division
with duly at Fort Jackson, South
Carolina, in' grades ranging from
Prix’ate up .to and incluaing Staff
Sergeant, according to an- an
nouncement made today by M.Sgt.
M. L. Shore, Recruiting Sergeant
of the Rockingham Sub-Station
of the Army and Air Force Re
cruiting Service. Only former
members of the armed forces are
eligibld for these assignments,
which are authorized as a part
of the Army’s new policy' of of-
ferimg former members of th,e
Army Navy, Marine Corps and
Coast Guard the opp.ortunity of
enlisting in the Regular Army
with an initial assignment of at
least a year’s duration- in the vi
cinity of their homes.
.'\moftg the job categories in
which there are a large number
of openings are: motor mechanics,
cooks, clerk typists, stenograph
ers, light truck drivers, medical
technicians, duty NCO’s,. medical
aid men, mess sergeants, and sur
gical technicians. ,
Sergeant Shore will be at the
Court House every Monday from’
9 A. M. to 4 P. M.
. -0
Kiwanians Eat
Lightly; Send
Europe Saving
Ine Raetor’ci Krwa.'us club iiad
a rather unusual ;jieal at the re
gular weekly meet; r.-g last Thurs
day night. Histead of the bounti
ful supper usually served by
Mrs. Lucy Smith, a co.m:r.ittee
header, by Tommie Upchurch pre
pared a meal bas'ed
on the aver^
age standards of living' m Eu-
■ .-'V-
C r|;.':vo^'r .f .Co:nr::
Crawford- Thomas
committee sell
.;h,e,, W'.-rk began :r
fer the It
raise the money 1.
■•veek ;n .jrder
may be sigr.e'.i
;er coin can v md
appoir.ted a
the. -tcck and
tmed.ately a:-^'
-i P'.an -0
tnat tne .to.n- ■
Lauder Stedipan, 48 died
his home here last Saturday
ter a long and painful illness.
H^ was born in McColl ,S. C. and >
I cent ■
Battery A, local .National Gu
ard unit, did not drill on Mon
day hiight'*‘of this week, and will
not have it*s regular •drill on- next
Monday night. jTh.e next regular
meeting of tM unit w,ill be' at
the Armory bn the night of Mpn-
l?ay, January 5, 1948.
ha.i been an employee of the cot
ton mill here for 38 years.
Funeral services were conduct
ed Monday afternoon at three-
thirty o’clock at ,the People’s Ta
bernacle. Burial followed in the
Raeford icemetery^
Surviving . are his- wife, Mrs.
Lottie Thames Stedman: three
sons, James Curtis, Lauder Ho
ward and- William Ray Stedman,
all of Raeford: one daughter, Mrs.
Gilbert Baker of Raeford; two
brothers, John of St. Pauls and
Walter of LatOInburg; two sisters,
Mrs. Kate Gales of Laurinburg
and Mrs. Tonic Rye of Rocking
ham. ' ■
rope today. -
No tablecloths were used and
the meal consiste.: of one tea cup
of soup, one slice of brown bread,
one small boiled potato, one ap
ple and some salt and pepper for
each one present. During the lueal
Upchurch explained that he had
studied some and learn
ed that the average European was
living on 1500 calories a day at
the present He” the;: item
ized the.calories in the meal ser
ved and they ad.’ed u.p t.'i 550.
over one-third of a day's fai’e i.n
The sav;ng on the cl'.ib's food
bill, together with a contri'oution,
all totalling $60, was , sent 'to
CARE, or" Cooperative American
Remittances to Europe, for the
purchase of food to be sent to
_ The rneetin-g being the .in^.
1947. Retiring' president Kenneth
Mae^mald made his fare.vell ad
dress to the club, thankRfs the
men-'.bers for their /t'Jx'peration
and urging them, tc perform.even
'oetter next yean for. President
Lewis Upchurch.
Speaker of the eve.-.;:'.g, was
Dickson, Sr., who
the club about her re-r
to the Territory of
Hawaii, Her talk- contained many
interesUng anecdotes and de
scriptions .and was- enjoye,-; by
all present.
.Y-arte.: as ; :>c I' as possible.
In ex-p!aming the proposition,
to the group. told them
that the American Wn.nger Co.m-
pany is a nfty-yea.r-oId. finan
cially strong institution' with sev--
erai plants .n the United States
and Canada engaged :r. the man-
facture of wringers, rubber rolls.,
elastic, rubber thread, and other
allied rubber pr'>,''’acts. He also
said that they desire to establish
a r;abber thread plant here initi
ally-. a pi'ocess in 'w’nich'raw, rub
ber and cotton yar.n are co.mb.ned
to make.the rubber thread used
;r. girdles, stoc'xing tops. and
other items. It is their tentative
intention to employ about 150
persons when they initially get
into full, production, about 80
percent of„'.vhioh '•x'.il be women.
They plan to offer -wages and
working conditions which will
cdm’p’rtT5"fa'oo’ra‘b’’.y-;'wvth any in
this section..
The to
s to be iease-d bv
for 2ii> vea:
Mi;s,v Paul
?e constructed
the company
an option for'
iti'- original
urmg the'life
Fhey '.viil pay an an-
ir its use and will al-
tne purchase pric.e
or” five percent each
? '.vitn
•• It at
t.-re c
• Jir.y
p»Uw*.i *
so an'.ort.ze
in pnyroerr.s
Several very strong financial
instituti'Cns have indicated inter-
^ est in m.aking a 'loan to the buiild-
I ing corporation since the name
I of, the leasing co.mpany has been
.released, and .it- is the intention
^of the'group forming the corpor-
;o sell as much',stock as pos-
Mayor W. L. Poole received a , , ,
“letter this week from A. S. Hickev percent) and to
of .Kingston New York. i«^ic-! According
to J. ,,Lavvr*^nce 'McNeill, chair*
man of the committee handling
this, slightly over $30,000 of the
up to yester-
k'e.V’s-car caught fire
day' last June and he
express his deep appreciation fur, i
the h% given- hm; at the Cra-
■ There 'ai'I be a series of ChMs;-
mas;-sei'v'ces ^^DK^ducted at Conn-
munity Chapel Mpthodist ch'arch
by-the Rev. Wallace M. Ellis of
Richwood. Ohio. The servit'e will
begin at seven-thirty this-even
ing'((Christmas, arid will be
held nightly at' seven - thirty
through next Sunday ni'ght,j^J>ec-
ember .28, except that thgr^will
be no service next, Saturaay.
night and there will'be a ser'^ce
).at three o’clock next Sunday
ternoon. , , , /
ham.'s Service Station iiad by the
Raotord Fire and Police Depiart-
ments. . • ' •
c^'Lioting' from the letter: '-'A;
the Mmc of tp.^ agc....entu .n'.im-
ber of citizens' of Kaef'o’.'d gath
ered around aiuT were most help-
I'al. . kind and sympathetic. I
should like to thank them also.
Raeford inust'be a pleasant place
m whic'n to liv^ whett.sych w’nole-
heai'toa and unselfish- a'ssista'ffc-e
is given cp' stranger in distress."
T 0 ' f .
jRame Protector
H. R. McLean
Wish-Bs to call to. the attention of
plPhunters of the co)inty that ’the
open season for hunting' dtvr,
squirrel and wild turkey will end
on Janucuy 1, 1948.
ernoon.. If half the money
up locally it wilf ’.'eturn
s.igiiT.y over two percent annu-
I rf*''
Th;s figure will
accoi'iunce with tl'
half which is
•e higher in
amo'unt over
p looaliy by
eason of the inieres'. saving on
money not borrowed,
best 'local estimate’s.
acL-oruing to
Best, information available yes
terday was tha.t the stores here^
would be open tonight (Wednes
day'), following the Same, hours
they usually dx^ .^on Saturday’s.
They will be' closed Thursday
j ■
and. Friday, as na? been previ
ously announced. '

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