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Around Town i
The picture of The Bank of Raeford
and the old cars is still causing talk
around town. Undo Harvill of Laurinburg
returned a picture to Ernest Campbell
and put names on three of the four cars.
He said the first car on the left is a
Cadillac, the second car is a Hupmobile
and the third car is a Hudson. Harvill
stated he couldn't see enough of the
fourth car to tell what make it was.
William Walton, Negro, of Fayetteville
was by the office last Thursday and said
he was in one of the cars. He stated that
the man to the left of Mr. Cockman was
Jim Mason.
If anyone can confirm or disagree with
any of the above, please let us know.
J. H. Austin, local insurance man, has
found a new way to park cars. It was told
to us that he gets out of his car on Main
Street and leaves it running, then the car.
will shift gears, cross the sidewalk and
come to rest on the other side of the glass
window in his building. We don't have a
picture to confirm this report, but the
window is patched up with boards at the
present time.
Sol Cherry of Fayetteville, Hoke and
Cumberland public defender, was in court
for the first time here last Friday. He
appeared for a defendant on a forgery
John Wilson of Charleston, S.C. was by
the office Monday afternoon. He is
spending a week with his sister, Mrs. J 3.
Cameron. John was born here and went
to high school here back in the twenties.
John was a star football player at the
schopl, and also worked at Reaves prug
Store for a number of years. He said he
retired in December and went to Florida
to spend two weeks with liis daughter
before coming "aefo'd
We got on the subject ol Chant .on,
since 1 was stationed near there fot some
?time during World War 11. After bstening
to John talk about the freeways and new
settlements around there, I guess we
couldn't find our way around there at
Bill Andrews came in the office while
John was here and he told Jolui he was
retired too. When asked how it was to be
retired, Bill said, "Like Hoover Times."
Every twelve months on January 15
Mrs. Paul Dickson has a birthday and on
January 16 1 move aliead with an added
year. So the cake shown above was
brought to the office last Friday by Mrs.
Levern Clifton and all the employees
gathered to wish us a happy birthday.
Most of us hate to get old, but when you
are remembered in this way it leaves a
feeling inside of you that is good. Not
only were the regular employees present
but also the part-lime workers. Two of
them had their children with them.
So again we say, "Thanks fot a Happy
Birthday." How old? 1 was 52. You will
have to ask Margaret.
The picture of the cow was brought
into the office by K.W. McNeill. When we
showed it to someone they stated Ken
was the only person who had time to
train a cow that way.
Jim Wade reported that the building
used by the Rescue Squad was broken
into again last week. The only things
missing were some rope and peanut
cooking oil. We agreed with Jim when he
said, "Stealing from the Rescue Squad is
like'stealing from a person whose house is
burning down."
Mrs. Truman Austin called Tuesday
and said the American Flags that were
back ordered before Christmas had
arrived and could be picked up at the
AAR depot, if you haven't bought a flag,
do so. The proceeds will be used by the
Garden Dept. of the Raeford Woman's
Clue for the ir project at the Anthony
Nursing Home.
Association To Meet
The Hoke County Association tor
Retarded Children will hold its monthly
mectis* January 22 at 7.30 in the llokc
County Court Room. All interested
Hoke Superior Court Begins Mon.,
Lengthy Docket Scheduled For Trial
Sales Gain
New York, N. Y., January 20, 1970 -
Burlington Industries, Inc., today
reported consolidated net sales of
$449,320,000 for its first 1970 fiscal
Quarter, an increase of 2.5% over sales of
438,178,000 for the period last year.
Net earnings for the quarter, which
ended December 27, 1969, were
$18,550,000, or 71 cents per share on
26,145,000 average shares outstanding
for the period. For the comparable
quarter last year, earnings were
$20,785,000, or 80 cents per share on
25,965,000 average shares outstanding.
Charles F. Myers, Jr., chairman of the
diversified textile firm, said that the
December quarter earnings were slightly
higher than the earnings of 69 cents per
share for the preceding (September)
quarter. Although per share earnings are
11% below the December quarter
earnings last year, he noted It is
encouraging that there has been no
further decline in earnings or profit
margins during the December quarter
when there was a slowing in the general
economy." i
The Board of Directors W Burlington
lndust-ies, meeting here today, declared a
regular quarterly dividend of 35 oents per
share, payable March 1 to shareholders of
record at the close of business February
6, 1970.
Law Enforcement
Officers Organize
Law ? enforcement officers of Hoke
County and other officers assigned to
Hoke County from State and Federal
Agencies met in December, 1969.
Hoke County Law ? Enforcement
Association was formed for a better
exchange of ideas, fellowsliip and to do a
better job through closer association.
Members are, Hoke County Sheriffs
Department, Raeford Police Department,
Federal Bureau of Investigation, State
Bureau of Investigation, N. C. Dept. of
Corrections, State Department of
Probation, State Department of Paroles,
State Highway Patrol, State and Hoke
County A. B. C. Officers, Clerk of
Superior Court, Judges and Solicitors., N.
C. Motor Vehicle Inspectors, Hoke
County Coroner and N. C. Dept. of
The officers elected the following for
the Board of Governors for 1970: D. M.
Barnngton, President, Sheriff of Hoke
County; Capt. Ray Griffin, Vice
President, N. C. Dept. of Corrections; Joe
Stanley, Sec. - Treasurer, State Highway
Patrol; Sam R. Motley, Raeford Police
Dept.; Robert Younts, N. C. State A. B.
C. Board: Stacey Forbis, N. C. Dept. of
Wildlife; J. K.Riley, Hoke County A. B.
C. Officer
J.H. McNeill
Buried Thurs.
At Antioch
Funeral services for John Henry
McNeill, Sr., Ioiir time resident of the
Antioch community of Hoke County,
were held last Thursday afternoon at 3
p.m. at the Antioch Presbyterian Church.
The services were conducted by the
Reverend G, C. Croswell of
Winston-Salem, former pastor of Antioch
Presybterian Church. Burial was in the
Church Cemetery.
McNeill, a farmer and store owner in
Antioch, died at his home in Antioch
Wednesday morning, apparently of a
heart attack. He was 69.
He is survived by Itis wife, Mrs. Kate
McKay McNeill; a son, John Henry
McNeill, Jr. of Antioch; four daughters,
Mrs. Irvin Stanton of Raeford, Mrs. Jack
Lee of Antioch, Mrs. Jolinny W. Hiimant
of St. Petersburg, Fla., and Misa Pat
McNeill of Tampa, Fla.; and 13
grandchildren. ,
Pallbearers at the funeral ware Bobby
Gibson of Antmch, Gardner Bostic of
Antioch. Dave Harrington of Raeford,
John Roberson of Red Springs, Walker
Stanton of Fgyctteville, and John Burtis
of UUinfton.
MEMORIAL FUND SHELVING - Mrs. Lee Cameron, Hoke County Librarian, shows some of the shelving in tin heal library
f*"chased with monies donated to the Hoke County Library Memorial Fund. The library has established the "()" Fund for
further improvements in the Hoke County Library t una jor
Library Improvement
40' Fund Established
Hoke County's library is again and still
in serious financial condition. With a
budget from the town and county
totalling about $9800 this year, our
library has little or no money to pay for
necessary expansion.
The voters of Raeford and Hoke
County voted against allowing the library
to use tax funds in an election held in
1962. The funds now given to support
the local library come from not tax items
such as ABC Funds, fines, etc.
Several years ago, the library was
redecorated. The modernization of the
library was paid for with funds in the
Library's Memorial Fund and by the
generosity of the merchants on Main
Street who responded to the canvassing
by citizens who were interested in
improving the library 011 Elwood Avenue.
A total of approximately 53,000 was
raised for the improvements. At present
the fund is down to about 570.
A new fund has been established at the
local library. It has been tentatively
named the "Library O Fund." The O is
for the opportunity to give, or if you
please, for the money the library owes.
Funds donated to the fund will be used
to improve and expand the present
library. In the event it is possible to build
a new library, and a committee of
interested Hoke citizens is working on
that project, the money will be used in
the new library.
Anyone who would like to give to the
Library 0 Fund can send check or cash to
the library or to The News - Journal. All
donations are tax deductible.
District Manager
For Census Named
Appointment of ('. T. (Tom)
Fulkcrson of Sanford,as District Manager
of the 1970 U. S. Census of Populaiion
and Housing in this area was announced
today by Director Joseph R. Norwood of
the Census Bureau's Regional Office in
From the District Office located at 136
Carbonton Road (rear entrance), Mr.
Fulkerson will supervise ail phases of the
census in the following counties: Anson.
Chatham, Harnett, Hoke, Johnston, Lee,
Montgomery, Moore, Richmond.
Scotland, Stanly and Wilson.
On January 26, following several da\s
of intensive training in the Regional
Office, Mr. Fulkerson will come on dutv
and begin setting up the District Office.
He will direct a force of about 416 field
workers throughout the area.
Taking the Census nationally will
require the services of 172,000 field
workers, 393 District Managers, and
13,000 office personnel.
Judge Joe Dupree Hears
Routine Court Session
Willie Eugene Burgess,
Route 5, Fayetteville. driving
while his license was in a state
of suspension, six months in
the Hoke County Jail,
suspended for two years and
two years on probation,
sentence suspended on
condition that tlie defendant
not operate a motor vehicle in
North Carolina for two years,
unless and until properly
licensed to do so. Fined S200
and the costs of court.
David O. Sanderson,
Laurinburg waived preliminary
hearing on charges of forgery
and was bound over to the
Hoke County Superior Court
for action by the grand jury.
Bond was set at S500.
Edward McKoy, Jr., Route
3, Raeford, worthless check of
S98 to Fred Riley, six months
in the county jail, suspended
for three years, three years
probation. Sentence suspended
on condition that defendant
pay S98 for the use and benefit
of Fred Riley. *
Curtis Locklear, Red
Springs, expired inspection
certificate, the state took a nol
John McPhatter, Route 1,
Raeford, worthless check of
SI24.72 Lester Shelton, the
state took a nol pros.
Rodney Jacobs, Columbia,
S. C., failure to yield the right
of way, defendant called and
failed to appear. The court
ordered his bail bond forfeited,
and with judgment final.
Stanley Howard Moore,
Charlotte, speeding 72/60,
prayer for judgment continued
upon payment of the costs of
John Malloy McLean,
Wagram, expired inspection
certificate* not guilty.
Kalvin Junior Headen,
Route 1, Raeford, failure to
reduce speed to avoid a
collision with another motor
vehicle, resulting in property
damage, 30 days in the county
jail, sentence suspended on
condition that defendant pay
SI0 and the com of court. E
- 2 Archie Franklin Bristow,
Jr., Cherry Point, not guilty of
careless and reckless driving.
Guilty of driving left of the
center line not while in passing,
JO days in the county jail
suspended upon payment of
S25 and the costs of court.
Edward Thomas Thoral,
Hartsville, public drunk, it
appearing to the court and the
court finding as a fact that the
defendant had been in jail since
December 29, 1969, judgment
in the case was suspended.
Edward Thomas Thoral,
Hartsville, assault with a deadly
weapon with intent to kill, no
probable cause found.
Howard Ray, Raeford,
charged with assault with a
deadly weapon and malicious
damage to personal property,
no probable cause was found.
Edward McKoy, Jr., Route
3, Raeford, no probable cause
found on charges of forgery or
passing a forged check.
Larry McCain, Raeford,
breaking, entering and larceny,
the state took a nol pros.
Danny Walters, Route 2,
Raeford, non - support, six
months in the county jail,
capias and, ot commitment to
issue at anytime during the
next five years on motion of
the prosecutor of the court,
defendant order to pay S30
each week for the support of
his child, pay costs of court.
Win ford Junes, Wugrant,
failure U? yield the right ut
way. fined S10 and the costs ut
George Dees, Jr.. Route 2,
Raeford. worthless check ut
SI2.26 to Mrs. Donald Wood,
30 days in the county jail,
suspended upon payment ot
SI2.26 and the costs of court.
Malcom White. Route 2,
Raeford, assault, 90 days in the
County jail capias and, or
commitment to issue at
anytime during the next two
years upon motion of the
solicitor or the court, pav costs
of court.
John Henry Currie, Route 1,
Raeford, unsafe movement,
prayer for judgment continued
upon payment of the costs of
Vernon Dial, Route 2,
Raeford, larceny, six months in
the county jail capias and, or
commitment to issue at
anytime during the next two
years upon motion of the
solicitor or the court, pay S2S
for the use and benefit of Fred
Harris and pay the costs of
See COURT, Pa?e 9
Tltc January term of Hoke Counly
Superior Court will begin next Munduy
morning, January 26. with the Honorable
Judge Henry A. McKinnon, Jr. of
Lumberton on tire bench. ?
At present, 27 cases are scheduled to
be heard by tire llokc County Grand Jury
on Monday morning. In cases where tire
grand jury returns true bills of
indictment, they will be put on the trial
docket to be heard during the session.
Because llokc County District Court will
be held Friday, there may be additions to
the list of cases to go before the grand
1 liirty cases are ready for trial. These
cases either have been appealed from the
district court level or have already been
heard by the Grand Jury and had true
bills returned.
James Hunt, alias Glen wood Hunt,and
his wife Ruth Carol Hunt, will have a
total of nine charges of forgery and
eleven charges of passing forged checks
heard by the Grand Jury.
The Grand Jury will decide whether to
bring in true bills of indictment against
two young men charged with assault to
commit rape.
Other cases set to go before the grand
jury include assault with a deadly weapon
with intent to kill, robbery with firearms,
and forgery.
Of the thirty cases ready for trial
Monday, nine are appeals of convictions
of driving under the influence. Tluec
cases to be heard involve larceny. Most of
the remainder of the docket involve
appeals of driving convictions in district
The jury list for the January 26 term
of llokc Counly Superior Court was
released this week by Ed Smith, Clerk of
Court. Jurors will be drawn from tliis
group to hear the cases that come to trial
d"'W" 'I '? sess?>n.
The respective jurors are.
Louella McLeod, William Roland "
Beck with. Theodore tvans, Roscoe
Jackson, Charlie Locklear, Robert H.
Lent/, Preston Moore. Gladys Holmes
Matthews, Mrs. R. W. Monroe, David A.
Curne, Katie Jewel Glover.
Raylcs Jacobs, Gayles Thomas Shelton,
Annie Mae Watson, Harold Mctaclrern,
Margaret Locklear. Jean Elizabeth
McPlutler. Ilaltie (ope Huggins, Mary
Georgic llandon, Florence M. McGougan,
Janie L. Furmage.
Andrew Watson, Oscar Hall Scull, Mrs.
Jetluo Locklear. James Henry Allen,
Linda Ritter Faircloth, Fester Dial, Clyde
Campbell, Jr., Edith Ivey Flowers, Ralph
Edward Stewart, Robert Lours Campbell.
Mrs. Annerdula Butner, Emma Jean
Almond, Charlie Artist, Nettie Carthcns
Parker, Roswcll Vander Tanner, James
laicv Lide, Leonard McBryde, Jr., Lacy
Graham, Jolin^M. Cheney, Bennie C.
Mabel l.yde, Carolyn Beaslcy Turner,
Raymond B. Ellis. Mary Lizzie Blue,
Gracie E. Smith Shearod, George
Frederick Goldsbury, D. 11. Williamson,
Charles A. Connell, Olivia Mclntye Jones,
Percy C. English.
Quinccy McRae Mclver, Lilliam B.
Mclean, Clarence Dial, Annie Bell
Crouch. 1 mnia lee McLauchhn, R. W.
Paiks, Jr., I noir Thomas Lemons,
Marshall Mclean. James Ralph Attaway.
l ire following juror was excused at the
November |9o9 Term of Superior Court
to serve ai she January 1970 Term:
W S Thomas
CP&L Power
Sunday 1-4 P.M.
There will be an electric power
interruption on Sunday. January 25,
weather permitting, in a section of
Kaelord according to an announcement
from Ben I lurlcy. Service Representative
for Carolina Power A Light Company.
The time of the interruption is from
I 00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. and all customers
in an area cast of Main Street between
Central Ave. and Seventh Ave. will be
This interruption is necessary in order
to relocate a distribution feeder on
Prospect Avenue so the street can be
North Raeford Fire
Department To Meet
The North Raeford Volunteer Fire
Department will have iu annuel election
of officers and directors in a meeting
scheduled to take place In the Hoke
County Court House at 7:30 p.m. on
Tuesday. Jen ua-y 27,

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