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A book that was received through the
mail from The Sporting Newt entitled
"World Series Records' brings back
memories of days gone by. The book
covers every World Series from 1903 to
1969. Not only does it have a write-up
about the series but box scores of every
game is included. One game that 1 looked
up was played on Saturday, October 12,
1929. It was the series between
Philadelphia Athletes and the Chicago
Cubs. The Athletes came to bat at the
bottom half of the seventh inning on the
short end of the score 8-0. When the
inning was over Philadelphia had sent 1S
batters to the plate and scored 10 runs.
The final score was 10-8.
I remember listening to the game on
the radio at Martin's Buick Company in
Aberdeen. As it was Saturday 1 was out
of school and had accompanied my father
to Aberdeen where he had some horses
and mules. There must have been 25 men
at the auto company listening to the
game. This was during the "Hoover Days"
and very few people had^a radio at this
time. So whenever a place had a radio
people would meet and listen to the
World Series.
These times are what some people call
"the good old days" but for me 1970 is
The Raeford Kiwanis Club donated the
use of their piano to the Trainable Class
at the J.W. McLauchlin School. We know
that the Mental Retardation Association
appreciate this very much.
Lin Webb, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin
Webb, received thg Eagle Scout award
Tuesday night at the Court of Honor held
at the courthouse. The article about this
appears elsewhere in the paper but our
comment is to say that he is the second
son of the Webbs to receive tliis award.
Congratulations to Lin and the parents in
this fine achievement.
Our ace reporter and my right hand
man is working his last week with the
paper. Skip Dickson is leaving today for
Fort Knox, Ky. to attend Armor School.
He has done a fine job for the paper and
we all hate to lose him. We know the
public will miss him also. He will be at
school for approximately four months.
What Skip will do after that we can't say.
After working with him for the past
several months we know that he will be
successful in any endeavor he undertakes.
So pay your parking ticket and best of
luck to you, Skip.
Mrs. Laurie Telfair of Fort Bragg is
taking Skip's place with the paper We
know everyone will show her the same
courtesy that has been extended to other
employees of The News-Journal.
A letter from Mrs. Rena Smith informs
us that she is a patient at Cape Fear
Valley Hospital in Fayetteville. Room
288 to be exact. Mrs. Smith said that one
week we had her in Moore Memorial and
the next week at Cape Fear Nursing
Home. She states that she fell and broke
her hip at the Employment office in
Fayetteville and not at the Pink Pussy Cat
as was stated by some people. We regret
the errors, Rena, and hope for you a
speedy recovery.
WINTER WHITE - Few came our ro mar the snowy blanket spread across the Courthouse lawn Friday as three Inches of snow
closed schools and halted many business activities around town.
Neill L. McFadyen Files
For Re-election To House
Representative NeiU McFadyen filed
Monday morning with Hoke County
Election Board Chairman John Scott
Poolakftd formally entered the field for
demolKffc nomination for the foui
House seats in the 24th District.
McFadyen is presently in his fifth term,
having been elected to a scat in the iu>uw
in 1961.
McFadyen is the second man from
Hoke County to file for the House race in
the 24th District. F. Knox Watson filed
for election several weeks ago. Since none
of the incumbent representatives have
given any indication that they have any
intention other than running for their
seats, it appears certain there will be a
contest for the four seats in the district.
McFadyen said Tuesday that he was
"proud of having been able to represent
Hoke County and the 24th District and
hoped the voters would give him the
opportunity for further service in the
North Carolina General Assembly."
In looking ahead to the issues that he
expects to be significant in the 1971
General Assembly, McFadyen pointed to
tax issues. There has been a considerable
amount of controversy about the tobacco
end soft drink taxes passed in the last
McFadyen indicated he was " in favor
of repealing taxes as fast as there purpose
has been fulfilled." There has been talk
throughout the state about repealing the
soft drink tax because the tobacco tax
has raised more revenue than expected
Other incumbents of this district
expected to file for re-election are Roger
Hall of Lumber Bridge, and R.L.
Campbell of Rowland.
The fourth irfcumbent, Gus Speros of
Maxton, has been rumored to be planning
? . iffBK
Neill L. McFadven
to run for the State Senate seat formerly
held by Hector MacLean of Lumberton.
SCAP Will Sponsor
Sandhills Community Action Program
will again sponsor the PACE (Plan
Assuring College Education) program for
students, it was announced this week.
High School students who arc
academically qualified for college are
eligible provided they arc in need of
financial aid in acquiring a college
Students interested in taking advantage
of the program are to contact Mrs. Sara
Baker at the Community Action Program
. l-v .v-J!>C' *?vi<< ?'?*?<c; "?>*???' .;'
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HIGH WIRE ARTISTS - The tight poles along Prospect Avenue were reheated Sunday afternoon by worn crews jrom omukna
P?wtr c* Light Company to allow for street construction there. Raeford had a three-hour power shut-down while lite work was in
Last Day
To List
Taxlistcrs at the County Courthouse
reported Wednesday that about half ol
the citizens in Raeford have not listed
their piopcrty for 1970. The last day ol
't? listing, without penally, is Saturday
January 30.
Listakers are preparing for the large
number of taxpayers who annually wail
until the last minute before listing.
According to Miss Betty McFadyen
and Mrs. Mary Lee Matherly, who are list
takers for Raeford, the property listing it
going better tlus year than it did last year
but Thursday. Friday ana Saturday are
expected to be hectic for the ladies.
Jordan Named
Dr. Riley M. Jordan, Raeforc
physician, has been named to twe
committees of the Wake Foresl
University Board of Trustees.
Dr. Jordan was appointed to the
Medical School and Graduate School
PACE This Summer
office in the county office building or
your High School Guidance Counselors.
There are two requirements that must
be met by the graduating boys or girls
They must be enrolled in one of the
colleges participating in the PACE
Program and they must be certified by
See SCAP Page 11
Two Win Acquittal
In Superior Court
C hanges
Interested and concerned citizens of
Raeford met at City Hall Monday night
with members of the City Council, Mayor
John K. McNeill, Jr. and City Manager
John Caddy to discuss two proposed
zoning changes in Raeford.
At the outset of the meeting, Mayor
McNeill explained that the City Council
would take no action at the meeting, but
would wait until their regular meeting on
the first Monday night in Februaiy.
The first proposed zoning change
would rezonc a lot on North Main Street
Extension from residential to commercial
so a funeral home could be built on the
While there was no strong opposition
to the proposed zoning change, residents
of the area wanted some assurance the
funeral home would be properly
operated. Most concern was relieved
when it was explained that the State of
North Carolina licenses funeral homes
and requires acceptable standards.
The second issue to be discussed by the.
group was a proposal to change a lot
owned by John W. McPliaul on College
Drive behind Maxwell's Esso Station from
residential to commercial.
Most of the residents concerned about
this zoning issue were primarily
concerned with the extent of the zoning
change. The City Council has under
consideration rezoning only the one lot.
No others will be rezoned
McPhaul indicated at the meeting iliat
he plans to sell the lot to Glenn Wood if
the loi is o.zoned to commercial. Wood
plans to build a wood working shop on
the site.
McPhaul and Wood were both present
at the meeting to answoi questions from
the Council and others in attendance.
The Council will take some action on
the rezoning requests when it meets on
February 2. at 7:30 p.m. in the
Councilroom in Cits Hall.
Rabies Vaccinations
Start February 3
Rabies vaccination clinics will begin in
Hoke County on Feb. 3 and continue
throughout the county until Feb. 27.
The first clinics will be held in Antioch
and Stonewall on Tuesday with 30
minute stops at three locations there. A
schedule of the date, location and time of
the vaccination clinics appcais in this
week's issue of the paper.
Dr. K.M. Lewis, veterinarian, will give
the vaccine, which is effective for three
years. The fee will be S 1.50 a dog.
State law requires all dogs over foui
months old to be vaccinated against
Hoke County's January term of
Superior Court got underway Monday
morning with Judge Henry A. McKinnon
Jr. of Lumberton on the bench.
The Hoke County Grand Jury was
convened Monday and returned truebills
of indictment in 27 cases.
In the first trial of the session, Stacy
Oxendine was found not guilty of driving
under the influence by a jury of seven
women and five men. Oxendine was
represented by H.F. "Chub" Seawell, well
known attorney from Carthage.
In other cases tried during the first two
days of the session, Lend Floyd Virgil
was found not guilty of driving while his
operator's license was suspended. The
case had been appealed from District
Robert West pled guilty to the
misdemenor of larceny. He was sentenced
by Judge McKinnon to nine months in
the Hoke County Jail, assigned to work
under the North Carolina Department of
Correction. It was requested that West be
allowed the privilege of being assigned to
the Work ? Release program.
Tate Council Soles plead guilty to a
charge of speeding 75 mph in a 60 mph
zone. He was sentenced to 60 days in the
Hoke County Jail, suspended for two
years on condition that he not violate the
motor vehicle laws of North Carolina, he
not operate a motor vehicle for the
period of suspension, and pay a fine of
S50 and the costs of court
Denny Matthews, of Yadkin County,
pled guilty to felonious receiving. Prayer
?vfor judgment was continued until the
next term of Hoke County Superior
Two young men from Red Springs,
Steve Nobles and Randy W'illiams, pled
guilty to aggravated assault on a female.
Evidence in the trial was heard, but the
pair will not be sentenced until Thursday
Telfair, of Ft. Bragg, is the new reporter
for The News Journal She is a native of
Memphis, Tenn., and received her degree
in journalism from Memphis State
University. The Tel)airs live at Ft. Bragg
where Maj. h.D Telfair is assigned to the
82d Aviation Battalion. They fttrve two
daughters. Jacqueline, 9, and Misha. 6.
Friday Snowfall Curtails
District Court Calendar
With three inches of snow
covering the ground and
highways in Hoke and
Cumberland Counties Friday
morning, the solicitor for the
Friday session of Hoke County
District Court was unable to
negotiate the highway from
Fayettevillc to Raeford forcing
most of the cases on the
docket to be continued until
February 6 and 13.
In the absence of the
solicitor. Judge Joe Duprec
acted as solicitor and judge in
the cases where defendants
plead guilty. Fourteen cases
were disposed of in the short
session Friday morning.
Judgments in the cases tried
were as follows:
Sgt. Albert Eugene
Anthony, Ft. Bragg, speeding
100+/60, 18 months in the
Hoke County Jail, suspended
for three years, three years
probation. Sentence was
suspended on condition that
defendant surrender his
operator's license and not
operate a motor vehicle in
North Carolina for one year.
Pay a fine of Si50 and the
costs of court.
Lawrence Matthew Bush,
Fayetteville, driving under the
influence, six months in the
Hoke County Jail, suspended
for one year on condition that
defendant surrender his
operator's license and not
operate a motor vehicle in
North Carolina for one year,
pay a fine of Si00 and the
costs of court.
Willie Fay Jacobs. Route I.
Shannon, driving under the
influence, 12 months in the
Hoke County Jail, suspended
on condition defendant
surrender his operator's license
and not operate a motor
vehicle in North Carolina for
12 months. Pay a fine of SI00
and the costs of court
Billy Artis, Route 1. Lumber
Bridge, assault with a deadly
weapon, Artis was found not
guilty of the charge. The Court
found frivilious and malicious
prosecution on the part of the
prosecut ng witness, Mary
Artis, and ordered her confined
to the Hoke County Jail until
the cost of court was paid.
William Frank Kirkescy,
Route 1, Red Springs, plead
Iiuilty to having no operator
icensc and no North Carolina
inspection certificate, 60 days
in the Hoke County Jail,
suspended on payment of S2S
fine and the costs of court.
Lawrence L. Christy.
Faycttevillc, driving under the
influence, six months,
suspended on condition
defendant surrenders Ins
operator license and does not
operate a motor vehicle in
North Carolina for one year.
Pay a fine of Si00 and the
costs ol court.
Clifford Lavarus McNeill,
Raeford, driving under the
influence, six months in the
Hoke County Jail, suspended
for one year on condition
defendant sui render his
operator's license and not
operate a motor vehicle in
North Carolina for one year,
pay a fine of SlOO and the
costs of court
L. P. King, Jr., Raleigh,
speeding 60/50, prayer for
judgment continued upon
payment of the costs of court.
Jessie Wall, Route I.
Shannon, improper equipment,
not guilty
Willie C. Young, Route 3,
Raeford. public drunk, three
days in the Hoke County Jail.
Burnicc Locklcar, Route 1,
Red Springs, careless and
reckless driving, six months in
the Hoke County Jail, capias
and, or commitment to issue at
anytime during the next three
years on motion of the
prosecutor or t lie court
without any further finding of
Freddie Foster, Raeford,
worthless check of S15 to Troy
E. kinlaw, 30 day s in the Hoke
County Jail, suspended upon
condition defendant pay $15
for the use and benefit of the
prosecuting witness and pay
the costs of court.
Hugh Lee Moungle, McCain,
public drunk. five days in the
iloke County Jail, suspended
upon payment of Si and the
costs of court
John Joseph McMillian, Red
Springs, speeding 90/60 and
improper passing, six months
in the Hoke County Jail, with
capias andk or commitment to
issue at any time during the
next two years on motion of
the prosecutor or the court,
defendant was ordered to
surrender his operator's license
and not operate a motor
vehicle in North Carolina for
six months. Pay a fine of S100
and the costs of court.
Magistrates Court
Shelby Varden Goff,
Faycttcvillc, speeding 75/60,
$ 10 fine and costs of court.
Cecil Wavne Harris,
See Court Page 11

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