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The Hoke County News- Established 1928 The Hoke County Journal - Established 1905
Around Town
Last Friday morning Paul Dickson
answered the phone in the office and
became involved in a conversation that
puzzled me. He stated that this number
belonged to The News - Journal followed
by a statement that it was in area code
No 919. No Dr. Tangeri or Dr. Langire is
not in this office. He asked the person on
the other end of the line what numbers
she was calling and what area code. The
answer was Area Code 919 ? 875 - 2121
USA. He then asked where she was calling
from and the answer was Rome, Italy.
Paul again explained this was a weekly
newspaper office and no doctor was in
the house.
We are still puzzled as to why this
number was called, but the number at the
Sanatorium at McCain is 875 ? 2120 so
maybe the caller got her fingers in the
wrong hole. If s doctor at McCain aot a
call last week from Rome, Italy please
inform this newspaper so the puzzle will
be solved.
* ? ?
We have been to the meeting of the
Raeford Kiwanis Club when the signals
were crossed and no one would have the
program, but hast week something
different happened. Bernard Bray had the
program and scheduled Charlie Hose of
Fayettevillc to speak. During the eating
part of the night, before the program was
to start in came four girl scouts and a
scout leader.
Now we don't know what the
conversation was between a few
Kiwanians, but anyway we had two
programs. We must say that both were
very interesting and didn't run us over the
hour time limit.
So if any other civic club in town runs
out of a program, just contact Charlie
Hottel, Kiwanis club program chairman,
and he will inform you on how to have
two programs on the same night.
? ? ?
The local VFW Post is completing
plans for a big celebration to take place in
Raeford on May 1. We are informed that
a parade will be held, along with a beauty
contest, and old fashion suction sale and
many .other events The proceeds will go
toward a building fund for the post. Roy
Jackson, post commander, is the driving
force behind the celebration.
? e *
Lonnie Bledsoe, president of the local
Kiwanis Club, and W. K. Morgan, physical
education director at Upchurch School,
are to be congratulated on getting the
district and area Slow Pitcn Softball
tournaments for Raeford. These events
will be sponsored by the Raeford Kiwanis
Club and means much to the club and the
City of Raeford.
More about these events later on.
Against Trio
Before Grand
In a lengthy hearing in
lait Friday involving fiv
larceny and coniplracy
larceny againit Ave mei
stealing cattle and hogi,
Dupree diimiiaed charges i
bound the others over to i
No probable cause was
charges of felonious larcen)
charges of conspiracy ag
Dial and John Paul Jones.
They waived a hearing
on charges of larceny
bound over to Superior Cov
of S2500.
Probable cause was
Jsmes Jones, Lock C
Freddie Revels, Jr. and the)
over to the Grand Jury on a I
S9.000 for the Ave charges,
on S2500 bond for larceny^
in which they waived a hear
The state presented a dozen wH
in an effort to connect the Ave am
the theft of cattle on two occasion
the farm of Sam and Earl Heal
Bowmore and of hop from
Livestock Company in Antioch.
Judp Dupree publicly commendec
Hoke County Sheriff D. M. Barringtor
and his deputies for the thoroughness ol
their investigation.
Witnesses included livestock dealeri
and buyers from Benson and Siler City, t
Benson bank teller and deputies Jame!
Adams and Harvey Young.
2 Bound T o Grand Jury
In Monroe Murder Case
Darnell McMillan and Sidney
Townsend were bound over for action by
the Grand Jury by Judge Joseph Dupree
in a hearing in District Court Friday on
murder charges in connection with the
March J slaying of Henry G. Monroe.
They are being held without bond.
Pauline Galbreath, charged with
murder and assault with a deadly weapon
with intent to kill, was convicted of the
lesser included charge of assault with a
deadly weapon. She was sentenced to two
years in women's prison, suspended for
five years and five years probation. In
addition, she was ordered to pay SI00 to
Mrs. Geneva Townsend, wife of Sidney
Townsend, for damages. No probable was
found on the murder charge.
No probable cause was found against
Sidney Townsend on the charge of assault
with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.
His wife, the prosecuting witness, elected
not to testify against her husband.
Notions by defense attorneys for
Tuwnsend and McMillan to reduce the
charges to second degree murder or
voluntary manslaughter were denied.
Judge Dupree also denied requests for
Hoke County Sheriff D. M. Barrington
testified that Monroe had stab wounds in
his abodmen, hand, along his iaw, and
wounds in the upper chest and back as
well as a broken nose, blacked eyes, and
bruises all over his bodv. Death was
caused by brain hemotoma, blood clots
on the brain, he said.
The body was found beside the road
near the Townsend house, Barrington
said. He found indications of a fight
inside the house with chairs overturned, a
stove knocked down and blood on the
bed, chair and kitchen floor, he said.
There was also blood in the yard, on the
road and in the sand beside the road,
Barrington testified.
Mrs. Townsend, testifying with
See MURDER, Page 11
Sheriff Harrington Files;
Deadline Friday At Noon
With the filing deadline for county
office* at noon Friday, March 20, Sheriff
D.M. Barrington, the last incumbent to
file, thia week announced his candidacy
for re ? election as Hoke County sheriff.
Peter Dial, Jr.. of Antioch, also filed
this week for the county board of
commissioners. He is a teacher at Lake
Waccamaw School.
Dial Is opposed by the three
Incumbents, T.C. Jones: Ralph Barnhart
and John Balfour.
? Barrington. who has 14 years as a law
anforcemsnt officer, is seeking his third
term as sheriff. He is completing his
eighth year as Hoke sheriff.
He is president of the Hoke County
Law Enforcement Officer's Association, a
member of Raeford Methodist Church
and a life ? long resident of Hoke County.
He is manksd to the former Billi*
Skinner of Hertford and they have four
,n "nnounclng hla candidacy.
WATER, WATER - Conttructfin mvrkan tat rhe fire hydrantt and bleed rht mater
Una for at bt the flnitMng tdbcha to the Northwat Water Supply tytreni that began
operation rht meek northwtfl of Retford.
First 1970 Traffic Fatalities
Two Die From Head-On Collision
System Starts Operatio
The county's first community water
system, Northwest Water Supply, Inc.,
began operation this week and ended for
some residents of the area a lifetime of
hauling or pumping it from a hand pump.
"About 50 per cent of the people there
either had insufficient hand pumps or else
had no water supply of their own at
all," Arthur B. Kemp, chairman of the
non ? profit corporation's board of
directors said.
"For these people, the water system
will make a profound change."
The rest of the houses in the section
northwest of Raeford had wells and
electric pumps, he said. However, the
pumps were subject to freezing in winter
and occasionally a well would go dry, so
the system will be an improvement lot
houses equipped with wells, he pointed
The system was financed by a 40 year
Farmer's Home Administration loan of
5221,700. The tank alone cost 533,360
and the plumbing system another
5130,000. The two wells each cost'
Now 289 families have applied for
water but the system will serve more than
300, Kemp said. He emphasized that the
corporation would welcome new
The minimum water rate is 54.50 for
the first 3,000 gallons. As new subscribers
are added to the system, the directors
plan to reduce the rate.
A grant from Forward, Inc. installed
water service lines to the front door of
209 houses in the area. The lines were
installed at the homes that were ownec
and occupied by low - income families.
Part of the remaining homes have since
put in service lines, Kemp said, and the
others who want lines installed may
contact the water company for assistance
The company's service manager, Willie
Malloy, is qualified to install the lines,
Kemp said.
The water will be given free for the
first few weeks, he said. Billing will
probably begin the first of April with the
first bill due in May. Kemp said he
expected the users to notice the different
taste for awhile but as the system was
used the taste would become less
noticeable. Chlorine is added to the water
for purity.
The company will maintain a
temporary office at the Wilber Wilkerson
shop next door to the Wilkerson's home
until the office building at the tank site is
constructed. It is scheduled to be finished
in May. Office hours arc 9 a. m. ? 1 p. m.
The corporation is operated by the
seven members of the board of directors.
Besides Kemp, the others are Robert F..
Fisher, president; Fmmette Steele,
treasurer; Mary T. Morrison, secretary;
Robert L. Doby, assistant secretary;
Manley Percell and Clara W. Wilkenson,
board members.
Frank B. Hicks of Charlotte was
engineer for the project. In a series of pre
- operational conferences last week, the
members of the board met with Hicks,
representatives of the contractors. Jack
Caniff, FHA engineer, Robert1
FHA district supervisor John WJ
accountant for the corporatir
Vinson, Hoke County FHA
After the system was comp
water pressure had to be pump
maintained at a high pressure to i
leaks. Breaks in the system cai
in putting the system into
Then the water had to be chloriii
two days, flushed through the
See WATER, Page 11
a head ? on collision Friday night on N. (".
21 I near Poole's Peach Orchard eight
miles west of Raeford.
Janie Dellinger, 17, of 50") S. I Im. St.
in Cherryville, was dead on arrival at
Moore County Hospital. Neill l^rmar
Kainey, 19, of Lenoir died Monday at
North Carolina Memorial Hospital in
Chapel Hill.
They were both passengers in the car
driven by David Lawrence McKenize, 18.
of Southern Pines. Miss Dellinger was in
the front seat of the vehicle and Rainey
was in the back with Margie Wyall, 17, of
Pinehurst, who was seriously injured.
Both girls were students at Vardell Hall
and the boys were students at Sandhills
Community College.
The driver of the other vehicle, William
Nelson J ones, ,3fef OfeJMcCairv* critical
condition at MooreMetlWfial Hospital.
He wai pinned in the car until members
of the Rescue Squad and the North
Raeford Fire Department could free him.
There were nine others in the cai with
him. State Highway Patrolman L. W,
only the 4 - month ? old
te Jones, escaped injury,
(ed after the accident and
Jones station wagon were
art, 12. Willis Jones. 1;
20; Dexter Jones, 2; Ki.k ?
ne Davenport. 13. Shirley
Blanche Butler. 10
rtrc1V?eKenzie jh;
,jg on the wrong side of the
lemashed into the Jones car.
light curve to the road at the
f collision, the Jones vehicle
Ound and the McKenzie car
ulder of the road and burst
to injuries from the wreck,
received burns. He was
N. C. Memorial shortly
, where he died Monday
City Grai
To Finish sarasKg
A 90 ? day extension for completion of
the waste treatment project was granted
by the city council in a called meeting
March 9.
The council met with representatives
of Moore ? Gardner, city engineers, and
the contractors. Republic Contractors
and Vick Brothers Mlectric Company. The
deadline, which was set for March 12, was
extended to allow for final adjustments
and finishing details, City Manager John
Gaddy said.
The council also agreed to install a
variable speed sewer pump at a cost of
SI 1,288. Gaddy said the er.pccted savings
on electricity and maintenance would off
-set the higher initial cost.
Open House Monday
South Hoke School will hold its annual
open house for parents March 23 from
7 30 to 9 p.m., Earl Oxendine, pi in ci pal.
At South Hoke School
The teachers will be in the classroom:
to talk with interested parents. Parents ol
children who will be at the school next
year are issued a special .nvitation
Senator John T. Henley
Announces For Reelectior
John T Henley, who has served six
terms in the General Assembly as a
member of both the House and Senate,
announced today that he is a candidate
lot re ? election to the North Carolina
Senate, subject to the Democratic
Prinsary May 2, 1970.
In announcing, Henley stated, "One of
the greatest privileges I have ever had was
to represent the people of Hoke and
Cumberland counties. I have always, to
the best of my ability.*voted my sincere
convictions and at the same time, listened
to the citizens of the district on all
matters and thereby transmitting this
with all consideration before the General
Assembly. I am very proud of the growth
and progress that we have made in our
area. I realize that growth demands more
(overnmental services and I hope I can
ave a part in providing these services. If
privileged to serve again, 1 shall always
remember that we live in a democratic

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