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The Hoke County News- Established 1928 The Hoke County Journal - fsjablished 1905
I Around Town
Charles Dawkins, District Highway
Commissioner, called the other day to set
the record straight on the matter of a
highway supervisor for Hoke County. He
is very much in favor of Hoke having a
full ? time supervisor, he said, and he
invited Highway Administrator George
Willoughby down here for a meeting with
the city council and county
commissioners to discuss it. However, at
the meeting, Willoughby explained that
there was not enough mileage in the state
system in this county to justify a full -
time supervisor. Willoughby said that
better communication would be
established between county residents and
the present supervisor for Scotland and
Hoke County. Dawkins pointed out that
it was not within his power to approve or
disapprove a supervisor for Hoke County
and he didn't want the blame on that
The News - Journal will publish early
next week so that advertisers can have
advantage of offering last minute items to
their customers. Also we want to give our
employees a few days off with their
families. We will print on Tuesday, so all
news items and ads must be in the office
on Monday. So please cooperate with us
during the Christmas Season.
If you haven't been contacted to
contribute to the United Fund drive,
please send your donation in as the
workers didn't mean to miss anyone. You
can mail the donation to Jerry Goza,
campaign chairman, Raeford, N.C.
We believe with a successful report
from Raeford Turkey Farms and Tex -
Elastic that the goal will be reached this
year. Jerry Goza has done an outstanding
job and also his fellow workers. Also W.T.
McAllister, vice-president of the Hoke
United Fund has done an excellent job at
McCain. We will mention other workers
as they are brought to our attention.
We heard yesterday that T.B. Lester
was in the hospital for surgery. We hope
he recovers soon and is home for the
The News ? Journal photographers will
start taking pictures of door fronts and
other Christmas pictures Thursday. We
always use these pictures in our Christmas
edition which we will publish next week.
So if you haven't completed your door,
do so because we want the best we can
get. Also if you see someone taking a
picture of your house please call off the
dogs or put down the gun as it could be
the picture laker from The News ?
An advertisement started last week
announcing that beginning January 1,
1971 the registration books would be
open in Hoke County for three days each
week. They will be open Monday,
Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. until
1 p.m. John Scott Poole, chairman of the
Board of Elections stated that under this
system that the books would be closed
five weeks before an election. So if you
are not on the books be sure and register
after the New Year. You can't vote if you
don't register.
We received the following letter this
1 received a copy of last weeks paper in
which you mention Mark's success in
football this fall.
I followed Raeford's football team in
the paper this fall and was pleased to see
them win the conference. I still recognize
a lot of the boys' names.
Looks like we are distined to live in the
mountains. Will soon be here six years.
Doesn't seem so long ago that we moved
from Raeford.
I believe John is at UNC. Bob is going
to ECU.
Every once in awhile I run into
someone from Raeford and I catch up on
the news. I get a lot from Steve Stogner
who is attending Western Carolina.
Give my regards to everyone.
John Manuel
Christmas Eve
Service Planned
The Raeford United Methodist Church
extends an invitation to all members of
the Raeford community to altend their
Christmas Eve Communion.
The church sanctuary will be open
from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM for any who
would like to pray and partake of the
Lord's Supper. Members of the church
want to snare with you and yours the
blessings of this Season.
If further information is needed please
contact Mrs. C.L. Thomas, Jr.
(875-2366), Chairman of Ecuminical
Affairs, Raeford United Methodist
Church. <
A WARDS - - Niell James Blue (center) presented plaques to the Bucks championship
football team, and coaches and to the school during the luilf at the varsity basketball
game last Friday. He congratulated Russell Davis, the Bucks star end, as Dan Pannel
(right) assists in the presentation.
Neill J. Blue Presents
Awards To Hoke Bucks
Plaques commemorating the Buck's
Southeastern 3A football championship
were awarded to members of the team,
the coaches and the school during the
halflime at the varsity basketball game
Friday night at Seventy-First.
Neill James Blue, Sr. presented the
awards as a gesture of appreciation in
memory of his son, Neill, Jr., who died
recently in an auto accident.
Individual plaques bearing their name
and number were presented to the 45
members of the Bucks championship
team and to the three coaches and team
A large plaque inscribed with the
names of the team members was
presented to Raz Autry, principal, for the
In a letter accompanying the
presentation, Blue said:
"We feel great pride in our football
team this year. The coaches did their job
well and the players gave it everything
they had. Courage, determination and
unselfish play made this the best season
the Bucks have ever had.
"I want to express my gratitude to
those who are responsible for making the
Bucks Southeastern 3A Champions by
giving each of them a trophy to keep and
(See AWARDS, Page 11)
Kids Needed
For Toy Gifts
Two truck ? loads of toys donated by
the soldiers and families at Ft. Bragg were
delivered to the Hoke County
Department of Social Services yesterday
and workers there need help in
distributing the toys.
Miss Mabel McDonald, DSS director,
asks that persons who will be unable to
get toys for their children this Christmas
to contact the department or the
Sandhills Community Action Program
office immediately.
"We would especially like to reach the
unemployed worker, the seasonal farm
worker and others who will not be able to
provide Christmas toys," she said.
She also asked that those who plan to
get toys bring a box or bag in which to
carry them.
Red Springs Man Charged
In Eight Break-Ins Here
Burlington Plans
Vacations, Bonuses
Burlington Industries will observe the
upcoming holiday season with plant
vacations and traditional Christmas
recognition of employees and their
According to Jack A. Bradford and
Graham A. Pope, managers, the
Burlington Worsted Racford and
Burlington Worsted Dying Plants will be
closed Dec. 21 through Dec. 27 for the
Christmas holidays. Children of local
employees will receive Christmas treat
Burlington employees in fourteen
states will receive bonuses to coincide
with scheduled manufacturing plant
closings for the holidays. Individual
amounts are based on length of service.
More than 75.000 traditional
County Needs
Blood Donors
The chance to give a gift of life this
Christmas season will be here Friday
when the Bloodmobile visits Raeford
Methodist Church from noon to 5:30
The county needs a large donation this
time to replenish their portion of the
blood bank, chairman Clyde Upchurch
Residents here used more blood during
the one month of October than the
Bloodmobile collected here in its last
visit, he said. Two Hoke County children
had open heart surgery and several
residents had major operations this fall he
explained. They all needed large amounts
of blood.
In addition, heavy demands on the
blood bank are normal during the winter
months when non ? emergency surgery is
often scheduled. Holiday traffic accidents
also account for increased blood use
during this time.
"We need to collect at least 120 pints
of blood this time," Upchurch said.
"We're counting on, and hoping for, more
support than usual front the non ?
industry and town workers this time."
"We hope that people will take this
opportunity to give a free gift that will be
meaningful both to themselves and to
their neighbors by donating a pint of
blood on Friday."
Christmas treat bags will be given to
children of Burlington employees this
United Fund
At $16,000
The United Fund is ncaring 84 per cent
of its goal with approximatley SI6,000 in
The county goal is set at S19.181.19.
Contributions were received this week
from: Hoke High School - S247. Collins
(100^) - S59, Howell Drug ? S38,
Raeford Lumber Co. ? SI22, Hoke Auto
Co. * (100%) S50, Bank of Raeford ?
S190. Dickson Press(100%) - SI29.
Jerry Go/a, campaign manager,
pointed out that one school, Raeford
Turkey Farms and Tex - Elastic, as well as
a few individuals and firms had not yet
turned in their contributions.
The county goal this year was reduced
by 53,894 from the goal set for last year
and United Fund officials expressed hope
that this year's goal would be reached.
A dozen agencies, including the Rescue
Squad, the Scouts and the 4-H Clubs,
receive money from the fund drive.
Empty Stocking
Fund Starts
Contributions are again i.ceded for the
Empty Stocking Fund, sponsored by the
Raeford - Hoke Chamber of Commerce.
The money is used to assist needy
families in the county. Last year, ten
families were contacted through the
county Department of Social Services and
were provided for at Christmas.
Contributions may be mailed to P.O.
Box 96 or delivered to the Chamber
n i\cu springs man was ai rested last
week in connection with a sencs of break
? ins in Hoke County.
Herman Junior Walters. 21'. ot Red
Springs, was charged with breaking,
entering and larceny in eight robberies
that took place from Aug. 2l> to Nov. 16
in the county.
Two juveniles were also arrested in
connection with the break ? ins and were
returned to Robeson County for action
by authorities there.
Approximately $6,000 in property has
been recovered by the Hoke County
Sheriffs Department.
Walters is being held in jail in lieu of
SI5,000 bond for a preliminaiv hearing
in Disctict Court Friday.
He is charged with the break - ins and
thefts at the following homes: Joe
McPhaul, Rt. I, Red Springs; B.R.
Barbour, Rt. 2. Raeford; two bieak ? ins
at Mr. and Mis. Roy Hayward. Rt. 2
Raeford; Mr. and Mrs. Dawson L.
Chambers, Rt. 3, Raeford; Mrs. H.F.
Bowling, Rt. I. Aberdeen; and Mr. and
Mrs. Bronzie Lawson. Rt. 3, Raeford, and
Joe Belcher.
Investigation is continuing into the
thefts ai the home of Harrison Miller of
Shannon, Fred Hendrix of Rt. I, Raeford
and Lewis Brock of Rt. 2, Raeford.
Walters was arrested on Dec. 8 after
some of the stolen property was found.
Sheriff D.M. Barrington said. The two
juveniles were arrested on Dee. 7. One of
the youngsters is charged in three of the
break ? ins and the other is charged in all
eight, the sheriff said.
Most of the stolen property was
recovered from pawn shops in
Cumberland County on Dec. 9, Sheriff
Barrington said. Approximately SI 2,000
worth of goods were taken and about half
has been found.
In addition to the eight break - ins in
Hoke County, Walters is charged in
connection with six cases in Robeson
County, one in Bladen County and one in
Cumberland County.
Sheriff Barrington expressed
appreciation for tf. c<> ? operation his
department received Irom the State
Bureau of Investigation, and the officers
in Robeson and Cumberland County.
"I especially want to thank the officers
in my own department who put in long
hours during the investigation," the
sheriff said. "And I appreciate the people
of the county who called in to report
strange vehicles parked near their home
during this pgriod."
Pedestrian Killed F rid a v
A pedestrian was killed near Upchurch
School Friday morning by a car thai was
attempting to pass another vehicle.
Make Archie Purcell. 27, was struck
and killed by a car driven by Mrs. Mattie
Mae Blue of Rt. 1. Raeford.
Mrs. Blue was attempting to pass
another car driven by Mrs. Bertha Mae
Thompson Leslie, according to Highway
Patrol Trooper Joe Stanely.
The Leslie car veered toward the center
and Mrs. Blue swerved sharply to avoid a
collision, hitting Purcell walking on the
opposite shoulder.
Mrs. Leslie was charged with driving on
the wrong side of the highway.
Purcell was the tenth ;o die this year in
the county as a result of traffic accidents.
r i/\
senas noiiday Lards i o servicemen In Vietnam
CHRISTMAS GRFFTINGS - Members of ihe Future Teachers nt America stuff a
portion of the 4SU letters sent by tlte club to service men in I 'ivtnam. fell to right are
Rosemary McGougan, Kalhy Bounds. Jerry Thompson, advisor and Lynn Currie.
Christmas greetings were mailed to 450
servicemen in Vietnam by members of
the Future Teachers of America Club at
Hoke High.
Enclosed with each Christmas card was
a letter prepared by the club and a copy
of the poem "I will Not Go Back" by
Milton Geiger. The members addressed
the cards and wrote personal notes on
them at the November club meeting. The
entire student body helped to pay for the
The letter read:
Dear G.I.,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:
The members of the Future Teachers of
America Club of Hoke County High
School would like to wish you a very
Merry Christmas and would like you to
know that "We Care!"
This year the F T.A. has been very
active, and we have many projects
planned. We are excited about this one
sending you fighting men a Christmas
Greeting. As many of you may know.
Fort Bragg is practically at our back door.
Ground movement practice and flares
aren't new to us either. Many of you
probably stalled off in a military base
similar to Fort Bragg, and we want to
share in your Christmas. Other projects of
the club include going to the elementary
schools in the county and observing the
teachers, having several service projects
for our faculty and students and
preparing for one of the "big" events, the
senior breakfast. We are very proud of
our P.T.A. and we believe it is one of the
finest clubs in our school.
We have a very large student body
(1400). We have several outstanding
organizations ?? the chorus, the band, the
basketball team and especially the
football team. We are NUMBER ONE in
CONFERENCE ?? the first time in the
school's history. We have our fingers
crossed for the state championship. We
are very proud of our school and of our
ability to work together in all areas.
The poem which is enclosed ~ 1 Will
Not Go Back ?? has meant a great deal to
us and we hope that it will be meaningful
to you. We think that it has a message for
us all.
Again, we heartedly wish you a
Kathy Bounds, President
Several replies have been received by
the members. Sp4 Larry D. Womack
wrote "I received your Christmas card,
poem and letter a few days ago. And I
would like to thank each and every one
of you. It means a lot to a guy to know
that he's being supported by the people
he's fighting for Thanks a million."
Lt. Col. Kimsey Mode wrote "Thanks
to each of you for your concern. May
you never lose compassion for mankind.
My greatest wish is that you be permitted
to live ? and leach ? in a world which
knows peace on earth."
CW2 Charles L. Cook wrote "As a
career soldier, both myself and my
contemporaries are prone to be somewhat
critical of some of the ideals and actions
of some of the youth of your generation.
This can be attributed to the drastic
change in social environment since we
were in your age bracket, and. I guess,
we're guilty of refusing to cither face the
fact that changes must take place or else
misunderstanding your motives. The
actions of a few radicals among our
politicians, military personnel and youth
are blown out of proportion by eager
writers and editors seeking the
sensationalism which catches the
potential purchasers eye and we. the
public, are prone to associate these bits of
sensationalsim to the entire group and
develop misguided opinions.
"Youth such as you and you f .T.A.
contemporaries, your thoughts and
motives behind your actions, prove to me
that in my old age your country and mine
will be well managed by your
Names ol the military men were
obtained from lists published in The
Charlotte Observer and from students at
the high school.
In another recent project, h.T.A.
members planted six flowering plum trees
on the school grounds They plan to plant
several varieties of spring bulbs.
Cpl. Donald T. Parks
Awarded Bronze Star
Army Corporal Donald T Parks son of
Herbert A Parks. Montrose. recently
received the Bronze Star Medal near Sony
Be. Vietnam.
He was presented the Bronze Star for
d is 11 n y ui shiny himself through
meritorious service in connection with
military opciationc against hostile forces
in Vietnam. The medal, adopted in 1944.
recognized outstanding achievement.
Cpi Parks received the award while
assigned as a howitzer section chief with
Battery B. 1st Battalion. 30th Aitilleis of
the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile).
He entered the army in August l>W>
and completed Basic Training at Ft.
Bragg. He also holds the Air Medal ami
The Army Commendation Medal.
The 21 ? year ? old soldier is a 1967
graduate of Aberdeen High School.
His wife. Sandra, lives on Route 3,
School's Out
Schools will close tomorrow at 2 p.m. ?
lot Christmas vacation and will resume
regular schedules on Jan. 4

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