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The graduation exercises were well
attended Sunday afternoon at the
Hoke High Stadium and the rain held
off so that the weather fitted into
the affair in perfect manner. The day
as usual brought tears for some and
smiles to the faces of others.
The only complaint 1 have heard
concerning the day was that someone
should have been placed in charge of
parking in the parking lots. There
was no orderly manner, and if an
accident had occurred, it would have
been almost impossible for an
ambulance or car to get out of the
lot. These things happen, but by the
next year are corrected, so think
Sbout this when you attend
graduation next year.
The schools will close down
Friday for the summer vacation and
start again in late August. So be sure
to watch out for the children this
summer on the streets and highways.
The old saying goes that "April
showers bring May flowers". From
tire lodks of the weather chart this
week for the month of May, the
flowers had more showers. The chart
shows 11.2 inches of rain last month
and this compares to 9.2 inches of
rain in 1974. So, maybe it will soon
be a new saying that goes, "May
showers drown out May flowers".
The reunion of tire 1934 and 1935
classes of Raeford High School will
be held this weekend. The class of
1934 will have 19 of 34 members
present, and the class of 1935 will
have 30 members present. Not bad
after 40 and 41 years. More on this
event next week.
? Raz Autry sent in another letter
this week, and I will run it as it does
not concern the schools of the
county. It is something that should
concern all citizens, young and old,
,in Hoke County.
The letter follows:
Dear Sam:
I am sure drat you are going to say
"You have used your quota for this
year," but if you will allow me one
more letter, 1 would like to express
my deep appreciation to all the
adults and young people who helped
with the clean-up campaign
I would like to especially thank
the seniors. These young people
could have used the excuse that they
had already graduated so why should
they help, but they didn't. They
came out and led the way.
We sent 35 loads of beer cans,
bottles, and general trash to the
dump. We only touched the surface.
It was quite distressing and a real eye
opener for some of our folks.
If our citizens would just take a
few minutes to think, our county
would be a cleaner and more
beautiful place to live. It will take a
total commitment from all of us to
make any type beautification project
successful. We have made a good
start and I urge all of our citizens to
? Sincerely,
Raz Autry
" This letter is self-explanatory:
Dear Mr. Morris,
The members and leaders of
Brownie Troop 352 would like to
express their appreciation to their
sponsor, Howell Drug, and to the
Raeford United Methodist Church
for the use of its facilities during the
past year. We also wish to say a
special thank you to Rev. Kelly
Wilson and Miss F.thelyndc Ballance
for their kindness.
The consideration shown by the
above organizations and individuals
was instrumental in making this year
a successful one for the troop.
Mary Jo Lovette, Leader
Alice Glisson, Ass't. Leader
JRose's Office
Here Saturday
?The mobile office of Congressman
Charles G. Rose will be in Raeford
Saturday June 7 from 10 AM. - 3 P.M.
The van will be parked near the post
The first drawing for
kindergarten for the 1975-76
school term will be held Monday,
June 9 at 9 A.M., Superintendent
of Schools G. Raz Autry
A second drawing will be August
1 and a third drawing is scheduled
at the beginning of the school term.
A child whose name is drawn
during the third drawing will be
allowed to attend classes wherever a
vacancy exists.
Kindergarten classes will be held
al J.W. McLauchlin, Scurlock, and
West Hoke Schools. Drawings will
be held at each of these schools.
Ceilings On
Food Stamps
Go Up July 1
Maximum monthly income
standards for food stamp households
will go up July 1, the Department of
Agriculture announced.
For a one person household, the
new maximum is $215 per month,
up from the present $194; two
persons, $300, up from $280; three
persons, $427, up from $406; four
persons, S540, up from $513; five
persons. $640, up from $606; six
persons, $740, up from $700; seven
persons, $833, up from $793; and
eight persons, $926, up from $886.
The monthly coupon allotment
for all sized households eligible for
the program will also increase July 1.
The maximum allotment for one
person will be $48; two. $90; three,
$128; four, $162; five, $192; six,
$222; seven, $250; and eight, $278.
Information for households larger
than eight may be obtained front the
Department of Social Services.
Increases in food stamp benefits
are made semi-annually to reflect
increases in food prices.
City Budget
NoTaxHike, No Pay Raise
Gift And A Deadlock
At Hoke Board Meet
County commissioners gave a gift
and deadlocked on a vote Monday at
the June meeting.
The gift was a lounge chair
presented by the commissioners,
county manager and staff to
T.CJoncs, former chairman of the
board of commissioners, who retired
last fall.
The deadlock came on a
disagreement over sending youngsters
to a state youth council seminar.
With Commissioner J.A. Webb absent
due to illness, the board split
two-two on a motion by Tom
McBryde not to send any
representatives to a week-long
seminar at the Institute of
Government in Chapel Hill this
Approving McBryde's argument
that the budget was tight and cuts
had to be made somewhere, James
Hunt seconded the motion. John
Balfour and Ralph Barnhart opposed,
saying the seminar was an investment
in the future, when interested
citizens are needed to serve in local
McBryde's motion was defeated,
since there was 110 one to break the
tie, but a motion by Balfour,
seconded by Barnhart, to send two
students suffered a similar fate. The
cost of the program was estimated at
S50a student.
Dick Lovett, president of the
Chamber of Commerce, discussed
goals for tire Chamber next year and
asked for some indication from the
board on funding by the county to
help the directors decide on new
"I'm here to speak up for the
Chamber," Lovett told the board. "1
see the need for a Chamber of
Commerce now even more than
Lovett said the new slate of
directors intended to correct any
deficiencies in the Chamber's
performance and continue projects
such as securing dentists and
physicians and developing an area
"We want to make it a vehicle
worthy of the money appropriated
by the city and county," Lovett said.
After hearing from Jeff McNeill on
the operation of Four County
Community Service Agency, the
commissioners approved a resolution
to return most of the programs to be
funded under federal manpower
training grants back to Region N,
with a recommendation that the
training be administered by the Four
County agency.
McNeill told the commissioners
that his agency had been
administering the manpower
programs for years and could
administer Hoke's with no increase in
Because the agency salaries are
paid with other federal funds,
McNeill said that a larger portion of
the manpower grants could be used
to help the unemployed.
The commissioners agreed to
administer directly the public
employment portion of the federal
program and to have the county
school system operate the in-school
training program.
The board certified the roster of
Rockfish Fire Department for state
See GIFT, page 11
'Case Not Over*, Says DA
Driver In Manslaughters Pleads
To Other Charges In Mixup
The driver charged with
manslaughter in die highway deaths
of three people here in March
pleaded guilty in District Court to
reckless driving and driving left of
center because of a mixup which
had rumors flying and court officials
shaking their heads last week.
William Lowery, Jr.. 21, of
Wakulla, had been charged with
driving under the influence, reckless
driving, and driving left of center in
connection with the accident near an
Antioch church which left duee
people dead. He was indicted April
21 on diree counts of manslaughter
Lowery appeared in court May 23
widi no lawyer present, although he
had received court appointed counsel
in March. Lowery pleaded guilty to
reckless driving and driving left of
center and signed the waiver of right
to counsel.
Assistant District Attorney Lee
Johnson entered a nol pros with
leave on the drunken driving charge,
which means the state agrees to drop
the charge now but may reopen it
later. The Breathalyzer result is listed
as .00. according to records in the
Dupree said no announcement of
any plea bargaining agreement was
made to the court, and he accepted
the pleas and sentenced Lowery.
"I knew this man had been
charged with manslaughter in this
case, and I thought he was stupid to
be pleading, (guilty to the two
charges) but that's what he wanted
to do", Dupree said last Friday.
Lowery received a suspended six
month sentence. S150 fine, and a
two year probation period. Dupree
ordered he surrender his license for
one year.
Lowery apparently thought all
criminal actions against him were
being disposed of.
Probation Officer Larry Ingram
said Lowery told him: "Everything is
all taken care of, my lawyer told me
to plead guilty."
Lowery's attorney, public
defender Deno Economou, learned
of the May 23 judgment from a
reporter last Friday and expressed
"I don't know how that
happened", Economou said, "I
didn't know the case was scheduled
that week. He (Lowery) was
Area Incidents
Fire Eyed
As Arson
Arson is suspected in an early,
morning lire Monday at the County
Line Grocery on Duffey Road.
Sheriff D.M. Barrington said.
A caller reported the burglar alarm
was ringing about 12:30 a.m.. and
deputies found the back of the
building in flames.
The Red Springs Fire Department
put the blaze out. No estimate of
damage had been made by Tuesday,
but deputies termed it "thousands of
dollars", according to the report.
Barrington said traces of gasoline
were found at the scene, and SBI
arson experts were called into the
Barrington said several persons are
being questioned, but no arrests have
been made.
In other incidents, a Cumberland
County man has been arrested and
charged in the Sunday afternoon
shooting of a Ft Bragg soldier.
James Lamont Miller was shot
about 2:30 p.m. Sunday in the
parking lot of the Chess Club in
Arabia. Barrington said. Miller was
wounded in the abdomen by a shot
from a .22 caliber rifle, the sheriff
Miller was taken to Cape Fear
Valley Hospital where he underwent
surgery. He was reported to be in
'guarded' condition.
Lee Roy Keel, 27 Rt. 1, Parkton,
was arrested and charged with assault
supposed to be in court May lb.and
he wasn't here."
"I think what happened was a
mix-up", Economou said.
Johnson could not be reached lor
comment, and Assistant District
Attorney Duncan McFadyen denied
the state made a deal with Lowery.
"This is by no means the end of
the case". McFadyen said. "There
was no agreement of any kind
between the district attorney's office
and Lowery in exchange for these
guilty pleas".
McFadyen said an agreement to
reduce the manslaughter charges to
misdemeanor death by vehicle and
allow Lowery to plead guilty was
rejected by Superior Judge Hamilton
H. Hobgood in April because of the
judge's interpretation of the law.
Hobgood ruled that death by
vehicle, which became law this year,
was not a lesser included offense
under the existing manslaughter
statute, and therefore, new warrants
would have to be drawn up.
McFadyen said.
Conviction of manslaughter carries
up to ten years in prison. Death by
vehicle is punishable by a maximum
two year prison term.
Economou said nothing definite
had been reached on a plea bargain,
and termed matters "still up in the
air". He suggested that Lowery may
have misunderstood the exact nature
of the charges against him.
Economou, after conferring with
McFadyen, recorded a notice of
appeal of the judgment with the
clerk of court's office. Dupree said
he contacted Economou later and
advised him to file a petition
requesting the judgment be set aside.
Since Lowery had paid a portion
of the fine and also signed the
probation order, no appeal of the
judgment can be lodged. His
probation supervision has already
been transferred to Robeson County
Probation Office in Lumberton.
Lowery is also being sued for
$75,000 by the widow of one of the
victims, Calvin Stulu.
Bertha Hollingsworth
A suspect was arrested and
charged with murder in the stabbing
of a 27 year ? old Raeford man
Monday afternoon.
James Edward Pureed. Box 182,
Rt. 3, Raeford. was stabbed in the
chest at the home of William and
Sara Livingston in the Jones Hill
section. Sheriff D.M. Barrington said.
Puree 11 was taken to Moore
Memorial Hospital in Pinehurst
where he was pronounced dead on
arrival. The body was ordered sent to
the state medical examiner at Chapel
Hill for an autopsy.
Bertha McLean Hollingsworth. 26,
a granddaughter of the Livingstons,
was charged with the slaying and
ordered held without bond.
Barrington said Purcell was
stabbed in the front yard of the
home. A bloody knife with a six to
eight inch blade was recovered at the
scene and turned over to the state
crime lab.
Barrington said he had obtained a
statement from an eye - witness to
the killing.
A preliminary hearing for Mrs.
Hollingsworth was set for June 13.
Board Delays
Dress Codes
A decision on a new dress code for
the schools was postponed at least
until fall following discussion at the
board of education meeting Monday
According to superintendent Ra/
Autry, the board will wait for
recommendations from principals
and the school attorney before
taking any further action on dress
Turning to other business, the
board agreed to strictly enforce die
rule against solicitation in the schools
and prohibited the sale of paper and
supplies at school.
Teachct assignemnts were
approved and will be announced
tomorrow. The board adopted a
standard teacher evaluation form and
See DRESS CODE, page 11
A proposed budget with no
property tax hike and no
cost-of-living increase for city
employees was presented to the city
council at their regular meeting
Monday night.
A public hearing on the tentative
budget was set for June 19.
In a prepared budget message to
the counctlmen. City Manager John
Gaddy said recession has made it
necessary to hold expenditures as
close to last year as possible. The
overall budget is some $58,000 less
than die 1974-75 total, he said The
present tax rate is S.55 per $100
The unencumbered balance of die
1974-75 general fund made up of
stale and tederal reimbursements has
been re-budgeted for the coming year
to avoid a tax increase. Gaddv
No new major projects are
planned, but a 30 per cent increase in
utilities is added to both the general
tund and die water and sewer fund.
General fund expenditures
proposed arc $(>25,771.84. up
S5.. 12.59 from this year.
???? anJ sewer fund amounts to
S65 000 '7 m?re
Revenue sharing funds are
estunated at SI02.I68 for next year
dropping sharply from $231,089 in
this year's budget.
A two per cent increase in salaries
is in the budget to cover anticipated
overtime expenses, but a general cost
of living increase for employees is
not proposed. A three per cent bonus
was left in.
Some salary increases were put in
the budget to meet minimum
^commendations proposed m a
Jassification and pay plan prepared
for die city b> die Institute of
The council did not adopt the pay
plan proposal, pending further stud>.
The council voted to pay Si5.000
alter reviewing a report front City
s'Cfrinn Ucy Koom/ "" the
$54,000 cost overrun on a curb and
gutter paving project bv Crowed
C obstruction Co.
Kooncc's report concluded errors
were made in rite original survey s for
the work by both the contractor and
city engineers. Some figures in the
survey included onlv one side of
streets, and litis accounted for
discrepancies. Koonce said
Ihe council agreed last month to
Pay some $7,000 on the bill, and
Koonce recommended all hut $3 400
ot the remainder be paid.
Councilman Sam C. Morris was
critical ol the city's handling of the
matter and said "somebody
somewhere was pretty stupid"
i Chamber of Commerce President
ck Love It appealed to the council
to approve a S2.500 increase in city
money, lot the Clumber to hire a
fill I time manager ainJ planner.
S3.000 is put m the coming
SSOn it ""-'Chamber. up from
$500 allocated this year.
Councilman Sain Morris argued
against the increase and claimed the
membership ot the chamber should
support a manager, not the
ta\pa\ ers.
"I can't consciously sit here and
raise them tront $500 to S3.000
when we aren't giving city employees
a cost ol living uicrease." Mortis told
Me rest ol the council.
Pic council voted lour to one to
leave the lull amount requested in
Uic budget and adopted a resolution
me chamber manager "will work as
Sec BlJlXil: i. page 11
Fund For Kathy Begun
It takes sweat and money for a good athlete to reach for the stars.
For months. Kathy McMillan has been working hard, getting ready for a
crack at a spot on die U.S. Olympic team.
Now she needs the money to compete in some of the national
qualifying meets.
The Hoke Booster Club has voted to underwrite die costs to Junior and
Senior AAlJ Junior National Championship meets in White Plains, N.Y.,
on June 24-27.
The Boosters would welcome donations to the fund. Contributions can
be mailed to Hoke Boosters, Drawer J, Racford.
Kathy will be competing in three events at the AAU Junior meet for
athletes under age 20, running in the 100 meter and 220 meter dashes as
well as jumping die long jump. She will be trying for a place on the United
States team to meet the Russian juniors in Lincoln, Neb., on July 4-5.
She will compete in the long jump at the senior meet, unless her times
in the earlier junior races qualify her. The winners in die AAU senior meet
will compete with the Russian team on July 4-5 in Kciv and later in
Track coach Billy Colston and Mr. and Mrs. John Buchholz will
accompany Kathy to White Plains.

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