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The Hoke County News - Established 1928 The Hoke County Journal - Established 1905
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The tour of old churches, sites and
homes by the Hoke County
Historical Association last weekend
was very successful. The crowd that
gathered at the site of old Raeford
Institute was larger than expected.
Every stop seemed to increase the
group until approximately 75 were at
Wayside Community House for
The ladies of the Wayside
Xomm unity were gracious hostess to
The group and furnished cool drinks
and coffee along with homemade
cake for the group.
I would say the only midtap was
" the time involved in the tour. Of
course this was the first time, and no
one could even estimate the time
that it would take.
Anyway, everyone had a grand
time and will be looking forward to
other tours put on by the
See you the next time.
The Farm Bureau held its annual
meeting Monday night with good
attendance and a fine meal. This is an
occasion I look forward to each year.
The Class of 1966 of Hoke County
High School is planning its I Oth year
reunion to be held on November 29.
They are in need of the addresses of
three members of the class and have
requested that anyone that can help,
please do so.
The addresses needed are of
Thomas McLauchlin, Bobby
Steadman.and Stella Royce.
If anyone can be of help, please
contact Alice Glisson at The Bank of
The following letter was received
this week and reminds me of the
spirit for football that Chops
McLeod had back a few years ago. I
believe it deals with a football game
played last Saturday.
Dear Sam:
My good friend and Carolina
graduate, Ashwell Harward, asked me
Friday night if ECTC played football
and where was it located. I am now
ready to answer his question. ECTC
is kicated 110 miles cast of Chapel
Hill and YES they do play football,
Ashwell. I musl confess that at times
some of the opposition is
Raz, the Pirate
Now 1 won't get involved in this
argument about football since I have
two children who finished at UNC
Chapel Hill and a wife that finished
at ECTC at Greenville, but I will take
issue as to what this institution is
called today.
I was informed several years ago
by one, Eugene P. Smith, editor and
publisher of The Havelock Progress,
that the school was not East Carolina
Teachers College but East Carolina
University. I went home and my wife
said she graduated from ECTC at
Greenville and I tried to set her
straight after what Smith had
informed me. Now Raz comes back
several years later and uses the ECTC
' So now the puzzle has to be solved
again. So maybe Smith will give me
the reason it has gone back to being
called ECTC.
Anyway my son and wife haven't
discussed football much since last
Rose's Office
Here Friday
The mobile office of Congress
man Charles G. Rose will be in
Raeford Friday. Oct. 31 from 10
A.M. to 3 P.M.
The van will be parked at the
post office. Administrative assist
ant Rip Collins will be on hand.
By The Editor
(For a change)
- See page 2 -
(If you tear or deface or wrongly mark this ballot, return it and get another.)
I ]
(You miy vote for five)
) JAMES B. (Bennie) McLEOD
1 W. D. (Danny) MORRISON
State of North Carolina
Municipal Election, November 4,197S
City of Raeford
Chairman, Hoke County Board of Elections City Manager, city of Raeford
Tuesday, Nov 4 Election Day
Voters may choose five candidates out of nine names appearing on the ballot for city council and cast one vote for a
mayoral candidate in the municipal election Tuesday, Nov. 4.
Voters may mark their ballots for less than five city councilmen, but any ballot marked with more than five will be
void and not counted.
Write in votes may be cast for both mayor and city councilmen as long as the total for councilmen does not exceed
five and one for mayor.
The polls will open at 6:30 A.M. and close at 7:30 P.M.
Polling precincts are Raeford One (courthouse), Raeford Two, (old county office building), and Raeford Four (Hoke
civic center.
Only 5% Collected
UF Drive Far Short Of Goal
The United Fund drive has
collected only about five per cent of
its nearly $22,000 goal since the
drive began three weeks ago but
campaign officials are optimistic
contributions will pick up.
Total collected as far was reported
as $1,192.00 by UF chairmen Mr.
and Mrs. Eugene Carter.
Five divisions reported donations
as: commercial, $500; professional,
$247; L & S Railroad, $60; city,
county, federal,and state employees,
$3 IS; individuals, $70.
No reports have yet been turned in
from the larger industrial firms and
UF treasurer Sam Morris indicated
when these reports are received they
will boost the total.
"It's encouraging, it always starts
out slowly and then begins to pick
up", Morris said.
This year's goal is nearly $2,500
more than last year. The campaign
officially opened Oct. 6 and
canvasser's materials had been
distributed by the end of that week.
Eighteen organizations will benefit
from this year's $21,920.61 quota,
including $1,914.61 for Carolina
United, the arm for all national
agencies supported by United Fund
Local agencies will share the
remainder. Girl Scouts, S5.000; Boy
Scouts, $5,500; Red Cross, S4,531'.
White Cane, $750; 4-H clubs, $1,075;
Hoke County Rescue Squad, $1,500;
senior citizens, $150; Hoke County
Association for Developmentally
Disabled, $1,500.
Have Safe
Police chief Leonard Wiggins urged
motorists to use extra caution and
watch out for "trick or treaters" who
will be out Friday night.
"We're hoping everyone will be
careful. 1 don't believe there has ever
been a child hit by a car on
Halloween and 1 hope we can
continue without a tragedy", he said.
Wiggins recommended youngsters
stay in their own neighborhoods for
trick and tricking and adults
accompany smaller children who will
be begging for treats.
Board Asks
HUD Funds
Hie county planning board met
Monday night and elected officers
and then voted unanimously to
continue a push for obtaining federal
funds for county-wide development.
Charlie Morrison was elected
chairman of the board and Brown
Hendrix, Jr., was chosen
vice-chairman. Sarah Leach was
elected secretary.
A resolution was carried to request
the county commissioners take
action to apply for community
development funds under the
Housing and Urban Development
(HUD) program. No application was
made last year by Hoke to
The panel also endorsed a plan to
seek extended area telephone service
which would expand the local
exchange and link the system to the
Fayetteville - Ft. Bragg exchanges.
Telephones in Hoke County are
now presently scattered among many
different exchanges and calls within
the county are long distance for
many residents.
Jim Doughtery, who began work
on a long range land use survey under
a grant from the Department of
Natural and Economic Reaources,
briefed the board on details of a
preliminary survey he completed.
Bloodmobile Visit
Boosts County Fund
Friday's visit of the Bloodmobile
yielded 101 pints for the county's
fund, a slight increase over the last
quarterly collection and an en
couraging boost for the County's
Twenty five donors had to be
rejected, county Red Cross chair
man Clyde Upchurch said.
Upchurch gave the breakdown of
blood donors as 44 Knit-Away
employees. 25 from Burlington
Industries, and 12 city and county
government workers. The balance
represented donors from small
businesses and firms.
"It ran real well and it was an
improvement over the last visit."
Upchurch said.
The county's quota this year is
454 pints and 116 pints are needed
at each quarterly collection drive.
Upchurch said.l
Upchurch said officials were very
pleased with a large turnout of
women at this visit. 40 women
showed up to give blood and 12 had
to be rejected as unsuitable, he
The next visit is scheduled for
Jan. IS at the Burlington Plant.
Rec. Director
A Possibility
Gets 6Okay'
The Raeford Municipal Airport
received favorable comments from
Thomas W. Simmons of the program
office of the FAA District Office in
Atlanta last week after a visit to
check on provisions of money
granted in 1972.
Simmons was here to answer
questions of the airport committee
and to review the current project to
see if it justified buying additional
'The project is being reviewed to
see if it justifies buying additional
land. We will notify the airport
committee in a few weeks about the
results of our review," said Simmons.
'The airport is basically in good
shape. The pavement is good and the
markings are excellent. The airport
has two fixed base operators and
they seem enthusiastic and
interested," he added.
Simmons cited trees in the
transitional area adjacent to the
public road that leads to the airport
as the only problem.
"These trees should be topped.
We'll ndtify the committee about
this problem this week," he said.
Simmons said that there was a
need for more taxi-way spaces, more
paved apron area and tie-down spaces
at the airport.
These needs are outlined in the
$200,000 plus grant the airport
committee is seeking which awaits
Congressional action at the first of
the year.
Crash Kills
Hoke Man
A twenty one year - old county
man was killed Thursday when his
car ran off a rural road in Robeson
County and overturned.
Alton Eugene McGirt, Rt. I. Box
281-A, Shannon, was pronounced
dead following the 12:05 P.M.
accident about one half mile east of
Red Springs, according to the
highway patrol.
McGirt was traveling easi and
alone in a ll)70 Chevrolet on rural
paved route 1500 at a "very high"
rate of speed, according lo the
The vehicle went out of control on
a curve, ran off the road and struck a
ditch then crossed the road and left
the highway on the other side where
it overturned several times.
The patrol spokesman said there
were no witnesses lo the accident.
The car was termed a total loss.
Pay Boosted
The Hoke County Commissioners
bowed lo pressure and unanimously
passed a motion to budget $11,000
for I a recreation director on a
full-time basis at a special meeting
Wednesday night.
The $11,000 will be used to
supplement a $10,000 grant the
recreation commission already lias,
and will assure the new director a job
for a period of 18 months.
"We've come to ask you to tell us
to hire a recreation director," said
Mrs. Billy Postel, recreation
commission representative.
Mrs. Postel, Dick Lovett, Mrs. Iris
Davis. Younger Snead,Frank Bundy,
and J.H. (Buddy) Blue Jr., attended
the meeting representing the
recreation commission.
"We have two dilemmas. We have
$10,000 which would include
benefits reducing it to $8,750 which
is not nearly enough money for a
full-time person," said Lovett,
commission chairman. "$12-13,000
is what we need for the sake of
flexibility. We need $13,000 to get a
person with experience." he said.
"We do not have money to
supplement the needs of a full time
person." he added.
Lovett said that he was in hopes of
having enough funds to provide a
ratio of $3-3.50 per person in the
county for recreational purposes. He
said this situation would be ideal and
had hopes of it coming about in the
He said that the commission was
hoping for an increase for next year's
budget plus the salary for the
full-time director.
"We're hoping for a twelve per
cent increase plus salary for the new
director which would be about
$50,000 for next year. I'm saying
these figures are based strictly as
what we see as need." said Lovett.
"We've already spent in excess of
$25,000 for the recreation program
this year," he said.
The representatives pointed out
that the job of the new director was
not only to organize recreation
within the county but to apply for
federal grants that would add to the
recreation program.
"This Cluy (recreation director)
will probably bring in $100,000 in
federal grants in the first twelve
months." Lovett added.
"We're right on the threshold of
getting some real nice situations for
Hoke County." lie concluded.
"We need to try to get a good
qualified individual. With this person
as director, it could be a county
program and this has been stressed,"
said Mis. Davis.
County commission chairman
Ralph Bainhart pointed out that
county revenue sharing money was
the only source for money.
"If you're going to have a
recreation program, you've got to
have a full-time director." said
commissioner John Balfour.
Commissioners heard a plea from
Hank Btmdy of Rockfish for some
Sec DIR1 ( TOR, page I 1
Moonlighting Cut
Health Center Crisis
A new Army restriction
prohibiting military doctors
moonlight, creatcd a crisis for the
Moke County Health Center as it has
been without the services ol an
obstetrician ? gynecologist f*>r the
last six weeks.
Acting director Mrs. Susan
McKenzie indicated that the reason
for the restriction stems from the
malpractice insurance controveisy in
Cumberland County and a increase in
the number of patients needing
attention at Ft. Bragg.
"They have stopped all
moonlighting because of malpractice
and increase number of patients at
Ft. Bragg," she said.
Mrs. McKenzie said she was told
that the move was made to provide
doctors for military people who arc
on CHAMP US, which provides
medical treatment for military
personnel and theit dependents hv
private physicians, so that they
would be treated at Ft. Bragg and
reduce the use of the CHAMPUS
The action has severly curtailed
the family planning program.
"We've called all lite doctors we've
had in the past, hut we can only get
one once or twice so far," die said.
"We get a doctor every now and
then, hut not nearly as often," she
Sire explained that the doctors
that were available, came at a time
that was convenient to them it often
caused a change in the schedule of
the health center.
"Wo often have to drop our entire
schedule which means changing
appointmcnts. We have trouble
contacting some of the patients and
this causes a grand mess." she said.
She explained that the average
week brought about 30 patients and
the doctor received a regular state fee
of S35 per hout for his work.
"This is not as good as it sounds
because in a private clinic a doctor
can see live or six patients and make
S100 or more," she said.
She indicated that there was
always hope and that the board of
health, she, and anyone else who
uould help were looking for a
"There is always hope. We hope to
find someone some place, but we
don't know who or how or when/*
she concluded.

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