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Last week Robert Gatlin was by
the office and we were talking
about the big snow in Hoke County
in 1927. I didn't know at the time a
snow would come on Sunday
afternoon. So it seems like winter is
with us.
The snow Sunday was the first
time this has happened in Nov
ember in many years. I can't recall
a November snow, but according to
fcports in other newspapers it is the
first time since 1938 for this
section. If this is wrong, would
someone please correct me.
V The flakes were the largest I have
ever remembered seeing falling for
that length of time. If the
temperature had been freezing and
all the snow had stuck it would
have been a good size snow.
Anyway it was gone Monday
morning and the sun was shining as
this column was being written.
Getting back to the conservation
Gatlin and I were having last week
it concerned the state of affairs that
most families were in with two to
three feet of snow on the ground.
The roads were closed for three or
four days and everything was at a
In 1927 most folks had chickens,
cows, etc. at home and did not
depend on getting to a store for the
next days meal. Now so many of us
live from day to day by going to the
store for the next meal. So maybe
the folks of 1927 were more
prepared for.a big snow than we are
Not only from eating but they
had wood or coal to burn for heat
and preparing meals, but they also
had lamps or lanterns to be used
for ligfff.
So let's hope most of the snows
are like the one Sunday. Nice to
look at but gone Monday when you
have to go to work.
Bootsie Barrington was in the
office last week and said that her
family moved to Raeford in 1926
and they have had the same P.O.
Box number since that time. The
number is 153.
Since that time the post office has
changed buildings four times. It
was at the R. Cleaners building,
then at The Bank of Raeford
building, at the City Hall building
and finally in the Federal Building
where it is now located.
So the Barringtons have had the
same box number through four
buildings and almost 50 years.
The following letter was received
from Charlie Hottel:
Dear Sam:
As a tribute to all coaches who
have completed their seasons I
would like to share the following
with our sport fans.
A coach can never make a great
player out of a boy who isn't
potentially great. But he can make
a great competitor out of any child.
And miraculously he can make a
man out of a boy.
For a coach the final score
doesn't read so many points for my
,Jeam so many points for theirs.
Instead it reads: So many men out
of so many boys.
And this is the score that is never
published. And this is the score he
reads to himself and in which he
finds his real joy when the last
game is over.
This was copied and 1 feel speaks
so eloquently my feelings.
Yours for Good Sportsmanship,
C. Hottel
City Offices
All city hall offices except the
police department and the county
landfill will close for the Thanks
giving holiday Thursday, Nov. 27.
The police department and the
county landfill will continue regular
Garbage pickups regularly made
on Thursdays will be picked up
(Wednesday, November 26. Regular
garbage pickups will continue on
Friday, November 28. No garbage
pickups will be made on Thanks
giving Day.
A tradition for more than 350 years
This Thanksgiving, as we carve the turkey and en
joy the foods of the harvest season, let us remem
ber to be thankful for the freedom we enjoy. And,
as we approach the 200th anniversary of the United
States of America, let us pay a special tribute to the
Pilgrims of the Massachusetts Colony and our other
forefathers who came to the New World in
search of freedom. The Pilgrims of New England
established the tradition of Thanksgiving even
though their first years in the New World were
rough and the harvest was small. They were
thankful for their freedom and for the opportunity
to create a colony in a new land, carving a com
munity from the wilderness. We should always
remember these brave settlers, for it was they who
set the foundations for freedom upon which our
countrv is built.
Worship Tonight
The community Thanksgiving worship will be held at 7:30
P.M. Wednesday at the Evangelical Methodist Church on Green
St. in Raeford.
Rev. Lewis P. Jolly of the Second Baptist Church will deliver
the sermon. The Raeford United Methodist Handbell Choir will
A special offering to assist the local ministers association is
The annual Thanksgiving service is for all faiths.
Morehead Candidate
Dwan Swindell Upchurch. a
Hoke High senior, has been chosen
as the Morehead nominee by the
local Morehead committee, headed
by J.H. Austin.
Miss Upchurch. the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Upchurch. 711
N. Main St.. will represent the
school in district competition later
this year.
Morehead awards are given by
the John Motley Morehead Foun
dation at the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill for four
years of undergraduate study,
awards are based on character,
leadership, scholastic achievement,
extra-curricular attainments, and
participation in competitive sports.
Miss Upchurch is current presi
dent of the National Honor Society
at Hoke High and has been a
member of Fellowship of Christian
Athletes and Students in Action for
Education. She served as copy
editor of the annual, has been
active in band and chorale, and in
her junior year she was a marshal
for commencement and a nominee
for the Governor's School
She is active in the Raeford
United Methodist Church and a
member of the Handbell Choir.
Taxes Totaled
Net quarterly collections of sales
and use taxes amounted to
S57.8I6.92 here for the quarter
ended Sept. 30, 1975. according to
the Department of Revenue report.
Net distributive proceeds after
cost of collections were listed as
$57,344.32. Cost of collection is
S.852 per $100 of collections.
Total collections for the state
amounted to $30,936,606.82.
Dwan Upchurch
HUD Funds Proposal
Sewer Lines Urged
$50,000 Bonds Ordered
For Teenage Suspects
Three youths, charged with armed
robbery during an escape attempt
last weekend when they allegedly
took a young Hoke woman's car at
knife ? point, wiaved their
preliminary hearings and gave notice
of appeal after pleading to related
charges in District Court Friday.
Carl Thomas Hipp. Jr.. Fester
Mitchell Hawkins, and Edward
Nealy. all 17. pleaded guilty to
malicious injury to peisonal
properly, misdemeanor breaking and
entering and escape.
Tliey were senlcneed to two veais
tor the injury to personal property
charge, two years for the breaking
and entering charge, and IJ months
lot escape. The sentences are to run
The trio was placed in the Hoke
County Jail under SSO.OOO bond
each to await trial in January.
County Blocks Outside
Bid For Public Housing
County commissioners held a
brief special meeting Nov. 18 to go
on record as supporting the
Raeford Housing Authority as the
sole agency for public housing
within the county.
County managerT.B. Lester said
a formal reply was required to an
inquiry from the Department of
Housing and Urban Development
(HUD) concerning an application
from Earl Mann. Indian affairs
executive director, for certification
for 44 public housing units.
Since the Raeford Housing Author
ity intends to apply for units, a
motion to oppose any new certifi
cation of a housing authority within
the county is needed. Lester said.
The motion was carried unani
In other business, the commis
sioners unanimously approved by
motion the purchase of a trash con
tainer for the new county office
building. The cost is to be charged
to the revenue sharing fund.
The board also unanimously
okayed routine amendments to the
budget requested by Lester to cover
a recent manpower grant received
and a payment from the state for a
school health program.
A motion to approve an earlier
request from civil preparedness co
ordinator Bill Niven was carried
unanimously. Niven sought per
mission to erect fencing around the
office parking lot to reduce through
Man Slain, Woman Held
A young Hoke woman has been
charged with the slaying of a Hoke
County man Sunday morning and is
being held in the Hoke County Jail
without bond pending preliminary
Deputies received a call about
10:45 A.M. Sunday reporting that
there had been a shooting in the
Bowniore section of the county and
later found Lerov Torrenee. 2K, of
Rt. I. Box 13b, Racford. lying in a
field on his back with a shotgun
wound in his left chest, according to
Sheriff D.M. Barring ton.
Barrington said a .12 gauge
shotgun was located about twelve
feet from the body.
Beatrice Pureed% 25. of Rt. I, Box
123. Raelord, was at the scene of the
shooting when authorities arrived
and was charged with murder, he
He said medical examiner R.C?.
Town send pronounced Torrencc
dead and the body was sent to
Chapel Mill for an autopsy .
Barrington said the suspect
apparently stopped a car occupied by
Tor re nee, his brother Roscoe
Torrencc.and Ardrie Priest.
Me said Torrence and Priest
witnessed the shooting. and went for
A Dec. 5 District Court hearing
was set.
Second Man Jailed Here
A second Fayetteville youth has
been arrested by SB I agents and
charged with the Nov. 4 break - in at
Hoke Drug in which a quantity of
narcotics was taken.
Cavin Blacker. I1), of c>08 Hay St..
Faycttevillc, was picked up Sat urdav
by SBI agents at his home. Off. C.I .
Campbell of the Raeford police said.
Blacker, who was described as
unemployed, was returned to the
Hoke County jail and is being held
under $5,000 bond charged with
breaking and entering and larceny.
Another suspect, James Timothy
Coium, I1), of 1>0H Hay St., was
arrested last week in connection with
the drugstore break-in.
A Dec. 5 preliminary hearing was
set for Blacker.
txtension ol city sewer lines lo
krw income neighborhoods bordering
Kaeford was tiie overwhelming
choice ol citizens who voiced an
opinion on the proposed project to
be applied for under community
development funding at the final
public hearing Monday night in the
The county and city planning
board members, joint advisory
committee to finalize a proposal lor
the application, scheduled a meeting
i . ^ Tuesday to reach a
decision. Deadline for submitting the
application, which is to be prepared
by the N.C. Department of Natural
anu economic Resources, is Dec 15
estimated costs on the sewer
proposal, which was one of ten
suggestions received during the first
c'cf'"?j'n Nov- l8- were put at
$566,000 by Jun Douglitcry, planner
with the Department of Natural and
economic Resources.
Based on SI4 per linear foot.
Doughtery listed projected costs for
lour areas Jones Hill. $219 000
f'' "ly' $ 120,000; Shawtown.'
and Cope,and HiU
Doughtery. along witli senior
planner Susan Cheek, presented cost
proposals on two other projects
suggested earlier, rehabilitation of
substandard housing and
construction of multi-purpose
community centers.
Housing rehabilitation is rated
highest by the Department of
Houang and Urban Development
(HUD) as a community development
project with three points. Mrs. Cheek
i^il ili For'y units could be
rehabilitated tor about $120 000
according to their estimate.
A multi-purpose neighborhood
community center, rated at two
points by HUD on the priorities list
$10000.) a,ch,lcvcd for about'
land including purchase of
Recreation expansion, which had
gotten a strong boost at the Nov 18
hearing, was described as drawing
only a rating of one and a half points
ui the HUD priorities, and was
Mrs. Check explained that a
multi-purpose center, of which
recreation could be a pari, had to be
geared to a neighborhood of 10 000
or less persons lo qualify, but'any
project designed solely lor
recreationa! purposes could go over
the 10.000 persons stipulation.
It s difficult to get drfuiite answers
truni the HUD people. You can see
these things are being oriented to
ar?f cities, talking about
neighborhoods witli 10,000 people"
Mrs. Check said. '
Chief items of discussion from the
largely black audience at the hearing
were quickly narrowed to the
recreation ideas and the sewer
ii,.ReV' M" w'"iams spoke up for
Uie community centers, saying "we
need to provide a place for our
voung people logo", while parks and
cereal"," commission chairman
Loveftc urged using $100,000
oward improvements to the existing
live or Six community houses in the
county and $2 00,000 for
$ec SKWHR. page I.I
--- ?
WINTt'R IS //h'R/?- Although winter doesn't officially begin for nearly a month, Sunday's snowfall left no doubts in
spite of what the calendar says.

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