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- journal
The Hoke County Journal - Established 1905
When you write about the weath
er these days, ail you can write is
that it is bad winter weather. So far
we haven't had any snow cover the
ground, but from reports from the
western part of the state it will show
up here one of these days.
Randall Ashburn came in with
the following figures about the
temperature so far this year:
Degree Days. The average tem
perature over the State for the hall
month ending December 31. 1976
was 8 degree days, or 2% colder
than for the like period last year.
T For the season since September 1,
it was 571 degree days, or 50%
colder than the same season last
year; and 389 degree days, or 29%
colder than for a normal season.
As for this writer, he is looking
forward to Spring.
* * *
The men of the Raeford Presby
terian Church will try something
different for their January meeting.
President Duncan McFadyen said
that they would have a Breakfast
Meeting. Sunday, January 16 at
eight o'clock at the church. Mc
Fadyen said that the meeting would
last for one hour and would end
promptly at nine o'clock.
The speaker for the meeting will
be Chaplain David Peterson of Fort
So you men of the Presbyterian
Church that have had an excuse for
missing the regular Tuesday night
meetings each month, be sure to be
present. Duncan will not take the
excuse of another meeting, so 1 will
r see each of you there.
? * *
H.R. McLean brought some
interesting letters and papers by the
office last week, of which I would
like to briefly pass along the
contents to you readers.
A letter from A. P. Dickson. Jr.
dated August 12. 1908 and coun
tersigned by F.P. Johnson was to
the boys that had attended the class
of Miss Lizzie McDuffie. The letter
stated that to show appreciation to
her. the members were having a
portrait painted to be presented at
an Educational Rally to be held
that month.
The cost of the portrait, accord
ing to the letter, would be $30 and
each of the 60 students were asked
to donate $.50. The portrait was to
be painted by Miss 7.ula Tomlin
son. art teacher at Raeford Insti
The letter ended with this line,
"we feel sure the work will be good,
as she is also giving us a $50.00
painting for $25.00. the frame
costing $5.00."
Also was a card to Mr. McLean
from the Hoke County Local Board
requesting that he report for a
physical examination for induction
into the Army. It was dated
February 9. 1918 and signed by
John L. McFadyen.
* Also was a "Greetings" letter
dated May, 1918 for induction into
i the Armv. Mr. McLean said he
went into the Army the last of that
May and was in the trenches in
France in July. 1918.
This wouldn't give much time for
Thanks for the material. Mr.
? * *
Someone stopped by the office
recently and said they saw people
hauling garbage and placing this in
the new containers behind local
business firms. He said that the
containers were owned by the
businessmen and not by the city,
and were put there for business use
Maybe a sign on the containers
would stop people from putting
garbage in them. Time will tell!
* * *
An article in a daily paper that is
delivered into Raeford brought
' forth some comments last week.
The article was about the meeting
of the Hoke County commissioners
on January 2.
To quote a paragraph or two:
I "In another matter, county de
partment of social services officials
asked the commissioners to erect a
small building near the new county
office building so that employes w ill
have a place to hang coats.
"John Balfour, chairman of the
(See AROUND TOWN, Page 12)
City To Ease Parking Crunch
I'ARGh'.T AR/.'A -- This is one of scores of dilapidated a ml sub-standard homes in the section north of town
known as Jones Hill. The comity plans to spend SS7JHH) in federal funds to repair homes in Jones Hill. Cameron
Heights ami Silver City.
Housing Rehabilitation Task Force
Fixes Eligibility Requirements
The task force appointed by the
county last month to direct the
spending of federal funds for
rehabilitation of sub - standard
homes in low income neighbor
hoods met with state officials last
week and approved eligibility
guidelines for the project.
Danny Willis and Aubrey Jones
of the Department of Natural and
Economic Resources in Fayetteville
met with the group Thursday night
an finalized the application which
is to be used bv individuals in the
three "target areas" who want the
free aid.
Under the S87.000 federal grant
approved last year by the Depart
ment of" Housing and Urban
Development. the Cameron
Heights, Jones Hill and Silver Citv
sections north of the city are to t?et
the assistance. All three neigh
borhoods are predominantly black
with a high concentration of
dilapidated dwellings.
The task force agreed to set a
Beer Resolution
To Be Acted On
County commissioners are ex
pected to pass a resolution drafted
by the county attorney last week
which asks the state legislature to
overturn a section of the ABC laws
and allow Hoke County to ban sales
of beer on Sundays at restaurants
and clubs.
The resolution, prepared by
Charles Hostetler, says the county
wishes to "petition their repre
sentatives. work for passage of
an act. prohibit the sale of
off-premise beer at restaurants
between the hours of 1 p.m.
Sunday and 7 a.m. Monday". The
proposed resolution will be acted
upon at the commissioners' next
meeting Jan. 1 7.
The action is the latest maneuver
in the controversy over the sale of
beer on Sundays from restaurants
holding state brown bagging per
mits, which has been an issue here
for the past six months.
Grocery operators, who are not
permitted by Hoke law to sell beer
on Sundays, have claimed the
system is unfair because the restau
rants are allowed under their brown
bagging permits to also sell beer for
takeout. There are at least three
such restaurants in the county
presently doing so. (Beer is sold
only for takeout because Hoke
Countv did not approve on -premise
(See BE tR. Page 12)
Sb.000 maximum family income
ceiling for any household which
applies tor the program. An
additional S300 deduction for each
dependent will be allowed.
For example, a family with six
children with a total yearly income
of 57.800 would deduct six times
$300. or SI, 800. to give them an
adjusted income of S6.000.
The task force also agreed to
make the program open only to
owners who occupy their homes, or
occupants with a legal lifetime right
to occupy their homes, or
occupants w ith a legal lifetime right
to occupy the home. Task force
member Willie Featherstone Jr.
explained this provision would
allow certain individuals who do
not own a home to benefit.
"This is intended for cases ot
grown children who live in a home
belonging to their parents but the
parents may live elsewhere. As long
as a son or daughter has lifetime
rights to stay in the home they
would be eligible, as long as they
met the other requirements." he
The task force also set an
SI 8,000 maximum on total assets.
Any family with land and personal
property worth more than SI 8,000
would not be eligible.
Application forms for families
who want to be considered for the
program are available at the
Cameron Heights Neighborhood
Center on N. Main F.xt.
Deadline for submitting applica
tions is Jan. 31 .
Death Toll
Lowest In
10 Years
1976 recorded the fewest number
of fatalities on roads outside of the
city since 1%7 when eight persons
The total death toll for the year
stands at 1 1 persons, but this
includes three victims killed in a
crash inside the city limits.
According to reports compiled by
the Traffic Records Section of the
Division of Motor Vehicles in
Raleigh, the yearly average for
combined city-county deaths dur
ing the last ten years is 14. The
numbers of fatalities for the years
1968-75 were: 1%8 (14). 19f>9 "(13)
1970 (10). 1971 (30). 1972 (13)
1973 (11). 1974 (20) and 1975 (12).
The figures represent fatalities
outside of the city limits for ail
years except 1972 and 1974. 1972
includes one city death and 1974
Sgt. D.L. Minshew of the
Highway Patrol, the agency re
sponsible for investigating all
accidents outside of incorporated
areas, said better enforcement and
acceptance of the 55 m.p.h. speed
limit has helped to reduce the death
toll. Speeding is a major factor in
fatal accidents.
"We were very lucky. Let's hope
it continues." the sergeant said.
I he unemployment rate in Hoke
County for November was estimat
ed at ".5 per cent, according to the
latest report ol the Employment
Security Commission.
The jobless rate is a drop from
the October figure of 8.5 per cent,
how ever part of the decline is due to
a reduction in the total labor force
- the number of persons actively
seeking work.
I he number of persons out of
work was estimated at 590 persons
and the total number of employed
persons was put at 7.320. The total
labor force was estimated at 7.910
persons. Although the overall un
employment rate dropped, the
number of employed persons also
declined from the previous month.
All ol the data contained in the
ESC monthly reports is preliminarv
and subject to later revision.
The city council acted Mon
day night to help ease conges
tion in the central business
district by paving and lighting a
section of off-street property
bounded by Main St.. W.
Elwood Ave. and the A & R
railroad tracks.
City Manager Robert Drum
wright said he was scheduled to
meet with merchants Wednes
day morning at the Downtown
Merchants Association meeting
to discuss the proposal. Drum
wright said he already has
gotten an okay from three
businesses owning property in
the designated area.
Under the plan approved by the
council, the city would not pur
chase any land but would obtain
leases for the parking lot. Besides
the A & R. agreements would be
made with Pope's Variety Store.
Howell Drug Co.. Home Food
Market and Raeford Department
Store for space in back of Main St.
The county would have to give its
approval for the space behind the
county-owned buildings on W.
Drumwright estimated the cost
to the city for the entire project to
be about S7.000. He said the allev
leading off of Main St. near the
Harris Ave. intersection would
probably become one-way as an
entrance only for the new parking
lot. Cars would exit the lot through
Elwood Ave.
Although the plan is expected to
create fewer than 50 parking
spaces, council members feel it is a
step to ease the growing parking
problem. Onlv a handful of stores
in the downtown district have
off-street parking for customers,
and there are only about 80 spaces
along Main St. in the two block
area trom Edinborough Ave. to
Harris Ave.
The city manager said the work
could be completed b> March.
In other business Monday, the
council okayed a request front
Hoke County Medical Betterment
Association, a non-profit group, tor
funds to help defray expenses
incurred while trying to attract
more doctors to the area.
A five-member delegation repre
senting the Association told the
councilmen more than one physi
cian has been contacted in recent
I he group w as given $2,500.
The council appropriated S3.K0U
tor a new police car and also
earmarked S7.-432 out of the city's
share in federal anti-recession
funds for salaries ot dispatchers in
the police and fire departments.
Roger Dixon was appointed to
the Board of Appeals, replacing
Charlie Morrison, as an alternate.
Councilmen agreed to offer
$7,500 for a dragline which the city
of Lumberton is selling. Under the
agreement w ith the county , on
sharing costs of operating' the
landfill, the count) will pas 5 per
cent of the cost.
In a related matter, the board
(See PARKING |W I 2)
Last Part Of 1976 In Review
(This concludes The News
Journal's Review of 1976 with the
last six months of the year)
On July 4. good - sized crowds
braved a steady downpour to attend
the long ? awaited opening cere
mony for the $.150,000 new library,
Hoke County's official Bicentennial
project. The following night, the
skies over the high school stadium
were abla/e with color and light as
people enjoyed the first fireworks
display in many years.
The city council ends the snafu
over the sidewalk in front of the
library bv working out a compro
mise with the contractor to share
the costs of replacing the damaged
areas, and the misdemeanor charge
of destroying property pending
against the construction foreman is
County commissioners are kept
busy during the month as a dispute
between the only two ambulance
firms over the distribution of a
subsidy flared up. and more groups
exerted pressure on the Sunday
beer controversy. One commis
sioner and the social services
director are in the public eye for
attending a five - day convention in
a Utah resort area at taxpayer
"A two - car smashup west of the
city claimed another life.
People stayed glued to televisions
and radios until the news came -
Kathy McMillan jumped 21 feet
and 10V? inches to win the silver
medal for the united States in
Montreal! Her mother, brother and
high school coach Billy Colston are
oil hand to see it.
The Olympic star was welcomed
back home at the end of the month
with "Kathy McMillan Day" as
hundreds of people jam Main St.
for a motorcade and mob the
athlete at a reception staged at the
In August, the biggest news was
the primary election, as Hoke
voters closely followed the state
trends and also forced two local
contests - the county board and
register of deeds ? into run offs.
The beer controversy, brewing for
weeks, comes to a "head" when
commissioners deadlock 2 ? 2 on a
vote to allow all places to sell beer
on Sunday.
Neill McFadyen resigns as
chairman of the Raeford Housing
Authority as the group unsuccess
fully searches for a site for a public
housing development that will meet
federal requirements and not draw
opposition from homeowners near
by. State highway patrolman J.D
Thigpen and a Raleigh trooper are
charged with the abduction and
rape of a 19 year - old woman Aug.
19. An assistant elementary school
principal. Ronnie Branch, takes a
leave of absence following his arrest
by the State Bureau ot Investi
gation on a charge of grand theft.
The county finalizes the pur
chase ot land tor the new National
Guard Armory to be constructed on
401 - bypass. Schools opened at the
end of the month with first grade
enrollments showing an unexpected
jump, causing some overcrowding
at two schools.
The county recorded one Labor
Day weekend traffic fatality with
the death of a Ft. Bragg soldier on
a motorcycle. Undaunted, the pro ?
Sunday beer groups are back at
county commissioners' meetings
and get a new vote - this time it is .1
- 2 opposed. Danny DeVane wins
the Democratic run - off Sept. 14 to
take his place on the Democratic
ballot alongside Neill McPhatter
and Delia Maynor wins the nomi
nation for register of deeds -
assured of victory in November w ith
no GOP opposition.
Summerfield Industries of Rocky
Mount announces the acquisition
of the Raeford Knit - Away plant
which had been floundering in a
depressed market for most of the
year. Harry Williamson is named
new personnel manager at Burling
ton Menswear.
Hoke County is among seven
jurisdictions targeted for a special
federal census later in the year.
County commissioners adopt a get
tough attitude with mobile home
owners ducking taxes and approve
a new ordinance requiring regis
tration. and also declare war on the
pesky pigeon population at the
courthouse by hiring an extermi
Troopers Thigpen and Wiley
Snow are cleared of all charges
involving the alleged rape of Bobbie
R. Magee following a day - long
hearing before District Court Judge
Joseph Dupree in a courtroom
packed with the curious. City voters
narrowly approve the S200.000
bond issue and planning begin for
the new fire station. The library
makes more news as a giant goof
which sent 10.000 gallons of fuel oil
down the city sewer is discovered
and officials scramble to keep it
from reaching Rockfish Creek.
Harold Brock quits as elections
board chairman and is replaced by
Clyde Knox.
Rising crime reported in the
vicinity of several "juke joints"
operating out in the county
prompts the sheriff to announce
stepped - up surveillance tactics in
October. City councilmen double
the amount of deposit for new
water customers.
The library moves into its new
quarters and the public health
department begins the much -
publicized swine flu immuniza
tions. Carolina Telephone & Tele
graph announces voting will be
held the next month on the
proposed merger ut the Kactord
exchange with Favctteville. Cotton
harvesting gets under* av with a
bright outlook for excellent yields.
L.G. Simpson replaces lhonias
Wilkerson as tax listing supervisor
Upchureh School principal Karl
Oxendine receives a presidential
appointment in the National Ad
visory Council on Indian I duca
tion. Kathy McMillan, now a
freshman at Tennessee State Uni
versity. is nominated lor the
prestigious Sullivan Award. I he
211 - bypass, which produced a
storm of protest when it was
approved, is opened quictls to
traffic and the link to U.S. 401
becomes complete
A Wagram man is added to the
toll of traffic victims in an accident
on a rural route near the county
By the end of the month scare
headlines about the swine flu shots
have seriously damaged public
confidence and only a lew hundred
people have been vaccinated.
As predicted. Democrats made a
sweep on Nov. 2 and Hoke voters
also elected the first two women to
the Board of F.dueation. turning
out longtime incumbents D R.
Huff Jr. and A. Wilton Wood Jr.
The oil dumping goof at the library
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