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The weather is still on the cold
side but the forecast is for warmer
weather for the weekend. Last
Friday the temperature got up to f>0
degrees but took a plunge Saturdav
and was down in the teens earls
Monday morning.
The fuel situation is still critical
and most businesses are trying to
cooperate with Governor Jim
Hunt's plan to cut hours to 48 per
week. Of course you will always
have some that want to wait until
the law is enforced before they will
close. This could and should bo
done if the cold weather keeps on as
<n the past month. As the old
saying goes "what is fair for the
goose, is fair for the gander."
Think about this and try to
* * *
A call from Mrs. Frank Baker
last week was concerning the C ub
Scouts of Hoke County. It seems
that the youngsters of the county
want to be in the scouts but to have
Cub Packs you must have leaders.
Leaders are needed for the packs
that are already organized and 50
or 60 youngsters are on the waiting
list to get into a pack.
This writer realizes that everyone
is busy this day and time and that
someone else has more time than 1
do. Of course when everyone feels
this way that leaves no one to get
the work done. The end result ot
any project is the success or what
has been accomplished. Think lor ;i
few minutes at the number
stories on television and in tin
newspapers of kids that are m
? trouble with the law. Maybe il you
could give a few hours each month
a Hoke County kid would be put <>m
the right track. This is what
scouting is all about.
4 This is Scout Week and a way t<>
help observe it is to make up your
mind this week that you will oiler
your services to be a leader or an
assistant in a troop or pack.
If you can be of any aid call Mi
and Mrs. Frank Baker at S?5 ; > "
It will not be an inconvenience to
them for they are ottering then
time to this project.
Remember a youngster im the
right track today will In
community leader tomorrow .
* * ?
A short note is as follows:
Dear Mr. Morris:
Would you please mention in
your column that Februarv is
American Music Month. We all
derive pleasure from the music
created in our own country, ittitl
during this month, we pa\ tribute
to American composers and their
Thank you.
Mary Neil K ine
Chaminade Music Club
* * *
? The following letter once ayiisn
shows that the heart ol lioke
County people is on the right side:
? Dear Sam:
The people of Hoke Count \
always respond to a need it they are
asked to share with others. I hi\
was shown this year, as in forme
years, when the request was made
for gifts for patients at McCain
Hospital at Christmas time.
Twelve churches in the county
responded to the request fot
pajamas, along with toilet articles
and other gifts, for the 12 Hoke
County patients there at that time
Knit-Away and Burlington sent
toys for the children paticttts.
which will be used throughout tin
Mrs. Edith Huff. Executive
Director said, "on behalf of the
Mid-State Lung Assn. and the
patients I want to thank each of von
for the gifts which brought so much
happiness to our patients." Mrs
Nancy Marley. Regional Chairman
of Patient Services said: "we will
remember your generosity to a lot
of unfortunate sick people tor .i
4 long time to come."
There are existing needs tor
many things for the patients
throughout the year. A printed lis!
of these things is available from the
. hospital, from the Extension office
* (Mrs. Willis) or if you will contact
me at 875-2523.
My personal thanks to each and
all responding to the hospitalized
patients at McCain.
Jessie P. Nceley
Chm.Hoke County
Patients Services
McCain Hospital
Because of the energy crisis,
the dale of Democratic party
precinct meetings has been
switched Irom Feb. 10 to
Ihursdav. May 5. state party
chairman Betty McCain an
All precinct meetings will
begin at N p.m. on the new date
in each precinct polling place.
Makeup meetings in the event
a quorum is not present will be
Ihursdax May 12.
I lie new action will also
move i lie date of the county
convention back to Saturday.
June Is.
Precinct officers and pre
cinct committee members will
he elected at the May 5
Foil Wire
I w.i mon from Wilmington and
.t Bm'talo. NY man picked up
hen l>\ >h.crilt*s deputies last week
have been charged by South
t I .- ; .i .,'iilionties in connection
w,i! :i r :h. it ol a large quantity of
i, M-e from Duke Power Co.
Vaii! !) M Harrington identi
fied ' !,- suspects as Jesse Lee
Ml. i.- V viie.n . ,V?. of Wilmington.
Maiv- \ I te Cirav. 2"* of Wilming
t ? ? * . .Inn me Davis, 22. of
Hult.ii i. N ^ . Ihe men were
.meted i?v deputies J. Pcterkin
nr.! < K' Wilson in the early
mourn: bouts Feb. 1 after they
stop; >! three quarter ton truck
u or. I S. -401 near Puppy
< in k < i. vcrv \ variety of copper
,N., id IM III S.l'age 111
County Offices Cut Back
Hours, Stores Splitting
WARMTH Ray Seado. Green Pines Trailer Park, checks out a pair of
"long Johns " at a local department store. With thermostats lowered to 65
degrees by day and 55 degrees by night, area residents are resorting to
thermal underwear to maintain body heat. \ Photo by S.H Aplin |
County To Need Extra Help
For Electrical Inspections
( .unity commissioners learned
i in that one or more addition
al workers may have to be hired to
utirv out inspections when the
I limine River Flectrical Coopera
te Kuvis installing special switch
i's in customers' homes to cut power
( >imt> electrical inspector Jack
I il's i \pl. lined to the board during
lis ;vf>u'. ar meeting Tuesday morn
iii jc the co-op plans to install
ii>c switches on water heaters and
heating and air conditioning units
in to 2.000 Hoke County
hoi; ics it is a voluntary program
ami the co-op does not yet know the
cx.ict number of customers who will
I !?'.? plan is designed to cut the
anion: 1 ot power being used during
the (' ' }> m. period each day. or
peak load' period. The switches
will be cttvaicd by a radio signal
and will automatically shut otY
power tor a set length of time.
No inspection bv the county will
be required tor the switches on the
hcatine and conditioning units
bin 1 1 is required tor the devices on
the w .iter heaters w ithin 48 hours of
iusiallat 1011. I 'His said.
1 he objective of the co-op is to
cut customer demand and thereby
decrease the amount of wholesale
power purchased from Carolina
Power & Light Co.
The co-op will pay the inspection
fees and the company requested a
S5 set fee for each inspection, but
the commissioners voted to set the
fee at 57.50.
Ellis said the co-op plans to have
all the switches installed by June
and he said he would need at least
one other inspector in order to get
the work done by that time. Ellis
added that the county would lose
money on the plan if only $5 was
In other business, the board
accepted a bid from Hoke Auto Co.
for the purchase of two sheriff s
cars with commissioner Danny
DeVane dissenting after a lengthy
discussion over the exact specifica
tions of the Hoke Auto bid and one
from Raeford Auto Co., the only
other bid.
The Hoke Auto bid, for $9,987.
was based on cars with a 350 cubic
inch engine, the largest Chevrolet
makes, according to dealer Young
er Snead, Jr. The Raeford Auto bid
on Ford cars was based on 460
cubic inch engines, dealer Gordon
Ragsdale said. The Ford bid was
for SI 0.026.
Mill Shuts Down
M economic bad news tor the
.nv.i v.h'k ?ul) the announcement
i >1 tin. . losing ol Hadley - Peoples
M mtifacmring Co. textile mill in
Mik Midi Mhich idled approximate
K ???' a 01 kers.
NT s! > t the plant's work force bill .'if carl* last week while
.iK'iii "i1 employees worked their
l.i i il i\ Friday.
I'ian: manager Terry Hawkins
h.iit Ihui laid off and was
unavailable l>>r comment but a
spokesman. Milton Beck, said the
R?ickf?sh operation was no longer
protii.iblc enough to continue
t'l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L!
I hi plant produced yarn and
shipped about 20. 000 to 30.000
pounds per week but the present
market lor ravon is very slow. Beck
said. The company decided to move
the yarn manufacturing to its home
office in Siler City.
A few orders which hadn't been
filled by the time of the shutdown
will be completed in Siler City.
Beck estimated about half of the
workers left jobless were Hoke
County residents. The remainder of
the work force was made up of
Cumberland and Robeson County
No plans for the future of the
plant were announced, but Beck
said he understood the building
was up for sale.
Hadley - Peoples acquired the
property in 1975 and began
operations in October. The mill
had been idle since July of 1974
when Continental Yarn Co. shut
down operations.
Ragsdale told the commissioners
that he felt he had been "misled",
as he could have bid on cars with
400 cubic inch or 350 cubic inch
engines but instead he submitted
the most powerful police car which
he thought was the requirement.
In other matters, the commis
Appropriated S400 out of reve
nue sharing funds to match a grant
to send six emergency medical
services drivers to a special driver
training school at Maxton Air
Re-appointed T.B. Lester Jr. as
county manager since he passes age
65. mandatory retirement age. this
Approved boundary changes in
the West Hoke Fire District neces
sary for certification from the N.C.
Fire Insurance Rating Bureau;
Agreed to ask. for a meeting with
the district highway engineer as
soon as possible to discuss drainage
problems in the Bowmore area;
Approved a concurrent resolu
tion requested by the state endors
ing a secondary road improvement
project (widening of SR. 1116 from
N.C. 211 to SR. 1135);
Adopted the affirmative action
plan presented by planning director
Bill Altman to be included in the
overall personnel ordinance;
Approved the new Crestline Fire
District for financial assistance;
Okayed a transfer of SI 10 to a
fund to cover the cost of instruc
tional materials needed by the
finance department;
Agreed to fund the position of
program director at Sandhills
Youth Center until July 1. using
surplus funds from a manpower
Appointed the following citizens
as trustees for the community
houses in these townships: L.A.
McGougan. Carl Pratt. A S. Bald
win. Dave Currie and Arlis Wright
(Allendale). Brown Hendrix Jr..
Mrs. J.W. Hayes, George Shook.
Gertrude Daniels and Clarence
Eden (Stonewall).
The board tabled a request from
Onslow County seeking a resolution
to be presented to the state
legislature on mandatory jail terms
for drunken drivers.
County government offices began a four-day. 32 hour work week
Monday in response to Gov. Hunt's appeal for energy conservation,
but the voluntary cooperation by stores to curtail operating hours to
48 hours a week collapsed almost before it began.
County commissioners met in special session last Thursday at 9
a.m. and formally adopted the shorter work week after rejecting the
governor's plan of four days. 40 hours a week for state employees.
Commissioner Danny DeVane, who introduced the motion for the
32 hour week, argued that keeping offices open for an additional two
hours daily would waste energy because more heat would be required
in the late afternoon and evening. County manager T.B. Lester Jr.
also favored the shorter week after many department heads called to
the meeting acknowledged that all of the necessary work could be
accomplished in 32 hours instead of 40.
The commissioners' order applies to all county offices except the
sheriffs department and the courthouse. The Clerk of Court,
magistrate and Register of Deeds offices will continue to operate
Monday through Friday. However, the probation and parole office
and the juvenile court counselor's office will be closed Mondays.
The order was adopted with the provision that all Mondays are to
be declared official holidays so all workers will continue to be paid
for a 40 hour week.
The board also ordered that temperatures within all county
buildings be maintained at 65 degrees during working hours and
turned back to 60 degrees or lower during non-working hours.
The public library, normally open six days a week, will be closed
Mondays and Tuesdays under the plan.
The health center canceled its children's immunization clinics
held on Mondays and re-scheduled them for Fridays from 1-4:30
The action will not affect the school system or the board of
education offices which will continue on regular schedule. School
Supt. G. Raz Autry last week eased the restrictions on nighttime
athletic events and announced that basketball games would be
played beginning at 4 p.m. All other night activities have been
Sandhills Community College announced that all adult education
night classes held in Hoke County are canceled until further notice.
The Downtown Merchants Association met Friday and announced
its members would cooperate with the governor's request on cutting
back store hours, but early this week the plan began falling through.
The Raeford A&P Supermarket posted new hours effective
Sunday but early Tuesday it announced it would resume regular
hours immediately following the Monday announcement by
Winn-Dixie that its stores were bolting from the voluntary plan.
A&P manager Cicero Sullivan said he was notified Tuesday
morning by the head office in Charlotte to drop the 48 hour plan.
B.C. Moore & Sons and Mack's Variety, also in the Edenborough
Shopping Center, both announced new 48 hours a week schedules
and said the A&P decision would not influence them
Many retailers in and outside the city, however, reported they had
no plans to curtail hours to conform to the governor's request.
One member of the Merchant's Association who asked not to be
named declared the "only way to get it to work is to make it
Bob Harrell of Harrell's Grocery said he had no intention of
curtailing hours at his store and said it would cost him just as much
to close as to stay open.
William Hales, owner of Puppy Creek Grocery in the eastern end
of the county, said he couldn't reduce hours because it would
inconvenience many of his customers who come in at different times.
David Hendrix at Arabia Cash Mart said he wouldn't curtail
hours because his competition in the area wasn't doing so.
Restaurants in city seemed to be going along with the conservation
request. Both the Southern Restaurant and the Familv Restaurant
(See CUT BACK, Page 11)
Bobby Gentry
New Councilman
City councilmen agreed unani
mously Monday night to accept
Bob M. Gentry as a council
replacement for David Lovett who
resigned last December.
Gentry. 45. was sworn in and will
fill the unexpired term which ends
next December. He is a past
president of the Chamber of
Commerce, past post commander
of American Legion Post XX (Hoke
County), a member of the Kiwanis,
and serves as chairman of the
administration board of the Rae
ford United Methodist Church.
Married to a Hoke County school
teacher, the former Eleanor
Stewart of Roxboro. Gentry claims
to have lived in Raeford as many as
five times, moving away and then
returning. The father of two sons
and a daughter, he spent 16'/j
years working for Burlington
Industries. He was the personnel
manager at the Raeford Worsted
Plant from 1971 - 75. Then in
January of 1975 he opened Gentry's
Tire Center on Main St.
Gentry attended elementary
school in Raeford, graduated from
high school in Roxboro and earned
a degree in business administration
from the University of South
Gentry said, "I'm delighted to be
appointed and will try to uphold my
In other business, councilmen
f ft* /
Boh Gentry
approved the $6,200 purchase of a
dragline from N.C. Equipment Co.
According to Robert Drumwright,
city manager an offer previously
extended to the city of Lumberton
for a dragline was rescinded. The
county will pay 75 percent of the
cost of the equipment.
The contract with the N.C.
Department of Transportation for
the airport project met with council
See GENTRY, Page II)

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