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    In District Court
Traffic, Check Cases Heard
The following Hoke County Dis
trict Court judgments were issued
Lacy Gregory Dockery. Rt. 1,
Box 136, Raeford, driving under
the influence, and failing to stop
for a police warning light and siren,
90 days suspended for 12 months,
$ 1 50 and costs, and not drive for 1 2
Thomas Edward Baker, Char
lotte, speeding 70 in a 55 zone,
prayer for judgment continued,
Eugene Roger Seaford III, Rt. 1,
Box 99E, Aberdeen, speeding 55 in
a 35 zone, S15 and costs.
Lelia Purcell McMillan, Rt. 3,
Box 275. Raeford, speeding 67 in a
55 zone, S10 and costs.
William Michael Frazee, Rt. 4,
Fayetteville, expired inspection cer
tificate, costs.
Ronald Dwight Nave, 216
Roberts St., Raeford. driving
under the influence, 90 days sus
pended for 12 months, $150 and
costs, surrender license and not
drive for 12 months, limited
driving privilege granted, and com
lete successfully within 75 days the
Drug and Alcohol Abuse School.
Jayronnie Campbell, Rt. 1. Box
117, Raeford, larceny, 181 days
suspended for two years, probation
for two years, SI 00 and costs, and
not go on the premises of the
prosecuting witness (Macks Stores)
for two years.
Clifford Dan Yoder, Fayetteville,
speeding 66 in a 55 zone, prayer for
judgment continued, costs.
Rodney P. Sommerville, Camp
Lejeune, littering, S10 and costs.
Otis Charley Galberth, Rt. 4,
Box 21, Raeford, driving under the
influence, six months suspended
for 12 months, $400 and costs,
surrender license and not drive for
12 months, limited-driving privi
lege granted, and complete success
fully within 75 days the Drug and
Alcohol Abuse School: trans
porting an alcoholic beverage con
tainer with seal broke, voluntary
dismissal by the prosecutor.
Edward Randolph Johnson. Jr..
Fayetteville, possession of mari
juana, $50 and costs.
Thaddies Lewis Butler. Fayette
ville. speeding 48 in a 35 zone,
prayer for judgment continued,
E-3 Beauford Broadus Hartin,
Jr.. Ft. Bragg, speeding 76 in a 55
zone. 30 days suspended. $25 and
Willie Junior McDowell. Toledo,
O., driving under the influence, six
months suspended for two years.
S200 and costs, and not drive for
two years except as provided for by
Tommie Junior McDonald. Rt.
3, Box 644, Raeford, aiding and
abetting allowing a person under
the influence to drive, six months
suspended for 12 months, $300 and
costs, and not drive for 12 months.
Betty Andrew McNeil. 413 W.
Sixth Ave., Raeford, intoxicated
and disruptive, pleaded not guilty,
found guilty, prayer for judgment
continued, costs.
Under and by virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 105-369 of the General Statutes of North Carolina
and pursuant to an order of the City Council of the City of Raeford, dated April 8th, 1982. 1 will offer for sale and
will sell at public auction, for cash, to the highest bidder at the City Hall in Raeford, North Carolina, at 12 o'clock
noon on May 10th, 1982, liens upon the real estate described below the non-payment of taxes oweing for the year
1981. The amount advertised will be increased by interest and costs and the omission of interest and costs from the
amount advertised will not constitute a waiver of the taxing unit's claim for those items. No bid will be received
unless it is at least equal to the principal amount of the taxes advertised plus interest and costs accrued thereon at
the date of sale. The real estate that is subject to the lien, the name of the person to whom the property is listed for
taxes, and the principal amount of the taxes are set out below. Reference is made to the records in the office of the
register of deeds of this county and in the office of the tax supervisor of this county for a more particular
description of the real estate.
. This 8th day of April. 1982.
Charles & Julia Augustoni, Brock Lot #17-A S5.16
Ollie S. Augustoni, Sixth Ave. Lot #18 21.39
James Baker. Gillis Lot 1-A 30.18
C.C. Barefoot & B. Johnson. Main St. Lot #29 357.84
J.C. & Mildred Barrington,
Fifth Ave. Lot 30- A- 1 130.05
James W. Baxley. Jr., Donaldson Lot 14-B 1.91
James W. Baxley. Jr.. Donaldson Lot 14- A 99.43
Annie L. Bease. Edinborough Lot 29 82.74
Larry D. Beatty & wife. Lot 26- D 99
Ernest Bethea, Lot 14 99
Helen J. Billlnger. Robbins Hgts. Lot 78 52.29
Leon & Gertude Bruton. Pineridge Lot 2 136.65
John Cecil. Sunset Hills Lot 26 55.62
Willie & Addie M. Campbell. Pineridge Lot 1 1 82 99
Brenda G. Cobb. Pineridge Lot 5 89.34
Arthur Cunningham. Wooley St. #4 36.87
Gloria Faye B. Currier, Lot 66 Robbins Hgts. 38.70
Charles V. Daniels Et Al, Res. 17 38.88
Gloria J . Daniel & Jan Baker. Stephens Lot 25 7.02
Sallie L. Daniels, Donaldson Ave. Lot 13-A 104.61
Jeffrey L. Davis. McNeill Lot 1 & 2 329.97
Bobby & Gladys B. Edens, Holly Park #2 64 42
Joe Edwards, Jr.. & wife. Stewart St. Lot 11 34.62
Marvin & Carolyn A. Ellis.
Res. Prospect Lot 43 145.98
Marvin & Carolyn A. Ellis, Stewart St. 14 35.94
Marvin & Carolyn A. Ellis. Sixth St. Lot 31 54.36
Marvin A Carolyn A. Ellis. Donaldson St. 25 28.20
KleasonL. Fish. Wright St. Lot #19 91.94
H.S. & Lillian Floyd. Sunset Hills Lot #10 60.60
H.S. & Lillian Floyd. Wright St. Lot #9 57.42
Rachel Foster. Heirs, Lot #10 39.93
William H. Gill & Betty. Res. Prospect 20.13
Hamilton Grace. Boyles Lot 1 1 Part of 12 95.25
Alma R. Graham. Sunset Hills Lot #9 103.35
Mack C. & Evelyn D. Graham.
Robbin Heights Lot #60 49.43
Raymond L. Hales & Wife. Sunset Hills Lot 29 93.45
James Hall. Jr.. Edinborough Lot 26 76.89
Dorothy A. Hayes, Lot 68 Robbins Heights 61 .55
Mary Lee Hill. Reaves St. Lot 20 & 24 181.98
Delton Hardin . Jackson Lot 26 61 .65
Carl W. & Ann Jackson. Wright St. Lot 4- A 33.51
Genell Jackson. Lot #13 10.86
Genel I Jackson. Lot #16 2.28
Theodore Jackson. Lot #1 82.68
Harold & Brenda Kellis, Jackson St. Lot 44 142.03
James Alton Leach. Lot 2 109.82
James Alton Leach, Lot 1 1.72
James C. & Larue B. Lentz. Funeral Home 71 .01
Phyllis D. Leslie. McNeill Lot 10 137.58
Thad Marks & wife. Edinborough Lot 2-D 205.23
Helen Ruth Monroe, Robbins Hghts. 62.80
Cynthia A. Murchison, Bethel Rd. Lot 87 86.92
Fritz Murray. Heirs. Autry Res. Lot 18 44.28
Heirs Mary D. McBryde. Res. Roberts St 65.80
W. Allen McDonald, Jr., N. Main Lot 1 73.41
W. Allen McDonald, Jr., Main St. Lot 24 & 25 384.51
W. Allen & Betty McDonald, Lot 16-B 102.21
Dennis & Martha McGregor,
Holly Park Lot 32 141 .84
Rose M. McGregor, Pineridge Lot 7 1 10.72
Odessa McKinnon. Robbins Hgts. Lot 36 46.1 1
Donella McKoy. Robbins Hgts. Lot 56 41.49
McLauchlin Co.. Warehouse Lot 21 184.68
McLauchlin Co.. Main St. Lot 27 137.64
McLauchlin Co.. Edinborough Lot 2IA 39.24
McLauchlin Co., Main St. Lot 27-B 260.04
McLauchlin Co.. Mark's Store 255.90
McLauchlin Co.. Main St. Lot 27-A 1 12.80
DeLarry & Joyce McLean, Lot 24 124.32
Flora L. McLean. Robbins Hgts. Lot 53 68.46
Flossie McLeod, Sunset Hills Lot 10 78.60
Barbara Ann McNeill, Robbins Hgts. Lot 65 . . .39.30
Mrs. Frances McM. McNeill.
Robbins Hgts. Lot 50 37.49
John W. McPhaul, El wood Ave. Lot 12, 330.00
Betty S. Smith
City Tax Collector
John W. McPhaul, Res. & Lot 19 & 20 154.11
Major J. & Shirley McQueen.
Robbins Hgts. Lot 33 57.48
Murphy McRae, Sr. Heirs,
McLauchlin Lot 32 61.38
Luther Paul. Res. Adams St. Lot 53 60.81
Pilot Equities. Inc., Main St. Lot 26 537.24
Pilot Equities. Inc.. Pineridge Lot 15 104.55
Pilot Equities. Inc.. Sinclair Lot 29-A 84.15
John Scott Poole, Dickson Lot 44-A 3.72
John Scott Poole, Prospect Ave. Lot 39 190.1 1
John Scott Poole, Store Bldg. Lot 4 129.78
John Scott Poole, Thomas Lot 36 2.52
Raeford Auto Co 1671 .42
Raeford Auto Co., Donaldson Lot 11 10.50
Matthew & Fannie Sanders.
Robbins Hgts. Lot 29 24.24
Helen Sellars & Linda Uppercue,
Res. 6th St. Lot 12 34.26
W.C. Sellars, Main St. Lot 47 153.30
Service Ins. Realty.
Baxley McLauchlin Lot 38 38.28
Service Ins. Realty, Office Lot 21 109.47
Service Ins. Realty. Pinewood Sub. Lot 76 10.80
Service Ins. Realty. Pinewood Lot 15 12.60
Service Ins. Realty, Pinewood Lot 14 16.14
Service Ins. Realty, Pinewood Lot 13 1 1 .28
M.K. Sessoms, Jr. & Wife. Lot 7- A 153.12
Malcolm K. Sessoms, Jr. & wife.
Jackson St. Lot 26-A 8.72
M.K. Sessoms. Jr. & wife.
Esso Station & Store 99. 1 4
M.K. Sessoms. Jr. & wife.
Oakwood Ave. Lot 28- A 80.06
Oral Singletary & wife.
Robbins Hgts. Lot 34 69.51
Robert L. Singletary, Jackson St. Lot 2-C 88.77
Yvonne Southerland, Reaves St. Lot 27 103. 1 1
Ralph E. Stewart, Jr. & wife.
Sunset Hills Lot 29 84.88
Harvey H. & Emma B. Stocks,
Sunset Hills Lot 31 78.39
Crawford L. Thomas & wife. ?
Res. Magnolia St. Lot 15 307.98 |
Annie N. Walker, Res. St. Pauls Rd. Lot 34 .... 11.73
Annie L. Walker. Lot 23 2.04
Heirs Sandy Washington, McLauchlin Lot 36 . . 1 1 .22
Franklin R. Watts, Elwood Ave. Res. Lot 39 . 126.21
Wright & Best. Inc., Central Ave Lot 4 169.38
Wright & Best. Inc.,. Lot 22 10.08
J.H. Wright, Central Ave. Lot 28 A 12.24
J.H.Wright. Holly Park Lot 17 11.82
J.H. Wright, Harris Ave. Lot 1 19.92
J.H. Wright, McMillian ShularLot 12 4.86
J.H. & Aline McP. Wright, t
Oakwood Ave. Lot 25A & 25B . . 14.88
J.H. & Aline McP. Wright. Green St. Lot 19 . . .26.16
J.H. Wright. Johnson & Wiley Edwards.
Niven Sub. Lot 26-E 13.62
J.H. Wright. Johnson & Wiley Edwards,
Niven Sub. Lot 26- J 3.18
J.H. Wright & Johnson,
McLean Lot 2A.3A. 1A.4A.5B 222.00
J.H. Wright. Johnson Sc Sessom.
Page Trust Co. Bldg. Lot 13 348.%
J.H. Wright Sc Bernard Bray.
Stewart St. Lot 17 26.46
J.H. Wright Sc Aline McP. Wright,
Main St. Lot 49 85.38
J.H. Wright & wife. Lot 8 F Maultsby 20.64
Julian H. Sc Aline M. Wright,
Donaldson Lot 17 9.72
J.H. Wright Sc wife. Lot 8-E Vacant Lot 1 27.90
J.H. Wright Sc wife, Prospect Ave. Lot 8 44.94
J.H. Wright. Wright & Cote Lot 2 23.70
J.H. Wright, Wright & Cote Lot 35 ...: 7.62
J.H. Wright. Lot 30-A Dickson St 2.76
J.H. Wright. Lot 30 1.20
J.H. Wright Sc wife. 8 Lots Holly Park 52.41
J.H. Wright Sc wife. McLean Lot 3 37.92
Greg Harman March ant. Ft.
Bragg, driving under the influence,
and failing to drive on the right,
voluntary dismissal by the prose
cutor; careless and reckless driving.
90 days suspended for 12 months.
$25 and costs, and S150 restitution
to Gloria Ann Long of Thomasville.
Bradley Franklin Lucas. Ft.
Bragg, aiding and abetting, al
lowing Marchant to drive in a
careless and reckless manner, 90
days suspended for 12 months, S2S
and costs, and S12S restitution to
Gloria Ann Long, Thomasville.
Betty Clark Collins, Rt. 2,
Maxton, worthless checks, 90 days
to six months suspended for two
years, probation for two years,
S 1 34.2 1 restitution to Economy
Food Center, 572.78 restitution to
Economy Food Center, and S45.68
restitution to Economy Food Cen
ter. and costs; failure to appear for
trial on worthless check charges, 30
days suspended, costs.
Keith Tremaine Smith, driving
under the influence and driving
while license revoked, 12 to lo
months suspended, probation for
two years, $450 and costs, and not
drive for two years.
Joseph Cerveny, Fayetteville,
driving while license revoked, 12
months to two years suspended for
four years, $300 and costs, and not
drive for four years except as
provided for by law.
Michiel Milford Coor, Golds
boro, speeding 65 in a 55 zone,
voluntary dismissal by the prose
cutor; exceeding a safe speed,
prayer for judgment continued,
Grady Melvin Harris, Rt. 1,
Marston. speeding 65 in a 55 zone,
voluntary dismissal by the prose
cutor; exceeding a safe speed,
Samuel Ray McCormick, Box
1 165, Laurinburg, speeding 82 in a
55 zone, voluntary dismissal by the
prosecutor; careless and reckless
driving, $35 and costs.
James Earl Lisenby, Rt. 2,
Raeford, driving under the in
fluence, pleaded not guilty, found
not guilty, found guilty of careless
and reckless driving after drinking.
30 days suspended $100 and costs,
and complete successfully the Drug
and Alcohol Abuse School within
75 days.
Homer V. Pate. Rt. 1. Box 106.
Aberdeen, worthless checks, eight
counts, six to 12 months, and
another count, six to I? months, to
begin at the expiration of the first
James Ray Polk. Fayetteville,
worthless checks, two counts, 181
days on each, to run consecutively:
the court recommends work release
provided he pay one-fourth of his
net earnings toward restitution in
these cases.
Palmer Lamb. Jr.. 1525 Moore
St.. Raeford. worthless checks, six
to 12 months on one count. 30 days
on each of 10 other counts, to run
concurrently, suspended, proba
tion for two years, make restitution
of S20 to Jackson's FMA. S10 to
Jay's Pantry. S40 to Raeford Cloth
ing Outlet. S20 to Home Food
Market. $10 to Edinborough Phar
macy. $20 to Howell Drug. $20 to
Popes Stores (court costs remitted).
$15 to Popes Stores (costs re
mitted). $10 to Economy Food
Center (costs remitted). $15 to
Edinborough Pharmacy (costs re
mitted). and $15 to Economy Food
Center (costs remitted)
Friday's judgments follow .
Carolyn D. Campbell. Rt. 2. Box
74. Raeford. welfare fraud. 181
days suspended for three years, on
condition she pay $167 for the
benefit of the Hoke County Depart
ment of Social Services.
Lacy Lee Daniels. Rt. 1. Box
129, Raeford. assault by pointing a
gun, and larceny, 181 days sus
pended for three years, $75 restitu
tion to Willie Mcintosh and costs.
Charles Ray Bryant. Rt. 3,
Maxton, possession of marijuana,
voluntary dismissal by the prosecu
tor; carrying a concealed weapon,
90 days suspended, $100 and costs,
and weapon (.38 caliber handgun)
to be confiscated and disposed of
by law.
John T. Baker. Rt. 2. Raeford.
assault on a female, found not
guilty, prosecuting witness to pay
costs for frivolous and malicious
Willie E. Jones. 228 Maxwell St..
Raeford. worthless check. 90 days
suspended. S21b.04 restitution to
Sears. Roebuck, and costs.
JetYery Owen Purcell. Rt. I. Box
12b. Raeford. driving under the
influence, pleaded not guilty,
found guilty, six months suspended
for 12 months. S250 and costs, and
not drive for 12 months except as
allowed by law (left open for
limited-driving privilege).
The Mayor and City Council throughout the
year, appoint citizens to various City Boards and
Commissions. ARE YOU INTERESTED in serv
ing on one of these Boards or Commissions? The
Mayor and City Council would like to know who
you are and of your interest. The City of Raeford
needs people who have a genuine interest in local
government and the City of Raeford. Please
forward your name, address, phone number and
any other pertinent information you feel appro
priate to the Office of the City Manager, P.O. Box
606, Raeford, N.C. 28376.
Mayor and City Council
City of Raeford
_ //eri eaqe
# Federal S
Savings (r Loan Association
Plus 15 Other North Carolina Locations

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