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The Hoke County News - Established 1928
The Hoke County Journal - Established 1905
The weather is still hot and as I
write this column Monday after
noon, the thermometer is on 90
degrees in the shade. We are still
having the afternoon thunder
showers, but not as regularly as a
week ago.
We can expect this kind of
weather for the next month and
then maybe the nights will be cooler
and we can save some energy costs.
? ? ?
A feature story appeared in The
Fayetteville Times observer on
Sunday, August 8. The title of the
feature was "Babe's Bat Boy One
Great Fan." I didn't see it on the
day it appeared, but received a
copy from good friend Maurice
Fleishman of Fayetteville, along
with a letter.
The story was about Maurice and
his days as a youth in Fayetteville
when Babe Ruth was playing with
the Baltimore Orioles. The title of
the article will tell you what
Maurice did when they came
through Fayetteville and played an
exhibition game. The "Babe" hit
his first home run in that game.
Fleishman helped get a historical
marker honoring Babe and the
place of the homer.
The article also brings forth his
part in getting the Boston Braves
and Babe Ruth to play in Fayette
ville in the 1930s. I will never forget
the game because I was in at
tendance at the old Highland Park.
The crowd was so large that they
encircled the field. One spectator
was hit by a foul ball from the bat
of Ruth and I don't believe he cared
because he could always say what
hit him.
State College played the Braves
that day and a left-handed pitcher
named Freeman struck out the
Babe. I believe that was the high
point of his baseball career.
Yes, Maurice Fleishman lives
baseball and it will be bad when the
people like him are not here to
bring back these fine moments.
A letter was attached to the
article and is as follows:
To Sam C. Morris:
Sam, since you are Mr. Baseball
in Raeford, I thought you might
like the write-up in Sunday's Fay.
Times Ob. Sam, "Around Town"
in The News-Journal is one of my
favorite columns. Give my regards
to the Dicksons, Gatlins, Ken
McNeill, Lawrence McNeill; in fact
everybody in Hoke County. 1 love
them all, God bless them.
Maurice Fleishman
Thanks Maurice, for the feature
article. I enjoyed it very much. The
only thing wrong with the entire
thing was calling me Mr. Baseball.
There are many people here in
Hoke County that are more Mr.
Baseball than I am.
Come to see me the next time you
are over this way.
After the first primary election I
ran the figures and percentages for
voting in each precinct. Since I was
out of town during the second
primary I decided to figure out the
vote for the primary.
The figures are amazing in that
some precincts didn't take much
interest in the second primary
compared to the first. Others cast
almost as many votes in the second
as the first, percentage wise.
The total vote for the second
primary was 3,716 against 5,009 in
the first. Of course you must
remember that only Democrats
were voting in the second primary.
The percentage for the total vote
was 45% in the second primary
compared to 60% of Democrats
voting in the first primary. There
were 80 absentee ballots cast.
The voting by precincts is as
Allendale - 224 ? 111 - 49%
Antioch ? 676 ? 308 ? 45%
Blue Springs ? 766 ? 398 ?
Buchan ? 321 ? 115 ? ? 35%
McCain ? 535 ? 170 31%
Puppy Creek ? 564 ? 216 ?
Raeford 1 - 1184 ? 564 ? 48%
Raeford 2 - 637 ? 357 ? 56%
Raeford 3 - 672 ? 266 - 39%
Raeford 4 - 805 ? 335 ? 41%
Raeford 5 - 907 ? 438 - 48%
Rockflah - 397 ? 137 ? 34%
Stonewall - 570 ? 221 ? 38%
By County Commissioners
S. Hoke Elderly's Housing Backed
| i i i ? * *?a?a?a?a aaa...
A Plan For Togetherness:
The New First Baptist Church
With thoughts of togetherness
and a practical leaning towards
needed space, the First Baptist
Church of Raeford is constructing a
new church building next to the old
one. Mr. Billy Beaver, pastor of the
church for,five years, talked about
the hopes for the new building as
the sounds of construction provided
a background.
The church is being built
through the management systems
of Church Building and Design
Systems of the Carolinas for an
estimated cost of $425-500
thousands. Among the other funds
available, the church sold church
bonds to raise the needed funds.
Standing in the area where the
pulpit will be, Mr. Beaver said the
additional space for the congrega
tion will continue and increase the
brotherhood feeling of the church.
The congregation, when seated for
service, will not be farther than 47
feet from the pastor's pulpit. This
seating arrangement, which is
rather like a semi-circle on the
main floor, is designed for better
acoustical effects.
A new idea is planned for the
church choir. Traditionally, the
.choir had been seated directly
behind the pulpit. However, in the
new building, the choir will be to
the left of the pulpit; this allows for
a more close church family feeling.
Over the 8087 square feet cover
Construction continues on the new First Baptist Church as the older church continues in the picture of things.
ing the main floor, will be seven
skylights to take advantage of
natural light. Pedestrians on Main
Street will be able to view the 14' x
30' faceted glass window in which
will be pictured a large cross.
Another cross is planned to be
placed on the inner wall dividing
the main floor from the administra
tive offices. In effect, it will appear
as the image of the large cross in
the window, a sort of shadow on the
More and more newly con
structed churches are using hard
wood ceilings. Mr. Beaver said the
BI Plant Manager Named
Changes in management at the
Raeford Plant have been announc
ed by Menswear Division Staff.
Cecil Bond has been named
Menswear Division product de
velopment manager and will be
working out of the Clarksville
Division Offices.
William (Bill) Archer has been
named plant manager succeeding
Archer has most currently filled
the position of production manager
at the local plant after having
served as Weave Mill superin
tendent since his transfer to the
plant in September 1977.
Archer joined Burlington as a
manufacturing trainee in 1967 at
the Lexington Worsted Plant. Since
that time he has held positions as
supervisor in all yarn mill positions
and Department Manager of
Preparation in the Lexington Plant.
He was reassigned as superin
tendent of Sample Area in Clarks
ville, Va., in 1971. He has also held
positions as plant superintendent at
Fayetteville Weaving, preparation
superintendent at Mayflower Plant
in the Sportswear Division, and
plant superintendent at South Hill,
Archer, a native of Narrows,
Va., graduated in 1967 from
Virginia Polytechnic Institute with
degrees in management and in
He is married to the former
Harriet Johnson, also from Nar
They have two daughters, live in
Raeford and attended the Metho
dist church.
K-4 Attendance Areas Announced?
Following are the new K-4 school
attendance areas approved by the
Hoke County Board of Education
effective with the start of the new
school year beginning September 1.
Students whose driveways open
on Vass Road or who live north of
Vass Road will attend Scurlock
Students whose driveways open
onN.C. 20 or live northeast ofN.C.
20 will attend Scurlock.
Students whose driveways open
on SR 1403 or live northeast of
William Archer
effect is give an exalted sense to the
congregation. The ceiling leads the
viewers' eyes to the window with the
cross and from there to soar where
it may.
Construction plans for the build
ing include an area for the admini
strative side of the church. As
indicated earlier, it will be directly
behind the main floor. The admini
strative area will house offices and
other rooms, including the pastor's
As an influence of the times
urges, the church chose faceted
glass windows for economic
reasons. The faceted glass has an
equivalency of 8-10 inches of
fiberglass insulation. Another more
reflective thought about the effi
ciency of the windows, it is strong
enough to sustain the vandalistic
attack of sledge hammer.
The development of the con
struction site began on May 2.
1982. Pastor Beaver is looking
forward to a dedication service for
the new complete church sometime
after October 1. For now, the
church designed by Lawrence B.
Evans, ? architect from A<}hevill$,
continues to rise from its founda
tion, while the old building gra
ciously lives on.
1403 (Shawtown) will attend South
Hoke School.
Students whose driveways open
on U.S. 401 or southeast of 401 and
south of N.C. 211 bypass will
attend South Hoke School.
Students who live northwest of
U.S. 401 or southwest of Vass Road
will attend West Hoke School.
Students who live in the central
district will attend McLauchlin
BAND BENEFIT - These art tome of the visitors who came to the School band. [Stajj photo by Henry Blue],
entertainment Saturday to help raise money for the Hoke County High
The Hoke County commissioners
Monday night adopted a resolution
supporting establishment of 51
units for housing elderly people in
the Rockfish - South Hoke area.
Commissioner James A. Hunt ab
stained from voting because he
owns land under consideration for
purchase for the project. Com
missioner Neill McPhatter was
absent from the meeting because of
The resolution, presented by the
Lumbee Regional Development As
sociation, Inc., also has the com
missioners requesting that the U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban
Development appraise the pro
posed housing needs for the Rock
fish community t9 better serve
the needs of the senior citizens in
preserving close family ties and
tenant identification with the area
of their residences.
The LRDA, the resolution ex
plains, is seeking assistance
through HUD to establish the 51
The resolution provides that the
commissioners support the county
wide Raeford Housing Authority in
its commitment to provide effective
local management for Rockfish/
South Hoke Apartments in order to
better service the needs of the
It also says the commissioners
concur in the findings of the
housing authority that the long
range success of the apartments
would be assured through the
Rockfish/South Hoke proposal for
rural sites instead of the traditional
urban setting.
In other business at the mid
month meeting, the commissioners
authorized provision of more space
for the sheriff's department and a
salary adjustment for John W.
Wood of the department who
recently was promoted to lieutenant
from the rank of sergeant and also
serves as assistant supervisor for
the department's Uniform Divi
sion. The request was made by
Sheriff Dave Barrington. The
sheriff said Wood's current pay is
SI 1,358 yearly and that he would
like for Wood's salary to be
increased to SI2,419. Wood suc
ceeds Charles Wilson in the posi
tion. Wilson's pay was S12.419.
In the space matters, the com
missioners voted to allow the
sheriff s department to use space in
the former Raeford Motor Co. body
shop building and authorized S750
for making improvements to the
building to fit the department's
needs. The commissioners also
approved a long range plan to
provide part of the space in the
Courthouse Annex Building to the
sheriffs department. Both build
ings are on Edinborough Avenue
opposite each other and near the
corner of North Main Street.
After holding an executive ses
sion on another land matter, the
commissioners agreed to buy an
acre of land for $2,700 from Roy
Brock for a new site for the
Rockfish Community building,
which is to be relocated, and to
take options on six more acres from
Brock for a total of SI,200. The
funds will come from the county's
federal revenue-sharing funds.
The six acres would be for the
possible development of recrea
tional facilities, and the develop
ment is subject to the county
getting a federal Community De
velopment block grant, also for
help in relocating the building.
The commissioners and Raeford
city officials met jointly on a
requested change in landfill opera
tional charges. The decision, how
ever, was made to delay action
pending a study by a committee of
two representatives of the county
commissioners and two of the City
Council. All members of the City
Council, Mayor John K. McNeill,
Jr., City Manager Ron Matthews,
and City Public Works Director
Bill Sellars, who also is assistant
city manager, participated in the
Clyde Leach, the landfill con
tractor for Pick-Up Sanitation
Service, has written County Man
ager James Martin that the landfill
hours were 8, a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mondays through Fridays and 8
a.m. to noon Saturdays when
(See HOUSING, page 15)

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