25' "? c??, ?? . ' &W6 LlXlV N? fcq-44 RAEFOKD, HOKE COlim, NO?TH CAROUN A journal The Hoke County Journol - Established 1905 $10 PER YEAR Thursday, February 24, 1983 Pills Fotuid In Dundarrach Dumpsters Hoke County authorities found an undisclosed amount of expired medication in three different trash dumpsters in the Dundarrach area of the county Monday afternoon. According to Dectective Edward Harris, the drugs had been dispos j ed of but who threw them away is still a mystery. The "hundreds" of pills, may have come from a drug store, Har ris said. The disposal procedure for ex pired drugs is not to throw them in the trash, said Bob Gordon direc tor of the North Carolina Food and Diug Administration. ^ When drugs are expired, phar Around Town The weather for the past few days has been all anyone could re quest. The temperatures have been I in the 60s during the day and then drop down at night to around 30 degrees. The golf courses, tennis courts and outside basketball courts have been in full use over the weekend. The outlook is for rain by Wednes day and it may be back to winter before the paper comes off the press. The groundhog didn't see his I shadow, so maybe we will have an early spring. The golf match this past Sunday on TV was won on the last hole by Gary Hallberg, a former Wake Forest golfer, when he birdied the last hole. It gave him a one-shot victory over Tom Kete who had I parted the hole. The win was worth a lot of money to the young golfer. Of course this was nothing like the 128 yd. chip-shot that Isao Aoki made for an eagle in the Hawaiian Open the week before. The golfer in the foursome ahead of Aoki had just birdied the hole and was signing his scorecard when the unexpected happened. It was > just like finding a $1000 bill and the owner showing up about two minutes later to claim it. Anyway TV had two dramatic finishes. It seems that if you want to keep a winning streak in basketball, the best thing to do a stay oat of the number ooe spot in the poBs. After I Carolina moved into that spot they have lost their last three gaaan It has also happcnrd to other teams in the same poritkm. ? ? ? I was watching the news the other^aight oa Chiaarl 11, ' ace at of the kgiihrfarr m mioa (Saa ABOUND TOWN, paga ISA) macks are supposed to pull them off the shdf and place than in con tainers to await pick-up by a "detail man" who comes by every six weeks and returns the drugs to the manufacturer. Gordon said. "The manufacturer issues credit to the pharmacies for the expired drugs," Gordon added. If the expired drugs are not sent to the manufacturer, then the drugs are supposed to be in cinerated, Gordon said. "We <k> not want expired drugs floating around where anyone can get them. That is why we follow this procedure." Gordon said. An investigation into the dump ing of the expired drugs is continu ing. Dectectrve Harris said. Death Probe Continues In an unrelated incident. Hoke County authorities are still awaiting preliminary lab reports from the State Bureau of In vestigation (SBI) that will hopeful ly provide new dues in the death of a Fort Bragg soldier found stabbed to death here February 8. According to Sheriff Barring ton. the mvestiganon into Roger Keith Shannon's death will con tinue. (See PILLS, page 11A) ? WSe j IS FT SPRING? Along with the warm weather comes the chance of Noom ing spring f lowers and this February is no exception. The warm weather brought oil the sunshine and akmg with it came a few bktssoms. Ron Taylor Transferred To McCain Prison Here Former State Representative Ron Taylor, who plead guilty to several counts of arson last year was transferred from Central Prison in Raleigh to McCain Prison last vuk. Taylor, who was involved in the Colcor investigation was transfer red to McCain on Thursday Feb. 10 According to the warden at the prison, Taylor was not moved for any special reason. "We allowed him the same privilege ? any other prisooer. that is, ne aBowed him to be in the P?son closest to his home town." the warden said. Taylor is from Elizabethtown which is in Bladen Connty. t Lumbee Coop Directors Passed On Legal Advice By gfcuij Madhtws An attorney for the Lumber River Electric Membership Cooperative recommended in an executive session last week that the board of directors allow a March 3 recall election. The New-Journal has learned. Despite the legal opinion, the board voted in favor of rejecting a petition filed by a membership ac tion group which called for a referendum, one member of the board said. According to Davis Parker, who represents Hoke County on the coop board, the board's attorney suggested that the body hold the recall election planned for March 3. However, most of the body took the advice of another lawyer who attended the meeting at the re quests of several of the board members. "The majority of the board fdt that the charges listed on the recall petition were not sufficient reasons for allowing the special meeting even at the recommendation of the board's attorney," Parker said. Board attorney Cynthia Currin of Raleigh was not able to be reached for comment prior to press time. According to Parker, the board will stand by its move. "The next move will be on the pan of the action group, and I understand that they are talking with their attorneys," Parker add ed. Carl Branch, action group leader, said Monday that they have put the matter entirely into their lawyer's hands. "We arc keeping quiet about this matter until our lawyer finishes his investigative work and says it's all right to speak publicly," Branch said. "The petition is the voice of op position to this board of directors and by not allowing the meeting they are saying, in my opinion, that we don't have a say," Branch said. "They want a fight, and we are going to give them one," Branch added. The battle over the coop has been going on for about two months now. The reason for all the uproar seems to be based on the action groups belief that the coop board is spending too much money on themselves out of the expense allowances permissible under the coop's bylaws, policies and pro cedures. According to Branch, the action group wants the board ousted. The coop is a non-profit cor poration that provides electric ser vice in rural areas of Robeson, Hoke, Scotland and Cumberland counties. In a survey taken of other area electric membership cooperatives and Carolina Power and Light (CPA L) it was learned that Lum bee's rates are higher than the others. Lumbee's average monthly residential bill for 1,000 kilowatt hours is approximately S77. Four County Electric Member ship Cooperative in Burgaw charges approximately S"?6 for the same amount of kilowatt hours. Central Electric Membership Cooperative located in Sanford charges about $77 plus any fuel ad justments that need to be made for an average monthly residential bill. CP&L's average monthly bill was the lowest of the ones surveyed with an average monthly bill for 1,000 kilowatt hours at approx imately $64, however, this may soon increase to nearly $75. According to James Autry, who is in charge of public relations for the board, the Lumbee coop is there to serve the people in the rural areas and to charge them the least amount they can for these ser vices. "We are still serving areas that are undesirable to non-coops like CP&L, "Autry added. "Even with the battle going on between the board and the action group, operation of the cooperative is still very strong and very stable, "Autry said. Dog Pound Group Appointed B> Sktm Matthews Members of a committee, who will look into the feasibility of a new animal shelter, were named Monday during a three-hour ses sion of the Hoke County Commis sioners. After the names were announc ed, Jack McGinnis spokesman for the Hoke County Humane Society asked the commissioners to set up an expiration date for the commit tee. Commissioner Wyatt Upchurch said thai he did not see how a deadline could be placed on the committee before they had even met. "I think it should be up to the committee to decide on an expira tion date/' Upchurch said. Other members of the commis sion agreed. Chairman John G. Balfour ad dressed McGinnis and the board by adding that he felt that the com mittee should investigate all avenues before coming to a deci sion on the dog pound. "The committee should in vestigate what other counties are doing and go any route they see possible to get the job done and save the tax payers some money," Balfour said. McGinnis raised several other questions about the pound but the board felt that the committee should be the one to answer them. "These are all good questions, but I think the committee should be allowed * to answer them, "Balfour said. "The commissioners want to work with the committee, and we want to see something done," add ed Balfour. The committee set up to study the dog pound and County Manager James Martin, along with Chairman Balfour will meet Wednesday Feb. 23 to discuss what steps to take in resolving the dog pound situation. The public is invited to attend. In other business, the Commis sioners approved the option to purchase six acres of property in Rock Fish for a community recrea tion facility. According to Chairman Balfour, the commission felt they owed the community for a mistake they made several years back . "We sold the Community Building some years back but it was agreed that the community could continue to use it; however when they (the new owners) ob tained the building, they closed the SERIOUS DEL1BERA TION?Hoke County Commissioners huddle over paperwork as they deliberate one of the items on last night's agenda. doors to the community. "We have purchased the building and we are now looking to obtain the property as well," Balfour said. The commissioners agreed with the chairman and started a motion to approve the purchase option when a man in the audience voiced his objection. "1 think it is foolish to spend that kind of money on recreation; as a taxpayer I am vehemently op posed to paying for it, "said a Raeford citizen who wishes to re main nameless. The chairman acknowledged the man's objection but continued on with the motion proceedings. A motion was made and second ed and the option to purchase was approved . According to the chairman, the community plans to build a ball diamond on that six acres and in the future add tennis courts. In further business the board heard from Llyod Home Director of the Hoke County Health Department on matters concerning salary increases for Public Health Nurses(PHN). According to Home the price tag for nurses has risen about 27-33% that is for except public health nurses. "The problem is very simple, we have intermediate nurses who are required to have some experience that make no more money than a nurse coming directly out of school," Home said. "An adjustment is needed if we want to be competitive and keep the nurses we do have," Horne ad ded. Commissioner James A. Hunt stated that he fdt that the commis sioners would be "opening a can of worms" if they approved the raised salaries. A motion was made by Commis sioner Cleo Bratcher to study the nurses salaries and to hopefully have come up with a solution by budget time. According to Home if something is not done there w ill be some nurses lost . "We hate to see our nurses leave,'* said Bratcher. "We need time to study this matter and we will try to come up with a decision at least by budget time. "Chairman Balfour added. In other medical related business, the commissioners ap proved a request by Home to fund medical consultants. According to Home, the health department gets a lot of things for nothing from the county doctors and he feds they should be com pensated for their efforts. Commissioner Hunt made a mo tion to accept the contract. The motion was seconded and approv ed by the commissioners. The figure for the funds alloted to the medical consultants will be S70 per month. In other business, the com mis sive/ Diabetes proposal that had already been approved by the already been approved by the Board of Health. Abo on Monday night's agenda was a consideration for paying S37S for additional clean up (Sac DOG POUND, I1A)

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