School News WF PAKTt': ScvHock School's second trade stu dents encowd their se cond "Reading Is Fundamental" party on Feb 22. The Johnson Company INSURANCE AUTO ? FIRE HOMEOWNERS ? COMMERCIAL . ?/ > / /</rj/ - if ?? y HOE. Central Avenue Phone 875-3550 rr D?\T4IL tt m$JT: \frrs. Hum (C ooihut. i -Jkmuti 4n\etewsi tw Ffokt { unit S^'ociumd caturtnes discuss** tjheimtp0trumae<0r regular demux chedt.-*t4pt and avoiding <furmru swutte -mat *&. Bevertv Btjwden "* sasft jrmde classes ai Turiimifxjn "Sirtwu/ii A TTENTION 2nd and 3rd Shift INDUSTRIAL EMPLOYEES HELP US CELEBRATE Our Convenient New Service On March 16th , Come By Far A ucb24 Demonstration and Enjoy A Free BARBECUE DIMMER Serving 4:30 p.m. until 1 a.m. Oo CI your ^ ^ banking anytime! BGGMWBMMKHI YOU'LL BE ABLE TO VOURBMMNG | L umjrvp\jrn m WntntVtK uebM VOU PHASE! | ob Dental Hygienist Visits Turlington wuui linuw tttuu ? -trtjani. lias JSW tcrstl;'' *w!' Vaadir**- tie s*. due ili wuuiiii the wMh ihffiuaiii fin* & shar* or Onmriti jmil rflcm, situ 1*. However, iter frw*?. jrrui gnnb. m Beverly BnwdtemX -HMrti ?nuuk diibtiei aftminrf tu> Mov. IKLii Wood&iU. vJfcmail ttwuuitnimi "fair fcksfce amt StaidtamJl CiffumueK. ihai tircy, uniike rttar -trturK., iiiil $inecniix guoii iennri chtt oadti iia* Nfrs. WouUail rurtiter Jht^xtrmcd wutii the- dhiiirai titer i nrpumum^c at rtrguiar ientai dhndi-mpt. and avoiding >ugarv >nutJi.x [Qtosaus stoiis w?ie litem rxjilLrwcui *wnfti nthc t of p*o omanuunn)t and arhomuenMc Ifilmsk THhr Ifima Sau The bkauami %9wtftK IbdU nt?c class speUboumi ami! im w<r tt? spooky iii.iiii.iii mmt muiit mamafouni km wm aMisMe character a?oi Mr. &. (flfca miiuBP)i oke ctoidren an tdtr <s%e urti ntatnr scats as che> ttsoeni tur Vfcr. PUa^ur challenge them oar beat ttinr tw hmshumg ami filkPttsimg: JtailNi Charlie Brawa ami itas- rrrtOTiik presented die dnldren mrtdti thriptnii: tanfs tn nhe proper care' otf ooflifti im che second film Kffter distributing. dental; tfltowK. t.dcch brushes, jad piatpie (teftac Jim ifWm. Mrv Woode* imt ?nnuoed abe duldrcn to chc? a uUka w te iky could sec for Tky Ik* awed nbeir looeto U ?s>r? to **1. 2, 3 mnopk jiggitr" rbeir icefh doB iHkwisinc was ika doat by Ik jtiMra a d Mr. Wood* ?- . ionei wjiyai tb? a iqaii? ' iuiund mdk-M?l leetfa were "raB* .Htwm""* Ijrn wards of minnlkm ?uctt cuaended 10 Mrs. Woodall by Mk. ttowdea and the boys and girts ttar Ihnatgaag sack an abundance of rnVrmauMB and pkiaii during Xanumal TVntal Care Month. 1Mb iMtiilrts Bairn or trob it dtaai athe pnuns have already chosen tlhr nfttamt "tor this yor's prom. The secret might: mm the tww* ?mst*. well kept though. Members at the Vmuitui & Society and: spe^iulv chuwar -anther students pamcipiHisi: im tdhe <Qhii7 Bowl at E.E. Santh ctiis- piatf ?Sueur ? day. Those competing: *cnr Emc Coiey.. Chou TTirjnu. Naibime Wadsworth. Titomutf ffluixmfev. and fccvinc PowelL Oir team ranked nounth aw of eight. Those who participated: should! tec wen. proud:! The Cbor*s and Chorale mill the going to competition this Fndav. ur Pmecrest High School. Members wiffi leave Friday morning tor Southern Pines* The Music Booster Club Btax 4uet wifl be hHrf for Hh? anaaC membership drive on ThuEsdkE?.. March BO at 7:30 in: che McDonald Gym. aol the Hoke Hfk Qnrs and Ounflt. and Band aril perform. Tadtm mall be sold by the miBifte? af rhts argamzatioo ^ A immg wfl be beki aft the n>am.j?.Kt jior nt?CTa^ who purchased trndtaats.. The winner will recede a ??hal at the beach. BmbDcs are cm sake m the Gbrary im tfaomar of linei nation Assnaunnon Boofcfair tfmaan * a._m. 10 3 p.m. Students Celebrate History The sounds off music stnmuiUacd the feelings at luyaife* ain-r jpai moosm as the students- otf H<ea\ Hoke School tilted! imns> ithc cafeionum on FndaN... ffehmuHr* 26. .As they \*ere xaue? .mdi ^wkantcai the opening of the assenrbifo. pr??v gran, they dapped: their rrancs ia> the ryrhnm uf "Thia. ILimil lb. Vfc. Land- " "God Bless. Americai" ami! ~ America The Beaunfui" The music ended ami ffcerhard Wolf. a third grade snidtrrni.. ap peared on stage, greeted: nitac au dience. explained the purpvtHt ?f Back History Vftonth ami Jtaiisc everyone to >mnd as nthc ?i> tbusiastnc students on. stage- sane "Lift Every Voice Ami >in>c ~ The students did indeed; liftt uner voices as they pre-fctiumwL ".America's SuperstirV ai JUTJV gram, sponsored by cite jramui dub (one of the mrwlv tormedi mm: dubs at the school") and: Baiter's third grade dassv ire ttumnr of Black History Vkmtlr. After completing the anctenr.. the students sang "tuod; Bic^ America'"', a prelude tw> TJhe pageantrv researched ami *nrtmcr by Ethriyn Baker, and: nmrrauac t* David Johnson and Amy Oha*;s. The faculty., student* tunc: parents witnessed scenes rirotm The Boston Massacre as they, Jbwarwad Chnspus Amicks become he first Black to die in the American Revolution. Vasheka Adams (yfnrweiffitsd Langston Hughes" "VSocTer mr Son" as she gave advice oji Iter mrm if you are hehweer its ks rf 1 S days (riit and 25 *earc of age you can mm purchase t 1 0 . 000 (ton thausamt) Uiife in surance Policy far (f25. IK))) tiwenty five dollars ? *enr caul mom CMICOUKT porrraved by Brian Simmons. The desire for freedom was <rv pressed as L ydta (Melissa >4dSair)L Ctartsrime (Miichefle LondioniK. Beatrice ( Angela Patterson) and! .kxr (Vincent Bratcher) discussed the activities of Frederick CXmgias Suddenly H?net T ubman (iJkar nrfer Baldwin) appeared, inform ing che slaves that she is ready oo> move. Thus. Harriet cakes fouir more passengers aboard her craur. li was only fitting and propter ntaai Abraham Lincoln (Richard: Wolf) issued che E mancipation Proclamation It was *teresnng to note Daniei Hale Williams ( Adam Matthews) declared to repair che damaged heart of a patient (Richard Wolf) as his nurse (Amy Chavts) stood mnacrri Susan Browneil Anthony (Shar ^uana Morrison) defied the law by encouraging a group of women; to vote. The protesters proudly mar ched to che rune of "Nine To Fpwe". The students observed che begin ning of che Civil Rights Movement as they watched Rosa Parks ( Vasheka Adams) refuse to give up her seal to a passenger (Reich Melton) who informed che bus drwer (Michael Johnson). After che arrival of che police (Brian Simmons L Ms. Parks was arrested. She later called NLtrr.n L urher Ring. Jt. (Eddrick Tew). Sidnev Poitier (David Johnson) revealed how he worked hard low^trd becoming a great actor and Academv Award winner for best actor m "Lillies of the Field'*. The students responded with, lutoilance and enthusiasm as the star* paraded on stage: ? Phalks heatly ( Dionne Bridges) author of che first book The Journal The **e*>s-Jvurntd is publish ed even, Thursday by Dickson: Press line at 119 W. Elwood Avenue. Raeford, VC. Second Class postage is paid at Raeford, VC. (USPS Subscription races are payable m advance at SI<G per year he Hoke Counry sod $12 per yew ouiside of Hoke Countv mmmicn tow *r Vmmcm Black and cite secuand written % an American WMB ? Charlies Ore* (Eddrick Tew) (farther ?f The Blood Bank ? Hut-job Revek ( Adam Max rite**)) first Black American to ?jnwe a*, a United States senator ? (Harm tin North Carolina ? Ra&tki Bamche (Bobby Mc.Ar- ^ dhunt first Black person to win the "Vrthril Peace Prize ? Mufifif Walker (Beth Moser) tfarsfi Btlaok American woman to be irnesiden: otf a hank ? Thureood Marshall (Antwon Mdfcar?) first Black to serve as Hmffiaii StaBes Supreme Court !Uli^K ? Man Jane Patterson (Angela ftmnsOB) first Black woman to ^ CTTKtingtf from college ? Ro<ben Weaver (David JkjihnMau) first Black American to b?e named K> the President's csihmcs ? IkjiiAry McMillan (Jennifer 6kuidf?;niit Silver Medal winner 1976 Qfanpics m Montreal, Canada. TIhe resounding applause that milkaJ "Jhe caitaonum as the parade <jtf i&ars ended ts evidence of the ^ ?unuflenax" apipreciation to all AmemcHiK. for their contributions uhft ereai land of ours. Briber Named NC Slate Dean's List (Ohra. E~ Brasier. an architecture ' ?Hnnflont frsmt Rt. 4 Raeford. has &*eeerr added 10 the Dean's List at Vjireft Carolina State University for <nuTsxanding academic rtivairib. Aurmg the fall semester. Tai cam Dean ? List honors. XCSL snudenrs must obtain aca JK-rmt jwerages erf 3-25 or higher ??nui rtf a possible 4.0. (FailtomTinc are students who won Efcf-jur "-s Ltst honors but whose 1 aCTAik- rcciwrds were incomplete wftior nthe first hst was released. F1*ST COFFEE P^R COLATO#. The first coffee per ?ajiuDor patent was granted to flames H Vascm, of Frankhn. Massachusetts, an December 26 US**

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