Sports All Stars Take Men's Crown SIDELINE CONFERENCE Coach Ron Parsons gives Freddy McLean some last minute instruc tions before sending him back into the game against Laney. Merchants Bowling League TOP BOWLERS James Nixon 176 Alexander Kelly 173 Sylvester McAllister 173 Luther Taylor 171 Larry Black 168 Mike Nieves 166 James Singletary 163 Lee Dixon 162 Marion Hollingsworth 162 George McKoy 161 200 + and High Series Andrew McLauchlin 222 587 series Charles Crowder 224 Tony Graham 201 Results Strikers 1 Towne Barber Shop 3 Auto Parts 2 Shoe Chest 2 Hollingsworth Florist 1 Foursome 3 Michael's 1 Hollingsworth Bus Co. 3 This Week's Schedule Auto Parts vs. Michael's Foursome vs. Towne Barber Shop Hollingsworth Bus Co. vs. Strikers Shoe Chest vs. Hollingsworth Florist Standings W L Hollingsworth Florist 74 38 Hollingsworth Bus Co. 73 39 Michael's 60 Vi 5l'/i Strikers 55 57 Foursome 52 60 Towne Barber Shop 51 61 Shoe Chest 45 67 Auto Parts 38'/: 74 Vi The Men's Basketball League sponsored by the Hoke County Parks and Recreation Commission continued its double elimination tournament Monday, March 7. The first game paired the Scurlock Tigeis against the Wreck ing Crew. The Scurlock Tigers defeated the Wrecking Crew 69-68. With the loss the Wrecking Crew was eliminated from tournament play. K. Jones with 23 points, W. Leggett 18 and D. Leggett with 14 points were high scorers for Scurlock Tigers. L. Ellerbee with 24 points and N. McNeill with 17 points led the scoring for the Wrecking Crew. In the second game, the Suns defeated the 76ers 101-90. J. Car thens with 23 points and W. Love with 22 were the leading scorers for the Suns while D. Huff pumped in 25 points and K. McDonald sank 20 for the 76ers. As the action continued Tuesday night, March 8, the first game matched the Silver Hill Gang against the All Stars. The All Stars captured the win 103-93. R. May nor 34 points and G. Maynor with 27 points were high for the All Stars. V. McDougald directed the Silver Hill Gang with 29 points along with C. Chandler who gathered 17. In the second game, the Suns downed Scurlock Tigers 92-70. W. Love pumped in 21 points for the Suns while K. Jones led the Scurlock Tigers with 30 points. As the action continued Wednesday night, March 9, in the first game the Silver Hill Gang defeated the Suns 100-92. V. McDougald with 22 points and G. Drawhorne with 18 points led the scoring attack for the Silver Hill Gang. W. Love 31 points and J. Gilmore with 20 points were the leading scorers for the Suns. As the action continued Wednesday night, the concluding game paired the All Stars against the Silver Hill Gang. The All Stars captured the championship 96-89. The leading scorers for the All Stars were G. Maynor with 40 points and R. Maynor with 28 points. G. Drawhorne directed the Silver Hill Gang scoring attack with 28 points and C. Chandler pumped in 19 points. Congratulations to all, and thanks to the 76ers, All Stars, Silver Hill Gang, Suns, Wrecking Crews, and the Scurlock Tigers for participating in the 1982-83 Men's Basketball League. Trophies were awarded to the following teams: Regular Season Champs - Silver Hill Gang; Regular Season Runner-Up - All Stars; Tournament Champ: All Stars; and Tournament Runner Up - Silver Hill Gang. Pointsetters Win Tourney The Women's Volleyball Tour nament, sponsored by the Hoke County Parks and Recreation Commission, got underway on Monday, March 7. The first game of the night featured Jerry's Auto Repair and the Diamond Powder Puffs. Sparked by the serves of Vicky McMillan and Glenny Stewart, Jerry's Auto Repair won the match 15-6, 15-4. The Diamond Powder Puffs were guided by Dianne Stec and Becky Baker. In other action the Debatables went up against the Sneakers. The Debatables led by Linda Hodgin and Dodi Williams, won the match 16-14, 15-13. Kim Holland and Sheila Black led the Sneakers. It was D&T Construction going up against the Headliners in another match. Delia Maynor and Myrdith Brooks sparked D&T Construction to a 15-0, 16-14 win. The Headliners were guided by Diane Scarborough and Nina Leg get. Another match featured the Spikes and the Wild Cats. Peggy Walters and Carolyn Headen led the Wild Cats but it was not enough, as the Spikes won 15-10, 11-15, 15-9. The Spikes were guid ed by Darlene Ellerbee and Shirley Perry. In other action it was the Point setters versus Jerry's Auto Repair. The Pointsetters, guided by Delores Blue and Brenda McPhat ter, won the match 15-9, 15-0. Jerry's Auto Repair was led by Janelle Thompkins and Rose San dy. In other matches it was the Sneakers and the Diamond Powder Puffs. The Sneakers won the match 15-11, 15-6 and were led by DeLissa Lunsford and Sheila Black. The Diamond Powder Puffs were guided by Linda Zalekas and Becky Baker. One of the close matches of the CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATES McNeill's Appliance & Plumbing ? Licensed '? ? Specializing in Repairs ? Residential ? Commercial ? New Construction ? Appliance Repair $500 Discount on Service Telephone 875-4733 (With Thta Ad) 24 Hour" (anytime) J.H. AUSTIN INSURANCE SINCE 1960 AUTO - FIRE - LIFE CASUALTY 114 W. Edinborough Avenue Phone 875-3067 NOTICE Pay your 1982 City Taxes by April 4th, 1983 before taxes are advertis ed April 7th, 1983 to avoid extra in terest and advertising, costs. Payments are to be made at the Tax Office at City Hall. night was between D&T Construc tion and the Debatables. After los ing their first game, the Debatables came back to win, 14-16, 15-6, 15-5. Mary James and Sue Davis guided the Debatables, while Deb bie Thompson and Annette Locklear. guided D&T Construc tion. In other action it was the Point setters going up against the Spikes. The Pointsetters led by the playing of Glenda Blue and Brenda McPhatter won the match 15-12, 15-10. The Spikes were led by Hazel McLaughlin and Geraldine Ellerbee. The final match of the night was between the Sneakers and the Headliners. The Sneakers won the match 15-12, 17- 15 and were led by Khrystal Lunsford and Joy War ren. The Headliners were led by playing of Robin Thompkins and Pam Frederick. The volleyball tournament con tinued action on March 8 with the Wild Cats going up against Jerry's Auto Repair. The Wild Cats, led by Peggy Walters and Ralene Mc Call, won the match 15-8, 16-14. Jerry's Auto Repair was guided by Vicki McMillan and Rose Sandy. In another match it was the Pointsetters versus the Debatables. The Pointsetters won the match 15-7, 15-5 and were sparked by the plays of Delores Blue and Brenda McPhatter. Sue Davis and Dodi Williams led the Debatables. In other action D&T Construc tion went up against the Wild Cats. Led by the playing of Delia Maynor and Debbie Thompson, D&T Construction won the match 15-6, 15-6. The Wild Cats were led by Shirley Rush and Linda Revels. The Spikes and the Sneakers were battling it out in another match. Dorrisene Roper and Darlene Ellerbee led the Spikes, but it was not enough as the Sneakers won the match, 15-4, 14-16, 15-2. The Sneakers were sparked by the playing of Sheila Black and Khrystal Lunsford. The Sneakers played another close match against D&T Con struction. The match went to 3 games before the Sneakers won, THl BARGAIN BARN Has Just Got In A Big Ship ment Of Alt Natural Foods, And We Are Having A Special Sale, Vi OFF ON ALL NATURAL FOODS. Some Of The Products Are: Wheat Flour, Carom Mixes, Dried Fruits, Cookies, Many Different Flavors, Wheat Germ Rings, Condy, Many Different Flavors, And Mony Many More Items. The Sale Starts March 1M Iktfllt li Al Com. Se Shop Earfy For the Best Choke, NOW AT The Bargain Barn Old 401 in H? ford Formerly Th? Hitching Post WE WILL SEE YOU THERE. 15-9, 9-15, 15-9. Delissa Lunsford and Kim Holland led the Sneakers, while D&T Construction were led by Debbie Thompson and Myrdith Brooks. In the tournament semi-finals it was the Sneakers versus the Debatables. Sparked by Sheila Black and Sue Walters, the Sneakers won the match 16-14, 15-7. The Debatables were led by Mary Adams and Dodi Williams. The finals of the tournament featured the Pointsetters and the Sneakers. The Pointsetters, spark ed by the serves of Brenda McPhatter and Kathy Little, won the tournament 15-12, 15-4. The Sneakers were guided by Delissa Lunsford and Joy Warren. Con gratulations to the Pointsetters on winning the tournament. The Parks and Recreation Department would like to thank the players, officials and fans for participating in the 1983 league. Hoke Runners Take Seconds The Hoke High School boys track team opened their season last week by placing second in two tri meets. In the first meet they placed se cond to Douglas Byrd with 98 points to 63 points. Lumberton came in third with 1 1 points. Tarrell Carpenter led the Bucks attack with 12 V4 points. He placed first in the high jump and .200 meter dash, while placing 3rd in the long jump. Willie Bridges and Ronnie McRae had 9 'A points apiece. Willie placed first in the 800 meter run and 2nd in the 100 meter dash. Ronnie placed first in the 1600 meter run and second in the 800 meter run. Both runners also ran on the winning mile-relay team along with Mike McPhatter and Marvin Peguese. In the second track meet, Thurs day, the Bucks finished a head Terry Sanford and behind Pinecrest. Scores were Pinecrest 92, Hoke 46, Terry Sanford 37. Robert Moody led the attack to day with a first place finish in the 300 mile intermediate hurdle, a third place in the high hurdle and a second place in the discus. Tarrell Carpenter had a first in 200 meter dash and a third in long jump, a fourth in the high jump. Willie Bridges remained undefeated in the 800 meter run. Don Woods placed first in the 3200 meter run and third in the mile run. Marvin Peguese, Ambrosia Douglas, Mike McPhatter and Willie Bridges were the mile relay team while finished first again with a time of 3:49.57. Hokes* next track meet is scheduled for Thursday at E.E. Smith. ? f1 CUSTOMER SERVICE U* Dundarrach, N.C. COMPLETE INSECT CONTROL FROM THE HOME TO THE FARM ?Federal Crop Insurance Route 1, Box 251-A Shannon, N.C. . Phone 875-8912 Lynn Ellis Richard McMillan 873-2493 Mights 873-5614 Aerobics Class r, i . ? ? ? The Recreation Department is offcriag an aerobics anrdie class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, March 22-A.pril 28, 1983 (6 weeks) There will be two classes: beginners, from 7:30-8:30 p.m. '(? aad, intermediate from 8:30-9.30 p.m. . The classes will be taught by Mrs. Sue Davis Inthe J.W.Tfcri ington Oym. Cost will be 115.00 per person. For more informa tion please call the recreation office at 875-S603. Senior Citizen Bingo The Parks and Recreation Commission la offering bingo to ' the Senior Citizens on Wednesday, March 23 at 2:00 p,?n. The game will be hridin the Parks and Recreation Office. It's free, and prizes and refreshments will be available. For more in . formation please contact the recreation office at 875-5603. Easter Egg Hunt An Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, 2 April at 2:00 p.m. This event, sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Com jHfctoi^*iiibcbe^ afMcLauchlin Park. The Egg Hunt Is free ^W^BpSS'S^ears <*d oWTPWkt Or guardian re auested Kile Contest The Hoke County Parks and Recreation Commission H spon > seringa Kite Contest Saturday. March 19at 2:00p.m. on the big field beside Burlington Industries. The contest is free and will in clude the following age divisions: 7-9, 10-12, 13-Up. The categories for kite entries Include: Moat unusual, smallest, tergest and longest tail. Incase of nun, the contest will be hdd on Saturday, March 26, 1983. Men's liniment Basketball Tournament 1983 The Parks and Recreation Commission Men's Liniment Basketball Tournament continued Monday night. March 7. The night's opening game paired Grey Ghost against 1st Bap tist. Grey Ghost gathered the win 46-40. B. Meadors scored 12 points for the Grey Ghost while W.K. Morgan pumped in 20 for 1st Baptist. The second game Grey Ghost defeated A.M. B. Zkm 45-43. A. Chery 21 points led the way for the Grey Ghost while R. Mclaughlin with 14 points and R. Singletary with 14 were the leading scorers for A.M.E. Zfcm. Youth Basketball Tournament MarS 's? Tiers: 37 Celtics: L. Morrisey 12, R. Sanders 9, D. Ray 8, J. Maynor 7, and f. Black 3. Km: B, Fellows 21, C. Johnson 7. R. LocKear 7 and R. Par 10*2." < ;'ys> Milwaukee: D. McMiBiaa24, R. Meivin 10, C. McMillian 9, id L. McNatt 9. ^ 2 - ' Hit*: D. Jones 24. W. odes 10. S. Thompson 7, and A. IftrtrAa f > T >?' ml

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