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Farmers on the move
With the fields finally dry enough to run a tractor through, and the
weather tapering off, area farmers have geared up for planting. Although
behind schedule, farmers are attempting to get their crops planted and
ready for market.
Youth Job Service Opens For Applications May 16
Peggy Owens has been ap
pointed Youth Employment Ser
vice Coordinator for the Laurin
burg and Raeford Job Service Of
fices of the Employment Security
In making the announcement,
Office Manager Burnest E.
Graham said "We are all too
familiar with the depressing
statistics on youth unemployment.
In order to help combat the pro
blem, we have developed a youth
employment service to help all
youth, regardless of family in
Youth 16-21 years old in need of ,
summer jobs should apply from
May 16-May 27 at the Job Service
offices at 127 W. Elwood Ave.,
High school students may apply
at their school on dates to be an
FREE Attachments Worth up to $56.00
Purchasea21 self-propelled Hf-Vac'
mower at the regular retail price and
receive your choice of a
Thatcherizer, Mulcherizer
Snapperizeror Bag-N-Blade
Kit The Thatcherizer easily
removes thatch and vacuums
it away with little effort The
Mulcherizer chews up clip
pings and deposits them
back into the lawn to become lawn
food |he Snapperizer can save you
time this Fall as an efficient
leaf shredder. Finally there s
the convenience of the
extra Bag-N-Blade Kit. Visit
your SNAPPER dealer to
day Buy and save now
Retail Value
Retail Value
Retail Value
Retail Value
399 Sandhill Blvd., Hwy. 1 South ? Aberdeen NC 28315
Any employer in need of extra
help this summer, please call your
Job Service Office.
Heilig-Meyers Expand
Operations In Va., Ga.
Heilig-Meyers Company, the
Richmond based home furnishings
chain, announced recently the pur
chase of the stock of Thomas Fur
niture. Incorporated which had
been operating a furniture store in
Lawrenceville, Virginia.
In addition, the Company said
that it has leased a building in Toc
coa, Georgia which will be
remodeled prior to a July opening.
This is the Company's first
Georgia location and brings the
total number of stores to eighty
Hoke Agricultural
Extension News
by Willie Feathentone, Jr.
Agricultural Extension Agent
Early Weed Control HHpa Keep
Lawn Healthy
Homeowners look forward to
spring as the time when lawns are
revived by newly growing grasses
and greenery.
Unfortunately, most newly
growing spring grasses are also ac
companied by newly growing
spring weeds which, if left un
checked, can seriously threaten a
lawn's survival.
It's important to combat weeds
early in the season when they are
small, tender and controllable.
Otherwise, weeds will continue to
grow and get stronger, rob the
lawn of badly needed water, choke
grass roots, and threaten the sur
vival of surrounding plants and
A major step in controlling
weeds is to establish a balanced
lawn care program early in the
season and maintain it throughout
the year. Regular mowing at the
right height, and proper feeding
and watering will all help protect a
lawn against invading weeds. Con
sistency in the care pattern is
especially important since too
much or too little mowing, fertiliz
ing or watering could possibly
result in more weeds.
An early application of a multi
purpose weed killer can be effec
tive against most spring and later
season broadleaf weeds. There are
chemicals available that can con
trol such, weeds as chicory,
dandelion, ragweed, poison ivy,
morning-glory, clover and many
Weed killers can be applied to
large areas uniformly with a hose
end sprayer, or use spot treatment
by mixing the chemical with water.
Very hearty weeds, such as
dandelions, will require repeated
applications of weed killer for ef
fective control. Whenever using
any herbicide read all label instruc
tions carefully, and follow them
precisely and handle with care.
Are you interested in learning a
craft that will help you relax, give
you many hours of pleasure and
could even help you bring in some
Home Economics Extension will
offer during the summer three
workshops if there is enough in
terest. Chair Caning - the one with
holes in the wood part of the chair.
Introduction to Lap Quilting
(make one square). Pine Straw
crafts. Please call 875-2162 to let
us know of your interest. Further
details will be sent after the interest
is determined.
Dog Causes Problems
Dear Doctor: Our one-year-old
Siberian Husky spends most of her
time at a neighbor's home where
there are two Irish Setters. It is
always a problem getting her to
come home.
If we let her, she stays there all
day and night. Is it possible that
she is confused as to where her real
home is? Is there any way to train
her to come home on her own?
Answer: Your dog may feel that
your neighbor's home is where she
is receiving the most attention,
referring to playtime, as well as
food. Before you can expect her to
stay home, she needs to know what
your property boundaries are. A
fenced in area is the simplest and
safest solution.
Allowing her to roam subjects
her to the threat of being exposed
to diseases and parasites that can
make her suffer. Cars are also a
very real danger.
Even the smartest dog or cat
may not notice traffic and be in
jured. In addition, if she is not
spayed, you may eventually wind
up with entire litters of hers who
will also visit your neighbor.
You And Your Pet
Dear Doctor: I have a St.
Bernard-Shepherd dog that
developed a bad habit of chasing
my car each time I leave the <
driveway. How can 1 break him of
Answer: The solution for the
dog that chases your car as you
leave your driveway is simple. The
dog should be confined to your
yard, kennel run, or your house.
Most cities have leash laws that
prohibit dogs from roaming loose.
It is in the interest of the dog's
safety to keep him confined. A
wandering dog will sooner or later
come to grief.
I am sure you have heard stories
of dogs that were trained not to
leave their yards. Such dogs are ex
ceptional. To train a dog to remain
in the yard is a difficult and time
consuming proposition, and one
mistake on the dog's part, could be
his last. If you decide to attempt
this, make sure you do so under ex
pert supervision.
The JIM HUNT Record
Subject: Tax Dollars For Politics
A report to the taxpayers on how Jim Hunt uses State equipment and
your tax dollars to build the Jim Hunt Political Machine
Governor Jim Hunt Greets Citizens After Arriving in Marion By Helicopter '
Gov. Hunt Opens Headquarters
Governor Jjm Hunt arrived by helicopter dair ' -p """A * "teU the dory about JuX '
Tuesday to officially open the McDowell C w- ^
County Democratic Headquarter*
Hunt a helicopter landed m the parking lot V
FACT: Jim Hunt has repeatedly used the
State helicopters and State airplanes
to attend Hunt political events."*
North Carolina Taxpayers Are Paying The Bill For
The Jim Hunt Political Machine
1 Th? MtOowfN Nnw >0442 I TS? Mowtnf Rocket >0-4*2
I IK# A*?vi<W Cffir** >0-V4J 4 W*dMI C ?**??*.
Democrats lor Helms ... A Man of Character
k? by Ml IMS for Mart WpKri Tr?*wr?f .

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