DAILY EXCEPT MONDAY. J. H. KINO Editor E T. ROLLINS ' ' Business Mgr. J. H. King and E. T. Rollins, Owners ;.-. Md publisher BUBSCRIP'nON PBId: One Tear .. .. .. .I2.80 Oat Wei.. .. .. .. .. .06 rntered' at tli Postoffloe at Durham XJ. C aa second-class matt matter. DD3UIAM. N. C.r MARCH 22, 1914 : JEvea if every loss had been fully covered by insurance, it was a need lees loss. i iA. water plant or a fire department that fails us at a time like that Is not worth much at any time. The machine may name the gover nor this time, but it has tried to turn the trick in the past and failed. And when Huerta states out at the head of an army to 'annihilate Villa , we- are not caring what happens to him. if the progressives are simply tired of . being bossed we are afraid that they wilt have to get out of the party. At least two men are cerain of r- , ..." " getting ithe Durham postolfice and the . others think they are in tue running. ' " MTH THE EDITORS. Tainted News. , That projected conference between Huerta and John XJnd is so long in materializing that it threatens to be classed under the head of tainted news. Ashevllle Citizen. Has Lost Its Charm. -(Life is notTVhat lrused tobeTYears ago when the colored population play ed baBeball, spectators got the worth of their money, for they played ball and had a fight or two. Now they have caught the aristocratic part of it and have quit. More flgbtfi pccur with white players engaged tnan witn negroes. Greensboro Record. The Suffrage Movement. The defeat of the suffrage amend ment in "the senate, a measure tha aimed to submit a revisal of the con stitution bo as to permit women tc enjoy equal election privileges witr men. was an even break " vote, the majority of one, showing that a hare majority of the senators were readv The promoters of "the cause" should find much encouragement in this vott for it shows to what we are coming No doubt In a few more years our WiOmen will hf.ve the privilege of voting all over this American land. Salisbury Post, New York's Curfews. According, to the plan adopted by Mayor Mitchel, New York cabaree. restaurants, jnust hereafter close at a. m. Restaurants without enter tainment may keep open until ? a m., serving food and liquor. Hotel bars are to close at 1 a. m. Saloon; catering to night workers may take out all-night license. If they "can show a legitimate demand for them but liquor must not be served in back rooms after 1 o'clock. Thus dors New York start out to be good. It does not look like very much of a state, but any start means something and one ounce of reform initiated by New York city authoritiees with New York city's approval Is worth a ton of restrictive enactments from Albany for a town bent first of all upon reg ulating its own affairs. Charlotte Observer. , : Some man may make a showing in a race with Senator Overman, but It will have to be a man pretty gen erally known over North Carolina. There are some North Carolina politicians who understand the game too,, well to fall out with Mr. Wilson as long as the people' are with him. If the fault should happen to be the water company's we would like to see anybody go into the courts and get damages.1: But if blame is attached anywhere It is rather to the people who per mit .themselves to be bossed rather than to the man who undertakes the Job." J '' On Being Bossed. . . A two-column edVor!fl in the Greensboro News by W. A. Hilde- brand, editor, would lead one to be lieve that North Carolina has a politi cal boss. And when North Carolina disposes "of this hoss. there will be another boss to dispose of and so on-ad innnitum. That's the way V is in other states, evenwith legalized primaries and the inltiatve and ref erendum, we suppose, and that's the way t will be for all time. The his toryof a state, like the history, of e nation, is nothing short bf the biog raphy of its big bosses. We are nov protesting.; we have no interest Ir any machine, and are in position tc throw our Influence if occasion de mads, toward that crowd which give- promise of doing beet for the state, in the meantime realizing that some body will be boss just the same. Raleigh Times. excess of 200 'species of trees in ta, state, attributable to the differenced of climate in ' many portions of ta state. North Carolina controls and utilizes 75,000 horse power of its wa terpower, with this amount easily capable of an increase of five times those figures, provided all the stream, available were harnessed. Specimens of practically all minerals are fouul In-the-stater although preclousmla erals are rare. North Carolina mine a larger quantity of mica than any other state in the union. How to Live 100 Years. Marry early in life and live .plain ly- Do not run or scuffle or lift heavy weights. Go to "bed every night at 0 o'clock md sleep eight hours. Sleep" on your right side and keep vcur moutu closed. Do not worry or quarrel keep in l good humor. Keep your bed away from the iamp walls cf your dwelling. Take a tepid bath twice a week but avoid cold baths. Take some exercise before break- ast a short walk or use the dumb bells. . Have a good mat at your bed- -oom door and a good rug at side of vour bed. Eat moat, well cooked, only once day. 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Phone 33 "Doc Bird Says"- To be preferred1 is our wish, striving to that end. T We are MOTHER OF SCHOOL GIRL W 11 tf i n. a l ens now Lydia rcnkham s Vegetable Compound Re stored Her Daugh ter's Health. PROGRAM ARRANGED. As the editor of the Greensboro News was in Washington when the state chairman was named, it may be that, he knows what he is talking about, , ' , It may he that the transcontinental railroads, are fighting free tolls b; you can put it down that they have not' beea to Mr. Wilson with their troubles. It would seem that the machine is supporting Mr tO verm an . for re election, but you can put it down that be swore allegiance to the ma chine first. " : U AMrich, Cannon, enroee and that crowd were against the free foils clause the democrats could very well afford shut their eyes, ask questions and rote for it no W had understood that Mr. Kitchin was not going to vote for the repeal of the free tolls clause, but since he . has received, some encouragement it seems that he Is going to take a de light fn doing an ne can against it It is rather mystifying that many of the more radical - protectionists op posed the free passage of American coastwise vessels - through the canal frcm the first It might lead one to thisk there was somebody he they anted to protest more. ' x I TLa disastrous fire of last night hare beea checked during the t hour. However, this was not asd at this time we are not pre i to say whether the fauft lies "i the water company or With the e f V.;era -.The water wasut off at e vhc t-e fire wayapparetitly r rr :.-', tst juit fy this was - J ro-'-srs be s f ard matter - b - For the Commencement, at State Vjrviverslty. Chapel Hill, March 21.-rrThe 1014 commencement program of the Uni versity of North Carolina has been arranged, "with respect to the secur lng of the chief speakers for the occa lon. Hon. W. C. Redfleld, United States secretary of commerce, wil make the chief address 0n Wednes day, June 3. The baccalaureate ser- whlch are there being employed. This May 31. the opening day of com mencement. Dr. Edgar P. Hill, i noted Chicago divine, will deliver thl sermon. The Y. M. C. A. sernyHY tr be delivered Sunday night, will be made by Dr. O. E. Brown, a teaebe In Vanderibilt University Theologica school. Judge Van Wyck, a lawyer of New York city, will make the alumni speech on Tuesday, June Judge Augustus Van Wyck graduated from the University of North Caro lina with the class of 18C4. Other than beinsr a well-known lawyer, or Broadway, he has long been interest ed in New York state politics. He was once a candidate for governor of New York, making the race agalns' Theodore Roosevelt, In addition to these features on the program, many classes are thaklng preparations for reunions at the coming commence ment Two classes 1904 and 1909 are exerting special efforts, to hav every member of their class return on man will be delivered on Sunday High school Abating societies, civic clubs." women's clubs, farmers' unfons and other similar organizations of the state will find a storehouse of valu able Information In a handbook print ed by the bureau of extension of The University of North Carolina. "Pub lic Discussion and Debate" is the title of the 54-page booklet carrying in formation on almost all the live, everyday topics concerning North Carolina issues. Among the many subjects that "receive brief attention in this useful handbook are: Race segregation, compulsory- education. child labor, convict labor, rural credit and agricultural co-operation, engi neering assistance to count'es, taxa tion, commission form of government. woman enffrai. recall of judges, etc. The booklet eipresses as ts chJrf purpose that of MimuTaimg public discussion in the debating societies uT the high schools. Toward the further ance of that end. the sixth and last division of the bulletin outlines a model constitution for high ecaool literary societies to pattern after. In a series of lectures before the stndent body in the college chapel th patt week, the state geologist set forth tome facts concerning "North We never "kick'' over the traces and fill our prescriptions with "some fh'ng Just as godd." Not everiSonce in a while! Exactly.JjU'rugs the doctor order d every time Many years of fflIlBg prescriptions with purest highest quality drugs have gained for us the confidence of the public. And we value that con fidence above everyth'ng! Let us All your prescriptions! "The sweetness of low price sel dom equals the bitterness of poor quality." Yearby's Pharmacy PHONE 69. Plover, Iowa. "From a small child my 13 year old daughter had female weakness. I spoke to I three doctors about it and they did not help her any. Lydia E. Pinliham'a Vegetable Com pound had been of great benefit to me, so I decided to have her give it a trial. She has taken five bottles cf the Vege table Compound ac cording to directions on the bottle and she is cured of thi3 trouble. 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