f i S .1 " 1 4 ' THE AtOftNRfG HERALD, MARCH 124, 1914. uiana OS 11 'i (.''-v.!!;". Loiidbh SocimLife to :'-- :- a- KCV-'UH ll.tXX : iAinon, rMarcli 21. Thro 'tiave receatly some gresf eha&fes flr itolloaa society, ife. that existence Vb3ai;,.In. .the Victorian era as (ipftiab .'And' stolid : as the sphral W4Uir,I.;oniy:Te to mention the Arl&i'fOf But 2 refer more 'f.iin' costo'ltoariiy' 4onoot 4s at; non-daacita' nartie - .vjffe - firet place; conversation la (BibackMb faiori'- It was ' tfot rij-ieot amusemont &'a&(Ueld 5 with ; thejlfieventeenth cen ?Crbut hPPfeaty ncfw, simply '.to hAe Ibornatedtfoir, a hundred year. SirVepe"ta -flan. 'theft Pf .again.1 vyh. Englah.'t&re . be otaInj-;more talkative, although still behind1 Jhe Fjench and the" Americans of jgttiiii ectiona. Conversation is t . A accepta d 10 evening cntor- qvmcy Xcr the bourgeois game of "ntptw sw-ung; up In Society and iUmest nmouutsUo. a furor. It 5s be- liUsUIayed 'in tho vatcSt ecIusico fioasffipids'-fpr heavy points, bridge anf .Ifaaction are stilj- favorites, but jov pnj-emjuem, , iero is a great vogue for parlor vivfc.'v-' - EFFECT OF HEAT ON GROUND " Depends Largely on the Nature and ' ' -. -r(. -uCoo,p of?thft 3611. '. vH6t far ' doea. the heat of the full Ihto the' yhoj summer' sun .penetrate ftepUes generally, vary from one taeto to many hundred feet! Actually the distance is about three feeet. Be yond thia depth the temperature ot the soil does . not vary appreciably from hour to hour, let the midday bt ever, go., hot and. tho midnight ever sc cold. "At this' depth the mean tem- petaiurp ia the summer Ls about . decrees Fahrenheit, and in the frintei about 30 degrees Fahrenheit' ? !. The surface heat takes a look while to" penetrate downward. In fact curi ously enough, tho change in tempera ture of tlie ground takes Just- more than, six months to reach the end of its 20-foot journey In agricultural distrifcts 'you will hear farmers in tho same village talk ing about "cold" soils and "warm" soils. This, although It sounds im probable to those who have never had anything to do vifh the land, is an letual fact. Reasons Wliy Tax Paycirs Should Favor City Ownership by John Sprunt Hill games of quKo ait old-fashioned kind, especially for guessing blindfold. The ' Everybody knows from personal ex only. tbJag which i pot wanted Is j fsrience, that black, clothes are hotter aiaateur music. : to wear when a hot summer's sun is : Music, vocal or instrumental is to- shining than white ones, hence thr dar," thought s detestable nuisance "ffahneiB' for men a,nd ie " whte anless. it is equal to .the beat pro- I frocks for girls. The reason for thir fesslonaLart, . . - Is that black and other dark colors J-flndJtftat; llefaateur singer and' absorb heat, while white and the pisoist lh very c6nsc'lous of this and lighter shades reflect it. And this ap refKses to display his talents unless PMes to soils equally with cloths. h knows his work will compare with Those soils which by their ingredi thfc best Society has frozen out the cnts are a darker color are literally drawing . room ballad singer. warmer than their lighter neighbors. Peaty soils, some of which are nearly black, others a rich, dark brown, are the warmest. Light-colored clays and The prijeedeac of Princess Arthur idjjfined for the flrst.time at the court, chalk the coldest. There may be as X)i39 caused some heart" burnings, much as 15 degree or 16 degrees Hr marriage has made a 'trbmendouB Fahrenheit between the temperatures difference In her position ia the coun of two soils lying next each other and circles. :" ttfctrt Jt w$.s . .somewhat .ipon the same day. , rettiote and la the background, owing J ' ' ' to.'tle fact that her late father, the I ' Uefko of Fife waa not of royal bJJnilCIFI CCO PCTTCDC Ttifrr, as the wife of the King's cousin. UUOIIICoO I1C I I LllU eh comes before ail the daugh'ars of - "i i nn. ing s aunis, in iront, too, or an Mr: Editor: . - , . I notice tliat the friends of 'the Boston bondholders nave been expend ing" their money freely tb pu'blfph the "Water Works Bill." $53 for hree dni-s 'advertising is "soing some" in a municipal campaign.' Now, the purport of all this great:.' expenditure of money appears to be an effort tfe create confusroh in "the ;nind's of the people in regard to taxation. In the bill itself, as found in rages, 988 and 989 private laws X. C. 1914 (the newspaper publication is 'net' a porrect copy of the liiw). under pectiori 4. -We find the loliowing ''-provision: "The board of alJerraen or other' governing authority of the ci'.y of Durham, out of the money3 derived from :he collection of tolls or reut3 of water, or from sales of same, saail. alter paying the tost and exreascs of operating the plant or system of water ntents as may be deemed necessary fotj tho purpose,-apply tbc balance of such moueys, or so mucli thereof as may remain, to' tlie payment" of the semi-annual interest upon tUr bonds issued , for said purpose and provide far' a 'sihkinz fuud for the nayment of. 'the principal of the bomis." it is -liMI V - .J. - .r- .1.. ' "II 2 nlain. therefore, that under tins terms of the water works. Ml ah 01 the the ladies of the Teck family, rrince Arthur takes a very lively interest in the sartorial JhaUors of m b; Driue. uince ner marriage, . sne for RENT 6 ROOM HOUSE ON halt Become one of the most chic oft Ones street T. L. Rnaiell. npf to-datenesa of her' coiffure were tominon talk.. . ' ft is; remarked since King George baa been b'ack in -town how much Older hdf-i ookingr though h cer tainly 1 appears in the ' best of health Th.6 thin patch,, on his head increases ih etie, and lie is diatinctly furrowed under be eyes. The truth Is his majesty, overworks llis activity Is enormous, and he docs, not take sleep enotigh, ' Things which In previous reigns' vr relegated to -the care ef othera,-j3ii tjoorge personally super vises.- a; MkeEdmnnid Burke,, he' considers every ?mment of time 'not -devoted to 'Jx'orlc Iff-ieKt ftis- majesty keeps cutiihg..ikn' "expenses Bte&dOy. and the' last tlmo ho was at Windsor, he mterviewed tho heads cf every de riartmenV'tfith the object of finding ) it the -actual : expe,ndituri and the rtfcst - means ol .xeduciug it. The quocn also visited parts of the ' caslte'tf 'dupcii' lias never before set tot " int -and made sonie awocpliig i-baCS'cs lu tlie housoUold. tf search mado by ih liishop of OxCord convinces him that the word 'obey" in the marriage service has neither antiquity . nor universality to support it; This; information was conveyed last i:;g3t"by the Bishop of Lincoln to a mtvcttng- of the Xatkmal . Union cf wmtns i SufTrapro socletieeB . over which he, presided in Lincoln. The rnjljoj vvas refer.ripg ,49 his recent uiqhofl S.t the upper house of tbe con '" Q eatiOn' tof canterbury Province, in -withdrawing his amendment to omit th! wortt "obey." Ffa sVd he thought the word was supermotH ' anS!; ndeiirabte' Some years ag'b,e nejEtcd.lhe'.bfsJidpi to cbbsldvr .s change, bat did. not then prtM fti-riewa. Btfl they: were fib drawing near : the; and . ot the flrat draft Of their rsvlsion of the prayer bdpk, abd It,. therefore, seemed time that fe ahoald srese the matter for ward, rftenc bia.JrtbtaUtion'of reo- luHrs h th bou uat. Friday. 1 tea maoa 00 OI' 00c ion ' tot althdrawlng hla amendments was be na he thouiht hoilfl not I rffim. eynroatheUc -.debat- - The i 3ihop pf .pxford who m-aa ready, to A rcond the amendmeoU had express- U b orrow that he wk3r,.bcas A 11 had quantity of meat Interesting YJkX he wonld -kave liked to lay be fre Jhehou and fcnfor the pablic m- Horn, did TitiMtMKl in iiinrxicm hWot7&fr Job--word robey In- the Tftrriag rrtef.f th incieet clrtti thnreli. both in the east and wL aad h had aasnred him that ai the renlt tt thee researohea he Bisho? of Lincoln) was ri(ht kf -OTPOKtoC ttb .Wri "obey." tor tt nevee appeared la any christian serv to whatswr. 1 Cteept n England and 1a" English terrtc It eevr M'that it had neither antiquity nor nilverttSfy.-;, -f . .' ' si aak wbaf he Odd Of a TX'nr opportunity of bringing his f -'I.-.'.iu '-'-;,--' -' earnings of the wster business, derived from the collection of tolls or rents from water, or the sales of water, go toward paying interest on the Water bonds and to establish a sinking fund, in order that the city may entirely own the water plant free of Indebtedness in thirty years. - The balance of the receipt's, after paying interest and the sinking fund, will go into the city treasury, and thereby help to lighten the burder of taxa tlon. This balance ought to amount to a great many thousand dollars in the course of the next th'ttj years. From the sworn statement of the receiver, for 1912, the net profits of the Water company were about ?39,0Q0. Tax payers, take out your pencil and do a little figuring your self. By simple .calcuJat'oa the present earnings of the Water company (39,000 per year) are sutneient to pay $22,500, the amount of Interest oh the entire bond issue cf $500,000 at 4 1-t per cent, and have a bal ance of $16500 per yes r to establish a' sinking fund of $8572 each year in order to pay off tha bonds in thirty years, and still turn over to the city treasurer a yearly balance of $7928. It must be clear, therefore, that the property owners of the city of Durham need not worry themselves very much about the increased taxes on account of city ownership of the Water. Oa the contrary, in the light of the present earnings of the water company, and in the light ot other cities owning the water works, they may feel assured of a decrease in the city taxes, and also pay for the Water Works in thirty years. ; Now, the abovo calculation is based on a plant costing $500,000, the amount of the bonds, whiie the profits of the Water Company -are on their present plant which appear to be worth about $270,000. If great im provements, costing some t Mug like $200,000, were expended upon the present plant, it is fair to ttume that it would earn t leasts $60,000 ia stead of $39,000. The fact is that the earnings of the Water company, in seventeen years, have increased over four hundred per cent, and the probabilities are that their Increase of earniags during the next thirty years, judging the future by the past, would amount to as much as $100,000 peryear. Is it any wonder that some body is spending money freely to defeat city ownership? Let us turn on the light Let us think well, before we tie ourselves to thirty years more-of the foul waters of Jtno river. '. Let us thiftk well before we give thirty years contract to Bos ton bondholders that will almost certainly take $2,000,000 in earnings out of tho pockets of tnc ta payerss of Durham, and put this $2,000,000 of net earnings into the pockets of Boston bondholders. Hydrant Rental. By the way, tax payers o Durham, who pays for the present water pipo extensions in the city, the Water company or the tax payers? Take out your pencil and figure "again. The Boston bondholders are now charging the city about $9,500 a year for 215 hydrants, cud tho water imcd for iires, sprinkling streets aud public building!. It is eellmatfcd on reliable authority that $1200 per yeai would be a fair charge for nil tllo r ater virtually used by the? city, which leaves a balanco of $$,300 for hydrant reu- , tali Now, the laying of 6-incb pipe line f00 feet ut 62 cents per foot mid i amounts to $310. The hydrant itself cos'.s $21. the breach pipe line! brackets and insulators always on anfl connection cost sxu. or a total or anu mis amount muiupueu . hand. D. S. Miller, Watts street. : v by 215jnakoa about $73,300 It is evident, therefore, tua; we are paying ; the war company ?,5yj per year on an investment oi aoout. ? 1 -vv. : , or a little over 11 per teat on the capital Invested. Now. under muulci- j pal ownership 'the interest on $73,300 for laying hydrants, f.t.4 1-2 per' , cent the rate of interest on bonds, would be about S3, 400. cr a net saving,' X ' by city ownership of $4,900 per year on hydrant rental alone. Tbx payers t S. N. BLADE, THD PLUMBBH, DB sires yux repair and new work. Ge tt now, Phone 513. eggs for hatching. Pone 805. FOR REINT TO DHSIRABLE PARTf . one half of the store occupied by C. H. Case, Jeweler,, at 205 Bast Main street. V WANTJED TO . BU V YOUNG calves. Apply to N. L. Perry, B. L. Duke's Farm, Trinity avenue, Phone 279. WAN THD i OK 6 KOOM COTTAGE Modern. Address Box 327. 1 1 WANTED (MAN ; ON DAIRY AND truck faroa Apply to Paul Wheeler. ANDRAB "TELEPHONES. ' WIRE. Today and Tomorrow Tuesday and Wednesday A Magnificent Display of MILLINERY Dress Fabrics, Ready to-Wear and Fixings. You are Cordially Invited. KR O N H EIIBR'S- . v urss :No:matter how hot dry.andcold or to citv or uuruam. tout yor. tutnK it 1 auout is:u lor us to qmi - reenlng tue olu cow lu liuraani in r racr tuat sue may ue muaou oy 4 01011 bondholders. Why not turn the vow around and let us do a littlo mill ing curscives. K is no wonder that t. friend of the Hostou bondhold ers have mo!iDy in spend to defeat city ownership. . Municipal 'nei-shi. U municipal owucrsh:p is such p bad thing, as tlio frit-a'ls of the Eos.on bondholders would have yor. beliove. w'.iy is it that ir. the north aud v.rtt 305 water works plants iiave changed fro-a private o-vae:ai.ip to mtsuicipa! J and during the same period only 20 plants have abandoned j 1 ! LOST A BUNCH OF KEYS, ONE large wardrobe brass key in bunch, between Dukwe street and roster street. Return to S. Jourdan for reward. FOR RENT DESIRABLE ROOMS. 310. corner Holloway and Roxbro streets. MINERAL WATER WE SEND WA- tc-r to any one with Bright' dis ease, uric acid.- or ecdema. "No cure no pay." Calcium Water Co. (N. A. Gregory. Owrier) Chase City. a. ' ffiVTHl TUVJVT lvm fvsni ouur- ...... . UM ..... . r v viwjl . ... . . . . ... 1 , u- r 1 mnnirln.il ownernhinT Whr la it tnat nino-ten.ns or me water nuus ivudn-v irra near v--y. UUiy ex- I r - periencod tobacco raisers need ap-I PIanls in -N'ortt Carolina arc ov.-nod by tho cities their.3f.vo-, . Way u. . ply. J. A. G'les. . I Kalelgh, Wilmington aud Jlorgantcn recently cnango 1 rem pirate ov.uei- shlp to municipal cwncrski? If launicipaj vowuursr.ip is tutu . uaa thing for the people cf Lurh.im. why did fiu TrTends of tbo Boston bou bolders go away cfom Norfolk. Danville', Raleigh, Wilmington.- Cinr.lotto. Asheviito and Atlsmlrt fo Tro-.-; N. Y.. to find r.n ol.l.eentleman. to help ! them out in defoa'iu? t-iiy ownorsliiw? Tbb; oi l gccile.iiaa for n.acr Jvi'.i m.a nutrfatandan- of a'ariratel owned Plant in Charleston. 6. For reuon. u- - ioii to himjult he went to work for a muatcipal water plant at Troy. N. Y.. and then turn around and Ulks about hie employers. Not much importaaee should bo atuched to the opinion and views of man who v "Cats toy bread, drinks nxy tea, 1 Does around town talking about me." But. after all, tax payers of Durhsit, our case must stand or fall by fcoa anions s we and them at Durham, -not a they are found at Charlotte, where the small consumer ge.s his wster for loss than he does in Durham it ti sfiftirnilns orrr lfl.OOO cations nayr a ill Jo more, or at Rocky Mount where the ordinary user pf ys S otnts 1,000 gallons less than he does in Utrham. or at Wilson where the ordinary neef gets his water for IS' cents 1 000 gallons less than in Durham. The truth Is that with eity ownership we an run our plant at a great profit to the city without raising any body's rate. In all fairness to the small consumer we should lower his rate, ana thin can bo safely dono t Dnrsnav wiihOnt any serious loss of revenue Ut might be a good ! ptar-ijso tbrn to adopt tho-Chsrlotto plan of making a lump charge; by the city, of say $32.(0 to pay for a" work or opening and repairing the street, making connections, laying pipe, etc, to tie yard ot tho property owner, and Installing meter and paying ten years rental on the mete: . Dceplte tho erroneous information turned loose fcy the friends cf tht Boston tondhoMers, (ls Charlotte plan appears tb many of us far hstter and much cheaport U Dufm t xwyorvtbsa tbo Durham plan. Tax payers, decide, for yoursflvo which la tho tetter plan. In Durham we pay the Durha&i Wfttop Company $l-0 Mkia U tsp to tho street amis; sn tbn w TT Kcl plamber; for opsalsg tho street. laying pipe tno the yard, mating conoectlon. oto. ehsrtt rsaj lag from $11.00 to $25.00. aud then la addition wo pay tho Darhana WUr Company $2.4$ a year rental tor a $7.0 meter. Tbo street in front of the ktwt g ooorsJl. shew- a Wss or deproseton for tbo next two or three years. It mast 00 plala to say lair-minded man that tho motor charge of. $2.4$ a year in Durham is an oxtrn burden upon tbo Durham tax payer It moit oiao bo sum to the. Durham tsx payers that it is better to have tbo city open and repair tho street than to lea o thi. Important work to tcs Individuals. Wo are now paying, in DurhiJi. about S25.000 A yvr to repair ear streets. At least $5,600 ot taU n.out is s-vended tn making repairs so tie streets caused by work don la laying water Pipes. i jorc irnrrt tttll.- X X t T t f t V I nisiaextne Automatic Migrator -1 f&gzM dX- EST m f I II WhCEH Bcttel pay a few dol lars more and take .in Auh tomatic. It will save you this difference on roitr ice bills every year you use it aii(l .nway and beyond this eoni?i(leratio"n of first cost ivA ice cost lie! the fact that Automaties will give you the greatest service in ''keeping your foods wholesome and very cold -md drr. NEW SHIPMENT JUST IN SEE WINDOW DISPLAY Christian & Harward Corcoran St. Opp, Postoffice J. I. Lawson, Mgr, VjooJooJooooooo r sale 5 room cottacjj'on Wilkerson avc-nuo, modern coavon iences, good location, terms reaioa able. Street to bo macadamized at WANT LD TWO MEN TO RETRE- eent as in North Carol'ns and Vir ginia towns, those famil'ar with small towns preferred. Experfsate The Morning Herald. . a,- rbft salesaW" mtllaTcot ton'gta la food ranffitng order. As "ly to Joh& W. Sbo R. 3r os A U Barboe at tho tnUL Route 7. ' WANTED TO BUY TWO SECOND hand top' bogg es;' two second hafid aurries; two second hand set" of double tiarnots. Mast too U good condition. Address J. C. Lanula. PittsborA C FOR ALL KINDS OF BRICK. TILE. . stone, gratee -and eoooht work. call llio. W. J.' Woods. SAVE YOUR HAIR COMBINGS AND hare insm mads Into braids. Mrs. &. p. fjTlrtnat, $03 Holloway 8L FOR SALE A WELL BROKEN. year old horse, la good condition, and wiU seQ at a bargain. 8. D. Cuban Irs. , . nan a att na trcf o a tt 0 a r 8 HOME KILLED FRESK. HEATS O a ritH AND OYfTER tt a Giro as a trial end got Om boat, 8 a Kortn. Dorhsja lUrkot ' S a T. M. DAVIS. a vaoso .. v.ta a nnnttttttnttnnnn a a a i ' - ovnera ' A 1 T T Douglass Shoes We have Just uncrated our new line of Douglas Oxford? for Spring and Summer, 1914. Douglas shoes for men and boys are the standard qf tho world. OTHER NEW GOODS. We are busy these days un packing new things. Exeryex press brings dependable merchan dise to Haskell's. YOU ARE WELCOM& Baying or looking yon are al ways welcome at this score. Ws oepecdally Invito your Inspection of tbo many new things cow on display for Fprfcg wear. 4flC223S3SSBU3! H HASKELL "Better Goods For The Sase Money" Kx2a sad Maam Streets. Hew Spring Goods For Every Member of the Family is sucked oa the shelves and counters at Clock's until it .is almost impossfblo to think of aay new Sprfn? s72ee that cannot bo found in oar . big . stock. . ll's worth a trip down town Just to soo oil tho beau tifnl now thlncs nt Enoch's. Wo truly anticipate the pleasure pf showing your our Stock. Enocli ssaJm crlttaw 1 FOR GLASSES THAT WILL FP J DO NT FAIL TO SEE JDPTOM tar w. Mais) ex OOP HO POSSOflSBS. Dvsoats4 WM)o Vow WsSi Notice I Kow aoottons ta so sings a tpo dalty; o to ato saotkoda. Eatbtfxrtca OuvatsL, , . DURHAtt TIRE-SHOP E. D. U!3TT, frp r I SATURDAY AND MONDAY AND Qnnnrt flnnmnn CIa opi 1115 upGiiiitg oaiu .' -AT- Mr Gladstoin's Store 1 IAn tl.... 0MWa - ri ed from the biggost tailors of New -1 York. Baltimore for you to p'ck your j Spring suit. Bluo- sorgeo. brown or I gray, solid black -or with ftaaaU fia i itrlpo or any klaS yob liko. $11.50 Men It (Ma tif $9.(L $13.00 Men s Setts at I7.SS. $13.50 tfsaw 'Soft Cf $-.- $ia.00 Mob's guitm at $14$. $7.co-Moa' saiXAdioo lute Coats t $3.9$. $5 Boys snd-GirW- RaArOJSin At $2.98.' - -- .' v-, . $10 Bilk Drossoo at $UI: Children trose 'troai' J6 m $3.60. , ' t '-""- ". -y 1 East Durtuiaf tnntlams- Sb" yarm.' -T SoraonUao Crooo pretty pattaraa ., to mako-lUaooaor tSr Valu-o4 yard. '-' - , ' Broeadvreolct- to. Htaohos ' wide, at 48 yard. Dross UttVS. fcff eoloro.t;'!? ; ml lit! m m W mm tT ? .L . Rsgslrom lOeaotoSUt. "' Matting Art KroWssnixl' CfOJa ; 12.95 up. " -rV . 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