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    Th—far. Agrfl 1, 1»37
Patsy Ruth Windsor Celebrates
I First Birthday
Mrs. Howard Windsor enter
tained at a small party at her
home Saturday afternoon from
two until four o'clock, in cele
bration of the first birthday an
niversary of her little daughter,
Patsy Ruth. Games were en
joyed by the little guests. Ice
cream and cake were served.
Those invited were: Dorothy
Jean, Clara and Sallie Transou,
Ivory Norman and Mary and
Charles Windsor.
Methodist Circles To Meet
The circles of the Woman's
Missionary Society of the Metho
dist church will meet Monday af
ternoon at 3:30 in the following
homes: Circle number one will
meet with Mrs. J. S. Atkinson on
West Main street; number two
will meet with Mrs. Chas. G. Ash
by on Bridge street and number
three will meet with Mrs. E. E.
Hayes on Church street, with
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Of interest to friends of the
couple here and in Virginia is the
announcement just made by the
bride's parents of the marriage of
Miss Mary Gertrude Webster of
Pulaski, Va., to James Robert
Greenwood of Elkin and Pulaski.
The marriage was solemnized
March 7, at Hillsville, Va., with
Rev. A. C. Brabston officiating.
• The bride is the only daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. William Webster
of Pulaski. The bridegroom is
the son of J. L. Greenwood and
the late Mrs. Greenwood of Elkin.
They will reside in Pulaski,
where Mr. Greenwod is employed.
Bessie Jean Brown Celebrates
Sixth Birthday Thursday
Honoring her little daughter,
Bessie Jean, on her sixth birthday
anniversary, Mrs. Ted Brown en
tertained at a lovely party at her
home on Church street Thursday
afternoon. Forty-five children
shared the enjoyable event with
the honoree. Games were enjoyed
and later an Easter egg hunt was
engagd in. Mrs. Brown was as
sisted in entertaining by Mes
dames Anna Harris Shugart,
Vance Brown, I. C. Yates and D.
L. Kelley, the latter of Yadkin
'ln the dining room a color
scheme of pink and blue was car
ried out in the decorations. A
handsome, two-tier birthday cake
was the- central adornment. Ices
~ " ■'
and cake were served. Favors
were Easter rabbits.
Newman-Harris Wedding is Event
at Saturday
Coming as a surprise to friends
was the wedding Saturday even
ing at eight o'clock in Boon
ville of Thomas Harris of this city
to Miss Mary Newnrn, also of
Elkin, Rev. Mr. Coram, a former
pastor of the bride officiated,
using the ring ritual of the
For her Wedding the bride wore
a spring suit of navy, with gray
accessories and a shoulder cor
sage of sweet peas.
Mrs. Harris is the daughter of
Mr. and Mr. Thomas Newman of
Elkin, formerly of Yadkinville.
Mr. Harris is the oldest son of
Mr. snd Mrs. T. G. Harris of this
city. Both have a host of friends.
They will reside on West Main
street. Mr. Harris is employed
at Chatham Manufacturing com
Garden Club Meets With Mrs.
J. L. Hall Thursday
Members of the Yadkin Valley
Garden Club enjoyed a most de
lightful meeting Thursday after
noon at the home of Mrs. J. L.
Hall on West Main Street. The
home was lavishly decorated with
japonica, forsythia and jonquils.
Mrs. E. C. James, program
chairman for the month, present
ed Mrs. W. W. Whitaker and
Mrs. J. L. Hall, speakers for the
meeting. Mrs. Whitaker told of
the International Flower Show
which she attended in New York
last week and Mrs. Hall told of
famous gardens in and around
St. Petersburg, Florida, which she
recently visited.
During the business hour the
club voted to donate $lO to the
fund for beautifying the grounds
at the new high school building.
A three corse supper was served
late in the afternoon.
Members presest were: Mes
dames W. W. Whitaker, J. S. At
kinson, George Royall, J. H.
Beeson, E. C. James, M. A. Biggs,
E. G. Click, H. C. Salmons, J. F.
Hendren and H. P. Graham. Mrs.
R. L. Harris was a special guest.
Miss Mary Lorene Long' and
Herman Royall. are Married
Of interest to friends of the
young couple was the wedding
Sunday morning at nine o'clock at
the Baptist pastorium on Church
street of Miss Mary Lorene Long
and Herman Q. Royall. Rev. Eph
Whisenhunt, pastor of the First
Baptist church, officiated, using
the ring ritual.
Mrs. Eph Whisenhunt rendered
the wedding music. As a proces
sional she used "The Wedding
March" f r om Wagner's Lohen
grin. During the ceremony she
played "Ah, Sweet Mystery of
Life." The only witnesses to the
ceremony were Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Jennings and Miss Margie
For her wedding the bride wore
a spring suit of navy blue with
white accessories. The bride is
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Zura
E. Long of this city. She graduat
ed from the local school with the
class of '32.
Mr. Royall is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Oeorge Royall of Roar
ing Gap.
After next week Mr. and Mrs.
Royall will be at home at an
apartment in the home of Mrs.
J. H. Tharpe on Owyn Avenue.
Woman's Club to Meet Tuesday
at Hotel Elkin; Mrs. Taylor
to Speak
The group njeeting of the de
partments of the Woman's Club
will be held Tuesday afternoon at
Hotel Elkin. The program ior
the meeting wiil be in charge of
the Garden Department with Mrs.
C. H. Brewer program chairman.
Mrs. Wesley Taylor of Greens
boro, past president of the State
Garden Clubs, and at present one
of the vice-presidents of the or
ganization, will be guest speaker
for the meeting. Mrs. Taylor will
use as her subject, "Present Gar
den Movements," or flowtr shows
as applied through recent garden
schools to the community and
home. Mrs. Taylor, who is an ex
pert on gardens will be at the ho
tel from luncheon until the club
meeting at 3:30 and will be glad
to meet and talk to interested
parties on gardening. She also re
quests that questions be prepared
by those attending to be askr at
a round table discussion at „he
close of her talk.
The club extends a cordial in
vitation to the public, particular
ly members of the local garden
dubs and others interested in
ge -dening, to attend the meet
Engagement of Miss Harris and
Mr. Terrell Is Announced at
Party Friday
Mrs. T. a. Harris entertained
at a charming dinner party at her
home on West Main Street Fri
day evening at which time the an
nouncement of the engagement of
her daughter, Miss A Mary Eliza
beth Harris to Malvern Terrell
was made. The lovely ta
ble was centered wife a bouquet
of jonquils and bridal wreath in
a crystal bowl, which was on a
reflector. White candles in cxys
Armour, famous danscuse, re
hearses for her Gardenia Dance at)
Florida Cypress Gardens where
thousands of the fragrant waxy
blossoms are now in full bloom.
jtal holders were used on either
end of the table. A color scheme
of yellow and white was carried
out in detail in the appointments.
A three course dinner was served.
The announcement was made
when the dessert course was ser
ved. The plates were adorned
with wedding bells, topped with
a miniature bride and bridegroom
with a card attached bearing the
The bride is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Harris and is
a very popular member of the
younger set. The bridegroom is a
i native of Wilmington, Delaware,
but has resided here for the past
two years. The marriage will be
solemnized in a home ceremony
on April 30.
, Quests for the dinner were
Miss Harris, bride-elect, Miss
Thoburn Lillard and her guest,
Miss Eleanor Clayton of Char
lotte, Mrs. Gladstone Carter, Mrs,
Irwin Wade, Miss Maude Masten,
Miss Hoyland Harris, Mii& Mar
garet Sale, Miss Elizabeth Shores,
Miss Hazel Byrd, Miss Minnie
Ruth McNeill and Miss Blendon
Rev. E. B .Draughan of Union
Cross preached at Little Rich
mond Baptist church Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock.
Judge Carter of Winston-Salem
was the Sunday guest of his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Carter.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim White, Miss
Lucy White, Miss Marie White,
Royland, and Wade White, all of
Thomasville, were the guests of
relatives here over the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Tilden Martin
and family of Elkin were the
guests here Monday of Mrs. Mar
tin's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Axsom.
Several people from here at
tended the funeral of Mrs. Lydia
Brown at Boonville Sunday.
Rev. Ora- Griffith of Ararat
visited relatives here Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shoemaker
of Arlington, were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Barber
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Evans of
Shady Grove attended the birth
day dinner here in honor of Mrs.
Charlie Humphries Sunday.
M. A. Galther of Winston-Sa
lem was a business visitor here
Clete Jenkins and daughters,
Misses Loretta and Cleatus, of
State Road, were the week-end
guests of his mother, Mrs. R. A.
Mr. and Mrs. Numa Coe visit
ed Mr. Coe's mother, Mrs. Betty
Coe, at Rockford, this week-end.
Mrs. Carl Ashburn is spending
several days in Winston-Salem,
the guest of her aunt«, Mrs. D. C.
Jimmie Atkins is seriously 111
Expert Repairing
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
We Now Have Equipment to
Make Any Kind of Duplicate
W.M. Wall, Jeweler
Phone 56 ElWn, N. C
at his home at Patrvlew, bis
friends will regret to know.
Columbus Williams of High
Point visited relatives here last
Mrs. W. H, Sneed returned to
her home Monday from Boonville,
v/here she was called last week
on account of the illness and
death of her mother, Mrs. Lydia
Mr. and Mrs. Coy Harris and
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Erwln
attended the Easter sunrise ser
vice at Winston-Salem Sunday
We are sorry to note that Mrs.
Will Bell, who has been confined
to her room for sometime, will
enter a Statesvllle hospital this
week for an operation.
Mrs. Dora Mathis and daughter,
Maxlne and Mrs. Louise Vestal of
Martinsville, Va.,' spent the East
er holidays with relatives here.
Paul and Annie Lee Swaim of
Ronda spent the Easter holidays
here with their grandmother,
Mrs. Vina Swaim.
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Macey of
Hamptonvllle and Mrs. Omar
Walker and little daughter, Bar
bara Jean, were the dinner guests
of their mother, Mrs. Vina Swaim
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Osborne and
children, Wayne and Vina, visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. Walter Osborne
in Elkin Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sale of
Cycle were the guests Sunday of
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Cook.
The many friends of Mrs. Joyce
Myers of Cycle will be sorry to
learn that she is critically ill at
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her home, suffering from a stroke
of paralysis suffered last Thurs
Several people from here at
tended the funeral in Winston-
Salem Sunday of Mrs. V. M.
Swalm. Mrs. Swalm was before
her marriage, more than fifty
years ago. Miss Minnie Sparks.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Swalm of
Winston-Sajem were week-end
visitors here.
Miss Pansy Bell was the week
end guest of Miss Ruby Shore at
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