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Men. Gttrney Wagoner, Editor Phone 48-W
' Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fox, of Hud
son, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Ivory Johnson on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Holcomb
and Mrs. O. B. Boies and son,
Junior, left Monday for points in
California to spend an indefinite
Unw with relatives. They will be
accompanied home by Mrs. Boles
and Mrs. Holcomb's mother, Mrs.
M. C. Mayberry, who has been
spending the winter there in the
interest of her health.
The many friends of Mrs. Will
Holcomb will regret to learn that
she is confined to her home this
week with "flu." i
Mrs. A. C. Davis left Friday to
spend the Easter holidays with
her daughter, Mrs. H. C. Wishon
of Winston-Salem.
Mrs. Marvin Mayberry, who
was confined to her home last
week with "flu" Is improving this
week. r ,
Miss Bknma EUer left Monday
to wend an indefinite time with
her sister, Mis. M. C. Pittman
and family of Madison ville, Tenn.
Mr. Wilson Reece of Mt. Airy,
visited Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Ray on
Easter Monday.
Mrs. Edna Talley altered Da
vis hospital last Thursday for
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Vestal and
children spent the Raster holi
days with Mr. and Mrs. P. D.
Groce of Cyole.
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Morgan of
Winston-Salem, visited the tat
ter's mother, Mrs. Maggie Ashley
who was right sick last week, but
is improving at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Kennington
moved into the apartment at Mrs.
C. G. Bryant's on Monday.
Mrs. Rufus Wagoner entered
Hugh Chatham hospital on Sun
day for treatment.
The many friends of Mrs. C. L.
Kerley will be glad to learn that
she is improving some this week
from an-attack of "flu."
Misses Sara Mae Renegar and
Evelyn Arnold, students at
Draughn's Business College, of
Winston-Salem, spent the Easter
holidays here with their parents.
Rev. and Mrs. D. G. Reece had
as their dinner guests on Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Alston Boles and
daughters, Jerry Lee and Mary
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of mules and mares for sale or exchange
weighing from 1,000 to 1,500 pounds, and
ranging in age from 3to 8 years. Come
early and get your choice. Some extra nice
mares broke and ready to work.
W. M. Dickerson
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Patricia and Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Brown and daughter, Jacqueline
and Miss Eva Adams.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Chappel and
daughter, Dorethea, visited Mrs.
Chappel's father, Mr. Leander
Nicholson of Cycle on Sunday af
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Roberson of
Whitneli, were the dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Holcomb on
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Felts and
children of Winston-Salem, spent
the Easter holidays here with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bent Mar
tin and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Baugess,
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ervin
and daughter, Daisy Mae, Mr.
and Mrs. Coy Harris spent Sat-
urday night in Winston-Salem
and attended the Easter service.
Mrs. Martha Hemric entered
Hugh Chatham hospital on Sun
day for treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kiker and
son, Billie Fraiser, of near Ashe
viile, spent the Easter holidays
with Mrs. Kiker's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. I. Y. Jester.
Mrs. Robert Brown and grand
daughter, June Wells, spent the
week-end with her mother, Mrs.
Sallle Greenwood of Island Ford
Little Miss Jean Madison is sick
with "flu" this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Pinnix and
son, Jimmie, of Winston-Salem,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
J. G. Ray, the latter his aunt, on
Mr. R. G. Boles is confined to
his home this week with "flu" his
friends will regret to learn.
Mrs. D. G. Reece and daughter,
Sarah Lou and Mrs. Jack Brown
and daughter, Jacqueline, were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver
Moxley on Monday.
Mrs. J. L. Wood, of Arlington,
was the week-end guest of her
son, Brady Byrd of near Mt. View.
Mrs. Leonard Smoot has been
confined to her home several
days with "flu."
Mr. Wiley Seagraves spent last
week In Mt. Airy with his son,
Herman Seagraves.
Mrs. Evelyn Mayberry and son,
Gayle, spent the Easter holidays
In Henderson with Mr. Mayberry.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Mcßride
and Mrs. Charlie Gilliam visited
Mrs. Mcßride's father, Charlie
Stroud, of Ronda on Sunday af
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Simmons
and family of Arlington spent
Sunday in Greensboro the guests
Martin Luffman and Mr. Luif-
A number of people from here
attended the funeral of Greene
Smith at Pall Creek church o.\
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Reece and
children and Kern Feimster, of
Winston-Salem, visited relatives
here during the Easter holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parks of
Raleigh visited Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Holcomb on Sunday.
Mr. Lawrence Oough is con
fined to his home here with "flu."
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bauguess
moved into the Speas apartment
on Owyn Avenue in Elkin on
Mrs. Haugut Shaw and chil
dren and Mrs. R. E. Holcomb and
children were in Greensboro last
Sunday visiting their sister and
aunt, Mrs. Robert Hudson.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Nicks of
Winston-Salem, were the guests
of Mrs. Julia Wagoner on Sunday.
The Sunbeams enjoyed an egg
hunt on Friday afternoon and
Cornelia Lineberry won the prize
for finding the most eggs.
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Macemore
and children and Mr. and Mrs.
Wllmoth Swaim spent Sunday in
Hillsville and Galax, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jones and
Miss Lucile Phillips spent the
Easter holidays in Gaffney, S. C.
with the former's relatives.
Mrs. W. L. Hudspeth, of Cycle,
Mrs. Ruth Harding, of Cana, Mrs.
L. G. Carson of Charlotte, Mrs.
D. D. Hudspeth of Winston-Sa
lem and Mrs. W. R. Hudspeth of
Yadkinville, were visitors of Mr.
and Mrs. G. S. Wagoner op Sun
day afternoon. Mrs. Wagoner, who
has been very sick with a deep
cold for two weeks, is improving
some this week.
Stanley Anthony, small son of
Mr. and Mrs. Max Anthony, has
been very HI with pneumonia, but
is improving at this writing.
Miss Bonnie Dickson, member
of the J. H. S. faculty, spent the
Easter holidays with Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Johnson of States
Mr. John Douthert of Balti
more, Md., and his daughter, Bet
ty, of New Mexico, were guests of
Mrs. D. D. Mcßride on Sunday.
Prof, and Mrs. L. S. Weaver
and children spent the week-end
in Rutherford the guest of Mrs.
Weaver's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Miss Lorraine Lineberry, who
has been very ill this week enter
ed Hugh Chatham hospital Tues
day night for treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Boles and
son, Joe, of Lexington, S. C., and
Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor and
son* Jimmie, of Snow Hill, N. C.,
and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Snow and
daughter, Jessie and son, Glenn,
of Pilot Mountain, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Boles during
the week-end.
A number Of people from here
and Elkin attended the funeral of
H. M. Holbrook held at Liberty
Grove Baptist church in Wilkes
county on Tuesday afternoon at
2 o'clock. Rjv. R. E. Adams and
Rev. J. L. Powers conducted the
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Brandon
left Tuesday for Winchester, Va„
to visit their son, J. R. Brandon.
Miss Pearl Greenwood of Wash
ington, D. C., who has been visit
ing relatives here for several
weeks, has to her home.
The newly organized Beta Club
of Boonville sponsored a Baby
Contest Friday night at the Boon
ville school. The entrants and
their sponsors were: Little Miss
Faye Baitey; Carl Martin and Nell
Castevens; Little Miss Betty Lou
Moxley; Minnie Spainhour and
Jenny Lind Brown; Master Jimmy
Stinson; Hugh Transou and Hope
Comer; Little Miss Janice Mat
thews; Jane Craver and Marshall
Taylor; Little Miss Betty Jo
Smith; Blanche Vanhoy and
James Dobbins; Little Miss Fran
ces Deal: Jean Riden and Foy
Moxley; Little Miss Mary Burrus:
Joy Riden and Frank Hlnshaw;
Master E. E. Hood, Jr.: Kathleen
Vestal and Orville Snow; Little
Miss Barbara Jean Combs: Mary
Jewel Burton and Everette Owyn.
The first prize was awarded
Little Miss Foy Baitey and the
second prize went to Little Miss
Betty Lou Moxley.
Miss Blanche Vanhoy of Jones
ville was the guest Tuesday of
Miss Lucy Dobbins.
Mrs. Mary Frown is ill at this
time, her friends will regret to
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Several members of Bethel church
and neighbor max are placing a
new roof on the building today.
Mrs. G. P. Pardue and daugh
ters, Misses Nora and Pauline
were in Winston-Salem last
Tuesday shopping.
Mrs. Jesse Jhurch and Mrs.
Sam Price of Greensboro spent
last Monday here visiting their
parents and grandparents, Mr.
Mrs. N. B. Burchett.
Eugene Jones and Wayne
Stroud attended the Moravian
Easter service at Winston-Salem
last Sunday morning.
Miss Louise Morrison was the
guest the past week-end of Miss
Lucille Mauldin of Arlington.
Little Imogene Pardue, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Pardue
has been right sick for the past
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Gilliam and
children. Norma, Kathleen, Flake!
Charles and Bobby went to Wins
ton-Salem last Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilliam attended
the Sunrise service Sunday morn
ing and remained for the day to
be there to join the other mem
bers of the former's family, that
included Mrs. C. W. Gilliam, Sr.,
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jones, Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. T. Jones, Eugene
Jones, Mrs. J. T Stroud, Mr. and
Mrs. Seaman Dobbins, Wayne,
Kenneth and Thomas Stroud, Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. Gilliam, Jr., and
little son, Charlie, Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Armstrong and Ray Stroud,
who all met with Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Ferlazzo at their home 500
South Main street to have their
Easter dinner and to celebrate
Mrs. Ferlazzo's birthday anniver
sary. One sister of the honoree,
Mrs. W. A. Stroud and Mr. Stroud
of Wilkesboro were absent, they
having attended the funeral rites
of Mr. Bumgarner at Wilkesboro.
Miss Grace Burchett of Ronda
spent the week-end here with her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. N. E.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Johnson and
children of Greensboro were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Par
due last Saturday night and Sun
Mrs. Wm. T. Morrison and soh
Elmer, went to see Mrs. John
Holcomb at Benham Monday and
to be with her during the sale.
Mrs. Holcomb was a former neigh
bor of Mrs. Morrison.
Mrs. W. A. Pardue visited her
daughter, Mrs. A. P. Woodruff
near Boonville who is ill, we are
sorry to learn.
Mesdames W. H. Jones and J.
T. Stroud and C. W. Gilliam at
tended the funeral of Mrs. V. M.
Swaim held at Southside Baptist
church, Winston-Salem, last Sun
day afternoon at 3:00 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones Vanhoy of
North Elkin were the guests of
Mrs Vanhoy's mother and fam
ily Easter Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Triplett
spent a while last Sunday with
the former's parents at Jonesville,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Triplett and
Mrs. Ulas Vestal and little
daughter, Mary Bell, of the Pall
Creek community, spent part of
last week here with her mother,
Mrs. Elza St. John who remains
seriously ill, suffering with a
head trouble.
Mr. ari Mrs. J. M. Pinnix had
as their guests for Easter, their
daughter, Mrs. Hubart Hays and
children, Nell, Harold and Betty
Jean and Hughes Pinnix all of
Sparta and Miss Estha Pinnix of
Mr. and Mrs. Eb Bradley of Si
loam, have been visiting the lat
ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. W.
Burchett near here.
Mrs. D. M. Mathis and daugh
ter, Miss Maxine of Martinsville,
Va., have been here visiting rel
atives during the Easter season.
Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Green ac
companied by Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
Walker spent a while in Winston-
Salem last Sunday.
Mr. J. T. Triplet? and Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Jones were business
visitors at the Wilkesboros Mon
Mrs. Grover Johnson and small
son, Ray, visited her son and
family, Mr. Joshua Johnson at
Roaring River the past week-end.
Miss Lucy Burchett entertain
ed some of her friends at an egg
Misses Hazel, Mae and Bertha
Johnson had as their guests last
Sunday afternoon, Miss Estha
Pinnix of Winston-Salem, Miss
es Margaret Daye and Dessie
Cothern and Brady Osborn of El
We had a very good Sunday
school at Bethel last Sunday and
a wonderful lesson that anyone
would enjoy studying. It makes
us grow stronger. Several were ab
sent Sunday morning.
A visitor to the nut house was
trying to find out the right time
... He had to catch a train . . .
His watch had stopped and he
hurried into the office ... No one
was there but an inmate . . . The
visitor looked at the wall clock.
"Is that clock right?" he asked.
"Don't be silly," the jiut replied
in Uisgust. "if that clock was
right, d'ya think it would be
There was a box supper at
Pleasant Hill school house last
Saturday night, A large number
of boxes were sold. Miss Irene
Day's box brought the most. The
contest for the prettiest girl re
sulted in Misses Gladys Couch
and Gladys Transou getting an
even number of votes. Both girls
cut the cake. Mr. D. E. Broome,
the principal of the school was
voted the ugliest man present.
The last contest was to find the
lovesickest man. David Day, Jr.
was unanimous winner. The Car
olina Mountaineers, Messrs. Colin
Kelly, Linvllle and Wilburn
Couch provided the music. Miss
Edna Stout and her brother sang
a duet.
The Sunday school met Sim
day as usual, with a large crowd.
Mr. C. B. Eller, the superinten
dent of schools is expected to be
present at Sunday school next
Sunday April 4. Everyone Is in
vited to attend,
Mr. D. E. Broome was in charge
of prayer service last Sunnay
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