North Carolina Newspapers

    Thursday, April 22, 1937
W. S. Reich spent the week-end
Washington, D. C., the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. John Reich, the
former his son.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rash spent
the week-end in Lenoir, the guests
of Mr. Rash's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Rash.
Mrs. Sam Carter and Miss
Claude Barton of Winston-Salem,
were the Sunday guests of Mrs.
Carter's sister, Mrs. George Roy
all and Mr. Roy all.
Mrs. E. G. Click and daughter,
Gene, and Mrs. Hugh Parks,
spent the week-end in Yanceyville
with their mother, Mrs. J. P.
Mrs. C. L. Davis is quite sick at
Wesley Long Hospital, Greens
boro, her friends will regret to
know.' Her condition shows
slight improvement.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Lewis and
family of Winston-Salem, were
the Sunday guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Lewis, at their home
on West Main street.
Mrs. M. C. Whitner underwent
a major operation at a Statesville
hospital Tuesday. She is resting
as well as could be expected, ac
cording to latest reports.
W. M Wall spent the early part
of the week in Durham, attend
ing a convention of the North
Carolina and Virginia Retail Jew
elers Association.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Poindexter
and Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Spainhour
visited the Memorial Tulip Gar
dens at Lattimore, near Shelby,
Mrs. Mable Doughton Davis of
High Point is spending this week
here with Dr. and Mrs. R. B.
Harrell, the latter her sister, at
their home on West Main street.
Mrs. W. W. Whitaker will re
turn today from Mount Pleasant,
where she has been spending sev
eral days with her daughter, Mrs.
Hoy Moose.
Miss Anna Atkinson and Paul
Eubanks of Chapel Hill, were the
Sunday guests of Miss Atkinson's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. At
kinson, on West Main street.
Mrs. W. D. Turner left Thurs
day of last week for Jefferson,
where she will be the guest for
sometime of Mr. and Mrs. G. R.
Stafford, the latter her daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Butner and
son, Henry, of Pinebluff, were the
guests Wednesday and Thursday
of Mr. Butner's sister. Mrs. J. S.
Atkinson, on West Main street.
Miss Esther Mae Lanier and
Miss Lucy Mae Perry, members
of the Mountain Park school fac
ulty, and classmates of Miss Min
nie Ruth McNeill at Meredith Col
lege, Raleigh, were her dinner
guests Sunday at her home on
Bridge street.
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Elkin, N. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Linney White
and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelley of
New York, were the week-end
guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. E.
Hudspeth and Mr. and Mrs. Noah
Darnell. •
Miss Judy Devereux, together
with a party of friends from Sa
lem College, were the Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. O.
Ashby, at their home on Bridge
W. B. Lankford, business man
ager of Hugh Chatham Memorial
Hospital, wiM leave today for Ra
leigh, to attend a meeting of the
North Carolina Hospital Associa
Mrs. Everette Bishop and Mrs.
Henry Johnson of Monroe, Michi
gan, arrived Thursday for a vis
it to their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
S. L. Smoot, at their home in
Mrs. Morgan Hanks is expected
to return this week from a States
ville hospital, where she has been
a patient for several days. Friends
of Mrs. Hanks will be glad to
know that she is much improved.
Hoke Cockerham has returned
to the University of North Caro
lina, Chapel Hill, to resume his
studies, after spending the spring
holidays here with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Cockerham.
Lawrence Harris, of Seaboard, a
student at the University of
North Carolina, Chapel Hill, spent
the week-end here with Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Gwyn, the latter his
sister, at their home on Gwyn
Friends of Dr. and Mrs. C. E.
Nicks will regret to know that
their little son, Gene, is ill at
their home on Main street with
pneumonia. He is making satis
factory progress, according to
latest reports.
Mrs. Robert Smith of Greens
boro, spent the week-end here
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.
L. Church, at their home on Gwyn
Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Smith re
cently moved from Washington,
D. C., to Greensboro.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Chappell,
accompanied by Mrs. Chappell's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Green
wood, will leave this week for
Dover, Delaware, to visit the let
ter's daughter, Mrs. Amos Shep
pard, and Mr. Sheppard.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Calloway
of Winston-Salem were the Sim
day guests of friends here. They
were accompanied home by Mrs.
Calloway's mother, Mrs. Jennie
Chatham, who has been visiting
here for the past two weeks.
Mrs. E. G. Click spent Wed
nesday elnd Thursday of last
week in Greensboro, attending a
meeting of the district garden
clubs and visiting her daughters,
Misses Sarah and Nancy Click,
students at W. C. U. N. C.
Prefers Her Pipe
ft fii'~ 1
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Lefflngwell, 98 years young, is a
firm believer iu things modern, as
her new* "permanent" indicates.
When it comes to smoking,
though, she prefers tba old corn
cob nipe.
Mrs. W. R. Wellborn and Mrs.
R. Stuckey of this city, accom
panied by Mrs. Wellborn's daugh
ter, Mrs. Edwin Duncan of Spar
ta, attended the meeting of the
Winston-Salem Presbyterial in
North Wilkesboro Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. G. Ashby
attended the wedding of Miss Vir
ginia Martin and Ralph Clarke
Maultsby which was solemnized
at the Central Methodist church
in Mount Airy Saturday evening.
The bride is a daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. Moir S. Martin.
Dezil D. Cockerham of State
Road, North Carolina, Junior in
the school of pharmacy, Medical
Co'Jege of Virginia, made the
dtan's list for the semester 1936-
37. In order to attain this honor
the student must have made an
average of ninety on the work of
the year.
Mr. and Mrs. Gwyn Poindex
ter and little daughter, Anne, of
Mocksville, were the guests Mon
day of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bivins,
at their home on Gwyn Avenue.
They were accompanied home by
their son, Tommy Gwyn, who
spent a week here with Mr. and
Mrs. Bivins.
At a meeting of group five of
the North Carolina Bankers' As
sociation at the Robert E. Lee
Hotel in Winston-Salem, Wednes
day evening, Garland Johnson,
active vice-president of the Bank
of Elkin, was elected secretary
and treasurer of the group. Ap
proximately 150 bankers of eleven
counties comprise the group.
Thompson Greenwood, son of
Mrs. Maude M. Greenwood of
Jonesville was elected president
of the Wake County School Mas
ters Club last Wednesday night.
This group is composed of all the
male superintendents, principals,
and teachers in Wake County,
and has a total of 96 members.
Mr. Greenwood is a member of
the English department of the
Raleigh city schools.
The following patients hsve
been admitted to the local hospi
tal during the past week: E. C.
Royall, Elkin; Jessie Callahan,
Dobson; Mrs. Bertha Hanes, Jon
esville; Mamie Mathis, Jonesville;
Johnny Jenkins, Jonesville; Dick
Chatham, Elkin; Alma Hicks, Mt.
Airy; Mrs. Ina Madison, Elkin;
Mrs. Annie Mae Haynes, Jones
ville; Mrs. Iris Chilton, Pilot
Mountain; Mrs. Ada Williams,
Dobson; Walter Haynes, Benham;
Mattie Wilkins, Cycle; Marjorior
Cheek, State Road; Mrs. Mollie
Coram, Boonville; Mrs. Alice
Taylor, East Bend.
Patients dismissed during the
week were: Mrs. Nell Williamson,
Elkin; Mrs. C. L. Davis, Elkin;
Mrs. Willie Stout, Jonesville; Mrs.
Marie Lundy, Galax, Va.; B. W.
Carter, State Road; Boyd Haynes,
State Road; Gaither Burch, El
kin; Mrs. Ina Madison, Elkin;
Mrs. Ida Eskridge, Creston; Mrs.
Mattie Wilkinsf, Cycle; Thomas
Cheek, Jonesville; Mrs. Mollie
Coram, Boonville; Mrs. R. C.
Freeman, Jonesville, and James
Brown, Mount Airy.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cockerham
and daughter, Thelma Cocker
ham spent last Thursday in Win
Mr. and Mrs. F. B- Cockerham
and family visited the latter's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Guy
er of Elkin, last Sunday.
Mr. R. W. Walters of Mt. Airy,
visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. W. Walters last Sunday.
Mrs. W. F. Cockerham spent
part of Sunday in Statesville.
Miss Lillian Swift spent last
week-end in Zephyr visited rela
tives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. U. H. Cockerham
and daughter, Thelma, spent!
Sunday in Salem Fork the guests
of Mrs. J. F. Haymore and fam
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Luff man
of State Road, visited Mr and
Mrs. J, A. Swift Sunday.
Parent-Teachers Association to
The April meeting of the Par
ent-Teacher Association will be
held in the elementary school
building Tuesday afternoon, April
27, at 3:30. A full membership
attendance '.s urged.
Nurses At H. C. M. Hospital
Entertain At Party
The staff of nurses at Hugh
Chatham Memorial Hospital were
hostesses at an enjoyable party at
the nurses' home on Hospital
Road Tuesday evening. Dogwood,
violets and other spring flowers
were used in profusion in the re
ception room, where five tables
were placed for bridge. In the
progressions Miss Janie Hall and
John Sagar won the high score
Guests in addition to members
of the nursing staff were: Mrs.
C. L. Haywood, Jr., Miss Janie
Hall, Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Parks,
Wilbur Carter, John Sagar, Julius
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Hall, Worth Fologer, Van Dillon,
Lon Dillon, Byron Bryan and B.
C. Brown.
Refreshments consisting of
sandwiches, doughnuts and cof
fee were served when the games
were completed.
Following is the honor roll for
the sixth month of Mountain
Park public schools r
First grade: Bobby Wellborne,
Ralph Williams, Billy Wood, Dor
othy Callaway, Elizabeth Cocker
ham, Odine Lewis, Aurelia Nixon,
Frances Nixon, Stuart Simmons,
Martha Whitehead, Joe Golden,
Billy Stonestreet.
Second grade: Fred Harris,
George Roland Tolleson, Howard
Thompson, Helen Galvean, Pennie
Hanes, Dot Harris, Hazel Pardue,
Betty Swift, Dorotha Thompson,
Wanda Wellborn, Lois Wolfe,
Harold Hanes.
Third grade: Herman Walters,
Mary Ruth Calloway, Clifton
Nixon. Homer Wallace, Margaret
Cockerham, Sadie Franklin, Peg
gy Wolfe, Dorothy Pardue, Paye
Calloway, P. D. Wood, Tommie
Wood, Helen Snow.
Fourth grade: Nell Burch, Ruth
Calloway, Fred  Sidden, Betsy
Tolleson, Pauline Stanley, Avis
Mays, Corbet Walters, Anna Faye
Williams, Tiny Smith.
Fifth grade: Pauline Craig,
Juanita Lewis, Hazel Snow, Ar
lene Williams, Bert Cockerham,
Joe Bill Isaacs, Harold Roberts,
George Saylor, Harold Smith,
Hessie Luffman, Howard Wil
moth, Ola Pruitt.
Sixth grade: Buster Smith.
Clyde »Walters, Cecil Wellborn,
Glenn Wright, Mary Harris, Cal
vin Hodge, Marie Wilson, Martha
Seventh grade: Edna Snow,
Doris Snow, Geraldine Smith,
Wilma Mounce, Lessie Luffman,
Emma Jane LinVille, Gertrude
Guyer, Pauline Cockerham, Kent
Hanes, Annie Laurie Johnson,
Ruth Nixon, Lois Southard.
Ninth grade: Hazel Mounce,
Sylvia Norman, Versie Collins,
Fairy Dobbins, Judy Ellis, Eliza
beth Hamby, Pauline Moody, Ma-
—i—: s
bel Eldridge, Oracle Sidden,
Nancy Callaway.
Tenth grade: Reba Callaway,
Martin Callaway, Phillip Burch,
Clark Cocker ham, Hazel Wood.
Eleventh grade: Helen Snow,
Elsie Wall, Minnie) Williams.
What Is Love?
(Dedicated to my mother)
Love is a thing of rare beauty;
Seldom endowed in the heart of
Love Is a flower filled with duty,
Shedding rays of sunshine wher
e'er it can.
Love exists not only for a day;
It neither vanishes nor fades
Love Is a flame within the heart,
God's flame that shall never de
With love life presents a different
Earth's treasures appear refresh
ing and new;
So busy making other hearts glad,
The soul's no time to murmur or
to be sad.
—Maurice Dobbins.
25 c

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