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    News of Jonesville
Mrs. Gurney Wagoner, Editor Phone 48-W
Mrs. Pete Mcßride, of Winston-
Salem, visited her mother-in-law,
Mrs. D. D. Mcßride, the latter
part of the week and Mrs. Mc-
Bride accompanied her home and
spent the week-end there.
Mrs. J. L. Brandon Is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Thomas Wallace
of Harmony, this week.
Rev. D. O. Reece filled the pul
pit at Mt. Pleasant Baptist
church at State Road last Sun
day in the absence of their ppstor,
Rev. J. L. Powers. Mr. Reece was
pastor there several years ago
and by the request of the church
filled the pulpit last Sunday.
Miss Opal Sizemore is sick this
week with tonsilitls, her friends
will regret to learn.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Gilliam, Jr.
had as their guests on Sunday
afternoon, Mrs. J. T. Stroud of
Bethel, Mr. and Mrs. Seaman
Dobbins, of Elkin and Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Stroud, of Wilkesboro.
Mrs. Mac Lovelace was ill the
first part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Boles and
son, Wilson and granddaughter,
Jerry Lee Boles, spent the week
end in Snow Hill with their
daughter, Mrs. James Taylor and'
Mr. Taylor.
Shelba - Jean Hartsell, small
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe
Hartsell, is right sick this week.
Mr. Howard Castevens spent
most of last week at Myrtle Beach
and Wilmington.
Master John Wesley Mathis and
little Miss Sarah Nell Mathis re
turned here last week from More
head City after spending several
days there.
Mrs. Mary Coburn of Salisbury,
returned to her home last Sunday
after spending two weeks with
her niece, Mrs. M. B. Hartsell.
The Baptist Training Union of
the Yadkin Association will con
vene at Shady Grove church next
Sunday, July 18, beginning at 2:00
o'clock. All members of the B. T.
U. are urged to be present.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gough
and Mr. and Mrs. Max Anthony
of Elkin in the State of N. C. at the close of business on June 30, 1937
Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in
process of collection $229,836.21
United States Government obligations, direct and
fully guaranteed 21,766.73
State, county, and municipal obligations 95,871.95
Loans and discounts 279,948.35
Banking house owned $10,000.00, furniture
and fixtures $2,000.00 12,000.00
Other real estate owned, including $11,900.00 of farm land 11,900.00
TOTAL $651,323.24
Deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations
(a) Demand deposits $297,409.73
(b) Time deposits 'evidenced by savings pass books 104,548.92
. (c) Other time deposits 43,054.05
United States Government and postal savings deposits.... 11,900.00
State, county, and municipal deposits 42,986.48
Deposits of other banks 21,395.02
Certified and officers' checks, letters of credit and trav
elers' checks sold for cash, and amounts due to Fed
eral Reserve bank (transit account) 9,480.50
Other liabilities 17,888.70
Capital account:
(a) Capital stock and capital notes
and debentures $50,000.00
(b) Surplus 25,000.00
(c) Undivided profits 7,143.36
(d) Reserves 20,516.48
(e) Total capital account 102,659.84
On June 30, 1937 the required legal reserve against deposits of this
bank was $63,665.90. Assets reported above which were eligible
as legal reserve amounted to None.
This bank's capital Is represented by 250 shares of first preferred
stock, par value SIOO.OO per share retirable at SIOO.OO per share;
and 250 shares of common stock, par SIOO.OO per share.
Pledged assets (except real estate), rediscounts,
and securities loaned:
. (a) U. S. Government obligations, direct and fully
guaranteed, pledged to secure liabilities $ 9,005.80
(b) Other assets 1 (except real estate) pledged to se
cure liabilities (including notes and bills redis
counted and securities sold under repurchase
agreement) 60,203.21
(e) TOTAL 69,209.01
Secured and preferred liabilities:
(a) Deposits secured by pledged assets pursuant to
requirement of law $ 69,209.01
(e) TOTAL 69,209.01
I, Garland Johnson, vice-president, of the above-named bank, do
solemnly swear that the above statement is true, and fully *nri cor
rectly represents the true state of the several matters herein con
tained and set forth, to the best of my knowledge and belief.
R. C. LEWELLYN, Director
T. M. ROTH, Director
J- R- POINDEXTER, Director..
State of North Carolina, County of Surry.
3worn to and subscribed before me this 9th day of July, 1937, and
I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank.
MABEL MURRAY, Notary Public.
My Commission Expires August 5, 1938.
spent Sunday afternoon at Roar
ing Gap.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brown and
daughter, Jacqueline and Miss
Eva Adams 1s spending this week
at Morehead City.
Little Miss Grace Long, of
Winston-Salem, is visiting her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T. V.
Harris this week.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Holcomb
and Rev. and Mrs. Jack Horner
spent Sunday afternoon at the
Mills Home at Thomasville and
the Baptist Hospital at Winston-
Mrs. Rhoda Smith, better known
as "Granny" Smith, of Winston-
Salem, was the guest of Mrs. K.
M. Thompson over the week-end
while she was here she became
critically ill and had to be car
ried home.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spainhoyr
and children and Miss Eva Adams
attended the birthday dinner giv
en at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Mathis, in Bethel commun
ity, for his father Rev. Bradley
Mathis last Sunday. A large crowd
was there and a beautiful table
was set.
Mr. Dumont Eskeridge, of Hills
boro and Mr. and Mrs. Tesh of
Winston-Salem, were here Sun
day visiting friends and relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Lineberry
and daughters* Lorraine and Vir
ginia spent the week-end in
Ridgecrest attending the B. T. U.
convention there this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hutchens
and children of Yadkinville, ac
companied Miss Doris Shugart,
their guest last week, home and
visited Mrs. Clyde Shugart a
short while on Satipiay after
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Boles and
daughter, June, Mrs. M. M. May
berry and daughter, Nancy, and
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Chappel and
daughter, Dorethea, visited Mrs.
Boles' uncle, Mr. G. W. Dodgeon
at Wytheville, on Sunday after
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Pelts had as
their guests Mr. and Mrs. Bruce
Richardson and Mrs. Ray Tilden
of North Wilkesboro, on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Plttman, of
Atlanta, Ga., spent Saturday
night here with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. D. Eller. They were
accompanied home by their sons,
Marshall, Jr. and John Prank,
who have been visiting their
grandparents since the first of
Mr. Raymond Vestal entered
Hugh Chatham Hospital last Sat
urday for treatment. His friends
wish him a speedy recovery.
Rev. and Mrs. Jack Horner, of
Louisville, Ky., spent the week
end here and Rev. Horner filled
the pulpit at the Baptist church
Sunday morning and evening in
the absence of the pastor, Rev. A.
M. Church. Mr. Church filled the
pulpit in Kentucky for Rev. Hor
Mrs. C. B. Pinnix and children,
Louise, Tommy and Richard, and
grandson, Bfibby Gray, visited her
sister, Mrs. G. S. Wagoner on Fri
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sale and
daughter, Pamelia, were the
guests of Mrs. Sale's brother, Mr.
R. G. Boles and Mrs. Boles on
Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Cockerham,
of Elkin, visited her mother, Mrs.
A. C. Davis on Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Gilliam, Sr.,
Mrs. D. S. Gilliam and children
of Bethel community, Mrs. J. B.
Armstrong and Mrs. E. P. - Ferlaz
zo, of Winston-Salem, visited Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. Gilliam, Jr. on
Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Ed Couch, of Pleasant Hill
community, was the guest of Mrs.
M. M. Mayberry last Thursday.
Mrs. Ode Travis and son, Dan
ny, returned to West -Jefferson
last Sunday after a visit with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Boles.
Cecil and Ralph Kennington, of
Norwood, visited their brother,
Hank Kennington and friends
here the latter part of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hudspeth and
daughter, Mary Jo, attended a
home coming at Zephyr last Sun
Kemp Reece returned from
Washington, D. C. on Saturday
after spending two weeks there
attending the Boy Scouts jam
Mesdames M. M. Mayberbry, W.
P. Reece, Sr. and P. H. Under
wood were guests of Mrs. Arthur
Martin last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Macy and Mr.
and Mrs. Blaine Macy attended
the birthday dinner of Uncle
Bradley Mathis last Sunday at
the home of his son, Mr. Sam
Alda Grayson Circle of Y. W. A.
Meets With Miss Hemric
The Alda Grayson circle of the
Y. W. A. of the Baptist church
met at the home of Miss Alda
Sue Hemric on Tuesday evening,
July 13 with ,11 members present
and two visitors. Misses Lorraine
and Virginia Lineberry were in
charge of the program and the
topic "In The Dark on a Dark
Subject." Daisy and Sara Sherill
from the colored church rendered
some songs.
At the end of the program a
delicious ice course was served to
the following: Misses Bertha
Adams, Mary Greenwood, Edwina
Hemric, Prances Gilliam, Geor
gia Vestal, Lorraine and Virginia
Lineberry, Carrie Taylor, Mary
Elizabeth Ingram, Madelyn
Thompson and the two visitors,
Daisy and Sara Sherrill and the
The Methodist W. M. S. Meets
With Mrs. L. S. Weaver
The Methodist Woman's Mis
sionary Society met Tuesday
evening, July 6th with Mrs. L. S.
Weaver. Mrs. Weaver had charge
of the program in the absence of
Mrs. Prank Pickett.
"Take Time to Be Holy," was
the opening hymn. Three great
missionary personalities were
discussed by Miss Mildred Ingram
and Mesdames R. G. Boles and
John Gilliam. Following the hymn
"Jesus Calls Us" a prayer was of
fered and then meditation and
scripture reading, 13:1-6 by Mrs.
At the close of the program de
licious refreshments were served
by the hostess.
X '
Camping Trip Enjoyed by Girl
The Girl Scouts of Jonesville,
accompanied by their leader, Mrs.
Ivory Johnson and assisted by
Miss Bertha Adarfts, spent last
week In Camp Williams,
on the bank of Mitchell'B river.
We were driven there in the scouts
bus, "Calamity Jane."
While camping we indulged in
swimming, hiking, volley ball and
other sports. Many of our parents
visited us and we are grateful for
the gift of Uncle Jimmy Holcomb
and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sparks.
We also wish to extend our thanks
to our leader for the Interest she
is taking is our organization G. S.
A. and the assistance of Miss
Adams while at camp. Those in
the camping party were Helen
Brown, Elizabeth Mintsh, Mary
Thompson, Eloise and Madge
Sparks, Edwina Hemric, Cornelia
Lineberry, Juanita and Edwina
An American Champion
K - r tjeTL H
AIKEN, S. (?. . f . Greyhound, the
great American trotter,- in work
out before his first race of season
at Goshen, N. Y He is scheduled
to meet the European Champion.
Muscletone later this Summer
Ray, Mary Greenwood and Helen
Slattery.—By Mary Greenwood,
Scout reporter.
Rev. I. W. Vestal filled his reg
ular appointment at Cool Springs
Saturday and Sunday.
The revival meeting will begin
at Island Ford, Sunday, July 18.
Rev. E. C. Norman will assist the
pastor, Rev. Richard Pardue, in
the services. The public is cor
dially invited to attend.
Raymond Bryant spent Tues
day evening in Winston-Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Meeks
and children of Wayne, Ind., re
turned to {heir home Monday fol
lowing a visit to relatives in this
section. Mrs. Meeks is a daughter
of the late Mr. and Mrs. Asbury
VanZant who went from this sec
tion to Indiana about fifty years
Mrs. Bitha Bryant is resting
more comfortably, we are glad to
Mrs. Daisy Evans is recovering
from a recent illness, her friends
will be glad to know.
Mrs. Mira Masemore spent the
week-end with her daughter, Mrs.
Ola Stokes, at Cycle.
J. D. Hutchins and family of
visited his brother, L.
R. Hutchins, and Mrs. Hutchins,
Richard Vestal visited relatives
in Burlington Friday and Satur
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Brown an-
Radio Service
Complete Line of Tubes and Parts
Hayes & Speas
Yum-m-m! Ice Cream
For a healthful, cooling Delicious
treat, send the tots to Soft Drinks
our fountain. And If you ■ ,
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er blues, come along Sundaes
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Turner Drug Co.
Phone 64 Elkin, N. C.
nounce the birth of a daughter at
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hos
pital Friday, July 9.
The condition of C. J. Hemric
remains unimproved, we regret to
note. Mr. Hemric has been ill for
several months.
Ronda, Route 2, July 12. A
fine rain came to this section to
day (Monday) to refresh all grow
ing crops and cool the swejtry at
mosphere that has existed for the
past few days.
Good services were held at
Bethel church here Sunday morn
ing and evening, that were well
attended. The pastor, Rev. Mr.
Pardue preached at the eleven
o'clock hour and Rev. Mr. Gilley
delivered a splendid sermon in the
evening. ,
The revival will begin the sec
ond Sunday in August, the usual
time. The pastor will be assisted
by Rev. Isom Vestal.
Mrs. W. A. Pardue is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. A. P. Woodruff
near Boonville, who is ill. We
learn with sorrow that Mrs.
Woodruff does not improve very
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Burchett
and family recently visited their
daughter, Mrs. Elbert Bradley
and Mr. Bradley of Siloam.
Mrs. J. T. Stroud spent Sunday
afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. C.
W. Gilliam, Jr. of Jonesville, the
former her brother.
Eugene Jones and Paul Mathis
attended the home-coming at
Ebenezer church north of Elkin
last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Pardue and
family were the guests of rela
tives near Dobson last Sunday.
Miss Sadie Mathis spent last
week-end visiting Miss Lucille
Mauldin at Arlington.
Sydnor-Spainhour Co., in a
large double-spread advertisement
in this issue, is announcing its
annual July Clearance Sale,
which gets under way this morn
ing at 8 o'clock.
This big event, awaited each
year with eager anticipation, is of
a store-wide nature, summer
merchandise on both the main
floor and basement floor being
offered for sale at substantially
reduced prices.
Rather than carry over any of
their stock, Spainhour's has
priced it to sell quickly, and ev
eryone seeking the biggest values
are urged to visit the store early
while stocks,are complete.
Prices and complete details are
given in the advertisement locat
ed elsewhere in this issue.
A woman recently acknowledg
ed the payment of a life Insurance
policy*, in this manner: , '
"On April 1 my husband took
And White Swan methods gives them the spe
cial care that they need! Send us your white
clothes and they'll come back pure white, NOT
gray and dull. White wash suits are laundered
exactly as they should be; you can send your
most delicate frock without worry. And in
spite of the EXTRA CARE your summer
clothes get, you pay no more than for ordi
nary methods.
White Swan Laundry
mmam watch pennevs ■■■■■
Here's your chance!
Toss away your old
straw, get a fresh one
If) Jjg V - bargain price!
I C ■» We've re-grouped our
Vj / Jv_ / stock into two lots.
Tl * I All reduced to give
you greatest savings!
■ ill ill Jl*
You'll find your favor- V '
ite style here. Straw
hats that are cool, easy
fitting! Designed to Iftr
add a smart touch to y
your' summer outfit. I j
They'll sell fast, J / /
ter busty for yoursl/x v / /
I. C. PEMMEY CQMPJLMY, l»»«n«itol
ast Main St. Elkin, N. C.
Thursday, Julv 15. 1937
out a policy with your company.
In less than three weeks he was
killed in an automobile wreck. I
think insurance is a good invest
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