t tliis ELKIF, N. 0., THURBDAT, MARCH 24 1898 rifiL " tin's iin- ,hc I -.d- Mr. place here, for •e he 1 liis team Sat- tlieiri 39. lias A^sth- place Ho ppi‘- tant, 3im- I, of 1 in ony. iiig. lent !5tli reo- les, ing ,de be tin lal tl) Davis nake ilkin Ddgc piib- will lere Loss Estimated to be About $22,750.00. ORIGIX OF FI HE UNKi\OWi\. iv« Stores, Tlio Klk Inn, Po8t A. il. t’lioU’s KcnuIoiico, J. T. lYeii- <5rou's Law OiUec CoiiNUiiictl. a ■ it,y ph ',rc Be- es ter ;Iie 11 ad re- and we de- wo ur- ,vn cli lit ic P- s, I- t About 12 o’clock last night the cry of fire was raised and the people of Elkin awoke to find that tlie Post Office block was burning : when first discov ered the fire was only a small blaze on the east side of the store house occupied by J. H. flaynes, grocer, and Wm. Gil liam, harness and saddles; the blaze appears to have been on the outside of building, about six feet from the ground. The church bolls oi Elkin and Jonesville rang out the alarm and the entire community was soon at the scone, but the build ing was a frame one, and the water supply was not good, and the flames spread through the building with fearful rapidity, and could not bo checked ; in the same building was the Post Otticc, Baily & Go’s Grocery store, and 13r. J. M. Ileece’s Drugs, ail on the lowci- floor, while the upper floor was occu pied by . John Childers, who kept a b.'arding house; Mr. Childers and wile and the boa'd- ers hardly escaped w*th their lives. Tliere ws|8 nothing saved out of Post Ofi\ce, or Dr. J. M. llecce’s Drugs, but Baily & Co. saved a small part of their stock of goods. From this building the fire spread to the buildings on the east side occupied by J. F. Ilendren, T. M. Butner, and iSI. W. Fowler ; on the west side the fire consumed the store house occupied by Weir and Ball, together with most of their stock of goods; then the dwelling of A. G. Click was cunsumed and also about half of Mr. Clicks Furniture. The Elk Inn opposite the Post Office building by this time was ablaze despite the most heroic efforts of the brave men who lought for every inch, but were compelled to let it go ; ihe hotel sample room and Dr. J. W. Ring’s Drug Store quickly fell before the fearful blaze. J. S. Bell’s s;oro and Hubbard & 't. 11 k v..^ »-i I.- I'ji »-> »vci*o saved by almost^ superhuman efforts. If the night had not been so very calm the loss woiild have been still heavier. The several sufferers desire to heartily thank those w'ho so will ingly assisted them in saving what they did. Below we give as accurate, a list of the losses with amount of insurance carried as we can get before going to press. John E. Childers lost all liis\ household goods, loss $300. Mrs, N. V. Sheppard, store' house; loss $Jl,000; no insurance. J. W. Gilliam, stock of har ness; loss $000; insnrauce $300. J. II. Haynes, groceries; loss §■100; insurance, $250. B. Woodruff’, shoe tools; loss ^50, no insurance. W. E. Paul, Office building; loss $250, no insurance. T. M. Butirer, Jeweler; loss $100; no insurance. J. F. Ilendren, lawyer; loss $160; insurance $100. N. W. Fowler, storehouse building; loss |1,000; insurance $750. N. W. Fowler, stock of goods; loss $2,500 ; insurance $750, stock partly saved. C. II. Gwyn, Hotel, loss $5, 000; no insurance. J. W. Ring, drug store buildj ii:g and stock; los; ,’«,000; no in surancc; stock partly saved. xV. G. Click, dwelling; loss $2,500, insurance $1,750 on dwelling; $500 on furniture. W. II. Eounsaville; storehouse; loss $750, no insurance. Weir <fc Ball, saved stock, but badly damaged; no insurance. El’iin Cornet band, instru ments; loss $150; no insurance. A. G. Click, storehouse; loss $1,500; no insurance. Post Office, stamps, etc ; loss $200; books saved. ]3aily & Co., dry goods etc; loss $2,900; insurance $500. - J. M- Reece, lost stock drugs, $200; no insurance. Governor Bob Taj'lor, ot Tennessee, will lecture in Win ston on the night of April 2nd. He will come under the auspices of the y. M. C. A. BAILY & CO. ARE OFFERING - . Men’s r.;ice and Congress S2.00 Shoes at $t .50. Men’s Creedniore'a, wortli $3.00 at $1.73. Tap Sole Congress, Value 52.00 at .$1.50. Opera Tip Congress, Value $3.00 at ,$1.9S. Ladies Clotli Top, Value S2.00 at ,$i.24. Ladies Kid Butfon, Value $2.50 at $1.73, Ladies Kid Hutton, Value ?2.50 at $1.49. Ladies Kid Lace, Value *2.00 at $1.29. We Are Oifering All Our Standard Shirting Prints At 4 Cents. rLl'jASE lU'’.MErvrBKR THAT }!AILY tt CO, are the first and' only Firm in Elkin that divides projits with their patrons. f; • -.S Green & Gray Furniture Co. ELKIN, N. C. Pi We are now turning out Furniture in large quantities and having tlie most Improved Machinery suitable for Furniture Manufactur ing enables ns to if MEET ALL COMPETITION. I i m When you once see our Furniture and Prices we will have no trouble to sell you. We want your trade and will offer special in ducements to get it. We always keep'a nice line of CofifirLS a-rLd Ca-s]sets At tlie very lowest ])rices. Call in and see our works when in Elkin, we will treat you ri jiit. Your friends. i i m Green & Gray Furniture Co. PILOT WAREHOUSE, ELKIN, N. C. SHOES. SHOES. N. W. FOWLER, IS OFFEEING The Eag’e Sli<^e, in Black and Tan, Conscress or Lace, worth $^5.00 for $3.00. Every pair warranted. The Perfection Shoe, hand sewed, cloth top, lace, worth $5.50 for $3.00, A full line of Douglas Shoes at $2.00 to $3,00. Men’s Suits, w'orth $8.00 for I^Icn’s Suits worth ^10.00 for $0.40' Men’s Suits worth S18.00 lor $7.9S, Men’s Suits worth $22.00 for $12.00. Boys Suits from $2.50 to $7.00. Child’s Suita from f2.50 Up. A Nit;e Line of AVhite and Colored Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, &c. V'' Me Vi' V'' Koyster’s High <!rade and rremiura Ditsolved Bone for Wheat. Anchor, Faimers’ Friend and Acme for Wheat, vl' A nice assortment of Clover, Timothy and Orchard Grass Seeds. six' -o--o^ —oi- ''o^ ''o'" ''oi.^o'' lE^ertilizexs- a St rr o it t a the IhB Kind Von Havo Atoays Bought of Send $1.00 and get the Elkin Times and McCall’s Magazine for one year. Schouler’s Racket. Tobacco Fair a Success So Are Our Bargains. Come in and See Them. 500 Pairs Lace Curtains—Ano tion Lot—at half price. 500 Dozen Handl.-erehiefs, wo.ith 10c. each, at 20c. dozen. Gloves—black, tax), green, ox- blood—all tlie new shades. Patterns—full line Dbess Goods—stylish-and cheap. Millinery—dainty, inexpensive. Shoes and Gents Furnishings— just what you’re looking for. AN OPEN LETTER, SCHOBIER'S RiCKET WINSTON. N. C. To Our Frieifc M Customers: We wish to extend our thanks for your liberal patronage during the past year and £>sk for a share of the same for the year 1898. We feel that w’e are in better shape to give yon BAllGAINS this year than ever before. We don’t believe in making a big splutter and blow in the newspapers about “Sawing and Chewing” and making “Things Drop,” •fee., &c. Facts and figures are what does the work. We append a few figures and let you draw the facts or rather prove them by comin? to see for yourselves. l''OR ONE CENT YOU CAN BUY a Pa per of Needles, a Paper of Pins, a Tablet, a Thimble^ a Hat Pin, or 2 Lead Pencils, <,>r Box of Crayons. Our line of Notions, Groceries, Shoes, Hats, Glassware, Confectionery, &c., &c., are all full and complete. Our Dry Goods for the Spring trade have been bought and will be open in a few days. Styles and prices are right and we can please you. We give 36 inches for a yard and 16 ounces for a pound and count 12 for a dozen every time. Watch us if you want to, count and weigh after us too, we don’t object, w'ould like for you to do it. Yours for business all the time, J. S. BELLp

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