'f'aid ■ THE ELKIN TIMES.' wars’mps. 528 Gld/^'Ca/^le, /] ^ ■ ■ ■ - Tho latest ad vices from Mr. 52i 'Vfei'riic ?jliickl>n/ii. 'h/y. %Ul4^d Ou^ J. E. JOH v.«>.v, I3.J J£or &. I'ropreior Entered at the T;os<of'cr .ti Elkin, N. C., as H« cx-’ii'i Tiia.il mattiji'. I*iil>U»i!i<*r!4 XolK e» HuDscrlption prlc;' payable i-i tiavancc. .50 ii rear; .%ixroontts o'» c Mi'; 4 nu^vt is?;-i> C'Mits. Advertifsln^'rates for Coinniin cial Advert is Ing By the year t~> cis per ir.jh ptT iiionlii For leas time than 1 year 30 cts. per meiip(.-r montli. Line aclvfrfii'Omeiit'j by puvBOiiy wiio ruii aregularati 3 cts. per lir.e. Line adver- lisementB when no regular atl. is rim 5 cts. ptr line. Personal notices written hy other person han the Editor 5 cts. per line. NO use to send artick^i? for publication' '^•ith- out the author’s name. Christmas ie ' abont bore— Christmas tlio saddest, sweetest time of the year. It is a period for entertainment and family re union, and a t ime when one re- members liovv old one is, and how little ho has realy accom plished. Heaven liero belongs to the tender world that does’nt know the truth about Santa Claus and beyond that world happiness is feverish ai'.d fitful. To the young ChrisUiias is a million miles away, bnt as one grows older time's sickle moves more rapidly and finally Christinas fol lows Christmas loo hurtidly. The old people say that only the world is old; that man is ever young, and their ere space ot yesterday is between the young heart that yearned fur the filled stocking and the old, feeble heart that way never throb another Christmas day. Venezuela is at war with Eng land and Germany, all because she owed both those nations debts and ignored every eifort tliey made to collect. England dont fool with people always and so ■when nothing would do she went down and seized the ports of Venezuela and is collecting the bebts from the custom receipts. The little republic is now anxious to arbitiate the matter and it is a pity she did not show a disposition to want to settle up before all her ports and warships were in the hands of the enemy. The U S Las stood by these little South American states all along but she cannot afford to protect them in their effort to defraud other na tions out of just money. According to the time honored custom we will nol. isane Tho Times next w^eek. And so we wish you one and all a merry Christmas. We have much to . \)C tbakf'ul for and appreciate the ITBeral piititDnngo wo /fiavo re ceived from the people during the year. Our circulation is as goOD as we can expect and in the future we shall ^ endeavor to give you as good a paper as we can. ACTUAL WAS EXISTS BE- TfEIll YfflEZlIELA AID THE ALLIES. Washington, Doc. 11.—No doubt remains in the minds of members of the government that an actual state of war prevails be tween England and Germany on tho one hand, and Venezuela on the other. The action of the allied Eurepean powers in seizing and sinking Venezuelan war ships is declared in ofiicial circles to have been taiitamoiiot to a be ginning of hostillitiea. Consid erable criticism of the course of the German and English naval commanders, for what is charac terized in some quarters as a ■wanton act of destruction, has been heard in Washington today, both in the executive departments and in congress, and many public men are of the opinion that the tivo European governinents have committed an act which will meet witli condemnation thr?nghout this eouutrj' and aboard. The information in regard to the Venezuelan situation which has come to tho stale department ■within the past 2i iiours from Herbert W. Bowen, United States minister in Caracas, is snmmar- ised as follows. Intense excitment prevails in Caracas. President Cartro has entered on a policy of reprisal and has called on the Venezuelan peofle to resist foreign - invasion Through the efforls of Mr. Bowen the German consul general, who ■was arrested by order of President Castro, has been released. And in this connection Mr. Bowen says also; “Tho president informs ino that he has released all Ger man and British who were arres ted.” The German and British Bcjnadrons have entered LaGuayra harbor, and a “peaeefnl” blockade has been declared. From the United States consul ate, f ort of Spain, Trinidad, the state department learns that the Venezuelan warshipBoMyvar was Tho latest advices from Mr. Bowen do not show that any con flict has taken place between the armed forces of Vejiezuola and thofe of the allies. In one dis patch pays that 250 marines were landed at La Guayrn, and these ri;i-(!ued Dritish and German sub jects who were believed to be in danger and returned with them to tlieir European ships. It is evident tliat messages sent from Caracas and La Guayra by telegraph arc subject to great delay. The latest telegram re ceived from Mr. Bowen came to the state department early this morning and Vvhile ir did not con- t-din the time of its transmission from Caracas, it was presumed from tho information contained tliiit it was filed there yesterday morning or afternoon. All doubt as to the truth of the report that, after capturing the Venezuelan gunboats in La Gnayra harbor, the allied forees took them out to sea and sunk tiiem, was removed this afternoon by the receipt of the news that confirmation of this incident had been officially sriven in the Brit ish house of commons today. This action of the t'(Vo European nations was discussed with the greatest interest in (Government circles, and it is evident that it has created what is known a- mong nations as “a painful im pression,” It has been tho understand here that while Geniiany and England would adoi>t stringent measures to compel Venezuela to pay the claims of their subjects conditions of actual war, with the consequent danger of blood shed; and the destruction of gov ernmental and private property would be avoided. The course of tho allies, therefore, in scuttling Venezuelan government had com mitted any act of hostility, is re garded by many members of tiie administration as a highhandtd and useless proceeding which, to say the least, is surprising after tho assurances received by Presi dent Roosevelt from Germany as to what that nation intended to do in securing tho liquidation of tho debt owed to German sub jects by A^eneznela. Just one year ago today the German ambassabor in Washing- ington lelt with Secretary Hay a incmorandnm, setting forth the buGwircrii lilo . ment and Venezuela and explain ing what Germany proposed to do. In this memdoranduin Ger many indicated that her course in Venuzuela would hot extend to actual w'ar fare or to other coersive measures than u block ade of the principal Venezuelan harbors, evidently to prevent tiie importation of foo 1 stuffs and starve President Custro into sub mission, or, in the evant that this policy was not effective, to occupy *eni);orarily different Ven ezuelan harbor places and' levy diUies there,m. President Roose- accepted the statement of the German ambassador as setting forth all the coercive measures that might be employed by bis government. ^t-il’ie ^jluckbu/ 525 J W Holloway^' 526 C C Taylor, 527 W H JVlcCann, 528 W A Royal, 629 Luther Cockeriiam, 530 W D Stoker 531 W E Loyd, 532 J M Royal, 533 J N Woodruff, 534 W A Franklin, 535 P B Moody, 536 E W Haynes, 537 W E Greenwood, 538 J L E Cox, 539 H G Lewis, 54U Monroe Walker, 541 T J Walls, 542 Allen Simmons, 591 D C Cockorham, 592 R D Moody, 595 M M Hamby, ®06 Garfield Chipman, 611 (!eo White, 012 J no Bu rchette, 642 E D Stonestreet, 648 J Q Adams, 653 L A Norman, 655 W H do 657 J W Combs, 658 W C Wolf, 660 J P Harris, 001 F Callaway, 003 Houston do 064 J F do 065 N B do 000 Daniel Shores, 667 J D Isaacs, 068 D H No- nan, 673 E S Combs, 674 J R do 082 Henry Wolfe, 683 L A Combs, 690 II H Wolf, 694 Ranson Liles, 096 J G Poindexter 097 F C Turner, 698 Dock Hanes, If you feci ill and need a pill Wiiy not purchase the bcsi? J>eVV'jit’a Karly Kisera Are little guprisers Take one—taey’ do tho rop-f. V/ H. .Kov.-ell, Hu.^ton Tex., wrilC5—I Iiave ni'd Little >'ari3' Kiser Pills in niy fainijy u>e coiJStipfltio)), sick headache etc. 'io orir use lain indebted for the health cd’ he family. For tale by W. .11. & Co. SURRY CO. EXHIBIT (ontinued from -Ith ) ago.) Fok Wokko:^ I’riJLIO Road. 49 E H Cockerham, 60 219 S V Ellis, 1.28 233 Frank Thompson, 1,56 234 W A Terrel, 3,92 235 J J do 4.05 236 Jas. do 4.80 237 T F Samuels, 1.50 238 Joe Stone, 37 301 Ephraim Suttle, 63 303 0 E Hutchens, 1.75 30-1 J L Hutchens, 5,60 365 M S Key, 4.50 366 M C Key, 1.50 367 J A Swift, 2 25 412 Albert Chipman, 1.12 438 John Walters, 1 50 406 R C Welborn, 75 475 S E Gentry, 2.25 480 Gentry & Tilley, 1,50 487 G J Eldridge, 1.50 490 W M Hodge, 1.13 505 Luther Barker, 4,35 506 Calvin Waddle, 5,17 507 J N "Wilmoth, 9.45 408 Tice do 1.50 509 W J Simmons, 8.62 510 W G do 7.50 511 F G Wright,- 4.80 512 Lawson Caudle, 4.42 513 I L Alonev, 6,32 514 H Stonestreet, 4.27 515 M L Ross, 5.40 516 Alex Ross, 5.55 517 Thos Golding, 8.02 518 Ruff Caudle, 5.02 520 T F Cockerham, 3 67 521 Ellis Woodlc, 5.77 522 J A J Royal, 1.36 5 5.20 2.92 2,17 3.15 9,90 11.32 10.12 6,37 8,85 3,45 4.20 22 4.42 67 3.52 2.25 1.35 75 12.22 1 50 1.50 1.13 75 75 75 '1.50 75 5.70 5.25 7 25 5.25 4 57 5,02 3.00 4.50 4 05 3 52 > 75 2.05 4.72 5.10 5 17 4.35 3.67 2.10 1,12 1.12 75 ■Lillari larriap WITNESS CLAIMS ASSIGNED IN VA- F.IODS OASES. 78 R A Inman, 38.15 88 B F Eolger, 113,88 93, 94, 95, 96 R G Folger, 86,00 117 R B Beainei, D S fees, 17,00 120 J F Haymore, work on Dob son & Kapp road, 60 162 R A Inman. 3.65 224 Jno Waugh, 7.7C 658 li F Comer, 37.25 569 R A Inman, 47 8u 561 R G Folger, 37.95 565 R B Beamer, D S fees, 4,30 597 Jno Waugh, 3,20 A Beauful VVedding.--0n3 Of E!kin’;V.ost Popuiar Young J' Ladies. Tl'.e ■'•cttiaat wedding Elkin has ovntiad was solemnized hero yesterdi afternoon in tho Meth odist clirch. Miss Kate Gwyn was ma;ied to Mr. jVIasou Lil- lardi ? Miss jete i.4 the oldest daughter of Mr. iid Mrs, C. II. Gwyn and Mr. Lifird is a son of Col, N. J. Lillardpf Croston. Ashe county, N. G. ^le was for a long time, bookk^per for the Chatham Mfg. Co., ba is now connected with the Piomont Clothing Mfg. Co., ofCha»ot;e, and isa.>ouug man of groiYbusiness ability. Thejnasual popularity of the j'onng tiuplo stirred ^tlvc w’holo town aill lonii before the appoint ed hoiirtlio c'inrch began to" fill and waBoon crowded with fiiends to witnesthc beautiful ceremony. Promply at two o’clock strains from th; o:’gi>n pealed forth the lieaiiti/'i wed.ling march, played Mcl'ee and the bridal tered. The ushers, spe nds of the yoting couple, Mr. l^klter Yvorih and Mr, VVill Bell, fir, Alex Chaiham, .Jr, and IITEEEmE LETTER. From Mr. W H Woods. Silver City, Kc'.v Mexico. Sir, Editor, A in'in m.iy study Geography all his lift, but he can never fully realize the wonderful extent and resources of this great country we live in, unless he makes a trip across it. I am not quite at the other side, but it is only a few' hundred miles across Arizona to the Pacific, while it is over 2000 miles by tho shortest route back to l\'“rth Carolina. My trip oat here was without in cident except the usual number of connections missed, and de layed trains, common at this sea son of the year. Four hours late at Knoxville, and a stop over of 12 hours, put me in Chicago 14 hours late. We sometimes have bad weather in N C., bnt I have never seen an equal to the day I spent in Chicago,We left Chicago Tnesd.iy night with a train of 12 coaches mostly'pullnian sleeper an arriving at Ivansas City 3 hours late added 3 more. One engine hauled this heavy train as far as LaJunta, Col wlicre wo were 9 hours late. Near Topeka Kan., we liad to go around on another road on account of the Denver express, running aliead of us, be- Mr. Clas. Wood;,Mr. M. Tt./Biggs' ing piled in the ditch by a broken and M'. John l.Iorion marched rail. Wo crossed the Rocky the aiDle and took their places } Mts. late Thursday evening, the ? 1 1, ..„ A.l I I I Chrfstro Is 0 omingrl by Dr. party e rial fV undefthe ti.lc arches, following I tunnel at the summit being 7500 lip tti) aioif anil toos tiieir p un— — ,,, J - • J them ;amo the little flower girl j feet above sea level, and arrived and r»g b. iircr, Master Thnr-j at Si! vcr City Friday at 7,30 P M mondt Ciiatham as ring bearer And you want to prepare something nice. Before be ginning this preparation you willsa' o a lot of trouble and worry if you will take The Times :aid l ead our I'.st for there you will find everything you want arid all you have to do is just step in, hand iis your lisf, oi c.'ul up No. 46 when it will bo promptly filled. Just See What We Have. Purity Patent Flour, the finest flour on tl'.e mark pastrj’ and cakes. Seeded Raisins, Dates, Figs, C Prunes, Cocoannts and prepared cocoanut, lapioea, corn starch. Mace and all kinds of extracts. Our line of breakfast food« is complete. We have new cheese and macaioni, mince meat, force 15cts, post- um and grape nuts. Candy! Candy!! Candy!!! Candy horses, Candy toys. Candy for Girls, Candy foi boys. Candy white. Candy blue, Candy red. Candy for those who wish to wed. Candy soft, Candy biittle, Candy tough, And if all will come there is ('andy enough. If there is anything we have forgotten to name, Just come un for we’ve got it all the same. Thanking you for your liberal patronage, and wishing you a merry Xmas we are yours anxious to serve. aimosE a w f-eek Amt. paid at Co Home, 6.21.90. do Outside poor, 875.08 •Jv/ X>i W'ulTZ;) Bupt. Pub. Health, 45.00 Amt paid for Jail fees, supplies etc. 882.28 Amt paid conveying lunatics to and from As. Judges and Registrars of elec tion, listing taxes, etc, 324.62 Amount paid for official fees . witness claims, working })ublic roads and geneial county expenses, 6451.65 Paid County Com. 369.80 Total Co. expenses, $8460.33 Exhibit showing the No of days Board of Com. of Surry County, were present. No. miles traveled by cach. The amount paid each member from the 1st .Monday in Dec. 1901 to the 1st Monday in Dec. 1902. John L Worth, Chairman of Board of Com. was present 34 days, traveled 466 miles, re ceived for. services as Cora. 90.80 J M McCann, Associate mem ber of Boarc’ of Com. was present 32 days, traveled 262 miles .md received for services as Com missioner, 76.60 Lee .lessup Associate member of Board of Com. was present 29 days, traveled 688 miles and received for services as Commis sioner, 92.40 Total Amt. paid Com. $269.80 I T W Davis, Register of Deeds of Surry County and Clerk ot Board of Com. hereby certify that the foregoing exhibit is correct, us shown by the records in mv ofhce. This the 1st day of DeCv'1902. T. W. Dayis, ' Reg. Deeds of Surry Co, Not'lJi ('rln22siai The report on North'Carolina’s criminal statistics for the two years ending July 1 last,^was fin ished to-day, In the first twelve months 4,286 whites, 4,010 ne- groesaudl3 Indiana were tried. Of these 7,738 were males, and §71 femiiles. There were 8,600 e.invietions 1,055 acquittals, and 1,506 nol pressed. Of trial for the four capital crimes, six were for arson, 22 burglary, 67 murder and 18 rape. During the second twelve months there were tried 4,961 whites, 4,339 negroes and eleven Indians, of these 8,634 were males 667 females. There were 6,594 nol pressed. There were tried for arson 7, for burgl ary 13, for murder 46, for rape 19, There was a falling off this year in capital crimes, but great in- ciease in minor ones. carry^g a sm;ill silver tray on whichbty the wedding ring and LittleMiss Ilallie Smith as flower girl cfrrying a basket of beauti ful pi»k and w'hite roses. They marcted up the aisle and took place^ under the wedding arch. The bride and brides maid, her sister,Miss Grace Gwyn, entered the cllurch and were joined at tho alter oy the groom and his best man,jliis brother, Mr. James Lil- lard,'who entered from a side door.They stopped under the weddiogvarch and were received by Rev. W. L. Sherrill and Rev, T. A. Boone,who together performed the cercmi.iny using the methodist form. The bridal party left the church immediately after the cer emony was performed and drove to the.Elk Inn where they were greeted by a few most intimate friends and relatives. They then droi? to the depot where had colleL'iea a large crowu oi anxious friends to bid them good bye and best wishes. They boarded the train for Charlotte, their future home. The bride wore a beautiful travelling dress made of blue, and panne velvet hat trim med in green grapes. She carri ed in her hand a large bunch of brides roses. She looked beauti ful, was at her best and was greatiy admired by her many friends. The, brides-maid wore blue veiling over lonzine silk trimmed in white medlallian and panne velvet-and a beautiful black pic ture hat. She carried pink roses. She was a picture of beauty. Thej^room and best rr,an wore plain black sack suits, black tics and grey gloves. Thei.little flower girl and ring bearer were perfectly lonely and charmed the audience. They were dressed in white. The, ushers w’ore blach sack suits, ■R'hite ties and grey gloves. The yojing couple is well known and it' is unneccessary to say that the’young lady will be great ly missed. Her going away, Elkin loses one of the most popu lar and attractive young ladies both in church and social circles. Both the young people have hosts of friends here and away from here. The bridal presents were beau tiful, numerous and costly, con sisting principally of cut glass and silver warj. The church was beautifully decorated in holly and evergreens. Rev, andjMrs. W. Biierrill will remain hero, visiting friends fora few days. They will return to Moiville Saturday. Mr. Sher rill will ofliciate at a wedding at his c urch on Tuesday. This is his third wedding in th(^ Gwyn family, He officiated at the wed ding ofMr. Smith and Miss.- (’ar- rie Gw;)’n, Mr. Franlilin and Miss Annie Gwyn Dr, McBee returned to his home at Ronda yesterday afternoon. He has performed at the organ for soferal weddings in the last few weeks which sliows his effi- cien cy, Tliosfe in attendance from a distanja are Mr, and Mrs. Robert Knox, |rom Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gwyn from North Wilkesboro, Mr. Vernon Lillard from Weston, Miss Julia Webb P;atesyille and many others. w.’m. b. having l.icen the road. Silver City has a population of 3000, one third Mexicans who live in huts of adobe, and speak a conglomeration of Spanish and English. Perhaps one half of the total population of New Mexico is Mexican & Indian and for that reason the U S Senate Commif-.e has reported adversely in regard to its admission as a State and all the papers out hero are hot about it. A furnished room here costs ?10 per month, and board at a Chinese restaurant $25.00 per month. As yet I have had no dish in which I could detect the flavor of rats or mice. While zero wcathc-r has prevailed all over the Ni..rth and East, it has not below 40 above here. Dew is unknown, and the rain all falls in tho summer. A great many people come here for their health and preparations are being made ttvJso onrn nf iinai'O at* I’KoTTI Over at Fort Bayard, 6 miles from here, the U S is caring for over 200 of her soldiers, afflicted with throat and lung troubles, most of them vietims of the Phil- lipine war. But aside from the climate, not much can be said as yet in favor of this country, for most of it for lack of water, is a barren waste. There are quite a number of mines of silver and copper in the country around here and the la gest Turquoise mine in the world is 12 miles a.vay. ] have met but one North Caro linian since coming here, and the reason must be that they all go back. For I belieye that where- ever they go, unless elated by un usual successes or engrossed in the aquisition of wealth, they finally find their way back to their native hills. Very truly, W H Woods, THARP & COMPAM. Successors to J. Henry Tharp, Elkin, N. C. December 9 1902. ICOST SALE 1 [Clothing <& Hats. 2 3 Having just closed a'deal at'60 cts. on the dollar for K the entire stock of the Woods Clo. Co. we offer you these a go*ds, consisting of Clothing, Hats and Mens Furnish- a ings at prices which it is imposeibfe for our competitors P to equal. In all instances the prices are below mann- j ^ facturers wholesale prices. We find the Hat stock | ^ entirely too large, and oflfer you Hats at 50cts. on the i ® dollar. Don’t miss this. Come at once. It will pay ] si you to buy Hats enough to last you five years. § We will move this week to store opposite Gwyn’s S Hotel. S ■ Yours truly, I WEIR& COMPANY. from CHRISTMAS. The time of year when the lit tle folks are expecting someth ing different from any other time and the older ones a change from the ordinary overy-day life I have put in a stock of fancy groceries consisting in part as fol lows, Oranges, Raisins, Gigs,nuts Dates, Prunes, Olive, Pickles, Cocoanuts, Gelatine, Chocolates, Citron, Macaroni, Tapioca, Sar dines,Apple andPeach ijntter,Jel- ly, Uneda-,Biscuit, Cream of wheat. Force, Oatmeal, Grape nuts, Fancy cakes. Royal Toast, Boby linch biscuit, Zn Zn Gin ger snaps, plain and fancy candy. Fire Crackers, Roman Candles, Sky Rockets, Tarpedoes, Toy pis tols, Toy Watches, Vases, Al bums, Silver and China Trinkets Tin toys Dolls etc.. In fact you can find something here to please the little folks. Come in and see us at any time, we will take pleasure in waiting on you and do our best to please you in goods and prices. Yours Truly. J, S. Beli. Dr. C. J. FLEMING, VETERINARY SURGEON, WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. |i,Officc Olianlon’s Drug Store. Calls attended day or night. BRAKE Hardware Prices 4- 5 ft Cross Cut Saws, 80c cach- 6 ft Cross Cut Saws, $1.00 each. 50 Scissors ar.d Shears 33c each. Long Handle Shovels 55c each. Best Jron Bouml AVell Buckets, 30c. ^l.OO Razors 50c each. 5i ft Cross Cut Saws, 90c each. 50c Pocket Knives, 33c<jeacli. 20 Scissors & Shears, lOc cach. A-xes 50c 55c and GOc each, Mattocks, 39c each. GiS Cheaper than ever. Single Barrel Breechi Loading Guns from So,45, $3,75 to ^6,50. Double Barrrel Bteech Loading Guns from S7,25 to $35,00- Loaded Shot Gun Shells 35c per box F. M. Roberts. 445 LIbeyty St, Winston, N. C. I A WONDERFUL DISCOVERY OF ' - THE MOST WONDERFUL LINlMEHTj Which cures more kinds of pains, heals wounds and cuts wi'Hi.S out mattering or leaving scars, cures old sores and quickly re-1 duces swelling and hard lumps on the breast. Will cure Cnrbf or Splints. Knots and Scratches. AVarranted largest and best on the market and worth its weight in Gold for Household and Barn yard use. Full 10 oz. bottles. Merchants supplied by The L. Richardson Drug Co., Wholesale Drgt’s. Greensboro, N. C. Qoeoseac ooweoQo*; boar* Iso The Carolina Cook Stove is guaranteed by the manufacturers to give entire satisfaction in every way. It is made of the best material, is heavy weight, has large oven, apd requires \ery little wood to heat. ItANUFATtJKKD BY G. T. Glascock & Sods, GreeDsboro, N. C. For sale in Elkin by Frank Tharp & Son. Wealso manufacture Heating stoves, Hallow ware, Andirons, Feed cutters, Plows, Castings etc. 1

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