(Uontimied from 1st pagfl.) 275 Manual Shinaul, st vs Thos Tilly, 2.30 277 Irena Ashburn, st vs Lee Hill, 5.70 278 Giles Wliitsilicr, st vs Lee I?^ll, 7.70 279 N J Fulk, st vs Lee 11111, 7.60 280 L do do do 5.60 281 W E Nixon st vs do 7.70 282 K W McKenney, et vs Lee Hill, 7,70 283 Amanda Fulk, st vs Lee Hill, 5.70 284 K W McKenney,8t vs Lee Hill, 1,85 285 J F Jones, st vs Lee Hill, 1.85 286 L J Hicks,st vs Lee Hill, 1.85 287 W E Nixon, st vs L Hill, 1.85 288 N J Fnlk, do do 1,80 289 A P Whitsiker, st vs Mar tin Staples, 2i.00 290 L R Whitaker, st vs Mar tin Staples, 7.75 291 Eob Black bnrn,st vs Mar tin Staples, 13 75 292 J N Llollinswortb, st vs E Lawson, 3.15 296 J W Binkley, st vs Andy Haymore, C.IO 298 Jas Hiatt, st vs J W Wall, 3.20 299 Toon Pruitt, st vs D & W Kimber, 1.15 300 K H Marion, st vs Lot Pimpson, 1.85 305 P H Duiham, st vs J L Lawson, 1.80 306 J W Patterson, st vs J S Cbandlrr, 3.40 307 Reed Kelson, st vs Silas Marion, 3.05 305 T J Lowry, court calen dar for April term, 5.00 309 Sally Denny, st vs Lee Hill, 5.S0 310 Naomi Denny, st vs Lee Hill, 5.SO 311 Sandy Christian, st vs S Cook, 3.30 312 A C Gwyn, st vs Lonev Well, “ 1.80 315 M L Patterson, st vs L F Ross, 4.45 321 W R Southard, st vs J C Chandler, 2.00 327 Vestal Chilton, st vs Lee Hill, 5.10 350 Friel Galjean, st vs Rich Davis, 1.85 374 J K Cockerham, st vs Mabreys, 1,90 413 M A Apple, st vs Gilliam & Oliver, 1 60 417 Jno Snow, st vs Martin Stales, ■ ' 12.60 ,,-4S'4 A B Bryant, st vs J S Chandler, 3,55 488 Wm Golding, st vs Mar tin Staple, 12,75 489 W J Satterfield, st vs Martin Staples, 12.95 647 J L Hutchens, st vs Tom Roberts, 1.05 552 Jno Sawyers, st vs T M Marshall, 2.20 596 N T Hutchens, st vs Tom Roberts, 2.60 598 Ruth Waiden, st vs R R Sanders, . 3.30 599 Mrs Hiij^h Martin, st vs R R Sanders, 3.30 604 Philip Shelton, st vs A L Norman, 3.80 607 J A ArinfieldjSt vs Frank East, 5.10 609 G L Whitaker, st vs J L Lawson, 1.85 644 H H J5;own, st vs Rob ert Ring, 3.30 645 J H Walter, st vs Rob ert Ring, 3.30 671 J N Creed and others, st vs W O Clement, 8,30 689 J A Cox, st vs W 0 Cle ment, 2.15 691 J L Smith, st vs Lunie Owens, 1.05 699 W A York, st vs Lynch & Bullin, 1.65 5 A J Thompson road Com missioner and lumber for road 5.40 12 S K riarcrader feeding Jurors at fall term 1901 12.00 22 Dr J M Hollingsworth export wit s vs M Staples 25.00 27 T J Baker damages by new road 15.00 28 Dr J R Woltz export wit s vs Lee Hill 5.00 32 T W Davis ofBsial fees 37.20 33 J F Nance guarding Jur ors 1 day and night 2.00 36 J E Hart ex and convey ing S Bennette to jail 6 10 37 W J Johnson conveying Hayes to jail 8.95 38 Walker, Evius & Co ink and stationery for R. D. and C. S. C, offices 7,35 39 Harrell Printing House blanks and stationery 4.79 54 J A Walters lumber for bridge 2.09 61 D J Denny cost in case of M 0 Reed insane 6.66 66 Nancy Nixon damage by new road 10.00 70 W O Clement conveying Rufus Jordan to jail 3.5o 73 W 0 Clement D S fees s vs Rufus Jordan 1.25 74 F E Marshall J P fees s vs Rafus Jordan .95 77 M B Stanly conveying prisoners to jail 1.63 - .T iJavis making Co. exhibit for 1902 20.00 91 J F Nance J P fees s vs En.ony White .82 92 S F Riggs chains for court house 3.00 101 R S Folger J P fees in various state cases 5.20 102 J E Hart conveying Car ter Leo to jail 4,35 105, 106, 107 C II Haynes of ficial fees 130.07 114 W D llolyfield damage by new road 10,00 116 Martha Norman cost as signed s vs E Lewis 7.60 122 G Y Nichols conveying Ina Brooks to jail 3,00 126 Elkin Times printing Co exhibit 1901 25.00 135 S H Harkrader convey ing Wrn McMillon from Winston to Dobson jail 10.95 136 S H Venable official fees W F Folger Inquest 20.40 137 Dr J M Hollingswortb PostMortem examination 10.00 138 J W Pilson Damage by new road 5.00 140 J W Pilson hauling ma terial for Bray ford road, 50 143 D C Riggs boat and roap across Fish river 2.00 147 Elkin Times stationery for CSC 4.00 148 R F Lawrence lumber for bridge 1.20 149 J A Satterfield lumber for bridge 12.45 150 R F Joyce tools and ma terial for Co roads 26.99 155 C H Haynes Off. fees 18.80 156 do stationery etc 9.15 157 do official fees 25.11 165 A M Smith S D fees in various S eases 4.50 181 A Marion damage by new road 5.00 184 AL Scott conveying Bud Reid to jail " 3.15 186 A M Smith^(jonveying Abner King to jail 2.75 193 W F Carter rebate on R W George’s tax in Mt Airy Township 4.00 203 R A Innman wt. cl. as- sighed S. vs Wm Barker 1.05 206 J R Lewellyn atty in case of Norman vs Bunker $5 212 Frank Ayers wit cl and cost assigned 4.00 213 H B Willey work on Kapp and Dobson road 1.16 218 JH Dobson solicitors tees $16 220 W R Golding D S fees St vs Snow & Norman 2.00 221 Dr J B Hollingswort ex pert wit S. TB Lee Hill 5.00 239 MBS Stanly conveying Joe Poindexter to jail 1.88 250 N T Hutchens Services as road commissioner 18,00 252 W A Gentry services as road connnissioner 13.50 269 0 C Innman trunks for new road 3.50 270 Walker Evins &Co print ing books for R D 14.00 274 R B Beamer keeping court house etc 9.50 276 Seward Jarvis D C fees S. V8 Frank East 2.20 293 B J Snow damages by new road 10.00 295 J W Bn tcher damages by new road 10.00 302 Mrs Dan Haymore dam age by new road 5.00 313 G F Jones constable fees st vs J S Chandler .80 314 G F Simpson serving 10 road orders 3.00 316 W J .Johnson D S feesst VB Jno Hayes and others 2.00 317 W W Simmons J P fees in various cases 4.75 323 A L Scott, expenses con veying Robert Ring to jai'l, 13.10 325 Dr W C Folger, exami nation of Chas Tucker, lunatic, 2.00 328 Dr J M Hollingsworth, expert wit. st vs T M Marshall, 15.00 338 G Y Nichols, conveying Lilia Brown to jail, 1.65 341 SK Harkrader, boarding jurors, 3.41 343 C 11 Haynes, stationery, 2.15 344 Edwards & Broughton, stationery, blanks, etc. for R. D. 16.43 345 Edwards & Broughton, Record of license, etc, 6.75 346 Ilarrel Ptint House, sta tionery, blanks, etc., for R. D. 9.48 347 J E Hart, conveying Dob ney & Houston to jail, 11.70 348 Elkin Times, stationery for R D, 2.00 369 M D Gwyn, damage by new road, 10.00 370 J H Oneal, D S fees st vs Eugene Davis, 15 386 Bryson Fulk, rebate on tax in Shoals townshin, 1900, ‘ 1.94 388 Dr. J M Hollingsworth, 20 days attending small pox near Mt Airy, 100.00 596 G Y Nichols, conveying prisoner to jail, l!50 403 T W Davis, Off. fees, 108.70 407 W A Sullivan, lumber to build bridge, 4.00 408 Walker, Evans & Co. 1 deed record for R D, 8.00 409,410,411 J J Wal’ace re pairing bridge at Brays 300.0T) ford 114 J M Davis, Treas, to be paid A & Y R R Co. county taxes on R R pro perty in Mt Airy town ship from 1896 to 1901 (to pay int. on bonds.) 1043.00 416 J 0 Cooper, rent for rooms for R D & C S C 4,75 420 J J Wallace, balance for repairing bridge at Brays ford, I2O.O0 421 W J Hodges, building bridge near Thompson’s Factory, 12.40 433 J H East, work on bridge, 5.50 426 F P Stone, blasting rock out of road near Toms creek, 2.00 429 H Schofer supplies for smallpox patient, 12.69 430 G C Welch, supplies for smallpox patient, 15.84 431 Dr J M Hollingsworth sev. cases of smallpox, 125.00 136 R B Beamer, ^ fees in various stafp-''-^s, 75 445 Edwards Broughton, records for R D, IS'.OO 446 S A Harris, stationery for R D. 2.50 447 Harrel Print House, rec ords for R D, 1.20 448 Dr J M Hollingsworth, Sup for smallpox pat. 42.68 468 D C Reece, repairing bridge near Fsh river, 3.50 470 Dr W C Folger, ex. of Sarah Hays lunatic,—^ 3.30 471 Dr. J M Hollingswortb, smallpox expenses servi ces, etc, 50.00 482 G C Welch, sup. for smallpox patient, 1.68 483 Dr J M Hollingsworth, sup. for smallpox pa. 7.00 486 Bettie Jackson, damage by new road, 3.00 497 A Simmons, lumber & nails for bridge, 6.80 498 A Jenkins, Damage by new road, 2.00 499 A H Snow, damage by new road, 1.00 E 15aniier, .Jnvor inlay J’GTi' new road. l.oo athan Shelton, juror in viiig' oi'f r.e'.v road, l.oo To 'ni Everhart, juror iii viiiji' oft new road, il.oo Yo H Haynes, Off. fees, 83.(jT) ontinncd on 2nd pnge.) m. ii Glamour of Love. etCrifctiibel at the seashore. Shras then eighteen years old, was thirly four. I was in- trcjced to her the evening I ed the Oi ean House, and w^ere nietnbers of a party to go| the b'ach by moonlight. CV )bcl bad a )>air of brown ejes wi which the looked at me in a wa ;hat showed she was greatly pl< 3d with me. In .the soft mo light it slruck me ilia' she wa 'Cry beautiful. There was a ripe of cliat from those about ns, 5 plashii'g of tl-.e breakers on thoeach, a slender giil beside memd I was supremely happj ' 8 nexf day we all bathed, aiKiaturally I expected I’nsto-1 to avail herself of my assis ts 1. Slie ttood tn the beach a: mctent before going into tlio', wa r, and, ihongh she had on a be( ning lia: hing she did nojook as beautiful as the evtn- r fiirure was IF YOU WILL POT l«?e*nt°?n^aglass halt fuU of this garglo.yotu-throat often it will quicWy cure a Sore xnroafc WHO IS IT That does not want the grave of their departed friend marked. Economy must be practiced in Bujin^ Toffitistoiies Keep this mg son pie: wh liglj fori she san support 500 Moses Hodges, for deaf child, ' 6.07 502 David Stokes, damage by new road, '5.00 543 T W McCann, D S fees st vs Jas Hodges, 60 546 J M McCann, wit. before Grand jury, 1.05 553 S K Harkrader, boarding jurors, Ang. term, 1902, 9.60 554 J II Bast, D S fees st vs G A Booker, 30 569 E K Wolfe, D S fees st vs Cook boys, 3.50 570 T W McCann, D S fees st vs Rich Davis, 80 574 E K Wolf,conveying Cook boys to jail, 3.80 584, Joe Haynes, guarding smallpox patient, 11.00 583 Tom Ormint, guarding smallpox patient, 25.50 586 J D Jenkins,, stationery for CSC, 3.38 587 Edwards & Broiighton, Dockets and blanks for (J S C, 10.30 588 J M Davis, holdingcourt 3 terms and pajing offi cers for same, conveying prisoners to jail and in sane people to asydum and serving road orders 447.60 590 Edwards & Broughton, binding tax books and two records, 18.50 594 A L Scott, I) S fees, st vs Revels & Kiger, 2.35 602 J II Allen, use of acade-' my for holding court, 25.00 603 G W Reavis, watching records at Academy, 1.00 619 J L Hutchens, work and lumber for St Creek bridge 10.00 620 J L Hutchens, work and lumber for St Creek bridge 15.00 621 J I) Hamlin, nails and trunks for public road, 1.75 622 A L Bunker cost in case st vs-T M Jlarshall, 29.00 624 M B Stanly, couA’eying Will Dudley'"to jail, 1.62 625 M B Stanley, serving road orders, " 4.80 626 Di- J JI Hollingsworth ser in smallpox cases, 28.00 628 F L Smith & Co 4 stoves and pipe for C house, 33.40 635 J M Davis, Sheriff mak ing out stubb books for 1899, 15.00 626 T W Davis, making out taxes in Elkin T. for R R pui’poses for six years -‘60,00 637 T W Davis, making out special R R tax in JIt. Airv township for 1902, 20.00 638 'P W Davis, calculating and transcribing , tax books for 1902, 328.00 639 T W Davis, off. fees,' 45.70 640 T W Davis copying sher iffs tax stub fiooks for 1902, 15.00 649 L H Lewis, damage by new road, 8.00 656 J A Blue, lumber and work on bridge, 2.10 662 N Cook, guard, insaite, 5.oo 681 S H Venable, Off. fees, 7.25 684 Joe Tesh, Buildhig ap proach to Mt Airy bridge 124.96 688 II W Wolf, damage by new road, lo.oo 692 Jas Hodges, wt cl before grand jury, 55 693 Banner Chair Co chairs for C H, 15.00 695 P II Harris, damage by new road, 2.00 before. Her fit what an; nlar, and her com- on in the finilight was not it had bein in the inynn- . Julin ('ahhvell, a man of , stepped ,ip to her, and, as looked at him I saw the satisfaction in her eyes I hac loticed in my own case. He gav her his hand, and they svere soo] merrily rising and falling wit! the wayes. I had a very slo^ time. Ever minute I was washing Cristobel, L the evening when I met Crii obel on the piazza I was sully. She noticed it and asked me what was the matter, but witjout waiting for a reply start ed l>jMhe beach, a short distance froii the hotel. Of course I fol- lowjd her, and it was not long be fore I showed her that’I wag jealliTs of John Caldwell. “I'lr. Caldvvell” she exclaimed. Why, he’s old enough to be my fatlbr.” lis comforted me, though I reinbmbered that I was but six yearn younger than Caldwell. Oi*WnlreUand I sat in the moon- ligte, till 9 o’clock, ai->d, though it was but the second day of our ac quaintance, I was making love to |ier. She was very easy to make love to. Indeed she seemed to draw it out of me irrespective ofiM»‘^own volition. .Before we parted 1 had been transported to heaven by a kiss. Hearing the music at the hotel she proposed to go back and have a dance. We waltzed once and separated, Not being in mood to enjoy the society of any ono else. I sat on the piazza smoking and thinking of my new tound loye. Then I went down to the place where we had been sitting. It was occupied by an other couple. I was turning a way when I recognized John Caldwell’s voice, followed by Cristobel’s laugh. The next morning when we all started to bathe I was very cool to Cristobel, but she made no scroples of joining me and good naturedly bantered me on bein what she called “so cross.” By the time we were ready to go in to the water she had succeeded in bringing back my good humor and I assisted her in bathing. There were splendid broad bil lows rolling in over a gently in clined beach before breaking; and the exhilaration was delightful. Cristobel was as excited as a child. “She is a child,’' I said. “How stu])id of me not to give her the leeway of a child! And yet how delicious to be loved by one so innocent!” It there is any time when it is impossible for a woman to look attractive, it is when ^e. is leav ing the water, And\j^t as I watched (’ristobel going to the bathhojTse it seemed to me she had the figure of a spirit. When Cristobel left us, she (vas not engaged to me or to John Caldwell, though in .comparing notes afterward we discovered that she iiad fooled ns both. She went abroad and stayed away three years. When she returned I heard of her at the seashore and eoiicluded, largely from curiosity, to run down and meet her. Perhaps the circumstances un der which 1 met her this second time were unfavorable. At any rate, i was very much shocked at the change in her; was it in her or in me? Had not the glamour been worn'away. Not finding her in the hotel on my arrival, I strolled', down to the beach. 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Presently a long, thin, bony look ing girl with spindle shanks em erged and came walking up the sandjtoward me. “‘There is a woman,” I remark ed to myself, “who should never show herself in bathing clothes. She looks like a drowned grass hopper.” The girl came on and* when within a few yards of me threw lip her hands and exclaimed; “Well, upon my word! Where did YOU spring from?” Aloud I replied; “Delighted to meet you again. How well you are looking!” Inwardly, I ex claimed: “Great heaven! la this Cristobal?” We met in the evening on tlie piazza Site had put on her finest dress and when 1 joined her re ceived me with her most winning smile. Alas, her cheek was bony and her complexion that of a quadroon! Her voice, wliich three years before had sounded so melodious to me, was harsh. Per haps there was still some magne tism in the eyes, but the other features were so faulty that tiiese alorie did not move me. Keally she was but little altered. It was I who saw through other eyes. Your aanner toward me is changed,” she said, with a pont. “A girl can’t expect to hold all herlovere all the time,” I replied “What do you mean by that?” she asked coldly. “After you left us John Cald well and 1 compared notes.” She gave me a look to observe whether there was any of her old power with me left, then made an excuse t« leave me. I depart ed early the next morning with out seeing her. WHEN YOII f AM LIFE INSURANOJi, FIRE mSURANOE, ACCIDENT INSURANCE: , STEAM BOILER' INSURANCE, PLATE GLASS INSURANCE, EURGIARY INSURANCE, BONDS OE SURITYSHIP OR ANYTHING IN THE piiiiiCT DON’T FAIL TO CALL ON OR WRITE TO US. We are General A gents for the Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Co, of Detroit. Mich igan. and represent the strongest Fire com- I>anies in the world. aid® I —FOR— © MARBLK h. GRANITE ilONUHENTS, Tombstones AND All Kinds Cemetery Work, WEITE TO Mt. Airy Marble Works, W. D. HAYNES & CO. Props. Mount Airy. N. C. :?©©©©©©©© FIRST-CLASS Beef Market. N. W. GORDON :ELKIN, N.C. 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