HE ELKIN TIMES. T( M. GEORGE, E E0ITO11. LKIN, N. C., Nov. 26, 1908. 9x1 SUBSCEIPTION PRICE. Owe Yeab, Months, BEE Months, fl.OO. .50. - .25 ARRIVAL OF TRAINS ■21 28i MAIL TRAIN. B.—Following schedule flg- U published only as informa- and are not guaranteed. PASSENGER TRAIN. Passenger west ar, 12:05 A. M. “ east “ 4:48 P. M. I Sunrise Express ar. 7 ;40 A. M. I Sunset Limited “ 6:55 P.M. ' LOCA. FREIGHT. Ea«t.—Ar. t Elkin 9:20 a. m. Ar it “ 1:15 p. m. ELKIN MARKET REPORT C jrn, 90 Wheat I.OO Oa<8 .60 75 Meat, hams 12% to .14 sidts Lard 11 Cb'.ckens, young, 11 “ hens 07 Eggs 16 Butter, choice ..12’/j)to 15 Bee’s wax 23 Ho ley 12%to 15 Dried Apples 2 to 4 P )tatoes Irish 50c Treasurer Sheldon of the Ke- publican National campaign com mitlee has published a st:it(>mput of the amounts collected and dis bursed during the recant presiden tial campaign. The total amount collected is given at $1,655,518. This is about a million dollars in excess of the amount collected and axpended by Democratic eoramit- tee. Charles P. Taft, brother of the president elect gave |110,000, being the largest amount given bv ai’.y one contributor. $34,000 was given by the Union League of New York, and the Union League of Philadelphia gave $22,500. $25,000^1^8 put down against Larz Bite the names of Andrew Carne'g and J. P. Morgan is placed $20, 000 each. Three gave $16,000 each and stven |10,(K)0 each, large number gave sums ranging from $10,000 down to |1,000, very long list giving the latl amount- Those giving $500 out number all other contributors combined. The total number vvho contributed to the fund is placed at 12,330. Below we give the Conference appointments for the Mt. Airy District;^ W. M. Baj^by, presiiJing elder. Boon Circuit—\V, (), Rudisill. Creston Circuit—A, \V, Roten supply, Elkin Station—D, .M. JJtaker. Danbury Circuit—1). A, Brink ley, supply. East Bend Circuit—E. E. Yates. Hilton Circuit—I*. L. Shore supply. Jefferson Circuit—J. G. VV. Hal. loway. Jonesville Circuit—R. L. Dog- gett. Laurel Springs Circuit—J. W. Caudill, supply. Mb. Airy Circuit—.1. W. Kenne dy. Mt. Airy Station—D. V. Price. North VVilkesboro Station—Z. Paris. Pilot Mountain Circuit—J, H. Brendall. Rockford Circuit—T.J. Houch, supply. Rural Hall Circuit—.1, D, Gib son, Sparta Circuit—.1. C. Keever VVatauga Circuit—T. E. Weav er. Wilkes Circuit—W. L. Dawson. Wilkesboro Station—B. P. Hargett. Yadkinville Circuit—W. T. Al bright. District Missionary Evangelist —Z, E. Barnhardt. The Entertainment The entertainment given here on Friday night of last week in the hall over the Elkin Canning Factory by the Morpliet and Stevenson Company which is < ravelling under the dir< ct ion of the Dixie Lyceum Bureau, was of a high order; perhaps the best ever witnessed by our people at home. Mr. Morpliet has a wide range of talents—magician, mu sician, ventriloquist and clown— and in each a genius. While Mr, Stevenson in his special line, that of music has few equals. He showed himself an expert per former on a wide range of instru ments. We are sure he could have taken a number of tinjpans, frying pans, or wooden buckets and knocked good niuBic out of them. He could have taken a stick and knocked out nice mu sic on a rail fence. As a violinist Miss Jackson is an artist. Her impersonating was also good. Mrs, Morphet’s part on the program was princi pally that of assistant to her husband. All who attended went away feeling that they had got their money’s worth. Program of Surry Union to be Held With Gum Orchard Baptist Church Nov. 28, 29,1908. SATUEDAY. 11 A. M.—Introductory, W.H. Beatner. 12 M:—Recess. I P. M —Organization, 1:30 P. M.—What is the duty of church members to their pray er meetings, K. Thompson, A, J. Williams, 2:15 P, M.—The necessity of reading onr denominational pa yers, C. F. Fields, J. T. Kirk, 7 :-’50 P. M.—What shall we do with our Associational Misirion work, C, H, Stone, W, L. Reece. SUNDAY. 10 A. M.—Sunday School Mass Meeting. II A. M.—Preaching. All the churches please send delegates and all the preachers and Executivecoinniittee attend. J. C. Bass, forCora. Reeejjtlons. Air, and Mrs. E. F. MoNeer nn- tertaiiied elaborately and most delightfully Thursday evening iu honor of Miss Angie Smith. The McNe r home admirably appoint ed for entertaining as it is, was decorated in exquisite taste. Potted plants, ferns and white carnations were placed most ad vantageously, Progressivo hearts was the pastime and at the end of the game Miss Susie Gwyn won ’.he ladies prize. Mr. Thurmond I’aylor the geiitieman’s, Delicious rerreebmenta were served, after which with much reluntaiice all bade Mr. and Mrs, McNeer good night, thanking them for such a deliglitful evening. Those enjoy ing Mr. and Mrs. McNeer’s hospi tality Were: Mr, and Mrs. Price, Mr, and Mrs, Biggs, Mr, and Mrs, Hendren, Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs, John Roth, Mr and Mrs, Gilvin Roth. Mr. and Mrs, Lillard, Mr. and Mrs, Smith, Mes- dames Litaker, Jenning.?, Hatch, Hunt and Haakins , MissesSusie Gwyn, Bettie Allen, Angie Smith and Maude Ring, Messrs, Baily. ClicK, Chatham, Taylor and Hor ton. MesdamesSmith,Hatch, Jennings and Haskins; MissesBjttie Allen, Susie Gwyn, Angie Smith, and Maude Ring; and Messers Smilh, Horton, Click and Baily. Deli cious refreshments were served and the occasion was a most delight ful one. Smith-Horton. Hadley, the Republican candi date for governor of Missouri de feated Cowherd, the Democratic candidate by 17,263 votes. Be low the governor, the Demo cratic state ticket won by plu ralities rangingfrom 72 to 3,094. Taft carried the state by about Saturday afternoon Mrs. M. A. Biggs and Mrs. A. G. Click , en tertained in honor of Miss Angie Smith whose marriage to Mr. John Horton took place Tuesday night. The decoration throughout the house were chiefly of carnations and ferns and were t)oth pretty and artistic. Each guest wrote a telegram of good wishes to the bride, after which she was show ered with sachet bags. Delicious refreshment!, were served. Few At Home’s have been more gener ally enjoyed and Mesdames Click a.id Biggs may well feel gratified that they have afforded so much pleasure to so many friends. Those present were Mesdames Smith, Hatch, Jennings, Haskins. Hunt, Lillard, Motsingsr, Gilvin and John Roth. W'^eir, Hubbard, Lita ker, Hendren, McNeer, Galloway, Noel and Ring; MissesSusieGwyn, Bettie Allen, Angie Smith, Ellen Ebert, and Maude Ring. ^ On Friday evening Mrs. Vir ginia Hunt was hostess to a the- 2,000. The result of the election is a complete repudiation of Cow-1 ater party in honor of Miss Angie berd. j Smith. The following attended The wedding last Tuesday even ing at the elegant home of Mr, and Mrs. A, M. Smith on Gwyn Avenue was an elaborate affair, eclipsing,perhaps, anything ot the kind ever witnessed in Elkin—and Elkin has witnessed quite a num ber of fashionable weddings within the past five or six years. The contracting parties were Mr. ,Iohn B. Horton, and Miss Angie Smith, sister of Mr. A. M. Smith, both of whom are well known and deservedly popular. The decorations were in excel lent taste, the color scheme throughout being pink and white; almost a countless number o( pink and white bells w'ere hanging everywhere throughout the large and well appointed Smith man sion. The beautiful ring service was used, and Dr. C. W. Robinson of the Presbyteria:i church, North Wilkesboro united the destinies of these two young people for life. The bridal party was up stairs while the guests were below. J ust before the hour for the ceremony Mrs. M. A. Biggs came down the broad stairway and going to the piano rendered an appropriate se lection. Mrs. VirginiaHunt next came down leaning on the arm of Mr. Alex Chatham, Jr., and sang Ijeautii'ully “I love you truly” and “Dear Heart.” While the strains of Mendel!- shons wedding march, played by Mrs. Biggs filled the large rooms, and hallways, little Miss Margar et Price and her little brother, William, came down the stairway and took positions just inside the parlor. They were followed by Miss DeWitt Chatham and Master William Roth who look positions near the parlor door. Following these came Miss Louise Roth and Master Thurmond Chatham. ill The little girls wore aocordian plaited pink silk—the little boys wore white iinen suits. The little girls and little boysstanding aside and holding a long ribbon on eith er side formed an aisle through which the party marched as they entered. These came in the fol lowing order: First the groom attended by his brother, Mr. Wal ter Horton, as best man, followed by the bride, who was attended by her sister,Mrs. Frank Jennings, as dame of honor. The bride and dame of honor were elegantly gowned ; the former in white satin the later in pink silk. The bride carried lillies of-the-^'ulley—the dame of honor carnations. The impressive marriage cere- mony over, a brief period of con gratulations followed after which all repaired to the dining room where a solid course was served From the dining room they were conducted into the sitting room where coffee and chocolate were ;Served. They then repaired to the library where they were again ^erved, this time to punch. : As the guests left for their homes or hotels each was given as a souvenir a box having on it in gold the initials of the bride and groom in monogram—each box contained a small piece of the wedding cake. Mr and Mrs. Horton left on the early train Wednesday morning for Washington City where several days will be spent. From Wash ington they expect to come to Vir ginia, the former home of the bride where some time will be spent with her relatives and friends. Below we give the names of the out-of-town guests who attended the wedding; Mrs. N. R. Horton, the groom’s mother; Messrs. Wal. ter and Crit Horton; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gwyn; Messrs. T. B. and Chas. Finley; Mrs. J. L. Clemmons; Mrs. E. S. Blair; Mr. Henry Blair; Dr. Horton and wife. (All the above are from North Wilkestioro except Mr. Crit Horton whose home is at Boone Mr. and Mrs. H. G, Chatham and children and Mrs. M. E. Motsin- ger. Mrs. Hatch, Mrs Haskins and Mrs. Jennings of Virginia; these are sisters of the bride. AFTER 33 YEARS experienee mil lions of users of L. & M. PAINTS, claim;—First, it wears 10 to IB years,— Second, it only costs $1.20 a gallon— Third, its the best they have ever used —Fourth, sixteen thousand agents cer tify to these ,<'acts, Elkin Hardware Co., Elkin, N. C,, W. P. Dobsoii & Co., Rockford, N. C. Swanereek Items. There will^ie thanksgiving ser vice at the ehurch ouuextThurs- da.y at 11 o’clock a. m. The church at Swan Creek has ap pointed a meeting of some da.ys to commence on the 27th of De cember, 1908, everybody is cor- dialh’ invited to meet with us and take part in the services, as we think it is better to spend some time iii devotional service to our creator during the holi days than to spend them in sport and revelry as some take a de light in doin^. Members of the church should let their light shine before the world if their is any light in them. We are living in the laud of peace and plent.y and are expect ing a full mef^ura of prosperity to follow. Tffefarmers are about done gathering in and cribbing their corn, and we think there is about an average crop in this settlement this year. Our free .“cbool commences to day at Windy Ridge. Miss Mar tin is the teacher. ., Mr. and Mrs. J. Z. Adnms were visiting friends and relatives on Hunting Creek Sunday. May peace and harmony abound throughout our land' and country. Tuggy. Nov. 23, 1908. tv>o fyois,-) tiMtosa Biieao m cx!B!0 evffiisS eixaiss W I 1 I I I I 1 1 I I 1 I 1 I I I i I I I I 1 I I I I 1 I The CROSSETT for Men and Boys. The DREW for Women and Children. We have them in all the acceptable shades of tan, in bright durable patent I 1 I 1 1 1 1 I To My Friends. I am with the old reliable firm, The Elkin Clothing Co„ where I will remain until after the holi days, and I will be pleased to show you the largest and most complete line of up-to-date cloth ing and Gent’s Furnishings ever seen in a town the size of Elkin, it you will call in and give me the opportunity Let me sell you your Christmas suit as lean save you money. Come and see me whether youTmy ov not,lam always glad to see y^u. vWy ti-uiy, I. W. Miller. Every farmer who sells tobacco at the Farmers W'arehouse Win ston i^ pleased with the prices they get. • , _ - 1 • I ^Xll UU.lCtL/1^ leatners, calf or kid, gun rnetal, velour dr vici; bluchers, bals.; low arches or jjg high arches; narrow, medium or broad toes; high cuts and oxfords. We hav^e §8 the shoe for your foot because it’s the shoe for any foot—the CROSSET . || 1 1 ID. J. Cockerham k Son | CUT FLOWERS Wedding Bouquets, Fun eral Designs, Roses, Car nations, Violets etc. Prompt shipments. Sat isfaction guaranteed. MiLLER-REINS COMPANY COMPLETE LINE SEE US AT NORTH WILKESBORO, N, 0. Boy Your Stationery of the Elkin Drag CO. Fallon Floral Co. Winston-Salem, N. C. ELKIN DRUG CO., Agents. DR. L. BRIGHT BYRD The well known Eye Specialist of Winston-Salem, formerly of New York City, will be at our store Nov. 27-28, Friday and Saturday, For two days only. No matter what your eye trouble may be, it can be speedily remedied by this noted Specialist and Neurologist. As introductory, no charge will be made for consultation, and, will sell a pair of Spectacles or Eye Glasses for 11,00. Better grades at advanced prices. Only One Pair to a Customer at tills Price | We have just received the largest, nicest and best assorted line of stationery ever offered on this market. If you want up-to-date stationary see our line. School books, tablets, pencils, pens and ink always on hand. IDIEeTJO- CO [Special sale For next 15 Days* The satistactory results obtained, the non-injurious effects from his scientific examination is beyond queslion. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, Nov. 27-28 (Dr. Byrd's Office, 304 Masonic Temple, Winston, N. C. Yours very truly, ELKIN DRUG CO. P. S. Conie early and avoid waiting. I 16 bolts 50c. repellants 56 in. wide, different colors, 40c yd. 75c. broadcloth 54 in. wide, 63c $1.00 broadcloth, different colors, 50 in wide 80c FARMERS & riERCHANTS BANK Every farmer who has money or does any business with the out side world should open a 2 8 A lot of 50c. panamas, serges and mohairs, “ 10c. outings, All 50c. men’s Sunday shirt.s “$L00 “ 50c. men’s underwear “ 50c. men’s workshirts “ Dixie Girl $1.50 shoes “ men and ladies *^3.25 Americus shoes A lot of mens pants at cost. ' 4ac 7c '4^ 43c each J t 82c “ 39c piece 43c each fl.40 pair $2.85 “ All other goods will be sold at a reduced price for cash. j S. W. Cockerham & So .BANK ACCOUNT.. Your check from your bank marked paid is the best receipt you can possess. Come and deposit your money with us where it will be safe from burglars and thieves. We pay 4 per cent, on time deposits. If you have aiU valuable papers of any kind bring them to our vault, where they will be safe from fire. It will cost you nothing. When iu town wake Farnaers & Merchants Bank your home. We are always glad to see you. Farmers &. Merchants Bank A ELKIN, N. C. W. s. Reich, Pj^sident W. S. Gough, Cashier ' T. V. Foote, Vice-President : FOR. Monuments Tombstones and all kinds of Qemetery Work write to Mt Airy Marble Works W. D. HAYNES & Co., Props. Mt. Airy N. 18 Years Experi- Work Quaran T*' teed Watches, Clocks, etc. Properly re paired by HUTCHENS the expert The best Watch in the world is the “Old Yadkin” made for me only, by The Waltham & Elgin Watch Companies. Yadkinville, N. C. South of Courthoiise.

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