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VOLUME XXXVII. . Nombor 25
."' ' ' 1 '- j i ' i
Report HayWood
Since Mr. Fred L. I&fford's term
of office as superintendent of schools
and public welfare expired on June
30th, it will be of general interest to
the citiiens of Haywood county to
know what has been accomplished
along welfare lines.
As the county has no whole time
welfare worker, Mr. Safford, by virtue
of his office as superintendent of
schools is the welfare 'superintendent
also. He is a member and is the sec
retary of the county welfare board.
The county board serves without pay,
by appointment from the State Com
missioner of Charities and Public
Welfare in Raleigh. The board was
re-organized in January as folio'!
Mrs. Chas. E. Quinlan, Chairman;
Mr. M. Theodore McCracken, and Mr.
H. Arthur Osborne. The board has
taken as active interest in welfare
work, and has given Mr. Saf
ford its heartiest support in all of
his undertakings. i
Not only has effectve work, bem
done in our community, but the board
has co-operated witih' welfare-. super
intendents and workers on tthe fol
lowing counties: Wake, , fjpwyths,
Swain. Cherokee and Jacteon, aisb
Richmond, Virginia, and the South
South Carolina Industrial Home for
Girls, as well as various institutions
in our own state.
Homes for five needy children h&ve
been secured.
Free treatment in oar county hos
pital has been given to fivtf of our
welfare cases.
Arrangements were r& tVSlh&l
a needy mother and he small child
werei sent to anothe." commuhMy
where a comfortable ,.om and suit
able employment could be provided.
Transportation was se:ufcd for' an
other fam.iv of six, returning them to
T fir former home. ,. ... ,.,
Two $ir! hav? Beet ain't 'w A res
cue home.
Mothers' Aid has been Secure! for;
two widowed mothers, one with five,
the other with four children. This
aid comes from a state fund which islLk,-hitt made marked success in
matched dollar for dollar by the
county to. assist worthy : mother-, to
care for their children in their own I
homes. This aid is given to mothers
only after a tkorrarh investigation '
. 1
as to their character end ttieir awl-
ity to use the money wisely and!
economically and to properly care for
and train their children. j
Two crippled men have been put in
touch with tlhe Vocational . Rehabili
tation Board in Raleigh, through its
field agent, who visits our county at
regular intervals. One of these men
is now receiving training so that he
may become able to provide for his
family. The other is preparing for
training. This vocational training
is for cripples of either sex, over six
teen years of age, who are disabled
either through illness-or accident, and
are capable of being trained for suit
able occupations, so that they may
become self-supporting citizens.
'Application for treatment for a
number of cripplel children has been
made at the Orthopaedic Hospital in
Gastonia, but owing to the crowded
condition of the hospital and the long
waiting list, only two have been ac.
cepted so -far. These two were taken
to the hospital on June thirtieth,
however, the -prospects are good for
the acceptpanee of others before long.
The board has a list of all crippled
children who were examined at the
clinic held at the County Hospital two
years ago. They are very anxious to
get in touch with these and any oth
er crippled and physically defective
children in Haywood county. The
board is particularly interested in
helping this unfortunate group. .
The number of compulsory school
attendance cases handled last year
was nine hundred and thirty-six, in
volving approximately five thousand
absences. Each of these cases callsd
for at least one letter and very often
a visit to the home of the child. All
were handled in a friendly way, and
no prosecutions were made. "After h
veatigation all of these children were
returned to school, :xcep; in a few
instances where lawfi-1 excuses were
Eighty-one dollars and " sixteen
cents was expended for books and
clothing for needy xnool children,
distributed over fourteen . cases.
Clothing lwai ,. pouV ;orlve chil
dren, the balance being) spent ' for
TMa'nptti MM'tomJfiat2Dl,'to ttti"' -
The Elmart
First Sale Ever Hefd By Exclusive
Ladies' Store Now Going on. J
The Elmart, Waynesville's Smartest
Exclusive Ladies' store has real
Sale now going on. It will end Sat
urday. This store is selling the very finest
silks and ladies' wearing apparel, in-
VJuding millinery, lingered and in
fact everything that a woman wears,
at remarkably low prices.
The Elmart is owned by Mrs. Bessie.
Ponnv nn. nf Wavtw-svillfTs most i
- j , ft
charming business ladies. And the
Elmart is considered one of the
most exclusive! and smart ladies'
stores iiC this section.
Exquisite gowns, millinery and
pretty things are always to be seen
attractively displayed at the Elmart
and can be had there when they can-1
not be purchased anywhere else in
the city.
rri. Rlmarf u aim. nf the smartest
of stores and would be a credit to a! The third meeting was to. have
city many times the size of Waynes-, ten held in Clyde last Monday af
,jn ternoon, but not more than one or
The ten davs' sale oery thing in
the store at half prices and sometimes!
i. h-vin- nm.HUftllv laree
natrona-e. The sale will; close on
Saturday and will not be held again.
A number of the younger set en
joyed a swimming party and jicnic
supper at East La Porte last Thurs
day. They were chaperoned by Mr.
ajn4 Mrs. Covington and Mrs. Neal
and were joined at East La Porte by
Edwin Howell and Howard Covjngton.
Those on this outing weae: Misses
Eleanor Bushnell, France Denton,
Eliijbei Quinlan, and Janet Quin
and - Dick Covington, Jim Berryman
of Washington. James Neal. Bob
Woodard and Hoyt -Covington.
Mi.. Voll 1T.Hni-f Wntvill
Ala., who spend, her summer at the
waTto New Xork where she ha:" has bsen conducted along various
Wfli studying fkf. the past three yeais.
she sang in the Little Church Around j
the Corner for a year and Tecently "T"
took part in the "Mikado." Sh also'lt, the farmers of Haywood can
t " ' !K onln ti-aDora in the rn-onerative
sang" m the Capitol Theatre. !
. .- s- ti.. -.i4i
Stilly I" IIIO W lilivnuv.
tu-:. -t7.iina. stvw. rtf tfcA onta
of Miss Isabel Ferguson. jtWnk that they have not even caught
on yet and started to be even trailers.
MRS. R. L. ALLEN HOSTESS. So far as we know there is not a
single fanners' co-operative assccia-
Mrs. Rufus iL. Allen was hostess to tjon of aT1y kind anywhere in Hay
a small dance for the younger set -wood
in compliment to Mrs. James T. Ber- re have no knowledge cf the ex
ryman of Washington, D. C. ! jstence of even a boys' pig club, or
Assisting Mrs. Allen were Mrs.'caf cub or corn club or poultry
Charles Randolph Thomas, Mrs. R. cub or jmy other similar kind
O. Covington, Mrs. Ernest L. Withers. '0f ciui. amoune the boys or girls
mong the dancing guests were:
Misses isaDei r erguson, uoroin mora-
as, Margaret Ray, Mary Ray, Dorothy
Seaver, l-Tances uenton, r, the state, there are but lew wnicn
Quinlan, Eleanor Bushnell, Fanny do not every week report activities
Johnson, Margaret HolTiman, Thoma-'0f gome ort on the part of farm
sene Howell,, Messrs. Hoyt Covington,' boys and cub or co-operative
Howard Covington, Richard Covin?- j action of onr kind or another by the
ton, Charles Lee, James Neal, Ralph grown up r-rmers.
tier, James R. Thomas, Jack Lapsley.j jphe fa' mcrs of Haywood have
Prevost, Robert Woodard, John Gau- ),ave an abundance of examples set
Archibald McFadyen, Joseph Johnson, thm and of inspiration offered them
and James T. Berryinan. '' '" jto get together and pull together and
w n t ,V theVneonl of
PhilUpsville for the many k.dnesses o the farm papers
lT0"otrTthef ETpSyo throughout' the United StaXes with
. " .. . ' , , voice and nen are urging the farm
we appreciate the thoughtfulness of .
our undertaker, Mr James WjUs. uMy
These will neter be for- coopwation in the
80 , , , 1 selling of all farm products to cut
R N. Presi.ey and Family. re" . . l;j,.n .-j
Cant n out e n"eM: middjtemen and
' speculator in food stuffs.
attendance - oases, mentions only' Mr. Miller, editor of the Southern
some of the more definite and out- Agriculturalist, who puts uj some cf
tending' things that have been ac- the strongest arguments in favor of
complished, while a vc.-y lare nu-i- organization of the farmers, declares
ber of other matters Have been taken the co-operatiive movement among the
up. At least fifteen hundred letters farmers is the greatest economic de
hv been written, two .taouiand,nvle8 veloment of our day.
traveled, an many risift And inves" Are the farmerf.of Haywood will
tigationa made and consultations ing to continue to be mere trailers
beid. ..... ;vvv i thi" P1 mveme"t?
Much of this wi
l: MctakJWl'. been
been accomplished: :wk jKi'. been
for the co-operation fUj 'pbyatemns,
lnteretsed organisations, ana mdavta- trip Richmond, Ky. Mrs. McGrud
uals. Eepeoially rs the board in- ?r and Mr. McGruder will remain in
debted to the County Coiuiiisslopcrs WaynesviUe several weeks as the
for their hearty support, as they have guests .of th4 Lindsleys.
acted favorably upon every case hid Mr. Jack Way spent Friday in
Are The Farmer
Of Haywood
To Be the Trailers in the Greatest,
Movement!- che .Farmers of j
America Ever Started?
It certainly looks that way just
nov. W'Xhin the last few weeks'
two meetings were held at Clyde for
the purpose of trying to organise the
farmers of Haywood who are inter
ested in stock raising in a selling
land shipping association. The mat
ter of working together to improve
Jv sl0 ugn w
also considered
Barely a barker's dozen of farm
ers attended either of these meetings.
At the second of them, near a doien
of prominent farmers were named
i ... J.I rpL , ..
" eommiuee on organ.z.uo-. i"vy
we expected to confer together
'and do some missionary work in their
respective neighborhoods and ittend
the next meeting and submit, some
definite plans for the formation of a
co-operative association.
two of those named as members of
aid committee came out and not a
baker's dozen of farmers appeared,
nt even naif a dozen mis ume.
no attem pt
was made to
hold a
Naturally this indifference on the
part of the farmers in the county to
ward a movement concerned with
matters of such vital importance to
them is-discouragmging to the men
who are trying to get them to pull
together in improving and in selling
their livestock.
A few weeks go the Madison
county farmers afld stock raisers
organised a co--0Perijive shipping as
sociation. Last wee! the farmers of
Jackson county took similar action
,at.Sylya. $a' r J
The farmera .of ',, JJuneombe Jtna
Henderson counties ve Several as
sociations for co-oper4tive baying and
i . PI VI ...ut!Ju i Ja Vaa
snipping. nit: cu-ui.m.
en V, ,f development in
those two counties for several years.
So we see oor near neighbors have
De oniy trailers hi
movement. It is
"c ""' r.
discouraging iu
8nywhere n Haywo-jJ ounty. Amor.g
the exchanges wmcn come
offlce from many counties throughout
work together for their own separate
individual good as well as for the
i i tUn ntirp farm-
general we...- - . -
Mrs. H. .C. Lindsley, Mrs. H. B.
ivira(ir and sort. Mr Richard Mc-
ufoGrudet and sort, Mr. Richard Mc
Qrudg have returned from a motor
.Aahevilla on business.
Felix E. Alley
In Demand
Hon. Felix Alley, popular candiate
fdr Congress from the 10th district,
it in reat demand as a public speak
er. Recently he spoke to the Civitan
Club of Canton and last week to a
large gathering in Forest City. To
morrow he goes to Franklin and from
there to Robbinsville where he will
make an address at the July 4th cel
ebration. LOG CABIN CAMP.
Log Cabin Camp for Girls opened
June 25th with a splendidly equipped
faculty and an attractive group of
campers from ten states.
Camp activities include horseback
riding swiimming, tennis and basket
Mrs. I. W. Williams is manager of
Log Cabin Camp this summer, and
a successful season is predicted.
The Sunday vesper services were
conducted by Rev. Albert New of the
Episcopal church.
The OxforJ Onharajre Pinsing
clas which is being brought here
imdei the auspices nf W.'iynnsvillc
Masonic Lodge No. 2")'l will appear
at the Central High School Au
ditorium Saturday, July 11th. This
season's program promises to lie un
usually delightful.
The fir? deoartment has last ailed
a splendid new electric fire sirene
which is run by a five horse power
motor and can be heard at a distance
of four miles. It is operated by
switches in the telephone office and
at the fire station. It is probable
that a weekly alarm will be sounded
every Saturday at noon.
Waster John Everett' Penny, the
younsr son of Mrs,- Bess Francis
Penny, while riding his Kiddie Kar.a
on the' bridge at the foot of East
street on Saturday last, rode over
the bridge and into the water,-there-bv
breaking two bones af his wrist.
Much to his annoyance Master Penny,
carries the injuried arm in a sling,
but he is otherwise unhurt.
Main etret Kna haon crrplltW i in -
tikivuI hu tb niWitinn nf turn heftll-
tiful rock drinking fountains one in
front of the Hotel Gordon, the other
in front of the Jere Davis and Sloan-
Plott stores.
They are made of creek rock and
are so built the the smallest child
can drink with ease and even the
dogs have their -especial place.
Tf.iese fountains are not only a
great cenvenience, but are very or -
Prof. Lewis H. Johnson, head ot , mony took place here.
Vocal Department of Agnes Scott while Mrs. S. Watt I.awler snn "A:
College, arrives in town today for,, Pawning.'' the bridal procession con
the summen Returning with himjt;nued up tp th(. altai-,-where the re
as his accompanist is Miss Elizabeth mainder of the ceremony, including
Lawrence, who is well known in j tnp rjnR cei eniony, took nlace.
Waynesville as an unusually talent- Lohengrin's "Wedding March," was
ed nianist. Mr.. Johnson expects tolt.v . a recessional.
conduct vocal classes in the old high
school building.
This promises to be a very inter -
ing musical season as several well
known Atlanta singers are planning
to spend their vacations here.
Moss Enla Lee Paschall and Mr.
S. H. Keller were quietly married
Tuesday afternoon, June thirtieth, at
four oTclock in the Presbyterian
church by Rev. Stuart R. Crockett.
Only a few friends of the couple
witnessed the ceremony.
Mrs. Keller has been superintend-
,ent of the Waynesville hospital for
thc past six months and has proved
very efficient. Mr. and Mrs. Keller
will make their residence here.
,r.- m iiTu tx,
rrway aiiernoon aooui six oC1oi;
Mr. Albert Harris was qu te seriously
injured when he Was jtruck by a
passing automobile driven by a Mr.
Rush of Florida. The "Went oc-
curred near the Medford Farm and
wa, wnouy
seems to be restfng well and it is
hoped that he will have a speedy
Mr. Clyde Ray was an Asheville
Visitor during the week.
A Marriage
Of Interest
Fort Meyers Tropical News.
An event of wide social interest
took place Saturday when Miss Grace
Graham became the bride of Charles
Adams at a beautiful wedding which
was solemnized at high noon Sat
urday at St. Luke's Episcopal church,
the Rev. F. A. Shore officiating.
The church was artistically decor
ated in a color scheme of white and
gold. Potted palms and Japanese
bamboo wer banked on either side of
the chancel. At the foot of the chan
cel on either side was a white floral
basket filled with gold marigold and
asparagus fern. The seven Sabatical
candles, in a gold color, on a candela
brum stand stood on either side of
the chancel. The altar was beautiful
with white cut flowers; asparagus
fern and white altar candles.
The bride was beautiful in a dress
of white maline, was caught with
simple lines, with insets of Venetian
lace, and with a long train falling
from her shoulders. He bridal veil
of white roses and glory-of-the-day
orange blossoms. She wore a triple
strand of pearl beads, a gift of the
groom and carried a shower bouquet
K white roess and glory-of-the-day.
The matron of honor, Mrs. E. R.
Page, wore a white georgette dress
trimmed with panels of oyster while
lace, and a large picture hat of oys-
ter white horse-hair braid. She car-
ried bouquet of gold-colored zenias.
The bridesmaid. Miss Lorain-
Tichenor and Miss Lorena Stout, were
Kfrefed- (Jjn Wangol taffota 4rses.
with white horse-hair Urald picture
hats trimmed with gold flowers. They
carried bouquets of
white shasta
Immediately preceding the wedding
ceremonv a musical Brorram was ren-
dere Mr. T. Cfod8 Tayed
several selections an the organ: "To
Wild Rose," by MacDoweil. "Be -
cause, DV rreaencK rarrar, m u
Trysting Place," by MacDoweil. A
duet, "All for You," by d'Hardelot,
was sunir bv Mrs. Effie Hennderson
and Mrs. Nettie Pearl Battey, accom-
DaniedVen the organ bv Mrs. F. C.
As the strains of Mendelssohn's'
"Wedding -March." played on the or-
cyan Ku
Mrs. Alderman, beiran. tb
i minister urnmti nnH host man ram
into the chancel from the side en-1
trance 1
The ushers, marching by twos, fol-
I lowed by the bridesmaids, marching,
singly, the matron of honor, and th
flower girl, strewing white rose petals
before the bride who entered on the
j arm of her father, came in from thi'
main entrance at the front of the
j church. As the bride approached the
! groom, the latter descended the chan
nel stens to meet her. The first part
I or the Hih Church marriage cere.
Following the ceremony at the
church a wedding breakfast was serv-
ed at the home of the bride's parents,
j an(i ,;nr8. W. B. Graham, on Lee
street only the immediate wedding
party, including the musicians, and
Mrs. Nichols and Miss Flossie Hill,
were Dresent. The house was decor-
ated with potted palms and baskets ig one ot the landmarks of Waynes
of white and gold cut flowers. The vi)le and e wope here will be in
wedding cake, a fruit cake, was of terestod in this transaction. '
especial interest as it was the gift of Mrg ctier and her son. Mr. John
the bride's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Gautier. have arrived and will occupy
Mrs. Willis Proctor, of Darlington,
wis., and was maoe entirely oi nome
mvm nrodurts. A tfrve course break-
fast was gerved.
r-ne out-of-town guests at the wed-
din(r wefc ,Mrs Annie Nichols, of Cof-
, feeviUe, Kans., aunt of the bride, and
J Q- Adams, of Waynesville, N. C,
brother of the groom.
The gifts of the bride to the brides.
,tw . anA fln..r
we;e ovcUy bracelet8( nd the
ah, acc0,moaniBto, bar pins,
.fu of gom grooms.
je wer6 0,d cjff ,inkgi an, hu
g.ft man wa8 . white ol(,
wtch chain.
The church and home of the bride's
parents were decorated by ' W. T.
The bride is the daughter of Mr.
An Unusnal
Mr. J. W. Phillips of Big Creek
which is only 34 miles from Waynes
vine, visited Waynesville for the first
time in Ms life last week. Mr. Phillips
is fifty-one years old, a married man,
and a well-to-do farmer of the Big
Creek section of Haywood county.
It is a most unusual thing for a
mountaineer citizen to have lived for
fifty-onip years within tbjirty-iour
miles of the county seat and never to
have visited that city.
Mr. Phillips is an unusually intel
ligent man of a very quiet disposi
tion and appears to be one of those
old fashioned Scotch decent pioneers,
a tiller of the soil, who minds his
own business exclusively. He has
never served on a jury, nor witnessed
a iurv trial, never arrested in his
life, never drank any alcoholic bev
erages and is conscientious Chris
tian and up-right citizen.
He came to Waynesville to see the
sheriff about a horse that had been
stolen from him. And while being
interview by a representative of the
Mountaineer acknnowledged the
above to be true facts.
One of the loveliest affairs of the
early summer was the tea given Sat-
urday afternoon by Mrs. varies
Badgett and Mrs. George Ward at
the home of the former in honor of
Mrs. Charles Adams, Mrs. Grady
' P0 aml Mrs- level-nd Kirkpatnck,
popular urines ui w.e ra..
Sweet peas and larksppur in pro-
fusion .raced the lower noor.
Receiving ai me aoor weie ir.
Charles Quinlan and Mrs. Ernest
Witheks and assisting them were
Mrs, Lowry Lee and Mrs. R. O. Cov-
ingwm. Mrs. uusnneu ana m.
sided' in the dining room. Puncn was
served in the living room by Miss
Josephine Thomas.
Musical selections were given hy
Misses Nan Killian, Ida Jean Brown
and Mildred Crawford.
About one hundred and twenty-five
called during the aft.'.rnoon.
Abut twenty members of the B. Y.
R U of the BPtlst "burch spent
last wwk camping and fishing at the
Rd a"'1 Gun Club on Pigeon.
Miss Isabel Ferguson entertained
with a buffet supper at her home Fri
day evening in complimen. to her
house guests. Misses Manrarrt Hyatt
of Norton, Va., Nell tiinger of
Huntsville, Ala., and Mauiine llledsoe
of Asheville. Enjoying Miss Fergu
son's hospitality were the guests of
honor, Misses Janet Quinlan and Lucy
Tate, Messrs. Achie McFadyen, Hoyt
Covington, Joe Johnson, Bob Wood
and Jack I.apsley and Ralph Prevost.
A number of delightful affairs have
been given for the visitors, including
swimming parties, picnic suppers and
motor triPs-
Mr. George Smothers' hand pme
residence on the heights overlooking
Boyd Anrenue was recently sold to
Mrs. Mary Gautier of Miami. This
th? jr home for the summer.
..lm- momher nf the Fort Mvers voune-
er set. She is a graduate of Welles-
iey college, and has been teaching in
the Fort Myers High school during the
pgt year.
The groom i a member of the
wholesale grocery firm of Bryan,
Keefe & Adams. He came to this
.... ,
H .. . vetera f the WorI(J
.during which he saw oversea duty. V
Th youn ,eft by a,
urday fternoon jor the ,ounuins of
North j,, wherextliey win apend
three weeks. On their return thy
will be at home in the Johnson apart-
' ments until their new home, a .gift
of th bHds's father, which (seeing-
bi 'n the Pa'm!ee Pr.rk N completed'.

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