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2.00 A Year in Adnee; $20 if not w UL
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Wwmsmm Chamber of Go
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Bring New Hotel
the Stincwst Lumber Companq
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The Carollu .MoanUinccr to .
deeplInUrMCed 1riiaWftt"ir
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ment project." It is pointed ont Jl?
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utat warnesTiue neeoa r vnan;
ber of Commerce to; get behii!
these projects. -
The Lyrie Theatr t flMeiwood,
ovned and operated by JKalpb Davis,
was bon.TnadatA.aioralng bout
tiv . d"elockv TNTrWari 6t aft
Itirovn orii3n "arI UMtolfcl'lMls
etiiuated at J1B.00C. Theia m& a
fwrtial insurance 'on ZifS sfaructM,
boweer, not enouglyw flVer the laws.'
Miss Dorothy. Thoiiaii was hostess
to five tables of bridge dri SafurdiSjr
afternoon. The home was profusely
decorated in golden rod, MJchaelnlas,
daisies and other fall flowers. - THe
color scheme was green and gold and
was artistically carried out jn decora
tions, score cards and ifreshmeati.
At the close of the game Mrs. Bailey
held top score and was given, a hand
soqit wall Tse;f the ucod 'UffiTOt'
won by lliss Braxton Kirk, a band
painted powder jar; the consolation,
A compact, fell to Mi Ffaaeej Den
ton. All the prizes were daintily
tied in green and gold with small
clusters of the golden rod and daisies.
A chicken salad course: was served,
The guest -were:
Baijey ptSehna, AJUba Wk
Hay A1W, Hugh Massle, Uiases
Katherme Merchant of , Pueblo, CaLj
Braxton Kttlc, "Katherine Kay, Janet
and EUsabetb ,Qunilan, . aMry Ray,
Jane Love Mitchell, Frances Denton
Eleanor, Busbnell, Nora, and, Carolyn
Ashton, Thomasene Howell, Virginia
Rotha, Annie Welch, Mag Francis,
Janie Beeves and Elltabeth McLean.
Miss Nannette Jones sustained
slight injuries in an automobile ac
cident while returning from a show
In Asheville Monday night' "
The lights of tbi'car in which Miss
Jones and Armstead Jones were rid
ing became' dlsconected and' V a re?-
sijjlt the car landed in a ditch. When
the emergency brake was applied
Mjsa Jones -iu. thrown against, the
shattered windshield which cut - her
iaca in several places.
ine injuries, though painful, are
not considered of a serious nature.
Vast Pay Roli-MuMmptoy Many Men.
Building StanddfdiGouge Railroad.
(By L L. Shlpmn.)
Raleigh. September 15. The pass-
one" of the ablest men and sweetest
The oeottle of Wayne8vffleJt Haywood ountylWerafiywillplrit which ever graced the bench
be interested to know sometrun:oi tne Drwrresa Dcirur made dv , m wortn Carolina. , ine ena came un
the SunereBt Lumber iGompann in its iwopbseq deration: at
Wavne&viUe. - i
On Friday evening at eight o'clock
at the high school auditorium, the
Children's Fantasy, which was so
beautifully received-when given on
Grace Church Parish House lawn, will
be repeated.
" The beautiful pantomine, Sleeping
Beauty, was composed by Miss Mar
garet Senunes. The theme is as fol
Coart Scene.
The Princess and her ladies-in-wait
ing, the flower girls and court pages
come upon the scene in a beautiful
cardeir of the castle.
While engaged in merry-making and
dancing upon the lawn, a fairy ap
pears and casts a spell of sleep over-
the Princess and her followers.
The Princetonies in view. His kiss
will awaken the Princess. - Quickly
the flower .girls are transformed by
the fairy Into a stone jwall surround
ing the garden. The Prince tries in
vain to get over finally after weary
efforts he break through the chil
dren become a high thorny hedge cov-
r.rc4 with climbing roes. The Prince
trying-to fore his way througb Is
pricked by a thorn, and f alto fainting
i th earth. , The children gaze upon
the unebnecious form with awe and
orww. -They go slowly fat -rhythmic
movemenU back to the eeudt of the
sleeping Prinoats. The Prince -re
gain eoaadousnesa,, and creeping.
stealthily paat the. form'f ileeping
children reaches the Princess and
-awakena her. The children awaken;
. tab their yf , nd follow the "Prince
itv ""r018 wtp. 4r?fui
" - - ..,., inn n in hw h Aims-
L.' - TArifc.-an-T5 the JWawiesville. Book
t liPSm. Adutta r fifty, cent,- children
tjL' ..v, J:Swity-aye.eent,,
4:j 'm.
i toi
- f "If ' . ' V
vro ;,,.-, f ;vr
V fiXviv-.
met WHrnWayiafternooa- f: their
rr' f- - ng'f ihevon. I. isf.r
V the year we.e alaCi.iu.
' ' " A., f arenUre urgedp fcttnd
t - t i ' :',ng and cooperate -wilh
The Woman's Missionary Society
of the M. E. Church will hold their
annual picnic at the home of Mrs.
James Atkins .' at Lake Junaluska
Sept. 22. AH members are asked to
attend. .. . ' .: ' '
Miss Valeria Medford, dat-ghter of
Dr. and Mrs, S. B. Medford of ayde,
Moeaf gaes-tewlepi flied ,ydnoadaymoraln toj
umuy uurn.ey 01 Aperaen. ine cerr
viniHijr vook. piace m we irnng room
ff the bride's homo, witn only inti
mate friends and members' of the
two families witnessing the nuptial
ceremony which was performed by
the bride's brother-in-law. Rev. John
R. Williams of East Point, Ga. ' -
Miss Mary Grissom, . piano instruc
tor at Louisville Conservatory, furn-
ished the wedding music Mrs. L. E,
Green of Waynesville beautifully
sang "At Dawning."
The ceremony took place before an
improvised altar of climatis, ferns and
white flowers;
The bride's only attendants wero
Master McRoe Williams who carried
the ring in a white rose, and the two
little" flower girls, Vivian Haynes and
Geraldine Robinson.
The bride wore an attractive cos
tume of brown French "velure, with
matching accessories. Her bouquet
was of bride's roses.
Mrs. Barney is a charming young
lady of brunette type, and her win
some manner has won for her many
friends. She. was graduated in voice
from the Louisville Conservatory of
Music T
Mr. Burney is a popular young man
of Aberdeen, and is 'the manager-of
the Carolina Discbarge Agency.
immediately after the ceremony,
the bride and groom lef tufar Shen
nendoah Valley, Vanfiate theYrill
spend . their honey moon. After 'Oc
tober 1, they will be at Home to their
friends in Aberdeen. "
The out-of-town guests for the
wedding were: Mr. and Mrs. D. J. St.'
Claire, an Miss Mattie Burney. of
Lanrlnburg, N. C, J. L. Waldin. Chaif
lotto. Dr.. and MrsiFelix'.O.
Aberdeen, Miss Mary. Grissom, Louis
ville. Ky Rev. and Mrs. John R. Wit-
Uams . and children,' East' Point, Ga',
Mrs. L. E, Green and Mrs, T. U-fireeaJ
.wayneaviUe. and Mrs. GurUe Robins
awon ,. H-fi'H,
"Earlyithis year " the SUrtcrest dumber Obmiany 'closed a deal
with, the Champion Jflbre fjopinxjy by which $ acquired the did
Kessawayhe Plant at WayneaviBe and the narrcJw gfauge road
funning from the mill plant at Wfeynesville to Magrgie and beyond.
Sincefthff purchase of this -plant from the Champion Fibre
Company-jHhe Suncrest Lumber-Company has scrapped the fold'
Kesaawayne plant at Waynesvillp and will move the machinery
and equipment now at Sunburst: to this plant at Waynesville as
soon as the operation is completed at Sunburst which we under
stand will be about the first of November, of this year.
In the. meantime, the Suncrest Lumber Company has widened
the gaujjre of. the track from Waynesville to the end, of the nar
row gauge line above Maggie and is building the road through to
Deep Gap up Wykle's Fork of Jonathan's Creek connecting with
the Cataloochee boundary of timber owned by this company.
When we consider that the widening of the gaugfe of this'track
from narrow to a standard gauge required the revbuildirig of alt
trestles on the line and the taking up of the old track and putting
down new ties and relaying the steel on the new road-bed, it will
be seen that the Suncrest Lumber Company has made good prog1"
ress in its vork to date. ' There are now a number of crews of
men surfacing up the track end, getting it in condition, for the
operation of trains over it. Qnen2me has already been removed
irom bunourst to waynesville--ww is being used in the construc
tion work. It is estimated that; within thirty days the line will
be ready, for the operation of atedard wuge trains f torn Waynes-
viuv ui uie ena oi- w oia une-"Httve Maggie.
The timber owned by the Suncrest Lumber Company on Cata
loochee,. except far the, taking over of this plant and railroad
lm b the Suncrest LumbeffimDany. would haveeen hautfd
to Ravensford in f?win - rontiJ smrl i her a martiifanttiwKt inti
lumoer.and tnep slupp.ed by way. of the p AKalachian Railroad
Company 4o the SdutherBRailroad Company at Eht, North Car
olina, ana uien ty soutnernrttaiiroad ngnt past "Waynesville to
Eastern markets and oom F All the Davrroll for iha operation
of this boundary of timberwwould have gone to Swain County but
ior me jacc tnat tne management or the suncrest Lumber Cottar
pany thought it advisable to bring the boundary; of timber over
vua reinnu. una a , mnmciure n ai ..waynesvjjie, ana mo
people of Haywood Cointy"are duly appreciative of the fact that
the pay roll is to. be turned loose in Havwood Countv. Moreover
the taxes on ttiia line of railroad and the 'eauinment bf theT Sun.
cresx iiumoer. trompftny m :wme8Vin:iiictudiliirwiaw mill,
plant, amounts to thousands of dollars each year, all of which
tax revenue Haywood County would haVeeen deprived of had It
not been for this decision -on the Dart, of the comnanv to onmtt
ana manuiacture its uataioocnee timber at the old Kessawayne
Liunwer vompany piant at waynesviue. v
, Another fine thing about the operation of this lumber nlant
at Waynesville Is that it la m keeping with the wood manufact
uring inuusines now locatea in waynesvtue ana nazeiwood and
iltfre is no objectionable" feature about it such as would inter
fere in any manner with the tourist trade of which Waynesville
is now receiving its share, and will hereafter eninv a mvmt in
crease over this year and former years, j, -,
Business interests in Waynesville fhav
predate the pay-roll that is now being disbursed by this coinpany
on its work in this locality but the ;pay-roll which will be paid
uui nere Dy mis piantas soon as its mini is ready for operation
will be greatly increased .over what it now is.. In fact, the nav
roll of the Suncrest Lumber Company, it is said. Will be more
that all the industries combined in this end of the county and
will be second, it is said, only to tlraChampion Fibre Company
While every one appreciates the amount of money spent here
by our tourist visitors, yet at the same timew it la a fact that ft
community that Is blessed with, an iiiduftrial pay-roll' every two
weeks, or every month, in the community, has a decided advantage
over the town who depends upon totuUi and after all it is the
uausuiw pay-rou ana we comxnerciai life xa ft commupity that
keeps men employed. and, enables thetnlto.upportand educate
their families. And while the tourist: trade. affects m, great manv
people, .an industrial bav-roll affected larown nuniKai. vwta
f Tr - . y..ui, vcupnj wuu jrjuTwy come in .conwcx witn
71? i timate4 thareauire to,or,elt-lit,inore! months for
the Construction Of the mill nlant. ndf nlflcino' Af maAhM K
Joresthe actual inanufactuw.ot,ir- bcslartmt within a
I Tbursdajr 'tOg-bt at UevMaaonio haul
the wayhetvills Cbapter of the East
ern Star 'fa ve a farewell party ; in
honor of ita . Past . Worthj Matron,
MwuVBi'1 idiontffoniey,'rfwh -Uft
Monday afternoon for. Baltimore, t.,,'
At the braanitatioA of: the ehapte
Jn. October, 1929, ' Mr,Montgomery
waa ebosen Torthy Hatrorr an -
held" the office alnce Cat- tlnte. . . t
the lo of the etenna; JqUcous re
freshment werelerX "TtTvT6!
S.Tr i-wit-muat-i-sfro,,- i 'vAU
much shorter time, the logging and timber witting operations will
begin oft the timber boundary.' & , i-. v"" f
:. Anothething that ough to be of great interest to the peop'.e
Of Haywood County iithat ia'Cle woiif so f ir dore in converting
W. tl J M ' ' . . . Z .
4.u nutrowt xrwn a rnrrow gaaz9 w a st&n.ri r
D!'ln the 'cnmmrfl!v"'tlimn'?i wktrS i(o'' -. ,
3. ..." :'T . ...... Y.. . , ..-..v.., . Wii. UAUtoa
vefrrloyti tl vwfeand it L ;aid T tho--to
Jkonw.ti,t t2x;r.-jny4 wJ pi :ad y th tv-
locmenaredofcarfor it. ' : - X
l.:e policy rf t!je Suncrest Li'mbe ' Zc
it " '3 t) ft . 3 to
many po
1 a position
't t . t o r
,uoa:ion c,; r.teii'.
Personally a ,dls:'. children wlso
are too considerate of-iT.eir t!urs.'
WO' '
ville . 1
M ' ' '
ae ir" '
1 r
l, f r 1 we it
c :
1, vA
J of t
v.ayr. .
1 i
expeeledly at Rex Hospital shortly
after .nine o'clock Sunday morning and
attending physicians say was the re
sult, of sn embolism of the heart. Two
weeks ago he was' taken to the hos
pital for an operation for goiter and
had apparently ' recovered from it.
Had planned to return to his home
during the week and was in fine
spirits when the final. 'attack came
while conversing with an interne and
a nurse at the hospital.
Judge lJoke was 73 years old ant
bad been on the bench thirty-four
years as Superior court judge, Su.
preme Court Justice and Chief Jus,
tice following the death of Chief
Justice Clark two years ago, retir
ing last March on account of impaired
health. The funeral serivces are be
held, today at noon at the St. Luke
Episcopal church, Lincoln' on, of
which he had long been a vestryman
and honorary senior warden. The
Supreme Court attended in a body
and the. doors of the court room are
closed until tomorrow.'' State build -ings
are draped in mourning, with
flags at half mast. A special train
conveyed the funeral, party to Lin
colton last night.
Raleigh churches heeded the call
of Governor McLon Saturday for
a ay 01 lasting ana prayer ior tne
Giver of all Good to visit the earth
with refreshing showers for the ben
efit 6f growing crops and the cattle
of the hills. The answer came during
the evening of the same day and the
people are happy that the extended
drought has , at last been broken.
It .is announced that the general
fund of the state under the first
month of Governor McLean's budget
ary-policy showed a gain of $76,572.3fl,
During July, the first month of
changed operations, the reported ex
pehses were 1948,544.66 and receipts
were $1,080,117.02, which is consid
ered a fine beginning.
A comparative statement of four
state institutions recently given out
shows Caswell Training School the
most expensive per capita. The state;
ment issued by Governor McLean
shows the following: Insane at BaI-
eigh, $341.18; Morganton, $279.58;
Goldsboro, (colored,) $178.33; Cas
well Training Schools, $407.93.
Commi8ioner of Revenue Doughton
and the Attorney General 'rule that
gasoline used by counties is not ex
empt from , the state tax of four
cents a gallon except that used solely
in the construction of new roads.
Those purchasing gasoline for use
other than for motor vehicles may
obtain four-cent refunds by applies
tion to Commissioner Doughton.
,, The State Department of Agricul
ture through its Division of Markets
is launching a campaign to supply
millions of ' baby ' chickens annually
from-'Certified hatcheries, within the
state, according to announcement of
George B. Rose, chief of the division.
Dr. R. W. Lelby, of the Division o
Entomology, calls attention to the
need for an early application, of pera
dichlorbeniene to. peach trees "to
kill tha. horea.-v, s
i;, The constitutionality of the Pworth
less thee law is soon to be passed
upon "by; the Supreme court, The
ease! comes up for argument on the
point Cat the statute does not makol
frau4 the basis' f o imprisonment and
that the- Iawia unconstitutional be-'
c" It '"makes indictable a breach
The announcement that the
Governor of Florida and asso
ciates and the stupendous Rac
coon development proposition
was published all over the coun
try. The Florida papers without
exception carried the news. This
week much favorable publicity
for Waynesville.. Another rea
son for a full time secretary
who has had experience ia the
lack of advertising and publicity
about Waynesville.
About two hundred delcgutes from
all sections of North Carolina and
adjoining states met at the Battery
Park hotel in Asheville Tuesday to
hold a convention of the American
Water Work Association.
Judge Thomas A. Jones gave the
welcome address at ten o'clock. Af
ter the adjournment at 12:80 the del
egates motored hore and had lunch at
the Gordon at two o'clock. At three
o'clock Dr. J. Howell Way, President
of the State Board of Health gave an
excellent address, after which Mr. C.
G. Logan gave a report of Waynes
ville's water supply.
Immediately after the luncheon
here the delegate returned to- Ashe
ville where a banquet was iriven at
the Battery Park hotel at seven
Wednesday the .business was trans
acted and reports from f'-fferent pan
of the state were given.
1 t'
tfr -tract' :X'j, $fM"1
r Governor .Morrison defers
1 . .it promised for the' Sun-j
nt to a later date,
. T:TC2BlBuiLblN '
'. f rr the Owners'of a large
i b . IA JSaselwood, are
: a raw brick utruetura, or the
C.e post dfflce. henrcom
be,tle nicest tore-in
4 k
ED, 1
Harry Rotha, Jr. entertained a num
ber of the high school students with
a dance in honor of Misses Virginia
and Adele Ferguson of Washington,
D. C. Delicious refreshments were
served to Misses Ruth Tew, Pauline
Welch, Harriet Boyd, Grace Hipps,
Tibby Hardin, Virginia Garrison,
Mary Barber, Dorothy Lane, Elizabeth
Smathers, Anna Gordon McDowell,
Edith Mangum and Mary Stringfield,
Messrs. Ralston Campbell, Edwin
Haynes, Whitner Prevost, Henry Cox,
J. B. Siler, Charles Bndcett. Douglas
Badgett, Jimmy Reed, Melvin Reeves,
Roland Stall, Nobel Ferguson, Paul
Blackwell, Dave Cabe, Alton Fetner,
Bill Garrison and Harve Crockett.
Mrs. Lillie Harbeck sold her Lake
wood apartment building in Kenil
worth now under construction, to
Mrs.' Mary D. Willy of Asheville. The
consideration was not given.
The building is two stories high and
is made of stucco. When comnleted
it will contain four five room apart
ments a"nd two four room apartments.
The building will be comnleted by
November 1, and ready for occupancy.
On Sunday, September 20th, Holy
Communion at 8 A. M. will begin the
worship of the day.
At 10 A. M. in the Parish House,
Hon. Chas. R. Thomas will conduct
the Bible Class. The study will be:
"The Church's Conquest in China."
The Rector will preach at the eleven
o'clock 1 service.
Evensong at 8 P. M. will be a-
special . service commemorating the
life and example of "The Converted
Publican Levi, called Matthew.'' '
jsyeryDooy cordially Invited to all
ourrtrvices.' - ,
Kav, AL.ra.KT NEW,
' ' "d the bni!din' will ,he In WayneavilllT;' he has I
a ly Sow. lv ITaria rshdy" jwlth' his brother, Kr. J
- JivC ' 1 i-' mot of a
Mr. Tom Davis 4as nornhuwl Mi ?
sioclt thnn .Will CobU who or, av -iu"'
oral yean ha been enterprising pro -'e
pneror or -ns raggen Wtueaewelry ' ' f
Rtdrt in North CaroUna."., The coiid..rt f 1
eration was not mentioned v , '
Mr. Davis Jwarbe-i .uc2- 'jl, v
jewelei for' the'pa, i " '.n y-rs -

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