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V|u. Cured
Tobacco Growers Association, Inc.
Organized In Duplin By Farmers
There has been organised in f)up
Uo County a chapter of the Flue
Cured Tobacco Growers Association,
Ate. This ft the first time there has
keen an effort made to give the
Tobacco Farmer a voice in the To
bacco Business. The following is a
r" ' i i i 1 i ? '' ' 1 ?'
._11 1 T
portion of the By-Laws which out
line the objects of the Ass'n.
The Flue-Cured Tobacco Growers
Association, Inc., is founded and
organized for the purpose of giv
ing the tobacco grower a voice in
the tobacco industry, and:
(a) To promote the welfare of the
tobacco farmer and the general
business of tobacco production.
(b) To promote efficient produc
tion, curing, grading, packing,
handling, storing, processing and
marketing of tobacco and to secure
and distribute to its members in
formation and trends relatives to
the operation and management of
the tobacco business .
(c) To promote research work
for the purpose of discovering and
developing better methods of pro
duction, handling, storing, proces
sing. marketing and disease control.
(d) To promote the use of tobacco
public relations, lobby, advertising,
service work, merchandising, tours
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It was )ust learned .that at
a meeting which was held last
night in Mt. Olive the decis
ion ' was made that MT.
main in Mt Olive.
Revival BeulaviKe Baptist Churcli
"Revive us again" will b? the
hymn and desire of the members
of the /BeulaviUe Baptist Church
during the week of April 1-7. A ser- I
Its of revival services will be held
lb the church during that week.
The revival speaker for the week
Will be the Rev. Glenn Whitley, pas
stor of the Second Baptist Church
Of Fayetteville, North Carctyna.
heading in the singing will be the
Baptist Church will be furnishing
some special music during the
week. The choir director and organ
ist, Mrs. Mary Ellen Thigpen, will
be working with the choir on the
special music.
The pastor of (the church, the Rev.
Harold T. Smith, urges everyone in
the community to attend' these ser
Special Bible study classes will
be held each morning at 9:30 A.
M. The evening services will begin
at 7:30 P. M.
The public is cordially invited to
attend the services each morning
and evening.
77ti ~ ?;
L ? k'- m' .A ?
Advisory lernmittee nursing Course
Make Plans Per Next Year Nursing Group
Duplin County program of
Practical Nurse Education, is Hear
ing the completion of its first year
of'Operation The Practical Nurse
Eddcatkm program is an extension
onft of the ooldsboro Industrial
Education Center operated in co
operation with the Duplin County
Schools and the Duplin County
Hospital. Twelve students are en
rolled and are receiving daily in
struction and clinical experience
under the supervision of Mrs. Susan
H. Saunders, R. N.
The advisory committee for this
program met on last Tuesday night.
The purpose of the advisory com
mittee is to interpret the needs oi
the area to those In charge of the
program, to provide Information of
the program to the public and to
lend general support to the pro
9r. H. 3. Monroe head oi
the Industrial Education program
of Soldsboro was piresetk for the
meeting. Dr. H- B Monroe was
lavish in his praise Of the mining
class which is being conducted in
Mrs Saunders gavea complete ex"
planation of what the Practical Nur
sing School Is required to teach and
explained the work which the twelve
mines will have completed when
they graduate In June. Other than
the facts taught the nurses through
textbooks they are required to spend
so many hours of the course actual
ly nursing in Duplin General Hospi
tal. Nurses are also trained in pre
paring food for the sick patient.
H? committee then discussed pre
parations for beginning a new class
in September. Fees and age limits
for the coming year were talked a
bouf, and the possibilities of develop
ing a nurses aid course were discus
The advisory Committee Is com
posed of Russell Brock of Mt. Olive,
Miss Mary Lee Sykes, Mrs. Ruth
Grady and Rev. L. R. Sharpe of
Kenansville, Mrs. Clinton Rouse and
Mrs. H. M. Wells of Warsaw, Dr.
C. L. Quinn of Magnolia, Mrs. C. F.
Hawes and Dr. Dallas Herring of
Rose Hill. Mrs. I. J. Sandlin of Beu
laviDe, Arthur Apple of Wallace and
Cecil McCullen of Faison.
Supt. O. P. Johnson and Dr. L. U.
Chandler will also serve in ah ad
visory capacity tothe Committee
May 7
Town Election
In Kenansville
The municipal election for the
Town of Kenansville will be held
on May 7 at the office of Mr. Prea
ton H?lmes from t:M A. M. to 8:$b
P. M The Board of Commissioner*
has appointed Mr. Preston Holmes
registrar, and Mr. Earl Hardy and
Mr. Wlllard Brown as Judges to
the election.
The dates of registration wlU be
Saturday, April 6, is, SO, and the
week Apr il SS-87. Challenge day wi}l
be May 4
Those whose desire to become a
candidate must file for such office
before the close of the day of April
17. This will give sufficient time to
Lprepare the ballet for election day.
the filing fee for Mayor is $10.00
aad for Commissioni^r is 15 oo
There is no pay received for either
of these Jobs and the only reward
for holding office Is the serVice to
be rendered to the community. The
present Board of Commissioners 6:
Mr. Elmore Bell. Mr 1 R. Caison,
wna* jackwtr. wr: PwrKrtW*
s ft doe Ha.r Mr Unpen
H. D. C. Co. Council
Home Demonstration dubs Coun
ty Council will meet on Thursday,
March 28 at 2:30 in the Agriculture
Building. This meeting is a plan
ned business meeting and all club
presidents are urged tp attend.
The budget for the coming year
and the educational loan fund will
be discussed. Announcements con
cerning the district meeting on
April 11 will be made. The District
meeting will be held at Salem Chu
rch at Eastaver in Cumberland
To Orgonize Club
In the Dobson Chapel area, Seat
ed near KenanSvlUe, a 4-H organ
izatlonal meeting will be held at the
home of Mr. and Mr*. David JOhn
Kilpatrick. ?5
The meeting will be held on Fri
day night, March 9 at 8:00 p. m.
Ages are for boys end girls from
nine through High School
A - - f A. - AL .,il.
Anyone in uw comnfiunity, botn
& Error
d^marine lift,
Digest. American artd European
eels meet every spring in the Sara
gassa Sea. Miraculously they sort
themselves out and take the right
current to the right continent. Ame
rican eels take one year to get
home, European eels two years.
Received a picture this morning
which was too late to get in the pap
re. It is a picture of Ward Carlton
of Warsaw and Bill Bartlett of
Bowden loaded down with a string
of mullets which they caught off
Barnacle Bill's pier on Topsail Is
land. If the mullet are runnig now,
I guess it will be rather hardi to lo
cate a fisherman in Duplin County.
Everyone of them will be sneaking
off to fish for a spell.
The visiting Methodist Ministers
have a time getting fed in Kenans
ville. During last year's revival, it
was the minister's fault. They were
invited to a certain home for din
ner. The preacliers got mixed up
with "which house", so they went
in the wrong house, took their seat
and waited for dinner. The Bap
tist lady was in a state of confusion,
and after much straightening out,
she sent the ministers to the right
house. ,
But this year it was a different
story 1 The ministers arrived at the
right house for dinner. The lady of
the house was out in the yard rak
ing leaves and graciously invited
them in the house and chatted a-,
way. The ministers looked around
and sniffed no food, and they fig
ured something was amiss. In short
order, they, all wound Up at Jones
Cafe. It -is rather unusual that this
happened to the same person. -
both years. "
Stills Destroyed
Two stills were destroyed by the
Sheriff's Department on Monday,
March 25.
One, a 500 gallon Sub type still
With 600 gallons of mash and two
condensers, was destroyed in Mag
nolia Township.
The other was a 150 gallon cop
per type still with one condenser
It was in Warsaw Township.
Deputies B. G. Ghestnutt and R
8. Thigpen and Constable Josh
Creech destroyed the stills.
4-H Co. Council
4-H County Council will meet,
Monday, April 1 at 7:50 p. m. la the
Agriculture Building,
The subject for discussion will be
how to give a demonstration. Lead
era are reminded to'bring Health
Record Books and'entries for the
""W31 * * " ^
Tobacco Meeting
Scheduled For
April 3, E-D
A meeting to discuss the latest in
formation on Tobacco Production
Practices and Marketing has been
arranged jointly by ths County
Agent's Office and Vo Agriculture
Teachers from East Duplin High
School. This meeting wilt be held on
Wednesday, April 3, at 3:00 p. m.
in the Lunchroom of East Duplin
High School.
Roy Bennett, Extension Tobacco
Specialist and Furney Todd, Exten
sion Tobacco Disease Specialist,
from State College will be at the
meeting to discuss all phases of
tobacco production and tobacco
disease control. It also is expected
that they will have someone with
them to discuss tobacco grading
and marketing.
The U. S. Department of Agricul
ture has announced some new grad
es of tobacco which will include sev
eral slick grades. The 1963 support
price on various grades is expected
to be announced in the near future,
George Grange, who is in charge of
government grading of farm pro
ducts for the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, stated in a meeting in
Raleigh, on March 20, that he ex<
pected the price support on tobac^
grades in 1963 to be more in line
with the demand for these grades.
Therefore, it is expected that the
price support on tobacco graded**
slick will be lower in 1963.
All farmers wUl need to do every
thing possible to produce good quaD'
ity tobacco this year. Everybody in-'
terested in tobacco is invited to at
tend 4he meeting at East Duplin
High School on April 3.
? #r
Mr. and Mrs/ Clifford Williams of
Kort Lauderdale, iPla. have moved
to the B. F. Grady School commun
ity, and are now operating the Cliff
and Lue Grill, which was formerly
known as Ike's Grill. They have five
children. Manning, Judy, Jimmy,
Becky and Barry.
They wish to thank everyone for
the spendid patronage they have
had thus far, and to invite them to
come back again.
See their ad elsewhere in the
Duplin Times.
Bear Marsh To Celebrate 200th Anniversary
The old Sear Marsh Baptist Chu
rch plans its 200th Anniversary
Celebration for Sunday, March 31.
Services will begin promptly at 10:
00 a. m. Bear Marsh Church is lo
cated in Duplin County five miles
east of Mount Olive on the Beau
tancus Road.
An elaborate program has been
planned for the day with Dr. Her
schel H. Hobbs, President of the
Southern Baptist Convention and
Pastor of the First Baptist Church.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as guest
Dr. Hobbs will be introduced by
Marse Grant, Editor of the Bibli
cal Recorder of Raleigh who will
also bring greetings from the Bap
tist State Convention of North Caro
The Men of Madison of Goldsboro
will render two musical selections
and Vernon Jordan of Raleigh is
organist for the day. Rev. Joseph
O. Stroud, Secretary of the Depart
ment of Church Music of the North
Carolina Baptist state Convention
will also be present.
Former pastors of the church will
appear on the program with words
of greetings. The pastor, the Rev.
R. H. Kelly, joins with the Church
in extending to the public a cordial
invitation to bring a picnic lunch
and enjoy the Worship and fellow
ship with them.
Rev. Kelly further states that a
large crowd is expected and that
special parking lot has been reser
ved for the radio and press Rev.
Kelly feels that the church is most
fortunate in having secured Dr.
Hoggs for the day.
Dr. Hobbs accepted the call to
preach at the age of sixteen. He
was ordained to the Gospel Ministry
in 1929 in Birmingham,, Alabama.
He received his B. A. degree in
1932 from Howard College. Southern
Baptist Theological Seminary in
Louisville, Kentucky awarded him
a Masters of Theology Degree in
1935 and invited him to study for
a P. H. D. in New Testament In
terpretation which he earned in
1938. Dr. Hobbs has held numerous
pastorates but his appointment as
Baptist Hour pastor in October 1958
marked a new milestone in a life
of service to Southern Baptists.
Through 484 radio stations, includ
ing short wave broadcasts to the
most remote regions of the earth.
Dr. Hobbs preaches to over 50,000,
000 persons per week. In 1960 Dr.
Hobbs was asked to take the Bap
list Hour appointment on an "indef
inite status" or permanently. He
renders this service without remu
Dimes Creating Demands-Tar Heel Beef
According to David J. Kilpatrick,
Chairman og the Duplin County
Cattle tor Slaughter Referendum
Committee, beef consumption has
increased from 80 pounds to 83.4
pounds per person in North Caro
lina during the last three years.
Considering that there are about 4.5
million people in North Carolina,
these Dimes have promoted the sale
of a lot of beef.
Mr. David John Kilpatrick and
other members of his committee,
J%c\\ Kornegay, Dr. Donald Taylor,
Joe Williams, Calvin Mercer, Jim
Smith and Herbert Best urges all
farmers who have cattle, to vote
in this referendum on April 9, 1983
..The referendum is whether to
continue, or not to continue a Ilk.
per head assessment on all cat
< tie sold for slaughter that is sold
for more than $20 per head. This
Mcfper hcdd far used to promote the
salt and use of North Carolina beef.
The N. C. Catlemen's Association
has used the money colected in
the past to tell the story of North
Carolina beef through Newspaper,
radio, TV, and through personal
contacts at all levels of the beef in
dustry, from production - through
One of the objects is to get people
to realize that, grade for grade.
North Carolina beef is just as good,
if not better than western beef.
Mr. Kilpatrick says, that all per
sons who share in the proceeds
from the sale of cattle for slaughter
are eligible to vote in this referen
dum, and all members of the com
mittee encourage everyone to vote.
They may vote at any of several
polling places that will be set . up in
the county. "This is the cattlemen's
own program to help themselves
and they would all vote as they see
fit." stated Mr. Kilpatrick.
JlortW^resbrfericft Minister Passes
Rev. Wade Hampton Allison, 61
-pastor of the Mt. Zion Presbyterian
Church of Rose Hill died Monday
night at his home.
Funeral services were held at the
Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church
Wednesday afternoon at 2:00
O'clock conducted by Rev. Norman
P. Farrior of Rose Hill and Rev.
James Atwood, pastor of' the Wal
lace Presbyterian Church. Inter
ment followed in the Cemetery at
Snow Hill.
He was born in Statesville and
educated at Davidson College and
the Union Theologolical Seminary in
Richmond and had held pastorates
in Leaksville, Flemington, Ga.. and
Wilmington, N. C. For the past ele
ven years he had been the pastor
of the Church in Rose Hill.
He is survived by his wife, the
former Lucile Herring on Snow Hill,
one daughter Miss Janet Allison, a
senior at Queen's College in Char
lotte. Three brothers, L. 11. Allison
of Hendersonville, N. C., A. V. of
SanAntonio, Texas, and H. M. All
ison of Garden City, N. Y.
Industrial And Agricultural Council
Preparing For Referendum By Early June
The Duplin Industrial and Agri-B
cultural Council is proceeding with*
the work that is necessary to or
ganize. It is necesnry that the ref
erendum be held by early June so
that the budget for next year can
include the expenses of the direc
tor. Every effort is now being made
to speed the law authorizing the re
ferendum through the legislature.
The committee on Constitution
and By-laws is working to draft a
proposed set of by-laws. The com
mittee is composed of 1$. C. Thomp
son, Chairman. Garland Kilg, Van
ce Gavin and Henry L. Stevens, III.
The membership committee is
composed by Russell Bostic and
Elmo Blizzard, Co-Chairmen and
Garland King, M. G. Cording, Geor
ge Cowan, E. C. Thompson, LeRoy
Simmons,, Douglas Peacock, Harry
Kramer, Willard Hoffler, C. A.
Decker, Bill Taylor, John Jenkins,
F. W. McGowen, Dr. Corbett Quinn,
Rodolph Simmons, Gordon Mot
drow, I. J. Sandlin, Murphy Simp
son, C. D. McCullen, James M.
Smith, Vance Gavin, Zeb R. Atkin
son, Robert Butler, Lott Kornegay,
Kenneth Grady, J. B. Stroud, Den
nis Ramsay, Gerald Carr. J
The publicity committee is Tom
my Baker, Chairman, Lauren
Sharpe, D. D. Blanchard and Lea i
The Board of Directors is at
teqipting to do *0<pe at the work
(hat would be done by the director i
and hopes to be able to get the or
ganization in fuH swing by the early
fall. Tho board of directors appre
ciates the help they have received
and feels sure that with the spirit
that is being shown all over the
county concrete results can be ob
tained. When the organization has
functioned long enough to get re
Beulaville Will Meet To Nominate
Candidates For Town Officers Friday
A General Meeting for the Town
of Beulaville will be held Friday
night, March 29 at the school audi
torium. The purpose of the meet
ing is for the nomination of candi
dates for Mayor and Commission
ers. The people of Beulaville are
urged to attend this meeting.
At a regular meeting of the Town
Board of Beulaville held on .March
16, Mr.. Yates of United Bridge and
Tank works met with the group.
Yates discussed the water tank
problem and the need for repairs
and painting. He quoted a price for
the job.
Further discussion was held on
buildings on N. C. highways 24, 41
and 111. After a discussion the vote
was carried not to build any build
ing nearer than 50 feet from the
center of the highway.
It was also decided that all ve
hicles conected with the business of
the Town of Beulaville must have
a City Tag.
$5.00 Cash Award
For Best Essay
Beverly Grady, 4-H member at
Pleasant Grove, is sponsoring for
her health program a "Good Dental
Care', essay content for 4-H mem
bers. Any 4-H member may partici
pate and can send their essays to
her or to the agriculture office
Mrs. Lois Britt.
Miss Grady will present a $5.00
cash award to the winner. Require
ments are that the essay be a short
essay on good dental care. It should
be in by the next County Council
meeting which will be held on Mon
day night, April 1. This will help
any 4-H'ers complete his own heal
th project.
Gold Medallion
Open House
? Warsaw
d Visit Warsaw's Gold Medallion
I Home featuring flameless electric
Ft heat on Saturday, March SO from
e 3 to 9 p. m. Open House wlU also
i be held on Sunday March 31, from
If 2 to 7 p. m.
The Gold Medallion home built
e by Wade Carlton is located on Chel
is ley Street Extension in Warsaw. The
a public is cordially invited to come
and inspect the home. Read CPfcL's
ad in this paper.
? ' 'J *
The Kenansville P. T. A. will
meet on Monday night, April 1 at
7:30 p. m. A musical program will '
be presented ' by the elementary
grades directed by Mrs. Amos Brin
son, assisted by Mrs. Pen Bowden. ,
The public is cordially invited to at
State Senator Leroy Simmons of
Albertson will succeed Carl T.
Hicks, who has sertred as chairman
of the North Carolina Farm Bur
eau's flue-cured tobacco committee.
Delegates to the last Si ate Farm
Bureau convention directed that the
tobacco committee be set up in the
same way as other commodity com
mittees. The old tobacco committee
has been disbanded and a rew 25
member committee appointed with ;
Simmons heading it. Hicks remains
as a member en the committee.
Hallsville Community went "over
the top" first in the county for rais
ing their Red Cross quota of $40.00.
This position has been held for sev
eral years by Potter's Hill who
came in second and exceeded their
quota. Red Cross workers are an
xious to receive reports from the
other communities.
The Benny-Penny Egg Referen
dam county meeting was held wed- j
nesday night to discuss poling pin- j
ceo in the county for the Egg ref
erendum on April 9. Poling places
will be announced in next week's is
sue of the Duplin Times.
Mr. Eugene Outlaw planting the
tree which he donated to the ladies of
Scott Home Demonstration Club. The
Club planted the tree on the yard of
the Pleasant Grove Community
Building as a symbol of Peace. Stand
ing back of Mr. Outlaw is Mrs. David
Williams, who is County Internation
al Relations leader for Home Demon
stration Clubs who dedicated the
tree. Also Mr. Taft Herring is in the
background, he accepted the tree in
behalf of the Pleasant Grove Com
munity. Hidden behind Mr. Outlaw
and the tree are Mrs. Taft Herring,
president of the club, and Mrs. D. L.
Scott, International Relations leader
for Scott Store HDC.
Ladies Plant Tree Fer Peace
"Planting trees is expressing
your thoughts and feelings but
planting this tree is symbol of pea
ce. The oldest living thing in the
world is a tree. The largest living
thing in the world is a tree. The
poet says trees are put into the
world to minister delight to man, to
beautify the earth", Mrs. David
Williams said when she spoke to
the Home Demonstration Clubs.
The occasion for Mrs. Williams'
talk was when the Scott Store HDC
planted a tree for peace on the
grounds at the Pleasant Grove
Community Building. Mrs. Taft
Herring, president of the club, ex
tended greetings to the group, and
Mrs. D. L. Scott. International Re
lations Leader for the club, introdu
ced Mrs. Williams, who spoke to
the group on International Rela
Mr. Eugene Outlaw, husband c
one of the club members, donate
the tree and planted it for the lac
ies. The tree waa accepted by Tal
Herring who is a member of th
Board of Directors of the Commui
ity Club and he accepted in beha
of the club.
Hie meeting was closed with th
singing of the United Nation
Hymn. Ihe ceremony was held ?
last Thursday afternoon.
'1/. ' ... ?; ? .

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