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    i 11 A??*???*"
Magnolia Society
S:r and two
July week
Mrs. Effie
jers of the
nee Turner
of Miami,
atime with
hglish and
aw spent
drs. Elbert
Mrs. Law
1 Turner,
Smily Dail
shopped in
had lunch
y Stonecy
Evans, Al
Phillip of
ikcnd with
Evans. On
the Batts
ilrs. Fred
h went to
?, Wednes
.liuth, Bob
their cot
sh. Mr. and
spent Sun
ns, Sheila,
vin Powell
?rly Evans
to spend
1 Mr. For
i Wilming
and child
ire visitng
HP? . _ ?
her mother Mrs Eva Bradshaw
and other relatives.
Misses Jo Ann, Gloria, Dianne,
Debby and Earline Baker of Nor.
folk. Va. spent the fourth of July <
weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Gbr
don Blantkburr. and Mr. and '
Mis. Elbert Baker, Mrs. Nellie 1
.laye Baker and Mrs. Boland i
Wilson. i
Mr. Atlas Baker of Norflok,
Va.. spent last week end with Mr. ]
and Mrs. Gordon Blackburn. He i
also visited other relatives of the '
family. I
Mr and Mrs. Brown of
Grensboro are spending sometime ;
with Mr. and Mrs. Clatsace i
Evans. t
Mrs. L. E. Pope is visiting rela '
tivcs ip Pennsylvania ami will
attend the Snowijerger family re- i
union. l"
Shirley Bonds and a friend from 1
Burgaw visited in the hojr.e of >
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Blackburn, <
Sunday evening. JoAnn and Ear
line Baker returned home with 1
them to vi3it fri.-Mls and relatives :
there. *
Mrs. John Mcbride and daught- j
er Josie of Concord who has been
spending sometime with her rr.ot- ]
her, Mrs. J. E. Hamilton, returned ,
home Thursday. She was accom- j
panicci by Mrs. J. E Hamilton,
Mrs Carlton Smith, Annette t
Smith, Mr. James David Namil- (
ton and Joyce Hamilton. They re- ,
turned home on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Baker of
.the Charity Community were i
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and {
Mrs. Ear] Baker. I
Mr. and Mrs. Jaimes Spell and ,
son Freddie spent some time last I
week with his mother, Mrs. Lula
Mathis, and other relatives They ]
had just returned to the' states t
after a three year stay in Ger- :
many. From here they went to j
Utah ?where Se will be station
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. L. U. Turner were their
a|gin iai4nVi awi ji a A
Lfliltfl tH, giaiiuv-TlIiUl llll ana ft' cat
grand children Mrs. Emilv Dail, .
Terry,: Gene and Eihily Sue of
Chinquapin, Mr. and Mrs Lawren
ce Turner. Lauren, arid Rirtinrd
of Miami, Fla. Mr. and Mrs O.
K. Wood, Paul aid Susan of New
Bern, Mrs. Ward Rousfe and Shar
on of M6rehcad?tyMr and Mr4.
Roy Stonec) pher, Tohriuiy. Mary
and Wes of Raleigh.
Mr and Mrs. Uofneh S-iiiars of
Lynchburg, Va. Mrs. Donald Den
<y, Donna and Cathy of Wilmins
.orf, ahd Mrs. Rdsfc Camache of
Wilmington1 spent sevteral days
Last wek with Mrs. Audrey Joy
Mrs. L. G. Ttlfner and Mrs.
Gmiiy Dail vsited Mr. and Mis_
J. W. Merritt of the Waycross
immunity Wednesday.
Mr. J. P. Tucker, Mrs. Willard
Brinson and Mrs. Alvin Powell ,
attended the funeral of litle Pam- '
;d Ray Tucker, infant dauhgter
if Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ray Tucker
n Wilmington, Friday afternoon.
Garland Brown of Newport
tfews, Va. spent the weekend. !
vith his mother, Mrs. Alva J
Mrs." Estelle Home and daugh- i
:er Patsy have returned home aft
er a month stay in Norfolk. Va.
vith friends and relatives.
Magnolia 4-H
Hears Music
Report ' :'j
The Magnolia 4-H Club met
Monday night at eight o'clock at
he community building. In the
ibseoce of both president and vice
aresident, Mrs. Abbie Smith was
n charge of the meeting.
After the business session, Ah-,
aette Cavenaugh, reported on the
nusk. work shop which she at
;ended at Grensboro Woman's i
College all the past week Annet
e was one of the two 4-H mem
sers sponsored by the Home Dem
jnstration clubs af the county. i
A family reunion was planned
'orr July 20 to be held at White i
Lake. <
At the close of the meeting i
5herry Powell served cookies and 1
LJary Smith served soft drinks.
Enioy Cook-Out
The Baker family enjoyed a
cook-out at the Old BakeriJ?me i
Saturday nigh with Mr. and Mrs.
Lxordon Blackburn.
Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. C. A Cavenaugh, Cheryl
Beulaville News 1
Campbell mad?a 'business trip to
^^t^aad^Mrs. W. Vic Oxley
of Triangle Va. visited Mrs. Swan
Turner over the weekend.
Mr. and Mrr CBntoa Campbell
Jtaaj Cavenaughr Seams >Earl and
Ginger Brock, of Warsaw, Mr
Atias Baker of Norfolk, Va.; Mts.
Robert Burns oi Georgia; Jo Ann,
Earlirie, Gloria, Diinne and Peb
ble Baker of Norfolk. Vq;; Mr
Jessie Baketr, Mr. ^nd Mi s. Elbert
Bakerv Elbett Jr., Mrs. .ap!ab$
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Baker
and daughter, Connie, axuf Nora
Lynn of Wallace; Mr. and Mrs.
Gonlir BlaehburtH,' VtrfWl ana
Jane r *' '
? . ? ^
Bafts Reunion
The TWify "'of' the" late Tom'
Bats and Lizzie Lanier Batts held
their family reunion qn Sunday
July 7 at the home of a grandson,
Tom Quirm about one mHe east of
Those attending from Out Of the'
vioirilty were- Mr. and Mrs. Alton
Batts of SavttaftaN, Ga./'Mr. and
Mrs. John Wells and children' of
Kinsten, Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Evans
ind children of ferettVtlle.; Mr.
and Bits. DarVrin Evans and chil
drea of ML C4ive< Mr. and Mi's.
Harold Evans. adfechildren of Clin
ton; Mr. and Mr? Bunk* Evans
and children of Greenville. Mrs
and Mrs. Ed Evans and cfiildrtn.
of Wilmington,. Mrs. Veriie Wells,
Joyce, Jackfe and David of, Wal
lace, Mr. and Mrs. Davis Bland
and Jennifer 'j of the Dobson's
Chapel Community and Mr. and
Mrs. Worth Potter of Goldsboro. .
Miss Pope
On Tyestfay morning of laslr
week Mire. Roscpe Potter honored'
Misa Anne Pope, bride elected,!
at a Coca Cola party ait her home.
Pink and white gladlolia's were
used for decorations.
Miss Pope was presented a cor
sage of white mums on arrival.
Mrs. Potter served ohicken sal
ad sandwiches, open faced cream
dheese sandwiches, party crackers,
cookies, sea foam candy and Coca
Those attending were Mia. Al
vin Powell, Mrs. N. L. Pickett,
Mrs. Charlie Thomas, Mrs Clif
ton Chestnutt, Mrs. C. H."Pope,
Mrs. Abbie Smith Miss Mary Cat
herine Bass and-little Miss Sherry
Powell. . ''
Mig Potter presented Miss Pope
a china, covered dish in her cho
sen pattern.
. 4?>.
and James Emery spent the week
end at Surf City.
?Mt. Aid Mrs. Emery Gilbert
Campbell, Janice, Gordon, and
Raymond and Mrs. Hazel Campbell
shopped in Goldsboro Monday.
Mrs. Betty Jean Cottle, TWry,
and' Tlmbthy and James Emery
Canrfpbell rhade a busfaes trip to
Mr. and Mrs. Domnick Verrechii "
of Durham ?pagt a few days with
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Gilbert Camp
bell Janice, Gordon, and Raymond. '
Mrs. Emery Gilbert Campbell,
Janice, Gordon, and Raymond aid
Mrs. Effie Verrechii shopped in
Jacksonville Tuesday.
Mr. Gilbert Campbell and Mr. '
Domnick Verrechii fished at Surf '
City Tuesday.
Mf, and Mrs. J. L. Williams. Ter
ry, and Ronnie spent a few days at '
Surf Cltjr.
Mr. arid' Mrs. Clinton CampbeR
and James Emery spent a few days
at Surf City.
Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Sandltn and '
Randy at Surf City Saturday.
Mr. Roger Craft, Mr. Douglas
Clark, and Mr. Jerry Sandlln were 1
at Surf City Sunday.
Mr. and M rs. Nick Bostic spetn
a few days at Surf City.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Griffin and
Andy. Mr. and Mrs. Treasur
Rhodes and Denise. Mr. and Mrs.
Glen Lanier and Glenae, and Mr.
Roland Thomas and Mike were at
Surf City Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Rhodes spent '
a few days at Surf City.
Miss Jean Campbell of James '
Walker Hospital spent the weekend J
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Clinton Campbell.
Mr. Emery Campbell, Mr. Gil- '
bert Campbell, and Mr. Domnick '
Verrechii fished at Surf City Sat
Deaths 1
? * ? ?* ? ? * ; ir(? *t
SEVEN SPRINGS - Funeral ser
vices for Mrs. Myrtle Hill Taylor,
5#, wife of Charlie Taylor of Seven
Springs, Rt. 1, were Wednesday at
7 -p. m. at Daly's Chape! Free Will
Baptist Church, of which she was
a member. "Die Rev. I^muel Tay
lor of Rkhlands officiated. Burial 1
followed in the family teinetery
nea? the church. She died Monday ?
afternoon. -i
' Surviving'hi addition to htr hus
band are one son, Edward Taylor
of Kinston; one daughter, Mrs. J.
B. Jones of Seven Springs, Rt. J;
twa stepdaughters, Mm. Fountain
Taytor of SeVdn Springs; Rt. I, ami- I
Mrs. Bruce ffcward of Pink1 Mil; ?
one stcpaen, C. W. Taylor of Seven
Springs, Rt. 1; three brothers, Wal
ter and Thttrman Hilt, both of Deep ;
Into, end Ivy Hill of Onfton; lour
Mere, Mrs. Bertie Price; Mrs. Kirk
tarwick and Mrs. Neta Qumn, all ]
if Deep Run, and Mrs. Richard I
louse of Seven Springs* -three !
irandchUdren. J
North Carolina residents in the N.
J. State Student enrollment for the
[962 FaU Semester numbered 5,416;
?esidents of other states 100; are
esidents of foreign countries, 124.
The value of the soybeans crap
la the U. 8. has increased a hund
red-fold in 3S years.
?r? T-T 7 ?
Pilot Tobacco Twine
3 and 4 Ply
No Other Brand Is Stronger
or Better
65c lb. or 5 lbs. $3.55
Wallace Burgaw '
' * * * ?]
Make Your
Hometown ;
Bank Of
tyfount Olive
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If Auto Loans Farm Loans
^ Farm Production and Equipnp^nf Loans
Bank Of Mt Olive"
ggSI TO I ||g
1 All Deposits up To $10,000 Insured by an Agency of the U S. GoverHM^< ' 1
n 1 i
Phone ^93-4342
Warsaw, N. C.
n ..( ^|
Powells Shoes
? *??#- ?? ? ??# ii ? ? ???' ...? -,#?
*' ? - -- ? ?-'- . .1 . ' V'^'w;. i
fkaJPt- 1
_ ..
? I;
V ...
*p wn~ - '
THIS 15 THE '*
Ladies Dress Shoes
Naturalixer ? Regular PHcr -.
m-v m m
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Sport and Casuab J. *
Naturalizer Reg.. Pricei K
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| .*> - !??''? ill . < ' W i? e-?
Powell's Shoes
? W .? . * ^ >

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