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    ]l[^. By Mre CJB., Ivey
A' v \
Luk. MMbn Dai) and
? Mr and Mrs. Lerv
mm of Garner, ware
?Mac the weekend of Mis.1
?ilea and Tome
1 I) n K ?r4 V OlimWftAV
^^?^Kazl. nOOcIT b. jUllinini
?p. Nell and Julia of Dub
?attend guests of Mr. and
^^E-Mrs. John I. Amon, Sr.
Are Hajr Amon and infant
^^?^Wayne Memorial hoepj
berd Friday.
?iff Mis Raymond Wolf of
^^?w MMted Mr. and Mrs. Les
?tittr, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny
I Mr. end Mrs. Robert ftog
iktnw Eaell, Mr. and Mrs.
visited Mr. and Mrs
Southerlami and daufh
?hreaia, of New Bern Sunday.
HB Is imprevud after urtder
PfKid Mrs. BiH Qutrm and Wil
mmmarn of Race Hill visited Mr.
Mm! Mra. Eddie Goodman Sunday,
{?tt Mra. E. J. Hill and De
?in-Mere dinner guests Sunday of
pR MlMrs. Goe Grady Whitted of
I M^r- add Mrs. James E. West
fentt el Albertson, Vernoon Batche-1
' ? ??1
lor of New Bern, Mrs. Lillian Bat
cheior and Jean oflitt. Olive, visi
ted Mr. and Mrs. John I. Anion,
Sr., ? during the wetWend.
Mrs. Fred Alphin, Sr., spent sev
eral days last week with Mr. and I
Mas. Faison Smith. Jr., and daught
er of Raleigh.
The Rev and Mrs: Lemuel Taylor
and Breada of Richlands. Mr. and
Mrs. Leslie Bell, James and Janice
were guests Sunday of Mrs. Annie
Jtose Bell of Mt. Olive.
Mr. and Mrs. Oerald Cherry and
son Dean, returned to their home
in Oxford; California, Wedensday
following a visit with Mb. Cherry's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Cherry.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Best and soas,
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brtason and
children of Goldsboro, visited Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Dail during the week
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Jersigan visi
ted Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Jerni
gan of Durham Tuesday and Wed
nesday. Mrs. Jernigan isia patient
at Duke hospital and is recovering
satisfactorily after undergoing sur
gery last week.
Mrs. Ella Outlaw sponb the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sutton
of Warsaw.
Ms. and Mrs. Donnell Alphin,
Terry and Laurie of Fayetteville
visited Mrs. Fred Alphin and Peggy
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Summerlin of
Rosewood, Teresla Askew of Golds
boro, and Mrs. Mabel Weaver of
Carolina Beach were guests Mon
day of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rogers.
Rodney Thigpen of Rones Chapel
visited the Rogers' on Saturday.
Mrs. Florence Houston of War
saw, visited Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ivey
and other relatives of this Comm
unity Wednesday.
- -Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Jernigan visi
ted Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Goodson
of Kinston Thursday, Valorie Good
son went with them enroute to her
home in Greenville following a visit
with the Jernigans
Charles McPberson of Hampton,
Va., is visiting Mrs. Ella Outlaw,
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Outlwa.
Mrs. Clint Rouse of Kenansville.
visited Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Whit
man recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Kornegay
and Edith of Mt. Olive, visited Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Ivey Sunday
-Womans Auxiliary Planned For
The Womans Auxiliary of Rooty
Branch Church will meet Friday,
July 19 at 8 o'cloek at the Church.
Members are urged to attend; visi
tors are invited.
f Magnolia Society
Personals I
" ... ..... .1
Mrs. NWtwallier aim children of
Newport News, Va., were guests of
Kite Betty Home oa Tuesday. Miss
Home relumed home with them
ftr avteit.
Mr. Hubert Tucker is spending
this week at Mars HiU.
?f'l0sr Melrose Gaylor of 'Winston
Mm and Mrs. Charlie Gaylor of
Goldsboro visited Miss Betty Home
and the J. N. Homes' Saturday.
Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. L.
:G. Turner on Sunday were, Mr.
and Mrs. Lawrence Turner, Lauren
Jan and Richard of Miami, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs/ 0, K. Wood,, Paul
and Susan oft New Bern Mrs. Emi
ly Dafl and Eraily Sue of Chinqua
pin came in' the afternoon.
Mr. and Sin. Ira Thornton of
Turkey viattetf Mr.'and Mrs. M. J.
Kelly, Wednesday
Mrs Jerry Henry . Cattle of Rose
Htt visited Mr.', and Mrs. Alvin
Powell and farjuty Sunday aftenoon.
Little Miss Ami Pickett spent
er, Mrs. MartlS^Lanier of the Con
cord Community.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Welch of
Goldsboro visited Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Pickett Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Brinson of
Kenansville were Sunday night sup
per guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin
Mrs. George Whitfield and Miss
Ada Haynes of Goldsboro visited
Mrs. Fred Pickett) Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Geddie and
sons, Ed and Al of Portsmouth, Va.
returned home Sunday after spend
ing a few days''with' Mrs. J. E.
Hamilton and Mr. and Mrs. Carl
ten Smith.
Mr .and Mrs) Lawrence Turner.
Lauren Jan and Richard and Mr.
end Mrs. L. G. Turner were Mon
day night supper guests of Mrs.
Emily Dail and family in Chinqua
pin. H .r-r ??( M ; I
Miss Sallie"and Cynthia Brown of
Fayetteville visited Ann Pickett
Wednesday afternoon.
' Mrs. Verlie Watts, Joyce, Jackie
and David of Wallace visited Mr.
and Mrs. Alvin Powell and family
Sunday afternoon. ?- ,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed -Evans, Sheila,
Janet and Nancy of Wilmington
woe weekend guests of Mr. James
Ttacker and Mr. and Mhs. AWin
Powell and family
of Winston Salem spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pope.
Mrs. Emily Dail and Emily Sue
of Chinquapin spent Thursday with
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Turner. In the
afternoon, Mrs. Dail, Emily Sue,
Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Lawrence Turner
and Lauren Jan shopped in 'Wal
lace .
Mrs. Hubert Tucker and Dan
went to Campbell College, Buies
Creek, Wednesday. Ellis Tucker
who has been attending summer
school there returned home with
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Turner, Mr.
and Mrs. Lawrence Turner, Lauren
Jan and Richard spent Friday in
New Bern with Mr. and Mrs. O. K.
Mrs. Thelma Goodman of Siloam
Springs, Arkansas, is visiting her
sister, Mrs. L. E. Pope and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenenth Johnson
and children, Peggy, Betsy, Terry
and Kenny are spending a few days
touring the mountains is western,
North Carolina and Tennessee.
Bettie''Rouse who is attending
summer school in Greenville spent
the weekend with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Rouse.
Nancy Jones of Pink Hill and
Harriet Rivers of Wadesboro and
Raleigh spent the weekend with Mr.
N. T. Pickett.
Mary Lou Davis of Sanford and
Rachel Johnson of Raleigh spent
the weekend with Mrs. C. H. Pope.
Mrs. Jerry Smith visited Mrs.
Louise Hobbs in Clinton Thusrday.
Mr. Victor Tucker, who is at
tending summer school in Green
ville, spent the weekend with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Tucker.
Mr. Homer Wilsan and dauhgter,
and a friend fient Portsmouth, Va.
spent the weOkend with Mr. and
Mrs. Gordon Wilson. Mr?. Wilson
and Keith returned home with them
after a visit here with relatives,
i Mr. and Mrs. Tqm Kissaer, Har
riet and Tammy went to 'White Lake
Sunday. . i. k ? (
Miss Brenda Bunn at Zebolon,
Mrs. Jimmie Scott of Ashboro, and
Miss Ann Barn hart of Concord
spent the weekend with Mr. and
Mra. Jerry Smith.
, Mrs. Maggie Johnson of Turkey
ia spending a few days with Misses
COra and Alemtp Edwards.
Mr/ and Mrs. I. J. Taylor of
Renaerlea visited. Mr. and Mrs.
Jerry Smith, Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Davis and
Annette of Sanford visited Mr. and
' - - T
Mrs. Jerry Smith Saturday after
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baker, Mr.
and Mrs. Emmett Sasser, Nelson
Baker and Stanley Baker spent the
weekend at Carolina Beach.
Mrs. J. D. Johnson, Danny and
Tammy of Turkey and M rs. Geo
rge Johnson of, Warsaw, visited
Misses Cora and Almeta Edwards,
Gene Rouse left Monday for Albe
querque, New Mexico, where he will
enter the Air Force as a 1st Lieu
Gene Rouse was dinner guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Newkirk Sunday.
Sunday guests of Mrs. Alice Kor
negay were Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Kornegay and Sue of Mt. Olive and
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kornegay; Jim
mie, Joe, Marsha and Jerry of
VA Pensions
May Be Affected
Poiwant t\( A^minioirn
i a^iiuii ui ? cici aiw nuuiiiiiaii a
tioit pensions to veterans or their de
pendents may be affected by the
payment of increases in Civil Ser?
vice annuitiei, J. D. DeRamus,
Manager of the Winston-Salem VA
Regional Office, said today.z zz
These increases may raise the to
tal income of the veteran or depen
dent concerned beyond the amount
on which the ,VA> originally abased
entitlement to present monthly pay
All pensioner# must promptly no
tify the VA of changes in. income in
order that timely adjustments in
monthly payments may be made
? possible overpayments avoid
DeRamus said persons receiving
pension under the law in effect prior
to July I960, may waive part of
their annuity to meet the pension
income requirements. Persons re
ceiving pension under the current
law (PL 86-2il> may not waive any
annuity, DeRamus said.
Friendship News
Persohvls ?
Mrs. George Pridgen, Mrs. Nellie
Pridgen vlstteS Mm. ' Lena Matt
hews several times at the Kenans
ville Hospital last week.
Miss Judy Kornegay spent Satur
day night in Greenville with Miss
Peggy Sue Kennedy.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Jones and
boys were in Goklsbflro Friday
evening. ?
Friends of Mrs. Emma Potter are
glad to hear she is home after be
ing in the hospital last week.
Mr. and Mra. J. H. Whaley re
turned home Saturday after spend
ing last week in Portsmouth, Va.
Mrs. Minne Swinson of Warsaw,
is spending this week with Mr.
and M*s. tten Swinson.
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Potter and
family of Wilmington. Miss Margar
et Swinson of Durham and Mrs.
Eva James visited Mr .and Mrs.
Swinson Saturday. I
Mr. Tom Grady of Kenansville,
Mrs. Annie'Brock of Warsaw, Mr.
Jessie Brock of Kinston visited the
Bill Grady family Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Boney of Geor
gia visited Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Jones
several days last week.
A. J. Langston of Rocky Mount
spent the weekend with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Langston and
Mrs. Rosa B. Sanderson and Mrs.
Mary L. Brock and Sara Anne vish
ted Mrs. Ava Hargrove and Mrs.
Essie Carter near Mt. Olive Thurs-;
day evening.
Mr .and Mrs. Jimmy Howard and
baby of Beulaville, spent Sunday
with Mrs. Lucile Woodward and
Granny Langston.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Outlaw and
Sue were dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Weaver, of Mount Olive Sat
Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Wilson, Judy
and Cathy of Raleigh, spent Sunday
with Mrs. Eva James and all went
to White Lake and enjooyed a pic
nic lunch and swimming.
Mr. and Mrs. Delmo and family
from Mary land are visiting their
sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Out
law and Mr. and Mrs. Jack 6od
Mra. Dennis" Kopec and children,
Linda and Garry of Schenectady,
N. Y., and Jimmy Fields and Mat
tie Swinson of Goldsboro, were vis
itors with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Out
taw and Eva James, Monday.
Mr. and' Mrs. Jack Boney and
family from Ga., spent last week
with Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Jones and
faftffly. > ?
The supper served by the Frdnd
ship Methodist Circle Saturday
night, was a great success and en;
joyed by all present. The proceeds
will, go on church funds. Thanka to
each and everyone who took part
Mr. and Mrs. BID Fesperman and
family spent the weak at their
oettage, at Topsail Beach.
Mr. aod Mrs. Lorris Jones and
boys, Mrs. Bessie Sanderson, spent
Sunday With relatives in Albertsen.
Mr. and1 Mrs. L. I> Potter of
Leland, sjient Saturday with Mr.
and Mrs. Ben Swinson and Mrs.
Emma PoUer. _
Mrs. Edna riangston, Marie Brock
and Mary'; Langston, visited Mrs.
"Emma Potter in the hospital Thurs
day. 8p
Miss Margaret Ann Swinson of
Durham, was home for the weekend
with her parents, Mr. aMd Mrs. Ben
Swinson. ?- Ji l? * '
Miss Sue Outlaw of Goldsboro,
spent the weekend with Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Outlaw.
Miss Linda Pridgen spent Hiurs
day with Mrs. Nellie Pridgen.
Mr. Ben Swinson spent Thursday
in Durham.
Mr. Borden Potter spent several
days with Bits sister. Mrs. Ben
Swinson, and visited his mother,
Mrs. Potter in the Hospital at Ken
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Goodman and
family spent the weekend with re
latives in Warrenton, Va.
North Carolina residents in the N.
C. State student enrollment for the
1962 frail Semester numbered 5,416;
residents of other states 900; are
residents of foreign countries, 124.
i ? "
jii . iii i. .. T
By Sybil Ijuiler ^
-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnmmmmmmmimmmm ?
u. .^i if "W,.;? ti j
??? ?u?u mro. uyiun nuiiici aim
Uu of Kins ton spent the week end
with relatives in Beulavllle.
: Mrs. Lula MsMrow and Judy
were at the beach aver the week
Miss Jean Campbell of Wilming
ton School of Nursing spent the
weekend with her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Clinton Campbell
Brcnda Grady visited Mr. and
Mrs. Byron Hunter and Lisa in
Kinston a few days last week.
Miss Wilma Brinson of Charlotte
is spending the week with Mr. and
Mrs. Clyde Brinson.
Mrs. Carol Bostic, Mrs. Theresa
Hussey, and Mrs. Doris Bostic were
at Topsail Beach Thursday after
Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Sandlin and
Randy, spent the weekend at Top
sail beach.
George Kennedy, Jerry Sandlin
and Douglas Clark spent the week
end at Topsail beach.
Miss Cynthia Batts and Ronnie
Batts of Warsaw spent last week
with their grandmother, Mrs. Inez
Miss Janice Smith, Rayboorn
Lanier and Mr. and Mrs. Grovei
Grady fished at Topsail beach Thu
rsday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Miller,
Gilda and Gary of Beulavflle, Mr.
and Mrs. Garland Lanier and Mr.
and Mrs. Randall Miller and Ann
of Kinston were at Topsail Beach
Thursday afternoon.
' Gordon Evans eI Asheville spent
the weekend with his mether, Mrs.
R. L. Evans.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Williams,
Gretchen and C. A. Miller spent last 1
weekend at Manteo and Nags Bead.
They attended the LOst .Colony.
Mrs. Nick Hodge and Bay of Ra- (
loigh are visiting Mr, and Mrs. Cly- ,
de Brinsoo Otis week. . .
Mrs. William Atlas Pate and Mrs. ,
Phoebe Pate shopped in Wallace (
Friday. ? .
Mrs. Macy Thomas and Jessie ,
Ann Thomas made a basiness trip
te Geldsbore 'Wednesday.
W. G Mallard of Trenton and R. ,
W. Mallard o( Pottockaville visited
their Aunty, Mrs. Mary Alice Jones !
Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas, 'J
James Lou and Annette spent the .
weekend at Topsail beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Pate, Dan
ny and Alice Aim were at Topsail
beach Saturday.
Mrs. Ula K. Lanier and Mrs.
Adetl Matthews were dinner guests
of Miss Daisy Burnham in Warsaw
Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Turner <
of Warsaw visited Mr. and Mrs.
James Trott Sunday.
Mr. .and Mrs. George Pollock and
children Of Chadbourn visited rela
tives and friends in Beulaville dur
ing the week.
Mrs. Zoya Jones aod'Mrs. Mattie '
B. Sutton were in Kinston Tuesday.
The value o< the soybeans crop
in the U. 6. has increased a hund- i
red-fold in 30 years.
. . ? . ? . ? .1? . 0,
Honored^" |
At Shower
JbJr&'Tffin Blizzard, bride
elect of August 11 to Bonny Ray
rhomaa was honored Saturday
night at the Seuifiville Presbyterian
Fellowship Hall with a m&ceflan
eotis shower. A fl-eeii aad White
color scheme Was Used to reCJIfete
the MB.
Miss Blizzard was presented a
corsage of pink carnations by the
hostesses. Miss Jean Humphrey,
Miss Agnes tanier, Mrs Perry
Williams, Mrs. Sandy Blpsard.
Mrs. George Williams, Mrs. Bill
Woodward and Mrs. Sidney Bliz
After the honoree opened'the
lovely array of gifts, the fyty
guests were served cupcakes, nuts,
mints and Cokes.
Sergeant First Class Woodly H,
Jones, son of Mr. and <MfS. Marion
r. Jones, Route 4, Mount Olive, 'N.
C., was assigned to the U. SAnny
Support Groop in Vietnam', July 3,
as a mess sergeant
Jones entered the Army Si' Sep
tember 1046 and was last stationed
at Fort Bragg, fT. C." 1
An estimated 875 million acres in
the V. 6. ere used for grazipg
I. Become an Avon Representative, Good^Co mmis- JI
I Sion for spare time sales.
HBtart now and have opportunity to win-Color TV
ipFuraiture - Mink Stole - $1,000 Bond.
liFor interview write giving cUreetions to your home ,
?to AVON MANAGER, P. O. BOX 1295, Kinston,
G- , tv; | .yl i'.s i'. u
3 and 4 Pty .... . . n
No Other Brand Is Stronger
? II or Better
B^lee's stores ^
Y-8 Juice Sparkles
After The Prom Parties
' *
' The seascib atBlrtag
; here! DeeonMnm lingcrii^
music, floated gramas ? whit
other teenage affair is so en
chanting and exciting.
over to your boose afterwards.
Refreshments needn't be elabo
rate. You'll hear the cheers when
yon serve talLllnirting glasses of
your own speahl T-S^drink. The
To fortify those male appetites
(and the girts", too), hare plenty
peanuts, dmi twists -- m%
gl^a Toiy fray to end a
1 can (11 oonoea) V-8
% oup orenje Juice
1 bottle (T ounces) dob god* "j j
Combine all Ingredients. Serva
over ice flnbM. Make* 4 to S aae
' ~'rf >'W i
: c " ' "*? **"
I 7a.M -11 P.M. I
? ONLY! y^p5^ '
~ T
.,4 .4. 1 "J ' - ' " ' ? ?* " ' ' * "
r ? ^ -V
m it ' ' .?
.. ? - ? ?.
1 1
wott $18800* 1
$229??* \
P??* 1 |3W*5 kWejLo?* 1
^ ? tg^*-1
ST- ?? \ *
% -? '%?
*$ v *** MftK00 \
fffca ti?* Br
, fJSiSTlD
lm*t $m.?s l|f/o
iH? sioft00'
,?N3t g?.? , WW ..
?SS. $ioobi*
1W U"?
?sss. ?W?*
sssSr %< *306??*
g ?<&"jiwjj;
W^ZSrtW 4910 #f 161
; 5;
?x* ' rks ' iSSTma*
' ISl00* ?
/ flmiltr?nm~~ ^Mflt
* * mm - 110X1 MT 1*
- IWWIB suootsnn
?8MB. . jpa jf uu ma*
slL t, *140??
Ss- ? *166??
Sim. *260??
& ?..? *83??
f ? *3*1 *
I B?
EEEiai^? I
'.**? ream MMJgrW ??
.3SlSS. !
?** ^ iW?.
rJm" 1-lSooo^
? m? W
W Kf/ r
MW ?
mm. ma wurtia
r. -
Beulaville Facers Bxdwnge
Phone CY 8-3356
Beulaville, N. C

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